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The 10 best Marvel games of all time

In honor of our Marvel’s Midnight Suns cover article this month, we wanted to re-edit this 2019 list of the top ten Marvel-themed video games. If you can’t wait to take on the role of one of Marvel’s legendary heroes, there are a number of great games out there. We have put together the ultimate list of Marvel games that every comic book fan should play.

10. X-Men 2: The Clone Wars

Genesis • 1995
The X-Men seemed to be the greatest superheroes of the ’90s. Young fans across the country dreamed of being one of Marvel’s merry mutants, and Headgames’ side-scrolling co-op action game has helped to eliminate this itch. Players control Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, and Wolverine as they travel the world in an effort to destroy the Phalanx virus and prevent everyone from becoming techno-organic slaves. Each hero has their own unique set of powers, which aided them in battle and affect how they moved through the environment, further encouraging replay.

9. Marvel Strike Force

iOS, Android • 2018
As a Special Tactical Reserve for Interdimensional Key Events (STRIKE) agent, you are tasked with assembling a squad of heroes to protect the planet from an alien threat. But who are we kidding – we don’t like Marvel’s turn-based mobile gaming for its plot. We love to amass an ever-growing list of some of our favorite heroes (and villains) in the universe. Strike Force’s turn-based combat offers just the right amount of strategy, and continuing that slow unlocking of new characters is incredibly addicting.

8. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, PC • 2009
Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes, and for good reason: he’s an irresistible scrapper who can get rid of any injury. Based on the 2009 film, Raven Software allowed fans to explore Logan’s past while tearing apart legions of hapless foes with Wolverine’s indestructible claws. Watching your body slowly rebuild after an attack is endlessly fascinating, and your lunge attack was incredibly stimulating. X-Men Origins is not only a great Marvel game, but it pulled off an incredibly rare trick – it’s a game that’s actually better than the movie.

7. X-Men

Arcade, PS3, Xbox 360 • 1992
In the 90s, arcades were littered with addicting side-scrolling beat’em ups from Konami. In fact, it seemed like arcades were required by law to own some version of this game. But we’re not complaining; we gladly toss a few coins into one of these machines every time we see it. Sure, some of the X-Men’s powers seem warped (Nightcrawler zipped around the screen like the Flash, for example), but we can’t resist the thrill of defeating an army of Sentinels before the epic overthrow with Magneto.

6. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, PC • 2013
Lego sets are like crisps – they are comfort food. After a long day, they don’t make you feel any pressure to play; you can just relax and smash objects and enemies into tiny Lego bricks. In the wake of the 2012 Avengers movie, Traveller’s Tales and TT Fusion’s exploration of the Marvel Universe was a sheer delight. Not only was the character roster absurdly massive, but each hero had their own set of powers, and the search for secrets across the board has proven to be incredibly satisfying.

5. Spider-Man 2

PS2, Xbox, GameCube • 2004
For a long time, Spider-man 2 was considered the best Marvel game, if not the best licensed game. Based on Sam Raimi’s film, Spider-Man struggles to balance his life as a civilian and superhero while battling enemies like The Rhino, Black Cat, and Dr. Octopus. Treyarch’s open world of Manhattan was a lot of fun to explore, and the combat was fast and smooth. However, the piece of resistance is Spider-Man’s swing mechanics, which feels so good that it has become the swing mechanic by which all other Spider-Man games have been judged.

4. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

PS2, Xbox, GameCube • 2005
Few games let you feel like an unstoppable rage machine like Radical Entertainment’s Ultimate Destruction. The Hulk runs along walls, turns cars into brass knuckles, repels missiles like flies, and generally annihilates anything stupid enough to get in his way. The boss fights with enemies like Devil Hulk, Mercy, and Abomination are truly epic. Bruce Banner just wants to go secretly away and search for a cure for his illness, but the world doesn’t want to leave him alone. We don’t want to leave him alone either, because this fight is so much fun.

3. Marvel: the ultimate alliance

PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP • 2006
Raven Software’s epic smash fest was Avengers: Endgame of its day. Building on the X-Men Legacy franchise, Ultimate Alliance takes Diablo’s core action / RPG loot festival and throws all of the main Marvel characters into the mix. Up to four friends can look behind each other as they engage in truly wild scenarios, like protecting a helicarrier from the dragon Fin Fang Foom, freeing the people of Atlantis from mind control, and participating in an absurd game show. on Murderworld. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has a lot to do.

2. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Vita • 2011
The Marvel vs Capcom series is the only place you can see Captain America tag team with Captain Commando or Mega Man take on Iron Man. While we also have a soft spot for Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, the re-release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has struck the perfect balance between combat and its massive roster of characters. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a good reminder that you don’t need a wacky story mode when the action is this good.

1. Spider-Man

PS4 • 2018
What else did you expect at the top of this list? Insomniac’s masterpiece was a real contender for Game of the Year when it was released, and Insomniac expertly took all the mechanics fans loved from previous Spider-Man games and built them to create something something special. Spider-Man’s fight and web swing is the best it’s ever been, and Insomniac tells a gripping story that brought out the heroism of Peter Parker as well as his alter ego. We could do without the simple moments of stealth, but these are easy to forget when the rest of the game is in full swing. The wait for a sequel is going to be excruciating, as we want to see what Insomniac does next with our favorite wall-crawler.

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The best free games hidden in other games

Zork's opening screen, with white text on a black background.

Screenshot: Activision / MobyGames

Activision had a long time to get as terrible as it is today. It was created in 1979, over four decades old, and along the way horribly absorbed all kinds of other developers and publishers. One of those acquisitions was Infocom, the early masters of text-based adventure, which Activision bought in 1986. (And then closed in 1989, because it still was.) By purchasing it, Activision has obtained the rights to the classic. Zork series of adventure games and has kept them ever since.

So if you play either call of Duty Black Ops Where Black Ops Cold War, and using the computer terminal at the CIA hideout in East Berlin, you can type “zork” in its text prompt and play the entire 1980 game.

Zork was first created at MIT in 1977, played on the DEC PDP-10 mainframe, its four programmers then founded Infocom in ’79. It was first released in 1980 and then ported to various personal computers throughout the 1980s, along with its sequels, each showcasing a blend of the era’s booming dungeon mastery with a healthy dose of humor via its absurd FrobozzCo products.

But above all, it’s fun to imagine a die-hard Cod gamer stumbling over it and completely losing himself in his fantasy text-based world.

Oh, and I should probably add that the further you get into the game, the more other old Activision games appear on the arcade in one place. Over there you have Pitfall !, Pitfall 2, Barnstorming, Boxe, Chopper Commando, Enduro, Fishing Derby, Grand Prix, Kaboom !, and River raid.

So yeah, these are my favorite secret games in games. Are there any missing here who are near and dear to your heart?

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Review: Raiden IV X Mikado Remix – Switch

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My early days of gaming were full of top-down arcade shooters with great memories of games like 1942, R-Type, and Blood Money on the Amiga. The exhilaration of surviving wave after wave of enemy ships with the screen filling more and more bullets and taking that 50/50 risk of going for that much-needed power-up was a joy, something the we only see in “Bullet Hell” shooters. One of my Xbox 360 experiences with this was the Raiden series, so as my journey into all things Nintendo Switch continues, it was a nice surprise to stumble upon Raiden IV X Mikado Remix, released for the first time. in the summer of 2021.

Vertical shoot em ups are really something to see and really a classic, you had to imagine the original Raiden IV released on Xbox 360 ten years ago, with a PC port coming in 2015 which added new modes and features. This Switch version includes all of those additions such as Overkill Mode, but now with an updated soundtrack to top it all off. This soundtrack is quite the kickass hymn you’d want in a fast-paced shooter to help keep the tempo high as the action speeds up as you progress through the stages.

Visually, this is just a classic arcade that works remarkably well with the Switch in portable mode in particular, all the more so due to the way the game itself is on-board as it lacks full screen gameplay. Great for handhelds, but when docked and on a TV screen the boarders take up a lot of the actual screen without making it unplayable, it would have been nice to have a full screen option for the mode TV.

The gameplay is simply amazing in any mode, taking on a variety of enemies with each stage to reach the boss with frenetic and deliciously chaotic action as much as it is a visual treat which, paired with the new soundtrack , really makes it a total package for fans of the genre. There’s the traditional Arcade mode, with stages that can be unlocked with credits earned by completing stages to replay them.

The PC Port Overkill Mode adds a number of score challenge mechanics to the game that work by having an in-game gauge, destroying enough enemies, and scoring bonus buffs to improve your regular score. Global Leaderboards add that little incentive to keep trying to do better and earn even more score points and there is a real blast of nostalgia when you earn a score worthy enough to add your initials to your ranking.

Bringing together all the elements from previous versions of Raiden IV, it really becomes the complete package for fans of the series, but it also makes it an absolute game for the Switch that adds one final magic trick to the mix, cooperative gameplay. Using the joycons, two players can share the experience on a single Switch console. The action is fast-paced when playing alone and with some of the amazing powerups that make your ships’ weapons just wipe out ships on the screen, having a partner with you to double down on this action is indeed very satisfying, forget Not that bombs can clear the screen of enemy bullets besides doing great damage!

With Christmas now upon us, that would make a great stocking filler for a Switch owner bringing classic arcade action this holiday season, and for me, a great time trip back to the 2000s, when that genre was. really at its best for me.

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Even Apple’s Eddy Cue can’t get his hands on an Xbox this Christmas

Like anyone who has tried to pick up a Xbox x series knows, getting your hands on one this Christmas isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You don’t have to tell Apple’s Eddy Cue that he’s already well aware and he’s using Twitter to buy one of his own.

We know this because Big Tech Alert’s Twitter account told us that Cue is now following the @XboxStockAlerts account – an account that does nothing other than notify everyone when a retailer has Microsoft’s hottest console available for purchase.

Whether Cue wants to get his hands on a new Xbox to send as a Christmas present isn’t clear, of course, but I like to imagine he’s desperate to get his Halo Infinite this holiday season. It really should be too – Windows Central Reviews on Halo Infinite shows how awesome this title is.

If Cue is really struggling, the cheaper Xbox Series S is a great option – not that money is likely a consideration for a great Apple executive, of course. Cue could also use Apple Arcade and just play on his iPhone 13, but Halo Infinite isn’t in the App Store. Maybe he could just play on a PC instead!

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Step into the shoes of a parkour giraffe with Castle on the Coast on Xbox

It can be difficult at times to sum up the latest games to be released on our beloved consoles, and Castle on the Coast, with its parkour giraffe, magical castle and fantastic wonderland to explore doesn’t make it any easier!

Released on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, with PC and Switch availability already in place, Castle on the Coast tells the story of George the Giraffe as he attempts to navigate a conflict-ridden magical castle. . Expect to walk through crystal caverns, parallel dimensions, and some other trippy landscapes in this cute platform game that players of all ages can enjoy.

Castle on the Coast takes care of the cooperative chaos, with George’s companion Swirlz the flying squirrel joining in the fun, with unique abilities such as acting as George’s personal parachute, allowing for a landing in completely safe when found bouncing around the spot.

In a really nice touch, given that George is actually the mascot of Valley Children’s Hospital in California, a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to the hospital – kudos to Klabater and Big Heart Productions, the behind-the-scenes developers.

The main features include:

  • A magical castle entrenched in the conflict. – Help George explore the magical castle on the coast, home to crystal caverns, stone-laden halls and trippy alternate dimensions. Walk seamlessly from level to level without loading screens in a vast, interconnected world. But all is not well in this country. Two powerful wizards have a grudge against their orphaned comrades. Can George reunite this family again, or is he just going to get in the way?
  • A cute giraffe with XTREME PARKOUR POWERS !? – This giraffe can go anywhere, anytime! Chain wall races, wall jumps, spins, dives, rolls and more with responsive controls. Forge new paths through the levels on a quest to frustrate level designers. When cool moves aren’t enough, don a jetpack or rocket powered car to reach new heights.
  • A 3D Collectathon – Put a plethora of goodies in your pockets as you explore! Flowers unlock new costumes, star keys unlock doors and keystones… these unlock the impending central tower…
  • A crazy sidekick joins the mix. – Player 2 can control George’s sidekick: Swirlz, the flying squirrel! Create useful elastic flowers, detonate enemies with magic, or become a living parachute to show off George’s descent. When George and Swirlz work together, nothing is impossible!

If you, or perhaps a young member of the family, fancy joining George and Swirlz on their journey, then Castle on the Coast is on the Xbox Store for £ 12.49, and will work for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. This is in addition to previous versions of PC and Switch, which can be found on the platforms’ respective sites.

Description of the game:

Castle on the Coast is a dazzling collectible arcade platform game. George, a sympathetic giraffe, travels through challenging levels filled with crystal caverns, rock-laden halls, and trippy alternate dimensions, trying to reunite a family of two powerful and conflicting wizards. In cooperative mode, he can use the help of his squirrel friend called Swirlz. Thanks to the co-op mode, even the youngest players will be able to enjoy George’s adventures, playing with their friends or their babysitters. Besides all the arcade fun, Castle on the Coast offers a more serious moral angle. It will touch on dealing with loss, conflict and loving your enemies.

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New games coming to Xbox Game Pass this week

Earlier this month, Xbox released a comprehensive roster of Game Pass games. Then they slipped in some games without ad. Yesterday, the official Xbox enabled Youtube channel, operated by Xbox UK site, announced nine new games and highlighted one that Xbox previously released to Game Pass out of the blue:

Available now:

Serious Sam 4 came to Game Pass out of the blue. Developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital, the 2020 sci-fi shooter release follows the titular protagonist on an adventure across Europe battling an alien invasion and seeking the Ark of the Alliance.

December 16:

Lake, developed by Gamious and published by Whitehorn Digital and Gamious, where you play as Meredith Weiss, taking a career break to return to her small lakeside hometown and deliver packages for two weeks in 1986

Fire watch, a 2016 adventure game from Campo Santo, released in partnership with Panic and set in 1989 in Wyoming with a twisted and heart-breaking story

Broken age, developed and published by Double Fine before their acquisition by Xbox, is a point-and-click adventure with twisty sci-fi / fantasy

Ben 10: Power Trip is an open-world brawler based on a Nickelodeon TV show about an overpowered preteen who, in the game, is on vacation in Europe; developed by PHL Collective and published by Outright Games Ltd.

Mortal Kombat 11 joined Mortal Kombat X on Game Pass. Released in 2019, the eleventh main edition of the NetherRealm Studios-Warner Bros. series. Critically acclaimed Interactive brings the second version of the MK Universe to its conclusion before beginning a third timeline.

dirt is a Day One release from Thunderful Publishing, the first 3D adventure of Image & Form, the team behind the Steamworld series. It is an action-adventure / platform exploration game on an alien world

Race with Ryan is a racing game developed by 3DClouds and published by Outright Games, set in the universe of the children’s YouTube channel Ryan’s world. The kids kart racing game seems to be inspired by Mario kart, but what arcade racing game doesn’t?

Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups saves Adventure Bay is a character action game developed by DRAKHAR STUDIO and published by Outright Games, a console character action-adventure game full of puzzles and mini-games

Transformers: Battlegrounds is a Kid-Friendly Turn-Based Strategy / Tactics Game Featuring Everyone’s Favorite In Disguise Robots Developed by Coatsink and Published by Outright Games

You can see the original video here:

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Worthplaying | ‘Agent Intercept’ is coming to Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox in Q1 2022

The world needs you, Agent!

Take control of the Scepter, the Agency’s latest high-tech transformation vehicle, and take on the CLAW criminal organization in this explosive arcade driving game.

Avoid enemy shots, mines, and lasers as you perform exaggerated stunts, and use the Scepter’s high-tech gadgets to blast enemies. Feel like a super-spy by transforming the Car Scepter into an airplane and more, immersed in exotic locations and a high-energy original soundtrack! With a new threat around every corner, it will take all you have to do to defeat CLAW.

An agent’s job is never done. Agent Intercept offers extended gameplay beyond its rich campaign. Take on side missions, unlock experiences and prove your worth as a super spy on our global leaderboards!

Main characteristics:

  • High octane driving action! Perform daring stunts and pit state-of-the-art gadgets against maniacal bosses and their own deadly vehicles.
  • Mission by mission, discover and thwart CLAW’s evil plans through three escalation chapters in Campaign mode.
  • Take part in stand-alone side missions to discover unique gameplay mechanics and save the world for another day.
  • Elite scorers can try to dominate the world rankings in Highscore Chase.
  • Push the Scepter to its limits in the Time Trial.
  • Ready, play, shoot! Sharpen your precision in Target Practice.
  • The Agency is as good as its information. Complete the objectives and be rewarded with data cards containing new artwork and lore about the world of Agent Intercept.
  • Unlock secret experiences to change the way you play, including unique customization options and the experimental Hoverscepter!
  • Story fully dubbed in English featuring a variety of characters.
  • Over 30 original songs inspired by beloved soundtracks of the spy genre.

Currently available for PC (To smoke), Agent interception arrives on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S in Q1 2022.

More articles on Agent interception

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Hit hyperspace with Asteroids: Recharged

Obviously the classics are the best, and that’s probably why Atari has seen fit to reload some of their best efforts from years past. The latest is the rework of Asteroids: Recharged.

Asteroids: Recharged follows Millipede: Reloaded and Black Widow: Recharged to address the triple threat of Atari classics as the iconic brand collaborates with Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox Studios to ensure modern gamers can enjoy games the old-fashioned way.

It’s priced at £ 7.99 and available for purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC digital storefronts through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

If you decide that a purchase is right for you – perhaps because you’re looking to relive memories of yesteryear, or because you’ve found love with the other classics in Recharged – Asteroids: Recharged will provide quite an experience. close to the original from 1979. Obviously, it has been reworked to fit a modern audience and so, in and among the new visual look, wide screen optimization and high refresh rates, there will be a pumping soundtrack and two-player simultaneous playback – via Steam Remote Play or Share Play on PlayStation if you have to.

From there, the usual asteroid fare can be found and if you don’t know anything about any of the early video games, it’s about now when you need to sit down and take note. You see, Asteroids will have you pilot a small spaceship through space, hoping above all that you don’t crash into flying saucers and the multitude of asteroids that frequent the galaxies.

Standard shooting action comes to the fore, and Asteroids: Recharged will happily take care of a plethora of bonuses – Mega Lasers, Side Attack Shots, Orbiting Bullets and more are all in place. You’ll also be able to reach hyperspace like never before!

Add in the pursuit of high scores and a variety of challenge modes and asteroids: Recharged just might be the best of the Recharged Atari bunch. Stay tuned for a full review from us very soon.

“Asteroids helped revolutionize the arcade scene in the late 1970s with its incredible gameplay and innovative concept,” said Wade Rosen, CEO of Atari. “With a sleek new design, bonuses, challenges and leaderboard support, Asteroids: Recharged will be a great time for fans of the original and newer players looking for a modernized retro solution.”

You will find Asteroids: Recharged on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. It’s also available on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Let us know if you decide to pick it up.

Description of the game:

The original space shooter twists into the modern age! Asteroids: Recharged has been redesigned for modern gameplay, featuring vibrant visuals, powerful new abilities, and yet another soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee. Asteroids: Recharged creates a familiar, yet revitalized and modern challenge for both old-school and new high-score hunters. And 30 unique and creative challenge levels take the space shooter to new territory, with local and global leaderboards. A whole new collection of power-ups – including scatter fire, rail cannons, reflective shields, and more. – will help to avoid glowing asteroids and aggressive UFOs. Co-op play lets you play with a friend and increases the intensity as players do their best to coordinate and survive.

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Best Fighting Games for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch of 2022

This list is for the best fighting games for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. We’ll do our best for you to understand this list of the best fighting games for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. I hope you like this list Best Fighting Games for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. So let’s start:

Check out the best fighting games for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

Sometimes it seems like video games can be too complicated these days. Many gamers lament the days of easy arcade games where there was normal fairness. There were no side quests, extra entertainment, or luxuries; there was only one supporter and one goal. Enter the best fighting games.

Fighting games are the best way to capture the nostalgia of the first arcade style games, while enjoying the latest features of the latest video games. The goal is always so normal and simple: to beat the other character in a fight.

However, today’s fighting games are much more absorbing and notably less repetitive than they were in their time. There are more characters, cooler combos, and good graphics. Nonetheless, if you’re the type to be more vigilant in a simpler type of single-objective game, then the best fighting games have you covered as well. Honestly, it’s up to you to make things as complicated or as simple as you want them to be.

The best fighting games for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Street fighter v

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to buying a Street Fighter game. Since the days of the revolutionary Street Fighter II, developer and publisher Capcom has updated every version of Street Fighter with a version (or two!) That adds alternate features, characters, stages, and costs. No game in the series has benefited as much from this practice as Street Fighter V, a title launched with a small roster and too much addiction to paid DLC.

Champion Edition includes 34 stages, 40 characters, and over 200 costumes, mostly from previous seasons of Street Fighter V. The only items missing are Capcom Pro Tour content, sponsored costumes, and Fighting Chance costumes. Champion Edition also includes character balance changes to encourage fairer competition.

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Super Smash Bros

As series director Masahiro Sakurai himself said, it’s a miracle that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exists. Having Mario and Zelda fighting Ryu from Street Fighter and Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 on a Metal Gear Solid battlefield is something strange and wonderful that only the Smash Bros. series only has. can deliver, and Ultimate is certainly Smash Bros. do. big time and done. to the right.

With 74 fighters (depending on how you count), 108 stages, nearly 1,300 Spirit characters to collect, and a single player Adventure mode that took me 24 hours of gameplay to beat, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers much more in a single package than any of its four predecessors. .

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Guilty Mechanism

Guilty Gear is arguably one of the most underrated fighting game series out there. I know this because I myself have been guilty of putting him down. For some reason maybe I just didn’t think I was good enough to be good at it, or just wasn’t in the right mental space, I never tried to learn one in depth. But when Guilty Gear Strive was announced I decided that I would no longer let this be a blind spot in my knowledge of the fighting game, and instead I would just dip my toes in the water like I did. done with any other Guilty Gear game, with Strive I did the full dive, head first.

Over seven games and multiple spinoffs spanning the past two decades, Guilty Gear has quietly built some of the densest lore in any fighting game. If any sort of proof is needed, take a look at the game’s seemingly endless glossary of terms and numbers, the timeline of events ranging from 1998 to 2187 (did you know that in 2009 India withdrew from UN due to dissatisfaction with the UN decision to ban all electronic devices?), and the correspondence table covering every event and relationship formed from every game in the series.

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Dragon ball hunters

Fans of one of anime’s biggest names have been seen to be a bit underserved by video games, in quality, if not in quantity. Licensee Bandai Namco produces related games seamlessly, but they’ve always been seen as cash income – product sold by name on the box, rather than what’s inside. Well not yet. Dragon Ball FighterZ is not only comfortably the best game this franchise has ever produced, but it’s also an amazing fighting game.

It’s beautiful too, far from the roughness of previous Dragon Ball games. Developers Arc System Works are creating the Guilty Gear Xrd games, and the game engine behind what has been, until now, the finest fighting game on the market, is a perfect foundation for what is, for all purposes. useful, fully playable cartoon.

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Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is a love letter to this long-standing franchise and its astonishing complexity. Yet somehow it still manages to be accessible to almost anyone who wants to combine buttons, and its plethora of customization unlocks consistently gives it plenty to fight for beyond its wacky history and slightly cliché. In a very good period for fighting games, with Injustice 2 taking it out of the park, Killer Instinct continues to bring us great content years after its release, Street Fighter 5 is moving forward quickly after a rough start, and a remake of Guilty Gear Xrd. rushing through the air on our way, the King of the Iron Fist tournament will not be passed.

On the surface, Tekken 7 is familiar, taking place in the series’ three-dimensional stages that allow you to move alongside your opponent, as well as back and forth. The attacks are inspired by Asian martial arts and other fighting styles from around the world, with an emphasis on strikes and very little on projectiles normally found in other fighting games. The movement is more deliberate and jumping or running recklessly can be disastrous.

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Soul Calibur VI

The rebirth of fighting games wouldn’t be complete without a new SoulCalibur title. The series of weapon-based combat has seen its ups and downs over the years, but with SoulCalibur VI, developer Bandai Namco has taken what worked in the past – fast-paced, strategic combat, and robust character customization – and l ‘combined with the New Reversal Edge and Soul Charge Battle Mechanics to create an addicting PC fighting game that will shine in all kinds of battles, be it between friends or on big esports venues like Evo.

SoulCalibur VI is a reboot of the series that looks back on the events of the first game to reveal a hidden story. Considering SoulCalibur V hasn’t been particularly well received, that’s a wise move, in theory. However, SoulCalibur VI’s main narrative, Soul Chronicle, isn’t anything particularly interesting, even by fighting game standards. It’s all about a magical sword, known as the Sword Edge, and all the trouble it causes the 21 fighters by default.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

In November 2020, NetherRealm patched Mortal Kombat 11, adding enhanced next-gen tech updates for Xbox Series X, Series S, and PlayStation 5. Here are our thoughts on how the game works on Series X and PlayStation 5, written by Mike Epstein. Continue after the break for the original Mortal Kombat 11 review.

Mortal Kombat 11 is a sharper, more vivid game on next-gen consoles. On Xbox Series X and PS5, the incredibly (and at times oddly) detailed fighter has received a little technical facelift and a new feature or two that will ultimately make the game better for everyone. Although NetherRealm has released a new version of the game, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, to coincide with the next gen releases, all MK11 players have access to the next gen versions of the game and its benefits.

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Skullgirls 2nd Again

I love fighting games. The genre has sparked such a passion in me that I buy fighting games to support the scene and familiarize myself with the titles so I can talk about it in tournaments or on shows. For a while, Skullgirls, a 2D team-fighting game developed by Lab Zero Games, was a game I watched regularly, but didn’t enter due to a lack of interest in the original roster. That changed with the release of Skullgirls 2nd Encore, a $ 14.99 upgrade to the base game of $ 9.99.

Skullgirls is inspired by many popular fighting game series. The Tag Team Match uses a Capcom vs. SNK which allows you to select up to three characters to fight up to three rival characters. This means that you can choose two characters to face three characters, or even one character against two. The ratio system balances the action by granting bonus damage and health to teams with fewer fighters than their opponent.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

It took over a decade for Capcom to release the Marvel vs. Capcom 2, one of the most beloved 2D fighters ever created. Fans have been clamoring for a proper sequel, and earlier this year we got one in Marvel vs Capcom 3. The game was a great fighter that propelled the series in many ways, but drew criticism for a lack of modes and a list of more fighters. smaller than its predecessors. Now, not even a year later, Capcom has released the inevitable downsizing, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 goes through all the usual moves for a Capcom update, bringing in new fighters, new stages, and a few extra features, while still retaining the crazy sense of style that gives the series such a distinction in the gaming genre. fighting games. The new changes will be great for die-hard fans of the franchise, but as a retail package it is woefully lacking in new modes and additional features.

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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a great example of how solid mechanics and strong characters can run a fighting game, even when everything else is against you. This festival of nostalgia has the feel of a free-to-play mobile game, complete absence of voice acting, a basic set of modes and features, just nine characters, just five stages, repetitive and generic music, all on top of the stigma. to be based on a licensed property that is not known to have a strong gaming record.

Battle for the Grid is a 3v3 day fighter with a four button combat system consisting of light, medium, heavy, and special attacks, much like Dragon Ball FighterZ. Plus, like FighterZ, there aren’t any complicated buttons for special moves, and each move can be performed by pressing one direction and a button.

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Final words: best fighting games for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

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The 10 best games of 2021

After a year that included the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series S | X consoles, the launch was always going to be tough, but there have been a lot of great new games to play over the past 12 months. Here are the best Dexerto games of 2021.

2021 brought new installments into iconic franchises, big-budget console exclusives from developers who cut their teeth on arcade-style titles, and the kind of platforms that give the best animated movies for their money. both in terms of visuals and storytelling. We’ve also hosted new hero adventures we haven’t seen in a while, MOBA spinoffs, and more.

We’re kicking off Dexerto’s celebration of the best of 2021 with our best games of the year. Stay tuned December 13-23 for our pick of the best streamers, YouTubers, and esports players. But first, check out our top 10 best games of 2021 below – how many have you played?

Dexerto’s best games of 2021

10. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Airship Syndicate / Riot Forge

Ruined King is a great way to experience Runeterra without playing League of Legends.

Developer: Airship Syndicate / Publisher: Riot Forge
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

If Arcane has interested you in the world and characters of League of Legends, Ruined King: A League of Legends story is a great place to dive into the history of the franchise and the charming world of Runeterra.

Not only is the turn-based RPG mechanically sound, offering an interesting combat system that makes the most of timing and resource management, but it also brings together a disparate group of characters into a sort of Suicide Squad. The way each member plays the next is a treat, and we can’t wait to see what more stories are on the way. (Lloyd Coombes)

Read our review of Ruined King.

9. Life is Strange: True Colors

Record Store in Life is Strange True Colors
Pont Neuf / Square Enix

Life is Strange: True Colors is a powerful experience from start to finish.

Developer: Deck Nine / Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PC

A wonder in storytelling and characterization, True Colors introduces a diverse group of personalities to be referred to in the melancholy world of Life of Strange.

Chief among them is Alex Chen, who must find out what happened to his brother on a fateful night in Haven Springs. What follows is a gripping tale of mystery and intrigue as she uses her empathic super power to explore the psyche of the city’s people. It’s another classic Life is Strange story packed with references for fans, but accessible enough for new players. (Ava Thompson-Powell)

Read our Life is Strange: True Colors review.

8. Ratchet and Clank: Rift apart

Ratchet and Clank Rift apart
Insomnia games

Rift Apart is a beautiful platform game packed with action.

Developer: Insomniac Games / Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 5

When the blockbuster sequel Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart released in June, we called it “a technical marvel that looks amazing and pushes the PS5 to its limits.” The latest release from the iconic duo is a ridiculously fun platform shooter that’s packed with imagination and chaotic weapons to try out, moving at such blazing speed you’ll barely have a chance to stop and enjoy. how beautiful it is.

It’s worth trying it for hardware only; Rift Apart takes full advantage of the console’s blazing-fast SSD and DualSense controller, with every movement amplified by vibration and sound, and each gadget feeling different in the hand. It’s an incredible showcase of what the PS5 is capable of. (Daniel Mégarry)

Read our review of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

7. It takes two

It takes two queen elephants dexerto
Hazelight Studios

It Takes Two is constantly unpredictable.

Developer: Hazelight Studios / Publisher: EA
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PC

With charming graphics reminiscent of a Disney-Pixar movie, a storyline that involves a talking book guiding a couple through a difficult relationship, and co-op-only gameplay, It Takes Two isn’t your average platformer. It plays with the scale and offers incredible variety in its gameplay to ensure that each level is not only memorable, but entirely different from the last.

Whether you’re stepping back in time or battling military squirrels, the best thing about It Takes Two is that it never ceases to amaze you; as soon as you get used to one style of play or a stunning location, you quickly move on to the next.

In a world where battle royales and first-person shooters seem to reign supreme on the multiplayer perch, It Takes Two is proof that great co-op games aren’t dead – and that some of life’s best experiences can be. experienced with a few controllers and your best friend next to you. (Daniel Mégarry)

Read our It Takes Two review.

6. Metroid Dread

A boss fight in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread brings Samus back and is one of his greatest adventures yet.

Developer: Mercury Steam / Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

The game’s greatest bounty hunter, Samus Aran, has returned for one of his best adventures yet in Metroid Dread. This is a sprawling, highly atmospheric 2D platformer that successfully draws on the horror elements of the franchise to deliver a game that effortlessly switches between thoughtful puzzle solving and spooky encounters with the EMMI, deadly robots that will stop at nothing to hunt you down – and take you out with a quick hit.

Working in the different areas of the planet ZDR and unlocking all of Samus’ upgrades is like solving a huge puzzle, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see it all come together. With gorgeous locations, badass gameplay that refuses to hold your hand, and some of the best boss fights we’ve ever experienced, this is a must-have game for Nintendo Switch owners. (Daniel Mégarry)

Read our Metroid Dread review.

5. Return

Return gameplay

Returnal is hard as nails, but so satisfying.

Developer: Housemarque / Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 5

The difficulty in the game is a hard line to walk. While Souls titles pride themselves on a methodical combat rhythm that punishes mistakes, Returnal is a fast-paced arcade shooter, all wrapped up in a magnificent rogue-lite on a spooky planet.

Upgrades roll out at a perfect pace, while the narrative mysteries, fantastic use of the Dualsense controller, and smooth, smooth combat make Returnal a joy to play, even when you’ve been dead to the same boss for the fifth time. right now. (Lloyd Coombes)

Read our feedback review.

4. Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu is the star of Resident Evil: Village.

Developer: Capcom / Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PC

After Biohazard restored confidence in the longtime Resident Evil franchise, expectations were high for his follow-up, Village. Thankfully, Capcom has gone above and beyond, taking the series to new heights with a mix of thrilling action, classic survival horror, and a dash of scares for good measure.

Not to mention villains like the viral sensation Lady Dimitrescu and the beating heart of the gothic and grandiose European setting who is pretty much a character in itself. For horror fans, it doesn’t get better than this. (Daniel Mégarry)

Read our Resident Evil Village review.

3. Death loop

Death loop
Arkane lyon

Deathloop is a murder puzzle box that we keep coming back to.

Developer: Arkane Studios / Publisher: Bethesda
Platforms: PlayStation 5, PC

In Deathloop, you’re stuck in an endless time loop, where the only way out is to piece your memories back together and take out the eight eccentric visionaries who keep you trapped inside. Solving this puzzle is devilishly addicting, but it’s just as fun to wreak havoc with all the special powers and weapons you unlock, enjoy the sharp banter between rivals Colt and Julianna, and explore the Isle of Blackreef without effort.

Is this a first person shooter? Time-consuming murder puzzle? Or a face to face PvP assassination? The truth is, Arkane’s insanely ambitious Deathloop is all of this and more, mixing multiple genres and gameplay elements together for what is easily the most unique gaming experience of the year. The fact that it manages to pull it all off – and run it almost flawlessly – makes it more than worthy of a spot at the top of any year-end game list. (Daniel Mégarry)

Read our Deathloop review.

2. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Jaguar XJ220
Xbox game studios

Forza Horizon 5 is the best in the franchise yet.

Developer: Playground Games / Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PC

Forza Horizon 5 feels like the video game equivalent of a ride with the roof down and your favorite songs played as loud as it gets. Playground Games’ open-world racing formula has been honed and refined after four (excellent) participations, and roaming the Mexican desert in an off-roader or skidding around corners in one of the world’s most expensive hypercars looks like a perfect showcase for Xbox Series X.

Perhaps more importantly, Forza Horizon 5 respects player time – you can play your way and be rewarded, and it’s hard to let go. (Lloyd Coombes)

Read our Forza Horizon 5 review.

1. Infinite Halo

Halo Infinite Spartan using energy sword
343 Sectors

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer and single player mode combine to make it our game of the year.

Developer: 343 Industries / Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PC

A late addition to our list, and one that no doubt came with some skepticism, Halo Infinite has rejuvenated a franchise that has been dormant for six years. It stabilizes the ship, narratively speaking, after Halo 5, while also pivoting to a more open-world style structure that makes the most of Chief’s new mobility options. In fact, it’s hard to imagine Halo without the grappling hook now.

Add to that a free multiplayer sequel and set to grow over the next few months and Halo Infinite marks a confident return to form for the series and makes us want more Master Chief adventures. (Lloyd Coombes)

Read our Halo Infinite review.

That’s a rundown of the 2021 game releases, but there’s a lot to look forward to in the months ahead. Don’t forget to check out our post centers below:

The Elder Scrolls 6 | GTA 6 | Overwatch 2 | League of Legends Project L | Destiny 2 The Witch Queen | Rainbow Six Extraction | Ancient ring | Diablo 4 | Diablo Immortal | Knights of Gotham | Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League | Hogwarts Legacy | God of War Ragnarok

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Viral video shows Yakuza’s Kiryu and Majima dancing together in real life

A video of two Yakuza cosplayers goes viral, where Kiryu and Majima dance together, conjuring up a famous meme.

Yakuza dance Friday night Majima Kiryu

Yakuza 0 is one of the most popular entries in SEGA’s long-standing franchise. With the whole main line Yakuza series on PC and consoles, it has attracted many fans. One of its most appealing qualities is the amount of content and charm the series brings, from jaw-dropping arcade combat to the break in Kamurocho town. This leads to one of the Yakuza 0the most famous minigames and memes from, the Disco Dancing minigame.

The mini-game is exclusive to Yakuza 0, where the player can take Kiryu or Majima to Club Maharaja and dance the night away. The mini-game also has a multiplayer option, where two players can compete against each other in a dance battle. The mini-game includes five original songs, the most famous of which is Friday Night. With its catchy beat and incredible Kiryu and Majima dance steps, it has become a famous meme that fans post every Friday.


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The meme being one of the most prevalent parts of Yakuza 0, there were several turns on it. This includes a video of two cosplayers of Kiryu and Majima dancing to the Friday night tune on a Dancerush Stardom arcade. The Kiryu is played by Dallas Rosalez, while AeroTorimodosu dons the costume of Majima, the two being roommates. Kiryu’s costume is based on her iconic gray, while Majima’s appearance is modeled after her outfit in Yakuza 0, complete with a rat tail and a black suit.

Dallas Rosalez had previously made a video that went viral where it showed him dancing alone as Kiryu, so it was a fitting second part that includes his friendly rival Majima. In an apt description of the video, fans pointed out that the moves Kiryu performed while dancing on the machine was big, strong, and daring, similar to his fighting and brawling style. Meanwhile, Majima’s movements are swift, sleek, and eye-catching, as is her more mobile Breaker fighting style in Yakuza 0.

Fittingly, this video was originally posted on a Friday, which complements the meme. It’s great to see these cosplayers take on these iconic Yakuza characters and memes are taken to the next level with a video like this is fun to say the least. It shows how much people love the Yakuza series and its many aspects.

Yakuza 0 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Paper Mario: all partners

Paper Mario is a classic RPG filled to the brim with lovable characters, some staying with Mario on his journey as strategic partners.

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Shantae Nendoroid becomes Ret-2-Go

Another one Shantae figure is on the way, and this time it’s a half-genius Nendoroid. Good Smile Company announced its development at Smile Fest Vol. 2. There is no exit window for this yet. Plus, given the stage of development, there’s also no prototype or concept art.

Here is the revelation of Good Smile Company on the next Shantae figure.

It is one of the many figures of Shantae to appear. There is a half-genius Funko Pop. Volks also added her to the company CharaGumin Collection. She’s not the only one. Volks also prepared versions of Risky Boots, Rottytops, and Sky.

The Shantae Nendoroid is under development. Waiting for, Shantae and the Seven Mermaids is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Apple Arcade. It recently received a free update which added new modes. Additionally, although Shantae is not officially a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, she appears there as a Mii Fighter.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax re-release will be almost a totally different game than what we got on PS3 and Xbox 360

It’s gonna be a new oursy experience

If you’re worried about forgetting everything you knew once in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, or getting into the game for the first time against experienced players, don’t be because everyone is about to there. to participate. almost on an equal footing.

One of the coolest things about this week’s big announcement that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is finally getting its deserved re-release is the fact that the fighting game spin-off will come with the latest handful of updates from balance, which were previously exclusive to the arcade version and pretty much rocked the game.

For those who didn’t already know, the Ultimax fixes for version 2.00 and later have been released after the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

The developers have basically tried to correct the shortcomings of the game we received, and most of the big changes were aimed at the Shadow type characters.

A majority of the roster came to pack Shadow versions of themselves as an interesting new addition to Ultimax over the original Persona 4 arena, but their arrival fell flat for just about everything outside of the game. occasional.

Shadow characters have more health and can use Awakening SP skills (super powerful and abilities that can normally only be used with low health) at any time and contain the new Shadow Frenzy mechanic, which allows them to cancel specials in other specials or supers.

However, they did come with a number of downsides, such as the fact that they had no Burst options, and Shadows only did 80% of the damage their normal counterparts could deal.

In an attempt to alleviate the situation for Shadow characters, ArcSys changed almost everything about them in the version 2.0 update.

As the health of the Shadows was lowered at all levels, they gained the ability of Reversal Burst and saw their attack power increased by an additional 10%.

Frenzy has also been revamped so that activation requires a burst gauge instead of SP, with the SP gauge determining how long the power-up is active.

On top of that, Fury made sure opponents couldn’t Defensive Burst at all during use, so the other player would have to sit down and eat whatever was thrown at them.

This all culminated in the fact that the characters in Shadow have grown a lot stronger than they were when they came out, and some are arguing far too powerful compared to the rest of the cast.

Shadows weren’t the only things reworked either, as the rest of the roster also received a major balance overhaul.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the general reactions and feelings of players on the balance update due to the patch only being available in Japanese arcades as well as the passage of time.

We’re going to find ourselves in a very unique time next spring when we receive a version of Ultimax that looks familiar but almost entirely different from what was experienced on consoles all those years ago.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on March 17, 2022.

You can also get a head start on the incoming system and upcoming balance changes through The great guide translated from Dustloop for Ver. Patch Notes 2.00.

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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Guide for Gamers 2021

Christmas stocking guide for gamers 2021

In the blink of an eye, 2021 has essentially passed. As we look back on another fun filled year of games, we would like to remind all of you, it’s not too late to shop for some last minute stocking stuffers for your family and friends. After all, it is better to give than to receive. At least that’s what they say …

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda

Last year we had Mario, and this year Nintendo upped their game with The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo Game and Watch: The Legend of Zelda comes with The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening as well as a special version of the Game & Watch classic Vermin with Link as a playable character. This Christmas stocking is a great idea for both beginner and seasoned players and is sure to be a hit.

Funko Pop! The figures

Let’s face it, Funko Pop! the numbers are here to stay and could be the best way to honor your fandom for a particular series, movie, or video game. Whether it’s John Wick or Master Chief, there’s probably a number for that. These numbers are relatively easy to find, but some are definitely harder to grasp, which makes them a great idea for last minute stocking stuffers.

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child funko Pop

Midnight black PlayStation Dualsense controller

With the PS5 launching with only white controllers, it’s time for more colors to be released. Enter Midnight Black. Enjoy haptic feedback on the PlayStation 5 in style! Now all we need is an official black PlayStation 5 console …

Cosmic Red & Midnight Black DualSense

Razer Kishi Mobile Gamepad

Not everyone plays the same, and that’s okay! the Razer Kishi Mobile Gamepad is perfect for the player who is on the go. Whether it’s for Apple Arcade, Google Stadia or even Xbox games via the cloud, the Razer Kishi will be the go-to controller for your mobile giveaway.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earphones

Razer was so sweet this year, he made our list twice. The second time in the form of audio accessories. The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Headphones get the job done with style, comfort, and fantastic sound. We even reviewed this accessory here! The Hammerhead True wireless headphones are the perfect gift for the gamer on the go, pairing well with the Kishi controller above.

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Redout II announced for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

Publisher Saber Interactive and developer 34BigThings hvae announced sequel to anti-gravity racing game Redoubt II for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (To smoke, Epic Games Store). It will be launched in 2022.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


The fastest racing game in the universe.

Redoubt II is a tribute to classic arcade racing games and the sequel to the critically acclaimed game To dread, where racing through the dystopian wasteland of a semi-abandoned Earth is one of the most popular sports in the galaxy.

Hit impossible speeds in exhilarating futuristic races across a sprawling single player campaign and competitive multiplayer mode. Extensive control systems, rugged hovercraft customization, and a killer soundtrack make Redoubt II the first anti-gravity runner.

Main characteristics

  • Speed ​​and control – In the tradition of Anti-Gravity racing classics like annihilate and F-Zero, experience blazing speeds and an intuitive driving system that makes Redoubt II a blast to pick up and play, but also rewarding for those willing to master the super high skill cap. Fold, loop and dive through the craziest twists and jumps in racing game history.
  • Extended career mode – Fly over hundreds of events on 36 unique circuits, all reversible! From arena races and time trials to last man standing and intense boss races, beat the competition and dominate the finish line.
  • Competitive multiplayer – Compete against other players in intense 12-player online multiplayer action. Immerse yourself in new challenges with custom content added regularly, as well as seasons that include unique aesthetic rewards.
  • Full customization – Choose from 12 distinct chassis and fully customize your own hovercraft with an incredible selection of thrusters, stabilizers, rudders, intercoolers, flaps, magnets, fenders, spoilers, rocket motors, paints and more! Create and share your best highlights at high speed with photo mode.
  • Breathtaking soundtrack – Featuring superstar electronic artists including legendary Giorgio Moroder and acclaimed talents like Zardonic and Dance with the Dead. Our music algorithms seamlessly and dynamically mix tracks based on real-time race data.

Watch the trailer below.

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Space Marine 2 arrives on consoles and PC

The cult classic Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is back! At the 2021 Game Awards, Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive revealed and presented the trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. However, an exit window has yet to be announced.

Taking back control from the iconic Captain Titus, played by Clive standen (Vikings, Taken), this time around, the relentless Tyranid hordes will be your enemy. Well, at least for the first half of the game I guess. We all know that chaos is always lurking in the background, somewhere. Focus Entertainment also wrote that there will be dark secrets to be discovered and that we will have to push back “Eternal Night” to prove our ultimate loyalty to the Imperium of Man. look Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 trailer below.

The first one Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine The game was developed by Relic Entertainment and released by THQ on September 6, 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. While short and quite rough, the hack-and-slash-shooter hybrid perfectly captures the visceral, brutal fighting style of the Space Marine, with finishing moves that restore your health. Relic Entertainment was planning to make a trilogy to focus on Captain Titus’ struggle against his faith and chaos, but the plan failed not thanks to THQ’s bankruptcy. Game director Raphael van Lierop spoke to Penny-Arcade Report (via Softpedia) about that.

I had big plans for Titus. The second part of his story was to focus on a “Titus Unleashed” plot – basically, there were forces deployed against him who would see his loyalty to the Adeptus Astartes stretched to the limit, and his reaction would be to “go rogue.” ‘,’ And we would see a different Titus, not as in control as we saw in Space Marine. As a result, he would be deported – exiled, which would basically be a death sentence for him. He would survive and come back even stronger in the third game, where other Space Marines still loyal to him would rally around him and he would return to a “clean house”, but at the head of a whole new chapter that we would build. around him.”

Will Saber Interactive continue this remaining storyline or make up its own story to Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2? We’ll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned to The Nerd Stash for more information and updates on the Game Awards 2021.

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The best games to play if you love Archvale

Archvale is a stellar indie game that mixes hellish combat, RPG mechanics, crafting, and loads of adventure, all set in a lush and vibrant fantasy world. Archvale is a game that really caters to a lot of different people because it combines elements from different genres. On one end of the spectrum, it looks like a retro adventure game, but on the other end, a modern take on a fast-paced action RPG.

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If you’ve played Archvale and want to explore other similar experiences, look no further. The following games should scratch an itch similar to Archvale’s. From traditional roguelikes and action adventures to more puzzle-oriented exploration games, there will definitely be a winner on this list.

8 Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon gameplay with a player trying to cross a room

Enter the Gungeon is a beloved indie game that focuses on hellish combat where you are armed with a massive assortment of guns. Playing the role of a punishing roguelike, Enter the Gungeon constantly pushes you one step further as you seek to obtain the ultimate weapon that can kill the past.

Enter the Gungeon takes place through a diverse set of randomly generated stages where you are encouraged to try out new weapons and items. The screen is almost constantly filled with bullets and projectiles, so staying nimble is essential.


seven Mana spark

character in combat in mana spark

Mana Spark is an underrated and often overlooked action RPG with punishing real-time combat. Your hero is tasked with diving deep into the dungeons just outside your base camp. The more you dive into these dungeons, the more loot you can bring back to rebuild your base.

The combat in Mana Spark is a mixture of tactical finesse and deep offensive action. You’re going to want to think about how you engage with each enemy in order to survive, earn more loot, and come back to your colony to improve it further.

6 Dead Dust

train battle in dead dust

Dead Dust is a lesser-known gunslinger action-adventure game starring a ruthless bounty hunter cowboy, Shlango. Dead Dust takes place isometrically, and your objective is to survive an onslaught of Old West villains through a diverse set of stages.

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What makes Dead Dust so special is that you can pick up weapons along the way. Often times, you’ll run out of ammo in the middle of a shootout and have to improvise on the spot with a dropped weapon. You’ll die a lot in this game, but it’s all part of the brutal Wild West motif.

An opening moment of Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening on Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch probably doesn’t need to be showcased, however, it’s easily one of the best isometric adventure games. Link’s Awakening follows Link as you explore vast locations on a semi-open map.

Although the game features a lot of strategic combat, the name of the game here is puzzle solving. As Link continues his adventure, he will come up against dastardly dungeons that hide difficult puzzles. This game is truly an adventure for the ages.

4 Castle crashers

The first level of Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a classic and colorful 2D action fighting game set in a wacky fantasy realm. Having started life on Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade, Castle Crashers still exists today due to numerous updates, upgrades, and improvements from developer Behemoth.

In Castle Crashers, you and up to three players can fight through a set of dynamic stages. You’ll fight baddies with swords, bows, and magic, all while laughing out loud at the downright hilarious dialogue and story rhythms.

3 The door of death

the crow fighting a boss at death's door

In Death’s Door, you play as the Raven, a silent bird whose role is to harvest souls. However, there is a realm between realms where the weather does not stay the same, and here is a thief, ready to bring chaos to every corner.

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Death’s Door is a traditional adventure game filled with puzzles, combat and exploration. Between zones, you can easily return to your headquarters to improve yourself and get a little stronger. Death’s Door is a masterpiece of an indie game and worth playing right away.

2 The Bond of Isaac: Rebirth

Isaac curled up with dozens of enemies crowded around him, illustration

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a meticulously crafted roguelike game that features brutal combat, devious bosses, and enough items and buffs to last for tens, if not hundreds of hours. You are tasked with destroying the abominations that haunt Isaac’s nightmares.

The game was widely popularized due to its macabre presentation, randomly generated stages, and inventive play scenarios. History, blood, and gore certainly won’t be for everyone, but if you want some frenzied roguelike, add The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth to your wishlist.

1 legendary magician

Title art for Wizard of Legend, featuring a red robed wizard casting fire magic

Wizard of Legend is a thrilling action game in which you take on the role of the titular wizard who must dive deep into ghastly dungeons in order to take down powerful enemies. One of the best things about Wizard of Legend is the sheer number of spells you can equip and use anytime.

Instead of focusing on traditional melee action combat, Wizard of Legend brings you magic-based attacks. Plus, you have a plethora of unlockables and upgrades to tailor your assistant to your playstyle. If you love a beautifully created fantasy world filled with magic, then Wizard of Legend might be the ticket. for you.

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Alduin swooping down on a man with a fishing rod
Someone ever beat Skyrim with just a fishing rod

A feat that only a true Dovahkiin could achieve.

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Zero sun, maximum fun – Arcade Paradise is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

Want to go back in time to the golden age of the arcade? Wired Productions and Nosebleed Interactive (they are behind Vostok Inc.) will let you in when they release the 90s-style adventure management game Arcade Paradise on console and PC.

In Spring 2022, Arcade Paradise will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC to give gamers looking for zero sun but maximum fun the chance to revel in .

Coming both digitally and physically, Arcade Paradise is a retro arcade adventure fueled by the ’90s. It sees you play the role of Ashley, as you discover your father, Gerald (voiced by the Witcher’s Geralt , Doug Cockle), went to the Riviera and gave you the keys to his laundry business, leaving you to handle the tedious day to day events. But who wants to wash all day long and therefore rather than washing rags for a living, you decide to turn the family laundromat into the ultimate arcade.

From there, you’ll have the chance to play, enjoy and purchase new arcade machines, with over 35 machines to choose from, all inspired by a generation of arcade games from the 80s and 90s. Arcade Paradise will feature newly created “classics” such as Knuckles and Knees, Zombat 2, Woodgals Adventure, Vostok 2093, Gravichase and the bodacious Racer Chaser in FULL 3D and many more.

As you might expect, Arcade Paradise will come with insane graphics (at least for now), the chance to experience extreme stereo sound shaking your head as you crush your rivals, dominate the high score tables. and, ultimately, become a legend. But among all of this, you’ll still need to keep an eye out for the laundromat.

Available for wishlist on Steam Right now, Arcade Paradise is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S | X, and Xbox One in Spring 2022. And if you want to pre-order the physical version on Switch or PlayStation, you’ll find it’s packaged with a folded double-sided poster, set of graffiti stickers, reversible King Wash sleeve, and digital EP download. Expect to pay around £ 19.99 / $ 24.99 / € 24.99 for PlayStation copies and £ 24.99 / $ 29.99 / € 29.99 for Nintendo Switch. The Wired store will arrange it for you.

What do you think? Is the arcade draft something you will be looking to consider? Comments are below.

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Backbone One iOS Controller Test

There has never been a better time to jump into mobile gaming. Whether you’re adventureing in Genshin Impact, chasing the sus in Among Us, or shooting your head to victory in Call of Duty Mobile, mobile games are now as detailed, social and competitive as their console and PC counterparts. Add to that services like Apple Arcade and streaming platforms like Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and you’ve got more choices than ever to take games with you.

backbone one

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And so it’s fitting that we finally have a mobile controller that lives up to the growing ambitions of the mobile gaming scene. We’ve seen plenty of gameplay clips, joysticks, and cradles, but none yet have matched the smoothness and finish of the Backbone One. Designed specifically for iPhones, it pairs well-crafted hardware with what is rarer – a companion app that’s genuinely useful. Overall, the Backbone One is an essential buy for the serious mobile gamer.

Backbone Price, availability and compatibility

The Backbone One is available now and costs $ 99.99 / £ 99.99 / AU $ 179.99, and includes a three-month trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – the cloud-based portion of which can also be enjoyed at iPhone. That’s about what you’d expect to pay for the same excellent Razer Kishi – although it lacks the software chops that elevate the Backbone One.

The expandable / foldable design of the Backbone One makes it compatible with a wide range of iPhone devices, from iPhone 6S to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. It can now be purchased with an adapter that will make it perfectly suitable for the new larger iPhones – the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Their larger camera modules require the need for an additional rubber cradle that clips onto the Backbone One, which the company now ships free of charge on request with each new order. Existing users can also order one.


Refining a design style we’ve seen in other mobile gaming accessories, the Backbone One is an extendable telescopic stand for your iPhone. With a sliding, rigid backplate, you place your iPhone in its center, inserting the charging port into the Backbone One’s Lightning connector, providing traditional dual-stick and face-button control on either side of your horizontally mounted smartphone.

backbone one

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Using the Lightning connector, there is no need to pair or charge the Backbone One – your phone will automatically recognize the controller, while the Backbone will be powered by the phone itself. Power consumption is minimal too – less than what you’d see if you used a pair of similarly wired headphones using this Lightning port.

backbone one

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If you’re an Xbox gamer, you’ll be familiar with the button and stick layout here. The analog sticks (equipped with clickable buttons) are positioned asymmetrically, with face buttons in an A, B, X, Y configuration. You will also find a D-Pad under the left analog stick, the shoulder and shoulder buttons. trigger, and a selection of menu, options, and screenshot buttons, plus an orange “Backbone” button that returns to the accompanying app interface – more on that in a moment .

backbone one

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It is an extremely comfortable device according to our tests. The sticks have just the right amount of travel distance (although they’re smaller), with a responsive, springy D-Pad and satisfactorily clickable buttons. There will of course be some difference from device to device, as iPhones may vary in size. But we tested with a large iPhone 13 Pro and found it to be comfortable all over. Our only concern would be the durability of the Lightning connector – unless you’re particularly nimble, the telescoping nature of the device can mean that your phone can sometimes hold the connection at an awkward angle until you’ve had the time. to adjust it.

But with the phone charging directly over the Lightning connection and the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom, it’s about as comprehensive as you might expect.


With an iPhone’s Lightning port automatically capturing connectivity to Backbone One, the team would have been forgiven for calling it a day there, with many apps automatically recognizing an accompanying controller doing the rest of the day. work for them when it came to button mapping and the like. But Backbone’s companion app is the icing on the cake of an already excellent package, creating a unified interface for your gaming apps, screenshots, and social gaming options.

backbone one

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With an Apple TV-like pane interface, Backbone One hosts your iPhone game library in one place. Press the Backbone button to switch between games and this library for easy access. You first need to register each app with the controller so that they appear in the library by pressing the Backbone button once in the game, but after that everything is unified. It’s a shame that this step cannot be done automatically, but it is likely a restriction of security and permissions of the application at the operating system level. But there is a huge list of games which can be linked to controller like this, and the Backbone app intelligently offers recommendations based on what you’re playing.

backbone one

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The app also offers the ability to create lounges and chat groups with other Backbone players, letting you play games together or share your screen at cool times during your session. There’s also a built-in image and video capturing and editing suite, allowing you to browse and trim clips, with a built-in capture button making it easy for you to take in-game snaps.

backbone one

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For the more engaged Backbone players, the recently announced Backbone + also introduced a few additional features. A subscription service, it offers built-in Twitch streaming, high-resolution captures, offers wired connectivity for playing on iPad, Mac and Android devices via USB-C, and a game mode for suspending notifications while gaming. new users get one year of free access with every Backbone purchase. It is not essential, but offers more flexibility to an already complete experience.

Buy the Backbone One if …

Don’t buy the Backbone One if …

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Serious Sam 4 Surprise launches today on PS5 and Xbox Series X, including Game Pass

Last year saw the release of Serious Sam 4, although the arcade shooter’s reach was somewhat limited by the fact that it was exclusive to PC and Stadia. Well, console gamers can now have fun with aliens, as Serious Sam 4 surprise launched for Xbox Series X and PS5… today! Oh, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get started at no extra cost. You can check out a new console trailer for the game below.

Sony has reportedly planned a serious Xbox Game Pass challenger combining PS Plus and PS Now

No holiday season is complete without open hostilities and a guy wearing a dirty white vest on TV, so Croteam and Devolver Digital duly launched the Serious Sam 4 prequel on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S today, offering players around the world a resistance piece stuffed with ammo with a portion of mayhem.

Mankind is under siege as the full force of the Mental hordes spread across the world, ravaging what remains of a shattered and battered civilization. The last remaining resistance to the invasion is the Earth Defense Force led by the ever-reliable blue-collar grunt Sam “Serious” Stone and his heavily armed squad of misfit commandos. It’s time to make those alien assholes pay.

For those who missed Serious Sam 4, Wccftech’s Kai Powell found the game fun, if somewhat crazy, in his full review…

Serious Sam 4 takes us back to a simpler era in first-person shooters, where massive guns and well-timed liners make up most of the action. There’s a bit of jank that can’t be missed and Croteam isn’t breaking new ground here, but this game is a great way to end all critical thinking and blow up a few thousand aliens for an afternoon. .

Serious Sam 4 is out now on PC, Xbox Series X, PS5, and Stadia.

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The best racing game of 2021

2021 has been one of the best years for racing games in recent memory. Two long-running heats presented two of their best entries to date, while two unconventional runners surprised us with their frenzied fun.

These are our picks for the best racing games of 2021.

F1 2021

It’s a fascinating stroke of luck that Codemasters first real attempt to infuse their annual F1 franchise with a full story mode has coincided with the most dramatic real-life F1 season in years, but the new saga F1 2021’s ‘Braking Point’ ushered in a whole new way to play what remains the most powerful single motorsport simulation package on the market. The series debut on current-gen consoles, F1 2021 is also the best the series has ever watched – and the ability to tweak individual elements of the core career experience to help speed things up after all. those years were very, very welcome. – Luc Reilly

For more, check out IGN’s F1 2021 review.

Forza Horizon 5

The Forza Horizon series has been the open world racing game to beat since its inception, but since the arrival of Forza Horizon 5, it feels like people are finally starting to listen. Unanimously launched and reaching 12 million players in less than a month (a number it took Forza Horizon 4 a year to reach), Forza Horizon 5 is the biggest launch in Xbox history to ever hit. a good reason. A technical triumph of production and a flagship of accessibility, Forza Horizon 5 is an incredibly beautiful and fun driving game for absolutely everyone from the car obsessive to the automobile illiterate. – Luc Reilly

For more, check out IGN’s Forza Horizon 5 review.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Racing games and Hot Wheels both come in two varieties: realistic and, for lack of a better word, “fun.” For every photo-accurate driving simulator aimed at distinguished gearboxes, there is a brightly colored arcade racer who screams with excitement as you launch rocket-powered cars down fiery ramps. For every officially licensed and manufacturer-approved Hot Wheels replica of an existing Ford or Chevrolet, there’s a hyper-toyetic jalopy based on something ridiculous like a dinosaur, a toilet, or a burger. Hot Wheels Unleashed strikes a delightful balance of all of the above: this is a colorful and flamboyant arcade racing game built on rock-solid driving mechanics, offering a garage of faithfully recreated Hot Wheels rides from all flavors to collect, customize and browse. While this might not be a realistic simulation of driving real cars, it’s a hell of a good facsimile of the fun of throwing toys on your living room floor as a kid. . – Max Scoville

For more, check out IGN’s review of Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Republic of the Horsemen

Riders Republic is a vast racing playground, a collection of extreme sports games – biking, skiing / snowboarding, wingsuiting, and more – seamlessly brought together into a cohesive whole. It is at one point a thrilling arcade racing game as you hurtle down a snow capped mountain on rocket propelled skis, the next is a spectacular exploration game as you fly past Ubisoft’s astonishing reenactment of seven US national parks. It’s competitive and leisurely, exciting and zen. Riders Republic is a one-of-a-kind variety racing game that stays fresh (and fun) for dozens of hours, thanks to its memorable mix of sports, scenery, and game modes. – Jordan Sirani

To learn more, check out IGN’s Riders Republic review.

All IGN Best Of 2021 Game Categories

The IGN Best of 2021 awards were designed by:

Lead Design + Artistic Direction: Julia Rago

Animated Graphics: Will Batchelor

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The best racing game of 2021

2021 has been one of the best years for racing games in recent memory. Two long-running heats presented two of their best entries to date, while two unconventional runners surprised us with their frenzied fun.

These are our picks for the best racing games of 2021.

The best racing game of 2021

DoDonPachi Resurrection Review (Switch eShop)

Another day, another glamorous arcade shmup finds a happy new home for himself on the Switch. It may sound like we skipped a few paragraphs right at the end of this review at the start, but since it’s been a full decade since DoDonPachi Resurrection‘s English Xbox 360 release, more than that since its debut in Japanese arcades, and several years since its Steam port, there’s no point in holding on: this hypnotic mix of bullets, lasers and collectibles Brilliant is without a doubt one of the best of its kind.

It’s also one of the most flexible of its kind, with eight very different ways of playing and seven of them featuring extensive training options, allowing anyone to train at all levels, bosses and even. mid-boss in all imaginable conditions. The options available go so far that, as for Espgaluda II, anyone who is eager to view the main screen slightly to the left at 107% magnification with the background image automatically changing every 38 seconds in a specific mode can do so if they so choose.

Unfortunately, these lab tests are often necessary because all of Resurrection’s game modes have incredible depth that is completely obscured by unnecessary names like “1.51”, “Version L” and “Arranger”, or described – in full – as ” Play Black Label with airplanes Ketsui‘; it’s a phrase that requires a high level of familiarity with a specific Resurrection game type as well as knowledge of a shmup only available on the Switch in Japan as a port of an older mobile phone game.

This lack of information isn’t a new or unique issue to Resurrection, but it’s frustrating to see what is an otherwise excellent title. refuse to proudly show off all that it has to offer or explain why it’s so special – especially since many “secret” tips and techniques are not aimed at high-level super fans, but at core features designed for simply help players of all levels to survive the assault of the pre-surrendered ships was heading towards them. With a little guidance, the Resurrection can be an exciting ball-canceling extravaganza where you’re asked to build and then maintain a hit combo that can strike the thousands, a game where you can (and should) engage in thrilling laser-to-laser battles against gigantic bosses, a game that in some modes visibly adjusts the challenge in real time as you play. Yet you won’t know it unless you already know it or care enough to look for this information anywhere except the one place it should be – in the game.

Resurrection is arguably one of the best of its kind, even after all these years and a lot of competition (much from developer Cave themselves). It’s a relentless, breathtakingly inventive and exhilarating challenge to play; a must buy for confirmed shmup fans. But it’s also the one that requires you to do a lot of homework to get something meaningful out of it.

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If you liked Animal Crossing: New Horizons, 7 other cozy games you might like

Animal Crossing: New Horizons had one of the biggest launches last year, with people posting screenshots of their creations across social media, being nominated for more than a dozen awards and sold. to more than 38.5 million copies worldwide. The game owes its success in part to lockdowns imposed by COVID-19, where players have used it as a medium for social interactions and other group activities.

Since Animal Crossing is a franchise exclusive to Nintendo consoles, players on other platforms could never get a taste of it. So we’ve compiled a list of games that emulate a similar setup, gameplay mechanics, and the cheerful tone Animal Crossing is known for.


As the name suggests, SIMS 4 is essentially a life simulator where players can create their own digital versions and participate in real life events from birth to future generations. The game offers in-depth customizable options of face and body structure, clothing for different occasions, hobbies and even personality traits. Using Build Mode, players can map and build their dream house, which they will have to work for and earn in-game money.

The SIMS 4. (Image credit: EA)

The title also features a community system, where interactions with other bots at parties, meetings, or festivals change your personality over time. Successful interactions could also lead to options for romance, while bad ones could add an element of rivalry and competition. SIMS 4 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC through Steam. PS – If you have an EA Play subscription, you can play this game for free.

Doraemon: History of the Seasons

Based on the popular anime, Story of Seasons follows the adventures of Doraemon and Nobita as they participate in farming activities in the joyous town of Natura. Players can tirelessly plow fields, grow crops, catch insects, raise cattle and chickens, and even ride horses forming the perfect bond. The entire map features various interactive objects and characters that assign you special tasks, where Doraemon’s futuristic gadgets might come in handy.

Feed the cattle in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. (Screenshot)

It also has a fishing mechanism, where you can choose to cook them or sell them in the market for cash. Parts of the story suffer from half-baked writing, but it’s an overall enjoyable time. Doraemon: Story of Seasons is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam.

Valley of stars

By inheriting the old farm plot and tools from your grandfather, players have a responsibility to work on it and make it successful. In this pixelated 2D world, you take on the role of a farmer to grow crops, raise animals, and start various businesses that rival fictional company Joja. The world is filled with over 30 unique interactive characters, some of which even have romantic options.

Fishing in the Stardew Valley. (Screenshot)

Just like real country life, you can choose to marry that special someone for love or even to expand your property. The game also features fishing and mining sites, where you and 3 other online players can improve your skills over time. Stardew Valley is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Apple iOS.

Cozy grove

Set in a hand-drawn snowy landscape, the mechanics of Cozy Island are based in real time. Players take control of a Spirit Scout and roam the forests in search of wandering ghosts and hidden secrets. Each spirit has a unique and long history which, once unraveled, gives color to the city. You can build and decorate your camp, craft items, cook, fish, and even go on quests with some of the ghosts.

Comfortable grove. (Screenshot)

Like Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove is synchronized in real time and allows for 30 to 60 minutes of new story content and events per day. After that, you can continue to bring the forest to life and have fun as you like. Cozy Grove is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Apple Arcade, and Windows PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Over there: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

After a shipwreck, players are taken to the shores of Gemea, a natural island paradise with eight distinct environments ranging from tropical beaches to snow-capped mountains. You never meet any real enemies here, but there is a mysterious dark fog known as the Murk, which pollutes the environment.

Over there: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. (Screenshot)

As heroes of the land, players must tame wild animals, harvest multiple farms, solve puzzles, and even learn trades such as carpentry and cooking to help the people of Gemea. The game also features a day and night cycle and various in-game events based on the holidays. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is available on current and next-gen systems, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam.

Paradise of the castaways

Much like Animal Crossing, the premise of Castaway Paradise tasks you as an outsider with helping the animals and revitalizing the city. Players can build and decorate structures to their liking, grow crops, and clean up rocks, algae, and trash to aid cleanliness. Throughout the day, the townspeople will assign you a new set of constantly evolving quests, which when completed will grant you XP.

Agriculture in the paradise of the castaways. (Screenshot)

During special events such as Christmas, the whole map will be covered with snow, and you can help the villagers decorate the island accordingly. Castaway Paradise is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC (Steam), and Android and iOS devices.


11-bit Studios Moonlighter diverges a bit from Animal Crossing in terms of genre, but has all the essentials. As an adventurous trader, Will, players must change their lives between tending the shop by day and battling monstrous creatures by night. Located in Rynoka Village, you can list items for sale at fixed prices, manage gold reserves, and even recruit assistants. Throughout the journey, you will meet countless villagers, with whom you can partner up for better business opportunities.

The shop system in Moonlighter. (Screenshot)

Through crafting and enchantments, players can craft new armor and weapons, and learn new magical skills to take on bosses at night. It also has a robust loot and inventory system that can be accessed during battles. Moonlighter is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, macOS, and Windows PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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What fans can expect from Sony’s studio acquisitions in 2021

PlayStation studios grew significantly in 2021 with the acquisition of new developers by Sony. Here’s what players can expect from them to move forward.

There is no denying that games can make or break a video game system. For a long time, Xbox struggled to compete with PlayStation in terms of console-exclusive titles. Fans often view PlayStation consoles as having a better range of proprietary exclusives thanks to favorites like Ratchet and Clank and God of the war. But while Xbox may have had the biggest acquisition of 2021 with its purchase of ZeniMax Media (parent company of Bethesda Softworks), Sony has made plenty of news in this regard.

In 2021, Sony acquired four new studios, Bluepoint Games, Nixxes Software, Housemarque and Firesprite. On top of that, the Asobi team has been reorganized into its own studio. All of these have strengthened PlayStation Studios as a one-stop-shop for the best proprietary exclusives in the industry. Here’s what to expect from all of these developers for 2022 and beyond.

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Blue dot games

Bluepoint Games is responsible for the revitalization of Demon souls on PlayStation 5. Demon souls was critically acclaimed as a launch day exclusive. Bluepoint is also responsible for its work on Shadow of the colossus and Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection on PlayStation 4. While the studio is best known for revamping popular games, it was mentioned at the time of acquisition that Bluepoint’s next project would be an original title.

It’s unclear whether that means a new IP or not, but if it’s about creating something entirely new to breathe new life into a classic franchise, what is clear is that it There are some talented people who work at Bluepoint, and PlayStation puts a lot of faith in this studio after years of working side by side in a different capacity.

Nixxes software

Nixxes Software is a Netherlands-based studio known for porting franchises to PC, such as Grave robber. It also worked on other games such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Marvel’s Avengers. Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that Nixxes Studios was acquired to help bring more of the PlayStation exclusively to PC. While that means Nixxes probably won’t be working on any new creations, it’s good news for PC gamers who will finally have access to other great PlayStation games.

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Housemarque’s newest game is the critically acclaimed game Return, which launched last April. Housemarque has specialized in game development for PlayStation systems since 2013, so it makes sense that the studio is now officially under the Sony umbrella. The studio specializes in arcade-style action games with sci-fi settings such as Nex Machine and Falling material. Return was a smash hit for the studio, so it would make sense to continue supporting this game. In fact, some have performed a recent tweet from the studio like a match DLC is in the works.


Firesprite is a UK based studio whose most recent version of the game is Persistence, a game in which the protagonist must fight his way through a space station infested with failed genetically mutated clones. The game was originally developed in VR in 2018 and later ported to all current generation consoles, including Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, in 2020.

The studio is currently working on Star Citizen: Theaters of War, an online multiplayer shooter set in the Citizen of the stars universe, in which Firesprite is working closely with Cloud Imperium to develop the PC game, although the release date has been announced. Beyond that, the studio was likely acquired to develop more VR-based games in the future that may help support the PlayStation VR 2 when it finally launches.

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Asobi team

The Asobi team has been developing games for Japan Studio since 2012, but it was recently reorganized into its own independent studio within PlayStation Studios in June 2021. It is best known for developing Astro’s playroom, a PS5 pack-in game designed to showcase the power of the new console and its DualSense controller. The studio is also responsible for ASTRO BOT: RESCUE MISSION, a PlayStation VR 2018 title.

The Asobi team confirmed he’s working on a new title which he says will be his “most ambitious game yet”, although nothing else was known about the project at the time. Considering what the studio has already accomplished, gamers should expect Team Asobi’s next game to take advantage of everything the PS5 can do in a way few other games have so far. – whether or not it includes an appearance of the small robots of the studio.

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Daredevil: Chip Zdarsky teases the Fearless Woman and Devil’s Reign crossover

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Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Reveals Yakuza Costume Pack

Sega has unveiled a new DLC for its arcade fighter, Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, which adds Yakuza costumes to the game.

The Yakuza Series Collaboration Pack releases December 8, 2021 and allows players to customize characters with over 650 customization items and unique costumes from both. Yakuza and Virtua Fighter series. Additionally, players will unlock music from the Yakuza series to listen to during battles. Additionally, this new DLC includes newly arranged music from Virtua Fighter 3 and additional buffers to boost combat in Spectator mode.

Virtua Fighter 5 is part of their long line of fighters who haven’t received too much love in recent years. Being an arcade title, players of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life could play it on modern consoles, but the series is exclusive to PS3 and Xbox 360.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is an updated version of the fighter to participate in Sega’s 60th anniversary project. This is the definitive edition of the game with updated systems and balances for a new generation of gamers.

The publisher released a trailer highlighting the game’s updated visuals and set design and confirming several playable characters.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is available now for PlayStation 4.

In case you missed it, check out our review.

You can watch the DLC trailer below:

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Player collects huge number of Burger King Xbox 360 titles

One collector gets as many copies of the Xbox 360 Burger King Sneak King game as he can, collecting a Whopper from a niche collection.

One gamer has put together an extremely specialized game collection made up entirely of a Whopper-sized number from the Burger King Xbox 360 title.

An article on Reddit by user @nomercyvideo claims that the collector managed to obtain 2,706 physical copies of the Burger King game Stealth king. Although the image cannot be counted accurately, there is a noticeably high number of stacks. The second photo also shows the massive size of the stacks, almost reaching the owner’s shoulders. The collector even documented parts of their quest to secure as many copies as possible, uploading part of their journey to the Sneak Kingz YouTube channel.

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Sneak Kingz is made up of Leroy Patterson and Bobby Ramos. Patterson presents himself as a professional stuntman and wrestler, while Ramos is also a wrestler and voice actor. As the two travel together in search of collectibles, Patterson is the one with an interest in finding copies of Stealth king, which Ramos describes as an obsession. It’s unclear how many copies Patterson had of the game before the channel’s first download on July 15, but their initial research led them to OG Collectibles in Downey, Calif.

The channel’s second video, which was uploaded the same day, revealed how Patterson and Ramos were able to acquire 1,000 copies from a single private seller. After buying many full boxes of the game, collectors had managed to acquire 1,166 copies. Although no more videos have been uploaded to the channel since, Patterson had managed to add 1,540 more copies to his collection as of November 28.

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Burger King released three games for Xbox in 2006, including Big shock and Pocketbike Racer. As for Stealth king, the game was developed by Blitz Games and released as a cross-gen title for Xbox and Xbox 360. The premise of the title was a stealth-based burger delivery game that saw players take control of the mascot character. by Burger King, The King. It was originally intended to be developed for the Xbox Live Arcade online service from Xbox; however, it was switched to a physical disk format before its release.

The game was inexpensive to acquire when it was released, as it was included with Burger King value meals. If Sneak Kingz intends to find every copy, it will be a long job, thanks to the game’s success. While the Xbox title has not been well received by critics, the game has managed to sell for over 2 million copies. Right now, there is no backward compatible version of the game, which means Patterson will need a working Xbox 360 to even use any part of his collection.

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The Rock shares a disturbing new take on Black Adam

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TimeSplitters 2’s hyper-sensitive aiming on Xbox has been fixed

Even if the controls aren’t ideal, the backward compatible Xbox version is such a gift

[Update: If you were struggling to aim in the Xbox backward-compatible versions of TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, the team has implemented an update for the controller sensitivity, according to Xbox’s Jason Ronald. Granted, it’s not what I would call “perfect,” but it’s a noticeable step up from before. In TS2, I was able to get a silver medal in Simian Shootout after a few attempts, so it has already made an impact.]

Just in case you haven’t heard the recent good news, the Xbox team have released one final big batch of backward-compatible Xbox games, and fans haven’t had one but two. TimeSplitters securities. You can shoot TimeSplitters 2 Where TimeSplitters: Future Perfect on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S with a disc, or pay super reasonable $ 10 for the digital versions. It’s not that easy to find BC titles on the Xbox Storefront unless you already know what to look for, so I feel like the word is still spreading. There is one thing to note about aiming, however.

The aim in this backward compatible Xbox version of TimeSplitters 2 is, in a nutshell, hyper. And I’m not just talking in relation to contemporary shooters, which is a stark contrast in itself. It even stands out from the Xbox / GameCube / PS2 originals. I would say the aim goes from zero to 100 in an instant, but it’s actually more like zero to 1000. Anything but the slightest absolute push from the right stick will whip you up the target.

In the chaos of split-screen multiplayer with bots and other players and wacky modes and modifiers, this isn’t the worst. With very patient stealth (and knowledge of maps / AI) the campaign can be beaten. But in the higher stakes Arcade League and Challenge Mode missions, which are just as appealing as anything else in TimeSplitters 2, Oh man.

Arcade levels like I can not handle this – the one where you have to kill way too many sensitive hands with Tommy Guns as a gangster – and Guru Golem – where you face off against a Stone Golem that can ignore rockets – was tough back then. Getting gold medals now, in 2021, looks even more like an accomplishment. In some cases, such as simian shootout challenge with flying targets, I will absolutely settle for the money.

Admittedly, the objective in TimeSplitters 2 is something that you can potentially get used to over time, as I sort of did. I’ve developed this weird new muscle memory where I rely a lot more on my character’s movements than usual to try to align the reticle. I still have a good time. Nothing else scratches that TimeSplitters itch.

The Xbox BC version looks great and generally performs very well apart from a few rare short-lived hitches that I’ve noticed in a few places around. TS2 – it could be a little better.

Other players expressed their concerns, too much. It’s unclear if more work can be done by the Backward Compatibility team to mitigate the way aim increases, or if we’re stuck with that. For what it’s worth, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is easier to acclimatize, and it has more options, so if it’s your favorite game, you’re better off.

Jordan devore

Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and posts seemingly random footage. They are anything but random.

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New premium DLC and free patch coming for The Ascent

Need more than one reason to return to the cyberpunk world of Ascension? What do you think of a free patch and a tasty chunk of premium DLC?

Today’s rollout of The Ascent on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC is both a free patch for all gamers, as well as an explosive new paid offering – the CyberSec DLC Pack. If you need a reason to come back to Veles with a bang, this is it.

The CyberSec Pack is the new explosives collection from CyberSec Mega – the largest manufacturer of military technology and major supplier to CorpSec. It adds two new weapons, new tactics, four new pieces of armor, and four new animated weapon skins. You’ll find it priced at £ 3.99 / $ 4.99 / € 4.99 at any store of your choice.

All of the following are included:

  • 2 NEW WEAPONS: NEWT MGL / Grenade Launcher; RECOIL / Ballistic Burst Rifle
  • 1 NEW TACTIC: THE GR00P CLUSTER GRENADE / Lethal Grenade with explosive cluster damage
  • 4 NEW ARMORS: The BOOMBLOCK SCALP / Medium head protection, The BOOMBLOCK H-HD / Advanced Head Protection, The BOOMBLOCK VEST / Advanced torso protection, The BOOMBLOCK SHIN PROTECTOR / Medium leg protection

But next to that is Patch # 5 of The Ascent. Free to all players, it introduces a whole new transmog feature, allowing withdrawals to change their appearance to match the visual style of any armor currently in their inventory by visiting the stylist and paying a nominal fee. Once a visual style is applied, players can equip any armor to suit their play priorities while still maintaining their personalized look!

Arcade Berg studio co-founder and creative director said, “We’re really excited to be able to add more content for our amazing community. We’ve worked hard since launch to improve the game as much as possible and have listened carefully to the community’s feedback and what people can’t wait to see, so we’re very happy to be able to share some additional features like the transmog option. for gamers. “

“We have some great new content expected over the next few months, which we recently outlined in our post-launch roadmap,” added Tor Frick, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Neon Giant. “We will be introducing features like NewGame +, new VO lines for side missions, a free winter pack in December and a paid update to the Chongqing pack and a brand new Cyber-Warrior paid pack early next year. , so keep an eye on our community pages for updates. As always, we would like to thank our wonderful community for all their support – we hope everyone enjoys the new content!

It goes without saying that you will need a copy of The Ascent base game. The Xbox Store will sort you out with an Xbox copy of the game. It’s on PC too.

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Shantae and the Seven Sirens ‘Spectacular Superstar’ update now available, adds four new modes

WayForward has published the free “Spectacular Superstar” update for Shantae and the Seven Mermaids, which adds four new modes, additional story content, and optional convenience features.

Get the details below.

The “Spectacular Superstar” update features four new modes: Definitive Mode, Full Deck Mode, Rule Breaker Mode, and Beginner Mode, as well as additional story content and optional convenience features for the game. fifth and most recent entry in fan favorite. Shantae series.

Originally released on consoles and PC in May 2020 and on Apple Arcade in September 2019, Shantae and the Seven Mermaids Already features hours of action, platforming, and exploration, along with an opening hosted by acclaimed Studio TRIGGER, as Shantae the Half-Genius seeks to uncover the secrets of Paradise Island. As Shantae, players use their hair whip, animal transformations, dance abilities, and Monster Card bonuses to battle the looming threat of the mysterious Seven Sirens as well as the infamous pirate lady, Risky Boots. With the addition of the ‘Spectacular Superstar’ update, there are now five ways to experience the game:

  • Definitive mode – A more difficult director’s cut that features the classic Shantae difficulty, with rebalanced item drops and magic consumption, as well as more intense boss fights and a new dialogue with sirens before each battle.
  • Full bridge mode – Definitive mode with a twist. Start with the 50 Monster Cards to customize Shantae’s abilities to your liking.
  • Rule breaker mode – Definitive mode without limits. You can equip up to 50 Monster Cards at a time to get the ultimate power.
  • Beginner mode – The final simplified mode. This easy mode makes it impossible to lose! Perfect for newcomers or those who just want to explore the world and enjoy the history.
  • Legacy mode – Discover the game in its original and unchanged form.

Other improvements in all modes include an improved dialog box and the addition of map objectives and game hints, which can be toggled on or off through the Pause menu. And for players looking for even more challenges, the unlockable Hula Costume (which offers more powerful magic in exchange for weaker defense) is usable in all modes once the player has completed the game at least once. New “Spectacular Superstar” content will also be included in the upcoming PlayStation 5 version of the game, both digitally and in the physical version from Limited Run Games.

Shantae and the Seven Mermaids is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC via To smoke, GOG, and Humble store, and Apple Arcade. A PlayStation 5 version is also in development.

Watch a new trailer below.

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You can secretly play over 20 unlisted games on Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass for PC is a beautiful, goofy beast. It still manages to impress me with its ever-growing range of games, while confusing me with its obscure user experience.

Take the EA Play integration, for example, which gives you access to dozens of games from EA’s subscription service. Not only can you not search for specific EA games in Xbox Game Pass for PC, but I recently found out that there are actually over 20 EA Play games not listed in the Xbox app you can play with an Xbox Game Pass PC subscription.

To play any of these games, you need to sign in to the EA Play or Origin app, then simply type the name of the game in the search box and download it (make sure your EA and Xbox accounts are related).

It’s a very good group too! The headliner has to be Crysis Remastered, released last year, but among them you’ll also find Worms WMD (in my eyes the silliest and most complete Worms game of all) as well as the biggest Battlefield game. , Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (complete with expansion to Vietnam).

ea play games

(Image credit: Robert Zak)

There’s a solid selection of indie titles as well, including Superhot, Trine 2, The Sexy Brutale, and even something for video game historians in the form of Ultima Underworld 1 and 2.

After browsing the EA Play catalog, here are all of the EA Play games not listed in the Xbox app that Game Pass subscribers can play:

  • Aragami
  • Bard’s Tale Trilogy
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • spectator
  • capsized
  • Crysis remastered
  • diluvium
  • Dungeons of Dredmor
  • epistory
  • Legrand Legacy
  • Mini-metro
  • The brutal sexy
  • Peggle Nights
  • Rebel galaxy
  • Very hot
  • This war of mine
  • Flashlight
  • Flashlight 2
  • Trigone
  • Trine 2: full story
  • Ultima Underworld 1
  • Ultima Underworld 2
  • ADM from worms

This list can go on leisurely as well, so be sure to check in the EA Play app and then set the filter to only show EA Play subscription games to see if any new surprises appear.

Looking at this list, it’s tempting to humorously conclude that “Xbox Game Pass for PC is just the gift that keeps on giving” and to wish everyone a Happy Cyber ​​Monday, but it’s yet another indicator of the strange and difficult experience. The Xbox app looks like one of those arcade claw machines full of really good giveaways that you have to force, kick, or try a few times before you get your prize. Or in this case, a clunky claw machine that drops your prize in another clumsy claw machine (EA Play) through which you can possibly get your goodies.

I want to love you Xbox Game Pass, but sometimes you make it so difficult …

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The Idolm @ ster Cinderella Girls gets an animated video for her 10th birthday – News

“Full Version” of the Promotional Anime Starring All 190 Idols to Debut in 2022

The official website of The [email protected] franchise started airing a 10th anniversary “celebration animation” for The [email protected] Cinderella Girls part of the franchise. The video reveals that the celebration animation will have a “full version” which will debut in 2022 and will feature all 190 idols from The [email protected] Cinderella Girls. Cygames is credited for planning the animation of the celebration, and Cygames Pictures animated video.

The site also unveiled the promotional video “~ Memories With You ~” which reviews various events of the franchise over the past 10 years.

In addition, the franchiseis official Youtube the channel is Diffusion 3D music videos of various songs.

CloverWorks and Studio Khara also released a concept film for the franchiseThe 2021 picture song “Voyager” on August 25.

The [email protected] franchise started out as an arcade game in 2005, with the player tasked with producing idols at a fledgling idol business, handling practice schedules, gigs, CD releases, and time off. The game was first ported to the Xbox 360 in 2007, and had a sequel in 2011, which finalized the first 13 characters in the game. franchise. Subsequent spinoffs include The [email protected] Cinderella Girls social game, which introduced the story of a larger set of entirely new characters to the history of the multimedia conglomerate; The [email protected]: Million Live!, which includes the original 13 characters alongside new characters; The [email protected] SideM, which focused on male idols who all had “unique reasons” for becoming idols; and The [email protected] Brilliant colors, a mobile game and the all-new most recent entry in the franchise, with new female idols and a return to the gameplay features of the first two games.

The first animated adaptation for the franchise it was in 2007 Master of Idols: Xenoglossia, a fallout mecha lively. A-1 Photos and Nishigori adapted the first two games in 2011 The [email protected] anime, and also produced the 2014 animated film THE [email protected] FILM: Kagayaki no Mukōgawa e!. The studio and some of the original staff returned for both years 2015 The [email protected] Cinderella Girls and 2017 The [email protected] SideM lively. The [email protected]: Million Live! also has an upcoming TV anime adaptation.

Source: The [email protected] franchise‘s website Going through Otakomu

Disclosure: Bandai Namco Rights Marketing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings Inc., is a non-controlling minority shareholder of Anime News Network Inc.

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Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 crashes $ 40 in Microsoft Cyber ​​Monday killer deal

This Black Friday weekend, retailers around the world are offering all the great deals any gamer could ask for. Microsoft is joining the Cyber ​​Monday manna with a big discount on its superb Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

At this time you can retrieve the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller with Amazing $ 40 Discount from Microsoft. With a retail price of $ 179.99, Xbox and PC gamers will be happy to know that they can save big and purchase the premium controller for just $ 139.99. With the holidays approaching, this is a great gift for any gamer (or an even better gift for yourself).

The Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller is the ultimate premium gaming controller. Now, at $ 40 off the asking price, this is a great Cyber ​​Monday deal that every gamer should check out.

Compared to its predecessor, it has more customization options, a built-in rechargeable battery, pulse triggers, and adjustable voltage thumb grips. Unlike the standard Elite controller, it supports Bluetooth. This allows for easy pairing with your gaming laptop, iPhone or iPad for Apple Arcade games.

The Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller has a soft-touch finish, smooth gold-tone metal analog sticks and eye-catching buttons. At just 12 ounces, it’s solid and just as premium as it looks. It comes with a carrying case to protect the controller when not in use without obstructing the USB-C charging port.

With the dedicated Xbox Accessories app, you can completely remap every button, adjust the sensitivity of controllers or triggers, and more. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller works with Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 machines.

Cyber ​​Monday is here and we’re seeing tons of big discounts on today’s most coveted tech. Visit our Black Friday 2021 hub for the best deals around.

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The best iPhone controller you can buy is 30% off for Cyber ​​Monday

The Backbone One is the best controller you can buy for iPhone, and it’s now at its best price on Amazon, now only $ 69.99 for Cyber ​​Monday.

We love the Backbone One as a portable gaming controller for iPhone, which works on your iPhone to breathe new life into services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, and of course Apple Arcade.

We loved the full-priced Backbone One so a 30% saving makes it an absolute no-brainer and one of the best Cyber ​​Monday deals we’ve seen so far alongside the best Cyber ​​Monday iPhone deals. .

Save 30% on the Backbone One controller

Backbone One turns your iPhone into a portable console with Nintendo Switch-style controls and a cleverly designed software suite to match. It works best with Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia, as well as most popular mobile games, providing an unmatched gaming experience. It’s now 30% off for the first time in history.

$ 70 on Amazon (was $ 100)

Why do we love the Backbone One? It features amazing hardware that turns your iPhone into a portable controller, giving you an immersive gaming experience and turning your iPhone into a mobile gaming platform on the go. It also has its own Xbox Live-like social features. It works with any mobile gaming platform you can think of. Of course, on iPhone that means Apple Arcade, but also all the games you can get on the App Store, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia, as well as GeForce now.

The Backbone One features analog triggers, buttons, and controllers, plus direct charging as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can plug it in and listen while you play. It even comes with a free month’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (valued at $ 14.99).

We can earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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Razer’s Kishi mobile controller is almost half price this Black Friday! •

Playing games on your phone continues to be an amazing experience. Whether you’re playing hide and seek in PUBG, trying out the latest Apple Arcade title, or streaming something from your Xbox, you need to have the best controller available.

Enter Razer’s Kishi Controller. Its selling point is that it’s a stretchable plastic shell that holds your controller while staying plugged in at the bottom using Apple’s USB-C or Lightning connection. And the Android version is up to just £ 49.99 on Amazon this Black Friday season, almost half of its usual RRP of £ 89.99!

Our American readers are not left out either. Android version is almost halved also at just $ 44.99. And if you are an iPhone user, this version dropped to just $ 77.99 instead of the usual RRP of $ 99.99. And for added peace of mind, you can be sure that everything will work on games supported by the controller, as the Kishi is MFi certified, which means Apple has approved it for use with most iPhones. .

Speaking of compatibility, Razer ensures that the controller works on all popular services, not just games that you may have installed locally on your phone. So that means Xbox, Stadia, and Amazon Luna cloud games are all treated like first-class citizens by Razer.

New offers are constantly appearing throughout this Black Friday season, including discounted Razer gaming peripherals such as the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed – Wireless Gaming Mouse for £ 28.39 in UK/ $ 34.99 in the United States and the Razer Kraken X gaming headset for £ 26.29 in UK/ $ 28.99 in the United States.

Make sure you keep an eye out Digital foundry and Jelly offers Twitter accounts for all updates. We also regularly update our Black Friday game deals guide with the best deals available from all corners of the net, including PC gaming peripherals, SSDs, and tons of Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch deals.

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TimeSplitters 2 has hyper-sensitive aim on Xbox, but it’s still a blast

Even if the controls aren’t ideal, the backward compatible Xbox version is such a gift

Just in case you haven’t heard the recent good news, the Xbox team have released one final big batch of backward-compatible Xbox games, and fans haven’t had one but two. TimeSplitters securities. You can shoot TimeSplitters 2 Where TimeSplitters: Future Perfect on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S with a disc, or pay super reasonable $ 10 for the digital versions. It’s not that easy to find BC titles on the Xbox Storefront unless you already know what to look for, so I feel the word is still spreading. There is one thing to note about aiming, however.

The aim in this backward compatible Xbox version of TimeSplitters 2 is, in a nutshell, hyper. And I’m not just talking in relation to contemporary shooters, which is a stark contrast in itself. It even stands out from the Xbox / GameCube / PS2 originals. I would say the aim goes from zero to 100 in an instant, but it’s actually more like zero to 1000. Anything but the slightest absolute boost from the right stick will whip you up the target.

In the chaos of split-screen multiplayer with bots and other players and wacky modes and modifiers, this isn’t the worst. With very patient stealth (and knowledge of maps / AI), the campaign can be beaten. But in the higher stakes Arcade League and Challenge Mode missions, which are just as appealing as anything else in TimeSplitters 2, Oh man.

Arcade levels like I can not handle this – the one where you have to kill way too many sensitive hands with Tommy Guns as a gangster – and Guru Golem – where you face off against a Stone Golem that can ignore rockets – was tough back then. Getting gold medals now, in 2021, looks even more like an accomplishment. In some cases, such as simian shootout challenge with flying targets, I will absolutely settle for the money.

Admittedly, the objective in TimeSplitters 2 is something that you can potentially get used to over time, as I sort of did. I’ve developed this weird new muscle memory where I rely a lot more on my character’s movements than usual to try to align the reticle. I still have a good time. Nothing else scratches that TimeSplitters itch.

The Xbox BC version looks great and generally performs very well apart from a few rare short-lived hitches that I’ve noticed in a few places around. TS2 – it could be a little better.

Other players expressed their concerns, too much. It’s unclear if more work can be done by the Backward Compatibility Team to mitigate how aim increases, or if we’re stuck with that. For what it’s worth, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is easier to acclimate, and it has more options, so if it’s your favorite game, you’re better off.

Jordan devore

Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and posts seemingly random footage. They are anything but random.

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Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 crashes $ 40 in killer Microsoft Black Friday deal

Black Friday 2021 is in full swing, and retailers around the world are offering all the great deals any gamer could ask for. Microsoft is joining the Black Friday manna with a massive discount on its stunning Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

At this time you can retrieve the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller at Amazing $ 40 Discount from Microsoft. With a retail price of $ 179.99, Xbox and PC gamers will be happy to know that they can save big and purchase the premium controller for just $ 139.99. With the holidays approaching, this is a great gift for any gamer (or an even better gift for yourself).

The Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller is the ultimate premium gaming controller. Now, at $ 40 off the asking price, this is a great Black Friday deal that every gamer should check out.

Compared to its predecessor, it has more customization options, a built-in rechargeable battery, pulse triggers, and adjustable voltage thumb grips. Unlike the standard Elite controller, it supports Bluetooth. This allows for easy pairing with your gaming laptop, iPhone or iPad for Apple Arcade games.

The Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller has a soft-touch finish, smooth gold-tone metal analog sticks and eye-catching buttons. At just 12 ounces, it’s solid and just as premium as it looks. It comes with a carrying case to protect the controller when not in use without obstructing the USB-C charging port.

With the dedicated Xbox Accessories app, you can completely remap every button, adjust the sensitivity of controllers or triggers, and more. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller works with Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 machines.

Black Friday is here and we’re seeing tons of big discounts on today’s most coveted tech. Visit our Black Friday 2021 hub for the best deals around.

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Gift ideas for Christmas and other holidays, from puzzles to DIY plasticine

Santa needs help every year to make the wishes of all good boys and girls (of all ages and sizes) come true. But he told Deseret News he was feeling particularly stressed this year by supply chain issues that were wreaking havoc on his reindeer delivery system.

The Deseret News has scoured the shelves and researched online, took plenty of arguments from the retail elves, and put together a few suggestions that will hopefully spark some creative gift ideas.

Want to spend a lot? Or a little? There is something here for everyone. Ho ho ho!

  1. Grooves! (MSRP $ 20)

This 2021 MENSA Select winner is a race to create a single row in a card game billed as “totally original and strategic”. As you build you can break through the scratches of your competition.

Striped card game
Breaking games

2. Lark Adventurewear Pajamas for the whole family ($ 32 to $ 68)

Bamboo, soft, washable and thermoregulating. Different styles.

Lark Adventurewear pajamas for the whole clan
Lark adventure clothing

3. Welly Traveler Water Bottle (18 oz equals $ 33)

This triple-walled insulated bottle keeps liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 14. The removable infuser makes it easy to flavor the water. Bamboo, BPA free plastic and silicone.

Welly traveler

4. Wubbanub pacifier with attached cuddly creature ($ 14.99)

These pacifiers are designed to be perfect for cuddling in little hands. The “Lovey” companion creatures can be purchased separately.


5. 1000 piece puzzle at the museum, by Princeton Architectural Press ($ 16.95)

This puzzle looks like a snap, but there are some clever touches that draw adults into the fun. A great design with colorful characters and, as the promotional material says, “each gallery offers new details to discover and hints of artistic movements through time and history”.

In the museum puzzle
Princeton Architectural Press

6. Skinlycious Skin Care Starter Kit (MSRP $ 89)

The set includes seven products for clearer, healthier skin, including cleanser, exfoliant, hydrating and clarifying serums, makeup remover, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Skinlycious Skin Care Starter Kit

7. Szanto ICON Signature Series: Roland Sands (MSRP of $ 350)

Roland Sands, famous motorcycle rider and designer, has influenced the Time Concepts chronograph watch series that pays tribute to him.

Szanto ICON Roland Sands Watch
Time Concepts

8. VIVOHOME portable electric ice cube maker (MSRP of $ 149 but sales are plentiful)

Lightweight, plugs in, just add water. Make a batch in six to 10 minutes or make 26 pounds of ice cream per day.

VIVOHOME portable electric ice cube maker
Lois Collins

9. GIGIL STEM kits for children (prices for individual kits range from $ 29.99 to $ 64.95)

Buy a kit or sign up for one of the discounted subscription plans and let kids learn about science, technology, engineering, and math.

GIGIL STEM Reach for the Stars Kit

ten. Shoot the starter fire entry ($ 17 for the pack of three entries)

This fire starter works in wind or rain, on wet or dry wood, whether you are making s’mores in the fireplace at home or cooking outdoors. No matches, no lighters, no kindling. Just pull. Burns for half an hour.

Pull start fire starter
Shoot the starter fire

11. Clixo Rainbow Pack (Starting at $ 59.99)

This pack combines building blocks, magnets and origami. Click the 2D elements together and they become 3D creations. Other sets available.

Creations Clixo Rainbow Pack

12. Vahdam India herbal tea sample set ($ 44.99)

The sample set includes six blends and 60 tea bags. They are vegan with no caffeine.

Vahdam India herbal tea sampler
Vahdam India

13. The Pulp project Rainbow DIY Kit ($ 55)

This kit allows children to make their own play dough in a wide range of colors and fuels hours of modeling and modeling fun.

Rainbow DIY Kit
The dough project

14. Atlas Obscura Online Course (gift cards of $ 25 and more)

Do you know anyone who has always wanted to be a taxidermist or recreate old – really, really old – recipes? How about someone interested in podcasting or writing fairy tales? This Atlas Obscura gift card lets you pay for one of the many unusual online courses – or just help out.

Atlas Obscura gift card for online courses
Dark Atlas

15. Pokémon Trainers Trivia by UltraPro ($ 25)

Single or multiplayer, with three levels. Ages 7 and up with 1,000 questions on the way to becoming an expert trainer.

Pokémon Trainers Trivia

16. Pop Fashion Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipped Pocket (Various prices, starting at $ 10.99)

Store your wallet, keys or phone in this sling to keep it safe.

Pop Fashion Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket
Amazon pop fashion store

17. Legends Ultimate Arcade by AtGames ($ 599)

An expandable, full-size arcade machine with 300 licensed built-in arcade and console games including Asteroids, BurgerTime, Centipede, Operation Wolf, Space Invaders, Tempest, Tron, and Zoo Keeper.

Legends Ultimate Arcade

18. GO lion cub (MSRP of $ 175)

Lion Cub GO is the smallest portable generator to have an AC outlet and up to 150W of output. Weighs 3 pounds and can be taken on an airplane. Solar panel add-on module sold separately.

Lion Energy Cub GO
Lion energy

19. Journal Ready to Start Over, Drawings by Loveleen ($ 25)

If you feel like it’s time to make some changes in your life, this journal is a great start.

Journal Ready to Start Over
Loveleen’s Drawings

20. Spine (MSRP of $ 99)

This portable streaming device works with all iPhones. Stream Xbox games to your phone with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. No Xbox required. Works with PlayStation Remote Play, Steam Link, Apple Arcade, Call of Duty: Mobile, Minecraft, Roblox and more. Includes three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($ 45 value), two months of Stadia Pro ($ 20 value), and one year of Backbone + ($ 49 value)

backbone one

21. Pop It! S licensed by Buffalo Games ($ 9.99 each)

There are many models available, including popular characters like Olaf, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, Ariel, Baby Yoda and more.

Pop It! S licensed
Buffalo games

22. Original butterfly art handmade by HeART by Jasmine on Etsy ($ 140)

Each framed piece is unique.

Original butterfly with pressed flowers
Jasmine irons-Anokute

23. Names for good bracelets ($ 35-45)

All profits are donated to charities for children.

Names for good bracelets
Names for good

24. Hungry trash cans game by Adventerra Games ($ 19.99)

This game teaches little children ages 3 and up to recycle.

Hungry trash can set
Adventerra Games

25. Simply Organic Baking Essentials Organic Spice Kit ($ 24.95)

This kit includes the basics of the season: cinnamon sticks, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and ginger. It is sure to please gourmets.

Simply Organic Baking Spice Set
Simply organic

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Review, Xbox Museum, Mass Effect TV Series

It’s been a pretty slow week for video game news, as the holiday season is in full swing. Today is also a very special day, as Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to come together and enjoy food, friends and family. For those who travel or digest, the latest episode of Game Rant Arcade is available now.

First of all, Chrono Croix could be remastered, if a recent rumor is to be believed. Fans of the franchise have been asking for the news, although it is still unconfirmed. However, there is a lot of evidence, including Chrono Cross Remaster appearing on the Nvidia database leak and a voice actor confirming that they had worked on the project.


RELATED: Game Rant Arcade Episode 48: Halo Infinite Multiplayer Launch, Battlefield 2042 Disappoints

Then a Mass Effect A television series is reportedly in the works. While there is hardly any information on the project, it looks like Amazon and EA are closing in on a deal to launch the series. However, fans have concerns about the cast and plot, which will be essential in bringing the games to life.

Additionally, Epic Games bought Harmonix, the studio behind rhythm games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, among others. The studio will be supporting Fortnite’s live gigs, which is an interesting app for its talent. Some have expressed disappointment that the studio is not working on larger projects, although support for some of its current games continues.

Ultimately, Multiversus has been officially announced, with a few interesting characters on the roster. Additionally, Cameron and Anthony are browsing their Xbox careers on the Xbox Anniversary Museum website.

Game Rant Arcade is now available on various podcast services. Listen to the episode directly below or through one of the links listed.


  • Chrono Cross remake

  • Mass Effect TV series in preparation

  • Epic Games buys Harmonix

  • Multiversus officially announced

  • Xbox Museum Tour

Games of the week

  • Shiny Diamond Pokémon

  • Far Cry 6 DLC

  • Outriders update

Auditor’s letter

  • How to play during the holidays

  • In which games have we been the most disappointed

  • The worst games in our favorite franchises

Game Rant Arcade records weekly, bringing the latest video game news, impressions of the latest games, and answers to players’ burning questions. To have a question read on Game Rant Arcade, email [email protected] or follow and tweet us on Twitter @RantArcade.

MORE: Rant Arcade EP Game. 47: Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Woes, Forza 5 review

Dragon Ball: What Happened to Goku’s Pole of Power?

Goku’s pole of power was once synonymous with the character. But as the series progressed, fans saw less and less of it.

Read more

About the Author

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City dates from a time when Capcom outsourced its IPs to Western studios; in order to broaden the appeal to a larger western market. It was the dawn of the HD era. Development costs were skyrocketing, and new hardware proved difficult to produce titles for mid-sized game studios.

Risks in this generation were high and Capcom was trying to capitalize on popular absurdity Modern war multiplayer craze in the Americas and Europe. They were to have a slice of this realistic military cake, and resident Evil seemed like the perfect candidate at the time. It would be their downfall, and the cost would be incredibly damaging.

First, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City looks like he might have an interesting premise. The player takes on the role of an Umbrella clean-up team that barged in during the infamous Raccoon City incident that took place during the events of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

There was room for it to work, as fans wouldn’t see the remakes for several years and this would be the closest alternative.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Developer: Slant Six Games
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (reviewed via Xbox Series X | S Backward Compatibility)
Release Date: March 20, 2012
Players: 1-4 in line
Price: $ 19.99 USD

The first issues of Operation Raccoon City will be lifting its ugly head very soon. There is so little resident Evil in this product; and for most of the experience, players will find themselves in the most tired and stretched cover shooter.

Many of the enemies are other soldiers with guns who have way too much health and are not phased by headshots. The balance in Operation Raccoon City is embarrassing. It’s like it’s something that was randomly adjusted very late in development, when we realized that the end game would have been too easy.

Partner AI will often get embarrassed as it indecisively ends up in animation cycles of entering and exiting cover. These useless partners who get killed and rarely help will be the only company anyone will have while playing Operation Raccoon City. Even in 2021 with Xbox Series X | S backward compatibility, no one wants to play this.

This is such a product of his cynical money grabbing era; when every publisher reinvented any IP it had to be a Call of Duty-like, or what was selling the most. Each character can only carry one handgun and one primary weapon, which can range from shotguns, shotguns, or machine guns.

The only differentiating trait in Operation Raccoon City what makes it unique from most cover shooters is that the characters can quickly switch to their side arm while holding the left bumper, which changes the firing mechanic to what can best be described like a double tick shooter.

Holding the right stick in the direction of enemies will automatically fire the player, and they can move slowly and send multiple targets this way. The only downside is that this can only be done with a handgun and not with a rifle or machine gun.

It’s a shame that this feature wasn’t fleshed out, as the arcade-like pace would have made Operation Raccoon City better game as two stick aerial shooting game.

Don’t expect to solve puzzles or search for key items. The wolf pack is always advancing towards its obvious goal, and there is no deflection or exploration. All there is to do is fight your way, try to stay alive, and prepare for excruciatingly long boss battles.

You’d think a game with so much action would be exciting, but it gets so boring from the constant gunfire and slow forward. The endless noise becomes a static lull that induces a comatose state, and the real challenge is fighting to stay awake.

Operation Raccoon City isn’t all bad. The mechanics of the cover are in fact functional compared to Resident Evil 6, and sometimes the setting and ambiance manage to evoke the atmosphere of the original games. Even the drawings of monsters are very close to the old concept art and give an idea of ​​what Resident Evil 2 and 3 the remakes could have looked like the seventh generation console.

Some scenes from the original games are recreated and use the same dialogue. Capcom even made the effort to get Alyson Court to take a day off from work at the toll booth to record lines for Claire Redfield. She still had it in her in 2012, and it was a shame she wasn’t brought back for the 2019 remake.

One of the main selling points of Operation Raccoon City met Claire and Leon and had the choice of sparing them or executing them. It has always been a confusing point of contention for this title and made no sense to the fans. Since when was there a desire to kill heroes and why?

Towards the end of the Wolf Pack Campaign, the player has the choice of deciding whether Leon and Claire live or die. According to the choice, the pack of wolves divides and will have to fight between them; the player must either save the heroes or chase them like dogs to shoot them in the back.

The path Operation Raccoon City marketed it was always confusing with the way Leon and Claire were highlighted. This raises a question of “why not just play the part of Leon and Claire?” Maybe Capcom didn’t want a Canadian developer, a foreigner, to do a remake. But they also didn’t want to waste product-quality assets.

The only way to play as a hero is in the online-only multiplayer mode that no one plays. Leon and Claire don’t get any campaigns, not even as DLC. Even Hunk cannot be used in any campaign mode and can only be used in the same “hero mode” which makes him feel so lost.

Operation Raccoon City has so many fan favorite characters included, and the single player content only contains the generic and boring Wolf Pack characters. Worse yet, the best campaign is locked behind two paywalls. The Echo 6 storyline has much nicer and more heroic characters, who have more personality than the mostly faceless henchmen in the Wolf Pack.

Both Echo 6 DLCs are priced at $ 9.99 USD each. The scenario is more varied, and even comes close to feeling like a resident Evil to live. All of the guys from Echo 6 are basically the same as the wolfpack, but it shows just how much a little personality can go to elevate a game.

This was back when Capcom was really obnoxious with DLC and didn’t hesitate to sell an endless incomplete game. Asking players to pay more for the rest of their story was thankfully a practice that is dead.

It got worse in Operation Raccoon City, because the base game is noticeably short and lacks a satisfying conclusion. There is enough to suggest that the two campaigns were meant to be part of one package.

This kind of gluttony is surprising, especially since Resident Evil 6 was released roughly six months later and would feature four campaigns in total, not counting the superfluous multiplayer modes. Operation Raccoon City is very simple, even for $ 19.99 USD. At this point, Capcom really should have included the two Echo 6 DLC campaigns to make up for the lack of content.

Along with Capcom Vancouver, Slant Six Games are said to be the two Canadian developers facing closure for trying to create Capcom games. Japanese horror and action have a different flavor that the West never seems to fully understand. Japanese developers prioritize minutiae differently from Westerners. Weapons are rarely considered disposable and are generally an extension of the character.

Operation Raccoon City has very standard third person gameplay. The poor storyline and lack of personality end up making it less interesting than Umbrella body., which was so incredibly sloppy and absurd that it became entertaining. The Wolf Pack takes themselves too seriously and the game really tries to make them look bad. Instead, they simply become forgettable.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City especially disappoint all those who play it. Fans of the series will only appreciate the references and how the developers made certain events from the originals.

Remove references to resident Evil images and iconography, what remains is the most basic cover shooter game that has monsters in it. There’s a reason Capcom didn’t port or give this entry an HD remaster.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was reviewed on Xbox Series S using a copy purchased by Nichegamer. You can find additional information on Niche Gamer’s Review / Ethics Policy here.

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Rez made me •

Happy birthday and thank you for 20 years of sweet memories.

Normally I’m not the type to celebrate birthdays – there are already enough of them to remind me of my age every time I look at myself in the mirror, thank you very much – but this one hit the nail on the head. Rez, originally the work of United Games Artists of Sega which first launched on PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast in the winter of 2001, has turned 20. Old enough, it turns out, to spend a night on the tiles chewing his face to sweet tunes.

Rez isn’t exactly one of the most successful games, or the most revered, but for people of a certain age it was a deeply formative thing. I had just turned 20 when it was released, harboring artistic pretensions at Goldsmiths and going through one of those phases where I briefly fell in love with video games, ditching them for other more hedonistic pursuits. Rez kind of got it all right, a convergence of high art and club culture, delivered with Sega’s arcade chops in all their glory. It was Kandinsky refracted through a ketamine prism, unfolding like a perfectly quantized Afterburner where your missiles scattered like high hats and each explosion was an 808 beat on the ground.

So yeah, Rez made me sit down and take note. It opened my eyes to what video games could be like and made me want to dig a little deeper into the people and ideas behind them. It got me back to picking up that pleasantly pretentious Edge mag again and wondering how I could get pretentious about video games myself for a living someday. So, I guess it got me here, in its fun way. Sorry about that.

Most importantly, it gave me 20 years of pure joy. Rez is a short thing to see, and like its arcade predecessors, it won’t take more than 60 minutes to see its credits scroll. But god knows how many times I’ve played it now – it’s something I come back to as a favorite album, enjoying it in new contexts and sometimes whole new perspectives.

It’s something I played cross-legged on the floor of my old basement in Brighton, taking a break from a strenuous day trip and rushing when the fear of Adam Freeland properly subsides. I played it on Xbox 360 with a few extra controllers on the back of my shirt for the full sensory experience. A few years later, I was fortunate enough to don the synesthesia costume when Rez Infinite first premiered at Sony’s San Francisco storefront, an experience as complete in its own way as it was ago. has all these years in a small Brighton Apartment.

And I probably pissed off Rez producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi because I’ve repeatedly asked for his time over the years since I started doing it, seeing him take a brief hiatus from the industry and then do a first-hand report on his return. My apologies for harassing you so much, Mizuguchi-san. It’s just that I’m still so infatuated with this very special game that you created 20 years ago and since then I’ve been fascinated by the production of your team.

And my apologies for being so rudely indulgent to ourselves as we celebrate Rez’s 20th anniversary – it’s a game I’ve chatted about over and over over the years, and on his birthday, everything what remains for me to say is how much it means to me, because i’m sure it means a lot of you. So thank you, Rez – and here are another 20 years of getting lost in your 60 magical minutes.

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GTA Trilogy failure marks Rockstar’s lowest moment

The recently released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition has been criticized by RGT fans and critics alike, and its poor performance has taken developer Rockstar Games to a new low. The highly anticipated collection with remastered versions of popular titles from the PS2 era Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas promised players better graphics, controls and more. On release, however, longtime fans are disappointed, exacerbated by other recent disappointments from Rockstar in recent years.

Following its announcement last month, GTA: the trilogy has become a highly anticipated game, promising to modernize the classics of the PS2 with modern controls similar to those of GTA 5, better graphics, in addition to several other announced improvements, all intended to be, as the title suggested, the definitive way to play these titles. Upon his release, however, the RGT the remasters turned out surprisingly bad. The game faced many bugs, reused assets from GTA 5, and questionable graphics changes. These issues were only more glaring for gamers alongside Rockstar, removing the original versions of games from purchase at their online stores, preventing gamers from discovering the less buggy originals. And with the game temporarily unavailable on PC due to Rockstar Launcher maintenance, gamers have had their fair share of issues with this release.


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This isn’t the first time, even in recent memory, that fans have had trouble with Rockstar. Several questionable decisions over the past few years have left some fans feeling that they are not being listened to or valued, and for some, GTA: the trilogy maybe even something like a drop of water. Between perceived overdependence on GTA 5 and GTA Online, possibly at the cost of a new original Grand Theft Auto title, and the mistreatment of Red Dead Online, Rockstar has a lot to answer in the minds of fans.

Rockstar’s investment in GTA 5 and Perplexed fans online

There is no doubt that GTA 5 was Rockstar’s biggest achievement. As a bestseller Grand Theft Auto game, it has been an ongoing hit among fans, but this continued nature of its popularity proves to be somewhat detrimental to the company’s vision. Released in 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, shortly before the two console makers announced their new systems. These new systems, at the time of the first versions, would not support backward compatibility, which would lead to the disappointment of missing old titles on the new generation of consoles. Rockstar was quick to allay concerns, promising an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of GTA 5, released in 2014. Fans were happy with the re-releases, offering improved graphics and frame rates on the more powerful hardware, as well as the introduction of new content into the game, something to tame gamers up to. what the new generation of this generation Grand Theft Auto published.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 wouldn’t see their own original Grand Theft Auto title, however, breaking the tradition of a new title in every generation since the original PlayStation saw the release of the original Grand Theft Auto. As the reach of these games grew larger and larger with each entry, it’s easy to imagine development times taking longer and longer, but many fans have noted that Rockstar’s continued investment in GTA 5 can be at the cost of a potential GTA 6. It is said that it experiences a rocky development, it is possible that the development on GTA 6 is held back by Rockstar’s focus on GTA Online, the multiplayer sandbox component of GTA 5. GTA Online continues to make money for Rockstar through in-game currency microtransactions, which may explain why after 8 years Rockstar hasn’t said anything about a sequel. The upcoming release of GTA 5 for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 has only further disappointed fans, fearing this could mean another console generation without a new one Grand Theft Auto to live.

Red Dead Online continues to disappoint fans

ed Dead Online vs. GTA Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 was the long awaited sequel to Rockstar Red Dead Redemption, featuring an inline component similar to GTA online, with mixed reception. Critics have been directed at the agency’s lack of actors, with Red Dead Online gamers apparently working for everyone but themselves, but even upon its release the game didn’t lack issues. At launch, gamers weren’t happy with how the economy of the game worked, seeming to prioritize gamers willing to buy microtransactions for gold bars over those who wanted to play the game to earn them. players estimating the time it would take them to earn 1 gold bar was equivalent to 8 hours of missions.

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Lack of updates, especially compared to GTA Online, left many Dead red disappointed fans too. Once most of the upgrades are purchased in the game, earn money by Red Dead Online feels useless, because there isn’t much left to spend it on. Players often struggle to find something to do in the world. Or GTA Online locks higher level missions behind larger purchases – buying a penthouse to access Heists, which leads to buying an Arcade to access a higher paying Heist – Red Dead Online gamers end up having a lot of money with absolutely nothing in the game left to spend it on.

GTA: the trilogy is just the latest of the disappointments that Rockstar fans have faced. While Rockstar has apologized for the backlash, it hasn’t done much to deter disappointed fans from pointing out Rockstar’s failure to deliver on the promised remaster for classic games. The updates Rockstar promised to alleviate these issues do not yet have a release date, but the posts continue to go viral highlighting bugs, poor graphics choices, and other flaws in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, it can be assumed that all the resources that can be spared by developer Grove Street Games will be funneled into making the promised fixes as soon as possible. Where will the Broken Remastered Trilogy end up after being updated remains an open question, but perhaps an even bigger question is whether it will be too little, too late for a legion of players who have suffered too much disappointment for too long.

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Minecraft Build Star Wars Tatooine Massive

Minecraft Build recreates full-scale Star Wars Tatooine

About the Author

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10 best retro games you can still play

It’s tough when a beloved game isn’t available for purchase on digital storefronts. Old games can not only be hard to find, but they can also cost an arm and a leg. Preservation is something the gaming industry still grapples with, and this disregard for preservation could make some titles disappear for good.

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Case in point: classic works of art that were not properly preserved are now lost in time, like the film by Lon Cheney London after midnight or that of William Shakespeare The story of Cardenio. Fortunately, these classic games are still available for purchase and are well worth checking out.

ten Tetris can be played on almost any platform

Cropped multiplayer tetris

Tetris has a timeless quality. Elegant in its simplicity and infinitely stimulating, Tetris is still as fun to play today as it was in 1984. This mechanic has seen many twists and turns and different approaches, and even they are worth trying. Capcom added Disney characters and “magical” pentomino pieces in Magic Tetris Challenge while Sega added a pinch of Puyo Puyo in the mix with Puyo Puyo Tetris. It has been ported to almost every gaming platform imaginable such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. People can even play it on their phones.

9 Castlevania Symphony of the Night is on PS4 and backwards compatible with Xbox

Symphony of the night is the game that forever changed the way Castlevania would approach its 2D entrances. With the exception of Simon’s quest, previous entries followed the standard level-by-level structure of their contemporaries. Snight symphony moved away from it by offering players a huge, interconnected world that would gradually open up as they acquired new abilities. Depending on which part of the castle the player discovered, the game had four different endings. While it may be difficult to hang an original copy, Symphony has seen a re-release on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and in a PS4 collection called Castlevania Requiem.

8 Perfect Dark is available on Xbox Live

it golden 007 was a difficult act for Rare to follow. After seeing their license to kill revoked from EON Productions, the team were forced to return to the drawing board for their next FPS. Free from the most restrictive Bind property, Rare had the opportunity to tackle stranger settings with characters who were literally out of this world.

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Dark perfect refined the formula established in Golden eye with a much more fleshed out single player campaign and added multiplayer options. A stunning HD remaster has been released on Xbox Live Arcade and via Rare’s compilation disc, Rare proofreading.

7 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is on multiple platforms

Cropped Sonic 2 Chemical Plant

Sonic the hedgehog 2 introduced many elements that would become lore in the series. It was the first game in the series to feature Tails, which was the second player by default. It’s also the entry that increased the number of Chaos Emeralds from six to seven, unlocking Sonic’s superform and getting the true ending.

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Sonic 2 Also sports some of the most iconic areas and songs from the series, such as the Chemical Factory and Casino areas. It all comes together to make what may be one of the most beautiful entries in the series.

6 Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time has been added to Nintendo Switch

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link riding Epona

The first fully 3D entry in the series, Ocarina of time the influence in the industry cannot be disputed. The third dimension offered players a level of interactivity and immersion that was lacking in the previous one. Zelda entries. Although it shows its age in the controls and visuals, the music and clever design of the dungeon still stand the test of time. The game has seen re-releases on multiple platforms such as GameCube, Wii, and 3DS. Ocarina was fortunately one of the Nintendo 64 titles to be confirmed on the Nintendo Switch Online service.

5 Chrono Trigger is available on Steam

Original Chrono Trigger characters

With a unique cast of characters, an intriguing time travel plot, and multiple potential conclusions, Square’s the trigger of a stopwatch breathed new life into a genre that was finally starting to be recognized in Western territories. The game encourages multiple games with 12 different possible endings depending on the player’s choices and when they fight the final boss.

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The initial re-release on Steam was full of questionable artistic choices and groundbreaking bugs, but after several fixes from Square Enix, this may now be the definitive way to experience this classic.

4 Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge has been remastered on many platforms

Monkey Island 2 cropped

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge sprawled out across the world and gave players three different islands with puzzles that could be solved in any order. While darker, LeChuck’s Revenge always maintained the humor of the original. The game also offered a much more cinematic feel than the first entry thanks to the hand-scanned VGA art and dynamic music courtesy of iMUSE. A special edition of the game has been released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and iOS devices. The Special Edition is still currently available on Steam and players can switch between the new version and the old version with the push of a button.

3 Fallout 1 and 2 offer players a world to lose themselves in

Fallout 1 Brotherhood of Steel

The first two entries of the Publication date The series were developed by a division within Interplay known as Black Isle Studios. Publication date gave players a world they could truly get lost in thanks to its unique setting, dark humor, and distinct characters. Players could philosophize and debate with the interesting and talkative desert dwellers, or just tear them to pieces if they wanted to.

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The main features of the game that set the first game apart from its competition were the trait system that gave players both positive and negative effects, and the VATS combat system. The first two Publication date The titles are available for purchase on Steam for the low price of $ 9.99 each.

2 Half-Life is still available on Valve’s Steam

Cropped half-life

Valve has pushed the boundaries of video game storytelling and first-person shooters with its first title. Half-life boasted of a much more complex plot than other shooters on the market such as Earthquake – all without sacrificing player control or break away from the first person perspective. The game was re-released on Steam and even remade as Mesa black. While the trial-and-error platform in Xen is much less palatable now than in 1998, the weapon puzzles and the seamless mix of story and gameplay make the original an experience that any fan. of FPS should find out.

1 Super Mario World is pure platform bliss

Super Mario World cropped

Super mario world is the ultimate refinement of the formula that Shigeru Miyamoto and his team started with the original super mario bros. It spans the map screen from Super Mario Bros 3, adds several quality of life features, new moves and bonuses, and even a new character that changes the way players approach a level. Where the secrets in PME3 allowed players to skip sections of the game, of the world secrets have given players even more content to enjoy. Add in the enhanced visuals and sound of SNES hardware and the end result is nothing short of sheer platforming bliss.

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Professor Pyg and Batman are scared

8 DC Villains Who Actually Scared Batman (& How)

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Is the Xbox 360 the best gaming console ever?

Its production lasted more than ten years and by that time it became one of the ten best-selling consoles of all time.

Golden Joystick Awards 2021

We are celebrating 50 years of the Games in collaboration with the Golden Joystick Awards 2021, the world’s largest publicly voted games awards ceremony. This year’s show will celebrate a milestone in gaming history, the release of Computer Space, the world’s first commercial arcade machine in November 1971. And we will be looking for your votes on the best console ever (as of 3:00 p.m. GMT, November 8) – will the Xbox 360 make the cut?

It’s safe to say that the Xbox 360 is one of the brightest stars in Microsoft’s sky. Notably because it is delimited by a large red ring of death.

While the Nightmare of Death Red Ring still casts a shadow over the Xbox 360’s historic reputation (both in gamers’ personal memory and in general), it is an incredibly important console for both Microsoft. and the gaming world in general.

In an era when online gaming was starting to flourish, the 360 ​​was at the forefront, pushing it into the mass market with a completely redesigned Xbox Live infrastructure. Additionally, its introduction of achievement points and player scores added a new competitive dimension to games that helped players extract as much as possible from their games.

Great games, great controller, great moments

In addition to building on and massively improving the online infrastructure of the original Xbox, the 360 ​​offered a much more attractive and streamlined design. A design that has only improved with the Elite version of the console.

Not only did the console itself look good, but its controller was a pleasure to use and was a huge improvement in terms of usability over the original. Large enough to feel substantial in your hands, but with buttons pushed together enough that you didn’t have to stretch out, it was comfortable to use for extended periods of time and didn’t require much thought to get used to.

It was for the best to have a comfortable controller, as the Xbox 360 has put together an excellent library of games, both exclusive and non-exclusive. It was the only place you could play the Halo, Gears of War, and Forza franchises and they arguably helped define its identity as a console.

Halo 3 in particular is a game inextricably linked to the Xbox 360 and in an era of increasing cross-platform development and dwindling console pets, that’s a feat.

In 2007, it was the best-selling game in the United States, which is incredible considering that it was only available on one console, but it is a testament to the influence of the franchise. Not only did this raise the bar for console first-person shooter games, but it showed just how good mass online multiplayer gaming can be.

In fact, the Xbox 360 had plenty of games that made the most of its power and were worth buying.

Set Xbox 360 games

Fable 2

Knowing that this game was in development was one of the main reasons I bought an Xbox 360. While the Fable franchise has always promised more than it can deliver, it’s an excellent series and the second opus is arguably the best. It has a distinct sense of humor and visuals, an atmospheric soundtrack, and a truly imaginative and enjoyable world to explore.

Although Fable 3 was a relative disappointment, I still cherish my memories of Fable 2.

Banjo Kazooie: nuts and bolts

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts was another title worth buying the Xbox 360. The third title in the Banjo Kazooie franchise, it focused on car manufacturing. Although it divided, it was a lot of fun.

To be fair, while this is a standout title, there are plenty of games developed by Rare exclusively for Xbox that would convince us that this is a console worth owning, including, but not limited to, Kameo: Elements of Power and Viva Pinata.

Alan wake

Last but not the least: Alan Wake. This is the game that brought in elements of psychological horror similar to the extremely enjoyable Fatal Frame series and therefore intrinsically linked to PlayStation on Xbox and it definitely worked.

The game was intense and cinematic, pushing the HD visuals and processing power of the Xbox 360 to show exactly how good it was. Not only that, it was another kind of Xbox title showing it was a console for a lot more than sci-fi shooter and driving games.

For me, the Xbox 360 was the console that indicated that Microsoft really wanted to be a success in console gaming. It was a huge step up from the original Xbox in terms of power and design, with solid online services and an engaging library of games that made the most of its power. We just won’t talk about the Kinect, okay?

  • Vote for your ultimate game of all time and the best gaming hardware ever by visiting – the vote ends on November 12th.

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Forza Horizon 5 is the biggest launch in Xbox history with over 10 million players – GTPlanet

Forza Horizon 5 continues to hit milestones, as announced by Playground Games, and in-game rankings confirmed, that the title has surpassed 10 million players, making it the biggest launch in Xbox history.

This is the latest prominent figure in the incredibly successful launch. Within the first 24 hours of the game’s official release, he amassed more than 4.5 million players through the Xbox ecosystem; which includes consoles, cloud games and PCs.

Despite this huge number, the game still attracted a million new players per day in the first week.

Of course, that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as this is the first Forza Horizon to be available on Game Pass at launch, and we can’t overstate the role Gamepass has likely played in the impressive player numbers.

The subscription service allows players to access over 100 games without any additional purchase. Starting at $ 9.99 (£ 7.99 / € 9.99) per month, players can choose from the latest proprietary titles. There is also a $ 1 introductory month (£ 1 / € 1), which we bet our garages that many players are taking advantage of right now.

Nevertheless, the numbers are still surprising; FH5 did in a few days what it took its predecessor about nine months. Without a doubt, it will end up being the most played Forza title to date, beating Forza Horizon 412 million players for life (at last count), and in record time – maybe even by the end of the month.

This does not mean FH5 was perfect. Launch issues included, among other things, online glitches that prevented players from participating and completing the all-new Horizon Arcade, or disconnections that caused players’ cars to crash, prematurely ending any chain of games. skills or any event to attend.

The first major update has gone live, aimed at fixing these online connectivity issues and more. The latest iteration of the open world racing game is also now available on Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing those interested to take a tour of the game without having to use up precious storage space or wait for long download times.

FH5 garnered its fair share of critical praise, and for good reason. While we noted it well in our review, we’re also saying it’s more or less the same in a newer location. This is not a bad thing of course, because if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Those looking for the typical Horizon experience with new bits and bobs added should look no further than FH5. With players entering the fall season for the first time and two more all-new seasons to come, there is still a lot to look forward to.

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Forza Horizon 5 unable to join friends or friends disappear in convoy

New updates are added at the bottom of this story …….

The original story (published 06 November 2021) follows:

Forza Horizon 5 is the latest installment in the long-running Forza franchise. Developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Game Studios and will release on November 9, 2021.

Set in a fictional version of Mexico, the racing game boasts the largest Forza map to date. Compared to Forza Horizon 4 which was based in the UK, the map is 50% larger.

It features several geographic landscapes such as an active volcano, verdant jungles, beaches, famous Mayan structures, and even the city of Guanajuato.

In addition, there is also a new game mode called Horizon Arcade. This mode features multiple multiplayer mini-games spread across the map while the EventLab toolkit allows users to create custom games.

Thanks to the open world aspect of the games, players can walk around and explore Mexico or team up with friends and play in multiplayer. That being said, those who had access to Forza Horizon 5 are now report that they can’t join their friends when trying to play multiplayer.


I can’t invite my friends through Steam because Steam doesn’t even show we’re playing. We somehow managed to join the convoy through the Xbox app, but everyone is the convoy leader at the same time, but no one can start a race because it says “only the leader of convoy can start a race “

So the title explains my problem, what can I do with it? My friend uses FH5 on Microsoft Store and I am a Steam user, but when I try to create a column he configures it to infinity and when I click on “horizon life” a little circle loads for 2 seconds, then nothing. My connection to XBOX services is perfect, I checked.

In addition, it seems that another problem is to prevent players to join a convoy with the game stuck on an infinite loading screen. Players say they are disappointed that they cannot enjoy the game with their friends.


My mate and I try to move freely together and we try the convoy and it gets stuck on the loading circle and if it works they don’t show up in the game. Does anyone have this problem?

Hasn’t someone else been able to join the convoy of friends? It’s on the S series and I’m on the X series. We can invite each other but it loads and doesn’t connect.

The number of reports suggests that the is on the developer’s side. While Microsoft has yet to recognize the problem, gamers are wondering when multiplayer will be fixed.

If and when the developers recognize the Forza Horizon 5 issue preventing players from joining friends, we’ll update this article.

Update 1 (November 08)

13:35 (IST): Forza Horizon Support has acknowledged the issue and has confirmed they are looking into it.

We are aware that some people in Forza Horizon 5 have had difficulty signing in to Horizon Life and have experienced disconnections. We think about it! (Source)

Update 2 (November 09)

2:04 p.m. (IST): It looks like the Forza team has rolled out fixes for the issue and also confirmed that more are in the works.

We have deployed a few fixes and more will be deployed in the next few days! We will send more updates when we have more information. (Source)

Update 3 (November 10)

12:43 (IST): The Forza team is still investigating several issues with the convoys, as outlined in the “Known issues‘tracker for the game.

According to the page, no Convoy bugs have been fixed yet. Therefore, players may have to wait a bit for the issues to be completely resolved.

Update 4 (November 11)

1:00 p.m. (IST): Connectivity bugs that could cause problems joining friends have been officially recognized by the Forza Horizon 5 team.

We expect a patch to be released later this week that will resolve several crash, wheel, and connection issues for # ForzaHorizon5. We will update as soon as it goes live!

For now, all that remains is to wait for the patch to be deployed so as not to delay.

Update 5 (November 12)

12:00 (IST): If you get stuck on the Loading Circle when trying Convoy, you might want to check out this user-shared workaround:

I found a solution. get in your convoy and go to the festival and get out and it will work. I know it sounds silly but it works. (Source)

Update 6 (November 13)

11:26 am (IST): Forza support has delivered some bad news. According to a recent tweet, the team claims to have found an issue with the fix that will require further testing. The patch will therefore be posted online next week.

Unfortunately, we found an issue with the fix that will require additional testing. We have decided to postpone this fix until next week. (Source)

Update 7 (November 16)

3:40 p.m. (IST): In another follow-up, Forza Support has confirmed that it is still working on the fix and hopes to have more information to share later this week.

We are continuing to work on the # ForzaHorizon5 fix and hope to have more information to share later this week. As always, we greatly appreciate the patience, support and tickets submitted! (Source)

Update 8 (November 18)

4:45 p.m. (IST): A new fix is live for Forza Horizon 5 but it doesn’t fix the convoy bug that prevents players from playing with their friends.

Still can’t play with friends, convoys still not working after 2 weeks and an apparent patch? It is more than pathetic. (Source)

So you are more worried about exploits than players who can’t even get the game started ?? I can’t even play with my friends or follow someone in a lobby because they just disappeared, it’s been almost 2 weeks and you haven’t corrected anything, even the draw distance … (Source)

Update 9 (November 19)

13:13 (IST): According to the latest updates on the official Known issues page, the following Convoy bugs have been fixed:

Convoy – Joining a player after sending them an invitation causes the convoy leader to be absent
Convoy – Players are removed from their current stunt and placed in a new one if they join a convoy while they are already in a stunt

However, the bug or issue where friends would disappear from convoy is still listed in the known issues section.

Update 10 (November 20)

3:35 p.m. (IST): Forza Support has confirmed that it is still working to resolve known issues with Forza Horizon 5, possibly including the Convoy bugs. Unfortunately, there is no ETA for the next patch.

We hear from you and continue to work hard to resolve known issues for # ForzaHorizon5. Thank you for submitting these tickets which help us record and investigate issues. (Source)

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The battle to win the console race in Microsoft’s toughest market

There was a time when game consoles were mostly American. In the 1970s and early 1980s, console gaming seemed to be an almost exclusively North American pastime, with gamers enjoying Mattel’s Intellivision and the Atari 2600. Games such as Adventure, Centipede, Defender and Star Wars brought arcade fun and a sense of technological potential to Western. lounges. But in October 1985, things changed. The Nintendo Entertainment System, or Famicom, arrived in the United States, two years after its launch in its native Japan. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Atari would collapse, selling fewer and fewer consoles, until it gave up making consoles altogether in the mid-1990s after the failure of the “64-bit” Jaguar. Nintendo and Sega would take up the space, and market share, left vacant by American pioneers. Sony then joined these usurpers and console games became dominated by Japanese companies. It wasn’t until November 2001, when Microsoft’s Xbox was launched nearly two decades after the release of the seismic Atari 2600, that an American company again entered the console race. But very quickly, a problem arose. Xbox could not find an audience in Japan. In the new home of consoles, the American rival was failing.

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But is that starting to change? Have Japanese players found a space in their hearts for the underdog? Can Microsoft thrive in a market that is notoriously difficult for Western companies to succeed? The numbers show that Xbox is finally making inroads into the home of PlayStation and Nintendo. Microsoft has sold over 100,000 Xbox Series consoles in Japan, hitting that mark at a much faster rate than any previous Xbox.



Japanese gamers are finally reacting to the Xbox as tastes seem to be subtly changing. While previous generations may have played mostly JRPGs and ignored Western-style shooters like Halo, younger Japanese gamers are starting to take more interest in these genres. “My friend owned it and wanted me [to get one] too, ”says Okada Yuki, an 18-year-old student from Fukuoka, explaining how he came to own an Xbox Series S. It’s the first Microsoft console Yuki has ever owned, and he mainly uses it to play games. The first person. shooters.

It’s ironic that after once trying so hard to woo Japanese console gamers, it’s only now that Microsoft is trying a little less hard that it seems to be doing better. Once upon a time, Bill Gates tried very, very hard.

At the Tokyo Game Show in 2001, famous Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates stood out. He delivered a speech to an audience of 4,000 and spoke of his reverence for Isao Okawa, a recently deceased former president of Sega, and his great respect for the Japanese games industry. Executives from Capcom, Square, Sega, Namco, Konami and many more were in attendance. Yet despite the announcement of several Sega-made games like Panzer Dragoon, Jet Set Grind Radio Future, and Gun Valkyrie – and even the production of a special, smaller Xbox S controller – the Xbox was going to be a resounding failure in Japan.


In a long read On the failure of the Xbox in Japan, the former director of relations with third parties Kevin Bachus spoke at length about the challenges of Microsoft: “We were mainly going to play in the stadium of Sony, Sega and Nintendo. As a result, Seamus and I and other team members went to a disproportionate amount of effort trying to make Xbox attractive in Japan, but there was a bunch of things that were lined up against us, ”he said. declared. Eurogamer’s Wesley Yin-Poole.

Those things lined up against them included both reality and perception. The reality was that Japanese game developers weren’t used to making PC games, which the Xbox, with its PC game development tools and processes, relied heavily on, and the perception was that it s ‘was an American console designed primarily for Western gamers. Regardless, the console did not sell well, reaching 450,000 units while it was on the market between 2002 and 2005. To put it in perspective, the Dreamcast sold over. five times this number in Japan and is considered a failure.

The Xbox 360 would do a bit better, with 1.63 million units sold from 2005 to 2011, and has even managed to outperform the PlayStation 3 and Wii in weekend sales a few times, such as during the Infinite Undiscovery exclusives. and Star Ocean: The Last Hope was released in September 2008 and February 2009, respectively. While the Xbox 360 would transform the western world, bringing features like Xbox Live and Xbox Achievements that would influence its big rival Sony, the console still failed to gain much attention in Japan.

Elden Ring file size is 50GB on Xbox, according to Microsoft Store

However, by accelerating through 2021, Microsoft is doing much better in the land of the rising sun. The Xbox Series X / S has sold over 100,000 units in Japan, according to local industry bible Famitsu. That’s at a much faster rate than its predecessor the Xbox One, which took four and a half years to reach that number. Breaking the numbers down, 62.6% bought an X Series and 37.3% bought an S Series in Japan, according to figures released last month.

Earlier this year, Jeremy Hinton, Xbox Manager for Asia, spoke with IGN Japan and said Japan is the “fastest growing market in the world”. Hinton also spoke about the growing interest of independent developers in the console and how some local consumers particularly like the S-Series’ smaller size.

The reasons for this relative success of the Xbox Series X / S are due to a combination of factors, says Piers Harding-Rolls, director of games research at Ampere Analysis. “Microsoft has done a better job of engaging the Japanese console gamer with their messaging, their activities at TGS [Tokyo Game Show] and promising a better selection of games made in Japan, ”he said.

The console design itself plays a role, says Harding-Rolls. “When the Xbox One first launched with the Kinect, it was a product designed largely for the Western market targeting homes with larger play areas,” he observes, while the Xbox Series X, and in particular the cute S, might suit smaller Japanese spaces. houses.

Apex Legends' new map argues for two drop shipments

Dr Serkan Toto, German founder of Kantan Games, a Tokyo-based game industry consultancy, says the success of Microsoft’s latest console has a lot to do with Game Pass. The subscription service, which provides access to hundreds of games, was introduced in Japan in April 2020 and Microsoft gave it big discounts right after the launch of the next-gen console. “Since the prices for console games in Japan are generally very high, the Game Pass is an even bigger boon for local users than for their counterparts in the United States,” he said.

Harding-Rolls agrees that Game Pass has been the key to Xbox Series X / S’s success so far, and added that with more Japanese content – like Final Fantasy, NieR, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts – available at Game Pass, it had helped sales.

Tominaga Ryuta, a 19-year-old student from Osaka, says he bought an Xbox Series X after watching YouTube videos of streamers playing on the console. “I loved watching games live on YouTube and started to like it,” he tells me. He used an Xbox 360 first, and he says he plays more games on PC and Nintendo Switch. However, he loves Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Apex Legends on his Xbox.

Ryuta and Okada Yuki are two Japanese Xbox owners who are part of Ampere Analysis’s survey of Xbox gamers nationwide. “Xbox gamers in Japan are geared towards 16-24 year olds, around 66% male, and have been playing consoles most often for over a decade,” said Harding-Rolls. It helps that this demographic is young, but Microsoft still faces an uphill battle. Sony has sold over a million PS5s in Japan, and Microsoft has ten percent of that number and probably took advantage of the fact that the PS5s were so hard to come by, Toto suggests, which means Japanese consumers were getting the Xbox Series X / S as a way to enter the next generation.

“For foreign companies, Japan is generally a tough nut to crack. Microsoft has been trying for two decades to make this market work and they have heard all the advice in the book, ”he said. “They’re trying the S / X series again, but it’s still going to be very, very difficult – there is no silver bullet to turning Japanese users into Xbox customers.”

Piers Harding-Rolls says Japanese gamers just prefer their home Japanese consoles: “Xbox’s market share will increase this generation, but still lag far behind local console makers. I do not see this situation changing this generation regardless of the initiatives put in place by Microsoft.

While the Xbox may never see itself become the dominant console in the home of Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft’s gaming machines have pushed its Japanese rivals to step up their gaming and have shaken up the video game industry in the near future. global scale.

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Fortnite: how to unlock Naruto rewards – Nindo challenges

We will show you how to get all the Naruto rewards available in Fortnite before the time runs out.

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Shack Chat: What’s your favorite Xbox game or franchise?

Happy 20th anniversary to the Xbox brand and its library of amazing software. Just twenty years ago this week, the first Xbox console hit stores, forever changing the course of video game history. To celebrate this milestone, we asked our employees to name their favorite Xbox games or franchises. From Halo and Crimson Skies to Forza and Fable, there are plenty to choose from.

Question: What is your favorite Xbox game or franchise?

1 on 100 – Ozzie Mejia, Senior Game Show Editor

So how’s that for an off the beaten track choice? That’s not to say that I haven’t gotten some joy from the Xbox. The Halo games have been good, for the most part. Heck, I’ve played Halo 5 multiplayer a lot. The Gears games were okay, Forza games are reliable, and Killer Instinct even turned into something pretty darn awesome in the end.

The thing about 1 to 100, however, is that there hasn’t been anything like it before and we haven’t had anything like it since. It was the only video game equivalent to TV by date. People came together and logged into Xbox Live to participate in this game, whether as an audience, as a member of the crowd (which I got to be part of once!), Or as a One. There were family home evenings built around it. And, in the end, people wanted more.

I understand that all good things come to an end, but what bothered me about the 1-100 shutdown was that no one has been able to replicate this phenomenon. It was a force in video games, one that I have never forgotten and hope to see again in the future. God knows Phil Spencer teased him enough times.

Halo – Donovan Erskine, Spartan

I don’t care if that’s the basic answer, Halo is by far my favorite Xbox franchise. Halo 2 was my first FPS, and that’s what set me on the path that got me where I am today. With Halo Infinite’s multiplayer now available, Halo proves he’s still a leading dog in the gaming world decades later. Not only is it my favorite Xbox franchise, but Halo is also one of my favorite franchises in all games.

Law Enforcement – Blake Morse, Co-EIC

Okay, so maybe the Crackdown franchise didn’t end on a high note with 3, but when I first got my Xbox 360 I was all about that collector’s life. green. I’ve probably spent more hours on the Crackdown series than any other Xbox exclusive for better or worse. Heck, I even liked jumping in 3 more than I probably should have. But hey, maybe I’m just basic. I can live with this.

Ninja Gaiden – David L. Craddock, Editor of Long Reads

I played the 8-bit Ninja Gaiden games, but my little boy thought they were too difficult. I thought restarting Team Ninja on OG Xbox was too hard and loved every second. Fighting a tank with arrows, mastering elaborate combos, fighting the last three bosses without a checkpoint… Yeah, that’s the thing. I never played the second or third games for whatever reason, but this first Ninja Gaiden was my favorite Xbox exclusive and holds up pretty well.

Forza – Chris Jarrard, Has the best staff reviews

When I think of my favorite Xbox franchises, a few choices come to mind, but none are as important as Forza. While it started out as an attempt to offer Xbox owners an alternative to Sony’s wonderful Gran Tourismo and Polyphony Digital titles, it has since evolved into a series that offers simulation and arcade fans some of the most popular games. more suitable than the genre has ever seen. The Horizon spinoff series, produced by Playground Games, has become one of the Xbox brand’s tentpole franchises over the last generation of consoles, and with the release of Forza Horizon 5, it looks like the hits will continue to come. Also shout at the OG Fusion Frenzy.

Sunset Overdrive – Bill Lavoy, Tank Commander

I know this one is weird, but when I was going through the list of games I’ve played on Xbox it really stood out to me. I played other Xbox / PC exclusive games on my PC which were awesome, but Sunset Overdrive is a game I played on my Xbox One at the time and absolutely loved it. As soon as it appeared, I was immediately inundated with good memories, so it was obvious to me.

Fable – TJ Denzer, editor of fantasy and fantasy news

I think the Xbox franchise that always gave me the most joy was the Fable series. It wasn’t without its flaws, but too bad if the adventure was just a series of incredible ups and downs and the occasional venereal disease from not using a condom during some of those ups and downs. Many adventures come and go, but the journey to become the hero or villain of Albion as I saw fit and the characters I influence or have been influenced by along the way will always stay with me as some. from my favorite memories of the early days of Xbox.

Jet Set Radio Future – Dennis White, Social Media / Community Manager

There are a lot of games I was about to choose, Fable, Sea of ​​Thieves, Killer Instinct, and even some of the Dead or Alive franchise come to mind, but JSRF had such a hold on me that I must show him a little love. The game spanned everything from the Dreamcast original and had a killer soundtrack and visuals that blew me away at the time. I’m a little sad that this isn’t on the backward compatibility list that Xbox just rolled out, as it looks like it’s their last batch of upgrades. So this is it. An incredible sequel potentially locked to an original Xbox, which makes the experience of playing it more rare I guess. Hope things change so that more people can experience the game.

Well, there you go, guys. The Shacknews team took the floor. Do you agree with their choices? Hidden gems that deserve a little time in the spotlight? Let us know in the comments below.

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DoDonPachi Resurrection returns to Nintendo Switch next week

Star hunters

One of the most popular and long-lasting franchises of the shmup genre is gearing up to make a comeback next week, as Live Wire editor announced that DoDonPachi Resurrection will launch on November 25 for Nintendo Switch.

Originally released in Japanese arcades in 2008, DoDonPachi Resurrection, (Where DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu), is the fifth major release in Cave’s extraordinary space shooters series. The wacky and crazy scenario this time sees the pilots of DonPachi Corp. forced to fly away again, investigating a dangerous anomaly that appears to manifest itself as an electronic parasite, wreaking havoc with the technology of the planet. Who is behind the threat? And what does that have to do with the victory of DonPachi Corp. in the wars of the blessed death.

Only about 50,000 presses of the fire button stand between you and the truth …

Previously available on PC and Xbox 360, DoDonPachi Resurrection features three distinct ship models, with which to take on huge waves of enemy attackers and their respective commanders, all painted in the hyperactive visuals and intense electronic choons that are a staple of the DoDonPachi franchise. The new Switch port will include the original game in its entirety, as well as special “Novice” and “Arrangement” modes and a variety of screen options, including the all-important orientation mode with which to recreate the cabinets of vertical screen arcade of the shmup genre.

DoDonPachi Resurrection will launch on November 23 as a digital Nintendo Switch version, priced at around $ 20. It’s available now on PC through Steam, you can check out Chris Carter’s review of this awesome edition here.

Chris Moyse

Editor-in-Chief – Chris has been playing video games since the 1980s. Former Saturday Night Slam Master. Graduated from Galaxy High with honors.

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Forza Horizon 5 unable to join friends or friends disappear in convoy

New updates are added at the bottom of this story …….

The original story (published 06 November 2021) follows:

Forza Horizon 5 is the latest installment in the long-running Forza franchise. Developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Game Studios and will release on November 9, 2021.

Set in a fictional version of Mexico, the racing game boasts the largest Forza map to date. Compared to Forza Horizon 4 which was based in the UK, the map is 50% larger.

It features several geographic landscapes such as an active volcano, verdant jungles, beaches, famous Mayan structures, and even the city of Guanajuato.

In addition, there is also a new game mode called Horizon Arcade. This mode features multiple multiplayer mini-games spread across the map while the EventLab toolkit allows users to create custom games.

Thanks to the open world aspect of the games, players can walk around and explore Mexico or team up with friends and play in multiplayer. That being said, those who had access to Forza Horizon 5 are now report that they can’t join their friends when trying to play multiplayer.


I can’t invite my friends through Steam because Steam doesn’t even show we’re playing. We somehow managed to join the convoy through the Xbox app, but everyone is the convoy leader at the same time, but no one can start a race because it says “only the leader of convoy can start a race “

So the title explains my problem, what can I do with it? My friend uses FH5 on the Microsoft Store and I am a Steam user, but when I try to create a column he configures it to infinity and when I click on “horizon life” a little circle loads for 2 seconds, then nothing. My connection to XBOX services is perfect, I checked.

In addition, it seems that another problem is to prevent players to join a convoy with the game stuck on an infinite loading screen. Players say they are disappointed that they cannot enjoy the game with their friends.


My mate and I try to move freely together and we try the convoy and it gets stuck on the loading circle and if it works they don’t show up in the game. Does anyone have this problem?

Hasn’t someone else been able to join the convoy of friends? It’s on the S series and I’m on the X series. We can invite each other but it loads and doesn’t connect.

The number of reports suggests that the is on the developer’s side. While Microsoft has yet to recognize the problem, gamers are wondering when multiplayer will be fixed.

If and when the developers recognize the Forza Horizon 5 issue preventing players from joining friends, we’ll update this article.

Update 1 (November 08)

13:35 (IST): Forza Horizon Support has acknowledged the issue and has confirmed they are looking into it.

We are aware that some people in Forza Horizon 5 have had difficulty signing in to Horizon Life and have experienced disconnections. We think about it! (Source)

Update 2 (November 09)

2:04 p.m. (IST): It looks like the Forza team has rolled out fixes for the issue and also confirmed that more are in the works.

We have deployed a few fixes and more will be deployed in the next few days! We will send more updates when we have more information. (Source)

Update 3 (November 10)

12:43 (IST): The Forza team is still investigating several issues with the convoys, as outlined in the “Known issues‘tracker for the game.

According to the page, no Convoy bugs have been fixed yet. Therefore, players may have to wait a bit for the issues to be completely resolved.

Update 4 (November 11)

1:00 p.m. (IST): Connectivity bugs that could cause problems joining friends have been officially recognized by the Forza Horizon 5 team.

We expect a patch to be released later this week that will resolve several crash, wheel, and connection issues for # ForzaHorizon5. We will update as soon as it goes live!

For now, all that remains is to wait for the patch to be deployed so as not to delay.

Update 5 (November 12)

12:00 (IST): If you get stuck on the Loading Circle when trying Convoy, you might want to check out this user-shared workaround:

I found a solution. get in your convoy and go to the festival and get out and it will work. I know it sounds silly but it works. (Source)

Update 6 (November 13)

11:26 am (IST): Forza support has delivered some bad news. According to a recent tweet, the team claims to have found an issue with the fix that will require further testing. The patch will therefore be posted online next week.

Unfortunately, we found an issue with the fix that will require additional testing. We have decided to postpone this fix until next week. (Source)

Update 7 (November 16)

3:40 p.m. (IST): In another follow-up, Forza Support has confirmed that it is still working on the fix and hopes to have more information to share later this week.

We are continuing to work on the # ForzaHorizon5 fix and hope to have more information to share later this week. As always, we greatly appreciate the patience, support and tickets submitted! (Source)

Update 8 (November 18)

4:45 p.m. (IST): A new fix is live for Forza Horizon 5 but it doesn’t fix the convoy bug that prevents players from playing with their friends.

Still can’t play with friends, convoys still not working after 2 weeks and an apparent patch? It is more than pathetic. (Source)

So you are more worried about exploits than players who can’t even get the game started ?? I can’t even play with my friends or follow someone in a lobby because they just disappeared, it’s been almost 2 weeks and you haven’t corrected anything, even the draw distance … (Source)

To note: We have more such stories in our dedicated games section, so be sure to follow them as well.

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Windjammers 2 to take off on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass

Two more stars join the sunny list

Wow, that was a journey at the launch of Dotemu’s flashy arcade sequel, Windbreaker 2. First announced in the summer of 2018, the colorful global sequel to Data East’s legendary arcade release continues its deliberate march toward its eventual day in the sun. The publisher continues to create a hype towards the sequel’s release and has announced not only an Xbox One port, but also that Windbreaker 2 will be made available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at launch.

Along with this fabulous update, Dotemu also released a new trailer, watching two other characters join Windbreaker 2The wild and eccentric cast of power disc throwers. The first is back Windbreaker Veteran Jordi Costa, the Spanish powerhouse whose mighty arms (and hairstyle you can tune on your watch), will no doubt teach some of those lately Johnny-whippersnappers a few old-school lessons about the traditions of the throwing frisbee.

Jordi joins brand new character Sammy Ho, an aspiring young Chinese superstar famous for her green thumb as much as her sand-covered fingers. Not only an expert in the art of Windjamming, Sammy is also a highly skilled and passionate gardener. No doubt he will seek to plant his opponents – face down, that is to say. A powerful mid-range player, Sammy can also summon a majestic dragon to aid him in his powerful throws.

No one can deny that it took forever for this awesome release and a day to come to fruition (he was originally scheduled for 2019, after all). With its smooth hand-drawn animations, deceptively simple gameplay, adoption of ’90s cheese, cross-play capabilities, and revitalized multiplayer action, Dotemu will be looking for Windbreaker 2 to make a splash on the competitive scene when it finally hits the sand on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Switch and Stadia.

Chris Moyse

Editor-in-Chief – Chris has been playing video games since the 1980s. Former Saturday Night Slam Master. Graduated from Galaxy High with honors.

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You need to play the most underrated action game on Xbox Series X ASAP

You might be tempted to play the last AAA games there, but Microsoft just provided a compelling reason to revisit the most absurd shooter of 2009. The company just made over 70 classic games available on Xbox Series X | S through the backward compatibility program. One of them, in particular, is so over the top that it’s basically a must-have game. It features a famous rapper, a surprisingly solid third-person shooter, and one of the most ridiculous video game stories ever made. It’s no wonder at all, but given the subject matter and the main character, it’s sure to catch you off guard – even if it’s pretty deaf by today’s standards.

Based on a true story, probably

In 2009, THQ released a game called 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, which is the continuation (it’s true) of 50 cent: bulletproof. It’s a cover-based shooting game that looks a lot like Weaponry of war, but instead of putting yourself in the shoes of a badass agent, you take on the role of the titular hero: 50 Cent.

Here we see Fiddy line up a shot.THQ

In it, Fiddy and his G-Unit team play a gig in a fictional Middle Eastern country, but when the promoter doesn’t pay them the $ 10 million he promised, he instead pays the band with a human skull encrusted with diamonds and pearls. . But when this is stolen, 50 Cent swears to get it back.

It’s not the most mind-boggling story, but really, you’re probably not here to experience a gripping tale with moving characters. You are here to destroy your enemies as 50 Cent which is exactly what this game offers.

While it’s easy to ironically recommend this game, the funny thing is that it’s Actually not bad. Maybe the bar is set so low, which makes it easy to get away from Blood on the sand Pleasantly surprised. Either way, you should try it on Xbox Series X | S now that it’s backward compatible.

It shouldn’t exist, but we’re glad it does.

It’s like Gears of War, but funnier.THQ

This game came out at a time when cover-based third-person shooters were a dime a dozen, and many of them felt generic compared to Weaponry of war. The gameplay in Blood on the sand is really great, with satisfying shooting, a rewarding sense of exploration, and a fun progression system.

Various weapons such as assault rifles and snipers can be upgraded using the money you collect at each stage. There is also a scoring mechanism that grades your performance, giving it a more arcade feel which adds to the replay value.

But arguably the best thing about this game is the taunt system, which allows you to speak loudly to your enemies. At first the taunts are light, but you can improve them! Fiddy is getting more and more vulgar, which fits in well when you take down the bad guys. The combination of shooting terrorists like 50 Cent while he yells at the top of his lungs is so silly it’s hard not to like (especially since there are no animations to go along with it). the jokes, which is even funnier).

IGN put together a fun montage of the best taunts of Blood on the sand, which you can consult below:

Looking to enjoy it with a buddy? Fortunately, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand supports co-op, allowing one person to take on the role of Fiddy, while the other can play as a G-Unit member to double the fun (does playing co-op make it One dollar: blood on the sand?).

It’s not a perfect game, but Blood on the sand is easy to like, especially if you like shooters. Laugh, laugh and treat it like a brainless summer action movie.

Get your hands on an Xbox 360 physical copy of Blood on the sand will cost you much more than 50 cents. On eBay, copies are listed for at least $ 60, and some fetch as much as $ 150.

You can no longer buy the game from the Xbox Store (Licensed Games Woes), which means you can only download it on Xbox if you owned it on your profile on a previous console. Or if you have a physical copy lying around, you can put the disc directly into your Xbox Series X.

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Microsoft adds over 70 Xbox and Xbox 360 games to its backward compatible lineup – MobileSyrup

During Microsoft’s 20th Anniversary Xbox Stream, the tech giant confirmed it will add more than 70 original Xbox and Xbox 360 games to its rapidly growing backward compatibility lineup.

All backward compatible titles will feature Auto HDR, with some offering enhanced resolutions as well. Eleven games will offer an FPS boost, and the functionality is added to 26 existing backward compatible titles. Finally, Microsoft says it’s bringing an FPS boost to Xbox Cloud Gaming titles, including Fallout 76 and Fallout 4.

Some of the key new additions to the backward compatible range include the set Max Payne series, FEAR, the Skate deductible and more. Original new Xbox titles include Dead of Alive Ultimate, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, Star Wars: Starfighter, Otogi and more.

Similar to older backward-compatible titles, games can be played from disc or digitally, and if you don’t already own the titles, they’re now available in the Microsoft Store.

Breaking down further, backward compatible games will feature a 4x resolution increase on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One X, a 3x resolution increase with the Xbox Series S, and a 2x increase in the Xbox One S and Xbox One. .

New FPS Boost Titles Include F.HEAR, FEAR 2: Origin of the project, FEAR 3, Binary domain and Deny, with the existing list including Weaponry of war franchise, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Dragon Age: Origins, Dead space 2 & 3, Alan wake and Sonic Generations.

Below is a full list of titles that are part of this latest backward compatibility update:

New backward compatible titles

50 Cent: Blood on the sand
Ace of the Galaxy
Advent rising
Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Up to the task
Avatar: The Last Airbender – Scorching Earth
Bankshot Billiards 2
Beautiful Katamari
Binary domain
Black College Football Xperience: Doug Williams Ed
Cloning Clyde
Darwinia +
Ultimate Dead or Alive
Dead or alive 3
Dead or alive 4
Death by Cube
Disney universe
Disney’s Little Chicken
Elements of destruction
FEAR 2: Origin of the project
Fear Files
The first templar
Wakfu Islands
Lego Lord of the Rings
Max Payne
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
Max payne 3
Mini Ninjas
Mortal combat
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
MX vs ATV Alive
MX vs. ATV ™ Untamed
Oddworld: Munch’s Odyssey
Onechanbara: Samurai Bikini Squad
Otogi: the myth of demons
Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors
The clothe
Kaloki Outpost X
Earthquake Arena Arcade
RAW – Kingdoms of Ancient War
Red Dead Revolver
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Peak runner 6
Risen 2: Dark Waters
Rock of ages
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Screw jumper!
Secret weapons in Normandy
Skating 2
SpongeBob SquarePants Slip Slam!
The Truth or the Square of SpongeBob SquarePants
Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Thrillville: off the rails
Time pilot
TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
The madness of toy stories!
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
Viva Piñata: party animals

Increased FPS

Alan wake
Assassin’s Creed
Binary domain
Black College Football Xperience: Doug Williams Ed
Dead space 2
Dead space 3
Disney’s chicken little
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon age ii
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Fable anniversary
Fable III
Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
Far cry 3
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Weaponry of war
Gears of War 2
Gears of War 3
Gears of War: Judgment
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
Kameo: elements of power
Lego: The Lord of the Rings
Medal of Honor: Airborne
Mirror edge
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Rock of ages
Sonic & All-Stars Racing transformed
Sonic Generations
raging decibells
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment

Xbox Cloud Gaming – FPS Boost

Battlefield 4
Beholder Complete Edition
Dishonored Definitive Edition
Dishonored: the death of the stranger
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Origins
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Evil Within 2
Fable anniversary
Fable III
Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
Fallout: New Vegas
The gardens between
Gears of War 2
Gears of War 3
Gears of War 4
Gears of War: Judgment
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
Halo Wars 2
Kameo: elements of power
MotoGP 20
My friend Pedro
My time in Portia
Shadow warrior 2
Fall of the Titans 2
Two-point hospital
Wasteland 3
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

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Sociable Soccer to release on PC and console in Q2 2022

After launching on Apple Arcade, Sociable Soccer will be released on PC and console in the second quarter of 2022. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. PC players will be able to play the game through Steam. The developers note that players who purchased the Early Access version previously available on Steam in 2017 will receive a new Steam code upon release.

Read the full press release below

Kiss Publishing Limited (KPL), in association with developer Tower Studios, will release Sociable Soccer for PC and console in Q2 2022, following the title’s huge success on Apple Arcade.

The game, designed by Sensible Soccer creator Jon Hare, will be available through KPL worldwide for Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4/5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X / S, in addition to a full version of Steam.

Sociable Soccer was originally released in 2019 via Apple Arcade for iOS, where it racked up a huge following for its fast-paced, arcade-style, and intuitive gameplay, featuring multiplayer head-to-head and collectible player cards.

The highly anticipated console and PC versions of the game will deliver the same great gaming experiences and more, including:

  • Improved graphics and animations
  • Improved gameplay, strategy and AI
  • Legendary players to collect by club
  • Challenges and battle pass system
  • Improved PVP matchmaking and customizable difficulty
  • Update for all 1,000 teams and 30,000 players for the 21/22 season

Meanwhile, players who purchased the Early Access version previously available on Steam in 2017 will receive a new Steam code from KPL upon release.

KPL Publishing Director Darryl Still said, “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Jon Hare and Tower Studios to bring Sociable Soccer to PC and consoles. The game was a huge hit on mobile and we can’t wait to introduce it to new audiences around the world.

Tower Studios CEO Jon Hare said, “Sociable Soccer has been a labor of love since we started working on the game as a PC title in 2015. With the game firmly established on Apple Arcade, we have found the perfect partner in KPL to take on Steam, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. We’ve always thought of Sociable Soccer as an organic football franchise – and it’s going to grow more over the next few years. “

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‘Among Us’ Just Added Four New Roles, New Achievements, Cosmcubes and More in Today’s Roles and Cosmcubes Update Across All Platforms – TouchArcade

Innersloth recently revealed the role of Shapeshifter for Among us (Free) giving players a preview of one of the new roles coming soon to the game (then). Today, Among us version 2021.11.09 has been released on all platforms, bringing four new roles (!), the Cosmcube system, achievements, new customization options, and more. This update builds on previous updates that brought controller support to mobile, the Wind Cleanup update, and more. The shapeshifter is a new role of impostor. Read about it here. New teammate roles include Scientist (access vital items at all times and complete tasks to recharge the battery), Engineer (can use vents), and Guardian Angel (can protect remaining teammates with a protective shield). These roles are also customizable. See the update in action in the trailer below:

This update includes free and paid customization options and there is a new Cosmicube hookup system. It will also include more free and paid sets. These are all purely cosmetic. Steam and mobile purchases before the postponement. The update also has controller changes and some account binding changes. Read about them here. If you haven’t received it yet, Among us is available for free on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Find out on Nintendo Switch here and steam here. Here is our discussion thread for the game. Among us is coming very soon to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5. Do you play it regularly on mobile or Switch?

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‘Football Manager 2022’ Mobile is now available, ‘Football Manager 2022’ Touch is only available on Nintendo Switch and not on mobile – TouchArcade

SEGA and Sports Interactive’s previously announced Football Manager 2022 Mobile ($ 9.99) has finally released worldwide on iOS and Android. Before going into the details of Football Manager 2022 Mobile, Football Manager 2022 Touch is no longer released on the iPad, Android and PC platforms. Sports Interactive announced that this year, Football Manager 2022 Touch will only be released on Nintendo Switch. Details on what led to this decision are here. As usual, Football Manager 2022 for PC and macOS has also launched alongside the Xbox Game Pass version for the PC and Xbox platforms. Football Manager 2022 Mobile offers over 60 leagues from 25 countries, new scouting tools and more. Watch the Football Manager 2022 trailer below:

For new features, Football Manager 2022 Mobile features revamped spotting, new league, revamped transfer negotiations, media stories, new faces, and more. You can buy Football Manager 2022 Mobile on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $ 9.99 and offers app purchases like the all items pack for $ 16.99 with others between $ 0.99 and $ 8.99 as listed on the App Store. Football Manager 2022 Touch gamers will no doubt be disappointed with the decision to only release on Nintendo Switch. It will be interesting to see what happens with Football Manager 2023 To touch. Did you end up playing Soccer Coach 2021 on any platform and will you get Football Manager 2022 today?

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FIFA 22 update 1.14 patch notes (PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S)

After the release of a patch for the PC and Google Stadia versions of FIFA 22 A few days ago, EA Sports will now release the same update for console platforms.

Later today, you should see a new update for the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S platforms.

This patch is the Title 3 update, but should appear as version 1.14 for those who play the game on PS4. If you live in North America, the hotfix is ​​expected to be deployed early in the morning of November 9, 2021.

You can read the full patch notes for FIFA 22 posted below.

FIFA 22 patch 1.14 patch notes

FIFA Ultimate Team

  • [PS5 Only] Addressed some cases of an initialization message sometimes appearing when attempting to match in Division Rivals, and no matches were found.
  • We will continue to monitor this in the future.


  • In a rare situation, the ball could be moved during a free kick without resumption of play for both sides.
  • In some situations, the referee did not pronounce a foul after the goalkeeper made illegal contact with the ball carrier.
  • Addressed some stability issues that could occur during the 2nd Half.
  • Sometimes goalies would jump too far forward when trying to make a diving save.
  • These jumping animations did not affect a goalie’s ability to make saves.
  • In some cases, the referee wrongly canceled his advantage, resulting in an unintentional set-piece.
  • By playing as a blocked player, the opponent’s defensive line could have continued to follow the blocked player deep into their own half of the field, even when it was not beneficial to do so.
  • Home goals could sometimes have been recorded as a shot on target for the scoring team.

Career mode

  • Added an Edit Team Sheet shortcut on the Training Hub, allowing the manager to quickly navigate through team sheets for training exercises.
  • When transferred to a new club in Player Career, Pros with an OVR of 86 and above will immediately be part of the starting XI.
  • Career mode progress could have been lost between game sessions depending on how the mode was exited.
  • When exiting Career Mode, the save pop-up has been updated to have Save and Exit as the first option as it allows players to manually choose their save location.
  • In Player Career, the Avoid Concession goal user interface was not displaying correctly.
  • In Player Career, the player controlled by Pro could quickly unintentionally become a member of the starting XI.


  • Addition of 2 new board games to VOLTA ARCADE.
  • These will only be available after a server update. Please follow @EAFIFADIRECT to find out when this will be live in-game.
  • Added a shortcut to deallocate all skill points used in the skill tree.
  • Added audio signal that plays when there is a new leader in VOLTA ARCADE board games.
  • [PS5 only] When playing VOLTA BATTLES through Activities, the opposing team’s OVR may display an incorrect number.
  • When playing VOLTA BATTLES through Activities, the opposing team’s OVR may display an incorrect number.
  • The caption for the Signature Ability button was not always displayed during matches when the Signature Ability was ready to be activated.
  • When selecting an AI-controlled teammate from the Change Outfit menu available in the store and browsing through the available items, the player’s avatar might show up instead.
  • The ball could sometimes have crisscrossed the Musical Nets VOLTA ARCADE board game.
  • During the Wall Ball VOLTA ARCADE board game, the white shooting limit line will now display in red when the player controlled by the Avatar crosses it.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur during a VOLTA FOOTBALL Survival Match.

General, audio and visual

  • Updated some badges, comment lines, kits, banners, flags, broadcast packages, stadiums, pre-game scenes and tifos.
  • Updated 31 stars and 1 new star head.
  • This will only be available after a server update. Please follow @EAFIFADIRECT to find out when this will be live in-game.
  • Fixed various cases of typos and incorrect UI / text formatting.

FIFA 22 is now available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Google Stadia platforms.

Source: FIFA Forums

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Some others: Indiana Jones Video Game currently in development (more); Star Wars games will be released under the Lucasfilm Games (plus) banner.

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Netflix is ​​currently testing how to launch its iPhone gaming service

In July, Netflix announced it would venture into the gaming market. Not only has the company announced that it will focus on mobile games, but it has also said that customers will enjoy the games under their current Netflix subscription.

Netflix says it sees games as another category of content, similar to its expansion into original films, animation and unscripted television. Better yet, the company has confirmed that the games will be included in the subscriptions at no additional cost.

The move puts the company on track to move directly into Apple Arcade, Apple’s gaming service. In order to compete with Apple Arcade, it seems Netflix has tested how it could launch such a service on iOS.

From the latest issue of Mark Gurman’s Light up newsletter, the company plans to launch games individually on the App Store and that customers could browse them on the Netflix app and then download them from the App Store.

Netflix is ​​actively testing games on iOS and, according to code discovered by developer Steve Moser and shared with Power On, Netflix will individually release all of its games to the Apple App Store and allow users to launch the games through the app. Netflix. Not all of them will be downloadable and playable in the app itself.

This approach is a solution, but not the one that will put Netflix’s gaming service in the best position to be successful. Consumers tend to prefer all-in-one services. Again, the current Android offering has this limitation as well, but I expect that to be the case only for a limited time.

This is currently the only possible way to launch such a service, as Apple is currently preventing developers from launching an all-in-one gaming app. These rules have prevented services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia from launching apps on the iPhone. Instead, the developers had to create access to their service through the iPhone’s browser.

VPN offers: lifetime license for $ 16, monthly plans for $ 1 and more

It’s still unclear when Netflix will launch iPhone games, but it will certainly create even more tension between the companies. Netflix is ​​known as one of the top developers that won’t offer listings in their app (a way to avoid App Store fees) and won’t integrate with the Apple TV app either.


Apple Arcade

Unlimited games, one price

Apple Arcade offers over a hundred premium games with more being added regularly every week. There is something for everyone, and it costs just $ 5 per month for everything you can play!

We can earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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Deathsmiles I and II Collector’s Edition available for pre-order

Death shoots, death flies, fatal smiles

Deathsmiles is a horizontal Shoot ‘Em Up arcade game from developer Cave, which was first released in 2007. Deathsmiles II was released in 2009. Both games were ported to Xbox 360 in 2009 and 2010, respectively. At the end of this year, the two will be bundled and re-released in Japan for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, and in North America hopefully shortly thereafter.

Strictly Limited Games has rolled out a Collector’s Edition for the pack which is now available for pre-order. It comes with a bunch of collectibles and both games for PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

In the Collector’s Edition, customers will receive a reversible poster for Deathsmiles I and II, on each side, the soundtrack on disc, an arcade flyer for the original game, a wall scroll of all characters, a set of postcards, character card set, logo enamel pin, three marquee stickers, character stickers, keychain set, four acrylic dioramas, all in one collector’s box.

There are 2,200 copies of the Collector’s Edition available for € 89.99 or approximately $ 105 USD. Strictly Limited Games will ship them internationally in March 2022.

If you like Shoot ‘Em Ups, but are not familiar with Deathsmiles, “Smiles of death is CAVE’s hellish shoot-’em-up where you play the role of one of the four angels defend the magical land of Gilverado from an invasion of Hell itself! Team up with a friend, choose an angel, and root out this evil onslaught across nine different game modes!” and “Smiles of Death 2 introduces you to more of the things that made the first great, two new characters to play as and a new polygonal graphic style. Pursue the evil Satan’s Claws, who slain your guardian, Count Dior on Christmas Eve, through a hellish winter wonderland!

Deathsmiles I and II are available on PC, Xbox 360, and Arcade, and will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in March 2022.

Will you go for the Collector’s Edition or the Standard Edition? Let us know in the comments below.


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Golden Joystick Awards will try to settle one of life’s age-old debates

The Golden Joystick Awards are celebrating 50 years of video games this year and should answer the age-old question: which game is the greatest of all time?

The prestigious awards ceremony, presented by GamesRadar +, will pit Halo: Combat Evolved, Grand Theft Auto V and Super Mario 64 against each other in a fight to see who will be crowned the “ultimate game of all time” by audiences.

But it’s not just video games whose fate will be determined by the voting public. The Golden Joystick Awards will also decide what is the “Best Gaming Hardware Ever,” and includes the Atari 2600, Wii, and Xbox 360 to name a few.

There are 20 nominees in each category, and while not everyone’s favorite made the cut, it’s an impressive list of games and gear that’s sure to be divided. (I’m going for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Sega Dreamcast.)

The vote has now open and closes at 3 p.m. PST / 6 p.m. EST / 11 p.m. GMT on Friday, November 12, so don’t miss your chance to cast your vote for your all-time favorite. If you’re tired of The Last of Us taking all the prizes under the sun or feeling like the Nintendo GameCube was ahead of its time, your vote could make a difference.

Check out the full list of nominees below:

Ultimate game of all time Best gaming hardware ever
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Amiga 500
Dark souls Atari 2600
Doom (1993) Commodore 64
Grand Theft Auto V Sega Dreamcast
Half Life 2 Gameboy
Halo: combat has evolved Game Boy Advance
Solid metal gear Nintendo GameCube
Minecraft Nintendo 64
Pac-Man Nintendo DS
Pokémon Go Nintendo Entertainment System
Portal computer
SimCity (1989) Playstation
Street Fighter II Playstation 2
Space invaders Playstation 4
Super Mario 64 Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
Super Mario Bros 3 Sega Saturn
Super mario kart Super Nintendo Entertainment System
The last of us Wii
Tetris Xbox 360
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ZX spectrum

“We are thrilled to celebrate 50 years of games at a historic moment for the gaming industry,” said Daniel Dawkins, Director of Content for Future Games. “In November 1971, Computer Space became the world’s first commercially playable arcade machine, spawning a $ 150 billion industry out of a dime. We’re celebrating this milestone by inviting the public to vote for their ultimate game of all time and the best gaming hardware of all time.

The winners of the public vote will be revealed on November 23 via an online broadcast, and the event will also feature over 20 awards for the best games of 2021, including Ultimate Game of the Year and Studio of the Year.

Check Golden Joystick Awards 2021 for more information, or follow the Golden Joystick Awards social media on Twitter and Facebook.

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Forza Horizon 5 test: the best road trip of all time

If you are an arcade racing game purist, Burnout paradise has a lot to answer. Taking over the open world of the classic series, Criterion has essentially made the concept of traditional racers obsolete – here are your cars, here are your tracks, learn to drive the former to perfect the latter – at least in the eyes of the big publishers. Since then, virtually every big budget arcade racing game has been created in the shadow of paradise, with most of the trails made up of lines drawn on large, explorable maps.

As a person who is personally unhappy with this turn of events, I have to admit that Microsoft Forza Horizon the series has been a pretty spectacular product of it all. With each entry in the series, developer Playground Games has delivered relentlessly entertaining open-world racing in vividly rendered settings. Forza Horizon 5, the latest version, moves to Mexico and turns out to be the best Forza Horizon yet – as well as one of the best games of the year.

Despite the name and the hundreds of accurately modeled real-world cars, Forza Horizon has little in common with Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport series, which is more of a serious racing simulator. While Horizon is not exactly a Peak runner– Arcade style, this is definitely on the more accessible side of things. The physics seem somewhat grounded in reality, and you’ll notice big differences in the way different cars behave, but the driving style is very forgiving, and it’s easy for anyone to pick up and play.

The previous game in the series, Forza Horizon 4, appealed to me personally because of its British setting, which I found to be a compelling rendering of where I grew up. But I found the game difficult to tackle due to the way it handled its open-world design, throwing you an overwhelming array of cars and quests. Every time I opened the game after a week or two, I had no idea what to do – the overworked UI gave me option cripple. It was more like Assassin’s Creed on wheels than an arcade racer.

Forza Horizon 5 doesn’t change the basic structure, and there’s still a huge amount of stuff dotting the Mexican map. But it does a better job of getting you into its mountain of content. You can choose what specific event types to unlock as you progress, so for example I preferred to focus on closed road races at the start before diving into offroad rallies. I feel like if I stopped playing the game and came back to it weeks later, I would have a much better idea of ​​what I had been up to and where it would be best to me to spend the next few hours. In return, it reassures me to simply scour the landscape in search of the esoteric quest I might encounter. Contrary to 4, I never felt like I was wasting my time in Forza Horizon 5, because I always have a better idea of ​​what I could work towards.

Forza HorizonThe premise of ‘s – a “festival” that descends on a loosely recreated real-world location and picks it up with various race events of questionable legality – remains as absurd as ever, with entirely superfluous “story” sequences dotted around. . Personally, I’ve never been to Mexico, but I have a feeling most locals wouldn’t take too kindly to visitors causing gratuitous destruction by bombarding the streets in a Dodge Viper while listening to Dua Lipa.

On the other hand, Horizon 5Mexico’s representation by s is only likely to spark interest in international tourism once such things are widely possible again. It is a magnificent game that showcases the diversity of the country’s landscapes in a spectacular way, from lush forests to active volcanoes. Its predecessor made the most of the British landscape, but it’s hard to escape the feeling that Mexico is a more attractive setting for a game like this.

I don’t think I can overstate how much Forza Horizon 5 Seems totally out of control on the Xbox Series X. It’s easily one of the most technically impressive games I’ve ever seen, with vastly improved lighting and stunning detail in the scenery. You can run it at 60 frames per second on Xbox Series consoles, or there’s a 30 fps mode that further improves graphics functionality; Personally, I struggle to play 30fps racing games, but each mode delivers a compelling presentation.

Forza Horizon 5 is also an impressive test case for Microsoft’s intergenerational hardware strategy. I played the game for several hours on my Xbox One X, and it doesn’t seem compromised compared to anything else on the console. It’s always a more beautiful game than 3 and 4, and it looks more or less like the 60 fps mode of the Series X version, running at half the frame rate. The One X is typically a machine designed for 4K / 30fps gaming, and that’s what you get here with Forza Horizon 5. Would the Series X game have been even better if it hadn’t had to run on Xbox One consoles? Maybe, but it’s hard to complain about the performance on either platform.

That said, Forza Horizon 5 came a little hot. During the review period and the launch of Early Access, I noticed quite a few issues on various hardware, from graphics issues to AI opponents that disappear completely. Access to the server was spotty and the PC version was almost unplayable for me due to constant controller disconnect errors. These will hopefully be ironed out, but I wouldn’t be happy with the server issues especially if I had paid $ 100 for the premium version of the game which includes early access.

Normally I wouldn’t spend as much time on the technical elements of a game when reviewing it, but I think it’s more relevant with Forza Horizon 5 than most others. Last night i shot Forza Horizon 3 for a few hours, which I used to consider to be my favorite game in the series. Two things immediately struck me: It doesn’t look as good as I remembered it, and it’s also almost exactly the same game as Forza Horizon 5, down to the almost identical user interface.

Beyond its slight but welcome modifications to the unlocking system, Forza Horizon 5 doesn’t make much progress over its predecessors in terms of game design. It really feels like the previous two games have just been airlifted to Mexico and received an extreme technical glow. And honestly, that’s fine with me. The frame is all in Forza Horizon – this is what dictates and defines the endless fire hose of races, championships and quests, not to mention future expansions that have already been confirmed.

Forza Horizon 5 is just another Forza Horizon, yes, but it’s a beau with an amazing setting, and that’s enough to make it the best of the series. If you have any interest in driving fast cars, I highly recommend it.

Forza Horizon 5 is available tomorrow on Xbox consoles, PC and Xbox Game Pass for both platforms.

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Unusual Catch Prevents Xbox Live Gold Subscribers From Getting These Secret Free Games

Xbox Live Gold has received two new games, but subscribers may not be familiar with them. Xbox Live Gold is one of the best gaming subscription plans out there. Players get four new games each month, including two for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360. But this month the tally isn’t four games, it’s actually six.


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Xbox Live Gold offers two new additional games, also free. But there is a catch to be aware of.


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These games are available for download exclusively in the Brazil and South Africa regions. To access these games, users must create an account in the following regions. Once users claim these games, it will not affect their Xbox Live Gold membership, and users will also not need to pay any additional fees.

Let’s take a look at these two new games along with their official trailers:

  • Hurricane Hydro Thunder“The adrenaline-fueled sequel to Midway’s legendary arcade racing game, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, features high-powered speedboats cruising through exaggerated themed environments, gorgeous visuals and incredible dynamic water physics. “
  • Dark abyss“Step into ‘the Void’…. A grim parallel world of hostile aliens, powerful weapons and deep mystery…. Dark Void’s unique combination of jet-pack powered dog fights and ground combat brings an exciting new dynamic to video games.

For fans who do not have access to the Xbox Live Gold membership, both of these games are available for purchase from the official Xbox store.

Xbox Live Gold: more games

Microsoft does not remove all four games together every month. Instead, they release two games at the start of the month, and the other two arrive later.

With that in mind, here are four new games for the month of November.


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  1. Rocket Knight – claim before November 15
  2. Moving before November 15
  3. Lego Batman 2- available from November 16
  4. Kingdom 2 Crowns – available from November 16

Comment and tell us which game are you passionate about?


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Watch this story: Best games to release for PlayStation, Xbox and PC in November 2021

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The 5 rarest original Xbox games

The 20th anniversary of the original Xbox will take place on November 15, reminding fans how Microsoft’s first console made the company a major player in the home console market. The original Xbox was a reasonably inexpensive console to collect before the price spike seen in 2020. While more popular games like Halo: combat has evolved, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind remain cheap, prices for other Xbox games have skyrocketed over the past two years.

Xbox’s original library is quite extensive, which means a lot of great games fell through the cracks when they were released. Others have titanic boxes that collectors need every piece and piece to be considered complete. Prints and collector demand determine the prices and rarity of these games rather than the quality of the games themselves. That said, here are the five rarest and most desirable in the Xbox library.

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5. Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is well known to fans of arcade fighting games, as the combination of iconic Marvel heroes and Capcom characters was an immediate hit. After initially launching in Japanese arcades and on Sega Dreamcast, it was ported to PlayStation 2 and Xbox, the latter being the most desirable due to the console’s increased power over its contemporaries. While it was once available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Capcom lost the Marvel characters license and removed the game from Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, which were the easiest ways to play on Marvel’s consoles. salon.

Now free copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 can go between $ 60 and $ 70. Depending on the condition, grabbing a full copy with the manual will cost between $ 110 and $ 130. There’s no easy way to play this game on consoles now, and the Dreamcast and PS2 versions are hard to find and expensive as well.

4. Teen Titans

Licensed games are usually not collectibles, but 2006 ones Teen Titans for Xbox violates some of these rules. The game is based on the animated series and allows players to play as Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy using fairly standard beat ’em up gameplay. However, with the popularity of Teen Titans and Teen Titans: GO, demand for this game has grown as the franchise’s fan base has grown.

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Nowadays, an Xbox disk-only copy of Teen Titans costs between $ 50 and $ 60, while full copies are between $ 120 and $ 145. The game was also released on PS2 and GameCube, with those versions being considerably cheaper. However, as with Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the fact that the game plays best on Xbox is reflected in its price.

3. Futurama

Another licensed game, Futurama is a fan favorite that combines filming and platforming with the characters from the TV series. While it has the shoddy gameplay and controls of other licensed games of the time, it comes with special treatment for Futurama fans: 28 minutes of unused entertainment from the show. This makes for a lost episode in which Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, and other characters go on a mission to stop Mum from enslaving Earth.

Although it was also released on PS2, a planned GameCube port was never released. Futurama received mixed reviews on release, and it will only really appeal to hardcore Futurama original Xbox fans or collectors. A disc-only copy costs between $ 65 and $ 80, and the full set typically sells for between $ 175 and $ 200.

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2. Exceed 2006: Hill 2 Hill

The To go past The franchise had its heyday in the ’80s and’ 90s, but saw a resurgence in the early 2000s with games like To go past and OutRun 2. OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is an expansion of the second game that added new tracks, cars, and even online play via Xbox Live. Although it has also been released on PS2 and PSP, the Xbox version is by far the most requested. Coast 2 Coast released after the launch of the Xbox 360, which limited the number of copies produced and sold.

A disk-only copy of Coast 2 Coast goes between $ 90 and $ 100, and the ones sold for less are probably just the same OutRun 2. Full copies are much more expensive, selling for between $ 175 and $ 210. For non-collectors who just want to experience the game, the PS2 version costs just around $ 50, while the PSP version costs $ 30.

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1. Steel Battalion Controller Pack

Known for its brutal difficulty and steep learning curve, Steel battalion is reserved for die-hard Xbox collectors. It comes with a single massive controller with 40 buttons specially designed for gaming used to control the robot. Without this controller, Steel Battalion is worthless, as the normal Xbox controller is not compatible. This means that it is imperative not to let this device overheat or take too much damage. The complete set was also accompanied by a dense manual inspired by a real military field guide.

Due to the controller, find a Steel battalion in nature is almost impossible. Bulk copies sell for between $ 250 and $ 300 in good condition. However, boxed copies in mint condition will sell for up to $ 1,000.

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Hogwarts Legacy released after Fantastic Beasts 3

Hogwarts Legacy released after Fantastic Beasts 3

About the Author

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Amazon’s free games with Prime have a huge advantage over the competition

Slowly but surely the gaming world is starting to look a lot like the streaming world. It’s pretty common for many people to have multiple streaming services to their name, including, but not limited to, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Prime Video, Paramount +, and more. This means that it’s sometimes difficult to decide which one to watch or even get rid of, especially given the price tags that come with each one.

Of course, in-game subscriptions aren’t that new, as MMOs and more have had them in the past. But they can also be easily counted: Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, PS Now, Nintendo Switch Online, Humble Choice, Apple Arcade, Amazon prime, and more. Some are required for online activity, while others offer games to play or keep for download or streaming. Like streaming services, however, these can be very difficult to maintain, especially for those who enjoy gaming on all platforms.


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Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass, in particular, can be bundled into one, but Game Pass is the big draw for many. It’s been compared to the game’s Netflix a few times before, while everyone else has their own strengths and weaknesses as well, making it difficult to decide which to play first, which to download, etc. But Amazon Prime Gaming has a big advantage over every other subscription service.

Don’t sleep on the Amazon Prime game you already have

amazon prime day 2019

In essence, while the purchase of these other subscriptions is intentional, necessary, and for a purpose, many gamers probably already have Amazon Prime Gaming without realizing it. Amazon Prime Gaming, so to speak, is included with Amazon Prime, a sort of subscription often required for online purchases. Nowadays, many people use it to send their packages faster, but that’s not all for it.

While Xbox Live Gold and PS Plus can be used for online gaming and a few free games, and Game Pass and PS Now can be used for a larger game library, Amazon Prime Gaming is an assortment of gaming content. There is exclusive in-game content, several free PC games each month (KEEP), and bonuses for Twitch.

Amazon’s free games with Prime for November 2021 prove their worth

Dragon Age Inquisition

Because it’s included with Amazon Prime, there’s little reason not to take advantage of it. This is the biggest resistance of the subscription, but the offers prove it too. There is the main event, of course, the free games. For November, this includes the following:

  • The Age of the Dragon: Inquisition.
  • Control: ultimate edition.
  • The rise of the Tomb Raider.
  • Rogue heroes.
  • Released.
  • Riddle Agent 2.
  • Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter.
  • The brakes are for the losers
  • Secret files: even Peter

Of course, 9 free games is a bigger deal than most, and some of them may only be aimed at more specific audiences. But Amazon’s free games with Prime usually grab the headlines every month with powerful games, such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Control: Ultimate Edition, and Rise of the Tomb Raider this month. Not only are these games good on their own, subscribers who already have Amazon Prime can claim and keep them for free.

Combine that with Twitch bonuses and in-game content like Apex Legendsnew character Ash’s Venom Blade Bundle plus game bundles for Genshin Impact, League of Legend, Destiny 2, and more, and there’s no reason not to take advantage of the membership players are most likely to keep when they save money.

Amazon prime members get a handful of free games and more each month.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: which starter makes the game easier?

With Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the way, the original games may offer a starter preview which is the most useful choice.

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Spotlight on Xbox Game Studios: Alpha Dog Games

“Odd one out” describes mobile developer Alpha Dog in a tee shirt. The team was recruited by Zenimax Media for Bethesda Game Studios in 2019. Working in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, famous for its maritime industry, it is safe to say that Alpha Dog is the pride of a scene from Relatively small local game development. Starting in 2009, founders Shawn Woods and Jeff Cameron set out to bring past experiences of making games to the mobile screen while establishing a small independent development studio in their area. In 2012, the duo managed to create an action-RPG Wraithborne for iOS, Android and Ouya. It was a complete fantasy in your pocket, complete with runes, magic, great swords, and dungeon exploration. According to NSBI, the game was quite successful but was crippled by the release of the mega-hit Clash of Clans.

This led to an extreme slowdown for the team, who had to downsize in a basement and reorganize the way the team works. Part of it was about shattering successes in the mobile gaming industry with data and analytics. Making MonstroCity: Rampage for mobile using this information bolstered the studio’s fortunes in 2016. MonstroCity: Rampage is an odd combination of city building elements and kaiju. Using one of a lot of monsters, you have to build your city while defending it from attacks. It has had enough success to launch a board game of the same name and is still alive with a vibrant community. With this success, it looks like the studio has outsourced its smart usage data and analytics to other studios.

Eventually, this shopping was successful in gaining an audience for Alpha Dog with Zenimax, a company that wanted to expand into the mobile space with all of its well-known Bethesda properties. This mix of experience, clever new tactics, and the need for financial security led to an acquisition in 2019. During this time, the team created Ninja Golf for iOS and Android, a remake of the original Atari game. The first game released from the studio after the acquisition and a major expansion is Mighty DOOM, an action arcade shoot-’em-up for mobile, which is slated for late 2021.

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The 7 best Xbox phone controllers in 2021

Staff, courtesy of Power A

Cloud and mobile games have been the butt of a lot of jokes within the games industry. For years, gamers and critics have lambasted the paid design practices of mobile games and the clunky interfaces of cloud gaming platforms (mainly Google Stadia). But with new quality platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Apple Arcade, gaming on the go has improved the quality dramatically.

To truly experience the best of mobile gaming, you’ll need something a little more rugged than the touchscreen controls on your phone. We’ve put together a list of the best Xbox phone controllers to add convenience and precision to your mobile gaming sessions.

What to look for

When selecting the best Xbox phone controller for your mobile devices, the number one factor is compatibility. Many mobile controllers connect with Android or iOS, not both. Consider the devices you will be using and make sure that the controller you are considering is compatible. Also, decide if you want your controller to plug directly into your phone or connect via Bluetooth. Direct connectivity means less lag, but Bluetooth generally offers wider compatibility.

How we selected

Apart from the Steelseries Nimbus +, all of our recommendations are included on Xbox Approved List Xbox Cloud Gaming compatible controllers.

Many of these recommendations come from hundreds of hours of internal use. For products that we have not been able to test ourselves, we conduct intensive research, reviewing content from expert sources like Thread Cutter, The Verge, CNET, Tom’s Guide, DigitalTrends, and others, as well as thousands of consumer reviews from online storefronts like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. As for the products themselves, we rated them on design, functionality and price.

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Best bluetooth controller

Xbox Core Controller


$ 49.49

If you are looking for a simple and comfortable controller to play on your mobile devices, then the Xbox Core Controller is for you. Of all the controllers we’ve tested, this is by far the most well-designed, with excellent ergonomics, button-like feel, grip, durability and connectivity. As a result, games on Xbox Cloud Gaming and Apple Arcade feel great on this controller.

The main controller connects via bluetooth smartphones running at least Android 5.1.1 or iOS 14.5. But unless your phone is sitting on a table, you will need a mounting clip to have a true mobile gaming experience with this controller.

  • Superior design
  • Connects to Android, iOS and Windows
  • Requires mounting clip
  • Uses AA batteries

Best Controller Clip

PowerA MOGA 2.0 Mobile Game Clip

If you’re trying to use an Xbox controller that you already own as your mobile controller of choice, try pairing it with PowerA’s Mobile Gaming Clip 2.0.

This simple mounting clip combines your phone and your Xbox Core or One controller into one mobile gaming platform. With a largely rubberized plastic construction, adjustable viewing angle, and a foldable design, this simple piece of equipment has a lot to offer Xbox controller users.

Best of all, it’s affordable, which makes an Xbox plus PowerA Clip controller a great option for most mobile gamers.

  • Affordable
  • Great match for Xbox controllers
  • Fits phones up to 3.12 inches wide
  • Large phone cases can cause fit issues

Best split controller for Android

Razer kishi

For Android users looking for a Nintendo Switch-like mobile gaming experience, we recommend the Razer Kishi. The star of the show here is the design: a split controller that places your phone front and center.

With its foldable construction, this controller shrinks to a much more portable size when not in use. Perhaps best of all, the Razer Kishi connects directly to your smartphone’s USB-C port, providing a much faster response time compared to connecting via Bluetooth.

  • Responsive direct USB-C connection
  • Portable and foldable design

Best split controller for iOS

backbone one


$ 99.99

For Apple users looking for the Nintendo Switch feel, consider the Backbone One, an adjustable split controller offering superior ergonomics and response time.

The Backbone One connects directly to your iPhone’s Lightning port, which means a much faster response time compared to connecting via Bluetooth. It also offers extensive connectivity like direct charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Overall, the Backbone One is a quick and ergonomic way to experience all of the best Xbox and Apple games on iOS.

  • Responsive wired Lightning connection
  • Charging and 3.5mm ports

Best clip controller for Android

Razer raiju

Sometimes simplicity is better. For Android gamers, the Razer Raiju offers the best traditional all-in-one package we’ve seen. The controller itself has a built-in adjustable phone holder that closes when not in use.

While it may seem a little less sturdy than Xbox’s own controller, the Raiju makes up for it with additional button offerings like hair triggers on the underside of each grip. Through Razer’s own Raiju mobile app, you can customize the sensitivity options of the controller, which shooters fans will certainly appreciate.

  • All-in-one design
  • Additional hair triggers
  • Some build quality issues

Best clip controller for iOS

SteelSeries Nimbus +

Steel Series

$ 69.99

Yes, the Nimbus + features a design closer to Sony’s Dualshock controller than Microsoft’s Xbox controllers, but it’s still one of the best all-in-one iOS controllers.

Similar to Razer’s Raiju, the Nimbus + sports a traditional design with controls that make any mobile game a lot more fun to play. But unlike Razer’s Raiju, the Nimbus + has a mounting clip that detaches completely from the controller, making it slightly more portable.

Just make sure to download the SteelSeries app to get the latest firmware update; the Nimbus + will run much more smoothly afterwards.

  • Apple licensed product
  • Rechargeable via Lightning
  • Requires firmware updates from the SteelSeries app
  • Some build quality issues

The most portable

8BitDo N30 Pro2

The only pocket controller on our list of recommendations, 8BitDo’s N30 Pro2 is a throwback that puts portability and connectivity at the forefront. Connecting via Bluetooth, the Pro2 is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones. Its small, flat, retro design feels right at home with 2D games like Or I and the Will of the Wisps and Alto’s Odyssey, with all the control options you need to be successful.

The only downside is the more Nintendo layout of the Pro2: Face buttons A and B won’t match Xbox game prompts.

  • Compact form factor
  • Versatile connectivity
  • The layout of buttons A and B is reversed compared to the Xbox

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These 20+ games are coming to Xbox this week (November 8-12)

Can game releases just slow down a bit? Obviously not, because this week is shaping up to be another huge one with plenty of headlines on the way. Not only do we have the official release of Forza Horizon 5, but we also have the eagerly awaited Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (with San Andreas direction Game Pass!).

This week is potentially the most important of the year, so let’s take a look at what’s to come:

New Xbox releases (November 8-12)

Optimized for Xbox Series X | S

  • Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition (November 9) – “Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition returns after last season’s successful campaign, allowing you to step up through the seasons as you vie for the biggest prizes in the game.”
  • Forza Horizon 5 (November 9) – “Explore the vibrant and ever-changing open world landscapes of Mexico with unlimited, fun driving action in hundreds of the world’s greatest cars.”
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2 (November 9) – “This bold new era of the franchise builds on the revolutionary and immersive business simulation of 2018.”
  • A cute old bunny (November 9) – “A stealth platform game about a rabbit who likes to eat pigs. You play as a red-eyed rabbit and help him reach the pig at the end of each level.”
  • Battlefield 2042 Ultimate and Gold Edition (November 12) – “In a near future world transformed by disorder, adapt and overcome dynamically evolving battlefields with the help of your squad and a cutting edge arsenal.”

Xbox one

  • Airborne kingdom (November 9) – “Embark on a journey as a small kingdom to expand your population, research new technologies and buildings, and forge alliances with earthly kingdoms.”
  • Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition (November 9) – “Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition returns after last season’s successful campaign, allowing you to step up through the seasons as you vie for the biggest prizes in the game.”
  • Forza Horizon 5 (November 9) – “Explore the vibrant and ever-changing open world landscapes of Mexico with unlimited, fun driving action in hundreds of the world’s greatest cars.”
  • Galaxy Shooter DX (November 9) – “Travel the Galaxy and take down the formations of the evil Kraathu Empire in this hellish shoot’em up!”
  • My Singing Monsters Playground (November 9) – “Watch your favorite monsters come to life as you swing, throw and leap to victory in a variety of 4-player competitions.”
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2 (November 9) – “This bold new era of the franchise builds on the revolutionary and immersive business simulation of 2018.”
  • A cute old bunny (November 9) – “A stealth platform game about a rabbit who likes to eat pigs. You play as a red-eyed rabbit and help him reach the pig at the end of each level.”
  • Real Farm – Premium Edition (November 9) – “Complete the work and manage the land, crops, animals and personnel while striving to become a respected farmer in the community.”
  • 890b (November 10) – “A top-down 3D adventure game that features a minimalist yet challenging and impactful storytelling style largely driven by player actions.”
  • Alchemist simulator (November 10) – “Become the mystical alchemist, choose your contracts wisely as they will shape the world around you, discover long-forgotten magic recipes, improve your laboratory and become the most powerful alchemist of all time.”
  • Epic chef (November 11th) – “Prepare to embark on a culinary journey by assuming the role of Zest; who must cultivate, manufacture and cook to become a legend! “
  • Snowman 99 (November 11th) – “Gunkid 99 is a fast and frenetic SCORE CHASER shoot’em up platformer inspired by Super Crate Box and arcade style games.”
  • Treasures of the Aegean Sea (November 11th) – “Solve the puzzles and mysteries that angered the ancient gods, in your quest to prevent history from repeating itself forever.”
  • Battlefield 2042 Ultimate and Gold Edition (November 12) – “In a near future world transformed by disorder, adapt and overcome dynamically evolving battlefields with the help of your squad and a cutting edge arsenal.”
  • Gynug (November 12) – “At a time between the Middle Ages and the beginning of the modern period, the demons gained in power by feeding on the evil ambitions of the people. Led by a being known as the Destroyer, they plan their attack.”
  • Venus: improbable dream (November 12) – “An immersive visual novel experience focused on mental health and personal identity.”
  • Whiskey Mafia: Leo’s family (November 12) – “This game serves as a prequel to Whiskey Mafia: Frank’s Story and tells the story of Leo’s criminal group who participate in various illegal activities.”

Xbox Game Pass titles

Is there anything that you particularly look forward to in this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links which means if you click on them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC disclosure for more information.

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Best GTA Games – Push Square

What are the best GTA games? Grand Theft Auto is one of the most commercially successful series in the industry, with over 350 million copies shipped in installments since its modest inception in 1997. As such, we believed that it was time to rank all the capers in Rockstar’s crime world, with a little help from our connoisseurs Push Square readers.

This is an ever-changing list, based on your playing scores. We encourage you to rank the titles you have played with a score out of 10 to ensure that this page remains the definitive list of games. best GTA games. Of course, be sure to drop the comments and tell us which rankings you agree and disagree with – it’s all a matter of opinion, at the end of the day.

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (PSone)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar Canada

Release date: April 2, 1999 (United States) / April 30, 1999 (UK / EU)

Developed and rolled out as an expansion pack for the core GTA game, GTA: London 1969 adheres to all of the same gaming systems as its descendant predecessor. The main difference is that it takes place in an environment inspired by the real world of London in the late 1960s and includes slang appropriate for the region. Unfortunately, the map isn’t quite as interesting as the fictional American cities found in the base game, and all gameplay issues remain.

Grand Theft Auto (PSone)Grand Theft Auto (PSone)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: DMA design

Release date: June 30, 1998 (United States) / December 12, 1997 (UK / EU)

The game that started it all, and frankly not very good. DMA Design GTA’s questionable isometric arcade game spans three different maps: Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City. As these would go on to become some of the game’s most iconic open worlds, this bizarre arcade experience – in which you complete missions from phone booths – sees you performing tasks in order to earn points, presented as ‘money, in order to progress. With an unfair difficulty curve and heavy controls, the release was largely missed at the time, but would spawn one of the biggest brands in entertainment.

Grand Theft Auto 2 (PSone)Grand Theft Auto 2 (PSone)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: DMA design

Release date: November 10, 1999 (United States) / October 22, 1999 (UK / EU)

A top-down refinement of the original GTA game, GTA 2 introduces some quality-of-life improvements, like the ability to save, but adopts the same basic structure: completing missions in order to earn points. There is a gang system, whereby you can take on the work of one faction and affect your relationship with another, but the cumbersome controls and muddy graphics make it a difficult proposition from a contemporary perspective.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (PSP)Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (PSP)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar leeds

Release date: March 17, 2009 (United States) / March 19, 2009 (UK / EU)

Originally released for the Nintendo DS and later ported to the PSP, GTA: Chinatown Wars is the most recent portable entry in Rockstar’s prestigious sandbox series. Taking a top-down perspective, this well-presented story starring sarcastic Triad member Huang Lee is reminiscent of PS1 titles. With vivid comic book cutscenes and an impressively dense drug trafficking minigame, this version offers a bit of a respite from the franchise’s more modern entries.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP)Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar leeds

Release date: October 24, 2005 (United States) / November 4, 2005 (UK / EU)

A mind-blowing accomplishment at the time: Rockstar managed to squeeze their entire Liberty City sandbox into Sony’s mind-blowing handheld gear, delivering a full GTA story on the go. Although GTA: Liberty City Stories is set in 1998, before the events of GTA 3, many characters from the flagship cameo of the PS2 title, further flesh out the fictional world of Rockstar. Gameplay is somewhat limited compared to contemporary entries – there are no planes, for example – but having an open world in your hands was just mind blowing in 2005.

Grand Theft Auto: Stories of Vice City (PSP)Grand Theft Auto: Stories of Vice City (PSP)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar leeds

Release date: October 31, 2006 (United States) / November 3, 2006 (UK / EU)

GTA: Vice City Stories is the second major installment in Rockstar’s crime series, and it dates back to 1984, two years before Vice City. Playing as Military Corporal Victor ‘Vic’ Vance, the version sticks closely to plans laid out by his contemporaries, seeing you build a criminal empire by purchasing rackets and compounds.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Episodes (PS3)Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Episodes (PS3)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar North

Release date: April 13, 2010 (United States) / April 16, 2010 (UK / EU)

Exclusive to Xbox 360 at first, as Microsoft struggled to stifle Sony’s dominance in the console market, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City combined two GTA 4 expansion packs: The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay. Tony. Intertwined with Niko’s story from the main campaign, Rockstar sought to shed light on different sides of Liberty City, with Johnny Klebitz exploring biker culture and Luis Fernando Lopez examining the life of a socialite. Both add-ons were a bit lighter than the main game, Gay Tony in particular adding popular activities like Base Jumping.

Grand Theft Auto III (PS2)Grand Theft Auto III (PS2)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar North

Release date: October 22, 2001 (United States) / October 26, 2001 (UK / EU)

The game that pioneered a revolution: Rockstar single-handedly popularized the open-world genre when GTA 3 released in 2001. Set in Liberty City and starring a two-bit gangster named Claude, the outlet introduced an urban playground with overlapping systems so you can get lost in it. This is widely regarded as one of the most influential titles of all time, and while it may not impress from a contemporary perspective, it is impossible to ignore the raw impact of this. exit.

Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar North

Release date: April 29, 2008 (United States) / April 29, 2008 (UK / EU)

Acclaimed at the time, but less remembered, GTA 4 sums up the PS3 era: its muted color palette, unstable frame rate, and woolly controls make it difficult to return to modern times. However, the story of immigrant Niko, arriving in Liberty City in search of the American Dream, sets up some hilarious and cynical writing and plenty of bombastic backdrops. Sandwiched between the sunny settings of San Andreas and GTA 5, the game may feel a bit cold – but it was Rockstar at its rawest.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar North

Release date: November 18, 2014 (United States) / November 18, 2014 (UK / EU)

A game so popular that it has been around for three generations of consoles, GTA 5’s unwavering commercial success has made Los Santos the most iconic open-world game ever. Its ambitious, multi-faceted campaign – starring middle-aged gangster Michael, spiritual aspirant Franklin and bona fide psychopath Trevor – is littered with memorable moments, including a bank heist and a jewelry store heist. But it is online that the title has gained its longevity, offering one-of-a-kind multiplayer.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar North

Release date: October 29, 2002 (United States) / October 29, 2002 (UK / EU)

An extraordinary getaway set in the ’80s, GTA: Vice City perfects many of the mechanics first introduced in GTA 3, and blends them with an iconic era. Embodying gangster Tommy Vercetti, this version is as much about his style and soundtrack as his sandbox. Impressively, Vice City proves to be an engaging playground and gives you the freedom to build your own criminal empire – all to the sounds of Flash FM, of course.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

Editor: Rock star / Developer: Rockstar North

Release date: October 26, 2004 (United States) / October 29, 2004 (UK / EU)

For many, GTA: San Andreas is the pinnacle of open-world game design – or at least the gold standard that so many developers aim to emulate, even today. Rockstar has harnessed every part of the power of the PS2 with this huge open world, spanning three huge cities. With an incredibly crisp storyline set in the ’90s, this version captures his cynical take on the United States with a memorable cast of characters and a number of life-simulating mechanics that immerse you in the fictional state of San Andreas like few other games are able to.

What do you think is the best GTA game? Be sure to share your ratings and reviews for all Grand Theft Auto games in the comments section below.

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Sociable Soccer 22, a spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer, coming to Xbox next year

Sensible Soccer creator Jon Hare will bring the spiritual successor Sociable Soccer to consoles next year.

Sociable Soccer was first released on iOS via Apple Arcade in 2019 and has received frequent free updates since, in the form of Sociable Soccer 20 and Sociable Soccer 21. Sociable Soccer 22 will now see the series leave devices. mobile for the first time, and is making its way to consoles and PCs.

The old-fashioned arcade-style soccer game will bring many improvements to the console versions, including improved graphics and animations, improved strategy and AI, legendary players to collect, improved PVP matchmaking, customizable difficulty and team updates for the 21/22 season.

“Sociable Soccer has been a labor of love since we started working on the game as a PC title in 2015,” Hare says. “With the game firmly established on Apple Arcade, we have found the perfect partner in KPL to bring it to Steam, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. We’ve always thought of Sociable Soccer as an organic football franchise – and it’s going to grow more over the next few years. “

Sociable Soccer 22 is slated to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the second half of 2022.

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20 moments that defined Xbox: # 4 – Xbox Live

I think most people probably know that when Microsoft launched Xbox Live in 2002, it didn’t invent online games for consoles. But here’s a little fun fact for you: Xbox Live launched 19 years ago, and the first examples of pioneering console online work took place almost exactly the same time before Live was introduced. In the early 1980s, the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision had some sort of online option, albeit in an extremely limited capacity – services like GameLine and PlayCable for the two classic consoles did not allow interaction. online with other users, but they allowed access to digital storefronts where new games could be downloaded and played. The low adoption and high costs (both for vendors and gamers) didn’t last particularly long, and when they were discontinued amid the 1983 video game crash, it sent a message to other creators. consoles that the world was not ready for this kind of technology just now. Which, in fairness, was probably pretty accurate.

Sega and Nintendo would later experiment with online technology in Japan at the end of the decade (again, without much success), and continue into the ’90s where the two began to make small strides – the Sega chain for Genesis has proven to be moderately popular. in the US given the cost of the game download service, and the ingenious Super Famicom Satellaview add-on has used networking in a whole new way, with playable games being broadcast at specific times almost like broadcasts. television, leading to new experiences such as the ability to play Zelda games with live narration and voice acting. The next generation saw both companies (and several others) fail to make console online gaming, and it wouldn’t be until the Sega Dreamcast was released in late 1998 in Japan that we would see our first big. console to be released with out-of-the-box online capabilities. It was sort of a Hail Mary from Sega, a bet on the world finally being ready for online console games to give Dreamcast an edge over the upcoming PlayStation 2, with plenty to do after the previous one. Sony console stomped the Saturn into the ground.

Online services were limited to simple web browsing and news updates via various regional services in the first year until the release of the frenzied puzzle gem ChuChu Rocket! which offered competitive online play. Over the next few years, the Dreamcast games would expand online content to a lot of what we see today – Jet Set Radio offered an early example of user-generated content, with players able to upload their own custom graffiti. or download tags created by others, while the maraca-based musical masterpiece, Samba de Amigo, would introduce the general public to downloadable content by offering several additional tracks for download. Then we had the big hitters, true classics like Quake III Arena and Phantasy Star Online, and while only about 30 games ended up using Dreamcast’s online feature, these are the games you’ll hear cited as introduction of many people to online games. on console. For my part, I dread thinking about how many phone bills I’ve racked up playing PSO for hours. The problem with online play on Dreamcast, however, was that everything was limited to individual games – you wouldn’t have a constant online handle, no system-level friend list, no integration between abilities. online system and games. themselves. Xbox Live would change all that.

Xbox live

We’ve established that Microsoft didn’t invent online console gaming, but it certainly defined it as we know it today. Deployed in November 2002, Xbox Live would solve just about every problem other services have encountered so far, and MS made it clear, even before Live’s official launch, that it was all live. The company even went with Sega, with the Xbox being the first serial console to offer Ethernet connectivity (Dreamcast actually got an adapter later in its life) for smoother gaming over broadband – still a relatively recent technology. and not adopted at the time, so this move was greeted with derision by those who didn’t believe the online infrastructure was there to support broadband console gaming. This was a bold, forward-looking piece from Microsoft, sure, but you kind of have to think that one of the biggest tech companies in the world Probably knows a thing or two about the growth rates of emerging technologies, and MS has found itself in a good position to ride that wave. In addition to a faster broadband connection, Xbox offered another advantage over previous online console attempts: a built-in hard drive. It could be safe for developers to make games for Xbox Live knowing that all The player is said to have fast speeds and storage space, paving the way for things like big DLC ​​and more complex online interactions.

Xbox Live had (almost) everything that had been missing in previous attempts – persistent online handles for gamers, a system-level friend list so you can play with friends much more easily, leaderboards. line, integrated voice communications, etc. a uniform package. It also didn’t hurt that the big games started to come out strong. Games like Phantasy Star Online, Dreamcast’s favorite shooter, Rainbow Six 3 tactical shooter, Burnout 3: Takedown god-level racer, and a little game called Halo 2 have all blown up, to the point that if you had an Xbox and you had broadband, you had have live. These amazing games (and many more) have driven subscriptions up quickly, and Live has hit one million users just over 18 months after launch. A year later, that number had doubled to two million. This thing was going places, and with both Xbox rivals needing additional hardware to connect (and honestly not really having the online libraries to make it worth it), Xbox was able to clean up in the online gaming space through the built-in console ability to connect and play with others.

rainbow six 3 xbox live

The service’s offerings actually increased further in 2004 with the introduction of Xbox Live Arcade, a disc-based store launcher that allowed users to access a selection of retro and indie titles for a nominal fee. It all started to fall into place, and when Microsoft rolled out its tracking console, the new and improved Xbox Live was here from day one, with XBLA, all in one thanks to those early basics of online gaming on the original console. The Xbox 360 had it all, and more … which is probably a good place to leave things for now, in fact, as we’ll cover that “and more” part in tomorrow’s article. No prizes for guessing what I might be talking about – let’s just say that’s why you’re all here in the first place. On TA, I mean. Not alive. It would be a strange article to post on a gaming site.

So who was there initially? OG Live beta testers here with the orange memory unit to prove it? Your favorite experiences on Live at the beginning? Let’s hear this!

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Vermintide 2 hits the headlines of this weekend’s free play days

Starting today, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers can play three games for free with Free Play Days. Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Street Power Soccer, and Warhammer: Vermintide 2 are all free until Monday.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Description: “Become an elite special ops soldier known as the Ghost on a special mission in Auroa. The remote archipelago somewhere in the South Pacific has lost contact with the outside world due to the hostility of Skell technology. Wolves, a special ops thug The squad, led by your ex-brother-in-arms, has gained the upper hand and pursues you. Lead your squad through the island landscape and save civilians without being noticed.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint

Become a ghost, an elite special ops soldier, on a special mission in Auroa. The remote archipelago has lost contact with the outside world due to hostility from Skell technology. The Wolves, a rogue special ops team led by your ex-brother-in-arms, have taken over and are hunting you down. Guide your team through the island landscape and rescue civilians without being noticed.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2


Description: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is the critically acclaimed sequel to Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. Fight with your friends against the forces of Chaos and Skaven in this epic 4-player cooperative game set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Vermintide 2 expands intense first-person combat with an all-new enemy faction, 15 new career paths, talent trees, new weapons, an improved loot system, and more.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. Fight with your friends against the forces of Chaos and Skaven in this epic 4-player cooperative game set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Vermintide 2 expands intense first-person combat with an all-new enemy faction, 15 new career paths, talent trees, new weapons, an improved loot system, and more.

Street football

Street Power Football ~ SuperHeroArt

Description: Sick style and energetic action come together in this arcade soccer experience. Face off against street football legends or friends in a variety of extravagant game modes and playgrounds, unleash cheats and crush superpowers to become the king of the streets.

Street football

Street football

Sick style and high-energy action come together in this arcade-style street football experience. Compete against the greats of freestyle football and develop your status to become Street King.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint can take anywhere from 40 to 50 hours – we have guides for almost every achievement, but be forewarned; at least two of these achievements have been marked as buggy. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has a much longer completion time, with estimates suggesting it will take between 80 and 100 hours, with only 111 of the nearly 60,000 TA players completing it. Finally, there’s Street Power Soccer – we don’t have enough data for an estimated completion time for this one yet, as no one on site has completed it yet.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and Street Power Soccer are free to play until Monday. Are you going to experience any of these games? Let us know in the comments!

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Riders Republic review | Reviews on Xbox Series X | S

Ubisoft Republic of the Horsemen, we think it’s fair to say, isn’t off to the best start in terms of initial impressions. This massively multiplayer open-world sports extravaganza – think Forza Horizon with bikes, snowboards and wingsuits and you’ve got 100% the idea – the pose with painful jokes and fiercely boring characters in its opening hour. These… well… idiots, will be your chaperones through a tutorial that explains the basics but, hang on, stay strong and suffer the terrible dialogue for those first sixty minutes, and we promise you will be handsomely rewarded.

Yes, take the heaviest tutorial and you are in for a treat because Riders Republic has some absolutely fantastic arcade eSports action that we have found ourselves completely addicted to over the past week or so. The setup here is an intoxicating hodgepodge of Ubisoft Annecy Soak and the Forza Horizon series from Playground Games, giving you a huge map – here made up of several American national parks joined together to form an absolutely huge playground – that she then proceeds to tag and label all kinds of things. races, time trials, stunts, tricks attempts and so on.

As you progress through each of the sports on offer, from mountain biking and skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit races and more, you will unlock tons of new activities, from simple races to trial runs. stunts and tricks, multidisciplinary extravagances and big boss events. There is also a constant flow of new equipment; better bikes, faster rocket suits, flashier snowboards and skis, all of which range from common value to epic value. You will also earn stars which will improve your career status and grant you access to even more activities and money which you can spend on purchasing awesome bunny heads or giraffe outfits in the in-game store, a store that , thankfully, only offers cosmetics for your real money – one aspect of the procedure that the game luckily refrains from pushing you in the face.

Basically all the bells and whistles, cosmetics, unlockables, emoticons, etc. . Riders Republic also feels deeply, happily, alive. As you teleport around the huge map here, or use your jetpack, snowmobile, or rocket-propelled skis to investigate and explore at your leisure, you’ll see tons of other players running, crashing, throwing themselves head down in the rocks or just hang out at the central area of ​​the game. Open your map and you will see them all, like so many little ants, crawling over all areas of the game, you will feel like you are part of a real lively esports festival teeming with eager competitors.

Of course, all of this would be for naught if the base gameplay wasn’t up to par, and in that regard, it looks like Ubisoft Annecy absolutely nailed it. It is above all pure arcade silliness, a game where you can switch to any discipline anywhere on the world map with just the push of a button. Descend an asphalt road on wooden skis with branches for poles, drive an ice cream cart through deep snow, then launch it from the top of a mountain, snowboard down a waterfall, jetpack down bike trails all the way. -ground … it’s all up to you.

Each of the sporting disciplines here shares a roughly homogenized control system with braking, acceleration and boost function available via the shoulder buttons and the trigger, then a bunch of skills, laps and laps executed via a combination of buttons. facials and controllers. So once you know how to do tricks and land them correctly on a bike, you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​what’s on your snowboard.

Does that sound too simplistic to you? Well, at first we thought the same thing, but in practice, it’s a formula that eliminates so much downtime and potential irritation as you fumble around to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of multiple disciplines, to the instead of allowing players of all skill levels to simply jump in and start shooting tricks. However, there is also an underlying level of skill and finesse, just enough to give you something to get your teeth into, just enough to ensure that players who take the time to learn and practice. improving will excel at most events and be rewarded with true high scores for their efforts.

We are also rightly surprised that all the sport on the list is fun in its own way. We fully expect to have at least one element that we don’t quite focus on in this type of game, but nothing here comes out as particularly boring or boring. In fact, everything from biking and skiing to skydiving through the canyons is fantastic. Ok so wingsuits to do it takes a little getting used to because you will have to fly dangerously close to the ground to score big in this activity, but it doesn’t take long to figure this stuff out and it leads to an overall experience which is always fun, always exhilarating and always full of new things to see and do that you will want to participate.

Riders Republic’s arcade action then begins to peak when various disciplines begin to blend together in multi-part events. These races can see you, for example, take off from a starting point on a bike, hurtle down a steep rocky trail and then reach a transition point that automatically causes you to switch on skis to hurtle down a slope, hit a huge ramp, fast – Don a rocket suit and fly through the checkpoints in flight before returning to your bike for one last frenzied push over the finish line. It’s an exhilarating and spectacular thing, pure arcade bliss that never takes itself too seriously and ensures that the fun is always at the forefront.

You’ll also take part in mass events, currently our favorite part of Riders Republic, where up to 64 players online weave their way down a track and take off along the course, crashing and bumping into each other as they go. they compete for a coveted place on the podium. It’s carnage, tearing apart a field crowded with other players – most of whom are dressed in ridiculous animal costumes – smashing people against barriers or completely off the track, then switching disciplines and soaring into them. tunes to escape the crime scene. There is certainly a huge element of rambling luck involved in making these mass races successful, but it’s so much fun and chaotic that we immediately head to the starting point whenever one of these events is announced by the tannoy system in play.

Riders Republic is also a beautiful thing. The seven national parks that make up the world here have been carefully designed and organized, offering endless spectacular views, forests, snow-capped peaks, famous landmarks and much more. There’s a massive map to explore, and it’s packed with check-off sightseeing spots, collectible relics that give you special gear and complete freedom to trace a trail on any road, mountain, or steep rock face on which you lay your eyes on. It’s also a breeze to navigate, you can quickly travel anywhere you want at any time, making it an experience where there is as much or as little downtime between events as you want. Add in a Zen Mode that removes all other players and lets you explore it all on your own at your own pace, and you get an experience that covers all the bases.

Unfortunately, while we’ve really enjoyed our time with Riders Republic so far, there is are a few issues to report here as well, including complete system crashes that required us to restart our Series X console, something we had a few times during our time with the game. We also encountered some graphics issues, with our avatar occasionally floating through solid objects or disappearing through some landscapes, mostly silly stuff that we hope will be fixed pretty neatly. Also, if we are really picky, the camera can be a little sometimes difficult to handle in certain events, especially when you absolutely fly on a narrow track on a bike and make a tight turn, sometimes you feel like you have to struggle a little too much to stay focused on where it needs to be to be .

Other than those minor issues, however, we’re extremely impressed with what Ubisoft Annecy has delivered with this one. The heart and soul of the wonderful Steep, their previous open-world sporting endeavor, is fully alive here, but it has been incorporated into a game that rejects the serenity of that title for the most part, instead of fully embracing it. knockabout arcade. carnage in a massive world that’s been explicitly designed to encourage social interactions, multiplayer fun, and plenty of meaty single-player action to boot. If you’ve always wanted an extreme sports version of Forza Horizon that looks and plays just as well as the efforts of Playground Games, this really is it. Riders Republic is an absolute blast and the purest, purest fun we’ve had with a sports game in quite some time.

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Xbox Games with Gold: free games for November 2021 announced

Microsoft has found another Lego video game to launch in the Games With Gold offerings in November. 2012 Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes for Xbox 360, available November 16-30, headlines this month’s free-to-play lineup.

The other three are To relocate, a wacky, cooperative, physics-based ‘motion simulator’ from 2020; Kingdom Two Crowns, which launched on Xbox Game Pass in December 2018; and Rocket knight, a 2010 Xbox Live Arcade game that resurrected the protagonist of two Sega Genesis games released in 1993 and 1994.

Here is the full lineup of Games With Gold for November:

  • To relocate ($ 24.99 ERP): Available from November 1 to November 30
  • Kingdom Two Crowns ($ 19.99 ERP): available from Nov. 16 to Dec. 15
  • Rocket knight ($ 14.99 ERP): Available November 1 to 15
  • Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes ($ 19.99 ERP): available November 16 to 30

Traveller’s Tales / TT Games has developed 28 licensed Lego video games for Xbox platforms starting with Lego Star Wars: The video game in 2005. Eight of them are now offered as monthly giveaways in Games With Gold. The other seven are Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game in 2017; Lego Indiana Jones 2: The adventure continues and Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars 2020; Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy and Lego Indiana Jones in 2020; and Lego Batman earlier this year.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can still download three of the Games with Gold titles starting in October: Aero (until October 31); Float (until November 15); and Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (until October 31).

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All the best Xbox games you can play in 2021

TThe best Xbox games really aren’t that hard to find. While the good old-fashioned powerhouse that is the Xbox One may not be the brightest new toy out of the box anymore, not now that the Xbox Series X | S is the gift everyone wants. for Christmas, but despite a troubled launch early in its life, Microsoft’s next-gen machine left behind a ton of very special titles. What makes this exceptional catalog even better is that if you are lucky enough to own the latest Microsoft console, you can play all the best Xbox One games in 2021 on the new system as well! And they usually come with some serious visual and performance upgrades, to boot.

However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. The focus here is on reviewing the best Xbox One games, and that means whether you own an Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, or one of the original next-gen consoles, each of them. these titles are easily taken into account. “essential” purchases.

Covering a variety of different genres and tastes, the titles collected in our list are suitable for all moods. So whether you’re looking to shoot aliens, explore mystical lands, or just roam Scotland at excessive speeds without any risk, you’ll want to take a look at the best Xbox One games to play in 2021.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo 4. Credit: 343 Industries

Is it even possible to imagine the success of Xbox without the Master Chief stories? Maybe not, and for good reason. Halo: The Master Chief Collection tells a fantastic story while providing a captivating experience. The first game, Halo: combat has evolved, may be 20 years old now, but still a fantastic example of strong level design.

This trend continues throughout the series. While some entries (we’re looking at you, Halo 2) aren’t quite as strong, they’re still worth playing, and this collection means you get them all, including Halo Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4. Being able to follow the story in depth and see how the game evolves from more basic combat to dual-wielding weapons and massive vehicle control (always a highlight of the series) is extremely enjoyable.

You don’t have to go solo either. Revolutionary cooperative modes and extensive multiplayer options ensure a rich experience for all tastes. It’s a slice of history that has aged really well and deserves its place among the best Xbox One games.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4. Credit: Playground games

Want to let off steam and hit the country roads at ridiculous speeds? Forza Horizon 4 is for you. Capturing many familiar sites around Britain including Edinburgh Castle, the Lake District and the Cotswolds, it could have been so serene, but it isn’t.

Typically arcade racing in nature, Forza Horizon 4 does not stop there either with its open world environment giving rise to many DLC including Lego Speed ​​Champions featuring Lego toy versions of famous cars, including the Bugatti Veyron. With over 750 cars to collect, there’s certainly no shortage of content here and just driving is extremely relaxing and fun. Even if you are not generally a fan of racing games, you will find this experience to be one of the best Xbox One games available on Xbox Game Pass. Try it, even if it’s not your usual cup of tea.

Gears 5

gears 5 the coalition developer
Gears 5. Credit: The Coalition

The Weaponry of war the series has always been a strong franchise for Xbox 360 and above, and Gears 5 takes it to new heights thanks to a better scenario. After Gears of War 4, it focuses on Kait Diaz as she learns about the origins of the Desert Locust and her family history.

Basically, you don’t really need to know the story behind the Gears series to enjoy it. The satisfaction that comes from the drone chainsaw and shooting other enemies is still a highlight of the series anyway, but it’s good to see the latest installment a bit more character-driven than before.

As Halo: The Master Chief Collection, plenty of co-op options and multiplayer mode ensure you’ll come back for more, even after the story is over.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2. Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar has always done a fantastic job creating worlds you can get lost in and Red Dead Redemption 2 is the pinnacle of such achievements at this time. Being able to live the life of a cowboy in the Wild West is almost overwhelming at first thanks to such a level of detail. It’s the little things that captivate you first, like the smoke billowing from a gun barrel, but it’s the powerful story that keeps you coming back for more.

It’s not for the faint of heart, as it’s incredibly long and a bit slow to start, but if you want to fully embrace a different way of life and history for a while, there’s no better way to do it only through Red Dead Redemption 2. It is simply a spectacular place to walk around and take part in missions and adventures whenever you want.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Credit: CD Projekt Red

Another open world game but in a very different way from Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is for the fantasy fans out there. It’s vast with a seemingly endless supply of side quests, but, impressively, many of them still manage to tell you compelling stories, no matter how brief they are.

A wide variety of combat options means you can develop your character the way you want rather than feeling trapped in a set path like with other RPGs. The world around you feels like it is changing with your every decision and we won’t blame you if you focus elsewhere before tackling the main quest. It’s just that big. The main story alone would be good The Witcher 3 as one of the best Xbox One games, all the extra content is just a bonus.

Apex Legends

Valkyrie Apex Legends Heroes
Apex Legends. Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Battle Royale games are all the rage and we’ll admit it now – choose Apex Legends is a very personal choice among so many subjective calls. After all, Fortnite also well worth your time too. However, its fusion of different elements and progression system are well worth the extra time that goes into it.

Players form teams of three who combine their abilities to make the most of their time together. It’s just the right number to be a part of something bigger without being too big, encouraging good team play. With a constant stream of new content, you potentially never need to approach another game again. Each new season means there’s always something new to aim for with plenty of limited-time events as well.


Minecraft. Credit: Mojang Studios

Yes Minecraft has sort of passed you so far, this is your chance. It’s a bit like a giant Lego Sandbox. Players can simply spend time building constructions in a forest, mining ore, and creating their dream house and world, or they can opt for survival mode. This mode means there are threats to deal with at night, which means you’ll have to stay on your toes.

Of course, whatever you do, creativity is your best weapon here and a quick Google of Minecraft constructions shows what can be accomplished. Its lack of focus and structure may put off those looking for a specific goal, but to let your imagination run wild, it’s great for the whole family. It’s not just one of the best Xbox One games, it’s one of the most important games of all time.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Hellblade: Sacrifice of Senua. Credit: Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory has always been known for creating intriguing action-adventure games with Slaved: Odyssey to the West previously its standout entry. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice surpasses that by using Norse mythology and Celtic culture to tell a story of deep and difficult depression and mental health issues.

It’s not an easy game to play thematically as it does such a valiant job depicting the main character’s struggles with psychosis, but it’s an important game. Blending in a mix of hack and slash, puzzle solving, and horror, it will stay on your mind for a long time, especially if you sympathize with some of its topics. You are going to want to discover this title before The Senua Saga: Hellblade 2 launches – when it can be.

Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves
Sea of ​​Thieves. Credit: Rare

Always wanted to be a pirate? If your childhood fantasies have continued into adulthood, you can experience them here in a more carefree way than reality can provide. Sea of ​​Thieves is huge; one of the best Xbox One games (and there are a lot of people out there saying it). A shared world adventure game, players meet regularly on the high seas, sometimes safe, and sometimes less safe.

This can mean that the game is a bit punishing, especially if you don’t make allies quickly, but there isn’t much like it elsewhere. Invest enough time and you can build routes with trading companies, hunt down treasures, or just travel the world doing whatever you want. Easy? Not at all, but quite appealing for those looking for a little freedom.

Fall of the Titans 2

Fall of the Titans 2
Titanfall 2. Credit: Respawn Entertainment

An underrated gem, Fall of the Titans 2 lets you control huge robots before jumping out of the cockpit and shooting the remaining enemies. How could that not be fun? Add to it wall running and other cool tricks and it’s an extremely entertaining first person shooter game.

Impressively, the script is pretty good too, so it’s not all about parkour and filming in style. Don’t count on someone sticking with multiplayer (although it’s worth it) given their age, and sadly we’ll never see a sequel, but sometimes it’s good to end up with what’s already there. . Who would have thought that one of the best Xbox One games would be this old?

Did we miss something? Tell us what you think.

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Brütal Legend XBOX 360 review

In Brütal Legend, the world of video games and music collide. Recently released for the PlayStation Entertainment System and XBOX 360, Brütal Legend is the latest game from Tim Schafer, creator of titles as famous as The Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. The question is, does the world of rock and video games mix well enough to create anything other than a well-meaning mess? The answer is yes, they combine into a very interesting game – don’t expect a masterpiece.

The Brütal Legend story follows roadie extraordinary Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black) after he suffers an abnormal stage crash and finds himself in a fantasy world, filled not with dwarves and elves, but more like metal-inspired dwellers and a cast of characters straight from your dog-eared vinyl collection. Eddie’s quest is to save the country from a horde of evil demons who enslave mankind, while discovering something about himself. Tim Schafer isn’t the type to skimp on history. If Schafer’s pedigree proves anything, it’s that playing a video game means more than just slicing and dicing, it involves the player’s total immersion and conviction to engage in a world of pixels and polygons.

Brutal legend

Brütal Legend is no exception, Schafer makes players want to navigate the world and play until the end credits. Acting skills and visual style create an interactive world that borders on cinema at times, and producers have gone to great lengths to incorporate cameos from branded rockers. Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford and Ozzy Osbourne all lend vocal talents as well as likenesses, imposing an authenticity few games can challenge. Too bad the story was not longer. To count around six hours of playing time for a single player seems insignificant. The end also comes too soon, taking away some of the glory gained from purging the land of demons.

The gameplay consists of three main elements, a third-person action game, open world roaming, and a strategy section. This combination adds to a minor weakness, as the sections do not appear to be compatible. That’s not to say they’re disjointed, but when you look at Legend as an interactive story, you start to feel that there are parts that prevent you from learning more about Eddie Riggs and his team. The third person action works well, you feel like you have full control over Eddie and you feel powerful doing it. But the strategy section is bogged down in complexity. Likewise, the multiplayer component isn’t as convincing as it could have been, making it unable to maintain significant replay value.

A crucial aspect of the game is the open world player experience with the vehicle, The Deuce. For most of the game, this acts as a way to jump from quest to quest, but it’s just as fun to blow up tunes and sightseeing. Missions abound where players can dismantle The Deuce and follow along, as well as places where you can upgrade your weapons and car, but this part again seems like a missed opportunity. It would have been advantageous to link the side missions to the main storyline to create a bigger game rather than including an arbitrary “arcade” mode in the major “story” mode.

Brutal legend

The stellar soundtrack that accompanies Legend is, of course, phenomenal, made up of tracks from rock legends such as Motörhead, Black Sabbath, KMFDM, Whitesnake, Megadeth, Ministry, Slayer and Mötley Crüe – with more satirical music by Tenacious. D and Dethklok. Never have metal and rock tunes been used to aid such a high concept playing. Not a moment goes by that anthemic rock loaded with riffs does not explode. During key events in the game, the emphasis on storytelling and character development is brought out through the music. Using music to propel the story forward makes it both an intriguing game and, dare I say it, a legendary soundtrack – however, that doesn’t quite redeem the gameplay’s breakaways.

So, with the strong story component but the weaker gameplay component, Brütal Legend begs the question: is it worth it? Well, this question is not as simple as you might think. If you are a fan of Tim Schafer then this is a ripe addition to your collection – you don’t need me to tell you that. For people new to Schafer or for those interested in integrating music and games, you should still play this game, but don’t go to the trouble of owning it. The characters and the world they reside in need to be experienced, but once may be enough. Praise it or make friends with those who own it, because the storyline and character arcs are worth it.

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‘Stranger Things’ and Microsoft offer Xbox arcade cabinet

Microsoft partners with Netflix to celebrate season three of Strange things. The collaboration dates back to the summer of 1985, with the introduction of an application inspired by Windows 1.0, Strange things– Theme coding camps offered through the Microsoft Store, as well as commemorative Xbox content and prizes.

While Strange things Season three takes place in 1985, which was also a particularly noteworthy year for Microsoft. The company then celebrated the 10th anniversary of its headquarters in Redmond and the release of Windows 1.0. Microsoft’s Windows 1.11 application was subsequently inspired by Windows 1.0, with iconic Paint and Terminal programs, as well as Strange things-themed puzzles and unique content. Just visit foreigners to play.

Next, Microsoft allows fans to attend Camp Know Where at Microsoft Store. The experience includes two free STEM-inspired workshops with technological themes revolving around the show and its characters. Those 13 years of age and older can register at their local Microsoft Store or in line for two workshops: Rule the Arcade and Strange-ify Your World. In Rule the Arcade, participants will create their own playable video game using fundamental gameplay and coding concepts, similar to Mad Max and Dustin on the show. The Strange-ify Your World class sees participants create a story about teamwork and friendship, before playing with mixed reality to immerse themselves in the world of Strange things present their own Strange things-inspired mini-movie with 3D models, Windows Ink, special effects and a soundtrack.

Finally, fans of the series can earn the ultimate Strange things Xbox Price Pack, which includes a Stranger things 3 Collectible Arcade Cabinet, plus a new Xbox One X and 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Anyone interested in entering the contest, which runs until July 15, should retweet or like the reveal post on the Xbox Twitter Channel or the Xbox Facebook Page.

For more on the hit Netflix show, be sure to check out our recently released Stranger things 3 collection.

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