Layer Section and Galactic Attack S-Tribute announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

City Connection has announcement Layers Section and Galactic Attack S-Tribute for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Steam). It will first launch on PlayStation 4 and Switch as a digital-only title on April 28, followed by Xbox One and PC via Steam at a later date. A demo is now available for PlayStation 4 and Change in Japan.

Layers Section and Galactic Attack S-Tribute is the first in a series of S-tribute titles in collaboration with Taito. following layer section City Connection will publish the following titles under the brand:

  • 2X Bobble Puzzle and Bobble Puzzle 3
  • Elevator Action Returns
  • Black Metal
  • Cleopatra Fortune

Here is an overview of the game, via its official site:


Layers Section and Galactic Attack S-Tribute is a shooting video game published by City Connection.

Released in 1995 by Taito, layer section is the home console version of the arcade game Ray Forcea vertical shooter.

Players control X-RAY, a mobile weapon equipped with lock-on lasers, and battle against the Con-Human System for the survival of humanity.

You can also play Galactic Attackgoing abroad layer section.

Enjoy enhanced home console game background music in stereo sound in this title.

The remixed main melodies are stylishly different from their arcade versions!

New useful features such as game rewind, slow mode and fast save have been added.

Compare scores with others in the new online leaderboard mode!

Lockable lasers

  • A main feature of the game, lock-on lasers allow you to attack enemies on the ground or in low orbit.
  • Use your unit’s reticle to lock on enemies and fire lasers at them in one shot.
  • Target up to eight units at once. Destroy multiple enemies together for a higher score.
  • Destroy eight enemies at once for a 128x multiplier!
  • Take full advantage of the lock-on lasers to aim for higher scores!

Useful features and options

  • Rewind – Rewind the game a certain amount of time and resume.
  • slow mode – Slow down the pace of the game with the press of a single button.
  • Fast save/load – Save game state at any time. Up to three slots available.
  • Stage selection – Play your favorite scenes with your preferred settings.
  • Expanded rapid fire settings – Rapid fire can now go faster than the original home console version (15/second -> 30/second).
  • Coin Credits – Insert up to 99 credits and play at your leisure without worrying about what’s next.
  • Change difficulty increase settings – Play at a constant minimum or maximum difficulty, which increases when certain conditions are met.
  • Screen orientation – For arcade mode. Optimized for portrait screen orientation.
  • Scan lines – Mimics the nostalgic display of the CRT monitor.
  • Online Ranking – Switch to online leaderboard mode in settings to enter your score in online leaderboards and check how you compare to others.

On S-tribute Series

Reprints of classics produced and developed by City Connection with the Zebra engine at the time of Saturn.

Play a variety of titles with improved controls and new features.

Watch the trailer below.

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The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls U149 manga becomes an anime

The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls U149 manga becomes an anime with Pictures of Cygames as an animation production company.

A region-locked trailer announcing the start of The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls U149 anime project came out, while mangaka No drew a commemorative illustration mentioning that the anime is in the planning stage.

The manga published by Cygames debuted in 2016 and will release its 9th and 10th tankoubon volumes on April 8. The series is described as being “about the growth of little idols and their little producer”.

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s The Idolmaster (stylized as THE [email protected]) multimedia franchise begins with a 2005 arcade game that was ported to the Xbox 360 in 2007. It has since spawned several other games as well as anime, this the latter including series like those of 2007. Idolmaster: Xenoglossy, 2011 The master of idols2015 The Idolmaster Cinderella girls, 2017 The Idolmaster SideMand the next The Idolmaster Million Live!slated to premiere in Japan in 2023. The franchise has also inspired radio shows, drama CDs, soundtrack releases, and print media.

Source: @imas_official, (2)

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Deathsmiles I & II are coming to PC this summer

Deathsmiles I & II are coming to PC this summer

Part of a collection, Deathsmiles I & II first released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in December 2021. Today publisher City Connection and developer Zerodiv announced that the two games will be released on PC via Steam this summer. . Additionally, fans of the game in Japan will be able to get their hands on a physical version. The side-scrolling shooter is unique and a fan favorite! Interested fans can wishlist the game on Steam here.

Deathsmiles is set in the alternate world of Gilverado where angels take center stage. The game is an odd mix of gothic themes, lovable character designs, gameplay, and controls that make players love it. It is a shoot em’ up title where players progress through the world and fight various enemies.

The collection includes three series modes and titles. These are Deathsmiles, which was the original arcade release in 2007, as well as Deathsmiles Mega Black Label, which is an upgrade from the original. Finally, there is Deathsmiles IIX Christmas In Hell. Modes include Arcade, Normal, and Arrange.

Additionally, players will have access to comprehensive training modes and online leaderboards. In practice mode, players can customize scene and player unit settings to practice. Stages can be designed for beginners and experts to improve and learn the game. Plus, online leaderboards allow players to keep practicing and breaking the record! Deathsmiles is an interesting indie game for fans.

What do you think of Deathsmiles? Have you tried any of the games on the console? Are you interested in its PC version? Are you going to try it in the summer? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.


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Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium gets a rating in South Korea

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium gets ranked in South Korea

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium already appears to be in the works. The sequel was just noted on the South Korean official game rating site.

The game has two linked entries on the website. One is for Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, while the other is for Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Bundle #1. These two entries describe each title as “a PC game that features various retro 80s and 90s arcade games developed by Capcom as a collection.

Additionally, the two entrances to Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium also have a 15+ age rating. This is different from the original game rating, which was 12+. Apparently, the sequel got a higher age rating since it will feature the “female character body exposure” as well as “bodily mutilation, amputation, etc. appearing in fighting games.

Capcom told the gaming public last year that they had more packages for the franchise in the future. News of this South Korean rating has further fueled speculation that an all-new release is on the way with its own set of classics.

Capcom’s predecessor Arcade 2nd Stadium was released on Switch last February. It launched for PC, PS4, and Xbox One gamers several months later. The collection includes 32 retro arcade games that Capcom has released over 17 years.

At the time, the developers promised that they would expand the franchise’s library of 32 games in the future. It’s still unclear if the game will feature the expansion they were talking about.

Additionally, fans are also still unsure if the upcoming sequel will just be an expansion or if it will be a standalone release with new DLC titles. This suggests that players won’t be able to rely on their current collection.

Are you excited for what’s next? Let us know in the comments below.


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Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Games To Play While Waiting For All-Star Battle R

With JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R approaching fall 2022, it’s understandable that fans are eager to play with their favorite characters as soon as possible. Fortunately, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure already has an extensive catalog of games, spanning the past two decades and featuring characters from all eight currently written parts of Hirohiko Araki’s critically acclaimed manga.

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These titles range from role-playing games to arcade fighters, collectively offering a bunch of gameplay variations for players to experiment with. While many of these games are available for PlayStation users, it’s also possible for fans of other systems to experience Stand-based combat as well.

8 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (SNES)

Gameplay of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for SNES where Joseph Joestar speaks

The first one JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure The game was released in 1992 for the SNES and used the same name as the Manga series. This was originally intended as a role-playing game only released in Japan, although an English patch has since been made available. The turn-based RPG is an adaptation of the third story arc, stardust crusaders, where players progress through the story as the main characters: Jotaro, Kakyoin, Joseph, Avdol, Polnareff and Iggy.

While the combat system might feel clunky compared to most turn-based combat systems in the modern gaming landscape, the art style and field of view give the game a charming retro feel that must have been very impressive. on his first outing.


7 JoJo’s Adventure (Arcade)

Gameplay Of JoJo's Venture For Arcade with a character next to a vehicle in the sand

The game titled JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, or as it was marked in the west JoJo’s adventure, was the very first JoJo media that audiences outside of Japan saw. While JoJo’s OVA series wouldn’t be released on DVD in North America until 2003, the fighting game made its way to arcade machines in December 1998.

Simply put, this game dates extremely well. Animation is sleek and smooth, combos are fun to execute, and using your character’s Stand leads to dynamic and surprisingly complex combat. A true classic.

6 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Legacy for the Future (Dreamcast)

JoJo Heritage For The Future Gameplay Where Jotaro Kujo Fights Anubis

Less than a year after gamers saw the Stardust Crusaders on arcade machines in North America, an updated version of the title soon followed. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: A Legacy for the Future debuted on arcade, Dreamcast and PlayStation in 1999, to solid reception.

Not only does it have all the content of JoJo’s Adventure, but it also features eight additional characters and different game modes. An HD port of the game was released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live arcade in 2012, meaning more gamers could easily get their hands on the game.

5 GioGio’s Bizarre Adventure (PlayStation 2)

Bruno Bucciarati licks Giorno Giovanna in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure for PS2

Released only for PlayStation 2 in Japan, GioGio’s Bizarre Adventure is a single-player 3D action-adventure game centered on the events of the fifth story arc of the Manga series Golden wind.

Available via emulation and an English patch, players will be struck by how well the overall style of this 3D brawler mimics the source material, with well-designed pit combat and stunning PS2-era environments. Fans nostalgic for this story arc of the Manga or the corresponding anime adaptation will want to check out this game.

4 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PlayStation 2)

Johnathan Joestar of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

Fans nostalgic for the early days of the franchise need look no further than JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood for the PlayStation 2. This 3D brawler was created in 2006 to celebrate the anniversary of the serialization of the long-running manga. Similar to GioGio’s Bizarre Adventure, it is only available to Western audiences via an English patch.

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While the combat system needs a lot of work, it’s fun to see the story of phantom blood in game form. In addition, the voice acting is top notch. Overall, it’s a game with a lot of potential and the less than stellar gameplay could be forgiven by hardcore fans.

3 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (PlayStation 3)

All star battle Gameplay DIO and Jotaro characters fight

Those who are the most excited All-Star Battle R will likely look to the original PS3 game released internationally in 2014. VScertainly the most complete JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Game, star battle features characters from all eight parts of the serialized manga and can progress through each protagonist’s respective stories.

Not only is it visually more impressive than the 1992 arcade game, but it’s also easier to pull off combos. Unlockable cosmetics, stage obstacles and spectacular finishes all contribute to the flashy and charming nature that everything Jojo related media should have. The quality of this game is testament to why there is so much hype for All-Star Battle R.

2 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Sky Eyes (PS4)

Eyes of Heaven Gameplay with Jotaro and Jolyne doing a joint combo attack

Supervised by the mangaka of the series, Hirohiko Araki, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is a tag team arena fighter full of weird mayhem and great fan service. Released in 2016 for Western audiences, sky eyes features an original story featuring all of JoJo’s protagonists interacting with each other. This translates directly into gameplay. Characters can double combos with each other to do massive damage, perform flashy special moves, and exchange unique dialogue.

Despite the lack of local multiplayer, any JoJo fan would love the absurd fan service the game provides.

Make sure you are aware of all parts of JoJo including the manga before playing as this game will spoil many plot points.

1 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor (Arcade)

Last Survivor character select screen with Josuke in the foreground

One of the most recent Jojo games, released in 2019 by Namco Bandai Games, is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor a battle royale arcade game. Last survivor can support up to twenty different players in a game, and players can upgrade their stand abilities to gain an edge over other players, in hopes of becoming the last one standing. The game also features classic settings like Morioh.

Unfortunately, this game is only available on arcade machines, so console players may be out of luck. However, if you are lucky enough to find an arcade with last survivor, it is definitely worth having fun in the battle royale with the different stands.

MORE: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Game That Needs Its Own Anime

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Featured Image

JoJo’s bizarre adventure game that needs its own anime

Read more

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New video games released in April 2022 on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

After a busy month of March 2022, which was entirely devoted to WWE 2K22, Grand Theft Auto V Remastered and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R, players have a lot to look forward to in April. A slew of new video games are set to release throughout the month on platforms including PC PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X.

However, April will have fewer launches than the previous month. These include Nintendo Switch Sports, Lego Star Wars and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, as well as some delays due to “recent world events”. For example, Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp was supposed to be deployed on April 8, but it was postponed. Its new release date has not yet been announced.

Another highly anticipated game slated for release in early 2022 but without a specific date is Dune: The Spice Wars.

An overview of video games released in April 2022 with their release dates

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Image: Courtesy of Star Wars

Release date: April 5

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Switch

Welcoming all fans and game enthusiasts, the star wars official site mentions, “Experience fun adventures, whimsical humor and the freedom to fully immerse yourself in the Lego Star Wars universe like never before.

For the uninitiated, the game is the brick-based adaptation by game developer Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Games. One of the most ambitious of all the games to come, it has hundreds of characters spread across nine main “episode” films. Classic ships and locations from the movies take center stage in the video game as stunning visual effects create open worlds using Lego blocks.

Wondering which films will be shown? Since “Skywalker Saga” generally refers to the three main trilogies, we can expect to play through Lego versions of A Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker in this game.

MLB The Show 22

Video games coming in April: MLB The Show
Image: Courtesy of Playstation

Release date: April 5

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch

What if baseball was just a niche sport? Its global appeal and gaming visuals cannot be ignored. Moreover, the launch of the MLB game on such varied platforms will surely make it hard to miss.

Players can look forward to the newest installment in San Diego Studio’s annual baseball game series, which will bring new features such as cross-save and cross-play to all platforms it launches on.

The game comes with new features allowing players to create and use multiple ball players. Additionally, players can collect fantasy cards to create a collection through which they can earn rewards and points.

They can also pre-order the game from MLB website.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Video game release in April: Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition
Image: Courtesy of Square Enix

Release date: April 7

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

It was as recently as during the February 2022 Nintendo Direct that Square Enix and Nintendo announced the release of this game, which will be a remaster of the 1999s. Chrono-Cross.

In Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Editionplayers will be able to turn off enemy encounters and play the Radical Dreamers part of the game that connects the two Chrono-Cross and the trigger of a stopwatch.

Until now, players couldn’t play this game outside of the SNES adapter, which was only available in Japan. If that’s not a good reason to dive back into this Nintendo game, we don’t know what is.

To top it off, the new remastered version also has a really cool soundtrack, great combat moves, and tells an amazing story.

House of the Dead Remake

Games coming in April: The House of the Dead Remake
Image: Courtesy of Nintendolife

Release date: April 7

Platform: Switch

It will be a “remade version” of the 1997 small arms horror classic on the arcade platform. According to Nintendo’s official developer website, Forever Entertainment, the Sega classic is “an all-new environment and gameplay changes to fit modern gaming standards.” the trailer features stunning modern graphics, suggesting that the game would be quite close to its original.

House of the Dead Remake it looks like it will keep the rail-shooter gameplay, gory scenes, and overall tone mostly the same as the previous version, as players take down hordes of the undead.

Originally the two The house of the dead and House of the Dead 2 were released in arcades in 1996 and 1998, respectively. Sega later released a few versions of the game on Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, and Windows PC. In 2019, Forever Entertainment announced the launch of the remade versions.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

April Video Games: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
Image: Courtesy of Nintendolife

Release date: April 12

Platform: Switch

This video game comes in two modes and is for teenagers in mechs – robots called Sentinels – and those in this Vanillaware game world.

As players navigate through the various paths taken by one of the game’s protagonists in the VN section’s mystery box story called Remembrance Mode, mechs are placed on a tactical map where they defend humanity against a kaiju invasion in the RTS Destruction Mode.

To push the PS4 2020 narrative forward, game developer Atlus is set to roll out the new game in a few weeks. Even if you played the PS4 version, you can still try the Switch version, as it will contain new content.

Vanillaware is the studio behind names like Odin Sphere, Muramasa: The Demonic Blade and dragon crown. Again, 13 Sentinels remains his most ambitious and graphically beautiful project. You can also pre-order this sci-fi adventure tale here.

STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed

Video Games in April: STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed
Image: Courtesy of Nintendo

Release date: April 20

Platform: Switch

Play as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice whose ultimate goal is to hunt down and kill the Jedi. You’ll have access to a host of Force powers and lightsaber combos.

Similar to the 2008 version of the Nintendo Wii, you can use the Nintendo Joy-Con motion controls to really unleash the destructive power of the Force or challenge a friend to one-on-one combat in the local multiplayer duel mode. In this mode, you have the option to choose from 27 characters to challenge your friend, and the winner becomes the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy.

On his websiteNintendo says players can “experience the untold story of the Secret Apprentice that takes place between STAR WARS: Revenge of the Sith and STAR WARS: A New Hope.” You can travel across different galaxies and defeat the Jedi Masters who stand in your way to carry out Darth Vader’s orders. These include Cloud City, the homeworld of Wookiee Kashyyyk, and other unique locations like the flower planet Felucia and the junk planet Raxus Prime.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Games coming in April: Zombie Army 4: Dead War
Image: Courtesy Rebellion

Release date: April 26

Platform: Switch

The game, which is already available on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and Epic Games Store or Steam for PC, is ready to launch on Switch with new features. After the successes of Elite Sniper 4 and Strange Brigade, Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the recent Rebellion title to drop on the platform.

With Gyro controls as one of the noted features, the game will have dynamic resolution so players will get a 30fps experience, at 1080p when docked and 720p in handheld mode. In addition to drop-in, drop-out, and start-to-finish co-op, the game can be played by up to four players.

The bigger and more difficult Horde mode is here to test your survival skills as you try to make your way through the canals of Venice while battling herds of zombies. The new x-ray kill cam is for the “undead” and will be equipped with traps and explosives.

Players can also purchase Season Pass Two and Season Pass Three at launch. According to Rebellion, “Completed with an in-game achievement system, players who complete the base game storyline will unlock Nightmare Mode to increase the challenge even further.”

Nintendo Switch Sports

Video games in April: Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Courtesy of Nintendo

Release date: April 26

Platform: Switch

The wait for Nintendo Switch Sports is almost over and this time the new installment of Wii sports comes with six new games – soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton and sword sport, chambara.

The Nintendo Switch Sports will support both local multiplayer and online multiplayer. It will also recreate these real-life sports to encourage players to play fun sports at home, using the motion control capabilities of Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo website also states, “Apart from customizing your avatar with items collected while playing online, there are all kinds of fun ways, like testing your abilities in the Pro League where you can try to increase your rank by winning in different sports.”

Fans can expect two more future updates after launch. While the first, which will arrive in the summer of 2022, will allow players to use the Joy-Con controller and the Leg Strap accessory to play football, the second, which will be released in the fall of 2022, will add golf to sports list.

Hero and Feature Image: Courtesy of Nintendo, Star Wars

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Agent Intercept Saves the World on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Is it a car, plane, boat, sled…?? No, it’s great Agent Intercept on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Agent Intercept is rolling out to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, giving players the ability to tap into their inner secret spy and hope to save the world.

Priced at £16.99, Agent Intercept puts you behind the wheel of the Spectre, the Agency’s most high-tech transforming car. It’s what you’ll use to put the smackdown on the evil CLAW and their attempts to rule the world.

In a flash, your Specter can transform from a standard car equipped with weapons to an airplane, boat or even a sled, as you use a variety of abilities as they are required.

Making the most of these different shapes will allow you to work in a variety of environments as CLAW throws everything they have your way; attack helicopters, jets, nuclear submarines and more. There’s a ton going on in Agent Intercept, with multiple game modes ensuring there should be enough to keep you coming back for more.

“Agent Intercept is an action-packed thrill ride that offers something completely new to the arcade action driving genre. This has been a true passion project for the studio,” said Mario Wynands, CEO of PikPok.”Giving a wide range of art, narrative and audio teams the opportunity to showcase a unique twist on the classic spy theme. We’re excited to share this experience with gamers on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation consoles and Xbox systems today!

That’s the plan anyway, but we strongly advise you to check it out our opinion on Agent Intercept on Xbox before getting your download. If you are then sold, fill your boots with an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S download from the Xbox Store. You will also find the game on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Description of the game:

The world needs you, Agent! Take control of the Scepter, the Agency’s latest high-tech transformation vehicle, and take on the criminal organization CLAW in this explosive arcade driving game. Dodge enemy gunfire, mines and lasers as you perform over-the-top stunts and use the Scepter’s high-tech gadgets to blast your enemies. Feel like a super spy as you transform the Scepter from car to plane and more, immersed in exotic locations and an original high-energy soundtrack! With a new threat around every corner, it will take everything you have to defeat CLAW. An agent’s job is never done. Agent Intercept offers expanded gameplay beyond its rich campaign. Participate in side missions, unlock experiences and prove your worth as a super spy on our world

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Why Retro Games Are So Expensive Now

The video game market is at a time when it’s never been bigger, consistently delivering an unlimited amount of high-quality entertainment for both experienced and inexperienced gamers, ranging from AAA games that require tens of millions of dollars to produce , until the re-releases and remasters of retro games done decades ago. The market has grown to accommodate dozens of different types of games, and over the past few years retro games have made a comeback in many different forms.

Some companies, such as BANDAI NAMCO, have completely recreated some of their most famous games, such as last year’s release of PAC-MAN 99 on the Nintendo Switch. In other cases, companies like Atari have chosen to port older games, such as the original donkey kong, to current-gen consoles so players can experience older games on newer hardware. This kind of trend can also be found elsewhere in the industry, as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is designed with backwards compatibility, being able to run games dating back to the original Xbox, allowing gamers the freedom to play and experience hundreds of older games. which have never been updated.


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In addition to companies re-releasing older games, there are also many stores focused on reselling retro games, with many retro gaming classics making a comeback through resale. These stores provide a convenient physical way to browse and discover older titles. They also allow for instant gratification, as buying retro games from websites can sometimes take time due to auctions and shipping. These stores typically sell games from most older game systems, ranging from the NES to the PlayStation 2. The downside to many stores is that in order to compete with online auction websites, where much of the retro game market is centered, prices may be inflated to match online prices. In addition to retro retail stores, auctions take advantage of the retro video game market. In an article published by Business Interna copy of Super Mario 64 sold for $1.5 million at auction. Not even a month later, another copy of the game was sold for $2 million.

Retro games are being seen as an investment by speculators

Nintendo Retro Games Price Increase During Earthbound Fire Emblem Quarantine

So the question remains: why are retro games so expensive? Part of the answer is that people have started to think of them as investments. The two aforementioned copies of Super Mario 64 were not sold in the traditional way, but rather sold in the form of shares, which made it easier for people to come in and invest. Similar to Antstream Arcade Subscription, which makes retro arcade games more accessible by providing them as a service for a monthly subscription, this method of selling classic games offers a simple, modern solution for people to get into. the market, giving those who have invested the opportunity to walk away with massive gains, making it a lucrative investment. At a traditional auction, copies of the game have been selling for the $100,000 range for the past few years, and now, due to the change in how it’s sold, it may be worth much more.

After visiting one of these retro game stores, Evan Nixon expressed their concerns on Twitter after spotting a used copy of The Simpsons: Hit & Run for the Nintendo GameCube. This game was released in 2003 and is only available on early 2000s hardware, and was priced at $119.95. These prices are higher than some of the online listings because on Amazon the game could be purchased for $89.99. For comparison, some modern AAA video games, like the recent Demon’s Souls remake for the PlayStation 5, only recently made the jump to $69.99, so paying way over that for a 19 year old game is a big ask for those just looking to play it rather than see it as an investment. Nixon also mentions in the tweet that they spotted a copy of Crazy 2002 which was priced around $30, which seems unreasonable given that the Madden franchise has a new installment every year, which makes it seem like there should generally be lower demand for older editions of the franchise.

Retro gaming and console hardware is continually aging

10 best retro SEGA games you can play on Xbox

Another reason retro games are getting more expensive is that there’s a greater demand for them as older units start to age and break down, making surviving items more valuable. This makes devices like the Analogue Pocket, a modern retro handheld more appealing to the masses because they no longer need to acquire and maintain older console hardware, but can play physical games on a newer device. In some cases, game labels are torn and discolored, making them harder to sell due to poor quality, and many retro games are missing boxes. While these types of offers are usually much cheaper, it also serves to increase the price of rarer full copies of games, especially those without major damage. It can be quite difficult to find used complete copies of Game Boy Advance titles, for example, which are almost always missing their original packaging, making those with their original outer boxes much more expensive to acquire.

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With the expansion of the gaming industry, as well as the rise of methods such as split investing and auctions, retro subscription services, companies carrying older games, retro handheld devices and emulators , retro games have increased in terms of visibility. Sometimes this has led to a steep drop in the price of an original boxed copy of a game, particularly if the primary reason for owning it was to play it (rather than treating it as an investment), but it has also increased awareness of gaming history with newer generations, and as older gamers become wealthier, they also have a greater ability to pay for some of the titles they remember from their youth.

retro games continue to influence and inspire modern series, especially in the indie scene, with many indie games developed in retro styles, giving them an older feel but with current control schemes and gameplay mechanics. As game preservation becomes a broader and more nuanced topic, and organizations like the Video Game History Foundation strive to preserve digital game history for future generations, the value of retro gaming will no doubt doubt that continue to increase. One can only hope that more ports and re-releases will become the norm, as it might not be much longer before the average person can afford to try out older games they might be interested in. .

Next: Why Retro Game Prices Are Skyrocketing During COVID-19

Source: Business Intern, Evan Nixon/Twitter

jada pinkett-smith makes a statement about will smith slap

Jada Pinkett Smith breaks silence after Will Smith slaps her face with cryptic statement

About the Author

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Super Smash Cafe: re-opening of a popular arcade and cafe in Calgary

The Super Smash Cafe, a cool place for coffee, waffles and video games, has finally reopened in Calgary.

This incredibly unique cafe concept with quality food and space for games serves Fratello coffee, bubble tea, smoothies, milkshakes, granitas and “the best hot dogs in town”.

With an eclectic menu and tons of video games, this is definitely one of Calgary’s most unique bars.

It closed during the pandemic, but it’s back and we’re so happy to see it.

It’s really fun and games for all types of players and foodies at Super Smash Cafe.

This modern arcade experience has all Nintendo consoles, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and 360, and a Sega. There are over 400 video games to choose from, whether you want to dive into an adventure for two on a date or hook up a Mario Party gang.

The various specialty menus here include an extensive coffee menu with all types of espresso-style coffee and tea drinks.

Fresh fruit juices are available to keep you hydrated during an online gaming session, with over 10 fruit flavors.

The food menu is particularly fun, with freshly baked waffles, pancakes, crepes with fresh fruit toppings, and even gourmet hot dogs.

Noob or not, check out this recently reopened cafe.

Super Smash Cafe

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I used GameSir X2 controller to turn my smartphone into a retro gaming arcade

Smartphone games are still scorned by many, and in some cases with good reason. Whether it’s a game made natively on Android or iOS or a watered-down port of an established entry, experiences on smartphones simply don’t compare to games on PC or home consoles. But it would be a shame to waste all that glorious processing power, wouldn’t it? The GameSir X2 allows you to tap into your android phonethe natural playing abilities of, and this review will reveal the kind of nostalgic magic it is capable of.

What is GameSir X2 Type-C mobile game controller?

It’s good to go. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

— Dimensions: 4.45 inches L x 7.8 inches W x 1.81 inches H
— Weight: 11.6 ounces
— Input: USB-C
— Compatibility: Many Android phones under 6.57 inches in length

the GameSir X2 Controller is a controller designed to play on an Android device. It’s not a terribly new concept, as there are plenty of Bluetooth-enabled devices that can sync with smartphones, including many PS5s and Xbox controllers. What sets GameSir X2 apart is that it connects directly to a phone’s USB-C slot. What does this mean for games? Low latency rates, which is great if you plan to use cloud gaming apps like Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Just note that to use the GameSirX2, your device must be updated to Android 9.0 or later and less than 6.57 inches in length.


Installs in seconds. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

If you squint, GameSir X2 looks like a standard 16-button gamepad with a hollow middle. When a phone is connected, it looks like a Nintendo Switch OLED imitation, although a little smaller. All the buttons a seasoned gamer needs are here, plus a few extras. A solid Nintendo-style D-Pad, four main face buttons, four triggers, and two clickable joysticks make this gamepad feel like many “professional controllers” for modern consoles. There are also start, select, home and screenshot buttons, which will take a quick snapshot of the game you’re currently playing. The device also comes with a carrying case that will hold the GameSir X2 and any Android phone you use with it.


If you’ve played on a Nintendo Switch, GameSir will feel all too familiar. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

The back of the device has two comfortable anti-slip pads for long gaming sessions. Sliding a phone into the GameSir X2 feels weird at first as there is a thin gap between the phone and where it rests. It was an intentional design choice, as high-end phones sometimes get hot. This small gap allows for maximum airflow so your mobile gaming rig won’t become uncomfortable or worse, crash any game you’re currently playing. Since some high-end games can be demanding on phone battery life, there’s a USB-C charging port right under the D-Pad that’ll let you power up while gaming. Learn more about how we test play equipment.

GameSir X2 Mobile Gamepad: Is It Worth It?

Smartphones are getting more powerful every year, with super-fast processing speeds and bright, flashy OLED displays. But touching a screen instead of shuffling buttons just doesn’t work properly. And that prospect is made even worse when there’s an improvised on-screen gamepad that’s perhaps the worst way to control a game. GameSir X2 controller appeals because it lets you tap into a familiar gaming experience – at least, in theory.

First impressions

Another symphony, after all these years. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

For the purpose of this review I will be using the new flashy Xiaomi 12 Pro, which is one of the newest premium phones in the market. In its flashy innards lies a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a chipset known for its speed and efficiency. Seconds before deciding to slide the phone into the controller, I touched the USB-C connection and immediately thought I had broken the device. The connector dips down slightly if you press on it. Luckily, this is just a design choice, as it allows the phone to slide into the device a bit easier. Swiping an Android phone is quite intuitive. There’s enough space for you to slip your phone in with thinner silicone cases, including the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

I decided to try it on one of my favorite mobile ports, “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.” The game was originally released on PSX in 1997, but is still very playable in 2022, and ranks among the best “Metroidvanias”. If this game doesn’t play well, no other game will. The GameSir X2’s buttons have a very clicky quality, which I rather appreciate. There were no latency issues right off the bat.

Comfortable and portable

Effortless pleasure for hours. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Have you ever played a phone with a gamepad via Bluetooth? There are attachments that lock onto a gamepad that will allow you to dock your phone right above it. In theory, this should provide a pretty stellar gaming session, but due to the very high weight, even sturdy wrists will work overtime. GameSir X2 take the popular nintendo switch approach, laying the phone flat, so that the weight is evenly distributed. Depending on your phone, chances are it weighs pretty close to a Switch. If you close your eyes, you might even think someone put a light switch in your hands. Admittedly, the GameSir X2 is a little easier to handle thanks to the padded control grips on the back. I spent a lazy Saturday playing “MOTHER 3” and “Mega Man X” and didn’t feel any tension.

Dragging the phone in and out of the device is also quite simple. When I travel from room to room, I slide the phone out of the GameSir X2 and store the controller with the phone in its carrying case.

Behind the scenes of a retro arcade

Relieve the gaming glories of the past. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

The Google Play Store is full of emulators for classic consoles up to the Nintendo Entertainment System. After collecting a handful of my favorite titles, I installed Launch box, a nice backend that organizes games by platform. Sure, you could do it without the GameSir X2, but have you ever tried to play “Super Mario World” using touch controls? That’s enough to make anyone give up games forever and take up an alternative hobby like embroidery or basket weaving.

The GameSir works with modern titles, whether they are more demanding like “Call of Duty Mobile” or throwbacks like “Stardew Valley”. But there’s no point in letting that responsive, clicky D-Pad go to waste. The fantastic thing is that GameSir X2 didn’t require any out-of-the-gate button mapping on any console emulator I’ve used. When performing “We Love Katamari”, each joystick read like I was using an actual DualShock gamepad. I was rolling all the earthly waste material, and I was doing it in a way that was never intended. Going from SNES classics like “Chrono Trigger” to hidden N64 gems like “Mischief Makers” is one of the most fruitful ways to spend an afternoon. That said, whenever you walk around with emulators and roms, consider the murky legal ramifications. In general, the general rule to follow is to only play games of which you own physical copies. But even then, use your best judgment.

Play your way

By using the Gamesir appyou can program different game profiles for supported games, including popular titles such as “Fortnite”, “Minecraft”, NBA2K20″, “Rayman” and “League of Legends: Wild Rift”. update your GameSir X2 firmware to keep it optimized as much as possible.When the gamepad was first released, it got a lot of criticism from fans who couldn’t remap the buttons.Not only can you remap the buttons, but you can choose between “Switch” or “Xbox” layout when it comes to face button placement.There’s a USB-C charging port right under the D-Pad that lets you charge while playing.It’s a welcome addition, especially since the device requires some power from your phone to operate.

Final Thoughts on GameSir X2 Controller for Android

Android’s gaming capabilities are getting stronger and stronger, which makes using it as a dedicated handheld console a more appealing prospect. Of course, a console is only as good as its controller. If you are going to play on an Android phone, I highly recommend the GameSir X2 Android Gamepad. The device allows for comfortable mobile gaming over long periods of time, provided your phone’s battery life can support it. While native Android games play here, the real magic is in using this device as a portable retro arcade, as long as you use your best judgment when buying retro titles.

This post was created by a non-specialist editorial team at Recurrent Media, owner of Futurism. Futurism may receive a portion of sales on products linked in this post.

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TMNT: Don’t wait to buy the Cowabunga collection

Some fans may want to wait for a deep discount before buying the new collection of TMNT retro games, but that could be a mistake.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro gaming fans and enthusiasts received a surprise gift from Konami this week. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection will feature 13 TMNT games from the franchise’s late 80s to early 90s. Players can expect a surprisingly comprehensive collection that spans classic arcade games and 8-bit, 16-bit, and handheld consoles from Nintendo and Sega.

The game’s first trailer had many fans excited for Konami’s announcement instead of being angry at one for the first time in a while. While some were eager to squeeze the cash into the publisher’s hands, others weren’t sold on the Cowabunga collectionStarting MSRP of $40. While it’s understandable to be conditioned to expect a discount from generous Steam sales, TMNT games have an unfortunate history of being the ones to buy ASAP.

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Pre-ordering games is usually a wasteful endeavor at this point. Beyond physical copies of most games being plentiful and digital distribution increasing accessibility, there is another reason to avoid the practice. The feeling expressed by Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett seven years ago remains as true today as it was then: pre-ordering drives companies to ship lackluster products. games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy are recent examples where players should have waited for games to be updated to an acceptable state, but they are far from the only ones.

Retro games are usually safe to pre-order, but there’s another way The Cowabunga Collection is an exception to the rule. TMNT the games don’t have a good track record when it comes to availability. While licensed games being pulled from digital storefronts after deals expire is something gamers have grown accustomed to, two TMNT games have had incredibly short lifespans on digital platforms.

Arcade versions of the classic TMNT beat them, turtles in timeis a centerpiece in The Cowabunga Collection. Its first re-release was an HD remake for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Turtles in time re-shelled. It was removed from both consoles’ digital storefronts less than two years after its release in 2009, when the license expired. The game has not been re-released since it was written off, possibly because the TMNT license has bounced between several publishers over the years.

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There is an even more glaring example of turtles game being written off that Rescaled. Bayonet developer, Platinum Games’ TMNT Game, Mutants in Manhattan, was released in May 2016 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. It was removed from each of these platforms’ digital storefronts in January 2017, meaning the game was available digitally for less than 8 months. Physical copies were still available in stores, a plus for fans looking for a copy of Mutants in Manhattan had finished Rescaledwhich never received a physical release.

Despite Platinum’s pedigree and the influence of the top IDW comic series on gaming, Mutants in Manhattan was more Babylon Falls than To deny: automata with regard to quality. While fans didn’t miss a brawler at the level of Streets of rage 4 if they didn’t take a copy of Mutants in Manhattan, it’s still a disappointment when a game becomes rare so soon after its release. Finalists, collectors, game curators, and the curious should hope they can find a reasonably priced physical copy when licensing agreement expirations take games offline.

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There are good reasons to be wary of pre-ordering even a compilation of retro games. Although unlikely, the build may suffer from the same emulation issues as The recent Nintendo 64 ports of Nintendo Switch Online. Even if they avoid paying in advance, TMNT fans shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to picking up a copy of The Cowabunga Collection. The amount of concentrated nostalgia in this package should make it a solid seller with turtles older fans.

If gamers miss a retail copy and the game is delisted, they’ll have to turn to expensive options like the aftermarket or Arcade 1Up cabinets for their retro. turtles to fix. Limited Run Games might offer an extra chance to get a physical copy, but that comes with its own pitfalls, including the temptation of one of their limited collectible editions. Anyone who wants The Cowabunga Collection should make sure to get one as soon as possible r risk running out completely.

KEEP READING: The Smartest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Almost Died – And It Made Him Reckless

Stellaris: Overlord redefines what it means to rule the galaxy

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Xbox Game Pass dominates the Western game services market

It’s not a good idea to claim that Microsoft has been dominating the gaming subscription market lately, with subscribers steadily growing. It offers one of the best gaming subscription services in the world. Xbox Game Pass provides a rich library of rotating catalogs of titles from a wide variety of publishers. The more than 100 titles at once make the subscription advantageous and the games more accessible.

Microsoft has mainly conquered the Western market; and was a resounding success. Xbox Game Pass has won over many gamers with its many features and the accessibility it offers to titles. It’s no surprise that the numbers are growing more than any other subscription service. Although words alone have no value, the statistics speak for themselves.

Microsoft has largely eclipsed all other gaming subscription services. The chart is based on Q4 2021 consumer spending and shows the performance of different subscription services. Xbox Game Pass held 60% consumer spending market share, while Apple Arcade took second place, reaching only 9%. Other services remained even below the 9% threshold.

Microsoft is expected to dominate even more in the future in this new decade. Xbox Game Pass has collected more than 25 million subscribers in January 2022 and will only grow further. 25 million subscribers make up a massive chunk of the company’s monthly revenue. However, the most admirable acclaim here is the growth they have exhibited, up from 18 million just a year ago.

Microsoft started this year with a bang by announcing the Acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. The company has strengthened its presence in the internal catalog of high-quality titles. This acquisition is beneficial for Microsoft in improving its list of games. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said in the announcement of the acquisition, “At closing, we’ll be offering as many Activision Blizzard games as possible in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, both new titles and games from Activision Blizzard’s incredible catalog.” So Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also expect to add Activision Blizzard games to their library.

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Tempest 4000 Review –

Arcade games always hold a special place in my heart. I love going to Dave and Buster to play some of these new arcade games and spend hours on them. When I play this game, I often think to myself, “How cool would it be to have one of these at home?” And now thanks to the power of technology, you can have some of those arcade games on your consoles. Atari launches storm 4000 on the Nintendo Switch, but should you play it at home or just leave this game at an arcade store? Let’s find out.

Developed by: Jeff Minter & Llamasoft
Published by: Atari
Released: March 22, 2022 (Atari VCS, PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)

storm 4000 is a space shooter where you control a claw-like ship inside the prisms and your objective is to destroy everything and anything that comes your way. This kind of gameplay reminded me a lot of Galaga if Galaga was in 3D. The game in Storm 4000 is quite simple; you’ll spend all your time shooting objects, collecting power-ups, and trying to beat your own score. The shooting felt very responsive and the power-ups were very helpful, but that was all dragged down by how busy the screen gets with every explosion and every kill. I had a really hard time trying to keep up with everything that was happening on my screen. If you’re playing this game in handheld mode, all I can say is, “good luck.”

arcade revival

Storm 4000 comes with two Survival mode and Pure mode and aside from the number of lives you start with, these game modes are very similar. Not only do the modes feel similar, but the ‘levels’ you clear in your playthroughs feel equally similar. In one of my first playthroughs, I didn’t even know I was progressing levels until I saw that on the bottom left of my screen. Now a game like this would benefit from an online scoreboard to challenge your friends or people around the world who might be playing the same game; after all arcade machines all had dashboards but Storm 4000 does not have this feature. For the kind of game Storm 4000 is, an online dashboard feels almost essential and I hope the developers add that in future updates.

Heavy in wedges, light in content

With the number of games coming out right now, I can’t see myself going back to Storm 4000. This kind of arcade game in my opinion works better in an Arcade store than it does on the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay that is here is very good, but the lack of content makes me not want to go back to this game. I get that arcade games tend to be light on content, but when a game is priced $20, I expected a little more Storm 4000. If you’re a fan of old school arcade games, you’ll have fun with this, but don’t expect to be blown away by this retro game.

Rating: 6.0

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Arcade-y sports game Turbo Golf Racing announced for PC and Xbox

Secret Mode Publisher and Developer Hugecalf Studios announcement arcade sports game Turbo golf course for PC and consoles.

Turbo golf course comes to Windows PC (via To smoke), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be on Xbox Game Pass on day one, but no release date was announced today.

Before it reaches the full version, Turbo golf course will first launch via Early Access, which is expected to last around 12 months. The game is currently in beta and features over 150 cosmetic options, as well as 30 playable levels and 15 power cores. There is also already cross-platform play and matchmaking. Further updates will bring more cars, levels and more.

Here is a new trailer:

Here is an overview of the game:

Turbo Golf Racing is a fast-paced arcade-style sports game. Drive turbo powered cars to chip, putt and smash your giant ball in a frantic race to beat your friends to the finish flag.


  • RACE YOUR RIVALS TO THE FINISH – Welcome to the future of motorsport. Feel the excitement of fast-paced arcade-style racing as you play with your friends in an exhilarating new way. Jump, flip, slide and dash with supercharged cars and be the first to put your ball in the hole.
  • 8 PLAYER ONLINE – Race with up to eight friends in Grand-Prix style competition. Hit the boost pads to overtake your rivals, go through secret tunnels to outsmart them or fire missiles to stop them in their tracks.
  • POWER CORE – Gain the edge over your rivals by unlocking and equipping Super Cores. Hit your ball further, fly faster or use unique abilities such as ground stomping, gravity ball and rolling. With a wide variety of Power Cores, find your meta to outsmart your friends.
  • TURBO CHARGE YOUR CUSTOMIZATION – Choose the car and ball that make you stand out from the crowd. Enjoy endless paint options, change your wheels, spoiler, car body and boosters.
  • TAKE THE SKY – The sky’s the limit when your cars have wings. Launch your turbo powered car into the air and soar above the competition. Fly through tunnels, slide over fans and chase your ball through terrain and over obstacles.
  • ATTACK THE COURT – Use the terrain to your advantage, fly over the boost pads and down the fairway. Avoid the rough and the sand traps. Bend your shots around trees and through canyons. Green race.
  • EVER-GROWING CONTENT – Unlock cosmetics as you level up and enjoy an ever-evolving game with regular free updates that will bring new courses, new power cores and new cosmetic items to play with .

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Slipstream is a cliche of 90s arcade racing nostalgia

Image for article titled Slipstream is a shot of 90s arcade racing nostalgia coming to a console near you

Picture: Ansdor Games

Sometimes you see a screenshot of a game and you immediately think, “I need to play this.” Retro sprite scaling runner Slipstream is one of those games for me, which is why I’m excited to see the indie title getting a wider release on April 7 for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Slipstream has been out for a few years now, but only on PC, via Steam. It’s a fun and beautiful homage to classic Sega Super Scaler proto-3D racing games, like Super grip, power drift, mobile-radio and of course, out run. The candy-colored skies, the free palms and synth tunes inflated with nostalgia are merged with a drift-centric driving model and a small selection of performance cars from the late 80s and early 90s, like the Nissan Z32 and Lancia Delta Integrale.

This is a Kickstarter GIF of the game, when it was originally in development. It looks even better now.
Picture: Ansdor Games

In reality, Slipstream features a few different modes that mimic the playstyles of some of those aforementioned games. A titled Grand Tour allows you to navigate through all locations in the game through branching paths, out run-style. The Grand Prix is ​​more like Wait, with its championship-style format and cash prizes awarded for finishing position, which you can then use to improve your run. And for this console version, Slipstream gains new features like the ability to rewind the game if you mess up, with a VHS tape rewind effect when you do. Perfect.

There's even a four-player mode!

There’s even a four-player mode!
Picture: Ansdor Games

I caught Slipstream It’s been years for a dollar on Steam, and while I appreciate it, let’s be real – a PC isn’t the optimal place to experience such a streamlined, old-school arcade racing game. It’s for this reason that I’m excited to see the game coming to Nintendo’s handheld. I recently upgraded to a Switch OLED, and can’t wait to see how those colors look on the handheld’s improved screen. Frankly, the system could use more runners like this.

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A highway mystery lost in translation

Through the hundreds of thousands of roads across the country, millions of hitchhikers travel. Generally, when you hear the term hitchhiker, it gives a feeling of unease, the various stories about things that happen to hitchhikers. However, in the current Mad About Pandas game, HitchHiker, they’re looking to tell a different story, hopefully something deeper. Revise Hitchhiker the game, we embarked on a mystery-solving adventure along lost highways.

Developer Mad About Pandas is known for its other games: Truck Simulator 2016, Forever Forest: Child of a Forestand The great scare: Tower of panic. HitchHiker is the first VR release from developer Mad About Pandas, bringing their unique style to the VR world. So how is their first attempt at VR gaming going? Find out in our HitchHiker review.

Story: A story-driven mystery, lost in translation

The story told in HitchHiker is one of its strengths. The player finds himself in the shoes of an anonymous character offering a dark and twisted mysterious tale. Introducing well-voiced characters, each with their own stories, secrets, tips and advice for the main character. With almost no memory of who they are or why they are, this is where the mystery begins. Covering small roads, desert highways and urban highways. As you hitchhike through the various settings, a secret about the character will begin to unfold. Meet the other drivers along the way who hold the various keys to who you are and what’s going on.

Hitchhiker is story driven so that the player experiences a relatively deep and twisted story throughout the five different pilots or “chapters”. Here, their dialogue choices will affect the story by altering how interactions with each driver play out. The narrative begins normally and as the player begins to unravel the mystery, that’s when it will get weirder and even touch on the supernatural. Hitchhiker will remind players of games like Kentucky Route Zeroalmost giving off a Twilight Zone type feeling.

Gameplay: There is little to do

Our HitchHiker review found it to be less of a game and more of an interactive movie. Much of your playtime is sitting in the passenger seat of different cars, listening to the driver talk about various things. Here the player can choose between different dialogue choices. Players can also interact with the multiple objects littered around each vehicle throughout each chapter. However, outside of the few things to interact with and the dialogue choices that can be made, there’s nothing else but to sit back and listen.

Among the various VR games available, Hitchhiker is one of the lesser games when it comes to gameplay. However, Hitchhiker is definitely more about story and narrative. So for players who enjoy a narrative mystery built around the various conversations between characters, Hitchhiker could be right up your alley. But for, those not interested in endless conversations with little to no action might want to look elsewhere.

Graphics/Audio: glitchy and lacking on Quest 2

Here in our review, this is where HitchHiker misses the most. Right from the start, gamers will be able to tell that the graphics performance is poor on the Oculus Quest 2. Unfortunately, the problem only gets worse from there. It looks like the game wasn’t exactly built for the Oculus Quest 2, immediately having performance issues on the device. Some of them like issues with the player’s point of view in-game, where it’s not at a proper level or angle to the point where it causes headaches.

The star part of the game is the landscape, where the player will spend most of the game staring. Unfortunately, bugs and glitches are ruining the landscape in HitchHiker. For example, grass will move in and out in several chapters, clouds will glide across mountains and hills, and birds will glide across the screen. Drivers and vehicles also had their glitches and problems. Some cars had a shadow effect which, with virtual reality, caused eye discomfort. On two occasions, their drivers completely disappeared from their vehicles.

Audio in HitchHiker is good. The sound quality is excellent, conversations are clear and understood. The intermission music is great, giving players a break between long conversations with each pilot. The weather sound effects are great even when the graphics aren’t.

Conclusion: HitchHiker misses with various bugs

Between story, gameplay and graphics/audio. It would be hard to recommend this game to others. Although the story is compelling and deep at times, it is held back by the various graphical glitches throughout the game. Additionally, the odd vantage point inside the car sometimes makes it difficult to interact with objects and the driver. Lastly, the poor optimization of HitchHiker on the Oculus Quest 2 will cause the player to face minor headaches and eye strain while playing. For those who are still interested in HitchHiker, it would be best to wait for more game updates from Mad About Pandas. The persistent issues in the game make it difficult to complete.

Currently, HitchHiker is available on To smoke, Oculus, apple arcade, PlayStation 4, Xbox Oneand nintendo switch for $19.99. Any information about Hitchhiker can be found on their product sheet. Additionally, information regarding Mad About Pandas can be found on their development page.

Hitchhiker is a mysterious game set along lost highways, where your goal is to solve the puzzle of your own story. As a hitchhiker with no memory or destination, you witness a series of journeys through a strange and beautiful landscape, following the mysterious disappearance of someone close to you.


  • Compelling story
  • Interesting characters
  • Good audio quality with excellent soundtrack

The inconvenients:

  • Bad optimization on quest 2
  • Various bugs and issues
  • Bad point of view on VR

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Daily deals: RTX 30-series video cards in stock at Amazon, price drops on gaming TVs for your PS5 or Xbox Series X

Today we have listed several RTX 30 series video cards that are sold and shipped directly from Amazon. These are definitely the lowest prices we’ve seen in quite a while. At the very least, they’re cheaper than what you’ll find on eBay and a more reputable seller. In other deals news, if you’re looking to future-proof your next TV purchase with features like HDMI 2.1 ([email protected]) and HDR support, there are a few gaming-ready TVs that have been discounted. at the lowest prices we’ve seen. These deals and more below.

RTX 30 Series Video Cards in Stock at Amazon

For the first time since the launch of the RTX 30 series, Amazon has a decent supply of some RTX 30 series video cards available. Remember that most cards are still priced above MSRP, but they aren’t as extortionate as they used to be, and most third-party cards have factory overclocks and heavy-duty cooling solutions to sweeten the deal . We’ve only highlighted video cards shipped and sold directly by Amazon; dealing with an unauthorized third party market vendor will in many cases void your video card warranty.

Anker 10000mAh USB-PD Power Bank for Switch

today only

Anker PowerCore Redux 10000mAh USB-C Power Bank with Power Delivery (up to 25W)

Nintendo Switch Compatibility

The Nintendo Switch V2 houses a 4310 mAh battery that offers around 4.5 to 9 hours of battery life. That’s if your Switch is brand new, as it’s well known that lithium-ion batteries wear out over time. In terms of capacity, this Anker 10,000mAh power bank has enough juice to charge your Switch from 0-100% twice. In terms of speed, the USB-PD port delivers up to 18W of power, which is the same amount as the official Switch dock and power adapter. This means you’ll be able to fully charge the Nintendo Switch even while you’re actively playing a game.

55″ LG C1 4K OLED Smart Gaming TV

55" LG C1 4K OLED TV (2021 model)

This is the lowest price we’ve seen so far for the 55″ LG C1 OLED TV. If money’s no object, OLED TVs are considered the best TVs you can buy. buy right now.Compared to traditional LED LCD TVs, they offer better picture quality, deeper blacks, better contrast ratio, wider color gamut and super fast response times.They excel at both in games and in viewing 4K HDR content.In terms of general usability, they’re less power consuming and they’re very thin and sitting among OLED TVs, the LG C1 is often seen as the standard-bearer; is the only TV that all other OLED TVs are compared to.LG OLED TV has several generations of optimizations under its belt and the latest C1 model is future proof with technologies such as HDMI 2.1 ([email protected]) , a rate of variable refresh, G-SYNC, the latest LG A9 Gen4 processor and a revamped webOS smart TV interface.

55″ TCL 6 Series 4K Mini-LED QLED Gaming TV

Supports 4K @ 120Hz for PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers

TCL 6-Series 55" Google TV 4K Mini-LED QLED with HDMI 2.1, native 120Hz, VRR, local dimming, wide color gamut

Good TV PS5 / Xbox Series X

TCL 6-Series 55″ 4K Mini-LED QLED Google TV with HDMI 2.1, Native 120Hz, VRR, Local Dimming, Wide Color Range

If you’re looking for a future-proof gaming TV but don’t want to spend over a thousand dollars on a TV, this TCL TV should be at the top of your list. Despite the very generous price tag of $659.99, this TCL TV has plenty of features you’ll only find on much more expensive sets. It is a Mini-LED QLED TV with a native 120Hz panel and HDMI 2.1 inputs. It supports [email protected] and VRR, which PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers will appreciate. HDR content also looks great on this TV, thanks to its local dimming and wide color gamut.

Arcade1Up Countercades for sale on Gamestop

Countercades are miniaturized versions of full-size arcade cabinets. All the features of a regular arcade cabinet are packed into a desktop console that has an 8″ screen, full size controls, and even 2 player functionality for most games. Normally $230 , the countercades listed above have been reduced by as much as 43% off.

Xbox Series X in stock at Walmart

Xbox Series X in stock

We might actually see Xbox Series X stay in stock more reliably in the future…or not. In any case, the Xbox Series X had been in stock for two days at Walmart, but only for paying members of Walmart+. From today it is available for everyone. You will still need to create a free Walmart account to add it to your cart. If you’ve been waiting for the latest and most powerful Xbox console for a while, don’t hesitate!

Weider Select-a-Weight 55 lb Adjustable Dumbbells

Weider Select-A-Weight 55 lb Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

Weider Select-A-Weight 55 lb Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

Walmart offers a great price on a pair of Weider adjustable dumbbells, well below comparable brands like Bowflex and Power Block. If there is one piece of exercise equipment you should choose, free weights would be a very good investment. Investing in home exercise equipment means there’s less reason to spend money on a gym membership. Because these dumbbells are adjustable, you don’t need a rack of individual weights lying around. Each dumbbell can be adjusted from 10 to 55 pounds.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon and Zelda Games for $39.99 each at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters isn’t necessarily a store you’d check for video games, but surprisingly they have the lowest price right now on these three popular titles. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in particular, is almost never discounted this low (not even on Black Friday). Note that you have to pay $4.95 shipping, but luckily you can buy more than one game and shipping costs won’t change.

10% off Uber and Lyft gift cards

$100 Uber gift card
$100 Lyft Gift Card

Win a $100 Uber or Lift gift card for $90. This deal doesn’t happen very often and it’s a very relevant deal right now. With gas prices at an all-time high, it makes more and more sense, even financially, to leave your car at home and hitch a ride when you need to.

Buy an Xbox Series S, get a second controller free

Xbox Series S with Bonus 2nd Wireless Controller (Robot White)

Redeem Code: GJD25

Xbox Series S with bonus 2nd Wireless Controller (Robot White)

Use promotional code “GJD25”

15% off $349.99

Xbox Series S with Bonus 2nd Wireless Controller (Shock Blue)

Redeem Code: GJD25

Xbox Series S with Bonus 2nd Wireless Controller (Shock Blue)

Use promotional code “GJD25”

15% off $349.99 is giving away a free Xbox Series S|X Wireless Controller when you purchase a select Xbox Series S console and apply coupon code: GJD25 in your basket. is a legit company that’s been around for decades (it also owns Beach Camera).

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TMNT: Cowabunga Collection Now Available For Pre-Order For Unknown 2022 Release

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT): The Cowabunga Collection is available for pre-order!

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Nickelodeon, Konami, and Digital Eclipse have teamed up to bring 13 classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) games into the modern age. This announcement alone made it Sony’s best state of play, in my personal opinion. The defining arcade beat ’em experiences plus 11 other amazing games return to fuel our nostalgic needs. We don’t have an exact date yet, but now you can guarantee your copy of the greatest collection of TMNT games by pre-ordering yours today!

TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection Pre-order

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection is now available for pre-order for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox series X|S, Xbox One, nintendo switch and PC Steam. Consoles have a choice of a physical or digital edition. Personally, I know I need the physical edition. The game RRPs $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99. Which, for this amazing collection, actually seems like a very reasonable price, but I’m also sure a lot of people wouldn’t pay more. Seems like a good price as I know I spent more than that in quarters… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade) was really difficult.

RELATED: IDW’s TMNT Adds 6th Turtle to Legendary Hamato Clan

The 13 games in the collection are:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (Arcade)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (NES)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project (NES)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (NES)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (Super Nintendo)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (Super Nintendo)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist (Sega Genesis)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (Sega Genesis)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (Game Boy)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Return from the Sewers (Game Boy)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue (Game Boy)

The arcade games and console versions of TMNT really set the standard for beat ’em games. turtles in time is a top 3 for both arcade/console beat ’em ups. It’s amazing that the collection will include both versions. I hope the beat ’em up games will have the 4 player option. Hyperstone Break and Manhattan Project 4 players would be a dream come true. I’m also extremely interested to see how different the Japanese versions of the games are. The Cowabunga Collection is truly a dream come true for many, if not all, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans.

TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection

On Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

Release date: 2022
Consoles: PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox series X|S, Xbox One, nintendo switch
Developer: digital eclipse
Editor: Konami
Kind: Adventure, Beat’em Up, Fighting
Players: 1-4 (depending on game), local and online
Price: RRP $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99
Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo are back from the sewers with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection! In collaboration with Nickelodeon, thirteen radical games from KONAMI’s complete archive of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles retro 8-bit, 16-bit and arcade

Have you already pre-ordered your copy of TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection? Have you ever beaten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES? What is your favorite turtle? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share all your thoughts on the franchise with us at Twitter.

KEEP READING: Master Splinter Joins Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge as 6th Playable Character

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The best rhythm games on PS Vita

Although the weather hasn’t been kind to the PlayStation Vita, the handheld has become cult as an RPG machine thanks to the Workshop series, persona 4 goldenand Trails series. It was also known as an indie paradise with games such as Fez and Hotline Miami. However, the PS Vita is not limited to indie or RPG titles. The little machine has some great music-based titles packed with songs that rival the best deals on the market. just dance series.

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The handheld is a hotbed of rhythm games (much like Nintendo Switch) that has made it a darling among a group of niche gamers. The PS Vita’s beat lineup offered everything from exclusives to ports that brought the atmosphere of the arcades to someone’s commute or bedroom.

ten DJMAX Technika Tune

Show combo in DJMAX

DJMAX Technika Tune is a port of by Neowiz long-running arcade franchise. Which makes DJMAX Technika Tune different from other traditional rhythm games is that it relies on touch control. The gameplay requires fans to tap and drag notes as they appear on screen.

DJMAX Technika Tune also features a diverse library of tracks not usually featured on other titles. Instead of the usual Eurobeat, J-POP or Vocaloid, the game features songs in a more Korean style. Tracks from K-POP groups such as KARA and prominent Korean DJs fill the library with a variety of tunes.



Game for MUSYNX

MUSYNX is a no frills rhythm game. There are no other distractions, just a pure rhythm game experience. The game has two button modes; four and six keys and two difficulty options. While it might seem like a dreary experience, aesthetically it’s one of the most colorful and dynamic games (a path taken by many indie developers) out there. These qualities combine to create a simple yet enjoyable experience.

As DJMAX Technika Tune, MUSYNX offers another taste of music that cannot be found elsewhere. Here, the tracks are heavily influenced by China. From chiptune to folk tunes to Vocaloid, it highlights the fantastic ways others can interpret music and make it their own.

8 Demo

Deemo Piano Game

Demo is one of those rare rhythm games that has a story attached to the gameplay. A girl named Alice falls into a strange and mysterious world. There she meets an individual by the name of Deemo, who agrees to help him find his world by playing the piano.

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Demo relies on touch controls where precision is key. It’s frustrating at first, but the charm of the story makes it worth it. Demo has a diverse music library with beautiful melodies and exceptional and emotive vocals, making it a fascinating experience.


Notes coming from the side of the Superbeat Xonic screen

SUPERBEAT XONiC was developed by former employees of DJ-MAX series. Although the game is inspired by its spiritual predecessor, it has its own personality and style. SUPERBEAT XONiC is elegant and fast, but at the same time, very forgiving. Those new to the genre can get to grips with things with the smooth control scheme.

The game can be played using button inputs, touchscreen functionality, or a mix of both. There are also DJ icons that a player can equip to have an extra health bar or a shield to prevent a combo chain from breaking. The game features a huge selection of tracks, ranging from EDM to Hip-Hop.

6 Persona 4: Dance All Night

Guest of Hatsune Miku in Persona 4: Dancing All Night

While Persona 4: Golden often appears in the best RPG of all time lists, Persona 4: Dance All Night gets the cold shoulder treatment from some Character Fans. This is due to the title’s unique blend of gameplay, but that quality is also exactly what makes the game interesting to check out.

The core experience offers a lot, from character selection and customization options to remixed tracks from an already beloved soundtrack. It offers a breath of fresh air for those who want to escape the mundane RPG routine and enjoy something laid back and fun.

5 IA/VT -Colored-

Two characters featured in an AI/VT vocaloid song -colorful-

There’s more to Vocaloid video games than Hatsune Miku. IA/VT -Colored- is one of those titles. Based on 1st Place Co. AI project, IA/VT -Colored- brings a new face to the Vocaloid gaming scene, something that hasn’t really been seen since Megpoid the music for the PlayStation Portable.

Although this game lacks the bubbly personality found in the Hatsune Miku series, it features a more serious yet comforting tone. Compared to other rhythm games, the songs are full-length, so players can expect them to last between four and eight minutes.

4 Lumines: Electronic Symphony

Lumines Electronic Symphony Core Set

Lumines: Electronic Symphony is not a traditional rhythm game. It mixes music and puzzles into one package. Although this formula has gained ground in recent years, with titles such as Tetris effect, the overall package is difficult to reproduce. As Tetristhe principle is simple: chain blocks to make them disappear.

However, the game’s trance-like presentation provides an ambience that Tetris can not. The background music blends perfectly with the dynamic gameplay. This makes players feel like they’re in a different world every time they start a new puzzle. Another title that may not be for everyone, but features fantastic music.

3 Taiko No Tatsujin: Essential Songs

Don-Chan disguised as Miki Taiko no Tatsujin: Must Songs gameplay

Combining two of Bandai Namco’s franchises (the industry sometimes does fantastic crossovers), Taiko no Tatsujin and The [email protected], Taiko no Tatsujin: Essential Songs brings together the gameplay of the first and the songs of the second in a single package. There are two versions of the game.

RELATED: Anime Fans Should Check Out Taiko No Tatsujin: The Drum Master

Original fans of The [email protected] will meet at home with Aka Ban (Red Disc), which contains songs found in the original arcade and Xbox 360 games. Ao-ban (Blue Disc), on the other hand, contains songs from the anime and PlayStation games. New players will therefore probably be more familiar with this version.

2 magic beat

Two characters clash in Magical Beat

Arc System Works is generally known for its fighting games, such as BlazBlue and Guilty Equipment. Sometimes, however, they venture into other genres, the results are simply mesmerizing every time. magic beat is another block-based puzzle game where the objective is to stack these shapes to the beat. While the game is inspired by Luminous, puzzle fighterand Tetrisit always feels original.

The game’s soundtrack matches the general style of pixel art, with bubbly tracks from Vocaloid and samples from other Arc System Works securities.

1 Organhythm

Orgarhythm cover showing the main character

Organhythm does the improbable by mixing the RTS and the rhythm genre. Players take control of an army as they march to victory. Unlike a traditional RTS game which features a list of commands, there are only three colored icons to tap with the beat. There are no physical control buttons available and only the touchscreen is available.

The ubiquitous electronic and rock music fits perfectly into the general presentation. The game is short depending on the difficulty and can get repetitive, which is a shame. However, the uniqueness of the game makes it worth it. At times, the experience is almost as tense as struggling on a big track in the Guitar Hero Games.

MORE: PS Vita: The games that defined the portable console

Sleep Kirby
Best video game music for sleep

For gamers who prefer to fall asleep or nap with some background noise, here are the best game soundtracks to listen to.

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The latest episode of King of Fighters is now available

The latest installment of King of Fighters is now available on various consoles

King of Fighters is considered one of the arcade classics. It’s been about 27 years since 1994, specifically since the release of the first King of Fighters. And now the latest episode is out and ready to be played.

The King of Fighters XV Collector’s Edition can now be ordered and played in physical and digital copies on the latest consoles. For those who need a fighting game solution, this might be the answer!

Pix’n Love, publisher of the Collector’s Edition, said:39 playable characters, brilliant graphics, an improved game system and stunning online gameplay with the integration of restoration netcode make this KOF one of the most successful in the series!

King of Fighters XV

With the Collector’s Edition, fans will get more than the King of Fighters game. The Collector’s Edition includes not only the game itself, but also a beautiful artbook, the King of Fighters XV soundtrack on double CD and an official NEOGEO “shock box” with a reversible cover. Not to mention, this comes with the “GAROU: Mark of the Wolves TERRY” DLC costume, and 4 double-sided lithographs that specifically feature artwork from the King of Fighters XV game.

The NEOGEO box pays homage to its roots, however, as the original King of Fighters was on the NEOGEO system. With that, and the ability to enjoy the DJ station with soundtracks from across the franchise, this may be an edition fans will be drooling to pick up.

For those who want a collector’s edition copy of King of Fighters XV, check out Pix’n Love’s website take a copy for himself. For those who want the Collector’s Edition, the game can be played on the PlayStation 4, 5, and Xbox Series X.

Are you a King of Fighters fan? Let us know on Twitter Where Facebook!

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The best Activision games of all time

While most people only associate Activision with the Call of Duty franchise, this developer-turned-publishing juggernaut has a much more varied and deep history than the insanely popular first-person shooter franchise that dominates sales. year after year. The Activision name has been around for almost as long as home console gaming, and in fact, it was the very first third-party studio to exist in the games industry. If you go back to the old Atari consoles, you will find his name on many old and crisp titles. Over the decades, this company has gone through many changes, taken on new studios, and become one of the most successful companies in all of gaming.

Having such a history through decades of gaming as a publisher, Activision has brought us hundreds of great titles. Sure, he’s been a little determined lately with how many Call of Duty games he’s making compared to everything else, but it’s worth remembering all the variety he gave us once and a while. hope that Activision might diversify again in the future. The one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that Activision knows how to release great games, and we’ve scoured its catalog to share the best Activision games of all time. This list will not include any Blizzard games even though the two companies are under the same roof, and we will also limit one game per series to reduce Call of Duty games repetition.

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Editors’ Recommendations

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These 10+ games are coming to Xbox next week (March 21-25)

Another week, another list of exciting new games! The big highlight of next week is undoubtedly The wonders of Tiny Tinawhich seems to satisfy all those who like the Borderlands series, but we also have many other titles on the way, including a significant batch of Xbox Game Pass additions, some of which are day one releases.

Here’s what’s coming to Xbox this week:

New Xbox Releases (March 21-25)

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

  • The pizza boy who saved the world (March 23): “A brand new visual novel from a former delivery boy who will probably never work in the pizza business again, if his boss finds out he made this game.”
  • Devastating (March 25): “A retro-modern arcade twin stick shooter with spectacular visuals, thrilling music and intense gameplay. The ultimate twin stick shooter for those who love twin stick shooters!”
  • The wonders of Tiny Tina (March 25): “Embark on an epic adventure full of fantasy, wonder and powerful weaponry! Bullets, magic and broadswords collide in this chaotic fantasy world that comes to life…”

Xbox One

  • Kraken Academy!! (March 22): “Make friends, free spirits and make sure the world doesn’t stand still! Welcome to Kraken Academy, a technicolor fever dream that, for legal reasons, can only be described as “”technically school “”.
  • Tainted Grail: Conquest (March 22): “A unique, endlessly replayable, story-driven hybrid between a deck-building Roguelike and an RPG game. Explore the ever-changing maps, fight with deadly enemies…”
  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (March 22): “Abducted and taken to an unknown location, nine people find themselves forced into a diabolical nonary game by an enigmatic mastermind called Zero.”
  • APFTU (March 23): “A branching narrative adventure set in the last 21 days of a dying city. Every decision you make will shape your surroundings and the city’s fate.”
  • Richy’s Nightmares (March 23):”Richy’s Nightmares is a unique type of platforming experience. It tells the story of Richy, a little boy who got lost in the dreaded magical wood mazes.”
  • The pizza boy who saved the world (March 23): “A brand new visual novel from a former delivery boy who will probably never work in the pizza business again, if his boss finds out he made this game.”
  • A memory blue (March 24): “A song from years ago triggers a flood of memories for champion swimmer Miriam. Embark on an evocative journey through her turbulent childhood…”
  • Aery – Calm Mind 2 (March 25): “An interactive gaming experience designed to relax your mind and soul. You play as a little bird, explore beautiful landscapes and collect magic crystals…”
  • Bouncy Boi in Puzzle Land (March 25):”Bounce around in this colorful and cartoony world with BouncyBoi and adventure through different levels filled with challenging puzzles, cute graphics and funky beats!
  • Devastating (March 25): “A retro-modern arcade twin stick shooter with spectacular visuals, thrilling music and intense gameplay. The ultimate twin stick shooter for those who love twin stick shooters!”
  • The Wonders of Tiny Tina (March 25): “Embark on an epic adventure full of fantasy, wonder and powerful weaponry! Bullets, magic and broadswords collide in this chaotic fantasy world that comes to life…”

Xbox Game Pass titles

Is there anything you particularly expect from this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC disclosure for more information.

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More Xbox Free Games with Gold for March 2022 are now available

Two more Xbox Free Games with Gold games for March 2022 are now live and available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

golden logo games

Instead of releasing all free games with Gold at once, Microsoft likes to release them in two batches each month. Xbox Live Gold subscribers are entitled to two of the four Games with Gold games at the start of the month, with two more added mid-month. As of Wednesday, March 16, Microsoft has added two more games to the free Games with Gold range for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to claim for their digital libraries.

Until April 15, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can snag the Xbox One game street power football. And by March 31, they can also claim the Xbox 360 game The truth or the square of spongebob. The truth or the square of spongebob replaces Sacred 2: Fallen Angelwhich was one of the free Xbox with Gold games of March 2022 from March 1 to March 15. The Flame in the Floodmeanwhile, will remain available until March 31.


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For those who may not be familiar with the March 2022 free Xbox with Gold games, street power football is an arcade soccer game that may remind some fans of the fifa street games that EA used to make. Unfortunately, those who hoped it would fill the void left by the lack of news fifa street games will probably be disappointed because street power football received overwhelmingly negative reviews upon its initial launch.

Xbox Free Games With Gold List For March 2022

free xbox games with gold march 2022
  • The Flame in the Flood (March 1 – March 31)
  • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (March 1 – March 15)
  • Street Power Soccer (March 16 – April 15)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (March 16 to March 31)

The truth or the square of spongebob received similarly negative reviews, although it was slightly better received than street power football. Spongebob Squarepants: Truth or Square is a 3D platform game based on Spongebob episode of the same name. It has a local co-op mode that allows the second player to take control of Plankton, and there are also some trivial questions for players to answer throughout the game as well. Spongebob diehards may find it enjoyable, but Xbox Live Gold subscribers have nothing to lose by claiming it while it’s free, whether they like it or not.

Later this month, Xbox Live Gold subscribers should find out what’s in store for them in April 2022. The Xbox Free Games with Gold program has come under heavy criticism lately as Microsoft focuses its attention on Xbox Game Pass, and fans So shouldn’t hold their breath for all the exciting things to hit the service next month, but again, there could be some surprises in store.

MORE: How Microsoft is making big changes to Xbox Live and Game Pass subscription services in the UK

loveanth twitch ban youtube video
Amouranth returns to Twitch after a 3-day ban

Twitch is overturning its fifth ban against popular streamer Amouranth, allowing her to return to the streaming platform after just three days.

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Two More Xbox Games With Gold From March 2022 Are Now Available

You can now start downloading the second batch of Xbox Live Games With Gold titles from March 2022 (one day early!), which is the Xbox One game street power football and Xbox 360 game The truth or the square of spongebob. Both titles are available now on the Microsoft Store and the Xbox 360 Marketplace (links at the bottom of the page).

Here’s what you can expect:

street power football (March 16 – April 15):

Sick style and high-energy action come together in this arcade football experience. Compete against street football legends or friends in a variety of game modes and over-the-top playing fields, unleash towers and crush superpowers to become Street King.

The truth or the square of spongebob (16 – 31 March):

SpongeBob SquarePants has put himself in a tough spot. After being tasked by Mr. Krabs with keeping Krabby Patty’s formula safe, SpongeBob is overcome with grief over losing the recipe. He then relies on the help of the most unlikely sidekick, Plankton, who wants Krabby Patty’s secret recipe for himself. With the help of his friends, SpongeBob must use Plankton’s memory machine to retrace the happiest times of his life in order to find the Krabby Patty formula in time for the Krusty Krab’s eleventh birthday.

You can download both games from the following links on the Microsoft Store:

PS: If SpongeBob’s Truth Or Square isn’t showing as “FREE” yet, you can also get it from the Xbox 360 Marketplace:

Will you be downloading any of these games later today? Let us know in the comments.

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What are the best ski-themed video games? –

Skiing has been used for thousands of years as a way for people in cold climates to get around. Preserved skis and cave paintings show that skis were used by hunters and trappers in prehistoric times in the Altai region of Asia. Slowly, the use of skis migrated to the Eurasian arctic regions and then to the Scandinavian regions.

In 1938, the Winter Olympics included skiing competitions for the first time. Later, during World War II, the Finns’ expertise in moving quickly on skis kept Soviet and Nazi invaders at bay. Today, skiing is mainly considered a sport, but ski enthusiasts are not always able to travel to the nearest ski resort for skiing recreation. If you’re a keen skier, or not for that matter, sit down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and log on via the Login to FairGo Casino or open your game console and play a ski-themed video game.

Some classic ski-themed video games include

Skiing by Activision

Ski was one of Activision’s first games. It was a video game cartridge for the Atari 2600 which also played on Xbox 360, PlayStation and on Microsoft Windows. Ski was released in 1980 as a single-player game in which the player controlled the skier’s speed and direction with a joystick. The skier didn’t actually move in-game – the background graphics scrolled up to give the illusion of movement.

The gameplay involved dodging obstacles as the player tried to get their skier to the bottom of the hill as quickly as possible. A stopwatch recorded the time the player needed to reach the bottom of the ski course without hitting trees, bumps or other skiers and the player would repeat the game trying to beat their own score. A slalom mode has also been included for advanced players.

Spur Waku Waku Ski Wonder

Spur Waku Waku Ski Wonder was released by Human Entertainment in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a multiplayer simulation game that revolves around a great ski competition between eight of the best skiers in the world. Players compete on four different courses and accumulate points based on their performance as they progress through the course. Each level course awards a greater number of points with the player who collects the most points winning.

The game’s edit mode allows players to edit a course for later races and modify their character. A trial mode is available as well as a head-to-head racing mode.

Alpine Runner 2

Alpine Runner 2 was released by Namco in 1996 as 3D Alpine skiing arcade game that followed the popular alpine runner Gameplay. While in the original there was no multiplayer aspect to the game, Alpine Racer Two allows players to link two cabinets together and race against each other. It’s the sequel to Alpine Racer but unlike the original, two cabinets can be linked together so players can race against each other.

Other improvements over the original alpine runner include the ability to choose from different characters and new, bigger and better courses.


Soak is a 2016 sports video game released by Ubisoft as the first original game. . It was released worldwide on December 2, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Developed by Ubisoft Annecy from 2013, it was their first original game and features an open-world simulation game.

The game was originally set in the Alps, but later expanded to include skiing in Japan, Korea, and Alaska. Soak invites players to participate in skiing alongside snowboarding, rocket-powered wingsuit flight, BASE jumping, sledding, speed riding and other Winter X Games at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

In this online multiplayer, the player engages in winter sports challenges with other players through online play. The highlights of the game are the tasks, the vast open world, and the stunning graphic imagery.

Val d’Isere Skiing and Snowboarding

The 1994 Val d’Isere Skiing and Snowboarding The simulation game was released by Atari Corporation in 1994. It takes place in the authentic ski resort of Val d’Isere in France and offers training, freeride and competition modes for skiing and snowboarding. When released 25 years ago, it was known to give players the ability to do mid-air jumps to avoid obstacles if the player timed the jumps correctly.

The perspective of the game was a perspective behind the view as the character raced down the ski slopes with abilities that included acceleration, turn, stop, jump, deceleration, and sharp turns. Players can navigate from skiing to snowboarding with options to change default control schemes. The game can be played in multiplayer mode with 2 players competing simultaneously (taking turns).

Each mode has its own subset of rules – an arcade-style non-competitive event mode for freeriding, a practice mode for practice, and a competitive mode consisting of four championships for the competition mode.

Republic of Horsemen

Republic of Horsemen is a 2021 game that brings together skiing, mountain biking, wingsuit flying and snowboarding in a multiplayer sports game where up to 64 players can compete in racing competitions. Republic of Horsemen takes place in an open world that brings together Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park Zion National Park, Mammoth Mountain, Bryce Canyon, Grand Teton, and Canyonlands into a single map.

Players meet and interact with each other as they compete in freestyle biking, bike racing, freestyle skiing/snowboarding, ski/snowboard racing, wingsuit racing and more. Each sport has its own progression path and players aim to compete in bigger competitions like Red Bull Rampage, Red Bull Joyride, UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and X Games. The main objective is to receive an invitation to participate in the Riders Ridge Invitational where all sports combine into one event and players can switch between sports activities as they wish.

New gear, cosmetics, and outfits are unlocked as the game progresses. In the Tricks Battle Arena, the different teams compete to score Trick points.

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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Update 1.000.009 Patch Notes |

The developers behind Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl released the patch notes for the upcoming update 1.000.009 in the fighting game. According to the developers, “The latest patch for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is out now on PC and is coming to Playstation and Xbox today! The patch will come to Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Released in October 2021, this platform fighter features different combat stages to do battle with familiar Nickelodeon characters. Fans of games such as Super Smash Bros.. will definitely have fun with this game. Check out the full patch notes for the upcoming update 1.000.009 at Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl below.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Update 1.000.009 Patch Notes

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Update 1.000.009 Patch Notes


  • + Added option to play against another player in practice mode when two controllers
    is connected.
  • + A new option has been added to have CPU against CPU in local matches
  • + For those who run through Arcade mode quickly, we’ve added a timer to the HUD in Arcade
    Fashion. Also, loading times are no longer included in the final time
  • + Character selection no longer resets when entering the Rules menu.
  • + Atimer has been added to online modes for character and scene selection, when the
    the timer runs out, a random character and stage is selected to start the battle after.
  • + Scene collisions have been improved to avoid phasing,
  • + Ul now adapts correctly to different screen formats,
  • + Minor UI changes

+ Universal
o General

  • Grounded normals now collide with grounded normals, always
  • Grounded normals now bounce against grounded forts, always
  • Grounded forts now beat grounded normals, always
    Airborne normals no longer ever collide with other hitboxes except projectiles
    Air forts no longer ever collide with other hitboxes, with the exception of projectiles and RPS win/loss interactions
  • RPS loss length increased to 30 plus half of your current percentage for duration (frames)
  • RPS loss takes a hit after winning a heavy attack
  • RPS loss takes damage when gaining a heavy attack
  • Throwing a dashdance now puts the character in a brief rollover position for a frame and holds the character in place for a bit longer before throwing the next dash
  • Throwing a dash from a state that is not explicitly configured as interpolable (i.e.: dashdancing) will activate a fallback where movement intersperses from the start of a character’s idle animation ; this drastically reduces the janky/eye-catching visual effect that dashdancing can have
  • Color overlays for standard and good blocks changed to be more opaque
  • Fixed a bug where a move sent down and slightly left would not have the DI property if held horizontal-left
  • Fixed a bug where color overlays on blocking would persist a few more frames than the delay depicted

sports mode
+ Players are now able to hold the ball
+ Ali is now able to manipulate balls around obstacles

Mid-stroke grounding
+ Basic KB: 50 — 40
+ kb growth: 120 — 100
+ base stun: 32 — 11
+ Stun Growth: 10 + 28

Medium Range Antenna
+ Basic KB: 85 — 45
+ base stun: 28 — 10
+stun growth: 5 — 22


Downward overhead light
+ Length increased: 24f — 31f
Aerial down strong
+ Length increased: 44f — 49f

Downward overhead light
+ Length increased: 23f — 33f
+ Basic stun increased: 13 — 18

2 Fixed yfx charge visual bug, vix will now disappear after death with status effect active.

Downward overhead light
+ Length increased: 24f — 32f
Aerial down strong
+ Length increased: 40f — 48f

2 overhead lights down
+ Length increased: 24f — 30f
Aerial down strong
+ Length increased: 40f — 53f

2 overhead lights down
+ Length increased: 26f — 32f
Aerial down strong
+ Increased length: 38f — 50f

Lincoln Loud
Downward overhead light
+ Length increased: 20f — 31f
Aerial down strong
+ Length increased: 38f — 51f

Players can find Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, nintendo switchand pc.

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Video games racing in 2022

Video games racing in 2022

Calendar An icon of a desktop calendar.

to cancel An icon of a circle with a diagonal line across it.

Caret A right-pointing solid arrow icon.

E-mail An icon of a paper envelope.

Facebook An icon of Facebook’s “f” mark.

google An icon of Google’s “G” mark.

Linked to An icon of the Linked In “in” brand.

Sign out An icon representing disconnection.

Profile An icon that resembles the human head and shoulders.

Telephone An icon of a traditional telephone receiver.

Check A check mark icon.

Is public An icon of a human eye and eyelashes.

is not public An icon of a human eye and eyelashes crossed by a diagonal line.

Pause icon A two-line pause icon to stop interactions.

quotation mark An opening quotation mark.

quotation mark A closing quotation mark.

Case An icon of a paper folder.

Case An icon of a paper folder.

Breakup An icon of an exclamation mark on a circular background.

Camera An icon of a digital camera.

Caret A caret arrow icon.

The clock An icon of a clock face.

Close An X-shaped icon.

close icon An icon used to represent where to interact to minimize or close a component

Ellipse An icon of 3 horizontal dots.

Envelope An icon of a paper envelope.

Facebook An icon of a facebook logo f.

Camera An icon of a digital camera.

House A house icon.

instagram An Instagram logo icon.

Linked to A Linked In logo icon.

Magnifying glass A magnifying glass icon.

Search icon A magnifying glass icon used to represent the search function.

following A right-pointing arrow icon.

Note An explanation mark centered inside a circle.

Previous A left-pointing arrow icon.

Rating A star icon.

Label An icon of a label.

Twitter A Twitter logo icon.

Video camera An icon of a video camera shape.

Speech bubble icon An icon showing a speech bubble

WhatsApp A WhatsApp logo icon.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection is coming to consoles, PC

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection will be released on consoles and PC sometime in 2022. The game was announced during Sony’s State of Play 2022. digital eclipse confirmed that the game will be released on all major platforms and on the Steam store.

The game was developed by Konami with Digital Eclipse and [likely] their Eclipse engine. While the Konami logo has been welcome on my TV for over 30 years, it’s Digital Eclipse that really excites me. With their Eclipse engine, they have been able to release some fantastic remasters over the past few years. For me, Mega Man Legacy Collection and the Disney Classic Games Collection are top notch.

What to expect from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

The collection will include 13 classic TMNT games. These games are:

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed that there is no online multiplayer for SNES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. In fact, we already had a modern take on the arcade game way back in 2009 when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled came to PS3 and Xbox 360. In all honesty, this game came and went so quickly that many missed.

This announcement came out of nowhere and adds to a 2022 filled with TMNT. Shredder’s Revenge, a retro-inspired side-scrolling action game, is also slated for release this year. All we need now is an announcement that Rocksteady is developing an Arkham City-style TMNT game. Hey, a boy can dream, right?

Be sure to follow The On Tap Sports Net Pop Culture Team for previews, reviews and previews of these shows and more throughout the year.

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Amazon Luna review: Not quite on cloud nine yet

Amazon Luna review: Not quite on cloud nine yet

MSRP $9.99

“Amazon Luna is a working cloud gaming service, but its lackluster library means it won’t be anyone’s first choice.”


  • Smooth on mobile and Amazon Fire TV

  • Excellent Luna Couch function

  • Single channel approach

The inconvenients

  • Stuttering on web browser

  • Unimpressive range of games

  • No Amazon Game Studios titles

Amazon Luna has officially launched at the perfect time for me. A few months after moving to a new town for this job, I decided to visit my family in a rural part of Virginia. I would be without my PS5 and Xbox Series X, but a cloud gaming service would ensure that I wouldn’t be stuck on last-gen consoles and my Switch for console gaming.

Since I hadn’t checked out the platform since its late 2020 debut, I was excited to see what Amazon Luna was delivering now. The tech prowess was noticeable on the mobile and Amazon Fire TV versions of the service, but heavy PC service and a lackluster library meant it didn’t make a lasting impression this holiday.

Head in the clouds

Cloud gaming is a somewhat controversial segment of the video game market. The idea of ​​playing console-quality games directly from your phone or a web browser is very appealing, especially as hardware and games become more expensive and more powerful internet speeds and 5G is becoming more widely available. Instead of competing with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo in the console market, cloud gaming is the path that big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have decided to pursue with their gaming platforms. Unfortunately, the results were mixed, with Google Stadia being a particularly notable failure as it failed to live up to its lofty promises and lacked a large library of games at launch.

Now, Amazon is up to the task with Luna as the new top game streaming service. The service quietly entered early access in 2020, but just released its full version this month. And while it feels more complete and stable than Stadia at launch, it repeated some of the same issues throughout my journey.

On mobile, PC, and Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Luna streams games at a relatively consistent 1080p resolution. In cases where the internet connection becomes spotty, it will drop to 720p before completely stopping the game if Luna determines the connection is really that bad.

My time with mobile experiences and Amazon Fire TV has been extremely smooth. Resolution remained high, stutters were very infrequent, and input lag was negligible. Players will need to ensure they have suitable third-party controllers (the Razer Kishi is my go-to mobile controller) or Luna’s gamepad if they don’t want to use shoddy touch controls.

Playback through the Google Chrome web browser was not as stable. Stuttering and severe input lag were more common even on less demanding games like Garfield Kart: Furious Race or the retro titles in Capcom arcade stadium.

My time with mobile experiences and Amazon Fire TV has been extremely smooth.

Of course, the experience relies on internet connection, and while I was lucky enough to have a good one on this trip, your experience may vary. Overall, I’d recommend sticking with the Amazon Fire TV or mobile versions of the service for the smoothest experience.

Luna lacks a few Stadia frills like State Share and Crowd Play, but it didn’t promise them either. Instead, Amazon Luna’s unique cloud gaming feature is called “Luna Couch”, which enables cooperative cloud gaming. Playing pigs with this feature worked surprisingly well as my brother and I seemed to be in sync almost perfectly, and it had no impact on performance. I just wish there were more co-op games that take advantage of this feature at launch.

The Amazon Luna toy library in October 2020.

Overall, Amazon Luna didn’t disappoint with its game streaming capabilities during my trip, but it also didn’t stand out significantly outside of Luna Couch. This put a lot of pressure on the game library to make the service worthwhile for casual gaming fans.

Channeling games

Amazon Luna has a unique approach to its game library compared to other cloud gaming services. It offers individual channels that players can subscribe to in order to access certain games. On all platforms, Amazon Luna’s user interface is very simple. Games are organized by channel and genre, and one can quickly jump into a game from its Luna store page, so Amazon has definitely lowered the barrier of entry for the tech.

The Luna+ channel ($10 per month starting April 1) features a random mix of older AAA titles like Devil May Cry V and indies like call of the sea. The lack of a unifying theme for this channel makes it ideal for curious new owners, but be sure to like some of the games included before subscribing, as some gamers won’t find this lineup worthwhile.

The Family Channel ($6 per month starting April 1) has more accessible games kids might like, such as Garfield Kart: Furious Race and Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. Meanwhile, the Retro channel ($5 per month) provides access to classics like dragon’s lair, Konami’s anniversary collections and all the games of Capcom arcade stadium.

While I like the channel-based approach of this service, the fact that no channel particularly appealed to me is a bad sign.

These channels will appeal to casual gamers, whether they’re kids trying to get into gaming or someone who hasn’t played a game since the 1990s. These are very specific demographics, however, and won’t necessarily fit hardcore gamers like me who are looking to subscribe to a cloud gaming service.

Ubisoft+ subscribers can stream many new games from Ubisoft directly from Luna. Although this channel provides the service with its most important and latest games, it requires another $18 per month subscription and is a strange outlier on Luna. The Jackbox Party Pack ($5 per month) channel, which gives subscribers access to all games from Jackbox Studios, is a standout and might be worth subscribing to if you host a lot of parties and don’t don’t already own many of these games. It made for a fun game night!

Amazon Luna has a Prime Gaming channel for Amazon Prime members.

Finally, a small rotation of games streamed through Luna are available at all times on the Prime Gaming channel. These free Amazon Prime games are worth checking out for Amazon Prime members looking to play some games when no other system is around or for those who want to dip their toes into cloud gaming .

The channel system allows Amazon Luna to target people looking for particular gaming experiences. That said, it neglects to have a range that’s generally appealing, and the services can get quite pricey if you buy them all, which we don’t recommend.

Content is king

By logging into the service during my trip, I hoped to find a hidden gem I had never heard of or games that could take advantage of Amazon’s cloud technology. Instead, I received a random catalog of older games, few of which benefit from cloud gaming or Luna Couch. While I like the channel-based approach of this service, the fact that no channel particularly appealed to me is a bad sign.

To engage a hardcore audience, Amazon needs to start adding more new games, first-party titles, and cloud-based experiences to Luna+. Recent hits from Amazon Game Studios like New world and lost ark are MIA, a huge missed opportunity to add meat to Luna’s paltry bones.

Amazon Luna may stutter less than Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, at least on Android, but if a service offers fantastic new games like Halo Infinite, Back 4 Blood, Forza Horizon 5and nobody saves the world on day one I’m going to choose to play this over a service whose most notable AAA game outside of Ubisoft+ is Control (which is also on Game Pass).

A person is playing a game on Amazon Luna on a laptop computer.

This vacation is one of the times that Amazon Luna will be very useful to me. Although the service itself ran smoothly, I’m ultimately uninterested and don’t know when I’ll use it again unless some big changes happen.

Our point of view

Amazon Luna is a decent cloud gaming platform let down by a lack of compelling experiences. Content is king, and with fierce competition from the now revamped Stadia and Game Pass Xbox Cloud Gaming, Luna doesn’t do much to stand out. It has uses for very specific audiences and situations, but that’s not enough to warrant a monthly subscription for most people.

Is there a better alternative?

Those looking for the best range of games on a cloud streaming service should subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In addition to giving subscribers access to an extensive library of console and PC games, it includes Xbox Cloud Gaming for Android and web browsers, allowing users to play many of the included titles over an internet connection. For a cloud gaming platform with more unique features and exclusive games, Google Stadia is another option on par with Amazon Luna.

Should I buy it?

No. Unless one of the channels listed matches your specific interests, it’s not worth exploring Amazon Luna and paying for several subscriptions that you won’t engage with often and that you might possibly forget. Those still curious about the tech should get Amazon Prime and play all the Luna games currently available for free with that subscription.

Amazon Luna was tested on a Google Pixel 3a XL with a Razer Kishi, as well as a Lenovo laptop and Amazon Fire TV with an Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Editors’ Recommendations

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TA Team Pick (March 10)

There are some fantastic games available at discounted prices in this week’s Xbox sales, so TA’s press team did their weekly dig to find, what they think, are a few bangers to consider. It’s been another week that has seen us pull off a varied selection of titles. From post-apocalyptic shooters and mutant-wrecking games to vibrant, uplifting stories that fill your heart with song, we’ve got five pickups that might be perfect for your library.

Heidi — Wandersong

I love Wandersong, which skillfully combines a brilliant, beautifully colored art style with a touching story about saving the world through music. Wandersong is a platform and puzzle game where we play as a bard, who interacts with the world through song – to the delight or extreme annoyance of the inhabitants of this world. Clearly we’re not a legendary hero, but we set out to save the world nonetheless by learning more about Earthsong. We meet a wide variety of characters and explore everything from loss to joy, and mermaids to coffee. It is accessible to all, even to those (me) who are not at all gifted for music. It’s truly a magical adventure, complete with a wonderful soundtrack that will stick with you after completing the game. is even better at a reduced price. Wait, I just double-checked – Wandersong is 75% off and less than £5! It’s just crazy. Seriously, if you’re looking for a brilliant adventure or a great story, you can’t go wrong with Wandersong.



A musical adventure where you use singing to save the world! Play as a silly bard who embarks on a journey around the world to learn about the mysterious Earthsong, believed to prevent the imminent end of the universe. It’s up to you to sing your songs, unlock the secrets of the world and make new friends!


Kes — Machinarium & Creaks Pack

Machinarium is really really good. I don’t know what Creaks is, but I’m sure it’s good too. In fact, I have so much faith in Czech studio Amanita Design from Machinarium that I know it does, I haven’t played it yet. That’s impressive, because Machinarium came out in 2012 (on PS3) and all that trust has been carried over to 2022. The game is about a little robot boy called Josef who gets dumped on a pile of junk. He must reassemble and return to the city. It’s a point-and-click adventure and puzzles are the name of the game. It’s pretty easy going – mostly object-interacting based stuff or small mini-games – but the real focus of your attention should be the amazing illustration. It’s a surreal and mind-blowing thing that would go very well in a Dalí gallery. Buildings bend and twist in and out of frame at oblique angles, clocks dominate the scenes, and mosaic patterns make crazy things happen to your eyes. Throw in a wonderfully touching story, a sublime soundtrack, and, of course, those easy Machinarium achievements and you’ve got a two-hour must-play.

Machinarium and squeaks set

Machinarium and squeaks set

Machinarium is the award-winning indie adventure game from the creators of Samorost and Botanicula.

Help Josef the robot save his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood gang.

The floor starts shaking, light bulbs break – and something quite unusual is happening just behind your bedroom walls. Equipped with nothing but wits and courage, you slowly descend into a world inhabited by birds and seemingly deadly furniture monsters.

From the makers of indie classics Machinarium and Samorost comes Creaks, a new puzzle adventure game that delights the senses with its hand-painted visuals, crisp animations, eerie sounds, and an eclectic original score by Hidden Orchestra. Proceed at your own pace to find the solutions to dozens of carefully crafted puzzles, explore the mansion in search of hidden paintings, and uncover the big secret.


Luke — Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S

As a big fan of the Project Diva and Picross series, this was always going to be a day one purchase for me, and I’ve already browsed through all of the Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S when it released in January. . For those new to the world of nonogram puzzles, these absolute time vampires involve using numerical clues to color in sections of a grid and eventually reveal a hidden image. It might take a few puzzles to get the logic behind the system to click, but before long you’ll be speeding up even the biggest grids and solving tricky puzzles in no time. It’s hugely satisfying to watch everything start to fall into place, and even more so when you can solve the toughest problems without any hints or help. Luckily for newcomers (and/or folks who are only here for Miku), that kind of perfection isn’t necessary for solving puzzles, or even for achievements, and without a state of failure per se, you could theoretically just brute force every puzzle in the game by clicking on almost every box. A tedious and tedious road to completion, sure (and one that saps the fun of the game), but it would get the job done. At 40% off, this great little puzzle will make you Miku-Miku (for real).

Hatsune Miku Logic Painting S

Hatsune Miku Logic Painting S

“Hatsune Miku Logic Paint -MIKULOGI-” has evolved!
Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S is now available on the Microsoft® Store!


Sean — Metro Saga Ensemble

If you haven’t played Metro games, first of all, shame on you. Second, do yourself a favor and pick up the Metro Saga Bundle, which is 70% off this week, bringing it down to just $17.99 / £14.99 / €17.99. Here you’ll find three of the best first-person shooters: Metro 2033 Redux, Metro: Last Light Redux, and Metro Exodus, as well as the two DLC expansions for Exodus. The Metro series is set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow where humans are forced to live underground in the city’s metro tunnels as the outside world has become uninhabitable. You play as Artyom, a man who is asked to join a group known as the Rangers to hunt down mysterious creatures known as the Dark Ones, who have been attacking various settlements on the Underground network. The first two games are very linear first-person shooter experiences that let you smash your way through groups of mutated creatures in pitch-black subway tunnels before stumbling into a subway station – l he atmosphere in the tunnels is unlike any other FPS and it makes sure you’re always on your toes. Metro Exodus, the third game in the series, does away with the linear format and places you in several vast open sandboxes, although there are still a few linear moments every now and then. Exodus is probably my favorite of the three because it has a bit more gameplay variety compared to 2033 and Last Light. When it comes to achievements, all three games have pretty tough achievement lists, although Exodus will be the one that will put up the biggest fight.

Metro Saga Bundle

Metro Saga Bundle

The Metro Saga Bundle includes all three games in the critically acclaimed Metro series – Metro 2033 Redux, Metro: Last Light Redux and Metro Exodus Gold Edition (with all bonus DLCs)

To M

Tom — Insurrection: Sandstorm

While Insurgency: Sandstorm doesn’t visually reach the same dizzying heights as other more notable titles in the FPS genre, it makes up for it with incredible sound design and intense tactile gunplay. I’ve always been a sucker for first-person shooters (or “shootybangs”, as our esteemed frontman Luke likes to call them), and the chaotic nature of large-scale firefights makes these some of my video game experiences. favourites. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to get stuck in something like Insurgency: Sandstorm, which does away with large-scale warfare in favor of smaller team-based, tactile gameplay – and I’ve never felt so anxious playing a shooter before. Bullet damage is increased enough to allow the game to straddle the line between arcade and simulation, so a few well-placed rounds will have you kissing the dirt. This knowledge, combined with some of the most impressive sound design elements I’ve encountered to date, makes Insurgency: Sandstorm a ridiculously intense game to play…and it makes for an incredibly satisfying experience.

If you just rushed to buy the game, you’ve already made your first mistake; to be successful, you need to know how to slow things down, check turns, use cover correctly to your advantage, and keep your ass out of open areas. If you can handle not running fast with everyone, you’ll really have fun with this. The current sale is 25% off the price, but to be honest Insurgency: Sandstorm is well worth its full price, so any discount is a bonus – Maximum Games recently released an update that fixes the unobtainable achievements in ‘Insurgency: Sandstorm, so now is a good time to play and finally complete the game.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Fight in the war-torn environments of contemporary conflict across a series of intense cooperative and PvP multiplayer modes. Feel every bullet and fear every impact in fierce close combat as your team battles for victory.

Does something here do that for you, or are you going to get a different slice of awesomeness from the sales? Let us know in the comments!

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Retro Pixel Racers aligns with the Xbox grid

We’d be lying if we said we love JanduSoft titles. That’s not to say there isn’t a toss up with what’s released by the publishing team, but to be honest, quality isn’t always what we’re expecting. would wait – just look Neck retroverse collection for confirmation of this. We hope a turning point is made with the launch of Retro Pixel Racers.

Retro Pixel Racers is the kind of game we grew up with. A descending arch runner in which nothing matters more than crossing the finish line first. It helps that it comes with that 16-bit style that many know and love too, providing even more memories of the best games of years past.

Available to buy, download and play on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S now – with smart delivery and full Series X|S optimization, ensuring the version you’re playing is the best available for your system – Retro Pixel Racers just might be an addictive little racing hit.

Obviously the graphical style may only appeal to a few, but with the promise of speed and the immersion we last felt when we spent several hours in the smog of the arcades, there are hope. It’s further aided by the inclusion of twenty-six different tracks, with twenty vehicles to enjoy racing and an easy-to-manage, hard-to-master gameplay style.

We’re more than happy to take a punt with Retro Pixel Racers, hoping that JanduSoft has finally managed to land a bit of a hit. Stay tuned for a full review from us soon, but in the meantime you can grab a download from the Xbox Store for £4.19.

Description of the game:

Retro Pixel Racers is a fun arcade racing game with retro style graphics where you control toy cars racing on exciting tracks. Start your engines and get ready for the craziest and most addictive racing game ever. Fast-paced racing game with a new take on 16-bit style. This is an arcade racing game based on games I loved to play in arcades growing up. You could say it’s inspired by these games, maybe an homage to them or just a rip off, any of these could be true!

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All the games you can play at the Louisville Arcade Expo this weekend

All the games you can play at the Louisville Arcade Expo this weekend

The Louisville Arcade Expo is a wonderland of video games and pinball nostalgia, with rows and rows of cabinets, machines, and consoles spanning decades.

The three-day event, taking place this weekend, March 11-13, will once again see the Triple Crown pavilion filled with hundreds of games, all ready to play for free, for spectators to play. after purchasing tickets.

want to play Trap on Atari 2600? You can do it.

You want to race with your friends in Mario Kart on that old 64? Buckle up.

Have you ever played Zelda games that didn’t come out on a Nintendo console? Two of the three will be there, Zelda Gamelon Wand and Link: Faces of Evil on the Philips CD-i. Neither is very good, but you can check them out without ever having to buy them yourself.

What would you say Galaga, Donkey Kong Jr, NBA JamWhere Cuphead on an arcade machine? Or Family guy, Indiana Jones Where mandalorian pinball?

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a game list of everything expected, though it’s subject to change:

Games for consoles and computers

Atari 2600 (1977) — Trap, Outlaw, Fight, Video Pinball

Intellivision (1979) – Everything

Commodore 64 (1982) — Paradroid, Ghostbusters, MULE

Apple IIe (1982) — Oregon Trail, Print Shop

Colecovision (1982) — Tapper, Smurfs, etc.

Vectrex (1982) — Armored Attack, Mine Storm, Narzod Fortress

Atari 800XL (1983) — Mrs. Pac-Man

Nintendo NES (1985) — Punch Out, Contra, SMB, Excitebike, Jackal, Steel Blades, etc.

Sega Genesis (1989) — Streets of Rage 2, Sonic, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Fix it Felix Jr

Turbo Grafx 16 (1989) — Bonk’s Revenge, Parasol Stars

Super Nintendo (1991) — Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, NBA JAM TE

Philips CD-i (1991) — Zelda Gamelon Wand, Link: Faces of Evil

Neo Geo AES (1991) — Samurai Shodown 2

CD Neo Geo (1993) — wind jammers

Sega Saturn (1995) — Daytona USA, Panzer Dragoon, etc.

Sony PlayStation (1995) — Incredible Crisis, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, etc.

Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995) — Wario Land, Mario Tennis

Nintendo 64 (1996)— Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Super Smash Bros.

Sega Dreamcast (1999) — Ikaruga, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Virtua Tennis, Last Blade 2, Crazy Taxi

Sony Playstation 2 (2000)— Katamari Damacy, Psychonauts, DDR

Microsoft Xbox (2001) — Halo

Nintendo Gamecube (2001) — F-Zero GX, Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Smash Brothers Melee

Microsoft Xbox 360 (2005) — Halo 3, Fes

Nintendo Wii (2006) — Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, Just Dance

Nintendo NES Classic (2016) — Kirby’s Adventure, Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo SNES Classic (2017) — Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby Super Star

Pinball Games

America’s Most Haunted
Baby Pacman
Bride of Pinbot
Champions of Aeridath
Circus Voltaire
Dr Who
family guy
fish tales
Granny and the Alligators
hyper ball
Indiana Jones (Williams)
queen of the jungle
Jurassic Park (PRO)
Led Zeppelin (PRO)
Lethal weapon 3)
Mandalorian Pro
Mandalorian bounty
road show
South Park
Super Mario Bros.
star gazer
Starship Troopers
Steamer Willie
Strikes and Spares (Bally)
surf champion
Custom surf field
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PRO
Terminator 2
Fancy Time
theater of magic
blurred area
Texas Sector
Undead (PRO)
Tourbillon (2.0)
soccer world cup 94

Arcade games

Arkanoid Revenge of Doh
Ataxx (Leland)
Big Golf Event
Capcom Bowling
Capcom vs Snk 2
mad kongdonkey kong
Donkey Kong Junior
deer hunting
final fight
Fix it Felix
gate of fate
Hokuto no ken (Polar Star Fist)
Mario Brothers.
Marvel VS Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes
Lunar Patrol
Mortal Kombat 2 Plus
Mortal Kombat 4
Ms. Pacman
Namco 20th Anniversary Collection
NBA jam
NFL Blitz / NBA Showdown
Pac-Man Battle Royale
Game Pick 10
A robot named Fight
Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo
Silent Reach II
Arcade Penny Star Wars
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4 players)
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
weird toys
A Squadron
Victory Road
Against Super Mario
X-Men (6 players)

Keep Louisville interesting and support LEO Weekly by signing up for our newsletter here. In return, you’ll receive news with a benefit and the latest places to eat, drink and hang out in Derby City.

follow us on Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

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Check Out The Discounts With Xbox Deals With Gold Sale March 8-14, 2022

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 25% Open world sale Monster Hunter World: Deluxe Digital Iceborne Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 33% Open world sale MonsterBlast Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 30% Featured Sale Mulaka Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 65% Featured sale Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Xbox Play Anywhere 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Deluxe Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts MX vs. ATV Alive Xbox One Backward Compatibility 75% retro sale MX vs. ATV Reflex Xbox One Backward Compatibility 75% retro sale MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 75% retro sale MX vs. ATV: Savage Xbox One Backward Compatibility 75% retro sale Narcos: the rise of the cartels Xbox One X Improved 80% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts NBA 2K 2 playgrounds Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 75% DWG* NBA 2K22 Multi-Gen Digital Bundle Optimized for Xbox Series X|S 67% DWG* Need of speed EA game 75% Sale to EA publishers Need heat fast EA game 80% Sale to EA publishers Need For Speed ​​Heat Deluxe Edition Xbox One X Improved 80% Sale to EA publishers Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered EA game 80% Sale to EA publishers Need quick refund EA game 60% Sale to EA publishers Need for speed rivals EA game 75% Sale to EA publishers NHL 22 X-Factor Edition Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Optimized for Xbox Series X|S 60% Sale to EA publishers NHL 22 Xbox One Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 67% Sale to EA publishers NHL 22 Xbox Series X|S Optimized for Xbox Series X|S 50% Sale to EA publishers Japan Marathon Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 85% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts No Man’s Sky Xbox Game Pass 50% Open world sale Oceanhorn – Monster of the Uncharted Seas Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 75% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Oddworld: new and tasty Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 75% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – Deluxe Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 75% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Okinawa Rush Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 50% DWG* OlliOlli World Smart delivery 20% DWG* OlliOlli World Rad Edition Smart delivery 20% DWG* Oneiros Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts open country Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 50% Open world sale Othercide Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% DWG* Outbreak: hope lost Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 75% Featured Sale Survive 2 Xbox Game Pass 80% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Outlast: Terror Pack Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 80% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Outward: The Adventurer’s Pack Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 70% Open world sale Overcooked! 2 – Cooking at the campfire Add 50% Featured Sale Overcooked! 2 – Carnival of Chaos Add 50% Featured Sale Overcooked! 2 – Night of the Horde Hangry Add 50% Featured sale Overcooked! 2 – Surf’n’Turf Add 50% Featured sale Overcooked! 2 – Too many cooks Add 50% Featured Sale Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox One Backward Compatibility 50% retro sale lost paradise Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 70% Open world sale Pathological DLC Bundle 2 + Marble Nest Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Perfect traffic simulator Xbox One X Improved 80% Open world sale PGA TOUR 2K21 Xbox One X Improved 75% DWG* PGA TOUR 2K21 Baller Pack Add 35% DWG* pig eating ball Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 80% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball Season 1 Bundle Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 40% retro sale Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack Add 50% retro sale Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball: Volume 5 Add 50% retro sale Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball: Volume 6 Add 50% retro sale Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville EA game 80% Sale to EA publishers Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Deluxe Edition Xbox One X Improved 80% Sale to EA publishers Port Royale 3 Xbox One Backward Compatibility 75% retro sale Port Royale 4 – Extended Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 40% Open world sale Praetorians – HD Remaster Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 50% retro sale Prince of Persia, the forgotten sands Xbox One Backward Compatibility 75% DWG* Prototype 2 Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 70% retro sale Biohazard Prototype Batch Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 70% retro sale Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts pure pool Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Pure Pool Snooker Bundle Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Pushy and Pully in Blockland Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Rare replay Xbox Game Pass 75% retro sale Legends of Rayman Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 75% DWG* New Power of Realpolitik Xbox Play Anywhere 90% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts red dead online Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 50% Open world sale Red Dead Redemption Xbox One Backward Compatibility 67% Open world sale Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One X Improved 60% Open world sale Red Dead Redemption 2: Story Mode Add 50% Open world sale Redesign Xbox One X Improved 67% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Remember Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 70% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Restless Hero Xbox Play Anywhere 80% Featured sale Trace: Memories of Death Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 70% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Republic of Horsemen Smart delivery 50% Open world sale Riders Republic Deluxe Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 45% Open world sale Riders Republic Gold Edition Smart delivery 50% Open world sale Riders Republic Ultimate Edition Smart delivery 50% Open world sale Riders Republic Year 1 Pass Add 35% Open world sale Rims Racing: Ultimate Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Optimized for Xbox Series X|S 40% DWG* RiMS Racing Xbox One Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% DWG* RiMS Racing Xbox Series X|S Xbox Series X|S (Optimized) 40% DWG* The Rise of Slime Smart delivery 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Resurrected Xbox One Backward Compatibility 60% retro sale Risen 2 Dark Waters Xbox One Backward Compatibility 75% retro sale Risk Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% DWG* Robophobe Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 70% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Rogue Stormers & Giana Sisters Bundle Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 70% retro sale Roombo: first blood Xbox One X Improved 50% Featured Sale Ruin Xbox Play Anywhere 80% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Saints Row IV: re-elected Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 80% Open world sale Saints Row the Third Remastered Smart delivery 70% Open world sale Saints Row: Escape from Hell Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 80% Open world sale SAMURAI SHODOWN NEOGEO COLLECTION Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 50% retro sale Screen cheat Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 75% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts samurai seasons Xbox Play Anywhere 60% [email protected] Sale of deep cuts Second Extinction (game preview) Xbox Game Pass 50% Open world sale

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The House of the Dead Remake gets a trailer ahead of Switch release

House of the Dead Remake

Forever Entertainment has released a trailer for its remake of Sega’s arcade shooter The House of the Dead. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 7, and pre-ordering begins on March 31.


“The House of the Dead: Remake is a remade version of the game introduced in 1997 on the arcade platform,” says Forever Entertainment. “A classic arcade rail shooter gets an all-new environment and gameplay changes to fit modern gaming standards.”

Here are those ever-important features:

  • Well-known arcade classic with modern graphics and controls
  • Faithful to the original gameplay
  • 2-player local multiplayer
  • Multiple endings
  • Picture Mode
  • Achievements
  • Armory with unlockable weapons
  • Hordes of undead monsters in a new game mode
  • Gallery with enemies and bosses encountered

Forever Entertainment is also taking care of remakes of Panzer Dragoon 1 & 2, and a new version of The House of the Dead 2, all for Nintendo Switch.

The last time we saw the franchise was in 2011 when House of The Dead Overkill launched on PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. “It’s still one of the best Move-enabled games out there, and I hope SEGA will consider porting some of its other underrated titles from the Wii, but we won’t be holding our breath,” we wrote. stated in our 7/10 review.

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Top 10 best-selling Nintendo consoles

In its recent financial report, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch has achieved incredible milestones. Not only did the Switch surpass the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Wii, but it’s also the seventh video game console to cross 100 million units sold. It joins the illustrious group of the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and the aforementioned Nintendo Wii.

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As it approaches its fifth anniversary, the Switch’s monumental success is a reminder of Nintendo’s impact and reputation in the industry. For nearly 50 years, the company has been a leader in video gaming, and its consoles are mainstays in the lives of millions of gamers around the world.

ten GameCube – 21.74 million

A purple GameCube and controller are placed in front of the GameCube game cases

In 2001, Nintendo launched the GameCube in two of its biggest markets: Japan in September and North America in November. Selling for $199.99, the Gamecube faced stiff competition from Sony’s Playstation 2 and Microsoft’s first console, the Xbox. By the time Nintendo discontinued the console in 2007, the GameCube had been overtaken by its two competitors.

Despite finishing the generation in last place, the GameCube still holds a special place in gaming history due to quirks such as the use of miniDVDs and its carrying handle. Audiences were first introduced to franchises like pikmine and animal crossing but remarkable is the output of Super Smash Bros. Meleea game that spawned a competitive fighting scene and is still popular today.

9 Nintendo 64 – 32.93 million

Nintendo entered the third dimension in 1996 with the release of the $199.99 Nintendo 64. This generation, Nintendo has overtaken its old rival Sega, selling more than three times as many units as the Sega Saturn. However, neither company could match the popularity of the market newcomer, Sony’s PlayStation.

The Nintendo 64 is beloved by 90s kids everywhere because of its library of party games. Unlike its competitors, the ability to play four players has made instant classics of Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros., GoldenEye 007, and Perfect black. Besides that, games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the launch title Super Mario 64 stand as masterpieces whose influence is still felt in video games released today.


8 SNES/Super Famicom – 49.1 million

Underrated Mario SNES Game

Released in Japan as the Super Famicom, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System brought Nintendo into the 16-bit generation. The SNES is best known for the fiery competitive spirit of its generation of games. This time around, Nintendo faced a tough challenger in the Sega Genesis. Sega fought a tough fight but in the end Nintendo emerged as the winner.

The SNES has refined the grandeur of its predecessor to create masterpieces. Titles like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid are consistently touted as some of the greatest and most popular games ever made and are often cited for their influences on the platforming, top-down action-adventure, and Metroidvania genres, respectively.

7 NES/Famicom – 61.91 million

Nintendo Entertainment System

After making a name for itself in arcade games, Nintendo entered the home gaming market in 1983 with the Family Computer aka the Famicom. Two years later, the console was redesigned and renamed for its US launch as the Nintendo Entertainment System. After the video game crash of 1983, the NES saved the home video game console market in the United States.

By reintroducing the world to video games, the NES established many familiar faces that define the art form. Iconic unique pieces like ice climbers, and duck huntingto the first entries in the mario, Legend of Zelda, Punch-Out, and metroid franchises, the NES set the bar for Nintendo’s high-quality software.

6 Nintendo 3DS family – 75.94 million

Minecraft new edition 3DS gameplay

A hefty MSRP of $249.99 and the rise of mobile gaming gave the Nintendo 3DS a rocky launch. But after a price drop, the 3DS slowly built up to huge success. Stereoscopic 3D was initially Nintendo’s selling point, later releasing cheaper models without this feature. The 3DS family includes the 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL.

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The Nintendo 3DS has won the success of iterations on Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. Highlights include Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, remakes of the two N64s Zelda Games, four pairs of main lines Pokemon Games, and renewed interest in fire emblem with Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates.

5 Game Boy Advanced Family – 81.51 million

Iris, the unreleased successor to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, leaks

The Game Boy Advanced evolved Nintendo’s handheld devices in 2001 by upgrading to a 32-bit system and switching to a landscape design. The console would receive two major redesigns. First, the Game Boy Advanced SP reverted to a portrait design and added a front-lit display and a flip-top. This was followed by the Game Boy Micro, a more compact version of the original GBA.

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The GBA has introduced many Nintendo sub-franchises to the world with WarioWare, Inc: Mega Microgames!, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Also note the ports of NES and SNES games with titles like Super Mario Advance and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

4 Nintendo Wii – 101.63 million

As the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 upgraded video games to high definition, Nintendo marched to the beat of its own drum. In 2006, Nintendo introduced the world to motion gaming with the release of the Wii. With the flashy gimmick of motion controls and the cheaper price of $249.99, the Wii caused a stir like no other and eclipsed the success of its competitors.

The Nintendo Wii is best known for the phenomenon that is Sports Wii, the best-selling Nintendo game of all time. the Wii the casual game brand launched its own franchise, including Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, Wii Party, and WifiFit. Both Mario and Zelda have received multiple mainline entries this generation and long-dormant franchises like Punch ! and donkey kong country have been restarted.

3 Nintendo Switch – 103.54 million

Cover Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

After decades of dividing its resources and audience, Nintendo has finally merged its home and handheld markets with the Nintendo Switch. Released in 2017 and delivering on its promise of console-level gaming on the go, the console reignited cultural passion for Nintendo. The Switch’s Herculean achievements include overselling all Nintendo home consoles and spending thirty-five non-consecutive months as the best-selling console in the United States (per GameInformer).

Many of Switch’s best-selling games are ports or repackages of the largely ignored Wii U catalog: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, breath of the wild, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Franchises reached new heights of popularity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Super Mario Odyssey.

2 Game Boy Family – 118.69 million

Pokemon Gold intro screenshot with Game Boy Color

In 1989, Nintendo released its follow-up to the handheld market. Unlike the Game & Watch, which was limited to one game per device, the Nintendo Game Boy allowed players to switch between games through its game cartridges. The console would release numerous revisions, including the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light and the Game Boy Color.

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Game Boy owners can generally be categorized into two groups: those who were addicted to pack-in gaming Tetris in 1989, and those who were addicted to the first generation of pocket monsters in 1996 Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. Nintendo regulars received their first handheld iterations in Super Mario Land, Land of Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Kirby’s Dreamland.

1 Nintendo DS family – 154.02 million

Released in 2004, the Nintendo DS broke new ground on the handheld system by adding several features now taken for granted, including the ability to wirelessly connect to multiple systems, a built-in microphone, and play with others via Wi-Fi But the console is best known for its dual screens preserved by its clamshell design. With two screens, including bottom touch capabilities, gamers were treated to a host of unique gaming experiences.

Early in the DS life cycle, Nintendo focused on the casual market with titles like Nintendogs and Brain Age: Train your brain in minutes a day!and Big Brain Academy. The usual suspects are all here, including Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, New Super Mario Bros., and four mainline sets Pokemon Games.

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Horizon Forbidden West: new gameplay and mechanical features

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Agent Intercept will soon bring over-the-top arcade driving mayhem to Xbox

Agent Intercept drives, sails and flies on Xbox consoles March 30, but there’s nothing subtle about this spy’s mission. Expect mayhem, explosions, high-speed arcade driving and more.
Developed and published by PikPok, Agent Intercept is an “over-the-top driving arcade action game” that features Sceptre, a transforming spy supercar. Your job is simple in this one: stop an evil organization known as CLAW by any means necessary in various locations around the world – land, sea, air, it doesn’t matter because Scepter can transform at any time.

Your mission will see you wielding bonuses that include spy gadgets and weapons, outwit your enemies, rack up points, and unlock intel for even more abilities. The game features the look and feel of a classic spy movie, plus over 50 original tracks to listen to while you do cool things. Alongside the game’s campaign, there will be a Score Attack mode that pits you against other agents in time trial, chase, and target practice modes.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring the Agent Intercept experience to consoles on March 30, 2022,” said PikPok CEO Mario Wynands. “Bringing our take on the beloved spy genre to more platforms has been one of our dreams.”

We’ve already picked up Agent Intercept’s achievements ahead of its March 30 release on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. What do you think of this high octane action game? Will you seek to eliminate CLAW? Let us know in the comments!

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Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges Guide – Series 5 – Summer

As the seasons change Forza Horizon 5 a whole new set of challenges are launched. With the move to Series 5 of these weekly deals, the entire Horizon landscape is changing, with the focus now shifting to the new PR stunts made available through the Horizon Rush takeover. Want us to help you navigate your way through the madness? We’ve got you covered with helpful tips, tricks, and melodies to help you complete Forza Horizon 5 – Series 5 – Summer Weekly Challenges.

Yes, the World Cup is over, but the party really begins now with Forza Horizon 5’s Series 5 – Summer Challenges. drift to circumvent. Oh, and there are also photo challenges and seasonal specials in the form of the Horizon Parade. Divided into different sections, you’ll have the chance to earn Forzathon Points, in-game cash, and new cars, all by completing the following steps…

Part 1 – The Weekly Challenge – Field Trip

To participate in this event, it may be advisable to complete the Speed ​​Trap Challenge this week, as the car you need is the prize to do so. Whichever way you finish, you need the #777 Formula Drift 2013 Chevrolet Corvette to participate this week.

The Air of Stock is perfect for all of these challenges, no need to blow your hard-earned credits this week.

Chapter 1 – Water Can’t Stop Me!

Simple really, hop on and drive it. The Falken paint job on this car was always one of my favorites in my 1/10th RC drift days, but it was a pain to hide and paint.

Chapter 2 – A way of life

Drifting is this car’s way of life, I guess, and to prove it, we need to earn six stars in a drift zone, or a variety of them.

I’m going to offer you the shortest, Giro Encorvado on the main Festival site. 15,000 points is enough for two stars, while three stars is only 30,000.

Easily doable in this car, especially if you hit the starting line already drifting.

Chapter 3 – Drift Season

We have to use Chevvy’s perfect weight distribution to earn ten ultimate drift skills (or electronic drift skills if you prefer). This can easily be done on a roundabout, of which there are a few dotted lines on the map, and with the correct application of throttle and counter steering you will be drifting for weeks.

One of my favorites is the cloverleaf junction on the highway. If you can do it while a skill song is playing, then a lot of points can be yours.

Chapter 4 – 2 for 1

The final chapter looks daunting, as you have to score over 100,000 Drift Points in less than two minutes in the Drift Zones.

However, it’s a piece of cake.

The polytunnels, in the middle of the map, are my favorite area, and with 120,000 needed for three stars, it will take much less than two minutes to rack up the necessary points. The key to this area is to keep drifting side to side, in transition, even on straight sections.

Part 2 – Seasonal Championships

There’s only one Seasonal Championship to compete in throughout this summer season, and it’s pretty simple at that.

Championship 1 – Party Animal

The reveler in question is a Jaguar and with an S1 900 class restriction it will be quite wild

I went with a beast that has served me well before, the 2012 XKR-S – the share code is: 138924656.

This is an on-road event, and so this tune should see you straight. It will be tight though as the pilot bots don’t want to give up, so be warned!

Showing your worth as a party animal will see you bringing home the 720S Spider.

Part 3 – Weekly Challenges

Challenge 1 – Seasonal Special – Horizon Parade

This seems, at first glance, quite easy. We only have to place third against average robot drivers to win, and we have to do it in the Festival Float vehicle. Simply get third place or higher to triumph!

Again, no settings required for this one, so save those pennies.

The race is tight at the start and the floats are wide so bide your time until the track opens up would be my advice.

A green pinata outfit will be yours if you complete the parade. At least it will mean you can finally get rid of that pesky snowman outfit you picked up on Christmas. There’s also a new Commendation tied to winning this race, which also nets you a groovy t-shirt. Premium!

Challenge 2 – Danger Sign – Metal Bird

Finally, PR stunts are making a comeback. I mean the World Cup was fun and all (although the UK did about as well as usual and came in 4th place) but it’s nice to throw cars at the ramps, right?

The car in question must be an S1 900 Class Hypercar, and the distance needed to get three stars is “only” 92m to complete the seasonal challenge. For three stars, it will be 121.9m, which seems oddly accurate.

I chose the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for this one because in my opinion it is one of the best looking cars in the game. A little light tweak gave me a share code of 180357146. This is a new danger sign, above the wings of an airplane, and the climb is off-road and pretty tight, so rewinding just might be your friend here.

Fly away and find the Lambo Aventador ’12 heading your way.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Summer Aventador

Challenge 3 – Speed ​​Zone – Desierto Vivente

Classic Rally, B Class 700 is the restriction for this event, and so I chose, as any sane person would, an escort. The 1977 Escort RS 1800, to be precise, and if you too want to put the Essex guy in you, the share code is 699552840.

Getting an average speed of 75 mph will win the seasonal challenge, but since this is a new speed zone, you might as well go all out and try to get three stars, right?

90 mph is your goal in this case. The approach from the south seems to be the optimal route.

A glorious Hoonigan Group A Escort Cossie will become yours.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Summer Escort

Challenge 4 – Trail Blazer – River Rapids

We need an unlimited buggy in an A 800 class to complete this challenge, and we need to finish with ten seconds on the clock to beat the seasonal challenge. For three stars, you have twenty seconds left, so it may be best to try again in a faster car.

I gave the tasks this time to the trusty Aerial Nomad, a car that appears to be built in Meccano (remember that?). The melody I used is 144860625.

Unfortunately, there is a troublesome river in the way, so you may have to go further left than you think to squeeze under the wire.

You might only get a little Wheelspin for taming the rapids, but cross your fingers and you might just get more than a pair of shiny new shoes.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Summer Nomad

Challenge 5 – Speed ​​Trap – East Resort

There is a problem with this challenge, and it is this – the car it is limited to, the KTM X-Bow GT4, is not a car that can be bought; it can only be obtained by getting twenty points in the playlist. That means it’s the one to come back to.

Once you have your hot little hands on it, you need to hit the new East Resort speed trap at 130mph for the Seasonal Championship to be over and dusted, but over 200mph for three stars. Even with the setting, I’m not sure the little KTM is up to snuff, but my setting is 156880070.

Don’t forget to take a picture of this brand new car for your collection.

Coming from the north, I reached 159 mph through the camera with this tune.

Push your skills to the limit and smash the 210 km/h barrier and you’ll be well rewarded with the #777 Corvette.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Summer KTM

Challenge 6 – Drift Zone – Giro Encorvado

You should be well practiced at this by now if you took my advice earlier, and with only ten points required to complete the seasonal challenge, that should be a piece of cake, but right?

You have a car restriction this time, a Deberti DD Tacoma TRD, a drift truck if you will.

I had already set this thing up for racing, but with a flick of the handbrake it goes sideways like a champ. My sharing code? 948541039.

Another Wheelspin might just be yours. Again, no shoes please.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Summer Tacoma TRD

Part 4 – Other Challenges

Every week we are lucky enough to enjoy a bit of variety away from the usual shopping. Series 5 – Summertime has you snapping some shots of your favorite track toy.

Photo Challenge – #PRTAAAYTIME

We need to take a photo of a Track Toy vehicle on the main stage of Horizon Rush. Simple, right? Well, the definition of Track seems quite broad, but as you will see in my photo, I have chosen an absolute classic.

What do you get for taking this photo? A coveted Horizon Rush t-shirt. What do you mean, you don’t like clothes?!?

Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Summer Photo Challenge 1

Horizon Arcade – Minigames

As we’ve grown accustomed to over the past few weeks, we need to complete all three rounds of an Arcade event.

Look for the pink circles on the map, find one that matches your interests (Chaos events are always fun), and complete all three rounds to succeed. It’s that simple.

The move to Series 5 is one that should appeal to many Forza Horizon 5 runners, if only because the more we can get involved in PR stunts, the better. If you follow our guide, you should easily be able to pick up enough Season Points to nab the Epic KTM X-Bow GT4 (20pts) and the Legendary Pagani Zonda C for 40pts. Don’t forget that Daily Challenges work this way too – and they also give you plenty of Forzathon Points to spend in the Shop.

Those points will also put you on your way to the highly exclusive Forza Edition 5-Series car rewards, Mini ’65 FE (80pts) and the legendary Porsche 917 LH (160pts). You won’t be able to get either of these cars just by completing the Series 5 – Summer challenges, but combine them with what’s on offer in Fall, Winter, and Spring and the job will be a good ‘one.

Speaking of fall, stay tuned for our Series 5 – Fall Challenges Guide coming soon – it will tell you how to get the rare Toyota 4Runner and legendary Ferrari FXX K added to your garage.

It goes without saying that to enjoy what Series 5 and the summer have to offer, you’ll need the base game of Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. It is free to download via Game Pass and available on the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Let us know in the comments if this guide is helpful to you. We’d love to hear what you think of our tracks, even if they suck.

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Spidersaurs, previously exclusive to Apple Arcade, will come to consoles and PC this spring

If you’re a subscriber to Apple Arcade, or were a subscriber anytime after 2019, chances are you’ve heard of Spidersaurs, or at least seen it in the service’s lineup.

If you haven’t played it there yet, or if you have and are looking for a new way to experience it, you’re in luck because game informant can exclusively reveal that Spidersaurs will release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC this spring.

Inspired by classic action games with a twist of Saturday morning cartoons for good measure, Spidersaurs is an original game from WayForward, the team behind Contra 4. It pits you against you and another player (if you like ), to Spidersaurs, which are man-eating mutant spider dinosaurs, as their name suggests. Originally designed in a lab to be meat and more to humans in need of supplies and resources, Spidersaurs are cowardly and unleashed on you and all of humanity.

“[It’s] down to punk rocker Victoria and officer-in-training Adrian to run, jump, climb, and smash their way through multiple levels of over-the-top, high-octane mayhem,” writes WayForward. “Armed with an assortment of character-specific weapons (including Victoria’s Metal Spread and Electronica Chain, and Adrian’s Flame Thrower and Rebound Breaker) and special Spidersaur powers, players must navigate INGESTCorp’s facilities and put an end to to the stupid army of genetically modified monsters.”

However, Spidersaurs on console and PC is not just a port of the Apple Arcade version first released in 2019. It comes with new things like a whole new stage, a new real final boss, a new ending, two new difficulty settings, and two new modes to unlock: Arcade mode and Speedrun mode. WayForward says other tweaks and balance tweaks have also been made, including mid-tier checkpoints, a rebalanced boss order, and numerous visual improvements. If you’re happy playing Spidersaurs on Apple Arcade, don’t worry, it’ll get those updates too.

Spidersaurs is currently available on Apple Arcade on iOS devices, and it’s coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC this spring.

Have you played Spidersaurs? Are you excited to experience it on console and PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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Puzzle Quest 3 is now available and free on Steam… but players are not impressed

Puzzle Quest is one of those classic mobile-style games that also became a hit during the “Xbox Live Arcade” era of Xbox 360. It blended in the classic match-three mechanics of Bejeweled-style puzzle games with action-RPG mechanics like classes, loot, and leveling. Puzzle Quest 3 is available now on Steam as an Early Access release, and it’s also free. A triumphant return of a classic? Not really.

Master match-3 strategic combat in Puzzle Quest 3, the all-new installment in the world-renowned puzzle-RPG franchise. Prepare for an epic journey through Etheria, a dangerous fantasy realm filled with enemies to conquer and loyal allies to recruit.

Explore mythical dungeons, discover valuable loot, and unlock epic gear as you embark on an all-new epic story to become the next Puzzle Quest legend.

On paper, it sounds good, but its current review status on Steam is “mostly negative”. Admittedly, there aren’t a ton of reviews for it yet, given that it’s brand new, but most say the monetization elements look like a money grab.

“I loved the Puzzle Quest series,” writes Steam user Corpselocker. “I also like all the corresponding adjacent games. This game, although in early access (but full access for iOS), is clunky. I was also worried about the free stuff. It didn’t happen an hour before I couldn’t access loot from kills and was locked out of purchases.”

“An otherwise good game marred by terrible progression mechanics, designed to keep you playing,” writes Soltanis. “The tropes are all there, timed locked boxes for progression, currency that can be purchased with a pass. Purchasable packs to ease your playtime, and flashy reminder screens and graphics to annoy you. “

HCFREAK’s review probably sums it up best, “Imagine everything that’s wrong with mobile gaming, combined with that…and voilà. Puzzle Quest 3.”

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Xbox Games With Gold March 2022 Launching Today

For Xbox gamers, the 1st of every month is a chance to sample new games through the Xbox Live Games With Gold program, which offers four games (two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games via backwards compatibility). March 2022 is no exception, with four new games to check out. It may not be a star-studded line-up, but there’s sure to be something for everyone.

The first is The flame in the flood, a popular indie roguelike survival game that sees players travel down a procedurally generated river, gather supplies, and try to survive against waves of creatures that want your blood. The Flame In The Flood will be available from March 1-31, so you have plenty of time to download it.

The next step is Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, an Xbox 360 RPG that’s sure to consume hours upon hours of your life between its Light and Shadow campaigns. Each campaign has its own end goal in mind, but will intersect at different times, making it a unique experience. Sacred 2 will be available from March 1 through March 15.

The second Xbox One game is street power football which is an arcade version of the beautiful game. Players will travel across the world to various “playgrounds”, play a variety of modes and unleash outsized superpowers to win matches against their opponents. Street Power Soccer will be available through Games With Gold from March 16 to April 15.

Finally, the second Xbox 360 game will be The truth or the square of spongebob, a video game related to the episode of the same name. Spongebob has forgotten the location of Krabby Patty’s iconic recipe, so the only way to find out where it went is to use Plankton’s Memory Machine. Chaos ensues. You can claim SpongeBob from March 16 through March 31.

Before March’s games go live, however, today is the last day to claim some of February’s games with gold, including Broken Sword 5 and Bunch of insects. Meanwhile, The aerial knight never gives in will be available to claim until March 15.

Games With Gold is part of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, and gives subscribers unlimited access to claimed titles as long as their subscription remains active. Once your subscription expires or is cancelled, you will lose access to these games.

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Steam Next Fest Recap – Gaming Age

It seemed out of the blue, but Steam decided to hold a “next festivalweek of demos and developer streams, showing what’s to come in the seemingly endless marketplace. I did my due diligence and went to try what was just a drop of what was on offer and here are some impressions of what I was able to play.

gigabash – This one was something I had been watching since I first saw it at Pax East 2 years ago (before masks and vaccines were in vogue). It’s an arena brawler with destructible environments, characters that pay homage to various Tokusatsu genres. If words like Godzilla, Ultraman, Power Rangers, and Destroy All Monsters conjure up happy thoughts, this title is for you!

I am your president – Saints Row 4, Metal Wolf Chaos, video games have placed players in the role of GM with explosive results, but this title takes a more grounded and realistic approach. Choose your cabinet, make or break your campaign promises, sign bills. This title will determine if your face deserves to be on Mount Rushmore or if you want your term to last less than 30 days. Unfortunately, my foray was more of the latter as I couldn’t send a man to Mars because I valued life too much and my attempt to quell an outbreak of affluence resulted in a collapse of the economy. Maybe the job is harder than I thought…

Super Catboy- The title is quite appropriate, you play as a cat boy, but I’m not sure what makes you so “Great”. Maybe it’s the naming convention found in the 16-bit era, because visually the game looks like it could fit into the SNES era. Fight your way through beautifully animated levels collecting coins, pieces of a golden maneki-neko statue, and teach many bad dogs a lesson.

Defeat Hazard 3 – Beat Hazard has the distinction of being one of the first titles to grace my Steam library. This rhythm-based twin-stick shooter will generate enemies and attack patterns based on the song used for the level and it can even use your mp3 library to create endless levels, but in the era where everything the world broadcasts, who has mp3s? This game will still give anyone who is prone to seizures the whole episode, so those who have it, keep your distance from this one.

Funtasia: Hairy Road – Think S(n/m)uggle Truck with a penchant for the environment. This Trials-like game has you driving around cleaning up pollution sent to the planet Funtasia by the inhabitants of a neighboring planet. I don’t think this demo was tuned too well because I don’t think it’s meant to be beaten all at once because it took an almost fully upgraded car and about 40 minutes to complete the singular track and fight against the demo boss. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun, and I certainly enjoyed the trippy yet grotesque art style the game was presented in.

Last installment – Possibly the game whose premise made me laugh the most. In Last Slice, you are Rosa, a delivery girl who doesn’t make many deliveries thanks to the fact that pizza is banned. Her life gets a little spicier when she teams up with Victor who decides to run an illicit pizza delivery service. Since it was banned, anyone who drinks a slice will go wild, doing anything to satisfy their hunger. Think Hotline Miami with far fewer animal masks.

Ghost Breaker: Omnia – I was introduced to the Phantom Breaker IP through the SD-Sidescroller that was released on the Xbox 360 and it looks like it’s been going on for a decade. Omnia is actually an update of a 1v1 fighting game released in 2013 (Phantom Breaker: Extras). Although the execution is simplified (special moves are direction + attack), the game compensates for this with 3 selectable styles that can color the type of defensive techniques and stat differences your character will have. I can see the title finding its niche in the FGC and can’t wait to see tournament footage from this match.

Puck Off – Alliterative noun, CHECK! Promises of violence, CHECK! Intuitive gameplay… as you navigate in front of the net. My interest in hockey peaked with NHL94/Mutant League Hockey, so any time a developer promises arcade action with a tinge of violence, I’m ready to hit the ice. Puck Off definitely does something unique with its tank controls, unique character control, and the ability to throw your stick at will, but maybe that’s my own lack of skill, my sessions with the title had zero goal and zero fights. Spending the game chasing action and trying to start fights to no avail didn’t exactly heighten my interest. Although the post-discontinuation demo of the game promises some interesting things in the full version. So when the puck is ready to throw, I might want to be in the arena.

Pins Tags – For a game set in a storybook world, you would expect a light and airy story, but apparently there is an underlying layer of darkness in this seemingly peaceful town known as Beacon pines. The art of the game caught my eye, the storybook aesthetic piqued my interest again, and the game mechanics completely hooked me. You control a young orphan, Luka (dad is dead, mom is missing) and a mishap on the first day of summer will forever change his life and that of the citizens of the small industrial town. Collect words (Charms) and do something like crazy libs to make in-game choices (Turning Points). As you find new charms, you can revisit situations and find branching paths. A sample will be, are you exploring the abandoned fertilizer factory alone, or will you have your friend Rolo by your side. Small decisions will have big consequences. Will Luka discover the truth behind the Foul Harvest or the fate of his parents? I can’t wait to see how this story ends.

souldiers – Grunts must always pay for the failings of those in higher positions. In Souldiers you are a nameless warrior of the Zargaian army, a sudden change of strategy led you to die an ignoble death. You wake up in Terragaya, a realm between life and death. You are then tasked by the Valkyrie to find the Guardian in hopes of joining their forces when Ragnarok arrives. Souldiers caught my attention because of its beautiful illustrations and kept me going with its extremely capable gameplay. It’s one of many metrodvania-ish titles from Next Fest that have been permanently settled, but the fact that I was aware of it before led me to start it first, thankfully those first impressions turned out to be right and I will look forward to any updates I get regarding the progress of this title.

Bio-Pistol – Some people will do anything for their pets and DocX takes it to extremes. After his beloved dog is infected with the Dooper virus, he develops a sensitive vaccine to fight the virus. You are Bek, said sentient virus derived from pig DNA. Armed with your Cytro Blaster, you’ll be injected into DocX’s hound to eradicate all traces of the plague in this twinstick shooter-tinged metroidvania set in a world similar to Osmosis Jones.

Legends of another world – Why only use one character archetype when you can use them all is probably what the developers of Otherworld Legends were thinking when they were developing this title. Swordsman, check, Martial Artist, check, Wizard, why not, if there’s a character archetype, it’s in this roguelike dungeon crawler. Although the camera was a little too zoomed in on the action for my taste, otherwise it’s a thrilling experience where you don’t know what the next room holds.

neon white – Mankind’s dredgers are presented with an opportunity for salvation, all they have to do is win the Ten Days of Judgment Tournament. Kill the enemies of heaven and whoever does the best is forgiven, can’t question a deal like that. You are the amnesiac neon known as White and you inexplicably find yourself participating in the tournament. Along the way, you’ll meet other neons who seem to know you when you were still on your mortal plane. Participate in missions, find and give gifts and learn more about your past. The way the game’s levels are set up I can see it being a favorite of speedrunners and a bane to uncoordinated people like me, but the world the game presents is fascinating enough that I’m doing everything I can to get myself out of it.

The “After Hours” demos

Look, Steam has a lot of these games, and I’m a damn man! All I will say is that both hands were on the keyboard/controller at all times during these demos. Here’s a quick look at some of the age-restricted demos that were available during Next Fest.

pum pum – Connect 2 (with 3 lines or less) and unlock more naughty art drawn in a style that mimics the works of Sakimi-Chan.

forever yours – Use a deck of mystery cards to play a game that will bend any woman to your whims, think Death Note… with mind control and coitus.

Witch of the Mysterious Tower – Ascend the tower that has haunted your dreams and do non-consensual things to any entity that hinders your progress by defeating them in match three.

Horney Chain – A real-world loser is warped into a fantasy world where he must rebuild a village with sexy results.

Slimy Sextet – You are a slime called out for revenge for a breach of contract, hunt down renegades and bend them to your will. I’m sure it won’t be too difficult a task…

Long Hard… Summer – A rare game where the main character is not a complete bastard (although he pees in the bathtub) and there are actually game mechanics.

A man can’t do much (and has little hard drive space), so even though many new titles have been added to my Steam wishlist, even 7 days hasn’t been enough to make me try out the sea of ​​titles that were available. So here is a list of titles that caught my eye and maybe you, dear reader, can take a look, assuming these demos will still be available after the festival ends.

Maker: Valve
ESRB classification:

New from: $64.74 In stock
Buy now

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The Apple Arcade Pro is an iPhone-inspired handheld gaming device with two notches and controls

The Apple Arcade app/service might seem like a half-baked effort by Apple to get into the gaming industry. You could say that Apple doesn’t even care about gamers or games beyond that. of the strange game based on Monument Valley or AR that they presented during their keynotes. However, the Apple Arcade Pro changes ALL that. Designed as a hardware concept that rivals the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck or any of the Android-based gaming phones, the Apple Arcade Pro is a handheld console inspired by the iPhone, but with not one but TWO notches. which allow the console to have its own button layouts.

The Apple Arcade Pro is exactly what the company needs to get straight into the gaming industry. Google Stadia is on life support, Microsoft Xbox Game Pass hasn’t quite resumed yet, the Steam Deck isn’t hasn’t rolled out to many people yet, and literally the only handheld gaming device that really has a grip on the market is the Nintendo Switch…the Arcade Pro has the ability to massively tip the scales by doing two or three things: A. Defend AAA gaming on mobile, B. Make even better use of Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, and C. Allow Apple’s Arcade service to grow rapidly in a way that would likely even threaten Xbox Game Pass. from Microsoft. Unfortunately, there’s no way Fortnite will return to the Apple gaming ecosystem anytime soon…

The Apple Arcade Pro is inspired by the successful format of the iPhone. It comes with a stainless steel body in four different finishes and sports the same flat-edge design as the iPhone. On the front, however, things are a bit different. There’s no front camera, but the notch is still there. In fact, there are two notches on either side of the device, allowing the Arcade Pro to have its controls – an ambidextrous set of D-pads that change function depending on the game you’re playing. Around the edge, the volume buttons are replaced with left and right shoulder buttons, and the speaker pods now go from corner to corner, immersing you in audio as you game.

Move to the rear and there’s quite a bit of backtracking in terms of camera layout. Instead of equipping the Arcade Pro with the highest quality camera you’d find in the iPhone, the Arcade Pro instead features an iPhone X-inspired dual-lens system that sits farther into the corner, so that it is not obstructed by your hands while playing. Between the two cameras, however, is a LiDAR sensor that turns the Arcade Pro into the world’s first dedicated AR-based handheld game console.

Other standout features of the Arcade Pro are its improved Taptic Engine that allows for better haptic gameplay, Magic Joy buttons that mimic those of the Apple TV remote, 95W MagSafe charging on the back, and a new charging system. game exploitation, designed specifically to showcase the new gaming experience. The Arcade Pro not only taps into the Apple Arcade service, it completely redefines it and transforms the arcade service into its own standalone service, giving it a dedicated operating system that prioritizes games first, while also offering other features/apps like Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, Safari, etc. Want to take a break from the game and just use Arcade Pro to watch content? There’s a Pro Stand-inspired Gravity Stand that lets you rest your device on it and easily watch online content. The concept doesn’t specify if the Arcade Pro has cellular services (there’s no SIM tray anywhere to be seen), though we could go to a branch and say it’ll still have messages, though. that with a front-facing camera, Memoji and FaceTime seem out of place.

Obviously this is a concept and it’s pretty much guaranteed that Apple won’t release a game console anytime soon (although it will, given the industry’s incredible profitability), but for people who think having an iPhone-inspired gaming device is an illogical idea, let’s not forget that for a very long time Apple had its own iPhone-shaped device that catered to a specific category – the music. The iPod Touch, for years, was an iPhone-lite that performed a limited set of tasks primarily focused on music and internet browsing…so it’s pretty much within the confines of an alternate reality to consider the iPod Touch. ‘Arcade Pro as a game-specific iPhone.

Is the Arcade Pro a good idea? On paper, it definitely is, considering the gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood, the music industry, the NBA, NFL, and MLB combined. Apple has a long history of avoiding games, but purely from a revenue perspective, it makes perfect sense considering Apple can’t even claim it’s a monopoly company here. Moneytalk aside, the Arcade Pro looks like the PERFECT device for kids…an iPhone Lite, if you will. Apple will have to develop the operating system in a way that allows incredibly rigid parental controls for youngsters, but the Arcade Pro has the potential to not just be a gaming device – it also becomes the communication device that parents feel comfortable giving their kids and letting them stay in touch…without spending a lot of money buying a kid an iPhone.

Creators: Junwoo Kim & Joonho Sung

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10 Nintendo Switch games released in March 2022

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the games Nintendo will release for the Switch in 2022. Between games coming from other platforms, DLCs, and all-new titles, every Switch gamer has something they’re looking forward to. in the coming year.

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In March alone, several game versions can be worth buying. February’s Nintendo Direct announced the latest installment of the Kirby games, as well as a DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, both of which will be released in March. In addition to these titles, games from various genres will be available this month, so there should be something to make every type of fan happy.


Triangle Strategy (March 4, 2022)

Triangle Strategy promotional art with the hero character and supporting cast in a collage behind him

This brand new game is the latest creation from Square Enix, so players can expect a beautiful game. Triangle strategy combines stunning 3D worlds with pixelated 2D characters. The result is a gorgeous adventure that players can quickly fall in love with.

Nintendo’s website says the game lets players command a group of warriors in a war between three different nations. The scenario will depend on the player’s choices. Players can play the game multiple times and explore different options.

.hack//GU Last recoded (March 10, 2022)

Character with a gold stream connecting their chest and shining from .hack//GU

This game is the remastered version of PlayStation 2 games and contains all three volumes. The remastered version was originally released for the Playstation 4 back in 2017, and it’s now coming to the handheld screen on March 10.

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the .To hack franchise is about an MMORPG called The world which is becoming very popular. However, The world players sometimes mysteriously fall into a coma. the .hack//GU The games follow Haseo, a gamer determined to find answers after his friend falls into a coma.

Chocobo GP (March 10, 2022)

Chocobo GP key art cover

Square Enix’s popular rideable birds arrive in a new racing game. CU of chocobos lets players choose from an adorable cast of Chocobo characters, each with their own unique abilities. A chocobo is a large bird that players can ride in many Final Fantasy games and they have become a beloved icon of the franchise.

Square’s website describes how players can play split-screen style local multiplayer or compete in online tournaments, giving them the chance to rank up as a Chocobo racing champion. With so many racing game fans focusing on Mario Kart, CU of chocobos is likely to be an underrated game of 2022, so Final Fantasy fans will have to spread the word.

The Cruel King and the Great Hero (March 15, 2022)

The Cruel King And The Great Hero game poster

This adorable game is the perfect cozy adventure for players who appreciate a good story and good art. Nintendo’s website announced that The cruel king and the great hero follows a young girl on her quest to become a hero, accompanied by her dragon friend.

Players can collect items, upgrade weapons, make friends, and earn rewards for helping them. The art is in a hand-drawn style, giving this game a unique charm that will likely make this game one of the most amazing games of 2022.

Phantom Breaker: Omnia (March 15, 2022)

Phantom Breaker Omnia Blanket

Ghost Breaker: Omnia is a 1v1 fighting game that follows the game Phantom circuit breaker: Additional, which was released for the PlayStation 3 in 2013. This new release will follow the same 2D anime hunter format.

nintendo announced that the game will have a 20-player roster and 3 different fighting styles for players to choose from: Fast, Hard, and Omnia. No matter the choice, the resulting battle will be fast-paced and action-packed.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (March 17, 2022)

Persona 4 Arena Ultimate is a fighting game originally released as an arcade game in 2013 and released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 soon after. The story of the game follows with the JRPG Character series and picks up two months after the events of Persona 4.

This game is a classic fighter, with 2 players fighting against each other with unique moves and abilities. The developer, Altushas pre-orders available on their site for the March 17 release.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pass (March 18, 2022)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass Race DLC Cover Image with Mario and Luigi

One of the most exciting announcements from the February 2022 Nintendo direct was the release of new DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which should be one of the best Nintendo Switch game DLCs. This new content will include 48 remastered courses from various Mario Kart titles, such as Mario Kart Tour.

Nintendo explains that the courses will be broadcast in 6 waves of 8 courses each. The first wave will launch on March 18 and will have the Golden Dash Cup and Lucky Cat Cup, each featuring favorite courses such as Paris Promenade and Tokyo Blur.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land (March 25, 2022)

Kirby and the Forgotten Land All New Copy Abilities in Trailer

Another game revealed at Nintendo Direct was the most recent Kirby Game, Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This game will take place in an abandoned world, with signs of past civilizations everywhere, like shopping malls or amusement parks.

The Nintendo trailer for the game showed a 3D world with the stunning bright colors often associated with Kirby Games. Players will be able to copy new enemy abilities, such as drill and ranger.

Rune Factory 5 (March 22, 2022)

Rune Factory 5 2022 English Release Confirmed E3 2021

This adorable farming RPG is the latest installment of the rune factory Games. Players will be able to choose a boy or girl character who will live in the town of Rigbarth. The main character is the newest member of an organization called SEED, which focuses on protecting the city from threats.

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Nintendo’s website explains that players can not only experience exciting adventures as they discover their player’s powers, but also grow crops, go fishing, craft new items, and even find love.

Crystar (March 29, 2022)

Screenshot of a Crystar cutscene

crystal star was originally released for the PlayStation 4 in 2019 but is now coming to the Switch. The game follows Rei, who suddenly finds herself in a world of purgatory full of dangers. When she loses her sister, she makes a deal with demons to bring her back.

Players can switch between a variety of characters to fight the Lost Souls, relying on the strength contained in the character’s tears. When the game releases on March 29, fans who pre-order will also be able to get a limited edition collection which includes not only the game, but also the soundtrack, art book, visual diary, fabric poster, etc.

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Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Mace Windu and Obi Wan

LEGO Skywalker Saga gameplay shows improved shooting mechanics

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These 10+ games are coming to Xbox next week (March 1-4)

Picture: ELEX II

Another week, another batch of games on the way! Next week we have some obvious highlights to watch in Shadow Warrior 3, ELEX 2, the new Ghostrunner DLC and the Xbox Game Pass release FAR: Changing Tides, but there are plenty of other intriguing indies that caught our eye while writing this roundup…

Here’s what’s coming to Xbox next week:

New Xbox Releases (March 1-4)

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

  • ELEX 2 (March 1): “Elex II is the sequel to Elex, the vintage open-world role-playing experience from award-winning Gothic and Risen series creators, Piranha Bytes.”
  • FAR: Changing the Tides (March 1): “Embark on a stunning new journey in this atmospheric vehicular adventure set in a beautifully realized post-apocalyptic world. Solve puzzles, navigate the changing weather…”
  • Ghostrunner: Project_HEL (3rd of March): “Take control of Hel, one of the bosses from the original games, as she descends Dharma Tower on her own bloody quest. Designed to appeal to new players and veterans alike…”
  • A musical story (March 4):A rhythm game set in the 70s. Explore the memories of Gabriel, a young man trying to come to terms with his situation through the links with his musical memory.
  • Legend of Ixtona (March 4): “Engage in strategic turn-based battles in different maps designed from an isometric view. Each character specializes in melee, ranged, or magic attacks.
  • Ryan’s Rescue Team (March 4): “Ryan’s friends have been kidnapped by the villains Dark Titan, Robo Combo and Packrat – and you are the only hero who can save them!”

Xbox One

  • conan chop chop (1st of March): “Discover a delightfully savage world full of epic boss battles, perilous dungeons, and endless amounts of loot and item combinations.”
  • ELEX 2 (March 1): “Elex II is the sequel to Elex, the vintage open-world role-playing experience from award-winning Gothic and Risen series creators, Piranha Bytes.”
  • FAR: Changing the Tides (March 1): “Embark on a stunning new journey in this atmospheric vehicular adventure set in a beautifully realized post-apocalyptic world. Solve puzzles, navigate the changing weather…”
  • Little Orpheus (1st of March): “Little Orpheus is a Technicolor side-scrolling adventure game inspired by classic films such as ‘Flash Gordon’, ‘Sinbad’ and ‘The Land that Time Forgot’.”
  • shadow warrior 3 (1st of March): “Shadow Warrior 3 takes the quirky first-person shooter series to the next level with a seamless blend of fast-paced shooters, razor-sharp melee combat, and a spectacular free-motion system.
  • 35mm (March 2): “This adventure story will let you explore several interesting locations in post-apocalyptic Russia, filled with a variety of artifacts and secrets.”
  • Farm Manager 2022 (3rd of March): “In Farm Manager 2022, as a farm manager, you must ensure the right level of harvest, employee satisfaction, animal health, equipment efficiency, and proper crop processing.”
  • Ghostrunner: Project_HEL (3rd of March): “Take control of Hel, one of the bosses from the original games, as she descends Dharma Tower on her own bloody quest. Designed to appeal to new players and veterans alike…”
  • A musical story (March 4):A rhythm game set in the 70s. Explore the memories of Gabriel, a young man trying to come to terms with his situation through the links with his musical memory.
  • Gunborg: Dark Questions (March 4): “Gunborg: Dark Matters is an action-packed arcade-style space platformer with smooth gameplay and an 80s synthwave soundtrack.”
  • Legend of Ixtona (March 4): “Engage in strategic turn-based battles in different maps designed from an isometric view. Each character specializes in melee, ranged, or magic attacks.
  • Music Racer: Ultimate (March 4): “Race along futuristic neon tracks. Gather the beats, grab the beat. The circuit is created in real time based on the music tracks in the game.”
  • Ryan’s Rescue Team (March 4): “Ryan’s friends have been kidnapped by the villains Dark Titan, Robo Combo and Packrat – and you are the only hero who can save them!”
  • What Lies in the Multiverse (March 4): “A story-based 2D adventure that could be called a comedy-drama. Filled to the brim with hilarious and cartoonish hijinks, the narrative also introduces the player to mature and deep themes like death, envy and obsession. .”

Xbox Game Pass titles

Only one Game Pass title has been announced so far, with potentially more to come next week.

Is there anything you particularly expect from this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC disclosure for more information.

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GRID Legends Review | Xbox Series X|S review

Codemasters tend to fly under the racing radar these days, especially compared to the big boys of the genre. The team has produced consistent albeit unremarkable runners in recent years, with the F1 games probably being the best of this bunch. GRID is somewhere in there, and the 2019 series reboot provided a decent platform for the team to build on. However, GRID Legends falls a bit flat, mostly because it does very little to improve on 2019’s solid foundation.

What Legends adds is a story mode, which does a decent job of contextualizing races. Of course, the FMV game won’t win any awards, but I really enjoyed the addition of the story mode. It essentially places you, a rookie driver, on a new racing team with the goal of progressing and beating the biggest team in town.

Between races, you’ll hear about team plans, grid rivalries and even rider injuries and how they affect the season. None of this has much impact on the spirit of the track, but it does keep you plugging in, race after race, until you complete the story.

Speaking of trails, GRID doesn’t take long to get you into the action. If you opt for the story mode first, you don’t have to worry about your garage, because each event will provide you with a suitable vehicle. Most of them are road cars modified for track use, although you’ll occasionally get behind the wheel of Formula E cars and overturn trucks.

If you played the GRID reboot in 2019, the run here is pretty much the same. If you haven’t, this is an arcade racing game through and through. We recommend toning down the assists a bit (we bumped things like traction and stability control from 5 to 3), but even then it’s a forgiving rider. You’ll be able to throw just about any vehicle around a corner at high speed, and as long as you don’t mash the throttle at the top, you’ll handle things just fine.

If you switch from story mode to “career” mode, it plays out like much of 2019’s single player mode. mainly urban game. It works much like a free play mode, but the game decides some racing parameters, and there’s not too much incentive to continue here. It adds “the grind” if you just want to keep trucking, but it’s all pretty repetitive.

Speaking of locations, GRID Legends is building up the paltry levels of track variety from the 2019 reboot. There are a bunch of new locations this time around, with Dubai and London the standouts for the new cities. We’d like even more variety, but it’s a huge improvement over the last game, and it makes longer play sessions much more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the variety of events isn’t as good. There are a few highlights, especially the elimination modes and certain events that increase speed and ramps, but most of GRID Legends feels like the same circuit race over and over again. We would have liked to see more speed boosts and ramps, especially in story mode, but these are relegated to a few events throughout the campaign.

There’s also a new “Race Creator” mode, but it’s little more than your standard free-running mode. The only real difference is that you can pin four custom racing setups to your main menu, ready to get started quickly at any time. The frustrating thing here is that speed boosts are a Race Creator option, but you can only use them with EV events. This is a real missed opportunity to be able to create more “fun” race setups with NOS-like boosts.

One thing we need to address is difficulty. We played through story mode in normal mode, and even though we toned down some of the driving aids, it was incredibly easy. You get a bit of a fightback if you’re aggressive enough to turn another runner into your “nemesis,” but otherwise the AI ​​is happy to let you through. There are higher difficulty modes which we tried with after finishing the story and they offer a bit more challenge so if you are a big racing game player maybe go for hard from the start .

If you’re going for a harder difficulty, you might want to check out the “Team” tab in the main menu. Here, in addition to the visual customization, there are a few skill tree type options to give your team bonuses while racing, like better grip in wet weather, extra speed boost duration and more. It’s a bit hidden, and not really necessary on normal difficulty, but the bonuses help nonetheless.

Multiplayer could also offer a little more challenge, but pre-launch the servers were obviously silent. We expect that to pick up once the game is released in the wild, and with an audience, MP could be a lot of fun. GRID Legends has just the right amount of arcade action that would lend itself very well to online group sessions with your friends, or randomly of course.

On the performance side, the Xbox Series X version is really solid. It’s one of those titles that defaults to 120Hz mode if you have that as your primary display setting, so we played the game with that extra smoothness. We took things down to 60Hz as a test, but couldn’t see any real difference visually, so 120 is the case. If you’re turning 60, there’s very little to distinguish between Legends and its predecessor, and we think it’s time Codemasters upgraded its engine for a new generation.

Overall, GRID Legends feels like a missed opportunity. Its track racing is really a lot of fun, and with the right AI and event tweaks, and a bit more content, it would be a really solid sequel to GRID 2019. As it stands, it looks very sure and lacks the personality to really stand out among the competition. It comes very close to mimicking what RPG did so well all those years ago, but something is missing. Sparks often fly on the track, but Legends doesn’t quite have the spark to make its arcade action last.

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Rumor: Here are your Xbox games with Gold for March 2022

It looks like the next batch of Xbox games with gold titles for March 2022 leaked early as reliable leaker billbill-kun shared the lineup on Dealabswhich is expected to be announced by Microsoft later today.

Assuming that’s correct, here’s the full list of titles you can expect in March:

Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One

The Flame in the Flood (March 1 – 31)

The Flame in the Flood is a wilderness survival game in which a girl and her dog travel by foot and raft down a procedurally generated river. Hunt for resources, craft tools, cure afflictions, escape vicious wildlife, and most importantly, stay healthy in dangerous wilderness.

street power football (March 16 – April 15):

Sick style and high-energy action come together in this arcade football experience. Compete against street football legends or friends in a variety of game modes and over-the-top playing fields, unleash towers and crush superpowers to become Street King.

Xbox 360 / Original Xbox

sacred 2 fallen angel (March 1 – 15):

SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel is a vast and deeply playable action RPG. Embark on Light and Shadow campaigns in a seamless game world that blends single and multiplayer gameplay, and is packed with quests, characters, adventures, and deadly combat.

The truth or the square of spongebob (16 – 31 March):

SpongeBob SquarePants has put himself in a tough spot. After being tasked by Mr. Krabs with keeping Krabby Patty’s formula safe, SpongeBob is overcome with grief over losing the recipe. He then relies on the help of the most unlikely sidekick, Plankton, who wants Krabby Patty’s secret recipe for himself. With the help of his friends, SpongeBob must use Plankton’s memory machine to retrace the happiest times of his life in order to find the Krabby Patty formula in time for the Krusty Krab’s eleventh birthday.

Which Xbox Games with Gold are you most looking forward to in March 2022? Let us know below.

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Daily deals: 16% off Elden Ring for PC, Arcade1Up The Simpsons Arcade Cabinet for $399, ASUS GTX 1660 Ti Gaming PC for $799

Elden Ring releases tomorrow, and PC gamers can save 16% on Green Man Gaming. This is one game you don’t want to miss. In other deal news, score the Arcade1Up Simpsons Arcade Cabinet, complete with riser and stool, for just $399. There’s also a nice ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1660 Ti-equipped gaming PC for just $799.

16% off Elden Ring for PC

If you’re looking for a game to keep you busy for dozens of hours, Elden Ring is your answer. Elden Ring releases tomorrow February 24th and we just gave the game a 10/10 rating here at IGN. There is currently no discount available for console gamers, but PC gamers can already get it with 16% off at Green Man Gaming.


ASUS ROG STRIX AMD Ryzen 5 3600X GTX 1660 Ti Gaming PC with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

ASUS ROG STRIX AMD Ryzen 5 3600X GTX 1660 Ti Gaming Computer with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Walmart is offering this AMD Ryzen 5 3600X GTX 1660 Ti-equipped gaming PC for just $799. The GTX 1660 Ti is still a very capable video card that can handle just about any game at 1080p resolution. You certainly won’t find a more powerful video card for this price.

Arcade1Up The Simpsons arcade cabinet

Arcade1Up The Simpsons Arcade Cabinet with Stool and Riser

Arcade1Up The Simpsons Arcade Cabinet with Stool and riser

Arcade1Up released its Simpsons Arcade in November of last year for $529. Only 3 months later, you can get it for $130 off. Up to 4 players can take part in the classic Simpsons side-scrolling arcade game as Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa; cabinet includes riser for standing play, lighted marquee, matching stool, and tin wall sign.

Alienware Aurora R12 RTX 3080 Computer for $2199.99

Alienware Aurora R10 AMD Ryzen 9 5900 12-Core RTX 3080 Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

Alienware Aurora R10 AMD Ryzen 9 5900 12 Core RTX 3080 Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

The RTX 3080 is far more powerful than the previous generation’s best video card, the RTX 2080 Ti, and is the best recommended video card for 4K gaming. The RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3090 are the only (very slightly) more powerful cards, but they cost hundreds of dollars more. The RTX 3080 is paired with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900 processor, which is one of the best processors you can get right now, either for gaming or for workstation purposes. It has also been upgraded with liquid cooling. The rig comes ready out of the box with 16GB of DD4-3200MHz RAM and a generously sized 1TB M.2 PCIe NVME SSD. Don’t worry, even the power supply is up to par with a sufficient power of 1000W.

Nintendo Switch Online Subscription

12 month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online

One of the biggest advantages of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription over PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is that it’s way cheaper. That said, any additional discount helps. Nintendo Switch Online is required to play games like Super Mario Kart or Splatoon online, download custom maps in Super Mario Maker 2, play free retro SNES games, save your game data to the cloud, and more .

Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

Dell is offering a $40 bonus gift card when you purchase the Logitech MX Master 3. This is one of Logitech’s newest mice, featuring a TrackAnywhere laser sensor, lightning-fast magspeed scrolling, “Flow Control” (connects simultaneously to 3 devices at once), updated USB Type-C charging port and 70-day battery life. This mouse is currently selling for $100 (without a gift card) everywhere else.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse (Lightest Logitech Wireless Mouse)

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse

This is the mouse I currently use for gaming and I highly recommend it. Wireless mice usually weigh more than wired mice because of the battery. The G Pro Wireless bucks that trend by being by far the lightest wireless mouse Logitech sells at just 2.8 ounces. For comparison, the MX Master 3 Wireless weighs 5 ounces, the G503 Wireless weighs 6 ounces, even the popular wired G502 Hero weighs 4.2 ounces without any of its adjustable weights.

Nintendo Switch OLED In stock and out of stock

Nintendo Switch OLED

The latest Nintendo Switch OLED model has been incredibly hard to find throughout the holiday season. It’s back today, but only on Amazon, and for a very limited time. This Switch features a larger and more vibrant OLED touchscreen, an upgrade to the awful OG kickstand, an Ethernet port on the dock, and, of course, new Joy-Con colors. If you are thinking of buying one, don’t hesitate!

RTX 30 Series Video Card Bundles at Newegg

RTX 30 series combo sets available

If you’d rather build your own gaming PC instead and absolutely can’t wait for an RTX-series video card any longer, check out these combo bundles at Newegg. Get an RTX 3060, RTX 3070, or RTX 3080 video card that comes with a motherboard, SSD, RAM, computer case, or power supply. You’ll get a lot more value than spending the same amount (or more) on a scalper’s video card alone on eBay.

2021 LG C1 4K OLED 65″ Smart Gaming TV

65" LG C1 4K OLED TV (2021 model)

If money is no object, OLED TVs are considered the best TVs you can buy right now. Compared to traditional LED LCD TVs, they offer better picture quality, deeper blacks, better contrast ratio, wider color gamut and super fast response times. They excel in both gaming and viewing 4K HDR content. In terms of general usability, they use less power and they are very thin and lean against the wall. Among OLED TVs, the LG C1 is often seen as the standard-bearer; it’s the one TV that all other OLED TVs are compared to. LG OLED TV has several generations of optimizations under its belt and the latest C1 model is future-proof with technology like HDMI 2.1 ([email protected]120Hz), variable refresh rate, G-SYNC, the very latest LG A9 Gen4 processor and a revamped webOS TV interface.

48″ Gigabyte AORUS 4K OLED Gaming Monitor

After $200 off coupon and $200 off discount

Gigabyte AORUS FO48U 48" 4K OLED Gaming Monitor with HDMI 2.1

Use code: FEB4SALE (and $200 off)

Gigabyte AORUS FO48U 48″ 4K OLED Gaming Monitor with HDMI 2.1

Use promotional code “FEB4SALE”

47% off $1,499.99

This is an excellent deal for a 4K OLED gaming monitor that features HDMI 2.1 inputs for [email protected] and VRR. That means it’s a monitor worthy of your RTX 30-series equipped video card (which has HDMI 2.1 outputs) or a PS5 or Xbox Series X console. Unlike an LG OLED TV, it lacks TV-centric features including Dolby Vision support and an integrated Smart TV interface, but it makes up for it with more connectivity options like DisplayPort, USB Type-C, and USB 3.0. You certainly won’t find a 48-inch LG C1 or CX OLED TV at this price, and the LG A1 doesn’t support HDMI 2.1.

Samsung EVO 512 GB micro SDXC card (new generation)

Nintendo Switch Compatibility

Samsung EVO Select 512 GB U3 A2 V30 micro SDXC card (new model)

Nintendo Switch Compatibility

Samsung EVO Select 512 GB U3 A2 V30 micro SDXC card (new Model)

If you’d rather grab your Switch games from the Nintendo eShop, you’ll need a reliable microSD card to go with it. Check out this 512GB option from Samsung, which is one of the most popular and trusted brands of microSD cards. With 512GB of storage, you’ll be able to download virtually your entire Switch library, plus all the new releases coming later this year, like Kirby and the Forgotten Land and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

Xbox Series S Console with Bonus 2nd Controller

Xbox Series S with 2nd bonus controller

Dell is offering the Xbox Series S game console (which comes with a wireless controller) along with a second Xbox Wireless Controller for just $327.99. It basically amounts to paying $28 for that second controller. Considering the Robot White controller normally costs around $60, that’s a lot if you were planning on picking up a second controller anyway.

Nintendo Switch for $279.99

Amazon Prime members only

Nintendo Switch with Neon Joy-Cons

Amazon Prime members only

Nintendo Switch with neon Joy-Cons

Woot, which is owned by Amazon, is offering $20 off a brand new Nintendo Switch game console to Amazon Prime members. We hardly ever see a direct price drop on a Nintendo Switch console; if there’s a deal, it’s usually in the form of a bundle or gift card. If you were expecting any kind of deal on the Switch, you won’t get anything better than this. Like most Woot offers, this one is probably too long.

Alienware AW3820DW 38″ 3840×1600 Monitor

Alienware AW3821DW 38" 3840x1600 Curved 1ms 144Hz G-SYNC Ultimate Nano IPS Gaming Monitor

Alienware AW3821DW 38″ 3840×1600 Curved 1ms 144Hz G-SYNC Ultimate Nano IPS Gaming To watch

Get Alienware’s biggest and best gaming monitor for $750 off, the lowest price we’ve ever seen. This monitor has a huge screen size and the resolution to back it up. It is one of the few monitors certified “G-SYNC Ultimate”. That means an even higher-end NVIDIA GSYNC processor is built into this monitor for better HDR, brighter image, and more faithful color reproduction. The IPS panel offers a true 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate.

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10 games to watch as the festival begins

Showcasing a slew of upcoming games and opportunities to interact with those behind them, Steam Next Fest kicked off this year from February 21-28.

The Extravaganza is heaven for fans of indie titles, as the platform hosts hundreds of playable demos for players to dive into.

Indie games have always been about pushing boundaries – whether it’s the boundaries of genre or medium, storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and more.

Seems like these games have their own distinct aesthetic that caters to a large number of gamers.

10 game demos gamers should try in the ongoing Steam Next Fest

Steam Next Fest marks a great opportunity for developers to showcase their upcoming products and for gamers to try and discover the ones they’re excited about. The article points out ten games that players should check out once before the festival ends.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as more than 600 titles feature at the festival.

10 must-see playable demos in the February 2022 Steam Next Fest

  • how to say goodbye
  • Nine black lives
  • space wreckage
  • Silt
  • The wandering village
  • Person: the turnaround
  • The wandering village
  • food truck simulator
  • Little Orpheus

1) How to say goodbye

  • Developer – Florian Veltman, Baptiste Portefaix, ARTE France.
  • Platforms -Microsoft Windows, macOS.
  • Release date – 2022

How To Say Goodbye is a narrative puzzle game accompanied by a surreal world. Players must “move scenery elements and manipulate reality to help a group of ghosts wandering between two words reach the other side”.

The trailer features a number of different settings that look interesting. The game’s description showcases an emotional aspect of the title that many may find appealing –

“How to say Goodbye approaches the theme of grief with benevolence and sensitivity. Still shocked by their recent passing, the ghosts of How to say Goodbye do their best to emerge from the liminal space in which they are trapped. Together, they will having to figure out how to mourn in order to accept one’s own death and “move on”.

2) Nine Black Lives Matter

  • Developer – Silvermode Studios.
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh.
  • Release date – 2022

Cat aficionados will be delighted to stumble upon this “point and lick dark comedy adventure” indie title filled with “humor, crazy characters, and intriguing locations.” Players are tasked with solving a murder following the philosophy of “lick first and meow questions later”.

The heart of the game is humorously encapsulated in the official description –

“Solve tricky puzzles and answer the immortal question: How many things must be licked to solve a murder in this town?”

For felines, Nine Noir Lives is available as a playable demo on Steam until February 28.

3) Space wreckage

  • Developer – Ramparts Studios.
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows.
  • Release date – 2022

There are a number of titles on this list that use space as a parameter, and Space Wreck is the same. Heavily influenced by Fallout, the post-apocalyptic RPG emphasizes the notion of role-playing – the trailer declares: “Only you will decide who the hero is”.

The official description states:

“One inch wide, miles deep – an intentionally short but surprisingly deep and branching adventure with multiple playstyles. 100% optional combat.”

It’s an interesting title to check out at Steam Next Fest, as players decide to be entirely “a good talker, a sneaky hacker, a brawling bully, or something else.”


  • Developer – Pahris Entertainment SIA.
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows.
  • Release date – 2022

In IXION, players will guide the Tiqqun space station on a perilous journey in search of a new home for humanity. They will be tasked with looking after “station infrastructure, population management, exploration, and survival.”

The very notion of being in space looking for a new home makes this sci-fi building an intriguing title to watch. Meanwhile, players can try it out on Steam and see if it meets their tastes.

5) Silt

  • Developer – Spiral circus.
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5.
  • Release date – Spring 2022

Silt’s trailer shows that the charm of the black-and-white visual still holds true when done correctly. The game’s aesthetic is reminiscent of Limbo and Inside. Players are tasked with exploring the ocean abyss in search of long-forgotten mysteries.

The official description mentions that players will “explore dangerous waters, possess sea creatures, and solve puzzles” as they seek to travel further into the darkness. Silt is an exciting upcoming game and Steam Next Fest is giving players the perfect opportunity to try it out.

6) Limit

  • Developer – Surgical scalpels.
  • Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.
  • Release date – 2022

Teased several years ago, Boundary is:

“A space-based multiplayer tactical shooter, engaging in fierce team-to-team zero-gravity combat and performing low-gravity operations on orbiting space facilities against other enemy astrooperators and other entities.”

Players will have various gadgets at their disposal when dressing up as Astroperators and engaging in space combat. The gameplay features fast-paced action with the unique setting of floating in space.

For Steam Next Fest, the developers have announced a number of things – new Astroperators, daily login rewards, player progress rewards and more.

7) Person: the turnaround

  • Developer – U.Ground Game Studio.
  • Platforms -Microsoft Windows, macOS.
  • Release date – 2022

Players follow the protagonist from top to bottom in this realistic survival simulator. According to the official description, Nobody – The Turnaround is set “in a parallel world that echoes modern society.”

Players must manage their time and resources carefully as they struggle to survive “through tough times and overcome the difficult situation” in which they find themselves. Steam Next Fest has a playable demo of the survival game for players to try.

8) The Wandering Village

  • Developer – Lost beast.
  • Platforms – Xbox Series X|S & One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems.
  • Release date – Spring/Summer 2022

In The Wandering Village, players will build a colony on the back of a mobile, six-legged turtle-like creature known as Onbu. Players will be able to experience different biomes as Onbu traverses them as the planet has been contaminated with mysterious poisonous spores.

The core of the gameplay is about building the city and planning ahead, as Onbu will ignore player instructions for a period of time. The developers have confirmed that visually the game is influenced by the works of Studio Ghibli while the music is influenced by folk aesthetics.

Players can check out the demo of the game on Steam which is available during Steam Next Fest.

9) Food Truck Simulator

  • Developer – Draco Entertainment.
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows.
  • Release date – Not announced yet

With plenty of customizable options available, players are treated to the experience of running a food truck that once belonged to the protagonist’s father. Players will buy items, cut, prepare and cook the dishes ordered.

The developers also mentioned that players will have the ability to create their own recipes when serving customers throughout the city. For those who love cooking, Food Truck Simulator is currently available as a playable demo during Steam Next Fest.

10) Little Orpheus

  • Developer – The Chinese Room.
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, Apple Arcade.
  • Release date – Apple Arcade June 12, 2020; Windows, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/SMarch 1, 2022

Little Orpheus is a critically acclaimed side-scroller that was first released on Apple Arcade in 2020 by The Chinese Room – the same band behind Dear Esther. A quick look at the trailer above will give players an idea of ​​the surreal world they’ll be entering.

In 1963, Ivan Ivanovich, a cosmonaut from the Society who is the protagonist, heads to earth instead of ascending to the sky. The game is the story he tells of his adventures.

The vibrantly colored frames of Little Orpheus complement the story it tells and the aesthetic it portrays. Players can walk in the footsteps of the Soviet cosmonaut in the playable demo available on Steam right now.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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Omen of Sorrow is coming to PS5, Switch

Publisher Eastasiasoft and developer AOne Games will release a horror-themed fighting game Omen of Sorrow for PlayStation 5 and Switch alongside the previously announced announcement To smoke released for the PC version, the companies announced. A release date has not been announced.

This “extended version” of the game will include revised story mode content and new endings added to the arcade mode. The Xbox One version released in September 2021 will also receive this content via a free update. And cross-play online multiplayer will soon be available on all versions of the game published by Eastasiasoft.

Since the original PlayStation 4 version is published by Soedesco and Epic Games Store The build is self-published by the developer, it’s unclear if it will support new content or cross-play. Eastasiasoft will however release the PlayStation 4 version in Asia which will support the new stuff.

Pre-orders for PlayStation 5 and Switch physical editions will open the February 24 at 7:00 a.m. PT / 10:00 a.m. ET via Play-Asia. Only 2,000 limited editions will be produced for Switch and 1,000 for PlayStation 5. Standard copies will be available for open pre-order.

Here’s a preview of the game, via Eastasiasoft:


Since its initial launch, Omen of Sorrow has become cult among fighting game aficionados. AOne Games and Eastasiasoft Limited have focused on evolving this experience to bring a definitive overhaul to more players across multiple platforms and in more territories. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Omen of SorrowThe 2.5D brawls span across a wealth of detailed locations with handcrafted animations and cinematic finishes, all set to a masterful soundtrack by composer Francisco Cerda.

In a hidden underworld ruled by creatures of the night, a new terror has awakened! Omen of Sorrow brings together monsters from horror, literature and mythology for an unparalleled fighting game experience. Inspired by many arcade classics but offering its own unique innovations and mature aesthetic, Omen of Sorrow positively bleeds style! Featuring a roster inspired by icons such as Frankenstein’s Monster and Egyptian High Priest Imhotep, this traditional 4-button fighting game rewards or punishes players based on how aggressive their playstyle is, putting a twist focused on combat skills while keeping the experience accessible to newcomers.

Main characteristics

  • Choose from a diverse roster of characters inspired by classic horror.
  • Use cinematic finishers to take down your opponents in style!
  • Explore single player modes against the CPU or challenge your friends online.
  • Strategize on the fly and turn the tide of battle with aggressive play!

Watch a new trailer below.

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Rainbow Six Siege 2022 roadmap teases ranked overhaul and cross-progression

Ubisoft has released its roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege in 2022, teasing a ranked overhaul and cross-progression for later this year. Ubisoft has already revealed details for Year 7 Season 1 Demon Veil, which adds a new Operator and Team Deathmatch mode.

the Rainbow Six Siege 2022 roadmap confirms that there will be four seasons, each with a new battle pass and a new operator. Season 2 will have an operator from Belgium, Season 3 from Singapore and Season 4 from Colombia. The roadmap also listed some of the upcoming features aimed at making the game more accessible to new players. Season 2 will add a Firing Range so players can try out weapons and Operators in a controlled environment. It will also provide Operator Tips, which will provide useful information about each Operator for new players.

Year 7 will bring two new competitive maps, one in Season 1 and one in Season 3. Season 3 will also see the introduction of Ranked 2.0, which Ubisoft says will better reflect a player’s progress. Season 4 will see a permanent Arcade playlist, providing even more game mode options between events. Console improvements like new controller input presets and field of view settings are coming sometime after Season 1.

Season 4 will also see the addition of cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation, a much-requested feature that was originally announced for early 2022. At the same time, cross-progression between all platforms will also be added. Year 7 Season 1 Demon Veil will launch in March and is available now on public test servers.

GameSpot may earn a commission on retail offers.

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Capcom Fighting Collection announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC; includes 10 tracks with netcode rollback

Capcom announced Capcom Battle Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Steam). It will include 10 classic Capcom fighting games, all with an online restore netcode. It will launch both physically and digitally on June 24 worldwide for $39.99.

The list of titles included is as follows:

  • Darkstalkers: warriors of the night
  • Night Warriors: Revenge of Darkness
  • Vampire Savior: Lord of the Vampires
  • Vampire Hunter 2: Revenge of the Darkstalkers
  • Vampire Savior 2: Lord of the Vampires
  • Red earth
  • Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness
  • Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Hyper Street Fighter II

Here’s a full look at the collection, via Capcom:


Fighting fans can celebrate 35 years of Capcom fighting games with Capcom Battle Collectionan anthology of 10 classic titles, including the complete Dark Stalkers series together for the very first time outside of Japan, releasing June 24, 2022. Each of the 10 titles in the collection have been revitalized with online multiplayer, enhanced features, and quality of life updates.

Capcom Battle Collection unite the five Dark Stalkers games including Darkstalkers: warriors of the night, Night Warriors: Revenge of Darkness, Vampire Savior: Lord of the Vampiresand previously Japanese-only titles Vampire Hunter 2: Revenge of the Darkstalkers and Vampire Savior 2: Lord of the Vampires. The anthology also includes the first version of Red earth outside the arcades and is joined by fan favorites Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Super Gem Fighter Mini Mixand Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness. These classics rank among the most acclaimed fighting games to appear in arcades and introduced the world to many iconic and beloved characters ranging from Chun-Li to Morrigan Aensland.

Digital Capcom Battle Pack including Capcom Battle Collection and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will also be available at launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One for an MSRP of $59.99.

Main characteristics

  • Dark Stalkers All in one – For the first time outside of Japan, the five Dark Stalkers the games are playable in a single collection, including two titles previously released only in Japan.
  • Cult favorite Red earthRed earth also makes its debut outside of the arcade, landing on consoles and PC!
  • Here is a renowned challenger – The iconic street fighter the brand appears Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Editionand Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.
  • Online game for all – Players can now battle online to show off their abilities in all 10 titles through ranked, casual, and lobby matches with up to nine players.
  • Robust Restore Netcode – Online play will be supported with rollback netcode for a solid and stable online experience!
  • Train to win – Practice mode has been added to every game for fans to hone their skills and master their favorite characters. To note: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo does not have a workout mode option.
  • watch and learn – Spectator mode is available so you can sit back and watch your friends compete.
  • Additional Features – The all-in-one package also incorporates various gameplay balance tweaks and quality of life improvements such as mid-game saves.
  • Relive the story of the Capcom fighting game – The in-game museum includes a gallery of over 500 official artwork, concept art, and design documents, as well as over 400 music tracks.

Watch the trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery. Visit the official website here.



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Co-Optimus – News – Arcade Archives brings three co-op shmups to Switch and PlayStation

Hamster Corporation has been breaking new ground in recent years by releasing no-frills arcade ports on PlayStation and Switch. Poor Xbox only gets Neo Geo ports of Hamster. Over the past two months, Hamster has launched not one, not two, but three co-ops pull them up on Switch and PlayStation as part of its Arcades Archives series. Thunder Dragon 2 and gunnail are vertically scrolling shmups, while Konami’s classic, Oriusis a horizontal scroller.

The following three games feature 2-player local co-op.

Thunder Dragon 2 is a vertical-scrolling shooter where players pilot a variety of planes as they battle gigantic planes. Here is the official description:

THUNDER DRAGON 2” is a shooting game released by NMK in 1993.
Let’s aim to defeat the boss using aircraft with different performance in 1P and 2P. It is an exhilarating job defeating enemies that appear one after another with shots and bombs.

Thunder Dragon 2

Arcade Archives: Thunder Dragon 2 sells for $7.99 on Change and PlayStation. The first one Thunder Dragonin which players fly helicopters instead of planes, is also available on Change and PlayStation.

Oriusalso known as Xexexis a side-scrolling shoot’em up similar to Konami’s Salamander/life force series. Official description:

ORIUS” is a shooting game released by KONAMI in 1991.
Pilot the advanced gunship “Flintlock” and solve the mystery of what happened on the planet E-Square. In this game, in addition to your usual shooting, you can use the mysterious life form “Flint” for attack and defense.


Arcade Archives: Orius costs $7.99 on Change and PlayStation.

gunnail is a vertically scrolling shooter involving, presumably, both guns and nails. Official description:

GUNNAIL” is a shooting game released by NMK in 1993.
This game has a feature called MULTIPLE SHIELD SYSTEM where you will get a higher score the less shields you have.
Experience typical NMK hardcore game mechanics and an intense scoring system!

Arcade Archives: Gunnail sells for $7.99 on Change and PlayStation.


Have you ever played any of these shmups, co-op fans? If not, now is your chance!

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Young Justice: Phantoms brings the old guard back to life

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Young Justice: Phantoms, now on HBO Max.

Young Justice: Ghosts certainly turned out to be one of the show’s most brutal seasons. This resulted in Superboy’s death, while the Child destroyed Earth and Vandal Savage created a path to salvation. Interestingly, the teaser for the remaining 13 episodes has dropped and it’s been revealed that the old guard are reuniting in what is sure to please nostalgic fans. However, while it’s nice to see them back in action, it might not be best to use them as a deus ex machina. again.

The clip had Nightwing and Aqualad returning, with the latter punching out what appeared to be King Shark’s family or the Task Force X soldier himself. A quick clap then indicated that the former leaders of Young Justice would reconnect, hinting that Artemis would also be brought back. This would make sense as Artemis’ rivalry with Lady Shiva’s gang appears to be over, paving the way for Dick and Aqualad to return as Elders with the Justice League to exact revenge on Conner.

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With Miss Martian’s terrorist brother, M’comm, roaming free, it would seem natural. Always, young justice shouldn’t feel obligated to direct them to the Apokolips corner, as it was Desaad who gave M’comm the bomb to kill Superboy.

Young Justice Should Use More New Faces

Vandal is known to have manipulated both sides, so Earth could fight Darkseid’s forces in the great fight for control of this reality, but the show has done a good job with its new heroes, so it’s not necessary that the past faces become the stars. Zatanna’s magical team, which included Thirteen, herself, Khalid and her father, resisted the Child and now share Doctor Fate’s helmet, while Artemis’ hunters – Cass Cain, Spoiler and Oracle – shone against the League of Assassins. . Add to that a new generation, like Wonder Girl and Tim Drake, there’s enough talent to get the job done.

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As such, for the sake of continuity and to reward them for carrying on the torch, they should be front and center. It would be cheap and cheesy, not to mention overkill, to go back to the old guard we’ve seen for so many seasons. This is why they were eliminated and entered the Justice League to help Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, and why a new generation took their place.

The series should do its successors a disservice, especially when they have earned their place. Not to mention that fans are attached to it, so whether it’s Halo, Rocket and more loads of Black Canary, the Forever People, the Legion of Super-Heroes or more characters from the last two seasons, like Orion, it would be fair to give them their due in the limelight. Dick and the previous generation can join as support, but if the young justice pivots to them again would be an injustice, making it seem like they are the only ones who deserve the glory.

Young Justice: Phantoms returns this spring to HBO Max.

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Gotham Criminals Don’t Know What To Call The Bat Family

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Best Racing Games for Xbox Series X on Amazon India

Racing games are a good way to unwind after a long day. Here are some of the best racing games for your Xbox Series X console.

Racing games allow you to live out your fantasy of driving a sports car at high speeds on pristine roads and places across the world. There are loads of great racing games to choose from, and while at first glance they may all seem similar, there are some differences that can make the game better depending on your preferences. While some games offer a completely realistic, simulation-like driving experience with fine-tuning down to the smallest detail, others have an arcade-like ride, which emphasizes speed and the feeling of cruising. past environments. Driving games take some getting used to, but once you’ve mastered accelerating and braking, you’re ready for a wild ride! Here are some of the best racing games for Xbox Series X.

Forza Horizon 5

A PC and Xbox exclusive; it’s a great racing game and a good middle ground for simulation driving as well as a loose arcade-like feel. The game forces you to follow tight racing lines, but if you are skilled enough, you can follow your path and overtake your enemies. Not only that, the game encourages you to take the path less traveled and venture into deep jungles and canyon areas. There’s a wide variety of environments to keep things fresh, and there’s a host of cars to suit different driving situations. Go for a sports car for the track and for off-road, choose something with a solid suspension. The progression system is good and rewards you with new cars quite often.

F1 2021

If you are looking for a simulation racing game, this is the best one to choose. The game lets you fine-tune every aspect of your car to improve speed and performance. You can have a car that turns well but goes slow or a car that is super fast but hard to control. The game features real Grand Prix locations and real drivers who have etched their names in F1 history. The game will challenge you at first, but eventually when you get the hang of it, it will become a more enjoyable experience. Incidentally, it has excellent graphics which increase the gameplay.


Here is a rally car designed for ease of driving. The game can be quite difficult, but it is not very difficult to grasp the driving mechanics. However, increasing the driving mechanics to simulate real physics adds a massive learning curve that rewards you for achieving your goals. Overall, the racing mechanics are pretty well fleshed out in this game, and it offers a lot of versatility in what cars you can use and how you can fine-tune them. There are many locations and tracks to choose from which keeps the gameplay fresh and interesting.

CARS 2 Project

Perhaps the ultimate simulation racing game, Project Cars is best enjoyed with a full steering wheel setup. The experience on a controller and keyboard is nice, but you can get more immersed using more advanced external devices. There are many cars to choose from, and every aspect of the car can be adjusted to your liking, depending on how you want to drive your car on the tracks. There are hyper-realistic graphics to enjoy and realistic weather and day-night cycles.

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Best Linux Distros for Gaming of 2022

This list is about the best Linux distros for gaming. We’ll do our best to make sure you understand this list of Best Linux Distros for Gaming. I hope you like this list Best Linux Distros for Gaming. So let’s start:

About the Best Linux Distros for Gaming

The best gaming Linux distributions to create PC games on Linux machines easily and without hassle. Gaming on Linux has come a long way in the last 50 years. While it was always possible to play games on Linux, titles that ran flawlessly on the platform were rare. Valve’s announcement of its own Linux game distribution proved to be a watershed moment, prompting game publishers to stand up and acknowledge the presence of the open source platform.

Titles quickly appeared, and now even major game studios are proud to show penguin support for their featured titles. Thanks to initiatives like Proton, Linux users get decent gameplay even with titles designed only for Windows. Even before Valve went live, Linux gaming flagships were long-lasting open source initiatives like the WINE compatibility layer, gaming platforms like Lutris that relied on their strong community to run hundreds of titles. games on Linux, and high quality open source. drivers from vendors such as AMD.

Thanks to all these initiatives, the open-source operating system has not only proven to be a very powerful gaming platform, but can even surpass Windows at times. In true open source mode, you have a handful of options to help you create the perfect Linux environment for gaming.

Here is the list of the best Linux distros for gaming


Pop music! _OS is System76’s internal Linux distribution for your laptops and desktops. This distribution has the added benefit of being backed by a for-profit company that can afford to invest resources in Pop! _OS to make it the best it can be. And that shows us. Pop music! _OS is one of the best distros for laptops, especially those with hybrid graphics setups like older Nvidia Optimus computers.

The best of Pop! _OS is that there are two separate ISOs, one for Nvidia graphics cards and one for AMD graphics cards. Choose the one that suits you and you are ready to continue with the drivers. There is also the Pop! _Shop, an application store with many basic applications, including Steam and Lutris, two key elements for gaming on Linux. Aside from its odd naming scheme, Pop! _OS is a solid way to get into the Linux game. It works great on both laptops and desktops, and that’s why for most people, it’s our pick for the best game distribution.

Ubuntu Game Pack

The Ubuntu Gamepack operating system is the best of the best when it comes to Linux gaming distros. It is based on Ubuntu Pack 20.04, with many essential features that users expect from an Ubuntu distribution. Plus, Ubuntu Gamepack is easy to install and use, making it a solid choice for inexperienced Linux users.

Unsurprisingly, Ubuntu Gamepack excels at gaming. The operating system contains the most popular game management systems such as Steam and ITCH.IO. Additionally, the custom Ubuntu Gamepack operating system supports over 85,000 games. Because it is based on Ubuntu Pack 20.04, Gamepack is a complete operating system supporting many essential applications such as Microsoft Office. Ubuntu Gamepack’s user interface is similar to that of Windows 10, thanks to its simplicity and different images.

Drauger operating system

The Drauger operating system is called the Linux Desktop Gaming operating system. The distribution is based on Ubuntu LTS releases. However, instead of using the Ubuntu kernel, Drauger uses the mainline Linux kernel. The developers compiled the kernel with low latency enabled and also changed the programming frequency from 250Hz to 1000Hz. With these changes, gamers should experience higher framerates, less tearing, and a best overall gaming experience.

The distribution installs the Steam client directly when starting the live environment. The distro uses a custom Xfce desktop environment, and new users will appreciate the welcome app tutorial that takes them on a seamless tour of the new environment. Drauger claims to be compatible with most Xbox and Xbox360 controllers, as well as some PlayStation controllers. The distro has also installed various apps and tools to enhance the gaming experience, including PlayOnLinux, WINE, Lutris, Steam, and DXVK.

Ubuntu Game Pack

The perfect first Linux distro for gamers is Ubuntu GamePack. It’s not the usual Ubuntu, but it’s based on Ubuntu. The problem with Ubuntu GamePack is the fact that it doesn’t have any pre-installed games like Steam OS. However, it comes pre-installed with Steam, Wine, PlayOnLinux, and Lutris client. It’s like a hub where you can play games on Linux, Windows, Console, and Steam.

This makes it a hybrid operating system in a sense, especially since it also supports Oracle Java and Adobe Flash. This means that it is also possible to play online games. In fact, over 6,000 Linux and Windows games are guaranteed to run on Ubuntu GamePack. If you’ve tried Ubuntu in the past and are comfortable with it, choose this distro.


Manjaro is a fantastic cast that combines the rolling version nature of Arch with increased stability and core strength. It’s a great distro for people who are looking for a little more from their Linux life. As things are about to be updated in Manjaro, things are moving much faster than Ubuntu-based distros.

Newer mainstream kernels are generally easier to use, and Manjaro’s hardware discovery tool (mhwd) is ideal for managing drivers. Nvidia systems are sometimes notoriously difficult to use on Linux, and Manjaro does a great job of mitigating that. New pilots are coming through the pipeline fairly quickly. Manjaro has had some stability issues in the past, but that has largely disappeared in recent years. However, things can still go wrong, so be sure to keep backups in case something breaks it or an update.


Garuda Linux is a relative newcomer to the block and is based on Arch. Some may consider it a promising competitor to Manjaro, and I believe it is well on its way to achieving that goal. It’s a powerful distro with tons of customizations, DE options, and lots of goodies. It’s also pretty beginner-friendly and has the power of Arch without as much hassle.

For gamers, Garuda offers GUI with various packages such as Steam, WINE, Winetricks, PlayOnLinux, Gamehub (the Linux alternative to GOG Galaxy 2.0), Lutris, DXVK, and Proton. It’s a one-stop-shop to install everything you need to start playing. It’s also a great distro that can be used on its own for other PC tasks. The aesthetic that Garuda uses is more or less retrowave/cyberpunk and I totally agree. KDE is the flagship desktop environment and offers the most customization options. Garuda is a gorgeous and spectacular cast that Manjaro should be aware of.

Fedora games spin

Fedora Games exists to showcase the best open source games available in the Fedora distribution repositories. The distro is sold as a meaty 4.1GB image and is packed with all sorts of games, from strategy games to first-person shooters and everything in between. The best part is that you can enjoy all the games live. Fedora Games uses the Xfce desktop environment and the developers release a new version whenever Fedora has a major release. For this reason, the latest edition is based on Fedora Workstation 33.

While Fedora Games’ Spin is a very capable gaming distro and works as advertised, it lacks the prowess of some of the other gaming distros we’ve featured here. For starters, it doesn’t include other platforms like Steam or utilities like PlayonLinux or WINE, although they can all be installed manually.


Lakka is a lite version of Linux that can turn your computer into a retro gaming console. It is based on the Libretro core and uses RetroArch as its interface. Lakka is available as a bootable USB image for PC. There are also versions for ARM-based machines like the Raspberry Pi. This distro supports most keyboards as well as PS3 and PS4 wireless controllers, as well as Xbox 360 controllers if you have the proprietary dongle. RetroArch has a very useful auto-configuration feature which should mean that most controllers are ready to use right out of the box without having to manually map buttons.

The Lakka documentation also has great tutorials for more unusual setups. For copyright reasons, the operating system comes without pre-installed games. You will need legal copies of ISO images of game CDs you own or precompiled ROM files of arcade games. Check Internet archives that contain public domain ROMs.

Final Words: Best Linux Distros for Gaming

I hope you understand and like this list Best Linux Distros for Gaming, if your answer is no, you can ask anything via the contact forum section linked to this article. And if your answer is yes, please share this list with your family and friends.

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10 Xbox Rumors That Turned Out To Be False

Companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Sega have dominated the home video game market for decades, and many gamers weren’t sure what to expect when Microsoft announced it would release its first game console in November 2001. he company was primarily a software company since its inception, but the brand immediately proved to be a huge success capable of competing with the biggest names in the market.

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As in any entertainment industry, rumors have been circulating everywhere Xbox’s twenty years of life. While many turned out to be true, even more turned out to be false. While some may seem like missed opportunities, others are better because they never materialized.

ten Xbox 720 console

Xbox 360 Design Lab Xbox

Since Microsoft chose not to use a simple numbering system for naming its consoles (they would always be one number behind PlayStation, which might confuse casual consumers), gamers weren’t sure what to expect from the tracking of the Xbox 360. Some thought the system would double the number to be called 720.

This rumor was fueled by the 2011 film real steel, which featured an advertisement for the Xbox 720 during one of its robotic battles. This name turned out to be wrong when Microsoft announced that its new console would be the Xbox One.

9 Future Activision games will be exclusive to Xbox

Call of Duty: Vanguard Dev Promises to Use Alpha Feedback

Microsoft surprised the gaming world by revealing its acquisition of Zenimax, but that news was followed by an equally shocking purchase: Activision Blizard. In addition to Microsoft now owning several classic games through the acquisition, this also meant that popular titles such as those from the Call of Duty franchise could potentially become Xbox exclusives.

Microsoft put an end to rumors and speculation when it issued a statement update its game store policies. Among the information was the assurance that not only current contracts with Sony would be honored, but that games like Call of Duty would continue to release on other consoles even after those agreements expired.


8 Xbox/Zune xYz

MP3 players may still exist, but like the Walkman or portable CD players before them, they have mostly been phased out due to advances in technology. Even in their heyday, however, Microsoft’s Zune never reached the popularity of Apple’s iPod line.

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Team Xbox published an article in 2009 claiming that Microsoft was planning a crossover device to connect their declining MP3 player with their Xbox gaming brand. The device, codenamed xYz, was meant to be a portable handheld capable of sharing movies, TV shows, music, and Xbox Live Arcade games with home Xbox consoles. This rumor ultimately turned out to be false.

seven Xbox series X | Release delay S until 2021

Stock Xbox Series X GameStop January 2022

Although Microsoft originally announced a November 2020 release date for the Xbox Series X | S consoles, rumors started circulating ahead of launch via sites like Forbes that the global chip shortage and Covid-related shipping delays would force Microsoft to postpone this to 2021.

With how often gamers see popular games delayed for various reasons, it didn’t seem like a stretch that the same could happen to Microsoft’s new systems. This turned out to be wrong, even though supply still hasn’t caught up with demand and many gamers are still struggling to find Microsoft and Sony consoles.

6 Series X catches fire

Xbox Series X catches fire Fake Vape Smoke Steam

There were several rumors in games that turned out to be false, but this hardware hoax almost caused serious damage to the Xbox brand. Gamers Were Already Wary of Consoles Launching After Xbox 360’s ‘Red Ring’ Issues, So Many Believed It a video posted on Twitter November 11, 2020 showing an Xbox Series X console going up in smoke and flames.

Microsoft quickly denied these allegations, and this video was indeed proven to be false. The most popular theory is that the poster simply blew smoke from a vape into the Series X vents.

5 The Xbox Surface tablet

Surface Book 2

Like the Zune before it, Microsoft’s Surface tablets failed to gain the brand recognition or popularity of Apple’s iPads. The original Surface was released in October 2012, and rumors started circulating in early 2012 that Microsoft was also working on a gaming-focused crossover release with its Xbox brand.

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This rumor gained momentum when The Verge claimed several sources confirmed the information. This information claimed that the Xbox Surface would have a 7-inch screen and be able to play less demanding Xbox games. The Surface tablet brand has enjoyed reasonable success, but Microsoft has so far stayed out of the mobile gaming device market.

4 Microsoft will sell the Xbox brand

Xbox Free To Play Gamepad

With several popular games available on Xbox Game Pass and major studio acquisitions in quick succession, the Xbox name holds a very positive place with fans right now. However, that wasn’t always the case, and rumors swirled in the early 2010s that Microsoft was considering selling the Xbox brand to a company such as Amazon.

While this particular rumor was false, Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently open to ShackNews about Microsoft’s intention to drop or sell the Xbox brand altogether after poor Xbox One pre-launch marketing campaigns.

3 Microsoft will buy Sega

Sega Logo IRL

There were several Xbox rumors for 2022 that fans believed in, and one was that Microsoft was considering buying Sega. Following the tech giant’s acquisition of Zenimax, the parent company of old scrolls and Fall developer BioWare, in 2021, multiple sources said another big acquisition is coming soon.

Many believed that Sega was in a difficult enough position to seek a buyer, and the famous Japanese brand could give Xbox a boost in a country dominated by Sony and Nintendo. This rumor had no single source, but it was perpetrated by various media. However, it was quickly revealed that Microsoft’s next big buy was to be Activision Blizzard, and no further information was revealed on potential moves with Sega.

2 Hideo Kojima creates an Xbox exclusive game

hideo kojima studio kojima produces two games

The brain behind much of the metal gear franchise, Hideo Kojima went through a very public dispute with Konami as they restructured and refocused their game publishing methods and hierarchy. After Kojima’s infamous parting ways with his longtime publisher, the two parties’ enmity for each other has come out frequently and publicly.

After VentureBeat published an article in early 2021 about the deal, rumors swirled that the famous game maker was planning an exclusive collaboration with Microsoft in an effort to flex its newfound independence, but no further announcements or information have been revealed since. .

1 Microsoft is developing a competitor to Smash Bros.

Activision Blizzard Xbox Super Smash Bros.

the Super Smash Bros. The franchise has been a popular competitive and social series for decades, and so far no other entry in the genre has proven so popular. When Sony tried to emulate the formula with PlayStation All Stars Battle Royalerumors have speculated that Microsoft would try something similar.

Unfortunately for fans, Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed in an interview with Kotaku that Microsoft had no intention of creating their own smash clone. With brands like Halo and armament of war, many thought the franchise would be more mature and violent than its cartoon counterparts, but Phil argued that the Xbox team wanted to focus on new experiences. However, Microsoft’s recent and ongoing acquisitions of IPs Zenimax and Activision Blizard have rekindled fan desires for a platform brawler.

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Split image of Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and Starfield promo art

6 Western-themed RPG video games to look forward to in 2022

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Rendezvous with Death in Infernax on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

It might be Valentine’s Day, but the date you need to worry about is the one with death – at least it will be if you face the brutality of Infernax.

Available to buy and download now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Infernax from the Berzerk Studios team is a fitting homage to the old-school NES action of yesteryear. .

Sold as a 2D splatter fest, paying the asking price of £16.74 – or making the most of Game pass if you wish, as we expect that to fall into the pattern very soon – you will see taking on the adventures ahead, preparing to be totally splattered in blood maroon.

Aided by the publishing team at The Arcade Crew, if you’re looking for an 8-bit inspired adventure where slaying demons, battling bosses and spilling blood is real, Infernax is going to be for you. As you follow the life of a famous knight – Alcedor – in Infernax, you soon discover that unholy magic has begun to spread across the land. It’s up to you to stop him, aided by your trusty mace and shield combo.

Working as a side-scrolling adventure full of quests, Infernax will allow you and Alcedor to gain experience and Vital Gold as you go, helping to level things up, increasing stats and ensuring you have the skills and weapons necessary for the task ahead.

You should well expect a bit of a brutal challenge with Infernax, if only because the inspiration comes from when the game was as difficult as it ever was. If you’re in the market, you’ll want to head to your digital store of choice and make sure a download starts as soon as possible.

For us Xbox gamers, this is the Xbox Store who is the key holder, allowing Xbox One and Xbox Series X players | S to get involved. You’ll also find Infernax on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam. Stay tuned for a full review from us soon.

Description of the game:

Infernax is the adventures of a great knight who returns to his homeland to find it plagued by unholy magic. In your quest to find and destroy the source of this corruption by any means necessary, you will face ruthless creatures, dangerous beasts and precarious terrain.

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New listings suggest Midnight Club could be making a comeback

Midnight Club, Rockstar Games’ cult classic racing franchise, may well be seeing a resurgence, according to recent clues. The Visual Concepts developer is actively working hiring for “an unannounced open-world driving game with a major license”.

(Jobs) Take Two’s Studio Visual Concepts is working on an unannounced open-world driving game with a major license • AAA title / Multi-platform • In development since 2019 • For a major license • Unreal use Engine • Multiplayer • Fun for all ages Source: 👇

They are looking for people to fill various positions i.e. Producer, Senior Technical Artist, Senior Build & Automation Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Multiplayer. The positions also require Unreal Engine expertise, which implies that this new pilot could be driven by Epic Games’ latest Unreal Engine 5 and be cross-platform.

Could it be the Midnight Club?

Come create games with us! Visual Concepts is hiring a Senior Software Engineer

So far, the studio is known for its efforts on 2K sports titles, namely NBA 2K and WWE 2K, with their latest offering being the upcoming WWE 2K22.

Since this list is about a racing title, the team seems to be stepping out of their comfort zone to tackle something new that’s supposed to “blow your mind” (according to their Biography Twitter).

This begs the question: why Midnight Club? After all, a “major license” can refer to anything. Maybe another Fast & Furious? XCOM Racing unleashed? Or a completely new IP address. However, it makes sense that this is the next game in the iconic arcade racing series.

Two reasons

First of all, while Rockstar may have run the franchise from the start, Take Two is still their parent company. Take Two could therefore have entrusted the IP to Visual Concepts to work on it. Considering Rockstar’s recent announcement regarding the development of GTA 6, it would make sense that they would have their hands full.

Second, Take Two’s recent investor call touched on the topic, with CEO Strauss Zelnick saying:

“Our labels are home to some of the most iconic brands in the world, including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club, NBA 2K, BioShock, Borderlands, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Mafia and Kerbal Space Program.”

It may not mean much, but it’s still interesting.

Rockstar Games’ Midnight Club games are a series of arcade racing titles. The last entry was “Los Angeles – Complete Edition” in 2009 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The franchise has been dormant ever since, with the developer moving to more popular IPs such as GTA.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee

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How to Play Rocket League Cross-Platform

Don’t let Rocket League’s childish graphics fool you into thinking it’s easy to play. Cross-platform Rocket League helps you team up with your friends and win matches with the right strategies and communication.

Psyonix’s mighty hybrid of an arcade-style football game is one of the trending esports in 2022. It’s not only a hot esport among professionals, but also epic entertainment to kill time. While competitive gamers prefer their computers, the game also offers plenty of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players.

Luckily, the developer has added a cross-play option, allowing players to party with some of the best players regardless of their platform. It’s one of the many features that make Rocket League incredibly challenging and entertaining.

How to Enable Crossplay in Rocket League

It’s pretty simple to enable cross-play and then queue up with friends playing from the different platforms. First, launch Rocket League, then select settings from the main menu. Check the cross-platform play box in the gameplay tab to play with your cross-platform friends.

Enabling crossplay is simple, but lobbying with players from other platforms can take some work. Once your crossplay is enabled, make sure you’ve added your friends. Here’s how:

  • Click the square icon in the bottom right corner to open a friends list if you’re on PC. The console player should press the right trigger button for the same purpose.
  • Select “Add Epic Friend” at the bottom of the friend list and enter your friend’s name. epic games IDENTIFIER.
  • Click “Play” and select Custom Games > Private Match.
  • Select Join private game if you want to join another friend’s game.

If you create your own game from “create”, you can change the settings to allow your friends to join. Set it to the option that allows anyone with a secret name and password to enter. You should now be able to jump into a game with your cross-platform friends. This simple process works for all Rocket League platforms.

Although Psyonix allows cross-play, there are some limitations worth noting. Not all system exclusive items will appear the same to other players. If you purchased a specific car skin on Xbox, it may not be visible to your friend on PC. The same goes for the profile picture.

There is also a limitation on voice chat. Cross-platform players can only use the quick chat feature to communicate with their teammates. General voice chat is disabled for crossplay.

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These are the best classic football games to play in time for the Super Bowl

Let’s be honest: while they’re still technically making a new crazy game every year, these are usually not very exciting.

(Last entry got quite mixed reviewsif you’re curious.) But while fans might wait and hope that 2022’s game will bring the next-gen fire we’ve been waiting for – or maybe the recently delayed NFL arcade game that 2K has been working on for a while the real the big game is this weekend, and you’re probably looking forward to playing video football with your friends in the meantime.

We can’t promise that any of these games won’t live up to the joy of your aunt’s extra-thick Buffalo Chicken Dip, but there are still quite a few classic football titles worth watching. . Check these:

10 yard fight (NES, 1983)

Here is where it all started.nintendo

If you really want to go back to the origins of the football video game, there’s nothing more rudimentary than 10 yard fight. One of the few NES launch games not developed by Nintendo, 10YF doesn’t even have named teams or game selection. Hope you enjoy running the triple option every game! Also, you only have two players to select in defense. While its icy pace certainly takes some getting used to, the game is somewhat fun on its own, and it’s a good reminder of how far football games have come over the past four decades.

Super Bowl Tecmo (NES, 1991)

You can’t beat the classics. Koei-Tecmo

This is perhaps the only name on this list that Everybody knows, and for good reason. Simply, Super Bowl Tecmo is undeniably the most influential gridiron football game of all time. It pioneered many of the core features you expect from modern sports games, including accurate rosters, full season simulation, stat tracking, injuries, variable player condition… the list goes on.

Although it cannot compete with the technically demanding simulation of later games like crazy, as a pure video game to play in 2022, it strikes an immaculate balance between playability and technical complexity. Eight games per team might not seem like a lot, but it’s just enough to keep your opponent guessing. Moreover, thanks to the TSB modding community makes it easy to play your favorite team from any era, from the ’72 Dolphins to the present day. If you like retro games, TSB is one of your best options here. Also, Bo Jackson isn’t exactly unstoppable – try playing the Bills or the Oilers if you really want to dominate.

NFL Blitz 2000 (N64, PS1, arcade machine…)

No one leaves the field unscathed.EA

Midway Games may be dead and gone, but the legacy of NFL Blitz lives in arcade bars and impromptu parties all over the world. While the rest of the sports genre strove towards asymptotic realism, Blitz (and its basketball equivalent NBA Jam) took the arcade bombshell to a whole new level, with 60-yard hospital passes, wides bouncing ten feet in the air for perfect catches, and German linebackers suplexing their careers on the turf.

The NFL eventually stepped in to remove much of the game’s over-the-top violence (and, therefore, much of its personality), but early entries into the Blitz the series remains a high point for silly sports fun. The arcade version of Blitz ’99 is perhaps the most iconic, but when it comes to home platforms, the Dreamcast Blitz 2000 runs at 60 fps and offers slightly improved graphics. (But if you don’t mind the N64 version, you can also update the lists to modernity.)

Legend bowl (Steam, 2021)

It’s much better than it looks.Super Pixel Games

Let’s present this one with a few caveats: it’s still under development and only available for PC at the moment. That said, if you’re looking for a modern football game with a retro aesthetic and deep gameplay, Legend bowl is probably the best out there. It combines many of the best ideas of modern sports games – especially time-based kicks and throws, plus plenty of backtracking motion options – and wraps it up in an easy-to-understand yet challenging package. to master.

While there are certainly still some improvements to be made to this single-player project, especially online play and a dynasty mode, it’s still advanced enough that we can recommend it to any curious football fan. Despite its quality, it didn’t sell as many copies as expected, so check it out if you’re interested.

ESPN NFL 2K5 (PS2, Xbox)

It was really impressive in 2005, we swear. SEGA

You may have forgotten this one, but 2K5 is still considered the pinnacle of sim-style video game football by a dedicated community of enthusiasts. The latest entry in the 2K football franchise before Madden’s exclusivity contract has made it the only game in town, it’s also the best.

While it’s certainly not the best looking game on this list, especially if you don’t have an old CRT lying around, there’s a lot to like. 2K5is a realistic action, and it is still impressive today. If your old PS2 is gathering dust in your closet, it might be worth revisiting – for our money, it certainly plays better than most sports games today.

NCAA Soccer 14 (PS3, Xbox 360)

Fans are keeping this modern classic alive.EA

You would be forgiven if the original version of NCAA Soccer 14 passed on to you, as it was just another yearly entry in the long-running series for most of us. However, due to the controversy surrounding college athlete compensation, this ended up being the last entered the series, and it’s now one of the most sought-after games for the PS3 and Xbox 360, fetching prices over $100 for bulk copies.

Considered by enthusiasts to be one of the last truly good modern football games, 14 has a dedicated community of modders who update their list every year until a new entry in the series comes out. If you can find a PS3 emulator – trust us, it’s not hard – and you like college football, that’s such a good experience as you will get it. They also have a Discord.

Premium: Tecmo Super Bowl 3: Final Edition

If 8-bit graphics are too old-school for you, the best SNES entry in the Tecmo bowl the series could very well suit you. It also has 16 games instead of 8, for more “realism”. We still prefer the NES original, but it’s also a good option.

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Shack Chat: What’s your favorite football video game?

This is normally where you might find us trying to parody NFL Films-style storytelling. Apart from Donovan and a few other performances, you might have seen on the Shacknews Twitch channel that a part of us are not very good at this football. That won’t stop us from talking about our all-time favorite football game for this week’s Shack Chat question. We’ll give you a hint: this isn’t Madden NFL 22.

Shack Chat: What’s your favorite football video game?

NFL Blitz – Ozzie Mejia, Gridiron Editor

Even before Madden dived Pepsi off a cliff, I was never really into sim football. It was probably evident by my performance in the Madden Staff Tournament earlier this week. I’ve always had a passion for arcade football.

That said, NFL Blitz was the absolute best. Easy controls, fast pace, little downtime and hard hits for a fun afternoon with friends. Forget strategy, just go balls against the wall and see who could light up the scoreboard fastest. And, of course, I loved the late hits. Late hits were hilarious, in a more innocent time before we knew the long-term damage of repeated head trauma.

Madden NFL 10 – Donovan Erskine, John Madden Memorial Shack Staff Super Challenge Chapion 2022

When my dad bought me my own Xbox 360 in 2009, the two games I owned were Modern Warfare 2 and Madden 10. I played that game for hours, playing with rosters and creating silly teams, and playing against my siblings until the early hours of the morning, creating our own narratives and letting the drama unfold on the pitch.

I also spent a lot of time trying to get all the Madden 10 achievements. In particular, I remember the achievement that required you to stay in the pocket for 10 seconds, and another that required you to trigger a tackle gang with 7 or more players. They were actually really stimulating and creative. I also think this two-man cover looks great, despite my burning hatred for Hines Ward and the Steelers.

NFL Blitz (PS1) – Blake Morse, Co-EIC

I love the NFL Blitz franchise so much. It was just such a brutal, goofy take on arcade football. He took all the great little details from the NBA Jam series and injected them into a grill gaffe. I loved the arcade version, but starting my game with the PS1 version and my homies after school at my homie Mike’s was where it was in the late 90s. We were all screwing up and trying our best to enter as many cheat codes as possible before the game loaded. The winner would face the next opponent and it was probably the only time in my life where I had a chance to beat all my friends who played Madden regularly. The NFL basically killed this franchise because of all the corny late hits and such, but they can’t take my precious memories of after-school shenanigans with all my friends.

NFL Blitz – Morgan Shaver, newcomer to the block

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot of football gaming experience, so that’s a tricky question for me to answer. After reading the reasons why Ozzie and Blake chose NFL Blitz and reviewing the game for myself, I’m going to go on and say that NFL Blitz is my favorite football game. There’s a distinct level of charm to NFL Blitz that I really appreciate, as well as its accessibility. You won’t spend too much time fumbling with the controls, NFL Blitz is a game you can jump into and have fun. The game also keeps you invested with its fast pace, as well as the thrill of getting knocked down in-game, which is more fun than frustrating. I love a game where you can channel your inner Tubthumping through Chumbawamba and get knocked down, but you get back up. And they can never hold you back.

ESPN NFL 2K5 – Sam Chandler, defending

ESPN NFL 2K5 marks a special moment for fans of NFL games. It was the last in the 2K series before the landscape changed to be essentially Madden only, courtesy of EA’s deal. And now look at the state of things. But when it came to NFL 2K5, it had another massive selling point – literally – its low price. Buying a new football game every year is a heavy burden on the wallet, so the fact that it was considerably cheaper than the norm made it much more accessible for many gamers.

ESPN NFL 2K5 – Chris Jarrard, thinks Derrick Brooks is the GOAT

It was the football game that was so fun, detailed, and dynamic that EA felt compelled to flex its muscles to strike an exclusive deal with the NFL to produce licensed video games. Building on the foundation started with NFL 2K for the Dreamcast, ESPN NFL 2K5 was unmatched in terms of presentation quality, graphical fidelity (especially with bumpy jersey textures on Xbox), and its ability to simulate NFL football on a home console. Even to this day, the game represents a high point for video game football and you could say that its innovative broadcast-style presentation has yet to be overshadowed by any sports title. Honorable mention goes to the Tecmo Bowl/Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES.

Mutant League Football – Bill Lavoy, Co-EIC

I don’t really follow football or enjoy the sport in the same way as my colleagues, but I did play a few football games in my time. It started in the 90s when I was just entering high school with Mutant League Football. My boyfriend and I used to hang out in his bedroom and listen to Metallica and White Zombie while playing Mutant League Football on Sega Genesis. We loved the game, and it easily remains my favorite football memory in terms of video games.

NFL 2K2 – TJ Denzer, News Editor

One of the last great swan songs of the Dreamcast games era, NFL 2K2 was one of the last times I remember having a really, really good time with an NFL-licensed game. In my opinion, the game was equal parts silly as it was good football without being NFL Blitz. For one, the Houston Texans had just become a franchise that year and were included in the game, but there was no actual roster, so the team is just filled with characters and placeholders for the place.

Then there was the creation of a player. I remember making the tallest, leanest guy possible and the shortest, fattest guy possible and maxing out their stats. Then my buddies and I would watch in absolute delight as these monsters of odd proportions fly across the field as I returned to my own end zone and threw 80-year-old passes at them, which they would catch. Real throw physics weren’t NFL 2K’s early strength. It was the most utterly stupid and hilarious wild west passage I’ve ever seen, but I’ll never forget what kind of ridiculous comedy and rivalry it created for my friends and I when we played.

(Huddled in the Mines Video) – Greg Burke, Video Editor

NFL2K/NFL Street – Steve Tyminski, host of Stevetendo, New York Jets fan!

The biggest football game of the year, the Super Bowl, takes place this weekend. The Bengals and Rams will play to determine the best of the best. That being said, does this make you think which football video game is the best? If I had to narrow it down to two video games, I would have to choose between NFL2K and NFL Street.

NFL2K games on Dreamcast were some of the best games the system had to offer. The Dreamcast was an underrated system, but the NFL and NHL2K franchises were great sports titles. They had the right amount of arcade and realism that makes a football game a good football game. NFL2K still has some of the best controls for a football game, and you can call games to the Dreamcast memory card so your opponent can’t see what you’re calling.

On the other hand, NFL Street was everything the National Football League doesn’t want to be now. It was like garden football where you could show off skill points and make huge fumble-causing shots. I remember playing at my friends house and after walking into the end zone after catching a throw behind my back I knew I had to get this game!

NFL 2K3 – Social Media Guru Dennis White

The nostalgia for this game is real. For me, I was just starting to really get into the Chicago football cult after leaning more towards basketball for most of my young life. Can you blame me, the Bulls were the stuff of legends back then.

But the hype for Bears football and especially Bears defensive football was loud in my house and apparently in the offices of 2K as Brian Urlacher covered the game. It was also the first football game I bought. Sure, I’ve played NFL Blitz and other titles, but most of the time it was at a friend’s house or borrowed from a cousin. This game hit a ton of high points with gameplay and player control. Yes, things could get a little ridiculous depending on the team ratings, but it was still a fun time. I always have a GameCube flashcard somewhere in a closet in case I need to show the kids how it’s done someday.

Tecmo Super Bowl – Shacknews Luminary/Lola Assistant Asif Khan

In my day, we didn’t need fancy 3D football video games. We had a 2D side-scrolling soccer game and it only had 8 games. What’s amazing about the minimalist design of the Tecmo Bowl and its much better successor, the Tecmo Super Bowl, is that the gameplay is far superior to current Madden NFL games. Franchise progression in Season mode is honestly more enjoyable than Madden’s stuffing of a franchise and DJ Khaled modes. Ultimately, Tecmo Super Bowl is fun, with an incredibly silly and detailed soundtrack, groundbreaking cutscenes, and a Cleveland Browns team that doesn’t make me want to cry when I pick them.

Those are our picks for this Super Bowl Sunday. What do you say, the Shacknews community? Join the conversation and weigh in with your all-time favorite football video game.

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Super Smash Bros.-Like Brawls is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

During Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct, what many presumed to be a new LEGO fighting game appeared to be announced. What many may not have realized is that the game, titled LEGO brawls, has been available for some time as an Apple Arcade exclusive. Originally published in 2019, LEGO brawls is a Super Smash Bros.-Inspired multiplayer combat gameplay with robust character customization elements. The new announcement of LEGO brawls is that it’s coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch in 2022.


In his heart, LEGO brawls is a Super Smash Bros. fighting game style. This means that it is played on a 2D plane and allows groups of players to play together. More precisely, LEGO brawls is built around 4v4 team battles. Additionally, rather than defeating opponents by knocking them off the screen or depleting their life points, LEGO BrawlThe main objective of is to control the center of the map. It’s King of the Hill style Super Smash Bros. Gameplay is still about beating other players, however.

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Which makes LEGO brawls stand out Super Smash Bros. is its robust character creation system. Rather than pre-built individual characters, each with their own unique abilities, LEGO brawls allows players to build their LEGO character from pieces. To get started, players choose from 10 types of LEGO themes, including Ninjago, Pirates, Castle, Monkie Kid, and Town. These characters can then be customized with weapons that they can use in battle.

As noted, the announcement during the Nintendo Direct was that LEGO Brawl would leave the iOS environment and release on other platforms. While the Nintendo Direct only confirmed support for Nintendo Switch, it is now reported that PC, PlayStation, and Xbox will also be supported. While we can assume that LEGO brawls will be updated for these devices, the exact changes and improvements have not been officially confirmed.

Regarding why LEGO brawls was originally released exclusively for Apple Arcade, it was described as a “family game” where family members could sit at home and play on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It may not work as well on PC or consoles, but interested gamers should be aware that LEGO brawls was designed for families of all ages and mobile devices.

Super Smash Bros.-likes are an increasingly common genre of fighting game. Truly, LEGO brawls was an early release in this current wave of similar games. It is perhaps ironic that one of the first Super Smash Bros.-likes is now coming to late consoles. However, the accessibility of Lego franchising can help LEGO brawls carve out a place in the increasingly crowded genre.

LEGO brawls will be released later this year on PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox.

MORE: The Rise and Fall of the LEGO Movie Franchise

the sims 4-my wedding stories-sims-wedding-dlc-new
The Sims 4 Announces Wedding DLC

Electronic Arts announces new The Sims 4 Wedding DLC ​​called My Wedding Stories, which will be released later this month for all platforms.

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Disney Speedstorm is a free kart racing game with Disney and Pixar characters

Disney and Gameloft have announced Disney Speedstorm, a free-to-play racing game coming to consoles and PC later this year.

Developed by the team behind Gameloft’s Asphalt series, Disney Speedstorm will see you race and battle on tracks inspired by Disney and Pixar films, playing as racers such as Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Sully, Donald Duck and Captain Jack Sparrow, among others.

Each racer has their own unique abilities, as well as ultimate skills that can be activated to turn the tide of the race. As a free-to-play title, Disney Speedstorm will be updated regularly over new seasons, with new racers, karts, and stages added. The game will also feature single-player play, as well as split-screen and online multiplayer across all platforms.

“To work on a dream project like Disney Speedstorm, we’re determined to create a game that feels like home to Disney and Pixar fans, but is also unique in the arcade racing genre. The game mechanics, driver capabilities and venue design have all been crafted to serve our vision of a fast-paced and engaging competitive experience,” said Gameloft Barcelona Vice President Alexandru Adam. “We look forward to sharing that vision with players. of the whole world.”

This isn’t the first time Disney has dabbled in the kart racing space. Last year, new details have been revealed about Epic Disney Racersa epic mickey spin-off title that was in development, but never released.

Disney Speedstorm will launch for free on consoles and PC later this year, and you can check out the trailers below. Nintendo’s trailer gives more footage and detail, while Disney’s trailer gives us a better look at the high-end console’s visuals.

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Action Arcade Wrestling is now available on Nintendo Switch

Action Arcade Fight is available now on Nintendo Switch after releasing on Xbox One and PS4 last year. The game will run at 60 frames per second and feature many fan-favorite modes like Elimination Chamber and Battle Royal. VICO Game Studio released a new trailer of his wrestling game, showing AAW’s action-packed gameplay.

“I am extremely happy that weI am able to achieve such good performance on Nintendo Switch for Action Arcade Wrestling”. – Eugene Chukhrov, lead programmer at VICO Game Studio.

Action Arcade Fight will have plenty of gaming features coming to the Switch. Additionally, the game will also have 30 playable characters and 25 game modes. For more, check out the list below for an in-depth look at what’s to come. A.A.W. on Nintendo Switch.

Features of action arcade wrestling game

  • Retro Gameplay Action Satisfaction – Intuitive 2-button controls make it easy for players of all ages and skill levels to get into the chaos of arcade wrestling.
  • Animated madness – Over 700 hand-crafted animations to perfectly capture the movement and antics that make AAW unique in the wrestling world, all displayed at a frame rate of 60fps on Switch.
  • A match for every style – Over 25 playable game modes are planned, including One vs One, Tag Team, Three-way match, Four-way match, 4-10 Person Elimination matches, Tornado Tag, Battle Royal, and more!
  • List of extraordinary wrestlers – Choose from over 30 unique superhero-like wrestlers you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Old school vibe – Cel-shaded 3D visuals bring a dynamic arcade look that captures the outrageous and colorful past of wrestling games.
  • Creative creations – Need more wrestlers to choose from? Go to the Creations menu. Choose from hundreds of user-generated wrestlers and arenas to download and play in-game! Whether it’s your favorite superhero, the most feared monster or a shopping cart, you can find it all in the creations generated by our free companion app, the Wrestle Lab, available on Windows PC.

Action Arcade Fight is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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OlliOlli World Review | new PC, Switch, Xbox, PS4 and PS5 game reviewed

A rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Eagerly awaited by fans of skateboarding games, OlliOlli World is the latest trick-packed title from Roll7, the developers behind 2014’s OlliOlli and 2015’s OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood. This time they really outdid themselves.

The first thing returning fans will notice is a significant change in the art style. While the previous two games in this franchise were 2D side-scrollers with very old-school graphics, OlliOlli World has character models that look like characters from Adventure Time or Rick & Morty dropouts, as well as ‘2.5D’ levels which are positively full of detail and charm.

In this case, 2.5D refers to the fact that, although players still almost always move from one side of the screen to the other, there are several different paths you can take through levels, and the depth of field has been significantly improved. For example, in some places you will be able to jump between two different routes, one of which is normally a “gnarly” option which is a bit more difficult.

To bring you this OlliOlli World review, we tried the PC version of the game (using an NVIDIA 3070 Ti graphics card), and we also tried the handheld version on Nintendo Switch OLED. Keep reading for our full thoughts!

OlliOlli World levels are always eye-catching.

First, let’s take a second to point out that OlliOlli World is utterly lovely. When these character models were first revealed, it was easy to worry that they would throw up too edgy dialogue and generally overstay their welcome. But we were very pleasantly surprised to find that they’re all pretty nice people, and you can skip most of their dialogue if you just want to skate. There’s also an impressively deep character creator, so you can make your own avatar as wacky or as normal as you want.

Another thing that impresses right off the bat is the level design and overall construction of the in-game world during each run of the game. cute stories stemming from this central idea (you can also skip all of that if you want). And each individual level has its own memorable moments, with an impressive amount of unique pastel color designs and plenty of interactive elements at every turn.

Playing OlliOlli World often feels like a Zen experience. Lo-Fi beats pound out to the game’s super cool soundtrack as each course unfolds before you. The gameplay is easy to pick up, so you’ll be grinding ramps and performing sick combos in no time. It might take you a while to master the art of getting really high scores, but even sticking to the basics can be very satisfying while creating a relaxing atmosphere.

You might get stuck once in a while, but there are regular checkpoints to make sure you never lose too much progress. And the gameplay is smooth, fluid, and welcoming, so you won’t regret those reboots when they happen. And when you really get into the zone, nailing a chain of combos and overcoming multiple obstacles without breaking a sweat, you’ll feel like a skate god yourself.

OlliOlli World can get surreal, but it's a Zen experience overall.

OlliOlli World can get surreal, but it’s a Zen experience overall.

In our time with the game so far, we’ve mostly played OlliOlli World as a single-player experience, but it’s worth noting that there are also multiplayer elements – all of which are asynchronous, meaning you’ll be in indirect competition with other players. and at various times, in the “try to beat my high score” genre of a retro arcade.

We tried this a bit, but soon found ourselves unable to overcome some of the very impressive ranking numbers from other people on the review server. There will likely be a bit more range when the game launches to the public, with more players of varying abilities putting scores on the board.

As you progress through the game’s many levels, you’ll gradually move through five areas of the game’s cute world map – each area has its own unique look and quirks, with plenty of knowledge on offer for those who want to read it. Each area typically teaches you a new skill or pushes you in a new way, so the experience of playing through OlliOlli World never lets up. There is always something fun and exciting to try.

After playing the game on two platforms (PC and Switch), we’re happy to say that OlliOlli World is a game that we think a lot of gamers will love. There’s a real fluidity to the gameplay, and there’s nothing more satisfying than navigating a course without falling off your board, letting the surreal visuals and soothing music overwhelm you as you go.

You may even find yourself pleasantly intrigued by the story and all the goofy characters and creatures in this world. It’s certainly a unique skateboarding game, dripping with myths and even mystical elements, but it blends well in our opinion. It’s a very nice overall package.

OlliOlli World looks especially good on the Switch’s swanky new OLED screen, which really lets the colors pop, but we bet you’ll enjoy the cartoonish visuals no matter what kind of screen you have. It’s hard to imagine anyone not having fun with this one.

Here’s hoping OlliOlli World finds a now-launched audience, then. We would definitely welcome new levels and DLCs if the demand is there. Based on our experiences with the game, we’d definitely say that OlliOlli World lands well and never feels like a grind. We recommend jumping.

OlliOlli World is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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The Evolution of Guitar Hero Controllers

Words by Mixdown Staff

Touching the heartstrings of gamers

Guitar Hero burst into our lives in the summer of 2005, quickly striking a chord with music fans and gamers alike. The idea for the game came about when two Japanese men, while working for an arcade rental company, recognized the popularity of the Japanese arcade game GuitarFreaks.

The duo saw the opportunity to create an affordable, home version of the controllers and bring them to the US market. The pair raised $1.75 million for their efforts, despite many investors turning down who thought the idea was “too weird”.

This article was originally published on November 16, 2015.

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Years later, the iconic controller was built. Many developers had abandoned the construction of the Guitar Hero game for the controller, until video game developers Harmonix were approached and decided to take on the challenge.

The game requires players to press buttons on a replica 3/4 scale guitar controller, in time with scrolling notes on the game screen that correspond to a song. Along with the games themselves, guitar hero controllers have changed and grown over the years, each time adding more functionality to the original design.

Guitar Hero 1 (2005)

Resembling a Gibson SG, the controller was originally designed with pressure-sensitive fret buttons to mimic the playing of a real guitar, but the idea was scrapped as it made playing too complex. The idea of ​​using a whammy bar to increase Star Power was also introduced in addition to altering the pitch of sustained notes.

Many consider this original controller design to be the driving force behind the magic and popularity of the Guitar Hero series.

Guitar Hero 2 (2006)

GH2 was released with a cherry red Gibson SG guitar controller for the PS2 and a white Gibson Explorer for the Xbox 360. The SG design was largely a replica of the original guitar hero controller. The new X-plorer design introduced a four-shoulder button for navigating menus. The X-plorer also introduced an RJ-11 jack for adding effects pedals.

After heavy use, gamers found that the controller was subject to an unresponsive shock bar. The developers claimed that it was not a hardware issue and was actually a result of anti-cheat protection software. A patch was released to combat the issue, which was causing unintended side effects of system crashes and crashes.

Many users have also reported static shock, usually coming from the green fret of the X-plorer model. The developers never fixed the issues and refused to extend warranties.

Guitar Hero 3 (2007)

GH3 was the explosive game in the series. The edition came with a black Gibson Les Paul for Xbox 360 and PS3, and a white edition for the Wii. This controller was the first in the series to be wireless and to have interchangeable and customizable faceplates. The Wii version featured neck vibrations and required players to insert the Wii Controller into the guitar.

Reviewers criticized the dongle approach used for the PS3 controller, stating that it was an unnecessary feature. The Les Paul is considered by many to be the best controller in the series, with a much smoother and improved strikebar, nicer buttons, and overall better build quality than previous versions.

The controller was also the first to come with rad stickers, which we have to give bonus points for.

Guitar Hero 4 (2008)

GH4 took another route with a sunburst Fender Stratocaster. The controller was approximately 25% larger than its predecessors, bringing it closer to the size of a real guitar. The controller introduced a longer strummer and whammy bar as well as a touch pad just below the normal five fret buttons.

The introduction of “tap strumming” was not as successful as the developers had hoped, as many users found it difficult to adjust their hand position and simply ignored the added functionality. Issues were raised with the developers when many users found that the guitar’s strum bar didn’t work after just a few hours of play.

The controller admirably embraced a new feature, but sadly it sucked.

Guitar Hero Live (2015)

Again taking the shape of the old trusty Fender Stratocaster. This guitar takes a fresh approach with a 6-fret design arranged in two rows of three. The frets are represented by three scrolling lines on the screen, containing black or white notes representing the two lines.

Due to the new design, the controller cannot be used for backward compatibility with other guitar hero games. The developers designed the controller around something that “gamers wouldn’t mind having in their living room”, which is debatable.

Initial iterations of the controller shown both in the studio and at Activision were met with skepticism, but the developers found that gamers quickly adapted to the new schematic and found it to be an improvement over older controllers. Being a relatively new game, we’ll have to wait and see if this controller compares to the classics.

For more information on the game, go to

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the saga of Tomas Milian to Sylvester Stallone

Since its debut in 1982, the action series Rambo with Sylvester Stallone, he marked an era and launched one of the most famous action icons of all time. The traumatized former Green Beret haunted by memories of Vietnam, created by writer David Morrell, in his first appearance sets a small town in Washington state on fire after an encounter/confrontation with a zealous local sheriff who arrests and harasses Rambo for no reason. Shortly after the novel was published in 1972, Columbia Pictures purchased the rights to a film at the request of producer Lawrence Turman for $75,000. Richard Brooks was originally assigned to direct. Brooks spent a year on the project researching it and writing an unfinished 115-page script that was to put more emphasis on the sheriff character and end up killing an unarmed Rambo. Brooks didn’t have an actor in mind for John Rambo, but he wanted Lee Marvin or Burt Lancaster to play the sheriff and Bette Davis a psychiatrist who takes care of Rambo. However, Brooks was unhappy with the script and unwilling to make the film when Columbia wanted it, and the project fell through.

Tomas Milian’s Rambo

A curiosity about Morrell’s book “Primo Sangue” sees the 1972-dated novel come into the hands of Tomas Milian who read it avidly on a flight that took the Cuban-American actor from the United States to Rome. Fallen in love with the story, Milian tries to convince the Italian producers to make a film of it, with him in the role of John Rambo. He didn’t do anything about it, but he was allowed to use Rambo’s nickname in his next cop, The executioner challenges the city from 1975. The film does not borrow elements from the novel, with Umberto Lenzi, cult director as Rome at gunpoint, The murderer and the cop And The Hunchback Band who claims to have been more influenced by Don Siegel’s detective films (Detective Callaghan: The Scorpion Case is Yours!) than by Morell’s book. “The Executioner Challenges the City” landed in the United States first under the title Syndicate Sadists and later after the success of Stallone’s Rambo retitled Rambo’s Revenge and in home videos like Final Payment.

The Rambo saga

After the great success of “Rambo,” whose script changed the tragic ending of the original novel in which the traumatized war veteran was killed, Stallone was able to shape his career as an action icon from the following. Rambo II – Revenge. In this first sequel, the veteran, now detained following the events of the first film, will become the legendary war machine we know when he is sent to Vietnam in search of prisoners of war whom, unfortunately for the American government, Rambo will find and snatch from the clutches of the Soviets. In Rambo III John goes to Afghanistan to rescue his commander Trautman held prisoner by the Soviets, but the support of the mujahideen guerrillas will be crucial to carry out his mission in enemy territory. In brutality John RambWhere a.k.a Rambo 5 the mission will be to free missionaries in Myanmar where the brutal Burmese military regime reigns. Rambo’s story will culminate in Rambo: Last Blood a.k.a Rambo 6 in which the beloved celluloid war hero must confront his past and hone his deadly combat skills for one final mission, which will see him face off against a ruthless Mexican drug cartel.


first blood also published as Rambo 1 And Rambo – First Blood written by David Morrell first published in 1972
Rambo II: Revenge by David Morrell, based on the film of the same name and released in 1985
Rambo III by David Morrell based on the film of the same name and released in 1988


Rambo: the force of freedom – 1986 animated series based on the Rambo franchise. The series was adapted for television by editor/head writer Michael Chain and also spawned a line of toys. Rambo: The Force of Freedom ran for 65 episodes and was produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises. It premiered on April 14, 1986 as a five-part miniseries and was not renewed for a second season.


Rambo Adventures – Based on the Rambo franchise. Released in 1986
Rambo III – Based on the movie Rambo III. Released in 1988
Rambo – Based on the Rambo franchise. Released in 1989


Rambo – Based on Rambo II – Revenge. Released in 1985 for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64
Rambo: First Blood Part II – Based on Rambo II – Revenge. Released in 1986 for Master System
Rambo – Based on Rambo II – Revenge. Released in 1987 for the NES
Rambo III – Based on Rambo III. Various games released in 1989 for Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, MSX, ZX Spectrum, Sega Mega Drive, Master System, Arcade
Rambo III – Based on Rambo III. Released in 1989 for arcades
Rambo – Based on Rambo II – Revenge and Rambo III. Released in 2008 for Sega 2 player light gun game
Rambo: the video game – Based on Rambo, Rambo II – Revenge and Rambo III. Released in 2014 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Rambo Candidates

Remember that before Stallone in the running for the role of Rambo there was Al Pacinowhich he declined after his request for a crazier Rambo was denied; James Garner who turned down the role because as a Korean War veteran with two Purple Hearts he didn’t want to play a man who comes home from the war and starts fighting the police and at some point the studio wanted the former Airborne Ranger Kris Kristofferson like Rambo after the success of Convoy – Asphalt Trench (1978), with Gene Hackman as Sheriff Teasle, Lee Marvin as Colonel Trautman and Sam Peckinpah directing. Sydney Pollack considered making the film in late 1974 with Steve McQueen as Rambo and Burt Lancaster as Sheriff. Mike Nichols was initially interested in directing and wanted Dustin Hoffman played the lead role, but Hoffman was uninterested as he thought the film was too violent. Chuck Norris revealed in an interview that the creators of Rambo had at some point considered the possibility of him playing Rambo, as well as Terence Hill but he turned down the role for the same reason Dustin Hoffman did, too much violence. Other nominees for the role include Jeff Bridges, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Paul Newman, Nick Nolte, Ryan O’Neal and John Travolta.

American cultural icon Rambo

John Rambo is considered a cultural icon in the United States. The character influenced many action heroes and films of the 80s and 90s. The character of John Rambo has become an important part of pop culture and “Rambo”, a word that can work as a name, an adjective or a verb, has become part of the English language. Perhaps more culturally crucial, Rambo is a word also found in various dictionaries including the Cambridge Dictionary which carries the definition: “Someone who uses, or threatens to use, strong and violent methods against his enemies and The Oxford English Dictionary, according to this source, Rambo is: “a Vietnam War veteran depicted as macho, self-sufficient and prone to violent punishment.” It is also very popular to use adjectives such as Ramboesque, Ramboid, or Ramboism, to denote an ideological stance that resembles Rambo’s attitude and behavior. In the legal profession, a “Rambo lawyer” is one who regularly engages in “all forms of adversarial excesses, including personal attacks on other lawyers, hostility, rude and abusive behavior, rudeness and obstructive conduct” or embrace “take no prisoners”. . Rambo has become the quintessential representation of Reagan America. President Ronald Reagan referenced Rambo in public speeches to illustrate his political ideology and aggressive foreign policy. Near the end of the Beirut hostage crisis in 1985, President Reagan said at a press conference, “Guys, after watching Rambo II – Revenge last night, I know what to do the next time it happens. .” Reagan often referred to Rambo II – Revenge as a model for his domestic and foreign policy. For example, in his 1985 Labor Day speech, Reagan said he would clean up the federal tax system “in the spirit of Rambo.” The Rambo film series also introduced and popularized the concept of “One Man Army” in films, in which a protagonist is a well-trained individual who can defeat countless enemies on his own, see Chuck Norris in Roar of thunder (1984), Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando (1986), Bruce Willis in crystal trap (1988) and so on. John Rambo’s weapons are also part of American pop culture. Weapons such as the M60 machine gun, bow, and survival knife have become synonymous with the character.

Son of Rambow – son of Rambo

Son of Rambow is a 2007 comedy film written and directed by Garth Jennings and based on the movie “Rambo.” “Son of Rambow” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. Set one summer in early Thatcher England, the film is a coming-of-age story about two schoolboys played by Bill Milner and Will Poulter and their attempts to make a home movie inspired by “Rambo”.

“Son of Rambow” is a project that Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith, collectively known as Hammer & Tongs, have been working on for a few years. Its development was halted when they were asked to make The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The film was inspired by Jennings’ experiences as a child in the 1980s, when video equipment first became available to the public. The film was shot primarily in the English town of Berkhamsted and the nearby Ashridge Estate owned and operated by the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty Hertfordshire: along with Ashlyns School and The Rex, a newly refurbished Art Deco cinema which had been abandoned. between 1989 and 2004. The film includes a cameo from director Edgar Wright (Last Night in Soho) as a lab professor. In addition, the minor role of Danny, a disciple of Didier, a charming French exchange student, is played by Sam Kubrick-Finney, grandson of director Stanley Kubrick. The film includes clips from the movie “Rambo” and has Sylvester Stallone’s seal of approval.

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Sol Cresta Collector’s Edition available for pre-order

I got Sol, but I’m not a soldier

It may have been officially announced on April 1, but it looks like Platinum Games’ Sol Cresta is for real. The game is the successor to Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta which was released 36 years ago. And you think you’ve waited a long time for a sequel to Skate 3?

Limited Run Games is the home of all things awesome and collector’s treasures. They are producing a Sol Cresta Collector’s Edition, which can be pre-ordered until March 20. As always, this bundle comes with a ton of goodies.

The Sol Cresta Collector’s Edition comes with a physical game, a 2-disc soundtrack, a metal ship replica, two double-sided medals (gold and silver), three acrylic standing figures, five art cards and a 5.5 inch high arcade cabinet. The arcade cabinet has a working screen on it, but only plays video.

As with almost all Limited Run Games releases, there is no Xbox version of this game. It is only available for Nintendo Switch and PS4. If the Collector’s Edition isn’t for you, you can always buy the standalone physical copy.

Sol Cresta is an arcade-style shoot’em up, where players can change the formation of the three ships they control. Different formations will benefit you in different situations, so switching between them will be key to victory. Sol Cresta will be available on February 22 on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Is there anything in this collector’s edition that you would like to get? Let us know in the comments below.


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Windjammers 2 review – resurrected sports game brings arcade joy back | Games

Oinjammers 2 has a cheat code on the character selection screen. It’s a simple thing: twist the analog stick in circles a few times and you’ll unlock a dopey superhero named DiscMan. It plays pretty much the same as the rest of the roster, so that’s really a minor visual difference. But this arcade throwback is Windjammers 2 in a nutshell: this game is an ode to the old school so cheerfully crafted and well-executed that you can almost hear the percussive pocket-change jingle beneath the overactive guitars and biting commentary.

The series had been dormant since 1994, but French developer DotEmu revived it with flying colors. Stripped down to the bare essentials, this stylized sports game is actually Pong, or Air Hockey. Two opponents throw a Frisbee-style plastic disc back and forth, aiming to throw the other and score a hit behind the goal line. The longer the disc sits playing, the more momentum it gains and the more tense things become. Blocking the path of the disc is enough to intercept and return a shot, but before long you’ll need to get more creative.

Fortunately, it’s in getting creative that Windjammers 2 steps up from its 1994 predecessor. It’s also where it becomes apparent that it shares as much, if not more, of its lineage with games like than Street Fighter than with sports games. Special measures, combos, the compressed cheers of an animated crowd in three frames, it’s all there. Time it right and you can follow up an interception with a dazzling special move, sending the flaming disc back at breakneck speed. If your opponent saved their special, they can counter and hit your fancy return straight into the air, before leaping up and sending it back across the court.

Throw in jumps, flips, and dashes, and there’s enough strategy and room for mastery here to keep you constantly on your toes. If the phrase “puddle deep ocean” describes huge games that lack depth, then Windjammers 2 is a bottomless cocktail. Like DotEmu’s Streets of Rage 4, it’s uncompromising in recreating the menacing difficulty for the arcade-era controller, but it never feels arbitrary, and it provides a brilliantly fun skill set to master eventually. As long as you don’t mind a few hours of failure while you learn to hit the hard road, Windjammers 2 is the winter sport of summer.

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10 canceled games that never existed

Ten Famous Video Games Canceled

Have you ever done a ton of work for someone to put it in the trash or, worse, lose it? Well, think about how game developers must feel after months, sometimes year, hard work and hard work, the end result being a canceled title and a big zero. Unfortunately, these things happen, and on that depressing note, here’s a look at the top 10 canceled video games (maybe “worst” would be the better word?). Yes, it’s nothing less than a eulogy to great but canceled games that died before they really had a chance to live. So relax, grab those tissues, and try not to cry too hard.

ten. Mega Man Universe

Picture: Capcom

Mega Man Universe is a canceled video game that was intended to be a 3D side-scrolling platformer for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Modeled largely on Mega Man 2it billed itself as allowing Mega Man to be molded in the player’s image, giving them their own level creation and customization tools to play with.

Production began in March 2010 by Capcom, and although there were initial issues with controls and other technicalities, the project remained in progress. That is, until March 31, 2011, when Capcom announced that the game had been discontinued due to “various circumstances”. So nothing unlucky or tragic, just technical issues and mismanagement on Capcom’s part.

9. Crash Bandicoot Worlds

Title concept art for Crash Bandicoot's Canceled Worlds
Image: crashbandicootwiki

This next canceled title, however, is a bit more tragic. Back in 2001, Mark Cerny had his plans on an open, free-roaming version of everyone’s favorite marsupial. Unfortunately, a dispute with Universal Interactive forced Traveller’s Tales to abandon the project and start over. Mark Cerny was out, Crash Bandicoot Worlds was out, and we ended up with Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex. Yeah …

Elements of Crash Bandicoot Worlds may still be there, but in general it’s a completely different game than originally intended. Crash Twinsanity would meet with positive reviews in 2004, offering a kind of free roaming experience similar to what Worlds would have. If not for the aforementioned dispute, Crash fans might have had this three years earlier.

8. Star Wars: Battlefront 3

clone trooper
Image: CBR

No, not just any DICE impostor; the real a. Another canceled video game that never saw the light of day, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 would have been the highly anticipated successor to the two original console releases. Work began by Free Radical in 2006, but the project was scrapped two years later due to a failing publisher-developer relationship with LucasArts. The game was about 97% complete.

The fight would have been based on the formula established in the two prequels, but with more emphasis on storyline and hinting at Obi-Wan’s dark side. A notable feature however was the introduction of seamless ground-space battles (Star Wars: Battlefront II kept them separate), which can be glimpsed in some of the very real footage of the game that is still floating around online.

seven. legends of fables

Typical Fable character
Image: pc gamer

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite adventure RPG. Or, at least, every Xbox gamer’s favorite adventure RPG. Planned as a free-to-play title by Lionhead Studios, this incarnation of Fable was heavily multiplayer and would have seen cross-platform play between Windows and Xbox One, with the choice of playing as a hero or villain. With a budget of $75 million, it would also have been one of the most expensive games ever produced.

Unlike the traditional Fable story, there was to be no fairy tale ending to the game’s development cycle. After being in development for four years and with an expected release date of 2016, legends of fables was canceled in March of that year, and Lionhead Studios was shut down by Microsoft. Details remain unclear, but reasons include delayed release dates, high production costs, and lack of interest from potential gamers and Lionhead Studios staff themselves, who would have liked to work on it. Tale 4 rather.

6. Gotham by Gaslight

Possible title screen - canceled games
Image: Invisible64

Those who love Batman for its dark elements would have licked their lips at the prospect of Gotham by Gaslightan Xbox 360 and PS3 game canceled by Day 1 Studios, the same team responsible for F.3.AR and Fracture. Based on the 1989 comic of the same name, Gotham by Gaslight was to feature Jack the Ripper as the main antagonist, but stalking the streets of Gotham City, not London.

Day 1 Studios showed footage of the game circa 2010, but it was canceled before it got the green light from defunct THQ, which didn’t get the rights from Warner Bros. The gameplay would have been quite similar to that of Batman: Arkham Asylum, with the same gadgets. However, a slow motion button would have been added for an extra advantage in fights.

5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3

Sith Lord - canceled games
Image: player

Like most other entries on this list, Knights of the Old Republic 3 was another canceled game that just didn’t take off due to bad circumstances, with its cancellation coinciding with LucasArts falling on hard times. What a pity, because it would have taken into account a few lingering questions left unanswered by its immediate predecessor, like where Darth Revan went after the first game and what he was doing in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Knights of the Old Republic 3 was not yet in full development when it was canceled, but according to designer John Stafford, the team had figured out most of the story, quests, and environments. Concept art exists for some characters, as well as Taloraan, a cloud city world similar to Bespin. On the bright side, the upcoming remake of the first game has sparked rumors of a potential third installment that will hit the market after all.

4. Time Separators 4

Covers of TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

That canceled game remains an eternal thorn in the side of TimeSplitters and first-person shooter fans alike, one of gaming’s famous “what ifs.” Still a comedy-heavy series, says screenwriter Rob Yescombe Time Separators 4 would be “a big fat joke at the expense of the gaming world – us included.” Well, it was, but only because it was never released…

Time Separators 4 was in the very early stages of development when Free Radical entered administration and Crytek took over in 2009, canceling the project. There were warning signs even before that, however, with a lack of interest from publishers due to the poor reception of Free Radical’s previous shooter, Mist. While the upcoming fan remake of the original trilogy, Rewind time separatorsmight help make up for that, it will never replace what would have been the big fourth installment in the series.

3. Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Arctic scene that could have featured - canceled games

The third episodic part of Half Life 2 in Valve’s unorthodox numbering system, the cancellation Half-Life 2: Episode Three was a big waste as it would have resolved the finely balanced cliffhanger left at the end of episode two. The plot was to be a direct sequel to this, having Gordon Freeman and co battle the alien-administered Combine in remote arctic environments.

It was supposed to come out around 2007/2008, but instead Valve gave us Left 4 Dead 2. Not bad, but not what many fans wanted. This is because Valve became unhappy with episodic sequencing and was forced to reconsider its development approach, episode two took two years to complete. Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw noted episode three would have been the end of Half Life 2 arc, but that it would have simply ended on another cliffhanger. So maybe not a huge loss after all.

2. silent hills

City of Foggy Silent Hill - canceled games

Scheduled as the ninth main installment in the acclaimed horror series, silent hills was a canceled PlayStation 4 title believed to have been developed by Kojima Productions (led by Hideo Kojima) and published by Konami. The game was revealed via PT (short for ‘Playable Teaser’), an August 2014 game demo released as a free download on the Playstation Store. In a nutshell, a protagonist (based on actor Norman Reedus) wakes up in a spooky house and experiences supernatural events.

So far so good, but in March 2015 it was announced that Konami would drop Kojima by the end of the year due to “spillovers” and “power struggles”. Geoff Keighley even claimed that Konami locked Kojima in a separate room for the last few months of Metal Gear Solid Vwhich sounds terribly like a horror story in itself.

1. Star Wars: 1313

Boba Fett still in play - games canceled
Image: radar games

Yes, another Star Wars title, and one that could have been even better than the other two, if that’s possible. Uncovering a criminal plot in level 1313, an underground metropolis on the planet Coruscant, the player had to take control of an unnamed bounty hunter. This bounty hunter would then be killed by Boba Fett, with the player controlling Fett for the rest of the game. Sounds a bit like the 2002s Star Wars: Bounty Hunterwhich is worth checking out on its own.

Revealed in 2012, Star Wars: 1313 was being built through the Unreal Engine by various departments at LucasArts, allegedly with full-body performance capture added. Unfortunately, production was halted in April 2013 after The Walt Disney Company acquired the Star Wars brand. Although it didn’t get the green light, its potential appeal was such that named it its 2016 Game of the Year.

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Taito’s RayForce will change, according to the new Taiwanese assessment

Image: Taito

Taito’s vertical scrolling shmup Ray Force – known as layer section in Japan and Galactic Attack / Gunlock in the west – is coming to Switch, according to a new rating via the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee.

Released in 1994, the arcade original was created using Taito’s F3 arcade hardware and was later ported to the Sega Saturn in 1995. A PC version followed in 1997, and the game arrived on iOS in 2012 and Android in 2017.

RayForce would get two sequels. RayStorm / Layer II in 1996 and RayCrisis in 1999, the latter game acting as a prequel. While RayStorm got ports on Saturn and PlayStation, RayCrisis was only ported to Sony’s machine. RayStorm also got a high definition remake for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010.

According to the rating, Layers Section and Galactic Attack S-Tribute is published by City Connection and is also coming to Xbox One and PS4.

Here’s a trailer for the iOS version of the 2012 game:

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Hand-drawn adventure game Gibbon: Beyond the Trees announced for Switch, PC and Apple Arcade

The Old Man’s Journey Developer Broken Rules has announced a hand-drawn adventure game Gibbon: Beyond the Trees for Switch, PC (To smoke), and apple arcade. It will first launch on Apple Arcade on February 25, followed by Switch and PC in early 2022.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Broken Rules:


Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a hand-drawn adventure that follows a lost gibbon as he embarks on a dangerous journey to unknown lands. Race to freedom in liberation mode or play through an hour-long narrative that captures the true struggle of living creatures across the world.

Master the art of gibbon brachiation (swinging from branch to branch) at high speed, build momentum, perform spectacular somersaults, and launch yourself higher and further into the air with the help of your Fellow Gibbons, experience the thrill and exhilaration of life in a wild jungle.

Main characteristics

  • Experience fluid dynamic movement based on brachiation, the way real gibbons swing through trees.
  • Master acrobatic moves, including throwing another gibbon’s hands into the air.
  • A touching adventure of a family of gibbons trying to survive in the midst of an encroaching human threat.
  • Play an hour-long adventure in story mode or race to freedom through a procedurally generated jungle in liberation mode.
  • Stunning hand-painted 2D visuals that bring a rapidly disappearing world to life.
  • Explore varied environments, from the wild jungles of Southeast Asia to the restless human world beyond.
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees deals with difficult but acute environmental topics, including deforestation, poaching and climate change.

Watch the trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

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Co-Optimus – Review – Beyond Co-op Reviews: January 2022

Welcome back to Beyond co-op reviewsour critical look at games that do not offer cooperative modes.

This month, we take a look at the long-awaited sequel to windbreakera cult classic futuristic sports game, as well as a party game that will make you feel either like a genius or an idiot: the Nintendo Switch exclusive Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain! With so many games to choose from, let us help you find the best non-co-op games in our Beyond Co-Op reviews!

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Switch)

“Much of the longevity of the new game comes from customizing the player character and unlocking new parts for it…After setting up their characters from the limited number of starting options, players will be able to then earn coins and unlock up to 300 clothes.”

Windjammers 2 (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC)

Multiplayer is where windbreaker always shined – compete against someone of similar skill level beats against the ruthless AI any day of the week.

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC)

“The biggest difference between Wonder Labyrinth and symphony of the night is the Ikaruga-like the spiritual system. Deedlit soon acquires the spirits of wind and fire which imbue him with special powers.

Trophy (Xbox and NES)

“Since the dawn of arcade games, games have cloned and imitated more successful games. Trophy is just such a game, a shameless one mega manstyle platform game.

Download codes have been provided by each of the publishers in this feature.

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Top-Down Racer Circuit Superstars roars on PlayStation 4 – GameSpew

Circuit Superstars is, after a PC and Xbox One release last year, now available on PlayStation 4.

Are you ready for a wacky arcade racing game, the spiritual successor to Micro machines? So check out Hot Wheels Unleashedbecause Circuit Superstars is nothing. Yes, its top view reminds us Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s super off-roaderbut it’s a much more serious arcade racing game and, for now, it’s released on PlayStation 4.

“It’s approachable and has a lovely visual style. Yet it also has a high skill bar, allowing those who put in the time to master its handling pattern to spin the rings around the less skilled,” we remarked in our review. In other words, if you want to mess around, go for it, but if you’re going up against the pros, you just might get your ass kicked.


Circuit Superstars came to PC and Xbox last October, so the PlayStation 4 gamer has a lot of catching up to do, but the good news is that it supports crossplay so you can tangle with racers on all three platforms. forms. Even better, it supports split-screen for up to four players, which fewer and fewer games offer.

You can purchase Circuit Superstars digitally from the PlayStation 4 store, for £15.99. It is also available on Xbox and PC (by steam) and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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Battlegrounds Complete Edition is available on PC and consoles

Transformers: Battlegrounds Complete Edition is available on PC and consoles

Transformers is an iconic franchise that spans games, movies, and of course, TV series. The franchise has been part of the gaming world many times and consistently delivers a fun product. Transformers: Battlegrounds originally launched in 2020 and was well received. Today, Hasbro and Outright Games released a complete digital edition of Transformers: Battlegrounds for console and PC. Transformers: Battlegrounds is a tactical battle game that tests players’ wits and more.

The Complete Game Edition includes the complete main game, all downloadable skin packs, the CUBE add-on, and the Shattered Spacebridge DLC. This DLC introduced new content to the game, including new battlegrounds, tactics, and challenges. Essentially, fans who purchase the Complete Edition will have access to all DLCs and new modes in the game since release.

As the Decepticons and Megatron threaten to invade Earth, it’s up to Bumblebee, AllSpark and the Autobots to save the planet. Players will engage in turn-based tactical warfare from Central City to Cybertron itself. Players will be able to deploy using Optimus Prime, Winblade, and other Autobots. The game also features local multiplayer so friends can team up or compete in arcade-style games.

To succeed, players must use the game environment to their advantage. Plus, using powerful ultimates at the right time just might be the key to victory.

Interested fans can purchase the game here. It is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

What do you think of Transformers: Battlegrounds? Did you play the game when it came out? Are you interested in purchasing the Complete Edition? Are you a Transformers fan? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

SOURCE: press release

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Games to look for – February 2022 –

Even though January 2022 ended up being a pretty slow month for new video game releases, February is anything but. This month contains some of the biggest and most anticipated titles of the entire year, and many of them are launching less than a week apart. Needless to say, the weeks are going to be busy. To make sure you’re up to date and informed with everything there is to know, here are the games to look out for in February 2022.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection – February 1

With the success of Life is Strange: True Colors now behind us, Square Enix has another Life is Strange title to ship in February. Serving as a remaster of the first two acclaimed titles in the series, Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, this game sees both adventures re-released with improved visuals and animations, in an all-new package that includes both games in a single edition.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human – February 4

After a lengthy creative process that was for some time considered “development hell”, Techland’s long-awaited sequel is almost here. Picking up 20 years after the original, Dying Light 2 Stay Human sees remnants of humanity struggling to survive in a world that has been mostly overrun by the terrifying and evolved Infected. Boasting a massive open world and an improved and expanded parkour system to help you maneuver it, this game is designed to serve a long core story, which can even be played co-op with up to four players.

Sifu – February 8

Developer Absolver’s latest game will see players step into the shoes of a young Kung-Fu student as he embarks on a path of revenge to find and bring down the murderers of his family. Alone and against all odds, this title revolves around a deep melee combat system, designed to be fluid and so broad that you can even use items and the environment to your advantage in combat. To add to that, the game even includes an aging system, where falling in battle causes the protagonist to become older, weaker, but wiser about the world and the way it works. Needless to say, mastery is the goal of the game in Sifu.

OlliOlli World – February 8

In no time, the universe of OlliOlli expands even further, with the launch of the latest game in the series, OlliOlli World. Designed as a skateboarding action platformer, this title asks players to navigate their way through the dynamic and creative locations of Radlandia, all on a spiritual journey to find and meet the gods of skateboarding and reach Gnarvana.

CrossfireX – February 10

While there are a few different Crossfire projects in the works for 2022, the first of the bunch is set to land in February. Develop unique and exciting fast-paced modes.

Total War: Warhammer III – February 17

After beginning its foray into the world of Warhammer in 2016 with Total War: Warhammer, Creative Assembly is looking to wrap up a trilogy of titles this month when Total War: Warhammer III hits PC. Designed to further serve the iconic strategic action the series is known for, this title brings new factions and asks players to travel to the Realm of Chaos to lead an assault against the demonic forces lurking within. or rather to defend the fiery landscape from hostile invaders.

The King of Fighters XV – February 17

The fighting game genre contains some of the most well-known and beloved game franchises of all time, with Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken being three of the biggest. But the one that can be overlooked despite having been around since 1994 is SNK’s King of Fighters. This month, the latest installment in this long-running series, King of Fighters XV, releases and brings improved graphics, systems, online experiences, and even 39 total playable characters upon release in a few weeks.

Horizon Forbidden West – February 18

The next chapter of Aloy’s magnificent journey into the iconic post-apocalyptic world of Guerrilla Games is fast approaching, with the next PlayStation exclusive set to take the red-haired heroine to the American Pacific coast to uncover the secrets of the West prohibited. Serving as a direct sequel to 2017’s beloved title, this adventure promises all-new threats, allies, and biomes to explore, as Aloy takes aim where her people have feared to turn before.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – February 22

After introducing Guardians to Savathûn years ago, Bungie is ready for this expanded storyline to unfold in Destiny 2’s next expansion: The Witch Queen. Designed to take your legendary Lightbringer into Sister of Shapes’ very own throne world, this expansion will feature a new campaign, a slew of new unlockable weapons and gear, and a fearsome new lineup of enemies protected by the ghosts. treat. Set to mark the next chapter in the Light and Darkness saga, The Witch Queen seeks to answer some of the longest and burning questions in this iconic sci-fi universe.

Grid Legends – February 25

While technically it won’t be the first title Codemasters has delivered since EA acquired the studio, Grid Legends will likely be the first time we’ve really seen EA’s influence on the racing game developer’s work. Intended to be an arcade racing experience, Grid Legends seeks to deliver a combination of the series’ iconic high-speed racing moments based on real-life locations, and expands further with an all-new dramatic single-player storyline, called Driven to Glory, which features real actors and the studio’s biggest career to date.

Elden Ring – February 25

Whether you’re a FromSoftware fan or not, there’s no denying that Elden Ring has become one of, if not the most anticipated game of 2022, which is remarkable considering it’s only February. From the acclaimed Japanese developer, this action-RPG is set in a vast fantasy world that was brought to life with the help of A Song of Fire and Ice author George RR Martin and is set to be the biggest and developer’s most ambitious. video game to date.

And there we have it. Be sure to check back next month, when we take a look at what the busy month of March 2022 has to offer, when it comes to new video games.

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Abu Dhabi UAE PS5/Xbox/VR Gaming Lounge – Cyber ​​Cafe Arcade Games/Flipper Update

Cyber ​​Cafe (02-6312600), Abu Dhabi’s first-ever cyber cafe, announces new games in its collection. Whether guests want to relax and unwind while working on their school projects or have some virtual reality (VR) fun in a state-of-the-art game room, guests are always welcome.

Despite the current health crisis, experts have noted an increase in demand for VR games or any form of similar entertainment in the United Arab Emirates. In fact, experts have observed that more millennials, rather than Gen Zers, want to experience better gaming options – a dream made possible by Cyber ​​Cafe’s updated collection.

More details can be found at

The newly launched collection of games includes the best of the best, from first-person shooters like Call of Duty to old-school arcade titles like Street Fighter. The PS5 Lounge offers games on PS5, VR, and Xbox and always regularly updates its collection so that gamers enjoy only the latest, top-rated games.

In addition to this, the soccer cafe also offers a pool table, ping pong table, air hockey, and other unique pinball and arcade machines.

To further enhance the experience, customers can order world-class global cuisine while they play or play pool. They may also want to partake in the state’s first-ever VR arcade, where gaming is taken to a whole new level. For their safety, players enter VR pods where they can enjoy their game while seated safely in a comfortable chair.

Founded in 1996 by engineer Albert Matta, the restaurant and cafe was introduced to Abu Dhabi as a franchisee of Cyber ​​Cafe New York. It retained its original address of the Sahara Abu Dhabi Building in Second Street at the corner of Najda Street.

In addition to a fantastic experience, customers are also assured of their safety and well-being. All staff wear face masks and disinfect game consoles before and after each use. Gaming chairs are also sanitized before each use.

To celebrate the launch of its new collection, the PS5 lounge is offering a 50% discount on all games every weekday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. It also has a dinner-time deal where players get a free game of their choice if they order dinner between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Those interested can find more information by visiting

Contact information:
Name: William Kanan
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Cyber ​​Cafe
Address: sahara residence, electra street, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi 0000, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971-50-133-0454

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Never Yield and Broken Sword 5 lead February’s Xbox games with gold •

As we teeter on the edge of January, ready to dive headfirst into a new month, Microsoft has unveiled the latest selection of games coming to Xbox Live subscribers via February’s Games With Gold, which this time include Never Yield and Broken Sword 5.

Never Yield – or rather, Aerial_Knight’s Never – is a 3D side-scroller in the vein of an endless runner that sees players rush through a remarkably designed future Tokyo, all set to a winning soundtrack created by Detroit Artist . Eurogamer never got around to reviewing this one, but Christian Donlan seemed pretty impressed with its beats a while back.

“It’s gently color-coded,” he wrote, “which gives an idiot like me a little extra help, but what really makes the game special are the things you skip, roll and slide to avoid… Drones zoom overhead, pickup trucks chase you then collide, or fly through the air almost taking your head in. There’s a fantastic colorful aesthetic, and with its speed and his sense of thwarting injustice, I suspect the final game will give me Jet Set Radio flashbacks.”

Xbox Games with Gold – February 2022.

Broken Sword 5, meanwhile, is the newest installment in developer Revolution Software’s long-running adventure series (although, in this case, “newest” means “over eight years old”). It sees protagonists George Stobbart and Nicole “Nico” Collard embark on yet more awkward Templar-laden, plot-laden escapades, all in the classic point-and-click adventure mould. Eurogamer liked this one quite well at the time, giving it an old school 7/10.

As for the final two Games with Gold offerings in February, we’re once again diving into the Xbox 360 pool. Hydrophobia, from 2010, is a survival adventure aboard a luxury liner the size of a city somewhere in the middle of the 21st century. It was perhaps best known for its dynamic water system at the time of release, and wasn’t particularly well received (Eurogamer gave it a 4/10), so it’s more of a curiosity aging than anything else.

“As hydrophobia breaks new waters, it treads on old ground,” Simon Parkin wrote in his review. “The systems beneath the ebb and flow of its technical achievement are archaic and, without exception, lack finesse…The moment you break the surface of the endgame, much like its title character, the abiding feeling is that of a relief not enjoyment.”

And finally there’s Band of Bugs, a Live Arcade title from 2007. It’s a turn-based strategy affair that largely follows the pattern set by Advance Wars and Fire Emblem as players engage in skirmishes tactics against armies of insects. “Definitely a must-see for Advance Wars fans,” Kristen Reed wrote in her 7/10 review, “and a great primer for those who have so far avoided the turn-based scene.”

Xbox Live subscribers can download Broken Sword 5 from February 1-28, Hydrophobia is available from February 1-15, Band of Bugs is up for grabs from February 16-28, and Never Yield is coming to Games with Gold between February 16-15. March.

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Hitman Fan Creates a LEGO Version of Agent 47

A Hitman fan is garnering hundreds of likes for his creative take on the protagonist Agent 47 in LEGO.


One Hitman fan is attracting the attention of hundreds of others for their creative LEGO version of Agent 47.

IO Interactive and Square Enix Hitman is a stealth shooter franchise that follows the life of the genetically enhanced hitman Agent 47. Created over 20 years ago, the most recent entry in the series is from 2021. Hitman 3which just received its second year update, and adds new content like the elusive target arcade.

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Posted on the Reddit website, a user with the handle u/BruhMomentum6968 shows off his custom LEGO creation through a series of photos. The images show an accurate representation of what 47 would look like as a LEGO character: the signature gray suit, white shirt, red tie and even black gloves are all there. LEGO 47’s look is complete with the assassin’s serious, emotionless expression and lack of hair. Each photo shows the character with a different weapon, including a silenced pistol, fire axe, wrench, and “distractions,” sure to be a fan favorite. Hitman Fans.

While this fan-made Hitman LEGO appears to be fully intact, the set Agent 47 originated from may still be missing a few pieces. As previously mentioned, Hitman 3 recently launched its second year update. However, not everything about the launch went smoothly. Players have reported being kicked out of Elusive Target Arcade after failing for days at a time, instead of the normal 12 hours. Xbox gamers had a particularly tough time, with the game crashing during launch, among other things. Hitman 3 the developers have resolved these issues and are currently working on a fix.

While the fan-made LEGO Agent 47 is surely an impressive minifigure, another LEGO fan has achieved something on a grander scale. Another Reddit user racks up upvotes for his LEGO creation from grand theft auto onlinethe whole map. Inspired by the ever-popular title’s minimap, the creation expertly recreates every corner of Los Santos and Blaine County. Having Agent 47 appear in Los Santos would definitely be something to see.

The LEGO version of HitmanAgent 47 is already a hit with fans with hundreds of upvotes, and will likely get hundreds more in the coming days. Hopefully once HitmanThe developers are releasing the next original 007 game, more fan-made LEGOs will follow.

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Agent 47 from the hitman games
Hitman: 12 things you never knew about Agent 47

Hitman’s Agent 47 is a gaming industry icon and a man of mystery. What are the lesser known facts about IO Interactive’s deadly assassin?

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You need to play the best rhythm game from Guitar Hero on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

It’s wild to get excited about a musical rhythm game in 2022, but one Xbox Game Pass title in particular that wears its Japanese roots on its sleeve deserves the hype. Xbox has never traditionally been known for showcasing Japanese games so prominently, but that has changed in recent years. We have come a long way since the days of Guitar Hero and Rock band, and while those are well in the rearview mirror, a new Xbox rhythm hit has sparked excitement. The Xbox Game Pass library just got a whole lot more appealing with the latest additions. But what makes this music game so special?

Wild and wacky fun

Notes fly towards you from right to left, requiring you to press various buttons in the correct order and in time with the music.Bandai Namco Studios

As of January 27, 2022, Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master will be added to Xbox Game Pass, marking the series’ first appearance on Microsoft’s platform. This series has grown in popularity in the arcades, with these versions featuring two giant drum peripherals so you can bang to the beat. While this is undoubtedly the definitive edition of the game, being able to play a version of it from the comfort of your own home is a welcome addition.

The console version is presented just like the arcade edition. You must beat the drums (or press the buttons) in time with the music, with various techniques to master across the game’s multiple difficulties and dozens of songs.

Although the general premise is simple, things can quickly get choppy and chaotic, especially on the harder difficulties. But even beginners can have fun and learn the ropes, as the button prompts just start, only requiring you to navigate between a few entries.

The good thing is that you don’t need to be ultra-precise to perform well. Different grades are awarded depending on when you hit a particular note. The closer you are to the center, the more points you’ll get, but even if you don’t hit the note exactly in time, you can still continue your combo, giving you a bit of flexibility.

The beat of a drum

Part of what makes this game so enjoyable is its art, which consists of bright, flat colors with over-the-top animations and sounds. Some of the characters look menacing, while others are cute and endearing, but all share a similar style that really pops on screen as you play.

Of course, a rhythm game is only as good as its song selection, and Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master book in this department. The Xbox edition features over 70 songs, ranging from international pop, anime, classic, and even Namco originals. The Nintendo Switch version of this game features exclusive Nintendo-themed songs, so we’ve crossed our fingers that some tracks from the Xbox franchises will be available as DLC, though we won’t be holding our breath.

If you like western pop, you may not vibrate with Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master‘s song selection, so keep that in mind. However, even if you’re not the biggest fan of these genres, the game itself is still fun and brings back memories of being in an arcade.

The drum device for Taiko no Tatsujin on consoles.bandai namco

Speaking of which, it’s hard to argue Taiko no Tatsujin not to mention the original arcade edition. This is, of course, the definitive way to play, but there’s actually a battery peripheral you can get for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions that makes it a whole lot more fun. Instead of giving you two drums, you only get one, and the pad is split into two different sides, mimicking the arcade drum.

Unfortunately, these controller peripherals aren’t interchangeable between consoles, and there’s no option for Xbox yet. But after its launch on Xbox Game Pass, it may attract enough attention to warrant the development of an Xbox drum controller.

Still, even playing with buttons is still fun, made even better by its inclusion on Xbox Game Pass. What would normally be a difficult game to recommend to anyone is now much more accessible thanks to its availability on Microsoft’s subscription service, which recently surpassed 25 million users.

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