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Bing has a new Xbox app, and you might want it

Microsoft has just announced the Microsoft Bing app for Xbox. The app lets you find new content for your console, search the web, and integrate with Microsoft Rewards. The app is available for free from the Microsoft Store and works on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

The app is optimized for the Xbox platform and lets you jump the web and find information quickly. As an example, you can search for information on how to get around a tricky point in a game.

The Microsoft Bing app on Xbox also combines Microsoft Bing data with information from your Xbox, such as in-game progress and what your friends are playing. The app can then show you the search results that are right for you.

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You can also use the app to browse today’s Microsoft Bing images and set them as your console background.

You can search for content through the app using a controller, media remote, or your voice if you have an Xbox headset.

When you do all of these searches in the app, you earn Microsoft Rewards points. You can redeem these points for prizes, including an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Bring the bing

Microsoft Bing for Xbox

Search the web with ease

You can search the web, browse recommended content, and earn reward points through this app from Microsoft. It supports controllers and voice to simplify the search.

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The Xbox app will let you download and install games you don’t own

  • The latest version of the Xbox mobile beta app allows users to fully download and install Xbox games whether they own them or not.
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X owners will be able to have games preloaded on their systems and will be able to start playing immediately if they decide to buy them and when they decide to buy them.
  • Microsoft has yet to discuss this new feature or provide a public release date.

One of the key words for Microsoft as it approaches the next generation is “convenience”. Load times will be relatively miniscule, Smart Delivery will make it easy for Xbox One owners to upgrade to the next-gen version of a game for free, and backward compatibility will bring nearly the entire back catalog of Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox games. One to both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And now another time and effort saving feature has been discovered.

First spotted by users on the Reset era Forums, a brand new update for the Xbox Beta app on mobile devices adds functionality that lets you download and install games on your Xbox, whether or not you own the games. You won’t be able to start the game until you purchase it, but you can preload it on your system at any time so that when and if you decide to pay for it, you don’t have to wait minutes or hours for the software to download.

There are a number of reasons why this is a smart and useful feature for Xbox owners, but it will be especially handy for those who plan to buy an Xbox Series X (or stick with their Xbox One for several months or years) and prefer physical media. As it stands, even if you buy a disc copy of a new game, you will still have to wait a long time for it to install while downloading the inevitable Day 1 patch. With this new feature, you can complete all downloads in advance and start playing instantly when you insert the disc.

The concept of game preloading isn’t entirely new, but the growing size of games in recent years has become an annoying hurdle for many gamers, especially those with slower internet speeds. Any effort to remove this obstacle is welcome, and with the size of video games sure to grow even larger as developers aim for 4K resolution and higher frame rates, the last thing anyone will want to do when ‘he will buy a new game is to sit for about 4 hours while waiting for a 100GB file to be downloaded and installed. Writer Jerko Cilas introduced the feature on Twitter:

At the time of writing, Microsoft has yet to make any official announcements or statements about the feature, so we can’t be completely sure when or if it will roll out to the public. That said, it appears to be in testing and could possibly be ready for prime time when the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch on November 10.

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New Xbox app on iOS lets you stream Xbox One games to iPhone

Earlier this week, a report said the new Xbox app will support streaming Xbox games on iPhone. The new app can be downloaded in beta mode.

But this capability is not the same as Microsoft’s xCloud streaming game service. Rather, it allows you to stream games from your console to your iPhone. The cloud service, meanwhile, allows game streaming directly from servers with or without an Xbox One console.

xCloud only works if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles.

Major update

It will be a major update to the iOS app. This is the same functionality that was introduced for Android users. The new feature could arrive in time for the Xbox Series X and Series S market launch on November 10.

This remote play feature is similar to the PS4 remote play which you can also use on iOS and Android. It works like streaming from the Xbox console. This feature has been available on iOS and Android since 2019.

This is unexpected given Apple’s strict rules on gaming platforms in the App Store. But what Microsoft does is different, which is allowed by Apple. The iPhone maker has a name for this kind of streaming gaming idea also known as remote desktop clients.

This type of application is authorized by Apple because it is useful for more than just games.

You can access your Xbox console via Wi-Fi. But it is also possible to access it via an LTE connection. With this kind of functionality, you can start your console remotely even if you are outside your home. It can start without a sound or a light in the front. When you disconnect it, the console returns to standby mode.

Recently, Apple allows Stadia and xCloud. However, Microsoft must submit its hundreds of games separately via streaming technology.

The new Xbox app is only available for TestFlight members. However, it will soon be available in the App Store for anyone to download and install.

The reason Apple doesn’t allow gaming platforms on its App Store is that it can’t review every game that is part of those apps. The goal of the App Store is to create a safe place where customers can find and download apps.

Before an app hits the Store, it will be screened against strict guidelines that aim to protect customers while providing a level playing field for developers.

Since the games are interactive, they need to be reviewed by the Apple team before they can be downloaded by iPhone and iPad users.

Apple promotes its iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV as gaming devices using the Apple Arcade. But the restrictions of its App Store greatly affect its users.

Apple has blocked xCloud and other similar apps from being available on iOS. Then again, Apple has been known to change its rules if it wants to. He might change his mind and will soon allow xCloud on iOS without these strict rules.

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New Xbox app gives everyone free streaming of the Xbox One game library

Microsoft has announced that its brand new Xbox app on Android will let you stream your entire library of Xbox One games to your smartphone for free.

Previously, this feature was known as console streaming, which allowed you to connect to your console from your Android device and then access all previously downloaded games on your local console. Previously Xbox Console Streaming was limited to Xbox Insiders, this update removes that limitation – opening up game streaming for everyone.

While the upcoming xCloud service is a direct rival to Google Stadia, the new Xbox app simply acts as a client to control your home console, rather than being a cloud-based replacement. It’s also a pretty big overhaul from the original Xbox Smartglass app from the late Xbox 360 era.

As xCloud only works with select Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles, this free service will undoubtedly unlock more potential for triple A gaming on the go, without the associated costs. The new Xbox app has also undergone a massive facelift to coincide with the upcoming launch of the Xbox Series X and S consoles, this includes support for all-new controllers to come.

While this is a great new option for mobile game streaming, the new Xbox app is still technically in beta. This means that you may run into bugs and issues, which xCloud has always been subject to throughout its testing phase.

You can also manage game clips, screenshots, and even pin your in-game highlights right to your profile from the new Xbox app. The goal of the update is to keep Xbox gamers connected to their friends, no matter what device they want to play on.

On top of that, you can still use the app as a remote control for your console. This means you can install or remove games and apps without needing to be in the same room as your Xbox One – Series S or X. If you want to get started, you can download and install the new Xbox app right now at from Google Play. Shop.

More on Android:

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Lightstream Experiments With Twitch’s Xbox App Integration, Enables Streaming With Overlays

After the death of Mixer, Microsoft’s own streaming service, the Xbox gaming platform found itself without a viable integrated streaming service for console gamers. Lightstream, an extremely popular program used to edit and enhance a streaming experience with overlays and more, seeks to address this problem with its new solution. Using Lightstream’s new experimental integration with the Twitch app on Xbox, gamers can stream to Twitch directly from their Xbox, stream overlays and all.

If you’re interested, you can read more about the Experimental feature on the Lightstream website, but any interested streamer can try out this feature over the next week, albeit after taking a few steps. Streaming on Twitch using Lightstream isn’t as easy as streaming on Mixer, but it’s a great alternative and allows access to Twitch with stream overlays and other features that are normally a lot. more difficult to implement.

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This integration with Lightstream takes streaming on Twitch from an Xbox console to a whole new level.

To use Lightstream’s new integration with Twitch, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Lightstream website on any non-mobile browser (i.e. not on your phone).
  2. Use the Lightstream website to customize your feed however you want. Choose from various overlays, alerts, scenes, and more.
  3. Download the Twitch app on your Xbox console. Make sure to sign in with your Twitch account.
  4. Go to the Broadcasting section and define your settings. You will want to make sure Lightstream is defined as your broadcast destination.
  5. You can now start streaming from your Xbox console. Lightstream should automatically go live and configure your stream.
  6. You can also use remotes on Lightstream’s website to change scenes on the fly.

And that’s it ! Are you interested in trying this integration with Lightstream and Twitch? If you have already done it, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Microsoft’s Xbox app for Windows finally supports easy-to-find mods for PC gaming

Mods, or the ability to tweak your PC game code, has been one of the inherent draws of the PC platform. Microsoft said Thursday that it is making it much easier to use a mod for a supported PC game in its Xbox app for Windows PCs.

While game services like Valve’s Steam have traditionally encouraged modding through the use of community services like Steam Workshop, Microsoft’s approach has traditionally been more conservative. In fact, a Microsoft video announcing the change contains important warnings: Mods are created by sources not necessarily approved by Microsoft, for example, and they can access personal data, and videos created from edited games may not. not be shared through Xbox Live.

As it stands, the Windows Xbox Beta app won’t actually deliver a curated list of mods. Instead, players will need to find the mods themselves and then copy them to a specific folder that the Xbox app will create. Microsoft will also not allow all games to support mods, at least initially.

As many PC gamers already know, modding allows for changes ranging from simple to deep. In each case, a third-party programmer can do anything, from redesigning a particular artistic element – for example, changing a game’s car from a Ford to a Tesla – to more extreme measures, such as give the car the ability to fly. In some rarer cases, modders have drastically redesigned the game to create a whole new one, for example by taking the game from Valve Software, Half-life, and creating Counter strike From this.

Also be aware that the Xbox PC app is just Microsoft’s name for its overall Windows gaming app. Microsoft has not said anything about allowing mods for games on its current Xbox console, which has traditionally been locked down to prevent unauthorized code execution on it.

Microsoft previously allowed mods through the Xbox app, although the company said they may not be too accessible. “Before today, gamers could use mods in the Xbox app (beta), for games where the developer chose to support them,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in an email. “Today’s update makes it easier to find and access the game folder for these games so that users can apply any mods they want.”

How to activate PC game mods through the Xbox app for Windows

To enable mods in the Xbox app, you must first download the beta version of the Xbox app. Next, you’ll need to make sure the particular game is downloaded and then navigate to the game’s page in the Xbox app.

Microsoft / YouTube

You will first need to see if Microsoft allows a specific game to support mods.

After doing this you will need to click on the three vertical dots next to the big one To play button, which should allow you to see a Activate mods option if the game supports them. Once mods are enabled, clicking this button again will display a Open Mods folder option, which will provide a repository for downloaded mods.

Microsoft Xbox APP mods 3 Windows 10 Microsoft / YouTube

You will then need to activate the mods and click the three-dot button a second time to activate the mods folder.

You’ll copy the downloaded mod resources to this folder. Each game will have its own mod folder, and Microsoft advises that removing a mod may involves uninstalling and reinstalling the game. (In most cases, this won’t be necessary.)

Microsoft Xbox APP mods 4 Windows 10 Microsoft / YouTube

You can then download and copy the mods to the dedicated folder.

Microsoft has provided a short list of games currently available for modding through the Xbox Beta app:

  • DiRT Rallye 2.0
  • Farming Simulator 17
  • FTL: faster than light
  • Into the breach
  • MudRunner

Microsoft also said it has recoded Electron’s app to React Native, a change that leaves the app’s content and functionality unchanged. However, the application’s memory usage will drop by about a third. Download speeds for games may increase as further improvements are made, Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

It’s always much easier to edit any PC game outside of the Xbox app, especially through Steam. It’s also unclear whether Microsoft will make mods accessible to UWP games written for both Xbox and PC, such as Minecraft Where Cities: Skylines – Windows 10 Edition. Still, it’s a start, and we’ll have to see where Microsoft takes this.

Updated at 3:20 p.m. with additional details including a quote from Microsoft.

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How do you change your Gamertag on the Xbox app, online, and on the Xbox One console?

A gamertag is the online character or alter ego in the world of Xbox Live that can enhance your entire console gaming experience. It helps you identify yourself when you play games or share content with your friends or other members of the Xbox community. Microsoft allows its users to change Gamertags if they are not happy with the existing one, but you should choose them wisely because the company will actually charge you when you attempt to make changes to them later. Fees vary by region and currency and are displayed when you opt for a change.

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Revamped gamertag system on Xbox One

Microsoft has revamped its entire Gamertag system on PC and mobile platforms with the November 2019 update for Xbox One. The change is intended to give its users more options and choices in how they represent themselves online in the Xbox world. So let’s take a look at what exactly these changes are before we walk through how you can actually go to the Gamertag settings on your Xbox console to update it.

  1. Extended support for 13 alphabets
  2. A new suffix system to allow multiple users to share a Gamertag. Xbox auto assigns a four-digit number to your gamertag when you choose a name that has already been used. Xbox marks the suffix with a hashtag and shrinks the font so that the user is primarily focused on the chosen gamertag.

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How to change your Gamertag on the Xbox app?

Microsoft creates a gamertag for you the first time you sign in to your account. However, you can always change it later using your Xbox One app. To change your gamertag, you need to open the Xbox app and select “Menu”. Now click on your Gamerpic and select the “Customize” option. Finally, click on “Change gamertag”. Find your preferred gamertag with or without a suffix before confirming changes.

How to change your Gamertag on Xbox online?

Visit the link here and sign in using your Microsoft account associated with your Gamertag. Type any gamertag you want. Check if it is available and update it by clicking on the “Change gamertag” button.

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How to change your Gamertag on the Xbox One console?

If you prefer to update your Gamertag using your Xbox One, make sure your console is up to date and running the latest firmware. If you’re all up to date, just press the Xbox button on the controller which will take you to the overlay menu. From there, you need to move left through the available tabs to the Gamerpic and click on the profile you want to make changes to. Click on “My Profile”, then select the “Customize Profile” option. On the left side of the screen, you need to click on your Gamertag. The next page will allow you to check and update a new Gamertag. Find the correct Gamertag and confirm the changes.

Once the changes are made, the new Gamertag will be reflected on all platforms.

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Image credits: @zacwolff | Unsplash

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Xbox app on Windows 10 shows traces of inbound mod support for PC games

While Xbox Game Pass for PC has brought a lot of great new games to the Microsoft Store since last year, the new Xbox app for Windows 10 shows the company is serious about PC gaming. This is because Windows Central reports today that the Xbox app on Windows 10 now shows which games support installing mods.

While the Xbox app has a built-in Store section showing only PC games (read: Candy Crush & Other Mobile Games Are Missing), the app still uses Microsoft in the background for game downloads. Still, Windows Central has found in the Xbox app that Into the Breach is one of the few PC games that currently support mods, and we’ve found another with State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition. Unfortunately, the Xbox app doesn’t have a search filter to bring up games with mod support, although we don’t yet know if other games in the Microsoft Store already support mods.

When you click “Activate Mods” on a game’s store listing that supports them, the Xbox app will show a pop-up to warn users that some things might break. If you go ahead, the app will provide easy access to the game’s Mods folder.

Image credit: central windows.

So far, Microsoft hasn’t really discussed mod support for Microsoft Store games, but this is all happening because the Store has finally supported Win32 app games. Until last year, Microsoft Store games all had to use the UWP format, which doesn’t allow users to edit files. This is a small but important step, even though other digital stores like Steam completely embraced mods many years ago.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will discuss mod support during its Xbox June 20/20 update, which will be dedicated to platform updates. However, Microsoft has yet to announce when the digital event will take place, and the company may not want to hurry as massive protests in the United States continue to push tech giants to listen to Afro voices. -american.

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New Xbox app lets parents manage their children’s games

Xbox has launched a Family Settings app which allows parents to set screen time limits, content filters, and decide who their kids can play with.

The app, available in preview on Android and iOS, allows families to manage children’s games on Xbox consoles in real time via their mobile device.

Xbox said the app will help parents ensure their children “have access to the games you feel are appropriate.”

Dave mccarthy, corporate vice president, Xbox operations, said, “We know that especially right now, families are facing new challenges as a result of school closures, working from home and social distancing due to COVID-19.

“In my own family, we had to navigate this ‘new normal’ and how our existing rules for screen time might need to be adjusted to better reflect our reality. With the Xbox Family Settings (Preview) app, parents can easily relax screen time on Xbox so kids have more time to play, or create a new schedule to help balance distance learning time.

“We believe that, especially now, play plays an important role in helping to connect friends and family and have fun while staying at home. The app makes it easy to find the right balance of play time that is right for your family.

The app allows parents to set screen time limits and see who their kids are friends with online

The Xbox Family Settings (Preview) app includes features such as:

  • Screen time limits – set limits for each day of the week. For example, you can schedule more time on weekends or reduce the time during the school week
  • Content filters – define filters according to the age of each child. PEGI age classifications are used to confirm that the game is suitable for players of a certain age, and children will not be able to access overly mature titles. The PEGI age groups are three, seven, 12, 16 and 18 years old.
  • Game and communication settings – block all access to play and communicate with other players, limit access to “friends only” or allow older children to play and chat with “everyone”
  • Activity reports – view daily and weekly activity reports for each child to understand how they are spending their time on Xbox.

The app also contains a feature to easily enable access and multiplayer capability for Minecraft, who is classified PEGI at the age of seven. A toggle allows parents to quickly let young children play the game, one of the most popular titles ever, on their own or online with friends.

McCarthy added, “Based on customer feedback on this feature, we may include similar features for other games in the future. “

The Xbox Family Settings (Preview) app will be available to a wide audience later this year, with more features such as the ability for parents to view and manage their child’s friends list and approve or to refuse requests to add new friends via the notifications sent to the application.

The Xbox Family Settings (Preview) app is now available for all Android users and the first 10,000 people on iOS to preview. To download the preview, go to: and then follow the setup steps on your mobile device.

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