How to change the default install location of the Xbox app

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Check how to change the default install location of the Xbox app

Microsoft is finally updating the Xbox and Microsoft Store apps on Windows so that you can specify a folder where you want to install your games. The change will be available soon to people installing the Xbox Insider Hub app, and according to The Verge, it should be in beta before Halo Infinite releases on December 8. The update lets you choose a hard drive and a folder within it as the location to install your game. Like any other program on your PC, you can access folders without Windows marking them as hidden, as is currently the case with the WindowsApps folder.

The change removes the barriers Windows uses to keep you from accessing your game files, preventing people from installing and using mods. Some games currently allow mods, but only allow you access to a dedicated mod folder. With this change, you can install mods directly into your game files like on Steam. It is not clear whether updating the Xbox and Microsoft Store app fixes a persistent issue where Game Pass games are not fully uninstalled and your hard drive space is not reclaimed. PC Game Pass subscribers will surely appreciate this change as it makes it much easier to manage your files as you frequently install games.

Change the default game install storage in the Xbox app

To specify where to download and install Xbox games in Windows 11, follow these steps:

  • Open the Xbox app.
  • Click on the profile menu at the top right and select Settings options.
  • Click General.
  • In the “Game installation options” section, select the drive to install the default games.
  • (Optional) Check the Ask Me installation options for each installation option.

After you complete the steps, the files will be stored in the location you specified the next time you install a game. If you selected the option to notify you every time, you will be asked where to store the game first. to download it.

Final words: How to change the default install location of the Xbox app

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Change the default location of the Xbox app games installation location

Games take up a lot of space, and if you’re running out of space on the system drive, here’s how you can change the default location where the Xbox app installs games. You’ll need to take a two-step approach to set it up, but once that’s done, you won’t have to worry about space.

What is the Xbox app on Windows?

The Xbox app is the primary app that makes it easy to find and install games. While this is always the Microsoft Store in the background, most games can be managed using the app. The app also makes it easy to view all games, progress, XP earned, etc. Having said that, with Windows installed, the main storage is mostly occupied by applications, operating system files and games taking so much space, performance may slow down. It is therefore preferable to have a large partition dedicated to games only.

Change the default location of the Xbox app games installation location

The first step is to change the default location where the games are installed. The default location is set to drive C or the system drive. So when you change the location and install another game, it will install in a different location. Make sure you choose a driver that offers good read-write speed for the best performance.

  • Open the Xbox app
  • Click on your profile picture> Select Settings
  • In Xbox settings, go to General> Game installation options
  • Assuming you have another partition, click the drop-down menu and replace it with another drive

Change the default location of the Xbox app games installation location

To go further, if you have multiple partitions and enough space, you can define something else. Under the game’s installation options, check the box that says— Ask me for the installation options at each installation.

Now the next time you install a game, it will ask you where to install the game.

Change the location of existing Xbox games

The second step is to move the existing games to a different location so that the system drive can have more breathing space and the games can expand as needed.

Go to Windows Settings> Apps> Apps & Features. Click the vertical three-dot menu> Advanced options. Look for the option to move the app from one location to another on the next screen. Once moved, all shortcuts and entries will be updated so that there are no broken links.

Can you store Xbox game pass games on the external hard drive?

Yes, you can move any game to an external hard drive if the developer has allowed it. This also applies to any application, and all of them work. Having said that, make sure that the hard drive is plugged in when you want to play the game. That said, that doesn’t mean you will be able to plug in and play the game on any PC. Make sure the external drive has a capacity of 256 GB and is using a USB 3.0 connection.

Can I use another account on the Xbox app?

The Xbox app lets you sign out and then use a different account to sign in. You will have the option to switch to the Microsoft account when Windows tries to sign in again with the current Microsoft account.

Can you play Xbox games on PC without Xbox?

If the Xbox game is also available for PC, you can play Xbox games on PC as well. However, you will need a different subscription to play the games on PC. However, if you have an Ultimate Xbox Game Pass, you don’t need to purchase a separate membership.

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Microsoft’s New Year’s Resolution 2022 is expected to fix the Xbox app on PC

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central

Microsoft’s industry-leading Xbox Game Pass service has given the Xbox platform a huge advantage over the past two years, drawing countless fans into the Xbox ecosystem with its gargantuan buffet of all-you-can-eat games and an affordable monthly cost. As part of the company’s efforts to jump right into the PC gaming space, Microsoft has also released PC Game Pass, a PC version of Game Pass that offers the same benefits to people who prefer to play games on Windows. .

Unfortunately, unlike the Xbox Game Pass experience on console, the PC Game Pass experience was very disappointing for a while. PC Game Pass just wasn’t good enough as users were forced to deal with issues delivering UWP apps that broke game installations, addiction to the slow and faulty Windows 10 version of the Microsoft Store, an Xbox app that wasn’t much better, and exceptionally poor mod support.

The arrival of Windows 11 fixed many of these issues, and Microsoft also made the wise decision to move everything to the Xbox app on PC instead of dividing the PC Game Pass experience between it and Microsoft. Store. However, there is one glaring flaw that Microsoft has not fixed: the quality of the Xbox app on PC.

Xbox app on PCSource: Windows Central The data on each tab in the Xbox app often takes an extremely long time to load.

In my experience, the biggest problem with the Xbox app is that it can often be incredibly slow and buggy to use. It’s better than the Microsoft Store in Windows 10, but it’s still far from in an acceptable state. Often times, the install or update buttons on my games just don’t work, forcing me to relaunch the app. Sometimes the video game box art on the storefront won’t load at all making it impossible to see what games I’m watching. The app didn’t even show me an option to update my games despite a patch being released by the developer, preventing me from accessing official bug fixes (this prevents you from playing games completely. multiplayer games).

These are just my problems though. Other users have reported issues such as game libraries not displaying correctly, preloaded games not launching properly when released, and the application is hogging a significant amount of system resources. Overall, the state of the app is simply unacceptable.

The Xbox app is slow, unreliable, and lacks the utility PC gamers have come to expect.

The app organization filters either don’t make sense or work fine. For example, why are there tags for “Xbox One X Enhanced” and “Optimized for Xbox Series X | S” games on PC? Why does the storefront show me only one game when I select the “120 FPS” tag, despite the fact that a large portion of the PC Game Pass library supports this frame rate? Why doesn’t “Cloud Enabled” show me popular titles available through Xbox Cloud Gaming like Halo Infinite and Sea of ​​Thieves? Compared to Steam’s reliable and precise filters, Xbox apps look awful.

Compared to other PC storefronts, the Xbox app also lacks quality of life. You cannot organize your installed games into custom collections or move your game installations to a different folder or drive, and there is no way to see your game time or check for the latest patch notes. for recent updates. The app’s Social tab is also lacking, as it only shows you your friends list and recent friends posts without giving you a way to create and interact with groups and communities like you. can on Xbox.

Xbox app on PCSource: Windows Central

Ultimately, there’s no getting around this: the Xbox app is slow, unreliable, and lacks the utility PC gamers have come to expect. This is disappointing, as the potential of PC Game Pass is huge, and shouldn’t be held back by frustrating stability issues and missing features. There is no doubt in my mind that PC Game Pass would be a lot more popular than it is now if the Xbox app user experience weren’t so flawed.

If Microsoft wants PC Game Pass and its global push into the PC gaming space to develop and succeed like Xbox Game Pass did, it must address the many shortcomings of the Xbox app in 2022 – the earliest. possible. It’s crucial that Microsoft offers robust software that makes playing and engaging with the best PC games easy and frustration-free, and at the moment the Xbox app is not enough.

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The Windows Xbox app will make it easier to know if a game will run well on your PC

Plano, Texas, December 13, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Microsoft is updating its Xbox app for Windows users, letting gamers know which games will perform well on their PC before downloading them. Although this new feature is still in testing, some games already have a new label.

Xbox app users will have to wait a bit until Microsoft has finished performing a performance check on various PC games to create this new label accurately. Some games may already have the “performance control not yet available” label.

This means that the new Xbox update is not just a simple app that checks your PC’s system requirements, but rather, Microsoft is on the move to build its own database of how PC games perform.

Microsoft’s new Xbox app

There is no official news from Microsoft yet that details this new performance check. It’s not clear if their new label is based on minimum game specifications, recommendations, or other information.

While Microsoft’s new Xbox app proves to be reliable, it will indeed help Xbox users avoid third-party tools or websites, such as Can You Run It. Anyone interested in learning about the new Xbox app can simply give it a try by downloading the Xbox Insider app and using the Windows Game Preview.

Risks of playing online games

It is well known that gamers who want to test how powerful their PCs are and how they resist new games can sometimes download suspicious software that compromises their computers.

Microsoft’s new Xbox app could solve this problem; However, until then, here are a few things to consider in order to stay safe when gaming online.

Always have an active antivirus

Having an active antivirus on your PC is more critical than turning it off to play a particular game. If your security is breached, you can lose vital information on your PC permanently. Avoid playing games that require you to turn off your protection and make sure your antivirus is always on.

To check if your antivirus is activated, go to Start> Settings> Update & Security> Windows Security, and check your status.

Keep everything up to date

Having an antivirus will not be enough to be completely secure online. You should also periodically check if it is up to date. This also includes your version of Windows and other applications.

Hackers can easily access your data if you don’t keep your apps up to date. They can act as a sort of gateway for cybercriminals, so make sure all is well!

Using a VPN

Just like regular Windows users love games, hackers can love them too. Since people easily provoke each other in a variety of online media, including games, you might as well trick a hacker into targeting you.

One of the best ways to boost your online security is to use a VPN on your Xbox. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s a service that will encrypt your data online, thus securing your privacy on the web.

More than that, with a VPN you can bypass certain geographic restrictions. You can choose a false country and access Internet information specifically available for that country. When it comes to games, you can also get early access to some versions if that’s the case with a VPN.

Regardless of what you choose to do with your VPN service, you should always avoid downloading suspicious documents or accessing suspicious links.

Never share your real information

Another tip for staying safe while playing online video games is to keep your personal information to yourself. You never know who you are talking to on the other end of the screen. Some games require you to use an email to create and access an account. Make sure you don’t use your primary email address for this, as it can be used against you. The same goes for online payments, especially for games. It is best to use a virtual credit card but avoid using your primary card.

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: + 1540-513-3148

Address: Plano, Texas

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The Xbox app on Windows gives you a better understanding of whether the game can run properly on your computer

December 11, 2021


Due to the freedom to match specifications, it is not easy to know if your computer can play a game smoothly. In particular, different games may have different CPU, GPU, or even memory requirements. Microsoft appears to be officially fixing this issue, per The Verge They discovered they’ve added a label to the Windows Insider Beta Xbox app to indicate whether the game can be “played smoothly on this PC.”

As some games show “performance tests are not yet available”, we can know that this function of Xbox is not only to analyze your PC hardware, but also to take into account the needs of individual games. in a certain way. The detailed implementation method is not yet known, but while it can reasonably estimate how well the game will perform on your computer, it should help gamers make decisions when purchasing the game.

The Xbox app on Windows gives you a better understanding of whether the game can run properly on your computer

The Xbox app on Windows gives you a better understanding of whether the game can run properly on your computer

Xbox app

Currently, most games only list “minimum hardware requirements” and “recommended hardware requirements”. A few game developers also list recommended hardware for different modes such as Full HD, QHD, and 4K. But these are not universal guidelines in the industry, and developers are usually overly optimistic about their specifications, and sometimes it’s hard to get a benchmark. If the Microsoft label should this time have a fairer authority, it still depends on the method it uses to calculate whether it is “smooth”.

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Halo Infinite PC Error Code 0x80070424: Xbox app not downloading fix

The boring Infinite halo PC error code 0x80070424 plagues many gamers who try to install the latest Halo game using the Xbox app, possibly because they are trying to play it with an Xbox Game Pass for PC membership. Halo Infinite error 0x80070424 only occurs when there is an issue with the Xbox app or Xbox Game Services on PC, causing installation issues. Is there a fix for Halo Infinite that won’t install on PC?

How to fix Halo Infinite PC error code 0x80070424 on the Xbox app

To fix Halo Infinite error 0x80070424 on PC and the game not installing with Game Pass and the Xbox app, gamers should:

  • Check if other games can install or recognize the install location, then try Halo Infinite again.
  • Go to Microsoft Store, then to Library, then check for updates. “Game services” are important.
  • Look for “Halo Infinite,” “Game Services,” and the “Xbox” app under “Apps & Features” on the Start menu, then select More options on each. Then choose Finish, Repair, and then Reset for all apps.
  • Right click on the Windows button and search for “Powershell”, then right click on the game and choose “Run as administrator”. This will open a DOS box. Make sure all Xbox and Windows Store apps are properly closed in Task Manager, then paste “Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$ ($ _. InstallLocation) AppXManifest.xml”}“without the quotes and enter. Let it run until the end.
  • If that doesn’t work, try “get-appxpackage Microsoft.GamingServices | remove-AppxPackage -allusers“in Powershell followed by”start ms-windows-store: // pdp /? productid = 9MWPM2CQNLHN”- these completely uninstall the game services, then direct the user to the Windows Store page. Click the blue Run or Install button. If it crashes, leave it for five minutes then click on “downloads” at the top right, then on Game Services.
  • Restart the PC and the Xbox app. If the error goes away but the install location appears as “unknown” and still won’t install, simply navigate to another game page on Game Pass and try installing it instead – the location should appear with them, then switch back to Halo Infinite and it should be available now.

Hopefully one of these fixes will help you out, although it unfortunately won’t work for everyone. Go here if the player is able to install Halo Infinite but the Xbox app won’t launch it. For more information on the Halo Infinite campaign, here’s if the game is truly open-world and if the Flood will be present. Our reviewer liked Halo Infinite but called it “unfinished by design”. Check out this review here.

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How to download the Halo Infinite campaign on PC (Xbox App) and Xbox

The Halo Infinite campaign has been released, but people are struggling to set it up and run it on PC, especially those who use the Xbox app. This could be due to several reasons which we will help you resolve in this article.

In the lower right corner of the screen, you will see a cog icon that you click on. Do this or press F1. This will bring up the Control Panel. Now at the bottom left of the screen you will see an option called Manage Game. Click on it or press the R button.

This will bring you to a menu where you can see the various downloads you have made for the game. Install the Game and Campaign option, and you should be good to go.

The download may take a while, as the servers are currently under review. You might run into another issue if you are a Game Pass player, as the game does not appear to be activated on the service yet. If you go to the menu, it will tell you that a purchase is required to install it, although it is included in the Game Pass.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do here until the Game Pass system is updated and the game officially released through the service. This has happened with previous versions of Game Pass, so it’s nothing new and is currently only a part of the service.

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Steam needs to copy this new feature from the Xbox app

Microsoft is beta testing a new feature for the Xbox PC app that seems so obvious it’s amazing it hasn’t made it to every PC game storefront. The beta version of the app will now tell you immediately if a game will run well on your PC, making purchasing decisions infinitely easier.

When you navigate to a supported game, as reported by The Verge, you’ll see a simple box near the top of the screen that says, “Should be playing fine on this PC.” This means that you can purchase the game (or download it through Game Pass) and not have to worry about whether or not it will work.

The feature is certainly in the early stages of testing, and you’ll need to download the Xbox Insider app to try it out, but it looks promising. We hope Steam, Epic, and other PC game stores borrow it. A lot of games don’t even have labels yet, but if that takes off, it could lower the barrier to entry for PC gaming for some people.

Of course, both Steam and the Xbox app have long had the minimum and recommended system requirements for a game. And you can compare them to your PC’s specs to see if a game is playable, but not everyone knows which GPU. or they have or how much RAM their PC is running. Having a quick little feature that says this game will or won’t work is incredibly helpful.

RELATED: How to quickly check if your computer can run a PC game

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Xbox app beta tells you if a game will run “fine” on your PC

As senior editor of PCWorld, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other things. He previously wrote for PCMag, BYTE, Slashdot, eWEEK, and ReadWrite.

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The Windows Xbox app will make it easier to know if a game will run well on your PC

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature in the Windows Xbox app, which should make it easier to determine whether a game will perform well on your PC.

This information will be accompanied by a label with the words “should play fine on this PC,” located under the blue install button on a game’s front page. Functionality is limited to a few games and is still in progress. of development. To see it for yourself, you can download the Xbox Insider Hub app and agree to receive drafts from the Xbox app store.

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It’s unclear what benchmarks Microsoft uses to define a game that plays “excellent” on a PC, or whether there will be levels between “excellent” and the other end of “not working at all”. A game may perform well at a lower FPS on a PC with certain specs, and it is not clear whether Microsoft will also incorporate this information into its “how this game works” tag. From a quick read of the preview version, it appears that the games currently have the “great play” tag or none at all. We’ll have to wait until Microsoft says more to understand the details of how this new feature works.

Every game in the Xbox app store already includes minimum specs and recommended requirements. Until then, this is still the most reliable way to estimate how a game will perform on your PC.

In other Xbox News, you can check out our list of the greatest upcoming Xbox games, the best Xbox Series X | S games, and the best Xbox One games. One of this year’s highly anticipated Xbox games, Halo Infinite, will be released on December 8. Our Halo Infinite review has been released and reviewer Jordan Ramée gave it a 9 out of 10.

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