Our parents may have scolded us for letting our imaginations run wild, but that rebellious creativity has spawned many of the games we know and love today. The Xbox Ultimate Game Developer Pack 2023 offers game development training to help you bring these fantasy worlds to life for just $19.99 (a $1,624 value).

And it even comes with three months of Xbox Live Gold – a $24.99 value – as inspiration.

This collection is on sale through our Deal Days sale. It’s our answer to Prime Day, and it’s got some great apps, courses and equipment at low prices that Amazon cannot touch. However, it only lasts until October 12.

Learn how games are made and try select titles for free

The first part of the bundle focuses on game development through the lens of the Unreal Engine. A free game engine developed by Epic Games (the company behind Fortnite)Unreal is at the heart of a huge range of games, from first-person shooters to puzzles.

Zenva Academy, the team behind these game development courses, focuses on learning-by-doing, with coding projects that get you building games right away. It opens with an introductory lesson to get you started with Unreal. Then he moves on to a series of small game projects.

You will start with simple games where you pop balloons. Then the bundle goes through point-and-click role-playing, turn-based combat, Zelda-like action games, arcade style games, mario-style platformers and first person shooters.

Each course reinforces the lessons learned in the last, while teaching you a different style of game design and programming.

Plus 3 months of Xbox Live Gold

The second item in the bundle is a three-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft’s premium online gaming service. This membership gives you discounts on Xbox Store titles, free games to download and try every month, and access to multiplayer features.

Part of game design is playing games for insight and inspiration. Mining Xbox Live Gold gives you a great way to try out new titles and see how developers use Unreal.

Save on the Ultimate Xbox Game Developer Pack 2023

Game development can be a fun way to learn how to make your own apps. This eight-course package with Xbox Live Gold Membership shows you how for $19.99. But move quickly, because our great promotion days sale ends October 12, 2022.

Prices subject to change.


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