Rush is one of the classic modes of Battlefield, and players were thrilled when it arrived in Battlefield 2042. However, even after calls for Rush to remain permanent, DICE removed it, leaving players annoyed and confused.

It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 is in a rough state right now, with players begging the developers to make some major changes that would bring the franchise back to its former glory.

The Battlefield 2042 Game Director recently gave a reassuring and candid response to these requests, but the community still feels being ignored after the removal of the fan-favorite Rush game mode.

Battlefield 2042 Rush quickly became one of the game’s saving graces, and players begged DICE to keep it as a permanent mode. Not only could players experience this classic attack and defense mode, it also allowed players to classify their weapons.

Both Battlefield 2042 Rush and Rush of Ages (Rush Through 1942 Maps, BFBC2, and BF3) were removed in a playlist update on December 6, which received an immediate reaction from the community.

In a damning Reddit post that received over 13,000 upvotes, user Tazooka sarcastically said, “DICE is listening to the community again.”

The responses were full of pissed off gamers who couldn’t understand why this would be the first change DICE made after returning from vacation.

Battlefield 2042 has seen its player count drop drastically since launch, being overtaken by Battlefield V and falling to the bottom of Steam’s most played list. So gamers didn’t see the logic of removing one of its most popular modes.

DICE Community Manager, Kevin johnson, responded to these concerns, saying that “Rush has not been deleted and will remain in some form / theme in [Battlefield Portal] for a few weeks / months yet.

“Rush of Ages has been extended depending on the reception from the community and will return in the future,” he continued. “This week is Bad Company 2 Rush.”

u / dsmiles said “DICE, just give players full XP in custom matches like you already announced” which would allow players to play any type of rush they like while still winning XP for it. Portal XP was disabled after players used the mode to farm XP, and players desperately want it to return.

The featured portal playlists are set to change again next week, so we’ll have to wait and see if DICE reconsiders its decision to remove Battlefield 2042 Rush.

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