Secret Mode Publisher and Developer Hugecalf Studios announcement arcade sports game Turbo golf course for PC and consoles.

Turbo golf course comes to Windows PC (via To smoke), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be on Xbox Game Pass on day one, but no release date was announced today.

Before it reaches the full version, Turbo golf course will first launch via Early Access, which is expected to last around 12 months. The game is currently in beta and features over 150 cosmetic options, as well as 30 playable levels and 15 power cores. There is also already cross-platform play and matchmaking. Further updates will bring more cars, levels and more.

Here is a new trailer:

Here is an overview of the game:

Turbo Golf Racing is a fast-paced arcade-style sports game. Drive turbo powered cars to chip, putt and smash your giant ball in a frantic race to beat your friends to the finish flag.


  • RACE YOUR RIVALS TO THE FINISH – Welcome to the future of motorsport. Feel the excitement of fast-paced arcade-style racing as you play with your friends in an exhilarating new way. Jump, flip, slide and dash with supercharged cars and be the first to put your ball in the hole.
  • 8 PLAYER ONLINE – Race with up to eight friends in Grand-Prix style competition. Hit the boost pads to overtake your rivals, go through secret tunnels to outsmart them or fire missiles to stop them in their tracks.
  • POWER CORE – Gain the edge over your rivals by unlocking and equipping Super Cores. Hit your ball further, fly faster or use unique abilities such as ground stomping, gravity ball and rolling. With a wide variety of Power Cores, find your meta to outsmart your friends.
  • TURBO CHARGE YOUR CUSTOMIZATION – Choose the car and ball that make you stand out from the crowd. Enjoy endless paint options, change your wheels, spoiler, car body and boosters.
  • TAKE THE SKY – The sky’s the limit when your cars have wings. Launch your turbo powered car into the air and soar above the competition. Fly through tunnels, slide over fans and chase your ball through terrain and over obstacles.
  • ATTACK THE COURT – Use the terrain to your advantage, fly over the boost pads and down the fairway. Avoid the rough and the sand traps. Bend your shots around trees and through canyons. Green race.
  • EVER-GROWING CONTENT – Unlock cosmetics as you level up and enjoy an ever-evolving game with regular free updates that will bring new courses, new power cores and new cosmetic items to play with .

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