Four free titles for members to grab this August.

Microsoft has revealed the upcoming titles for the Xbox Live Gold Free Games August 2022 lineup, and there are four titles: two from Xbox One and two from Xbox 360. Players can access and keep these games for free during certain times in August and throughout September 15. Check out the free games below.

Xbox Live Gold August 2022 Free Games

Xbox One

  • Calico (available for the entire month of August) (normally $11.99) – Those who find themselves wanting more felines after Wander should check Calico, a charming and relaxing simulation game. In Calico, players are tasked with rebuilding the town’s dilapidated cat cafe. Customize and decorate it however you want while surrounded by adorable and fuzzy cats. Calico is also available on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

  • Scourgebringer (Available August 16 – September 15) (normally $16.99) – A fast-paced roguelike platformer inspired by two of the genre’s giants: Celestial (platform) and dead cells (roguelike). Play as Kyhra, a powerful warrior known as the deadliest of her clan. Scourgebringer takes place in the endless depths of an ever-changing dungeon, where Kyrha tries to undo the seal of her past and redeem humanity in the process. Scourgebringer is also available on mobile devices and on PC via Steam.

Xbox 360

  • Saints Row 2 (available August 1-15) (normally $9.99) – The iconic second entry to the action-packed game Saints Row game series, Saints Row 2 takes place five years after the original. After waking up from a coma, you find that things have changed; the saints are no more and a corrupt society has taken over the territory of the saints. Rebuild the Saints and take back what’s yours in this epic mix of humor and violence. Saints Row 2 is also available on PC via Steam.

  • Monaco: what’s yours is mine (available August 16-31) (normally $14.99) – Assemble a motley crew of rogues to pull off the perfect heist, with several different crew members to choose from. Monaco: what’s yours is mine is perfect for solo or co-op heists and is also available on PC via Steam.

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