2014 Pac-Man Museum brought new classic Pac man titles together and breathed new life into these incredibly influential games on the Xbox Arcade. In just a few months, Pac-Man+ Museum may well do the same, when it arrives on Xbox Game Pass and other consoles in May. Things are bigger and better than ever, however, with Pac-Man+ Museum including a whopping 14 sets of Pac manlong history of four decades.

With some of Pac manthe best arcade releases, Pac-Man+ Museum also compiles some of the best console deals from the yellow blob, with an Xbox Arcade and even a PSP game thrown into the mix. Players will be able to access all of these iconic games through a virtual arcade, which they can customize with unlockable cosmetics that can be purchased by playing the games.


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The arcade games of the Pac-Man Museum+

Pac-Man+ Museum features a total of seven games that were originally developed for arcade use. The first of course dates from the 1980s. Pac man, the classic that started it all. It seems quite likely that almost every player has played the original Pac man at least once in a lifetime, so players have a good idea of ​​what’s in store with this particular arcade offering.

1982 super pacman is included in this compilation. Being Namco’s version of a direct sequel, super pacman retains the same general gameplay formula as its predecessor, but changes the objectives a bit. Players will need to collect keys to be able to open sections of the map and eat the fruit inside.

A direct sequel to super pacman, Pac & Pal essentially uses the same game mechanics, but also includes an AI assistant named Mil, who brings fruit to the center of the screen. Side-scrolling platformer from 1984 Pac Land is present in this collection as well, acting as a nice change of pace from the rest of the games on offer.

Another slight change of pace, 1987 Pac Mania takes classic maze gameplay and gives it a new isometric angle. Pac Mania also gives Pac-Man the ability to escape ghosts by jumping over them.

Leaping forward nearly a decade, the next arcade offering in Pac-Man+ Museum is from 1996 Pac-Man arrangement. This game is essentially a remake of the original, with nearly identical gameplay, but a significant graphics and audio overhaul. This arcade version should also include a two-player mode.

The newest arcade game included in Pac-Man+ Museum2011 Pacman Battle Royale sees up to four players try to compete for the highest score. In single player, this game is just a classic arcade Pac man game, but in multiplayer, the Pac-Men can eat each other when powered up.

Console games at the Pac-Man Museum+

On the console game side, Pac-Man+ Museum brings seven more classic titles. the first of which dates from 1993 Pac Attacka falling tile puzzle game in which players match rows of blocks and ghosts to complete a scene, similar to Tetris.

1995 Pac-In-Time is included in the mix, bringing another side-scrolling platformer to the table. Although it is only a re-skin of the previous developer Fury of the Furries Title, Pac-In-Time is a pretty solid entry in the franchise with a nice cartoonish art style and tight platforming mechanics.

Next up is the PSP version of Pac-Man arrangement, which is almost identical to the arcade version, but without the 2 player component. The classic Xbox Arcade from 2007 Pac-Man Championship Edition is also included in this collection, bringing the original Pac man arcade experience in the modern era of HD graphics and sound.

The 2007 Wii game Pac-Motos makes an appearance, where players will need to knock down all enemies from the stage to proceed. Another Wii game from 2007, Pac’n Roll Remix is also integrated here, being a port of the Nintendo DS original. The mobile endless runner console port Pacman 256 mark the last game of the Pac-Man+ Museum collection.

Pac-Man+ Museum will be released on May 27 on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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