Through the hundreds of thousands of roads across the country, millions of hitchhikers travel. Generally, when you hear the term hitchhiker, it gives a feeling of unease, the various stories about things that happen to hitchhikers. However, in the current Mad About Pandas game, HitchHiker, they’re looking to tell a different story, hopefully something deeper. Revise Hitchhiker the game, we embarked on a mystery-solving adventure along lost highways.

Developer Mad About Pandas is known for its other games: Truck Simulator 2016, Forever Forest: Child of a Forestand The great scare: Tower of panic. HitchHiker is the first VR release from developer Mad About Pandas, bringing their unique style to the VR world. So how is their first attempt at VR gaming going? Find out in our HitchHiker review.

Story: A story-driven mystery, lost in translation

The story told in HitchHiker is one of its strengths. The player finds himself in the shoes of an anonymous character offering a dark and twisted mysterious tale. Introducing well-voiced characters, each with their own stories, secrets, tips and advice for the main character. With almost no memory of who they are or why they are, this is where the mystery begins. Covering small roads, desert highways and urban highways. As you hitchhike through the various settings, a secret about the character will begin to unfold. Meet the other drivers along the way who hold the various keys to who you are and what’s going on.

Hitchhiker is story driven so that the player experiences a relatively deep and twisted story throughout the five different pilots or “chapters”. Here, their dialogue choices will affect the story by altering how interactions with each driver play out. The narrative begins normally and as the player begins to unravel the mystery, that’s when it will get weirder and even touch on the supernatural. Hitchhiker will remind players of games like Kentucky Route Zeroalmost giving off a Twilight Zone type feeling.

Gameplay: There is little to do

Our HitchHiker review found it to be less of a game and more of an interactive movie. Much of your playtime is sitting in the passenger seat of different cars, listening to the driver talk about various things. Here the player can choose between different dialogue choices. Players can also interact with the multiple objects littered around each vehicle throughout each chapter. However, outside of the few things to interact with and the dialogue choices that can be made, there’s nothing else but to sit back and listen.

Among the various VR games available, Hitchhiker is one of the lesser games when it comes to gameplay. However, Hitchhiker is definitely more about story and narrative. So for players who enjoy a narrative mystery built around the various conversations between characters, Hitchhiker could be right up your alley. But for, those not interested in endless conversations with little to no action might want to look elsewhere.

Graphics/Audio: glitchy and lacking on Quest 2

Here in our review, this is where HitchHiker misses the most. Right from the start, gamers will be able to tell that the graphics performance is poor on the Oculus Quest 2. Unfortunately, the problem only gets worse from there. It looks like the game wasn’t exactly built for the Oculus Quest 2, immediately having performance issues on the device. Some of them like issues with the player’s point of view in-game, where it’s not at a proper level or angle to the point where it causes headaches.

The star part of the game is the landscape, where the player will spend most of the game staring. Unfortunately, bugs and glitches are ruining the landscape in HitchHiker. For example, grass will move in and out in several chapters, clouds will glide across mountains and hills, and birds will glide across the screen. Drivers and vehicles also had their glitches and problems. Some cars had a shadow effect which, with virtual reality, caused eye discomfort. On two occasions, their drivers completely disappeared from their vehicles.

Audio in HitchHiker is good. The sound quality is excellent, conversations are clear and understood. The intermission music is great, giving players a break between long conversations with each pilot. The weather sound effects are great even when the graphics aren’t.

Conclusion: HitchHiker misses with various bugs

Between story, gameplay and graphics/audio. It would be hard to recommend this game to others. Although the story is compelling and deep at times, it is held back by the various graphical glitches throughout the game. Additionally, the odd vantage point inside the car sometimes makes it difficult to interact with objects and the driver. Lastly, the poor optimization of HitchHiker on the Oculus Quest 2 will cause the player to face minor headaches and eye strain while playing. For those who are still interested in HitchHiker, it would be best to wait for more game updates from Mad About Pandas. The persistent issues in the game make it difficult to complete.

Currently, HitchHiker is available on To smoke, Oculus, apple arcade, PlayStation 4, Xbox Oneand nintendo switch for $19.99. Any information about Hitchhiker can be found on their product sheet. Additionally, information regarding Mad About Pandas can be found on their development page.

Hitchhiker is a mysterious game set along lost highways, where your goal is to solve the puzzle of your own story. As a hitchhiker with no memory or destination, you witness a series of journeys through a strange and beautiful landscape, following the mysterious disappearance of someone close to you.


  • Compelling story
  • Interesting characters
  • Good audio quality with excellent soundtrack

The inconvenients:

  • Bad optimization on quest 2
  • Various bugs and issues
  • Bad point of view on VR

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