It looks like a Fortnite and Fall Guys crossover event is on the way.

As spotted by PCGNFortnite leaker iFireMonkey recently noticed that two mysterious new URLs had been registered – Epic Fallguys Extension and Epic Fallguyz Ektenzion – which until recently were redirecting to the official Fortnite site anyway.

Now iFireMonkey believes they are related to a Fall Guys x Fortnite trial event, and the URLs have been updated accordingly. If iFireMonkey is correct, the crossover event will not happen on just one game, but on both at the same time.

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There’s no official confirmation, of course, so for now all we can do is take the news with the proverbial bucket of salt until Epic or Mediatonic somehow confirms. of another. But given that Epic Games owns Mediatonic, some fans are wondering why it’s taken so long for the games to come together – especially since leaks on a Fortnite / Fall Guys collaboration started swirling over a year ago now.

ICYMI, Fortnite has technically returned to iOS devices thanks to expanded Xbox Cloud access and Microsoft’s new partnership with Epic Games. As Catherine Gluckstein, vice president and chief product officer of Xbox Cloud Gaming, explained in a new blog post earlier this week, Fortnite is now available for free through the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta in 26 countries.

Although you can no longer download the game to your Apple or Android device from the store, if you have a Microsoft account and internet access, you can play Fortnite via the cloud directly in a web browser without worrying about a download. or a membership. As Austin summarized in his excellent report at the time, Fortnite is also available on Windows PCs – but, let’s face it, it’s not that complicated to get Fortnite on this particular platform…

As for other Fall Guys news? Last I heard, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has confirmed that it’s “finalize” the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of the game…but we haven’t gotten a solid release date for them yet.

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