Whoever said video games were just for nerds was… sort of right (but apparently never met Musk’s monkeys). That said, you’re the coolest asshole we know, and we want you to have the best gear (I love you, I mean). It’s time for you to take your Xbox agenda to the next level with free games and merchandise using this Xbox Live Gold: 3 month subscription. To sweeten the pot, it’s on sale as part of our Prime Day release during Mandatory Deal Days event.

If you need some downtime behind the controllers, allow us to introduce you to this great deal. The online multiplayer feature powered by 30,000 servers is a great way to meet (and possibly discover) new friends and annihilate old ones in your game of choice (but be nice, it’s almost the season of the gratitude and donation for Pete’s sake).

Speaking of games old and new, mainstream Xbox360 and Xbox One games and 2-4 new free titles are your loot every month. That means you’ll be able to dip your virtual toes into a little bit of everything.

Not enough free for you? We thought you’d feel a little more greedy. You’ll also get exclusive discounts for Gold members, including 50-75% in-store discounts on Xbox One.

There must be a catch, this deal has to distribute cheat codes. No, in fact, it’s the opposite dear reader. The player-powered reputation system helps eliminate lag and cheating, so you can control other players and they can do the same to make it a super fun and healthy place for everyone (except when playing GTA, well sure).

Obtain Xbox Live Gold: 3 month subscription for $19.99 (reg. $24). And, hey, if you’re looking for more great deals on our Deal Days, check out all of our different offers. here. Hurry, this sale only lasts until October 12, 12 at 11:59 p.m.

Prices subject to change.



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