10 worst PC to console ports, ranked

While technology has gotten to the point where most games released are optimized for each published platform, there was a time when some games could only be done justice on a PC. PCs allowed developers to push graphics and narrative boundaries while consoles were more affordable, accessible, and allowed immediate arcade-style action.

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PC gaming ports to consoles could be a boon for gamers who don’t have the know-how or disposable income to make their own gaming PCs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. Whether it’s due to hardware limitations or publishers just don’t care, these ports aren’t the way to experience those classic titles.

ten The NES just wasn’t powerful enough for King’s Quest V

King's Quest V NES cropped

While Novotrade made a valiant effort to tighten The Quest for King V in a meager NES cartridge, a lot of concessions had to be made in the process. The lush, hand-drawn graphics of the original had to be completely redone from scratch to accommodate the much more limited resolution and color palette of the NES.

The port also had to deal with strict Nintendo censorship policies that prohibited religious references and depictions of violence. The limitations of the NES also meant the lack of dubbing, but given the performance of the speaking versions, this is probably seen as an improvement.

9 Maniac Mansion’s two home ports had their own flaws

Cropped Maniac Mansion Famicom

Jaleco has released its own version of Manic mansion for the Nintendo Famicom in Japan. While most of the blood remained intact, the characters underwent a bizarre and cutesy overhaul, and many jokes weren’t included in the translation. Conversely, LucasArts would task Realtime Associates with managing the US NES port with additional music by famous game composer George “The Fat Man” Sanger.

This would likely be the definitive version without the point-and-click interface housing an NES controller and the jokes butchered by Nintendo’s absurd censorship policies.

8 Bethesda knew about Skyrim’s woes on PS3

Skyrim PS3 cropped

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a landmark title in 2011, with a lot of feeling that it had been the culmination of all the lessons Bethesda had learned from their previous RPGs. It’s a shame that optimizing the game to run properly on the hardware it was released on wasn’t part of those lessons.

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Anyone trying to venture into the northern part of Tamriel on their PlayStation 3 will need to make sure their save files are no larger than 6MB, lest their adventure be interrupted by frame rate issues, slowdowns. and crashes.

seven PS3 orange box contains worst versions of classic titles

The cropped PS3 orange box

The orange box was one of the best deals a player could get in 2007 – featuring some of the best titles in a convenient package. While the company managed the Xbox 360 port of The orange box, EA asked one of its in-house studios to port the compilation to PlayStation 3.

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Every game suffered from frame rate drops and substandard visuals, but some games had their own issues. The line shooter Team Fortress 2 was plagued by terrible connection issues, Half life 2 was subject to freezing, and of the portal load times were absolutely appalling.

6 Plague Monkey Island loading times and degraded visuals on the Sega CD

Monkey Island Sega Cropped CD

With less animation and a more limited color palette, the Sega CD port of The secret of the monkey island manages to look worse than even EGA versions. While Sega may have been more lax than Nintendo when it comes to portraying violence, slight profanity has been puzzledly removed from some lines in this release.

What could make this port a problem for most, however, are the unbearably long load times that occur even when you step into a different screen. It’s no wonder that LucasArts turned down other console ports from their adventure games until Escape from Monkey Island for the PlayStation 2.

5 Ultima VII has its RPG mechanics stripped for the SNES

Ultima VII SNES cropped

Ultima VII The Black Door was widely regarded as one of the best RPGs when it was first released for PC in 1992, but few people will praise the SNES version. Almost all RPG mechanics have been removed from this port, including members of the Avatar group and turn-based combat.

The landscape has been reduced in size, the number of NPCs has been reduced, and 56 spells have also been omitted from this version. Finally, Nintendo’s censorship policies have once again raised their ugly head and removed all depictions of sex and violence.

4 Wolfenstein 3D on SNES is heavily censored

Wolfenstein 3D SNES Cropped

Players looking to take on Nazis should avoid the SNES version of Wolfenstein 3D. Nintendo’s censorship policies meant that not only all references to Hitlerite and Nazi imagery had to be removed, but also blood, religious iconography, and the replacement of attack dogs with giant rats.

To account for the Nazi cleansing, all previous German threats and taunts have been spoken in English. Even with a reduced resolution and a much lower frame rate, it still struggles to perform on the SNES. The only thing this version has going for it is the ability to bypass the strafing with the L and R buttons.

3 Doom for 3DO was a rushed port

Cropped 3DO Doom

Art Data Interactive awarded the 3DO port of Loss to one person while providing little or no resources and an absurdly restrictive timeframe. Rebecca Heineman, who previously managed superb 3DO ports from Wolfenstein 3D and Another world, claims that she didn’t even receive the source code for the original game and only had six weeks to port.

Working from the source code of the Atari Jaguar version, it managed to bring it to a somewhat playable state, but it lacked fullscreen support and performed terribly.

2 Prince of Persia 2 on SNES is just a shadow of a classic game

Prince of Persia 2 SNES Cropped

Although it was released four years after Arsys Software’s incredible SNES port of the original Prince of Persia, the SNES port of Tidus of Prince Of Persia 2 Shadow and Flame is a shame. For some reason, the speed is increased over the original, making the game almost unplayable. Several levels are omitted from this port – including the decisive showdown against the evil vizier.

If all of these issues aren’t enough to convince players to stay away, maybe the many bugs will. Years later, Shadow and Flame would receive a Perfect PC console port as a hidden extra in the Xbox version of Sands of time.

1 The NES version of Hydride was true to a fault

Hydlide NES cropped

The original Hydraulic for Japanese home computers was a real innovator in the field of role-playing games 0f and influenced many developers, such as Metal gear creator Hideo Kojima and Hideki Kamiya of The devil can cry and Bayonetta notoriety. Sadly, it was five years before he saw a US release on NES, and by that time he had been vastly outclassed by titles such as Zelda and dragon warrior.

Rather than adding new features or changes that would have helped it compete with other games on the market, the NES version of Hydraulic was a wart and the whole recreation of a half-decade-old game.

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Microsoft’s New Year’s Resolution 2022 is expected to fix the Xbox app on PC

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central

Microsoft’s industry-leading Xbox Game Pass service has given the Xbox platform a huge advantage over the past two years, drawing countless fans into the Xbox ecosystem with its gargantuan buffet of all-you-can-eat games and an affordable monthly cost. As part of the company’s efforts to jump right into the PC gaming space, Microsoft has also released PC Game Pass, a PC version of Game Pass that offers the same benefits to people who prefer to play games on Windows. .

Unfortunately, unlike the Xbox Game Pass experience on console, the PC Game Pass experience was very disappointing for a while. PC Game Pass just wasn’t good enough as users were forced to deal with issues delivering UWP apps that broke game installations, addiction to the slow and faulty Windows 10 version of the Microsoft Store, an Xbox app that wasn’t much better, and exceptionally poor mod support.

The arrival of Windows 11 fixed many of these issues, and Microsoft also made the wise decision to move everything to the Xbox app on PC instead of dividing the PC Game Pass experience between it and Microsoft. Store. However, there is one glaring flaw that Microsoft has not fixed: the quality of the Xbox app on PC.

Xbox app on PCSource: Windows Central The data on each tab in the Xbox app often takes an extremely long time to load.

In my experience, the biggest problem with the Xbox app is that it can often be incredibly slow and buggy to use. It’s better than the Microsoft Store in Windows 10, but it’s still far from in an acceptable state. Often times, the install or update buttons on my games just don’t work, forcing me to relaunch the app. Sometimes the video game box art on the storefront won’t load at all making it impossible to see what games I’m watching. The app didn’t even show me an option to update my games despite a patch being released by the developer, preventing me from accessing official bug fixes (this prevents you from playing games completely. multiplayer games).

These are just my problems though. Other users have reported issues such as game libraries not displaying correctly, preloaded games not launching properly when released, and the application is hogging a significant amount of system resources. Overall, the state of the app is simply unacceptable.

The Xbox app is slow, unreliable, and lacks the utility PC gamers have come to expect.

The app organization filters either don’t make sense or work fine. For example, why are there tags for “Xbox One X Enhanced” and “Optimized for Xbox Series X | S” games on PC? Why does the storefront show me only one game when I select the “120 FPS” tag, despite the fact that a large portion of the PC Game Pass library supports this frame rate? Why doesn’t “Cloud Enabled” show me popular titles available through Xbox Cloud Gaming like Halo Infinite and Sea of ​​Thieves? Compared to Steam’s reliable and precise filters, Xbox apps look awful.

Compared to other PC storefronts, the Xbox app also lacks quality of life. You cannot organize your installed games into custom collections or move your game installations to a different folder or drive, and there is no way to see your game time or check for the latest patch notes. for recent updates. The app’s Social tab is also lacking, as it only shows you your friends list and recent friends posts without giving you a way to create and interact with groups and communities like you. can on Xbox.

Xbox app on PCSource: Windows Central

Ultimately, there’s no getting around this: the Xbox app is slow, unreliable, and lacks the utility PC gamers have come to expect. This is disappointing, as the potential of PC Game Pass is huge, and shouldn’t be held back by frustrating stability issues and missing features. There is no doubt in my mind that PC Game Pass would be a lot more popular than it is now if the Xbox app user experience weren’t so flawed.

If Microsoft wants PC Game Pass and its global push into the PC gaming space to develop and succeed like Xbox Game Pass did, it must address the many shortcomings of the Xbox app in 2022 – the earliest. possible. It’s crucial that Microsoft offers robust software that makes playing and engaging with the best PC games easy and frustration-free, and at the moment the Xbox app is not enough.

Growing range

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership

Everything you need

Xbox Game Pass gives you access to over 200 games for a monthly subscription. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also adds PC Game Pass as well as Xbox Live Gold to the package so that you can play online with your friends. You also have access to EA Play.

We can earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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Best games subscription service in 2021

For console gamers, Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online serve three very distinct communities within the game. These online services from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all required to take advantage of certain features of their respective consoles. In addition to the nearly half-decade-old Mario-built Home Switch, the latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony have also evolved their approach online since their initial launches.

Nintendo Switch Online is the cheapest and most kid-friendly, while Game Pass allows gamers to stream or play natively on multiple devices. Meanwhile, Sony’s Game Help, included with PlayStation Plus, has helped make the game more accessible than ever. If you only have to choose one, we’re here to break down some things to consider.

Get Microsoft Game Pass if you are looking for one of the largest catalogs of games from the past and present that can be played on multiple devices.

Get PlayStation Plus if you are looking for a huge amount of daily, weekly and monthly sales on games, as well as member-driven features.

Get Nintendo Switch Online if you’re looking for affordable plans for individuals and families as well as one of the most secure online environments available.

You want to access Microsoft’s proprietary range going all the way back to the original Xbox

The ability to play a vast majority of Microsoft’s proprietary lineup dating back to the original Xbox, released over 20 years ago, is alone worth the price of entry to the Game Pass. Of course, the day one releases of modern blockbusters like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite ensure that the console can arguably compete with Sony exclusives. However, the ability to enjoy versions of the Xbox 360 era such as the original Gears of War trilogy or original Xbox games like Crimson Skies hits all the nostalgia boxes.

That doesn’t even count the large amounts of Bethesda titles added since Microsoft acquired them – from several games in the Elder Scrolls series to more recent titles like Doom Eternal. Other future versions of Xbox Game Studios include Forza Motorsport, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, and Fable. And Game Pass is a ticket to play it on day one.

You don’t mind running top tier third-party versions

Microsoft’s proprietary versions aren’t the only games available for Game Pass – high-profile third-party games are coming in and out of the service as well. The number of titles representing various genres and generations of consoles can be a bit overwhelming for some.

For starters, gamers looking for more mainstream versions can enjoy everything from Aliens: Fireteam Elite to Dirt 5. The library expands quite well into the territory of niche indie games like SkateBird and Firewatch. Games like PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay and Race With Ryan mean the service has some absolutely kid-friendly versions as well.

You would pay $ 5 more for Xbox Live Gold, streaming on various platforms and EA Play

Unlike PlayStation Plus and Nintendo Switch Online, Game Pass alone does not allow Xbox users to play online multiplayer games. Other than free games, Xbox Live Gold is required for those wishing to play online multiplayer. For $ 14.99 per month, the ultimate level of Game Pass offers the benefits of Game Pass, Xbox Live, and more.

On its own, Xbox Live gives players two free games per month, plus discounts on top of online play. Having Game Pass Ultimate allows buyers deep within the Xbox ecosystem to play natively on Xbox and PC while even expanding to game streaming on those platforms and mobile devices. Those 100+ games split between proprietary and third-party versions also get even bigger with the included EA Play subscription.

Playstation plus

Looking to try at least two free games per month on PS4 or PS5

At a basic level, being a member of PlayStation Plus allows users to play online multiplayer. Since the PS3 era, however, Sony’s online service has provided two neatly curated games for subscribers per month. At the end of 2021, PlayStation Plus members can get Lego DC Super-Villains and Mortal Shell as well as PSVR games, including The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

PS5 owners also get access to the PlayStation Plus collection featuring several dozen games from the PS4 era that consist of both first-party exclusives and third-party versions. While the current list of Sony’s most recent games is not the largest, those who have sadly skipped the PS4 can try games like Last of Us Remastered, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human and more.

You could possibly need big discounts on games

Many gamers understand the feeling of paying a high price for the games upon release and regretting the decision later. The best thing about PlayStation Plus is how generous the discounts are for members of the service. Between newer and older versions, downloadable content, and various in-game currencies, the reduced price for subscribers really alleviates buyer’s feelings of remorse.

You want to try some ancillary features like Share Play and Game Help

Two of the most recent additions to PlayStation Plus since the release of the PS5 are Share Play and Game Help. Share Play offers PS5 users the option to let their friends with PS5 or PS4 consoles view their game screen or try out PS5 games. This allows users who may not have a game or a PS5 to stream games from their friends’ consoles or play co-op games together.

Meanwhile, Game Help is making games a bit more accessible. Supported on games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Oddworld: Soulstorm, the feature gives players tips on how to complete difficult goals. Think of them as official gameplay tips that don’t require players to leave their screen for an online guide or YouTube video. All gamers need to do is press the PS button on the DualSense controller and access the functionality through the control center.

You have an additional $ 9.99 for PlayStation Now

Playstation Plus just doesn’t offer the same number of games available as Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online. However, for $ 9.99, PlayStation Plus subscribers may want to consider adding PlayStation Now. The service offers members the ability to play a large collection of games spanning all the way to the PS2 era via streaming. This allows players to play everything, including previous God of War entries and the Dark Cloud games, and it’s even currently the only way to play Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots.

Besides the ability to stream PlayStation Now on PS4 and PS5, the service works on PC if users have a PS4 controller. Regardless of whether users stream or download selected games natively to consoles, service subscribers also have full access to online multiplayer modes. Similar to Game Pass, games saved through PlayStation Now are transferred between PS4, PS5, and PC.

Nintendo Switch online

You care about a safe environment for children to play online

Nintendo has received a lot of criticism for the way it handles online multiplayer. However, for a brand considered more family-friendly than Microsoft and Sony, it makes sense for the Japanese giant to take extra precautions in the space. Although extremely tedious, the friend code system for connecting with other players makes it more difficult for children to interact with random strangers.

It also extends to communication. Outside of free-to-play games like Fortnite and Warframe, most games, including all Nintendo proprietary versions with online play, require the Nintendo Switch Online app (available on Android and iOS) for voice chat. It helps that Nintendo Switch Online also offers family plans that allow monitoring of various accounts.

Want to play a part of Nintendo’s Classic Back Catalog?

Having a Nintendo Switch Online subscription gives you access to dozens of games from the Nintendo and Super Nintendo eras. Along with proprietary classics like Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong Country, the membership also offers some very specialized third-party offers.

The gaming experience has also been improved, including the ability to rewind the game at will, instant save, cloud save and even online multiplayer for selected titles. For a flat fee of $ 49.99 per year, users get the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack. This not only includes classic titles in addition to the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games, but also unlocks downloadable content for games like Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Looking for the cheapest way to play online

Nintendo Switch Online is also the cheapest online service compared to Game Pass and PlayStation Plus. By itself, the service costs only $ 3.99 per month. At this price, users can play games online and enjoy the current selection of games from the Nintendo and Super Nintendo era. As an added feature, many compatible games offer the ability to save game data to the cloud as well as various special offers. People looking to immerse themselves in the world of online multiplayer have a great place to start with this service.

Choosing between Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online depends on the type of gaming experience you’re looking for.

If you want to play a large library of games that is constantly growing and spanning different generations of consoles, then Game Pass makes sense. We recommend that you go with Game Pass Ultimate as it includes Xbox Live Gold. Playstation Plus is ideal for casual gamers who don’t buy a lot of games and may need help from time to time. Meanwhile, parents concerned about their child’s online gaming habits can rest assured that Nintendo Switch Online will provide a safe experience at a very affordable price.

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Microsoft almost brought Xbox exclusive games like Halo to iPhone

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could play Xbox exclusive games on your iPhone? Instead of struggling to find and buy an Xbox console, you can play popular games like Halo on the go. Just a year ago, that was almost a possibility. Microsoft was in talks with Apple to bring Xbox-exclusive triple-A titles directly to the App Store. Spoiler alert: things did not go as planned.

Microsoft wanted Xbox games on the app store

A list of emails retrieved by The edge reveals Microsoft was trying to strike a deal with Apple to have major triple-A titles on the App Store using the cloud.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, better known as xCloud, is a Microsoft service that allows gamers on different platforms to play major Xbox titles without downloading or installing the game. You, instead, play it in the cloud . This saves you storage space, and in theory, it would have also helped the iPhone process those games without using its actual processing power.

Instead of subscribing directly to xCloud, you could have simply purchased Xbox games from the App Store and installed them on your iPhone. When you open the games, you are using Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming to run those games instead of installing them directly on your iPhone.

Microsoft’s plan was to use xCloud to avoid problems for developers and users. In the emails, you could see Lori Wright, Xbox Business Development Manager, worried about the many technical issues that installing a full game on an iPhone would bring. Not only would users have many apps crammed into the iPhone’s home screen and app libraries, developers would also have trouble updating each app individually to fix major bugs.

We believe that the issues described here will create frustration and confusion for customers, resulting in a poor experience on Apple devices compared to the equivalent experience on all other platforms.

Lori Wright, Head of Xbox Business Development at Microsoft

This happened around February 2020, at a time when Apple was having issues with all the novelty of cloud-based games.

Despite these issues, Microsoft said it could actually create each individual iPhone app, but still function as a shortcut for users to access xCloud. This would make apps lighter and easier to download, and it would still use only one network connection per device instead of one network per app.

What happened with this idea?

So who is to blame ? Microsoft or Apple. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. Microsoft’s proposals went against Apple’s guidelines for the App Store. The edge contacted Microsoft and the company confirmed that it was Apple that rejected its proposals.

Kareem Choudhry, CVP Xbox Cloud Gaming, said The edge that Apple’s demand that every game include Microsoft’s streaming technology stack was not feasible, and that would create a “negative customer experience.”

Our proposal to offer games through individual apps was designed to comply with the policies of the App Store. This was denied by Apple based on our request that there be a single streaming technology app to support individual gaming apps, as the initial email indicates. Forcing every game to include our streaming tech stack has proven to be unrealistic from a support and engineering perspective, and would create an incredibly negative experience for customers.

Xbox Cloud Gaming CVP Kareem Chodhry

An Apple spokesperson said one of the issues was the requirement to use in-app purchases within an app, which goes against the App Store review guidelines.

Unfortunately, Microsoft offered a version of xCloud that did not meet our App Store review guidelines, specifically the requirement to use in-app purchase to unlock additional features or functionality in an app. .

Adam Dema, Apple spokesperson

Is it still possible to use xCloud on iPhone?

While it’s unfortunate that Microsoft and Apple couldn’t come to an agreement, Microsoft still managed to find a workaround to bring xCloud to iPhone devices, even if that’s not what you want to see. you were waiting.

Currently, you can access cloud-based gaming services like xCloud or Google Stadia on your iPhone through Safari.

  1. Launch Safari and navigate to Xbox.com/play.
  2. Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass.
  3. Select the To share then select Add to home screen.

Unfortunately, playing from the Safari browser is nowhere near as user-friendly as an app would be, but it’s the only option we have. At least for the moment.

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Forza Horizon 5 Guide – How to Tune Your Cars

Playground games ” Forza Horizon 5 is pretty fun, whether you’re taking part in street races, building new festival sites, or locating barn finds. While you can customize it to look like an arcade the way you want, its simulation aspects are still incredibly robust. This extends to the ability to upgrade and tune just about every aspect of your car. While you may think that automatically leveling a vehicle is the ultimate solution to improving performance, manual tuning is a very important key in all of this.

All races from Forza Horizon 5 is the same. A straight road drag race emphasizes speed and acceleration, but grip and handling are more important for off-road racing (without sacrificing too much speed there either). Being able to tune your vehicle for the conditions and demands of a race can be difficult, but it can also provide a significant advantage.

To manually tune your car, go to the garage and select Upgrades & Tuning. Look for the custom upgrade option to specifically tune every aspect of a car. You can also tune a car before a race, but it is advisable to familiarize yourself with each aspect of tuning and what works best in which scenario.

Let’s take a look at all the different aspects of tuning, starting with platform and management:

  • Racing brakes – Options to adjust your brakes
  • Racing / Drift / Rally Springs and Shocks – Adjust the alignment of the springs and shocks
  • Front anti-roll bar – Adjust the front anti-roll bar
  • Race rear anti-roll bar – Adjust the rear anti-roll bar

Next are the transmission tuning options:

  • Sport Transmission – Setting for last workout only
  • All stroke transmission – Options for setting all gears
  • Sport differential – Only for adjusting the acceleration differential
  • Race / Rally / Off-Road / Drift Differentials – Tuning options for all differentials

Tires and rims have only one adjustment option for any tire compound. Aero and Appearance setting options can be divided as follows

  • Adjustable Front Bumper – Adjustment for front downforce
  • Adjustable rear spoiler – Adjusting the rear aerodynamic downforce

If you want to learn all the basics of tuning and what each option does, check out the video guide below from HokiHoshi. It allows you to highlight the option to adjust depending on the situation, the setting that will cause understeer and oversteer, etc.

Forza Horizon 5 is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. Check out our official review here for more details.

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Fallout 4 gets awesome new DLC-sized mod

Fallout 4’s incredible Sim Settlement 2 mod gets a huge DLC-sized expansion, adding new factions and mechanics to rebuild the Commonwealth.

Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2 title art

Bethesda Games are famous for their massive and bustling modding community. Skyrim is probably one of the most modified games available, and Fallout: New Vegas can’t be far behind. Fallout 4 It might not have as large a mod catalog as its older siblings, but it still houses a wide range of fantastic and very immersive mods.

Fallout 4 Sim establishments mods are among the most unique fan projects, overhauling the game’s payment mechanics. Now fans can download the latest installment in DLC format, Sim Settlements 2 – Chapter 2, which introduces an array of new Colony-related quests and mechanics.


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As the name suggests, Sim Settlements 2 – Chapter 2 continues the questline introduced in the main Sim Settlements 2 Mod. It also gives Fallout 4 two new joinable factions and three new side questlines. It also introduces several new mechanics like illnesses, faction headquarters, and more. This is in addition to the new objects, buildings and functionalities for the existing one. Sim establishments urban construction system, such as facilities dedicated to the health and hygiene of settlers.

Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2 Gunners

The new main quest is to keep rebuilding Fallout 4 Commonwealth and finally put an end to Fallout 4 The artillerymen. Although they are meant to be an army of ruthless mercenaries, they are little more than Vanilla-enhanced Raiders. Fallout 4. The game also feels like it’s missing a final showdown with the Renegade Mercenaries. Sim Settlements 2 – Chapter 2 fixes this problem and stuff it Fallout 4 faction in a way that makes them feel like a real threat instead of just annoyance. Meanwhile, the new side quests are all about helping establish an official police force, stopping the spread of a new epidemic, and bringing down a dangerous criminal syndicate.

For those unfamiliar with the mod series, Sim establishments began as an effort to respond to one of the main criticisms of Fallout 4 settlement system. Usually, it is entirely the players’ responsibility to provide food, housing, and jobs for everyone, building each house on their own. The original mod automated the process to varying degrees, even allowing players to delegate management of the city to a chosen NPC. Sim Settlements 2 has reworked the system again and introduces a new series of settlement-related quests with professional-grade voice acting.

Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2 Rebuilds Concord

One of the coolest new features is that Sim Settlements 2 – Chapter 2 finally allows players to begin the process of truly rebuilding the Commonwealth. If player-built settlements have a sufficiently large surplus of resources, people will start moving around pre-war ruins like Concord. Eventually, they will become functional towns, with their own defenses, traders, and quest givers.

Fallout 4 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with backward compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. Sim Settlements 2 – Chapter 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Source: Sim Settlements 2 – Chapter 2 on Nexus Mods

Fallout 4: Explaining All Its DLC Expansions And If They’re Worth It

The Fallout series has had some great DLC over the years, and Fallout 4 has some really stand-out examples for fans eager to get more from Fallout.

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Best Game Pass and Xbox Live deals

Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to grab a next-gen Xbox Series X, or you’re still playing on your trusty Xbox One, a subscription plan is one of the best ways to get the most out of your game. your console. Unfortunately, with three different membership plans, it’s not always easy to find the one that best suits your needs. We’ll break down the different subscriptions Microsoft offers and the best deals available on each plan so you can get exactly what you need for less.

There isn’t one, but three different services you can subscribe to to improve your Xbox gaming experience, so which one should you get? Well it really depends on what kind of gamer you are. You can see our detailed breakdown here, but here are the main differences so you can choose the plan that’s right for you:


If you prefer the multiplayer chaos of online gaming, then a Gold membership is pretty much a necessity. To play almost any game online, whether it’s running and shooting in the latest competitive shooter, or mowing down hordes of zombies with your friends across the country, you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to do this. Even if, since last April, free games like Fortnite and Warzone won’t need it anymore. Gold costs $ 10 / month, or you can purchase a three-month subscription for $ 25 and save a few dollars each month.

Game pass

If you prefer a single player experience, then Game Pass is a good deal. Signing up gives you instant access to over 400 games from the Xbox catalog. There is a huge range of games available, from major titles like Batman: Arkham Knight and Back 4 Blood, to charming little indies like Hades and Firewatch. Plus, classics from the 360 ​​era like Mass Effect and Fallout: New Vegas.

There are two versions of this subscription, one for console users and one for PC users, but they both cost $ 10 / month. The only major difference is that the PC plan includes an EA Play subscription, which adds a few more titles to your library and provides exclusive rewards and content for certain EA games. There’s also a three-month for $ 1 promotion available on the PC subscription available now.

Ultimate Game Pass

Game Pass Ultimate is the best of both worlds. At $ 15 / month, an Ultimate membership bundles both the Gold and Game pass for $ 5 less than it would cost to sign up separately. You’ll have access to the entire Game Pass library on your console, PC, and even your mobile device, plus a Gold membership so you can play games online as well. You’ll also get perks like exclusive offers and in-game content, and that includes the EA Play membership. For versatile players who don’t want to compromise, this is your best bet. And when you sign up now, you get your first month for just $ 1.

Contrary to comparable subscriptions for PlayStation, unfortunately there is no annual subscription plan available for Gold or Game Pass, which makes it a bit more difficult to consistently find them at a good value. While offers straight from Xbox sometimes burst, they’re inconsistent and usually only available to new subscribers. However, other retailers and third parties sometimes have deals on digital codes to help you save money every month. Here are the best ones we found that are available right now.


If you are looking for multiplayer chaos then this will be your best bet for good value for money. This Best Buy bundle costs $ 60 for an entire year, which cuts the monthly cost in half to just $ 5.


For PC users who want to try out tons of new games, this is a great deal. If you’re a new subscriber, when you sign up now you’ll get your first month of Game Pass for just $ 1, followed by two months free. This brings the cost per month down to just $ 7.50.


If you’re looking for the best value for your money, then this plan is for you. Ultimate already saves you $ 5 per month by bundling a Gold and Game Pass membership, and that six-month membership is on sale for over $ 20 less than it would cost you to pay monthly. At $ 69 in total, that brings the cost per month down to $ 11.50 instead of the usual $ 15. The bargains on Ultimate memberships are pretty slim, so this is the best value you’ll find right now.

It is unfortunately out of stock at the moment, but hopefully we will see availability in the next few days.

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What’s new in January 2022 for Xbox Live Gold members

It’s a new year, and we’re up for whatever Xbox Live Gold has to offer for our membership this year.

Understandably, that’s about as neutral as you’d expect to start a new year with one of the cheapest gaming subscription options, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The good news is that while none of the games are overwhelmingly exceptional, you do have some solid options for playing.

here are the offers for january and the dates they are available for download:

  • NeuroVoider, January 1 to 31
  • Failed, January 16 to February 15
  • Radiant silver pistol, January 1 to 15
  • Space Invaders Infinity Gene, January 16 to 31

January 2022 Xbox Live Gold highlights

The first is Neurovider, a 2016 double stick rogue-lite shooter with randomly generated maps. You can choose from three different game modes depending on the level of challenge you want to complete, three different robotic suits to wear, the skills you want and the stage. Of course, you can improve things along the way. And the music is pretty wonderful too. If you’re a rogue-lites fan, take a look at this one.

Failed released last year and is an open-world crafting RPG that really feels like a cross between Minecraft and Terrariums, just with a crazy storyline that sucks you in as you progress. The gameplay is pretty straightforward and the only thing you can struggle with is managing inventory as the world expands around you and you realize how much this game has to offer.

Radiant Silver Pistol is a remastered version of the 1998 Sega arcade game and is a classic brutal shooter. You’ll potentially feel like you’re playing a Souls game with how much you’ll end up dying at first before your weapons improve enough to feel like they’re doing something. And it doesn’t look like a dated game either (which is a bonus).

Space Invaders infinity gene takes the old-fashioned arcade classic to new heights. When you start to play it starts to look like the usual Space invaders. But the more you play, the more you progress, the more the game evolves around you, a bit more of an RPG than just the old arcade game. It’s definitely a different spin and still just as fun.

You can still grab one of December’s free games (Tropico 5 penultimate edition) until January 15.

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Three games coming to Xbox Game Pass in January 2022

Microsoft has not officially released its list of upcoming Xbox Game Pass titles for January 2022, but in anticipation of some upcoming releases, we already know of three games that are expected to go live next month.

The first is The Anacrusis, a four-player cooperative first-person shooter in which you are aboard a massive spaceship stranded on the edge of space. On the surface, The Anacrusis is not very impressive graphically or in terms of gameplay. It’s basically a horde mode where you fight endless waves of aliens.

But it’s what goes under the hood that makes The Anacrusis so compelling. The game aims to deliver endless replayability and it does so with its AI driver. The pilot controls all aspects of the game – enemy spawns, boss control, weapon and gadget spawns, and more. The goal isn’t just to turn things around every time you play, but to deliver the perfect difficulty for your party. He also knows which part of the story each player went through, so he knows which part of the story – the secrets of the alien attack, the relationships between the characters, etc. – to be revealed as you play.

January is actually filled with awesome co-op shooters, including Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, so it’ll be interesting to see how The Anacrusis fares when it releases on January 13, 2022.

Windjammers 2 is another game making its Xbox debut on Xbox Game Pass. A sequel to the 1994 arcade classic, Windjammers is a sports game described as Pong mixed with Street Fighter. The aim is basically to throw a frisbee at your opponent’s goal, but what makes this game so fun is the colorful cast of characters you play with. They have style, they have personality, they are serious about the competition. Windjammers 2 will be released on January 20, 2022.

And the third game that we know is coming to Xbox Game Pass in January 2022 is Pupperazzi. An indie title from Kitfox Games, Pupperazzi drops you off on an island filled with adorable puppies who need their photos. Interact with these dogs, take their photos and that’s it. Pupperazzi is scheduled for release on January 20, 2022.

That’s all we know for now coming to Xbox Game Pass in January 2022, but we’ll be sure to let you know if any additional titles arrive on the service.

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GOTY 2021: # 2 – Forza Horizon 5

It’s no secret that the Forza Horizon series from Playground Games has been awesome for a long time. These racing titles are separate from the more formal, track-centric Forza Motorsport games, and instead favor an open world and a more arcade-like experience than simulated realism. Since first appearing in 2012, Horizon games have taken us to America, Southern Europe, Australia, Britain and now more recently Mexico, in a game that’s hard to ignore. because nothing less than the best example of what the next generation Xbox consoles can serve.

Forza Horizon 5 is a prime example of what the near future of gaming will look like. Playground Games has delivered a premium title that doesn’t skimp on truly confusing visuals or engaging and gripping gameplay, and provides a preview of that. that can represent a decade of development of the racing series. It might not be a very different game from Horizon 4, or really any of the Horizons before, but it is the presentation of a game that has been built and sculpted with the finest detail in the world. foreground.

The cars look more realistic and gorgeous than ever, with the Mexican sunlight helping to accentuate the subtle nooks and crannies that make up the vast roster of automobiles of all types and ages. And then there’s the level design, which has been carved to such a precise degree that even the individual thorns on the many, many cacti dotted around the map are rendered into the game world. It’s an open world that’s more alive and realistic than we’ve ever seen before in a Forza Horizon game, and that is true whether you cruise gently along the golden shores of Baja or tear it apart through the lush jungles of Mexico.

Horizon games have always been known for offering a wide range of chewable content, and Forza Horizon 5 continues this trend by filling the Mexican world with a huge range of activities. Whether it’s traditional races, speed traps, stunts, barn finds, landmarks, bonus signs, wild Showcase activities or more recent Expeditions, the moment you’ve unlocked each one From the Horizon festival sites, the world map becomes an explosion of markers and colors that looks like a rainbow vomited over an atlas.

Then there are the activities that exist outside of the traditional world map. Similar to its predecessors, Horizon 5 features a range of Forzathon challenges to complete to earn a variety of unique and exciting cars for your garage, as well as a multiplayer mode that takes learnings from and expands on Horizon 4’s excellence. featuring fan-favorite Battle Royale mode, The Eliminator being available from day one. The breadth of things to do in Forza Horizon 5 is remarkable and at times a little overwhelming. Playground Games has managed to fill the map of Mexico to the brim, while providing an open world that is totally unmatched in the racing genre.

Forza Horizon 5
Forza Horizon 5Forza Horizon 5

And that’s precisely what separates Forza Horizon 5 from its competition, and why we put it so high on our list. It’s more than just a point-to-point or track racing game, and it shows clearly. The core mechanics are as good as ever, if not better, but Playground has created a world so dynamic, diverse, and complex that it’s hard to describe it as anything less than amazing. This series gets better over the years, and when you look at what has been delivered in Horizon 5, you can’t help but wonder what exactly Playground looks like in a few years, when this game’s monumental success finally sees itself. another suite on the way.

But more than that, the craftsmanship of this game shows the strengths of this British developer and what he can bring. Microsoft envisioned this team for the next iteration of Fable, and six months ago, before really taking a look at Forza Horizon 5, it seemed like a questionable and headstrong decision to give a racing game developer a chance on an RPG, but now we can see why. If a world of this caliber is within Playground’s capabilities then you can absolutely consider us interested in a Fable title from this team, in fact, we can’t wait to see how it really turns out. Until then, you’re going to have a hard time straying from our Mexican trip, as we still believe Forza Horizon 5 is the best Xbox Series game yet, even though Halo has made some very, very strong arguments for the same. title at the end.

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PS5 stock – live: latest console restocking news from Game, AO, John Lewis and more

<p>Looking for a shiny new console?  We are here to help you.  </p>
<p>“src =” https://static.independent.co.uk/2021/12/30/08/ps5%206%20copy.jpg?width=982&height=726&auto=webp&quality=75 “srcset =” https: // static .independent.co.uk / 2021/12/30/08 / ps5% 206% 20copy.jpg? width = 320 & auto = webp & quality = 75 & crop = 982: 726, smart 320w, https://static.independent.co.uk/ 2021/12/30/08 / ps5% 206% 20copy.jpg? Width = 640 & auto = webp & quality = 75 & crop = 982: 726, smart 640w “/></amp-img><figcaption class=

Looking for a shiny new console? We are here to help you.

(iStock / The Independent)

UPDATE: The PS5 is currently in stock at AO and is available for pre-order on Game. Read on for more information.

It has now been over a year since Sony’s last console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), arrived in the UK. But supply issues and a global semiconductor shortage triggered by the coronavirus pandemic have slowed production of the device.

If you didn’t find the console under your tree on Christmas Day, fear not, because the IndyBest team is here to help. It has been the best month for restockings on record, with several restockings taking place at Smyths Toys, Currys, PlayStation Direct, ShopTo, Very, Littlewoods, Game, Studio, Argos, EE, BT, Asda, AO, John Lewis & Partners and Amazon, but will this trend continue into the new year?

If you are still looking, you have come to the right place. Our live blog is here to give you the latest information on restocking from all major UK retailers, both online and in store, as well as providing details on release rumors, as well as the latest. PS5 games and accessories to buy.

Read more:

Check the UK PS5 retailer stock below:


Looking for an Xbox Series X?

The hunt for the PS5 at a retailer offering overnight delivery is real. If you’re as excited as we are for a next-gen console and don’t want to wait weeks for a bundle to arrive at Game, we recommend purchasing the Xbox Series X.

Our friends on the Xbox liveblog spotted it in stock right now at Currys and Game. Next day delivery for the Xbox is available from Currys, we might add.

If you don’t mind the wait to get the PS5, you can always buy it from AO and Game right now.

We have all the latest information on Xbox drops from all major retailers. So be sure to put your head up and read.

Alex leeDecember 30, 2021 10:50 AM


Is there a PS5 AO discount code available?

Unfortunately no, but we have a plethora of exclusive AO discount codes from The independent, which will save you money on fridge freezers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and more. If you want to buy cheap home appliances, we’ve got you covered.

Alex leeDecember 30, 2021 10:20 AM


Could ShopTo PS5’s stock drop soon?

Yesterday afternoon, ShopTo accidentally tweeted that it had dropped the PS5 digital editing console on its website. Obviously, he quickly deleted the tweet and hoped no one saw it. But of course we did. Luckily, the guys at @ PS5UKStock’s Discord server managed to take a screenshot.

(@ PS5UKStock)

Did they pull the trigger too soon? May be! The retailer likes to take the stock out on a Sunday, with a few Saturday drops sprinkled in between here and there, so we got to see a replenishment of the digital publishing console this weekend, and the scheduled tweet just came out at the wrong time.

Alex leeDecember 30, 2021 10:04 AM


AO cuts PS5 package to £ 570

* Press the microphone * Hello, AO? Do you read the blog? The retailer lowered the price of the Disc Editing Console Bundle with a copy of Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart and Spider-Man: Miles Morales come back to a much more attractive price of £ 570.

It’s still pricey considering the PS5 costs £ 449.99, but it’s a better buy than before. If you’re listening to AO, ditch the standalone console and give people what they want!

If you order it today, you can have it shipped as early as Sunday January 2 at the time of writing.

Alex leeDecember 30, 2021 9:28 AM


PlayStation Plus games January 2022


For those of you who have a PS4 or received a PS5 over Christmas, Sony just announced the free PlayStation Plus games available in January. If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, which you’ll need if you want to play online multiplayer games, you’ll be able to download below on January 4th.

The first PS4 game you get is Persona 5 attackers, which is an action RPG game with a metacritic score worthy of 83. The second is the offroad racing game Dirt 5, which is available on PS5 and PS4. The third is cooperative FPS game Galactic Deep Rock, which is also available on PS4 and PS5. So if you don’t have a PS5 yet, you won’t be missing out on anything in January.

You can read more about the games in the PlayStation Blog.

Alex leeDecember 30, 2021 9:13 AM


The PS5 is still in stock at AO

AO brazenly jacked up the price of their PS5 Disc Edition console bundle with a copy of Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart and Spider-Man: Miles Morales an additional £ 50 overnight. It now costs an incredible £ 620 (Ao.com).

It might have been worth buying before, with orders due to ship on Sunday 2 January, but £ 620 seems like a harder pill to swallow.

If you want both of these games, you can purchase this Game’s PS5 Disc Edition Pack, which includes Miles Morales, Rift Apart, as well as PlayStation merchandise for just £ 601.95 (Game.co.uk). The only thing AO has at the moment is that it will ship this week, rather than towards the end of January.

Alex leeDecember 30, 2021 8:54 AM


The PS5 is in stock at Game right now

(The independent)

After a whole week, the PS5 is miraculously still in stock at Game. The reason, let’s assume, is that the delay between ordering and sending the console is incredibly long.

Most consoles are scheduled to ship on January 21, with priority insured deliveries – which cost an additional £ 19.99, and come with a replacement console and £ 50 compensation if your PS5 gets lost in transit, will ship on January 7.

Alex leeDecember 30, 2021 8:39 AM


Where to buy the PS5 today?

Good morning PS5 hunters and welcome to another day of console inventory tracking. If you weren’t able to purchase a console yesterday morning, you’ll be happy to hear that the PS5 is currently still in stock at Game and AO.

Could we see another replenishment before the end of the year and we, Auld Lang Syne, heading towards 2022? Let’s hope so. We have our eyes on curries for now, but typical retailer styles are currently changing due to the holiday season.

Nonetheless, we’ll be there all day to bring you live stock updates as they happen. Let’s go hunting.

Alex leeDecember 30, 2021 8:22 AM


A recap of today’s PS5 replenishment events

Phew, the day was quite busy today for the restocking of the PS5! We had the long awaited John Lewis & Partners in the morning, the downside of the game is still going on – six days after the initial restocking – and AO is also in stock (although you have to – bypass the high demand message to get in your shopping cart).

Could we see more drops tomorrow from retailers with next day delivery? You’ll have to join us tomorrow to find out. Bye!

Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 4:55 PM


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Release date, download size and latest news

It’s almost time to assemble your team of Operators and tackle the unusual alien threat plaguing the world in Rainbow Six Extraction – the only question we have is how long do we have to wait for this? ?

Rainbow Six Extraction was hit with considerable delay last year, but now we’re looking down the barrel of the release date with no way to avoid it. Here’s the Rainbow Six Extraction release date and everything you need to know …

When is Rainbow Six Extraction released?

Rainbow Six Extraction is expected to launch on January 20, 2022. The title’s PlayStation Store page set 00:00 GMT as the unlock time – so we would expect this to be the same on the Xbox Store and on Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store.

If you’re looking to get a physical copy, then you’ll need to check with your local retailer to see if they have a midnight launch. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the store to open to pick up your copy!

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on the following platforms:

  • Playstation 5
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox one
  • Xbox Series X | S
  • computer
    • Via Stadia
    • Via Ubisoft Connect
    • Via Epic Games Store
Click to enlarge

STACK! – Are you ready to face a new threat?

Currently, there are no details regarding the required download size for this game. Rainbow Six Extraction will launch with 18 Operators, 69 Weapons, 12 Large Dynamic Maps and 25 Gadgets. With this amount of content, we would expect the game to be similar in size to Rainbow Six Siege. However, this is not a bad thing – the siege has diminished in recent months; each new update further optimizes the files to create a more manageable overall size.

We believe Extraction will need around 50GB of storage space at launch – but we’ll update you with specific numbers when they become available.

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The best Nintendo Switch ports of 2021 – SwitchArcade Special – TouchArcade

One of my favorite aspects of Nintendo Switch is revisiting older games thanks to the hybrid nature of the system which makes everything more interesting. The Switch allowed me to complete The Witcher 3 despite owning it on all platforms and never getting past the first dozen hours. Considering the large install base of the platform, many developers and publishers have introduced new and old games to the system. These end up being generally good but sometimes amazing. This feature will highlight the best ports and re-releases of 2021 on Nintendo Switch. This list is in no particular order.

Tetris Effect: Connected (Improve Games)

The Nintendo Switch has become the best place to play Tetris over the years (assuming you don’t use a Joy-Con “d-pad” of course) and it got my favorite Tetris game of all this year with Tetris Effect: Connected. Tetris Effect: Connected is the definitive version of Tetris Effect which debuted on PS4 and PlayStation VR a few years ago before seeing a few ports. It arrived on Nintendo Switch with cross-platform play and all content updates included from the get-go. works great for the platform in portable and docked modes. I would generally have a few caveats for a game with online play on Nintendo Switch, but being cross-platform helps a lot. I had no problem playing with friends on other platforms and instantly entering a game on Switch. Tetris Effect: Connected is another fantastic port for the Switch which is a must-have game if you love Tetris. The addition of an additional rumble on Nintendo Switch is also appreciated.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Nintendo)

The list of Wii U games I want to see ported to Switch keeps shrinking every year. While I will never stop waiting for Xenoblade X, Super Mario 3D World was high on my wishlist. Nintendo went above and beyond for Switch and even added a separate campaign in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury bundle. Super Mario 3D World is the original game with some improvements and improvements (and unfortunately a visual issue) while Bowser’s Fury is a new campaign which made me even more optimistic for the future of 3D Mario. I know the full-price Wii U re-releases aren’t great, but Nintendo has done a lot to make Bowser’s Super Mario 3D World + Fury worth it. It goes way beyond being a port and it’s one of my favorite Switch games of the year.

Tony Hawk Professional Skater 1 + 2 (Vicarious Visions)

When Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 was announced, I was quite surprised at the lack of a Nintendo Switch version. The remakes and ports of older games seem perfectly suited to Nintendo’s hybrid system. Fortunately, that was rectified this year when Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 finally released on Nintendo Switch. It’s a surprisingly good conversion of a complete remake. I’ve played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 on PS5 and Nintendo Switch so far and it’s worth being on both platforms if you wanted to experience a Tony Hawk’s Pro game. Skateboarding and you’ve never done it before. This remake was also my first time playing these games. My only gripe about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 on Nintendo Switch is that the physical release forces a download. If that doesn’t matter to you or if you’re going digital, the Switch version is a good way to experience Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. Just keep in mind that it’s not 60fps like other rigs.

DUSK (New Blood Interactive)

Given my love for both the original Doom and Heretic games, tons of people have recommended me to play DUSK from New Blood Interactive. I owned it on PC but never tried it properly until the Switch version. Glad I finally played through the Switch port because DUSK is fantastic and the Switch port is superlative. There are so many games that have mediocre Switch ports these days and I’m glad DUSK has one that plays and looks amazing in docked and portable modes. My biggest perk of playing DUSK on Switch is that I haven’t purchased everything New Blood Interactive has released to date. Hopefully 2022 will see the publisher bring more to Switch. If only more Switch ports were that great. DUSK is absolutely worth your time on Switch if you like Rise of the Triad, DOOM, etc. It also helps that the soundtrack is by the brilliant Andrew Hulshult who recently did some of the best songs in Doom history.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A new Power Awakens box set (CyberConnect2 / Bandai Namco Entertainment)

When I played Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on Xbox One X at launch, I was blown away by the beauty of how it translated the Dragon Ball Z aesthetic into an open-world RPG. The game itself remains my favorite of the Dragon Ball games alongside Dragon Ball Z FighterZ as well. Bandai Namco is known to bring some games to Nintendo Switch months or years after other platforms, but I was surprised by the announcement of this one given how it works on basic consoles. Port is surprisingly good in docked and portable modes. There’s a definite visual degradation compared to other consoles, but the frame rate generally holds up well and the full experience is available with some DLCs right off the bat. If you’ve ignored this on other platforms and want to experience it on the go, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set is a great port worth checking out. It is also reduced at this time.

Life is Strange: True Colors (Deck Nine Games / Square Enix)

The first Life is Strange blew me away when I played it. It delivered everything I wanted from a TellTale Games-like experience and more. The music and the memorable characters elevated it above most games of the genre I was playing at the time. I’ve been a huge fan of the show ever since and usually play every version on all platforms to get all the trophies and achievements. Life is Strange: True Colors was recently released on Nintendo Switch and I played it for review. Although my full review will increase in early January, this port is way better than I expected. Life is Strange: True Colors originally ran at 30fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X as well, which gave me a bit of concern for the Switch version. This Switch port got the love it deserves with smart tweaks to various visuals to detail the look while still performing well. Hopefully, the Life is Strange Remastered collection gets as much effort into the port next year. If you’ve wanted to play Life is Strange: True Colors on the go, the Switch port is a good way to experience Alex’s story.

The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the RevENTS Edition (Novectacle / Limited Run Games)

Initially transferred digitally and physically to PS4 and PS Vita via Limited Run Games, my all-time favorite visual novel arrived on Nintendo Switch earlier this year. The Nintendo Switch version allows you to play on the go or under a TV with all the features of the PS4 version. The PS4 version lets you roll back into a post-launch fix that the Vita version never received. These releases didn’t include the save transfer either, so The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the RevENTS Edition for Nintendo Switch is the definitive way to experience one of the best stories. If you’ve never heard of it, The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the RevENTS Edition includes the gothic thriller with amazing music, prequel, sequel, and more content in one package. It also supports full touchscreen, which is a must have for a visual novel on Nintendo Switch. It is now the version of the game that I recommend to everyone. It is so good.

Dying Light Platinum Edition (Techland Games)

Dying Light Platinum Edition is the first miracle port since The Witcher 3 was released on Nintendo Switch. I almost couldn’t believe how well it performed on a handheld compared to more powerful consoles when I first booted up the game. While there were a few issues at launch, the developers fixed them and even improved the experience around launch. Dying Light Platinum Edition also supports gyro and touchscreen which are both underused in third party ports. It also helps that Techland Games actually invested in a good physical version for Dying Light Platinum Edition having everything on the cartridge including all DLC up front rather than forcing you to download stuff like some publishers that sell cheap on Switch versions.

Spelunky 2 (BlitWorks / Mossmouth)

One of my most played games on PS Vita is the original Spelunky. When Spelunky 2 launched on PS4 and PC, I played it quite a bit, but I knew it needed a Switch port so I could dive into it like I did for the original. This year, BlitWorks and Mossmouth offered both Spelunky Switch games at the same time. Spelunky 2 is a great port and my favorite way to experience the game. If you haven’t purchased it yet and enjoyed playing Spelunky on PS Vita, your wait was worth it. I can’t wait for the crossplay update to arrive with every release so I can play with friends online on PC. Spelunky 2 is a little too difficult for newcomers (and for me after hundreds of hours with the original), but it ultimately got a great port to Switch. Go and get it.

Mushihimesama (live wire)

When Live Wire announced a Cave shoot ’em up trio for Switch at E3, I was cautiously optimistic about the releases. We’ve had a lot of mediocre old shoot’em up ports over the years, but Mushihimesama is one of the best shoot’em up ports on Switch. Mushihimesama, sometimes known as the Bug Princess, has seen various versions over the years. This Switch version works great on both docking station and handheld with lots of features to make the experience more accessible to newcomers. It supports tate mode, individual joy-con cooperative play, and more. This is a complete conversion of a classic which is essential for fans of the genre or newcomers to Switch.

While the Nintendo Switch still sells like hot cakes and the new OLED model has just been released, 2022 will likely see a plethora of ports arriving. What do you want to see in 2022 and what have been your favorite versions on Switch this year?

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The best alternatives to the Xbox Elite controller

More money, sweat, and tears went into the creation of the Xbox Elite controller than we could ever imagine, all as the creative forces at Microsoft headquarters strove to make the best controller the world has ever seen. ever seen. For the most part, they were also successful in providing a controller that gamers across the country could use as a daily pilot.

But the Xbox Elite controller – whether it’s Series 1 or Series 2 – isn’t perfect. For some, it’s a bit too heavy. For others, a little too chic. For more, it’s the price that keeps the Elite from becoming the controller of choice.

If, however, you want a pad in hand that can deliver what the Elite controller does, while being cheaper on the wallet and offering some extra twists, there are plenty of alternatives. Some are even preferential compared to the official offer.

What are the best alternative controllers to the Xbox Elite? We think the following is with a shout …

Turtle Beach Recognition Controller

turtle beach recognition controller

We will start with the Turtle Beach Recon Controller for Xbox, especially since all the players in the country know the quality that will be provided by a pad bearing the name of Turtle Beach.

The Turtle Beach Recon controller for Xbox is arguably the most industrial of all on our list, packed with buttons, gadgets, and gadgets. It may seem complicated to the naked eye, but once you understand the location of the buttons and how to use them, it’s a snap.

It’s a wired controller that needs to be hard-wired to your console for any use, but if you’re able to cope with that tether (and you’ll need it since most on this list are wired offerings), you’ll find the Recon Controller capable of handling just about anything and everything you can throw at it.

Up front, it’s the multitude of volume and EQ controls that will let you tweak things however you see fit, while the right joystick’s Pro-Aim sensitivity comes into the equation as well. But it’s the back where the Recon shines, with the addition of additional fully programmable paddles.

Yes, the Recon comes with that rather plastic feel that many Turtle Beach products use, but it’s a great option to have if you’re looking for a name to back the pad in your hand.

PowerA Fusion PRO 2 Controller

powera fusion pro 2 controller

If you are interested in purchasing a new PowerA controller, then our first instinct would be to push you towards their brilliant Infinite Specters – if only because having the possibility to light up your gaming sessions with all kinds of colors is a joy.

Fast behind that is the PowerA Fusion PRO 2.

Much more aligned with the Elite controller as the Spectra is the straightforward option, the PRO Fusion 2 feels glorious in the hand, especially when you have the soft-touch black faceplate in place over the sharper white.

It’s also aided by a simple volume control switch on the front, but those looking for an Elite alternative will no doubt be interested in the Pro Pack on the rear. Removable if desired, this Pro Pack contains four paddles that work pretty much exactly like the Elite’s. Programmable however you see fit and easy to hit (maybe a little too easy to hit), if you need the right custom buttons the Fusion PRO has it.

It also brings trigger locks if it’s your bag. You know, for when you have to prove you’re a sniper.

Nacon Revolution X Pro controller

nacon revolution x pro controller

Over the past few years, the Nacon team has grown. You would expect to hear that they pumped money into games, but it’s the props that they really stole, buying stuff like RIG and twisting things to make sure their name quickly becomes synonymous with masses of players.

As for the controllers, they abandoned the Compact Pro Controller on the market, but it is the Nacon Revolution X Pro controller who created the biggest wave.

Made for Xbox and priced under £ 100, it works from the same angles you’d expect from an Xbox controller, albeit with slightly enlarged, easier-to-touch face buttons for good measure. It’s nice to hold, too, while the triggers and bumpers seem like they can blend into each other perfectly.

Again, it’s what’s on the back that’s the best about the Revolution X Pro and the rear-mounted four button placement is probably the best of all the controllers on this list. They’re under your third and fourth fingers and that means they can be touched almost immediately. We think this layout is the best we’ve seen in an Elite alternative. In fact, we think the layout is better than the Elite itself.

When you include the free, downloadable Revolution X app that lets you tweak just about anything and everything on the controller (stick response curves, trigger travel and more), it’s easy to see how Nacon has done it. nailed the controller needs a lot.

The seal of the deal? The inclusion of Dolby Atmos sound, whatever headphones you decide to attach to the Revolution X Pro, as well as some seriously well-designed metal accessories that can increase the personalization and personalization even further.

He is a very good controller.

Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller

victor game controller

And then we have the self-proclaimed “World’s Fastest Controller” from Victrix. And again, this one is a pleasure to use.

Here we go, hit the market and claim to be the fastest controller in the world, but that’s exactly what Victrix – the eSports arm of PDP – is doing. They also seem to support these claims.

Quick or not though, we’re launching the Gambit Tournament Controller as a more than viable alternative to the Elite Controller, primarily because it’s a brilliant addition to the gaming scene. Replaceable faceplates let you choose between a stunning purple skin or a more classic white, while the light feel will certainly ensure that this is the option for those who are not quite sold with the heavy weight of the Elite.

There’s a ton of customization away from that, too. It comes in a case and comes with several controller and D-Pad options, as well as a few different paddles that attach to the back of the controller – it’s up to you whether you want two or four buttons on that paddle.

There is a very successful app that helps power the Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller on all new levels too, letting you customize almost anything you could possibly want. It is therefore seriously well configured for any player, whether he is an esports pro, an aspiring or your everyday casual.

DreamController Custom Elite Series 2 Controller

dreamcontroller elite series 2

Being cheeky, we’re also going to add our beloved custom DreamController here.

An Xbox Elite Series 2 controller that has been modified very slightly by the DreamController team, if you are looking for the Ultimate Elite option this just might be for you.

DreamController can take a standard Elite controller (or an official wireless controller for that matter) and tweak the procedures a bit, mostly in the form of a new visual outfit. While they also allow plenty of modding possibilities, our current favorite is the Black and Gold Marble effect that they added to our Elite Series 2.

It pretty much replaces the faceplate, allowing you to add a bit of style and panache to your gaming sessions. And while we love the look that black and gold marble brings, there are a whole host of others. skins available on DreamController direct. In fact, there is a bit of everything from standard color switches to designs inspired by Marvel, Anime, Manga, and even Harry Potter.

Granted, what DreamController provides isn’t particularly cheap, but the quality we’ve seen is of the highest level and so if you’re totally sold on the Elite Series 2 but want to be able to customize it more than the norm , we strongly recommend that you visit the DreamController team.

Ultimately, there is a wide range of alternative controllers available for Xbox gamers looking for something other than the brilliant Elite. But what is your favorite controller and did it put the Elite aside? Let us know in the comments below.

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What to expect from the Xbox in 2022

With the first anniversary of the Xbox Series X and S consoles, the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand, the release of the best Forza Horizon 5, AND the launch of the ridiculously fun Halo Infinite, Microsoft has had a lot to do. celebrating towards the end of 2021. Phil Spencer and his friends won’t want to drop the balloons and end the party just yet, and with a busy 2022 ahead, it’s easy to see why they would want to keep the celebration going. . Here’s what to expect from Microsoft and its host Xbox Game Studios over the next 12 months.

Xbox has games

One way to keep the momentum going is to focus on what gave Microsoft such a solid end to 2021 – great games. And an item on the 2022 roster will continue to support these big games from 2021.

Halo is back and arguably better than ever, but the most exciting thing about Infinite is that it’s just getting started. There’s so much more to come from developer Halo 343 in 2022, including the highly anticipated addition of Campaign Co-op, as well as fan-favorite Forge Mode. Multiplayer will of course receive regular updates, be it new maps, modes or additional improvements to the battle pass progression system which has been the only real mark against its name so far. .

Forza Horizon 5 saw over 10 million gamers turn to Playground’s stunning portrayal of Mexico within a week of launch. The studio has an excellent track record of delivering a constant stream of high-quality DLC to previous Horizons, so we can certainly expect to see some of it in the coming months.

Then there’s Bethesda, this small independent company that Microsoft bought for $ 7.5 billion in March 2021. Two Bethesda Xbox exclusives are currently slated for 2022, Redfall and Starfield. The first is an open-world cooperative vampire shooter from Arkane, who will be eager to replicate the critical praise he has received for 2021 Game of the Year contender, Deathloop. A departure from the studio’s traditional single-player campaign focused on the past, Redfall will be a new challenge for Arkane, but with a history of creating some of the most mechanical and intelligently designed games in recent memory, it doesn’t. there is no reason to doubt the studio.

Starfield is the first new series from Bethesda Games Studios in 25 years. A sprawling odyssey that director Todd Howard himself described as “Skyrim in Space”. Currently slated for release on November 11, 2022, we actually know very little about what we’ll be doing at Starfield, and that’s part of what makes it so exciting. Howard teased us by telling us that he was able to explore the great unknown, offering unprecedented freedom and going so far as to call it “the greatest, most epic sci-fi thing you can imagine”. If Starfield lives up to all that it could be, then Xbox might have its biggest exclusivity yet on its hands.

Back in the world of Forza, we may see the return of its older and more sensible brother in 2022. Revealed at Xbox Games Showcase 2020, a smooth reboot of Forza Motorsport from Turn 10 Studios could be ready to take his place on the starting grid towards the end of the coming year. Built from the ground up for the X and S series consoles, it will certainly be a feast for the eyes if the trailer in the engine is anything to go by.

As for other things that look visually stunning; Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Ninja Theory’s sequel to critically acclaimed Senua’s Sacrifice, appears to take full advantage of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. With the gameplay recently showcased at the Game Awards, signs are encouraging that development is progressing well. Again, another game we hope to play in 2022, but we just don’t know at this time.

Let’s move on to some of the games that we’ll be surprised if they not decline over the next 12 months. Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl is currently slated for release on April 28. The first in a series of four games to release on consoles, Stalker 2 will bring with it a legion of dedicated fans of the cult original. While this post-apocalyptic survival FPS might not be a laugh for a minute, it is sure to be one of the most tense games to release in 2022 and another opportunity for the X-Series to flex its powerful tech muscles. .

If you haven’t had your fill of first-person survival horror in the past couple of years by just existing, then Xbox has you covered. Battling Stalker for the Darkest Game prize is Scorn, a biopunk adventure inspired by HR Giger. If relishing the macabre and playing as a skinless humanoid battling macabre creatures on an alien planet sounds like a nice getaway, then I’ve got the perfect game for you. Originally slated for release in 2021, delays have forced it to October 2022.

The 25 best original Xbox games of all time

With a free-to-play Counter-Strike-style multiplayer developed by Korean developers Smilegate, and a single-player campaign designed by Max Payne and the creators of Control Remedy from Finland, CrossfireX has a unique flavor across the continent. If the Ends can bring some of their unique storytelling talent to the table here, it could turn out to be a surprise hit for Xbox when it drops in February.

When Rare doesn’t spend time constantly improving and adding unexpected goodies to Sea of ​​Thieves, he’s busy creating Everwild. A unique and breathtaking looking proposition, it is still largely shrouded in mystery. Revealed well over 2 years ago now, maybe 2022 is when we’ll take a good look at what secrets Everwild holds and maybe even play it out. With rumors circulating that development has been difficult and a 2023 release may be more likely, we’ll hold our breath for now.

However, not everything has to work on such a large scale. Having been at the forefront of the indie game boom in the early 2000s during the height of the Summer of Arcade, Xbox has not recently had as many indie exclusives as its competition. However, 2022 may well see that momentum return.

Somerville is a new mystery platformer from the new studio Jumpship, created by former Playdead co-founder Dino Patti. With plenty of pedigree working on independent classics such as Limbo and Inside, Somerville promises something similar. Tunic is a delicious looking adventure where you play as a fox on a magical quest. Unsurprisingly, many Legend of Zelda comparisons have been drawn, not least because both heroes wear green outfits, hold swords, and solve puzzles. Then there’s Nobody Saves the World from Drinkbox Studios traditionally aligned with PlayStation. A top-down dungeon robot packed with all the charm and character you’d expect from the people behind the Guacamelee! Games.

ALL of these games will also find their way to Xbox Game Pass, arguably the best gaming offering at this point, and these are all just the Xbox console exclusives coming next year. An assortment of great third-party games including Elden Ring, Dying Light 2, Suicide Squad, and Gotham Knights, to name a few, are due out in 2022. Plus, maybe even the X-Series version of Cyberpunk 2077 will too.

Equipment and services

Of course, in order to play some of these games you will need to own an Xbox Series X or S. Something that hasn’t been the easiest thing to do since these consoles launched. Console shortages aren’t new to the games industry, especially so soon after the launch of a new generation, but this time around, they’ve been harder than ever to find. Component shortages and the ever-evolving pandemic have of course offered unprecedented challenges – let’s hope things only get better from here in every way.

For those still waiting to get their hands on the next generation, xCloud is here to save the day. Xbox Cloud Gaming lets PC, phone, and tablet users get a taste of the Xbox action without having to own a console. Recently added as a service to any Game Pass Ultimate subscription, it really means that you can play all of the games mentioned above without even owning a console in 2022. It will be interesting to see how cloud gaming develops in this country. over the next 12 months, but with Xbox Cloud Gaming, it really feels like the future is already here.

One thing we probably won’t be seeing on Xbox anytime soon is a dip in the murky sea of ​​NFTs. In a recent interview with Axios, Phil Spencer described non-fungible tokens in games as something that “feels more like exploitation than entertainment.” While big publishers like Ubisoft and EA may well be heading in this direction, it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing any NFT Master Chiefs on the Xbox Store in 2022.

With a myriad of great games going on and plenty of user-friendly services continuing to flourish, 2022 is shaping up to be a great time to be an Xbox gamer. Beyond all this, the future looks bright for Xbox and its team of impressive studios. On the horizon are Fable, Confessed, The Outer Worlds 2, State of Decay 3, Perfect Dark, Indiana Jones AND The Elder Scrolls 6. It would certainly be a surprise (and you wouldn’t hear me complain) if the one of these was due out next year, but the promise of seeing more is pretty exciting. And that might be the best thing about being an Xbox gamer right now – it doesn’t look like this excitement is going to end anytime soon.

Simon Cardy doesn’t think he could be more excited for Starfield. Come talk about your favorite moons on Twitter at @CardySimon.

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8 best Easter eggs in Halo Infinite

Halo has a long-standing relationship with Easter Eggs and has even turned the process of finding skulls into a hunt in itself. Halo: Infinite is no different and is what the series has made people expect.

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It contains a good collection of references to the Halo franchise, paying homage to many favorite aspects of the fan base. Halo: Infinite’s open world asks you to explore and seek every nook and cranny, as you might stumble upon something that might thrill, scare you, or just surprise you.

8 A giant sandwich

Halo Infinite Easter Eggs 8 sandwiches

When looking for Easter Eggs in games, it is assumed that they will either have some attachment to the game they are in, that they will reference other games in the industry, or that they may be able to s ‘inspired by something famous in pop culture. Very rarely do you get an Easter egg that looks equally random and outrageous.

A giant sandwich can be found just south of the first Spire structure you take down as Master Chief. You will need to grab hold of a small hole in the rocks.


seven Craig’s gang

Halo Infinite Easter Eggs 7 craig band

During the original Halo: Infinite unveiling, internet critics became obsessed with a visually unappealing bully the community dubbed Craig. Well the devs ran with it, and besides giving the poor bully a facelift, they made him a rockstar who circled the Zeta Halo ring with his band.

The structure is simply known as The Tower – you meet her in one of the game’s first missions, and that’s where you’ll find her party setup. It sits at the top of the tower and requires you to resize it with your grappling hook.

6 Halo Arcade Cabinet

Halo Infinite Easter Eggs 6 arcade machine

Like most modern video game franchises, Halo owes most of its existence to the popularity of arcade machines in the ’70s and’ 80s which made people want to play video games in their homes.

An Easter Egg in Halo: Infinite brings the past and present together with a Halo arcade machine. It can be found quite early in the game, shortly after entering the open world. Just outside the Outpost Tremonius exit is a Spartan Core collectible, down a cliff to the right of the exit. Next to this collector’s item is the arcade cabinet in all its glory.

5 Blood Gulch Hologram

Halo Infinite Easter Eggs 5 Blood Ravine Hologram

When you talk to the veterans of the Halo series, very few word combinations resonate and spark nostalgia like the name Blood Gulch. This map has built its own legacy, and you’d be hard pressed to find a longtime Halo fan without their own Blood Gulch-related story.

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A hologram of this very location can be found in Halo: Infinite. Inside the Riven Gate outpost, in one of the banished underground tunnels, you’ll find the hologram in question.

4 Rick & Morty M. Meeseeks Box

Halo Infinite Easter Eggs 4 rick and morty mr meeseeks box

These days, it seems like a video game isn’t complete without an Easter Egg that references one of the most popular cartoons currently in production, Rick & Morty. Mr. Meeseeks’ box can be found quite early in the game, in the tower where Craig’s Easter egg is previously discussed above.

That place is the tower, and inside one of the building’s metal gates is the box. It can be found in one of the circular rooms as you ascend to the top.

3 Invisible Scorpion Tank Cannon

Halo Infinite Easter Eggs 3 invisible scorpion pistol

This Easter egg is rather controversial within the community as to whether or not it should be saved for a second party. You can get your hands on an invisible pistol that shoots like the Scorpion tank and can easily take down anyone or anything in your path.

It sits above the crashed UNSC ship that you spot just as you enter the open world of the Zeta Halo Ring after exiting the Tremonius Outpost and returning to the surface.

2 Xbox game setup

Halo Infinite Easter Eggs 2 xbox game cave

At this point in the Halo series, it’s clear that the alien forces that Master Chief is tasked with destroying are complete degenerates. The fact that they are hiding from their superiors and the battle to get into the game should come as no surprise.

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During the second half of the game’s campaign, you will need to close the tags. An Xbox gaming setup can be found just southeast of the northwestern most beacon. It will take a bit of clever wrestling to navigate through a hole in the roof of a nearby cave to observe the Xbox Cave in all its glory.

1 Character Dolls

Halo Infinite Easter Eggs 1 Master Chef Plush Doll

Halo generally does a good job of giving the iconic characters in the series a moment to shine and in Halo: Infinite, it goes the extra mile by giving them their merchandise in the world. Since there are so many of them, it would be impossible to list all of their locations, but for those who wanted to see the Master Chief plush, her doll isn’t hard to find.

After flying into the Pelican after the first open-world mission, players will land at a UNSC base. On the side of a nearby cliff, the warrior in green armor can be found huddled on a blanket.

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Halo-Red - Blue-Quotes-1
Halo: the best against reds. Blue Quotes

Red against. Blue remains one of the most iconic web series ever made. But which quotes are the best? The funniest ?

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REPLACED Game: What is the release date?

REPLACED seems to be one of the better looking platform titles to release on Xbox and PC in this generation, but when is the game’s release date?

The 2.5D sci-fi retro-futuristic action platformer has garnered admirers since the title’s reveal at E3, with many placing it among their most anticipated upcoming releases.

Sad Cat Studios, the team behind REPLACED, seems to have captured the Blade Runner / Cyberpunk aesthetic alongside the gameplay style of Another World perfectly, and the hype only increases ahead of the game’s launch.

Here’s everything you need to know about the potential release date of REPLACED on Xbox Series X | S and Microsoft PC.

Read More: Game REPLACED: Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay & Everything You Need To Know

Release date replaced

REPLACED is slated for release in 2022 on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox Game Pass.

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t given a more specific date for the game beyond that date, and there is no indication that we’ll be getting an official date in the near future.

What is known is that the game will be released as an Xbox Game Pass Day One version, meaning players who subscribe to the service will be able to play REPLACED on launch day at no additional cost.

Xbox Game Pass has a massive amount to offer gamers for £ 10.99 per month, including:

  • Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality games on PC, console and Android
  • New games are added all the time
  • Xbox Game Studios titles when they premiered
  • Member discounts and offers
  • Exclusive free perks, including in-game content and partner offers
  • Play games on your mobile phone and tablet from the cloud

Microsoft also recently implemented the Cloud Gaming version of Xbox Game Pass, which means gamers can also play titles like the Xbox Series S without having to download the game and use up storage space.

We’re hoping Sad Cat Studios will confirm a more concrete release date in early 2022, with gamers keen to get their hands on the sleek 2.5D platformer with some nostalgic nods to Paul Verhoeven-style futurism and Blade Runner. -style visuals.

We’ll update this page as Sad Cat Studios confirm the official release date for REPLACED on Xbox Series X | S and Microsoft PC!

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You can find all the latest gaming news here on GiveMeSport.

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Xbox Game Pass Final Update Will Remove Big Xbox Downloads | Games | Entertainment

Microsoft has confirmed that a number of Yakuza games will drop from the Xbox Game Pass library this week.

And for those who are fans of the series, this was a great time to own a membership, as most of the best are currently available for download and play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

But as part of the last Xbox Game Pass update of 2021, Microsoft will be phasing out the following titles on December 31:

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2021
  • The little acre
  • Yakuza 0
  • Yakuza Kiwami 1
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2

So this is the last advice for anyone who has saved these games to play them – your best bet is to download them and start exploring them now. Also note that many other Yakuza titles will remain in the Xbox Game Pass library, including the most recent – Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

And while Microsoft will be removing a number of games from Game Pass at the end of December, we also know a bit about what will replace them.

A number of games have been confirmed to replace these listed titles, including Anacrusis on January 13, as well as Pupperazi and Windjammers 2 on January 20.

For those looking for a new shooter, the Anacrusis is a replayable four-player FPS set on an abandoned spaceship, filled with monsters.

The full gameplay description explains, “Every time you play The Anacrusis the game changes. The AI ​​pilot controls all aspects of the game, he spawns every enemy, rules every boss, and places all weapons, gadgets, and health kits in the game.

“The goal is to offer the perfect difficulty according to the preferences of your group, but it goes much further than that. The driver knows which part of the story each player went through, so the secrets of the alien attack, the relationships between the characters and even more rhythms of the story unfold as you play. You’ve never experienced a cooperative FPS like this before.

Microsoft also made sure to add a bumper crop of games to Game Pass in mid-December to help cushion the blow, with some of the top picks listed below along with their official Xbox descriptions:

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth: Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth is a 2D Metroidvania-style action-exploration game developed under the close supervision of original creator Ryo Mizuno, depicting the previously unknown history of Deedlit and the events leading up to Record of Lodoss War : Diadem of the Covenant. Record of Lodoss War fans and brand new players alike can take full advantage of this latest installment in the series.

Transformers: Battlegrounds: With Earth under invasion and Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, on the verge of capturing The Allspark, Bumblebee and the Autobots need a new commander to help them restore peace to the universe – you!

Mortal Kombat 11: Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest installment in the critically acclaimed franchise, delivering a deeper, more personalized experience than ever before with an all-new custom character variation system that gives players the creative control to customize versions of the game. set of characters.

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How to download and play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

For Fortnite gamers who need to play the popular Battle Royale shooter on the go, here’s how to download the game on the Nintendo Switch.


Since the ever-growing battle royale hit digital store shelves over three years ago, Fortnite continues to be a cultural and gaming juggernaut for PC and console gamers. Indeed, the title has seen many free updates and expansions over the years, such as the latest Fortnite Winterfest event which adds new daily quests and holiday themed items which helps maintain a thriving player base. However, for those who are on the go but still want to experience these limited events while they last, here is how to download Fortnite for Nintendo Switch.


Before going any further, it should be noted that the PEGI gave Fortnite a Teen rating because it contains frequent scenes of mild violence. This PEGI rating only considers in-game content and not the touch element, where players may be exposed to profanity and offensive language from strangers in on-screen voice or text chat. . On top of that, Fortnite also offers additional in-game purchases, which may not be suitable for a younger audience.

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What is Fortnite


For the uninitiated, Fortnite is an online Battle Royale game where players don’t have to pay to play. Once downloaded and started, 100 players compete in a player-versus-player battle to be the last person standing.

Along with the gameplay, Fortnite Also features DLC seasons that allow players to unlock special items in a battle pass, play different limited-time game modes, and make new map changes that can affect the way games are played. play. Fortunately, almost all of this content is available on all platforms, which means no one is left behind.

How to download Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Once players have created a free Nintendo Account, they can now access downloadable software for Nintendo Switch from Nintendo eShop. Providentially, any software purchased by players is linked to their Nintendo Account and can be used on their primary Nintendo Switch console and, under certain conditions, on other Nintendo Switch consoles to which they link their Nintendo Account.


To download Fortnite, players must first select “Nintendo eShop” from the HOME menu to launch the digital storefront. From there, they can locate the game they are looking for by typing “Fortnite” into the search bar. Now if they click by fortnite cover, they will reach its product information page, where the “Proceed to Purchase” option will be requested. The selection of said button will now To download Fortnite to Nintendo Switch.

Although to access multiplayer content from Fortnite, players will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Much like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live, this is a service that charges players a fee of $ 20 per year for the ability to play the online multiplayer portion of video games.

Fortnite is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Player 067, also known as Camilla Araujo, in the adaptation of MrBeast's Squid Game on YouTube
MrBeast Squid game: who is player 067?

Popular YouTube creator MrBeast recently put together his own adaptation of Netflix’s Squid game, and Player 067 is once again his star.

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New titles announced for Xbox Games with Gold in January 2022

One of the perks of subscribing to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services is the ability to download four free games each month with the Xbox Games with Gold specials. To ring in the New Year, Microsoft announced the programming of Xbox games with Gold for January 2022.

Below is the list of games announced for Xbox Games with Gold in January 2022:

  • During the entire month of January (January 1 to January 31), Xbox users will be able to download NeuroVoider for free, an intense, cooperative double-stick shooter set in a cyberpunk world.

  • Between January 16 and February 15, Aground will be available for free download. This is a retro style survival game where you go from exploring ancient lands and hunting for dragons to a journey through the vast expanses of space.

  • Between January 1 and January 15, Xbox users can download Radiant Silvergun for free. This is a classic arcade shoot-em-up from the 1990s that was re-released on the Xbox 360 in 2011 and eventually on modern Xbox consoles via Xbox Backward Compatibility.

  • From January 16 to 31, Xbox users can download Space Invaders Infinity Gene, a reimagining of the popular arcade space shooter, Space Invaders. This game features over 140 levels to blast enemies, new power-ups to play with, and stunning new visuals that give the classic Space Invaders aesthetic a modern makeover.

These free games are just one of the many great features of being a member of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You can play online multiplayer with your friends on Xbox, PC and Cloud consoles, play Xbox games on mobile devices through Xbox Cloud Gaming, access hundreds of the best Xbox games for free for a limited time with Xbox Game Pass And much more .

All of these benefits are available to Xbox users who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions cost $ 9.99 per month for home consoles, and Xbox Games Pass Ultimate subscriptions cost $ 14.99 per month for home consoles and PCs.

Good games at a low price

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Play the greatest hits from the Xbox Library at an affordable price.

Have you ever wanted to play hundreds of Xbox games for a fraction of the price? Then Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is for you. With this service, you can enjoy hundreds of Xbox’s greatest hits for a low monthly fee. Whether it’s a AAA cinematic action game or an indie art role-playing game, this service will meet the tastes of all gamers.

We can earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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Windows Android 2022 apps: will it be a success? Xbox Cloud Gaming, more rivals to come

Windows 11 now has Android integration, but in 2022 it will add more to the service as it will bring more apps to work on the computer interface, which Microsoft has promised in its release. The feature is sort of a “best of both worlds,” and it brings together the best operating systems from Microsoft and Google to work together into one.

Windows Android 2022: will it be a success in its next releases?

(Photo: Pavlo Gonchar / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images)
UKRAINE – 2021/06/24: In this photo a Windows 11 logo can be seen on the screen of a smartphone with a Microsoft website in the background. Microsoft introduced Windows 11, the next generation Windows operating system (OS), at an event on June 24, 2021.

Chromebooks already have Android on its operating system and allow it to run on the computer’s operating system. However, it is an integration within the company’s products. According to Android CentralBig names are coming in to bring almost the same functionality as Microsoft, and Windows integration can have a tough road ahead.

Microsoft will grow up or come home, and that’s thanks to the improvement of the Android operating system in its Windows landscape.

The integration marks one of the first times Microsoft has worked with Google to showcase their work, despite being giant tech rivals in the industry.

Nonetheless, Microsoft is eagerly awaiting its integration and availability to link smartphone applications to the office.

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Windows 11 and Android: more apps for 2022

Windows promises to bring more applications for Android in its collaboration for 2022.

The expansion will bring a lot more to the table than 2021 has brought to the public, and that’s for the best of the company, especially since its users have high expectations of this crossover.

Windows and Android challenges

Windows 11 was released on June 24 and became available around October, bringing one of the most popular operating systems of 2021 to date. Now that the year is about to come to an end, it is now a question of how she would continue her service over the coming year, especially as she faces many challenges in her operations. .

Android 12 is Google’s latest operating system, and it’s slowly coming to different devices, with full release in 2022. One of Microsoft’s boldest initiatives for this year is the announcement of the system’s integration. operation from the smartphone to the computer. OS, and that’s by making Android available on Windows 11.

One of the biggest challenges it will face is Xbox Cloud Gaming, also from Microsoft which is a known rising star among gamers. However, it also faces the threat of Apple Arcade, which is available for iOS and macOS devices.

Microsoft is gearing up to improve its Windows 11 Android integration, and it’s coming in 2022. People are expecting a lot from that, because it’s something they want to see with full integration.

Associated article: How to use Windows 11 to find the forgotten WiFi password! Use these options now

This article is the property of Tech Times

Written by Isaiah Richard

2021 TECHTIMES.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Ultimate Knockout release on Xbox postponed to 2022

Xbox owners will have to wait a little longer before they can participate in the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game show hijinks. Originally slated for the summer of this year, Mediatonic announced in April that it would be delayed without mentioning a new window.

Fall Guys was rumored to be coming to Xbox with the launch of Season 6 thanks, in part, to advancements in cross-platform progression and cross-platform play; However, Mediatonic announced that unfortunately this would not be the case.

The company has promised to share more details with us in 2022, and the original Xbox Wire post has been updated to reflect the new 2022 launch window. So it would appear, barring any unforeseen delay, that Fall Guys should now be. launched at some point in 2022.

The delay is disappointing, but it’s important to remember that Mediatonic is still a relatively small studio, so bringing the game to other consoles isn’t as easy as a larger company. That being said, getting the game to these additional platforms (it’s also coming to Nintendo Switch) continues to be a top priority for Mediatonic.

In the meantime, Fall Guys remains playable only on PlayStation and PC. When it arrives on Xbox, it will be playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. And while it hasn’t even been mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to Xbox as a Game Pass launch title. This would make the download free for anyone who is an Xbox Game Pass member.

When Fall Guys launched on PlayStation, it did so as a PS Plus title. I fully believe this is attributed to the game’s success and exploding to become one of the surprise hits of 2020. If it were to launch as a Game Pass title, it would automatically find a user base that is essential for success. of this type of multiplayer game.

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The Caribbean’s first all-inclusive family resort is located in Turks & Caicos

Located on the Elysee shores of the Caribbean Islands known as ‘the last of the true exotics’, the all-inclusive Beaches Turks & Caicos luxury resort is the premier destination for families seeking an unforgettable tropical beach vacation.

This Beaches Resorts property, located on Providenciales’ famous Grace Bay, boasts 19 kilometers of pristine sand lapped by the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Beaches has been recognized by the World Travel Awards as the ‘World’s Leading All Inclusive Family Resort Brand’ for 23 consecutive years, while Beaches Turks & Caicos has specifically won the title of ‘Leading All Inclusive Family Resort of the Caribbean ”for 12 consecutive years. .


The family-friendly resort is made up of four distinctive villages, the theme of which reflects the aesthetics and vibe of Italy, France, the Caribbean, and Key West. Occupying an enviable stretch of world-famous Grace Bay Beach, Key West Village in particular offers stunning beachfront guest villas and expansive suites, designed to accommodate multigenerational groups traveling with up to 14 people. .

Guests of all ages and trends will find something to satisfy their appetite at one of the resort’s 21 restaurants, each offering a specific type of cuisine. There is something to suit every palate, with dining options ranging from an international menu, fresh steak and seafood, to pizzas and Italian dishes, sushi and Asian specialties, exotic Indian cuisine, Southwestern style dishes, Caribbean cuisine and classic American dishes.

Beaches Resorts’ “Global 5 Star Gourmet” program ensures that every dining option offers a five star dining experience, and everything is included with every stay. And now two new food trucks are available at the water park — Mr. Mac, “The Mac Daddy of Cheese”, and Curls & Swirls, “The Coldest Ice Cream on the Island”.

Lounge chairs on the pristine sands of the Beaches Turks & Caicos all-inclusive family resort. (photo courtesy of Beaches Resorts)

At 45,000 square feet, the resort’s Pirates Island Waterpark is the most thrilling waterpark in the Caribbean, with eight incredible water slides, a 650-foot-long lazy river, and a swim-up bar that serves sodas, ice cream and pizza. Children will also enjoy the juice and soda offerings available at the Trevi Swim-Up Bar, located at the Italian Village swimming pool.

Families with children will find all kinds of options on site to entertain the youngest members of their party, from toddlers to teens. There’s a fully supervised Kids Camp for toddlers, where they can interact with Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street, with character-led, age-appropriate activities. The resort’s exclusive “Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street” program also includes weekly Sesame Street parades and nightly shows.

Sesame Street Parade
Sesame Street parade on the beaches of Turks and Caicos. (photo courtesy of Beaches Resorts)

Older kids can mingle with others their age and enjoy some free time in the pre-teen Trench Town, a black-light-lit, urban-themed hangout that features arcade games , electronic basketball, lightning-fast air hockey, Sirius satellite radio that can be played on a state-of-the-art sound system, and huge flat screen TVs.

There’s also the Xbox Play Lounge, equipped with plenty of plasma TVs where kids can get lost in unlimited play of their favorite video games, including those on Kinect with Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. For older teens, Club Liquid offers a place to meet new friends in a stylish dance club setting with a South Beach vibe. Entry is limited to people under the age of 21 during the day until the space transforms into an adults-only bar late at night.

For more information visit beaches.com/resorts/turks-caicos.

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January Gold Countdown Games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Games | Entertainment

Free games will be released this week for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscribers, making them the first of 2022.

And while Games with Gold may no longer be able to keep up with the Game Pass title library, they can still offer some intriguing combos.

This month, Xbox One and Xbox Series X owners will be able to download the following titles as part of their subscription:


Set in a cybernetic world and featuring a soundtrack by cyberpunk artist Dan Terminus, face off against hordes of vigilante robots using endless combinations of nuclear weapons. Play co-op with up to four of your friends or go wild on your own in this twin-stick hack ‘n’ slash shooter RPG.


In order for humanity to survive and reach for the stars, you will have to craft and build. Whether it’s unlocking new tech, breeding dragons, or launching into space, the sky is literally not the limit. Recover what was lost and rebuild everything!

Radiant Silver Pistol

Restored by Treasure, the legendary vertical shooter returns with the same shoot’em up gameplay that made the original arcade version so famous. New additions, such as ‘Ikaruga style’ shooting mode, help increase the fun in this fantastic shooter.

Space Invaders infinity gene

The game that has defined video games for generations is back with a new twist. Play a total of 143 stages that evolve in both appearance and feel as you play. Unlock new stages, new bonuses and new features, all in stunning visuals.

A number of games have been confirmed to replace these listed titles, including Anacrusis on January 13, as well as Pupperazi and Windjammers 2 on January 20.

For those looking for a new shooter, the Anacrusis is a replayable four-player FPS set on an abandoned spaceship, filled with monsters.

The full gameplay description explains, “Every time you play The Anacrusis the game changes. The AI ​​pilot controls all aspects of the game, he spawns every enemy, rules every boss, and places all weapons, gadgets, and health kits in the game.

“The goal is to offer the perfect difficulty according to the preferences of your group, but it goes much further than that. The driver knows which part of the story each player went through, so the secrets of the alien attack, the relationships between the characters and even more rhythms of the story unfold as you play. You’ve never experienced a cooperative FPS like this before.

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These are the best video game deals after Christmas

We may receive a commission on purchases made through the links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change.

Whether ninjas, aliens or superheroes you prefer, there is a video game offering for you. (Photo: NetherRealm / Jackbox / BioWare / Ubisoft / Sony)

So it’s Christmas time now, and you or your loved ones have unwrapped a lot of cute video game consoles and gift cards. What to do now? Well, you’re going to need some fun games to play, and your favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, and Target have some great deals going on. We’re talking Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, even PC – games and accessories galore are on sale right now, and we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites!

Still looking for a PlayStation 5? We’ve got a few tips for you here: Walmart is putting aside a few systems for Walmart + members and making them available only through a special sale. Membership costs just $ 13 per month, or $ 98 per year, and you get a two-week free trial when you sign up here. But note that in order to take advantage of the special sales from PS5 Walmart + members, you must be outside of the free trial period.

Best Nintendo Switch deals

Jackbox Party Pack 7

Jackbox Party Pack 7

The holidays are a time of family reunification, although this year you might want to do it from a distance. Jackbox Party Pack 7 allows you to have fun together while being apart. Anyone Can Play: All you need is a web browser on a phone to participate. For people who like to draw and / or answer quizzes, this pack is great fun. The games also go away pretty quickly, so it’s easy to try them all out and find your favorites. Jackbox Party Pack 7 is for download only, so the only wait involved is the time it takes to install. Right now, you can save $ 12 on this fun family experience – it’ll be perfect for New Years celebrations!

$ 18 $ 30 at Walmart

More Nintendo Switch offers:

  • Animal crossing: new horizons, $ 50 (instead of $ 60), walmart.com

  • Crysis remastered, $ 30 (instead of $ 40), amazon.com

  • Five nights at Freddy’s Basic Collection, $ 17 (was $ 40), gamestop.com

  • Just dance 2022, $ 25 (instead of $ 50), gamestop.com

  • Ring shaped adventure, $ 70 (instead of $ 80), target.com

  • Super Mario Odyssey, $ 35 (instead of $ 60), walmart.com

  • Astro Gaming A10 Wired Gaming Headset, $ 50 (was $ 60), target.com

  • PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller, $ 40 (was $ 50), gamestop.com

Best PlayStation Deals


The fighters are mad; their even crazier attacks. (Photo: NetherRealm)

It is safe to say that the Mortal combat the franchise is a classic at this point, and the recent Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate contains everything gamers love about the series: crazy and imaginative characters, exciting moves, and even silly features like “Friendship” to finish off your enemies. This version raises the stakes by adding characters from other franchises, like the Joker, Robocop, and Rambo. It sounds crazy, but it’s also super fun and on sale for just $ 40!

40 $ $ 60 at Walmart

More PlayStation offers:

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS5), $ 18 (instead of $ 60), gamestop.com

  • Death loop (PS5), $ 23 (was $ 60), gamestop.com

  • Far Cry 6 Ultimate Steelbook Edition (PS4), $ 60 (instead of $ 130), gamestop.com

  • Underworld (PS4), $ 20 (instead of $ 29), target.com

  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5), $ 30 (instead of $ 60), amazon.com

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5), $ 50 (instead of $ 70), target.com

  • The Nioh Collection (PS5), $ 40 (instead of $ 70), target.com

  • Astro Gaming A10 Wired Gaming Headset, $ 50 (was $ 60), target.com

Best Xbox deals

In the battle

Face intimidating monsters and save $ 42.

Final Fantasy XII is not one of the most famous titles of the popular Final fantasy series, but maybe it should be. After all, it’s all there: a princess trying to reclaim her throne, ghosts, enchanted forests and even sky pirates. It’s so good that it got a brilliant remake a few years ago, a remake that pumped up the graphics and gameplay for modern audiences. And now it’s insanely cheap at Walmart: up to just $ 8; that’s a whopping 84 percent off one of my favorite FF deals. It might also be one of your favorites!

$ 8 $ 50 at Walmart

More Xbox deals:

  • Far Cry 6 Ultimate Steelbook Edition (Xbox One / Series X), $ 60 (was $ 130), gamestop.com

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Xbox One), $ 30 (was $ 60), gamestop.com

  • NBA 2K22 (Xbox One), $ 30 (was $ 60), gamestop.com

  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Super Edition (Xbox One / Series X), $ 25 (was $ 50), gamestop.com

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One), $ 25 (was $ 60), target.com

  • Astro Gaming A10 Wired Gaming Headset, $ 50 (was $ 60), target.com

  • Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller, $ 100 (was $ 160), amazon.com

  • Turtle Beach Recon Wired Game Controller, $ 50 (was $ 60), target.com

Best PC Deals

This mouse is so simple that anyone can use it in seconds.  (Photo: Logitech)

This mouse is so simple that anyone can use it in seconds. (Photo: Logitech)

If you’re looking to keep your setup simple, you can’t go wrong with the G305 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse. It’s a gorgeous mouse that comes in a variety of brilliant shades like blue, purple, and teal. As pleasant as it is on the eyes, it is also pleasant on the hands, thanks to its elegant and ergonomic curves. It’s a great companion for other Lightspeed accessories from Logitech, so your gaming space can be just as stylish as the rest of your home. Normally this mouse costs $ 50, but at the moment you can hang it in black for only $ 40.

This mouse has received a ton of rave reviews on Amazon. One gamer said: “The build quality is great, looks sturdy, perfect weight for me (in fact I welcome the extra few grams of weight the G-Pro has, no need for those AAA – AA converters for me) have absolutely no rattles, and the buttons feel great. “

40 $ $ 50 on Amazon

More PC deals:

  • NBA 2K22, $ 30 (instead of $ 60), gamestop.com

  • Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition, $ 6 (was $ 40), amazon.com

  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, $ 15 (instead of $ 40), amazon.com

  • Astro Gaming A10 Wired Gaming Headset, $ 50 (was $ 60), target.com

  • HyperX Cloud II gaming headset, $ 59 (was $ 99), walmart.com

  • Logitech G335 Wired Gaming Headset, $ 50 (was $ 70), amazon.com

  • Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse, $ 24 (was $ 50), amazon.com

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent versions at the time of posting.

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Older games are available on current consoles

Announcing backward compatibility news is a conversation that involves preserving old games. Support for older formats or titles from older platforms is usually not something that console makers want, both for technology aspects and for their own feasibility, especially when it comes down to it. is old cartridges and discs. Still, this is history and it was meant to be preserved.

Conservation is often done with unsatisfactory or expensive refurbishments or recycled cash in the box, which in some cases replace the original versions in platform stores. Ultimately, it’s up to the fans to keep the memory alive, when the distributors themselves seem unprepared to do so. But not always, fortunately.

In this list, we have gathered 10 choices of titles accessible on current consoles and as close as possible to their original versions.

Do you want to follow the best technological news of the day? Access and subscribe to our new YouTube channel, Canaltech News. Every day a summary of the most important news from the world of technology for you!

10. Final Fantasy VII

Let’s start with the absolute age icon Playstation. One of the first works Square Enix, which at the time was just Squaresoft, is still considered one of the best and most influential games of all time. With a story and gameplay that has not only changed the face of the genre but the industry as a whole, this is one of the things you should have on almost every gamer’s list.

While the new version has its own unique and impressive qualities, the original version is also available. The graphics have been remastered and reworked, but still bring the retro flair, as well as the soundtrack and turn-based gameplay, keeping the experience Final fantasy vii In the rare event that the new version coexists with the old version.

The game was originally released in 1997 on PS1. Today it is still available in versions for Playstation 4And Xbox oneAnd converts, iOS and Android.

9. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

We touched on the topic of games that changed everything, and this is another great example. Even today considered one of the best games in its franchise and also of all time, Epic Link for Nintendo 64 introduced the saga to the 3D world in an iconic way, with a striking soundtrack and a journey. in time which still surprises today. .

Nintendo has always recognized this importance and kept the game available on consoles after the original, although interested gamers had to buy it again. This is true even for the current generation, with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Be a star Initial listing of Nintendo 64 games accessing the Switch Online add-on.

This is where it can be played exclusively until today. The other Nintendo 64 games available on the service are Star Fox 64And Super mario 64And Mario tennisAnd Yoshi’s story e paper mario, also in its original version.

8. Donkey Kong Country

Also on Nintendo Switch Online, this is one of the highlights of the selection of Super NES titles. One of the absolute classics of the platform responsible for putting old and beloved characters back in the limelight, the title that surprised with its beauty and simulated 3D graphic style at a time when it was still a rarity. , draws attention to this day, so much for its gameplay and appearance.

Donkey Kong Country Features the main character and Diddy Kong while searching for stolen bananas. Among pirate ships, picturesque beaches and caves, and nintendo It excels in styling the platforms for which it has always been a big name, while also featuring audio themes that have become classics and pave the way for generations to come.

as told, Donkey Kong Country This is an SNES offer for the Nintendo Switch Online and can be downloaded and played on console by subscribers. The list of dozens of games available also includes character sequences, as well as Super mario worldAnd fox starAnd F-zero e the same fire, Among others.

7. Street Fighter II

The classic fighting game changed the game of arcade and arcade games when it was released in 1991. It turns out that a sequel to a series that hardly anyone knew was one of the definitive examples of what the video games, elevating Capcom to the position of developer of the high-end pantheon, and of course creating updates, changes and re-releases that occur until today.

One of the newest and most accessible is Capcom Arcade StadiumAnd A collection that brings to life the classic titles the company has released in arcade games over the past 30 years. Street Fighter II It appears in three versions, keeping the original version as well as expansions with new characters and game mechanics just like in their original versions.

The pack is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and can be purchased in whole or in part at lower prices. Capcom Arcade Stadium Also includes commando captainAnd ghoul ghostsAnd Electronic CommandosAnd Surveyor e Final battle, Among others.

6. Resident Evil Code: Veronica

As the series goes through many reruns followed by new episodes, it ends up becoming more and more outdated. The proof is that since the generation of the PS4 and Xbox One, it is no longer possible to officially play the classic titles of the franchise, initially released on the first PlayStation and only available on the PS Store.

dissident Resident Evil Code: Veronica This is an exception, but can only be appreciated by Xbox owners. The title, in its reformulated version, is available through backward compatibility with Xbox 360 even in X series| S, as Claire Redfield continues her plot to search for her brother Chris, all the while unraveling the secrets of Umbrella, which can be uncovered to this day.

The game was offered free to LIVE Gold subscribers in 2021, in a version that preserves aspects of the original game but adds lighting effects. On PlayStation 4, it can also be played in a version closer to its 2000 version than the console’s backward compatibility with PS2.

5. Mega man

After completing Capcom’s re-release, the Blue Droid was one of those that has been packaged in style in recent years, with nothing new being shown. At least fans new and old have something to pass on as they wait a few more years for new titles.

Almost all of the great games are available on today’s consoles. In 2015 the series of collections started with Mega Man Heritage Collection, which included the character’s first six titles, and an additional pack followed in 2015, along with four more. Finally, another pair of re-releases reunited the X Series in 2018, making the brand that started with Super Nintendo and considered by many enthusiasts to be better than the main brand.

All titles from heritage collection Available in PC version, Nintendo SwitchAnd Playstation 4 e Xbox one.

4. Death

When it comes to the classics available on today’s platforms, it’s hard to leave that aside. After all, we are talking about a game that defined the genre of first-person shooters, as well as making strides in the world of virtual reality. To this day, he’s still very much alive, while his franchise has been doing well and garnering accolades over the past few years.

The legacy is solid and current players can see it up close with full uptime and not just from death Original as well as its sequels and even exclusive versions for certain consoles, including its surprise release for the Nintendo 64. Among the free versions that accompany the latest titles or individual bundles, there is one for those who want to know how to bathe. blood started.

the first one deathIn addition to its sequels, versions are available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (findable on Game Pass, included) and Nintendo Switch.

3. The Lion King

Whoever played the game based on the classic Disney game, released in 1994 for Super Nintendo, has never been forgotten. This is due to the beauty of the title itself, which has done its best to emulate the art of cinema on home consoles, and the absurd difficulty that made the music “What I want most is to be king” They’re stuck in our heads, next to a bunch of hate.

the Lion King Recently returned to existing consoles as part of assembly Classic Disney Gameseven in physical media in Brazil. The package brought Simba and other classics, Aladdin, with versions for different consoles, re-recording features as well as to preserve the original.

The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

2. to dig

One of the first steps Steven spielberg It took place in the gaming world in 1995, in an absolute classic adventure for PC. Part of LucasArts’ Golden Age, the title also has a cast led by Robert Patrick (The Terminator 2 – Final Verdict) and high production values ​​were extremely rare in a game at the time.

The story of a mission by a team of astronauts to deflect a meteorite on a collision course with Earth turns into an expedition when the remains of an ancient civilization are discovered. In Cocytos, in a galaxy far, far away, Boston Low (Patrick) and his team will use their expertise and intelligence to figure out what happened and, essentially, how to get home.

Holes Still exclusive to the PC, it was relaunched in 2009 and is available on Steam and in all of its original aspects.

1. Sonic the hedgehog

Speaking of icons from the past that survive today, it’s hard to dismiss the Blue Hedgehog. The protagonist of dozens of games, with cameos in many other games and a series of awesome entertaining films, the amulet Sega It survived even when the company ceased to be a console maker and champion of the market war that lasted through the 90s.

Sonic was the antithesis of Mario, investing in speed and giant storylines, which can be explored in different ways. The first game, released in 1991, is still one of the best games of all time and as such was made available by SEGA left and right, along with the collection Mega Drive and Genesis Classics It’s one of the best ways to play the game these days.

Sonic the hedgehog It’s actually just a gateway to a tour of the best games on the platform. Available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the pack offers more than 50 games and exclusive features, such as online multiplayer and various editions. The list also includes names of interest such as Streets of rageAnd Shadow Dancer: Secret of a ShinobiAnd the monster has changedAnd Chameleon childAnd Columns And many more, including the sequel to Blue Hedgehog at Mega Drive.

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Ars Technica’s 20 best video games of 2021

In the world of video games, 2021 will be forever remembered as the year of major COVID accounts. 2020 was already tough, but many of its biggest games were mostly completed in a normal development cycle. The projects planned for the following year were not so lucky.

So, this year’s game news was rife with delays, very hot launches, unfinished messes, and game publishers scrambling to fill their schedules with under-prepared backup plans. And that doesn’t say anything about gamers themselves, wondering if crucial chips and parts could one day be plentiful enough for them to buy the latest console and PC gear.

Yet against all odds, fantastic games have yet crossed the 2021 finish line, ranging from big-budget behemoths to surprising indies. This year, in an effort to reduce rating-based anger and celebrate every game on our list, we’re removing numbered ratings, except for crowning an official Ars Technica choice for the best video game of. 2021 at the very end of the list.

This alphabetically ordered list includes everything from jaw-dropping praise to cautionary-filled considerations, but each game’s ability to smash that list of 20 is, in our opinion, a sufficient indication that every game deserves a second. look.

Ars Technica may earn compensation for the sales of links on this publication through affiliate programs.

Enlarge / Setting xenos on fire is my new favorite way to pass time.

Cold iron studios

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S | Buy on: Amazon, Best buy, PSN, Xbox, To smoke

If you’re a regular Ars reader with a fairly powerful PC or gaming console and some hot opinions on Convergence from Ridley Scott, HR Giger, and Dan O’Bannon, you’ll likely find something to like in the first co- operation game in the Aliens universe. Elite firefighting team Keep it simple: you and two friends use gadgets and big cannons to take out waves of even bigger enemies, mostly in the form of xenos, but possibly with Working Joes in the mix.

How does such a simple pitch compete with dozens of other cooperative shooters on consoles and PCs? AFE lands on this year-end list not because of refreshing new ideas, but because of solid execution. Cold Iron Studios strikes a delicate balance between designing a curvy battle arena, compelling enemy models, interesting co-op strategy options, and variable combat pace, all while stringing together a long and varied campaign with growing stakes. more serious than (shocking) Weyland-Yutani made a mess. During each campaign mission, momentum rises and falls in a way that’s perfectly suited to leaving your mic on and catching up with your teammates between intense firefights, while class-specific perks and weapons require. teammates to monitor and interact in a meaningful way.

This last quality contrasts sharply with the feeling of loneliness that I experience Back 4 Blood, a 2021 co-op combat candidate who struggles to catalyze collaboration between his teammates. I need more reasons to interact with online gaming teammates in 2021, not less. AFE gets that right in a well-executed package, although its peaks in difficulty will likely take your team to extremes of dying and trying again.

—Sam Machkovech, Editor-in-Chief of Technological Culture

Drive past a technicolor dinosaur in a shiny blue sports car: that's the way of life <em>Cruis’n Blast</em> at work. “src =” https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Cruisn-Blast-Screenshot-4-980×551.jpg “width =” 980 “height =” 551 “/ ></a><figcaption class=
Enlarge / Drive past a technicolor dinosaur in a shiny blue sports car: this is the Cruis’n Blast lifestyle at work.

Cruis’n Blast

Switch | Buy on: Best buy, Target, Nintendo Online Store

Many racing games have identity crises; they do not engage in realism or ridicule and get nowhere. This is not the case with Cruis’n Blast, which embraces as much as possible the noisy, garish and playful spirit of the arcade. It makes sense: The game was initially developed as an arcade exclusive in 2017 before being ported to Switch last September.

Cruis’n Blast is purely devoted to speed. You never have to take your finger off the accelerator once you’ve hit the gas. When you hit a wall, you don’t stop; your car simply rotates 360 degrees and keeps moving forward. There is no minimap in the lower corner, because even when you turn, the only direction you are going is forward. This is a game where you can still zoom straight ahead at 145 miles per hour while drifting and tilting your car to the side. This is all lovingly absurd: you can drive a tank or hammerhead shark and race through dinosaur infested jungles or UFO overrun cities. You can drift and do wheelies in a stealth helicopter (with accompanying car engine sounds). You can do a barrel roll.

There is no online multiplayer, although there is a split screen that can accommodate up to four players, which Ars appreciates, and many other racing games have more cars and tracks. (Forza Horizon 5, which almost made our 2021 list, is a better bet on that front.) Every race is more of a race than a competition: AI has a heavy elastic effect, and each track has scripted events that happen at just the right time. Winning means using your nitrous oxide at the right time and doing Mario kart drift-boost as often as possible, without taking over correctly. Still playing Cruis’n Blast is a rush, each race is an explosion of effects, colors and chaos for two minutes. You come in and go, and the game never pretends to be something it’s not. It’s a big, happy dose of honking unreality.

Jeff Dunn, Trade Editor

Isometric crossings, puzzles, and combat with beautifully rendered creatures await in 2021 in-game delight <em>Death’s Door</em>. “src =” https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/deaths_door-980×551.jpg “width =” 980 “height =” 551 “/></a><figcaption class=
Enlarge / Isometric traverse, puzzles and combat with beautifully rendered creatures await you in the 2021 in-game delight The door of death.

The door of death

PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S | Buy on: GOG, To smoke, Nintendo Online Store, PSN, Xbox

Browsing through this list, which is currently sorted alphabetically, you’ll find other games that arguably breathe more life into familiar gaming conventions than The door of death Is it that. After about 15 minutes of this top-down adventure game you will probably notice its merging of Zelda-like crossing and puzzles and Dark souls-as a mix of brutal battles, dodge and attack mechanics, and dead enemy spirits as bargaining chips.

But as 2021 drew to a close, we at Ars couldn’t let go The door of death like a first-rate gloss of the two concepts combined, much like the one from 2017 Hollow knight took our breath away as a familiar retread but brilliant of all things Metroidvanie. The door of death coaxes his players with a Tim Burton-caliber plot about pretending like the Reaper, but the real fun comes from the way studio Acid Nerve, which previously released Titan Quest, combines masterful combat controls with beautifully rendered stop-motion worlds and monsters. What if it was familiar, when the execution is so quick to play and beautiful to watch?

Better yet, after debuting earlier this year on PC and Xbox, The door of death has since spread to Nintendo Switch as a solid 30fps port – and we can’t say the same for other similar games on this year’s best list. So if a lot of your year-end game plans will be spent on Switch, maybe because you’re taking one on vacation, you’d better commit to The door of death than Nintendo’s 2021 Switch-exclusive re-release of Zelda: the heavenly sword.

—Sam Machkovech, Editor-in-Chief of Technological Culture

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Control is free at the Epic Games Store

Christmas may be over, Epic Games are still giving away freebies. Checkout is free again for one day only, continuing the showcase holiday celebration throughout the month.

The check will only be free for 24 hours, but once in your library you will be able to keep it. This giveaway is part of Epic’s holiday celebrations, which saw a new game get a 100% discount every day since December 16, which is slated to end on December 30.

Related: Control Is A Better Superhero Game Than Marvel’s Avengers Could Ever Be

In addition to the free base game, there is also a range of discounts for various add-ons. For example, you can buy the Ultimate Edition for half the price, now for £ 17.99. The two expansion packs also cost £ 3.19 each (60% off), but it’s best to bring the pair together in the Season Pass, which currently only costs £ 4.79.


Offers end tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. GMT, so you’ll want to tune in ASAP to get the most out of them. From that moment it will be replaced by another free gift, continuing the celebration of Christmas.

This is the second time that Control has been free on the Epic Games Store, it is first available for pickup for a week in the summer of this year.

Epic’s Christmas offers have been pretty good this year. Yesterday we got a Prey gift, which many maybe sadly missed because of, you know, spending time with the family. Other great titles on offer include Shenmue 3, Loop Hero, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Best of all, we still have four titles left, and the free giveaways only get better with each entry. There is no indication of what to do next, so we will have to check in at the store front at 4 p.m. tomorrow.

Control launched in August 2019 and is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and, of course, PC. If you prefer to own it on Steam, it can be redeemed at a 70% discount during winter sales.

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Off-road cars in forza with the trans flag in the background
“I quit the game immediately”: trans players respond to Forza Horizon 5 Deadnaming

Forza Horizon 5 speaks to you by name on your Microsoft account, but for some trans gamers this has unintended consequences.

Read more

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Error 0x80BD0006 when signing in or using Xbox Live features

If you receive the Error code 0x80BD0006 When you’re trying to sign in to Xbox Live or use certain Xbox Live features on your Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One console or on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 gaming PC, this article is intended to help you. In this article, we will provide the most suitable solutions for both PC gamers and console gamers to try and fix the error on their gaming device.

When this error occurs, it may mean that your profile is corrupted. The error can be triggered for one of the following reasons:

  • Incorrect billing information.
  • Corrupted profile (which includes inability to sign in to Xbox Live).
  • Maybe network problems.

Error 0x80BD0006 when signing in or using Xbox Live features

Depending on your gaming device, if you have encountered Xbox error code 0x80BD0006 While signing in or using Xbox Live features, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps resolve this issue on your Xbox console or Windows 11/10 gaming platform .

  1. Delete and add your Gamertag profile
  2. Check and update your billing information
  3. Check internet / network connection
  4. Contact Xbox Support

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved regarding each of the solutions listed.

Keep in mind that this error might be due to a temporary connectivity issue on the Xbox side. Therefore, before continuing with the solutions below, you can wait a while and check the Xbox Live status on support.xbox.com then try again if all services are operational. However, if the Xbox Live status is all green for all services, but you still can’t sign in or use Xbox Live features, you can try to troubleshoot any Xbox Live networking issues that you might be experiencing. cause here.

1]Delete and add your Gamertag profile

Delete and add your Gamertag profile

In the case of a corrupted profile, such as the Xbox error code 0x80BD0006 indicates, to resolve the issue, you can delete, then re-download and re-add your gamertag profile on your gaming device.

Proceed as follows:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • Go to Profile & system > Settings > Account.
  • Under Account, select Delete accounts.
  • Select the Account that you want to delete.
  • To select To delete to confirm.
  • To select Close once you have finished.

You have now successfully deleted the corrupted profile on your gaming device. To download and re-add your profile, follow these steps:

  • press the Xbox button on your controller again.
  • To select Add new in Profile & system.

To note: you will not create a new account when you select this option. You simply add your existing profile to the Xbox console.

  • Enter the email address or phone number you use to sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Type your password.

If you forgot it, select I forgot my password, then follow the instructions to recover your account

  • View the summary of the privacy statement, then select Following.
  • Select your Connection and security preferences.
  • See what you look like on Xbox, then select Following.
  • Choose your color, then select Following.

To note: The preference you are currently using at home appears with a checked box.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to return to the Homepage.
  • Scroll left from Home, find and select your gamertag, then select Login.

2]Check and update your billing information

Check and update your billing information

As already mentioned, you may experience display error due to incorrect billing information. This can happen when changing bank, card, or simply if your payment has failed once too often.

So if Xbox Live is working properly, you can check your billing information and payment options, and make sure you have an active subscription.

Your payment options include:

  • Credit cards, including prepaid credit cards.
  • Debit cards (not available in all regions).
  • PayPal (not available in all regions).
  • Mobile operator billing (not available in all regions).
  • Direct debit (Germany only).

AT update a payment option or your online billing address for PC and Xbox, do the following:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft account you want to update on account.microsoft.com.

  • Go to Payment and invoicing.
  • To select Payment options Where Address Book for what you want to do.
  • Follow the instructions to add /update your payment option or billing information.

To note: To change your default billing address, you may need to add a new address and then set it as your new default address.

AT add or update a payment option on your Xbox console, do the following:

  • press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • To select Profile & system > Settings > Account > Payment and invoicing.
  • To select Add a payment option.
  • Choose a payment option.
  • Follow the instructions to add or update your payment option.

3]Check the internet / network connection

Check internet / network connection

This solution requires you to check and test your Internet / Network connection. But, before doing this, restart your gaming PC or your Xbox console as appropriate, as well as restart and / or restart (refer to the user manual) your internet device (router / modem). Console gamers can restart your Xbox by following the instructions in the guide on how to fix the Xbox error 0x82D40003 that occurs when you launch a game.

Console players, to restart your Xbox, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on the controller to launch the Power center.
  • When the options appear, select Restart the console.
  • To select Restart and wait for your console to finish rebooting.

After restarting your gaming device and the internet, you can now test the network connection on your gaming device.

Console gamers can test the network connection on their device by following these instructions:

  • press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • To select Profile & system> Settings > General > Network settings.
  • To select Test the network connection.

If the network connection test fails on the console, it is likely that the Xbox console cannot resolve a valid DNS address to connect to the Internet. So, to rule out this possibility, you can check and correct that DNS does not resolve the Xbox server names issue which may be preventing Xbox Live connection.

PC players to test the network connection on your computer, follow these steps:

You can try the Full Internet Repair Tool or the Network Reset feature if your Windows 11/10 gaming PC is not connected to the Internet. On the other hand, if the network status shows Connected but the problem persists, you can try to troubleshoot any connectivity issues and fix the network and internet connection issues on your gaming platform. you can dump the DNS on your PC and see if that helps.

Additionally, if your computer is connected to the internet through VPN or proxy, you can uninstall your VPN software and / or remove any proxy server from your device and see if that helps.

Try the next solution if your gaming device has no internet / network connection issue but the error is not fixed.

4]Contact Xbox support

Contact Xbox Support

At this point, if the issue is still not resolved after trying all of the suggestions in this article and the Xbox Live status is up, you can contact Xbox Support and see if they can provide any assistance that is helpful for you. help resolve the current problem. .

That’s it! Hope this post is helpful to you.

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Why isn’t my Xbox Live working?

If you’re having trouble operating Xbox Live on your gaming device, follow these steps to resolve the issue: Unplug your Ethernet cable or, if you’re using Wi-Fi, turn off the connection through Settings and turn your internet device off and on and also hard restart your system. You should now be able to reconnect to Xbox Live without a problem.

How to fix a corrupt Xbox account?

To repair a corrupted Xbox account, you must delete the corrupted profile stored on your Xbox console and then upload your profile again. This involves a 3 step process which includes:

  • Delete your Xbox profile.
  • Restart your Xbox console.
  • Download your account again.

Is my Xbox account corrupted?

If your Xbox account or profile is corrupted, you can follow these instructions to fix it: Select the profile, and then select Remove. Try to upload your profile again. If you are unable to download your profile to your console, remove your Xbox hard drive, and then try to download your profile to a USB device.

Can’t connect to Xbox Live but the internet is working?

If you can’t connect to Xbox Live but the internet is working fine on your Windows 11/10 gaming PC or Xbox console, you can try the following suggestions to resolve the issue: Unplug your device’s network cable from game. Inspect the cable connector and Ethernet port on the gaming device to make sure they are clean and free of debris. Reconnect the cable making sure it clicks into place. Also try to connect via WiFi.

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How to watch 1883 Episode 3 Online from Anywhere: River

After two episodes on the Paramount Network, 1883 Episode 3 “River” makes its way to Paramount Plus as a streaming service exclusive. It arrives on December 26 with all remaining episodes of the race following suit. If you want to follow 1883, you will need to sign up for Paramount Plus. Lucky for you, there’s a 30-day free trial of Paramount Plus. Read on and we’ll tell you how to watch 1883 Episode 3 “River” wherever you are.

If you missed the first two episodes of this prequel series to Tyler Sheridan’s phenomenal Yellowstone, you’ll be happy to know that you can watch 1883 Episode 1 for free on Paramount Plus without even having to register. Keep on going. It’s here. Try it now.

If you want to jump in and watch Episode 2 “Behind Us, A Cliff” you’ll need to create an account, but you’ll get 30 days of Paramount Plus free if you redeem the code. ADVANCED SALE at registration.

1883 Episode 3 “River” continues the story of the Dutton family’s journey across the Great Plains with husband James (Tim McGraw), wife Margaret (Faith Hill) and their three children Elsa, John and Spencer, before the Dutton ranch ever existed. Danger, arrow-riddled corpses, weapon-armed vermin, and hostile American wilderness await you along the way.

So, get ready for a thrilling ride through the Old West as we give you all the details below on how to watch 1883 Episode 3 “River” online now with a subscription to Paramount Plus.

How to watch 1883 Episode 3: A Yellowstone Origin Story from outside your country

Out of the Country for Taylor Sheridan’s New Western Drama, 1883: A Yellowstone Origin Story, Episode 3? Then you won’t be able to watch new episodes due to annoying regional restrictions.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Downloading a VPN will allow you to stream all 1883 episodes online on demand, wherever you are. It’s simple software that changes your IP address, which means you can access on-demand content or live TV as if you were at home.

Use a VPN to watch Y: 1883 from abroad

united states flag

How to Watch 1883 Episode 3 Online FREE in the US

canadian flag

How to Watch Y: 1883 Episode 3 Online in Canada for FREE

flag of australia

How to watch 1883 Episode 3: A Yellowstone Origin Story in Australia

british flag

Can I watch 1883 Episode 3: A Yellowstone Origin Story online in UK?

As far as we know, no UK streamer has yet purchased the rights to 1883: A Yellowstone Origin Story from Taylor Sheridan.

But in more encouraging news, Paramount Plus will arrive in the UK in early 2022 in partnership with broadcaster Sky, and that should mean audiences across the Atlantic will be able to enjoy its entire library of content – 1883 included.

If you’re traveling on vacation but paying Paramount Plus, don’t worry. Just buy and download a VPN to re-stream the best shows anywhere.

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10 Xbox 2022 predictions that might be true, according to Reddit

The Xbox brand has had a very eventful journey since it entered the gaming scene in November 2021. The original console was packed with powerful hardware and featured several games that took advantage of the new Xbox Live, and the Xbox 360 continued. most of what his predecessor did well.

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The Xbox One generation proved to be more controversial as the mandatory Kinect integration and the proposed always-online requirements damaged the brand’s reputation, but changes in the company’s leadership brought about a return to the times. better. Now, with the dawn of a new Xbox generation and the precipice of a new year, fans are busy guessing what the Xbox Series X | S has in reserve in 2022. While some theories seem far-fetched, others seem likely to be true.

ten 2022 will be the best year for Xbox exclusives

Image of the main characters of Redfall

While there are several great Xbox One exclusives out there, Microsoft’s latest generation of consoles have been criticized for not having exclusives as powerful as the PlayStation 4. However, many gamers believe 2022 will finally see the release of more games. high-quality Xbox exclusives. That number will likely be bolstered by recent acquisitions such as ZeniMax, the parent company of developer Bethesda. DoctorTide Reddit post lists several exclusive games that fans should be excited about, including Red drop, Starfield, and Hellblade 2.

9 Console shortages will always be a problem

Xbox Series X promo image

Many gamers have struggled to find Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles to purchase in the first year of their lifecycle. Although the duration of the shortage seems extreme, unfortunately it looks like this shortage may continue until 2022. In a thread on delays, Redditor Busy_Service_3924 predicts that it won’t be until 2023 that the X-Series will be readily available on the shelves, and several others agree. Unfortunately, the combination of worldwide shipping issues and coin scarcity makes this prediction more than possible.


8 Microsoft will acquire SEGA

Sega Xbox Microsoft Sonic the Hedgehog Cover

Microsoft has never shied away from buying smaller companies that can contribute to their ecosystem (Xbox or whatever), and it hasn’t surprised a lot of people that they’ve continued this trend by acquiring game developers. However, few expected to buy a band as large as ZeniMax. The move has earned them exclusive rights to top Bethesda games, and gamers expect Microsoft to continue with its acquisitions. A popular guess, which Usernametaken112 repetitions, is that Microsoft will buy SEGA in 2022. This decision would help the console to gain ground in Japan, where it has always had difficulties.

seven Starfield to release buggy but be a Game of the Year contestant

Skyrim is famous for having some hilarious bugs, and most of Bethesda’s games have been the same. While the company has created some of the best open world games of all time, there’s no doubt that sometimes the breadth of their games comes at the expense of the initial polish. Redditor MarvelMind agrees, although they also note that several of these games have become genre-defining hits. Because Starfield will be a whole new (space science fiction) setting for Bethesda, it wouldn’t be shocking if the game contained a lot of unexpected bugs. That being said, the game is likely to impress if it achieves the lofty gameplay goals it sets for itself.

6 Gears Of War 6 will be released in November 2022

While Halo and Forza have recently posted successful franchise entries, Reddit post by Newtonius235 discusses a GeForce Now leak that suggests Gear of war Will soon follow suit with a new release in November 2022. While some fans cite the lack of any official communication as a sign the leak is incorrect, it makes sense that Microsoft would want a new one. Gears title as soon as possible.

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In the absence of a true next-generation launch title, the Gears of War 5 expansion Hivebusters was widely regarded as the most impressive software in the X series | S.

5 The next Forza Motorsport will launch in the third quarter of 2022

Screenshot of the Forza Motorsport 8 Reveal trailer

Forza Horizon 5 is packed with memorable locations to drive and boasts some of the best arcade racing in recent memory, but the game’s success has done little to appeal to fans of the franchise’s more realistic base games. It has been four years since Forza Motorsport 7 was released, and Forza subreddit user DaddyElon cites data leaks from Nvidia to support the theory that the game will release on August 8, 2022. While the specific release date is only a rumor, fans know for sure that the game will sport a whole new engine and leave drop the title number just be called Forza Motorsport.

4 The Coalition will publish a new IP

Gears of War 5 Marcus Fenix

Epic Games can now be famous for Fifteen days and their Epic Games Store, but the developer released several hits, including the Xbox exclusive Weaponry of war. After the first three main games in the series, the franchise rights were purchased by Microsoft, and the most recent titles were created by The Coalition. With the success of Gears of War 5 and its considerable expansion Hivebusters, fans such as Redditor cat_statue pieced together job offers to conclude that the studio is probably working on a new IP address for the first time.

3 Hogwarts legacy will be fun, but disappointing

Hogwarts Legacy will take players into the wizarding world.jpg

In 2018, an impressive trailer was leaked for an unannounced Harry Potter video game at the time. The trailer only showed a brief clip of the use of magic, but what was shown was more realistic than any Wizarding World game released. Fans now know the leaked footage was for what was to become Hogwarts Legacy.

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Little is known about this game beyond what has been shown in a brief reveal trailer, and ArachnosBlack predicts that the game will be solid while disappointing those who have exaggerated it beyond what is realistic. While it’s too early to know if the game will live up to it, it may be impossible to accomplish what many franchise fans expect.

2 Microsoft will release a streaming console only


The Xbox Series X | S has different specs and disk capacities, but many fans believe Game Pass’s focus on mobile streaming may indicate that a third “console” is coming in 2022. James12641 predicts that this console will simply be a dongle capable of streaming games via the cloud to televisions connected to the Internet. While this would only work for people with particularly high internet speeds, the technology seems to be in place for Microsoft already. This third console hopes to avoid mistakes and replicate the positives of Stadia Pro to deliver the first premium gaming experience only in streaming.

1 Several announced games will be postponed until 2023

stalker 2 wood

Covid-19 and its surrounding complications have caused delays in nearly every industry, and video games are not immune. Many titles originally slated for release in 2021 have been postponed to 2022, and NotFromMilkyWay predicts that a ripple effect will cause many scheduled games to be postponed until 2023. Even if the industry’s workflow returns to normal, delays may be necessary simply for scheduling reasons. Publishers prefer to space out similar games to maximize sales potential, and games already delayed from 2021 may cram the most desirable release windows.

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Split image of Kirby in Kirby & the Forgotten Land, Mario in Mario Party, and Pikachu in Pokemon BDSP.

10 times Nintendo won the internet in 2021

About the Author

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$ 1 NBN + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free

The telecommunications giant is cutting the cost of its Internet and giving away freebies to celebrate the New Year.

From Boxing Day through January 10, Telstra has a few cheeky deals for those looking to close deals after Christmas.

If you’re in the market for a new phone and are happy to settle for an affordable Samsung, you can get:

Prices are based on getting the phone with Telstra’s cheapest Upfront plan over 36 months.

You will also get:

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to over 100 games and exclusive Microsoft discounts and offers while you’re a member.

For those looking for cheap home internet, you can get almost any NBN plan from Telstra for just $ 1 the first month:

What do I get with a Telstra plan?

Initial mobile plans

Telstra mobile plans offer between 40 GB for $ 55 and 180 GB for $ 115 per month. You will also get:

  • Access to the 5G network on certain packages
  • No excess data charges – keep browsing over your limit at a maximum download speed of 1.5 Mbps
  • Unlimited SMS to international numbers
  • Share your data with up to 10 Upfront Mobile or Data plans on the same account
  • Free live sports streaming on the AFLW app

Initial Internet Packages

Telstra’s NBN plans start at NBN 25 and go up to NBN 250. They come with:

  • Some of Australia’s fastest speeds (Telstra consistently ranked in the top 3 in the ACCC Broadband Performance Report)
  • A free residential phone line with unlimited local and national calling (if desired)
  • Telstra Plus Reward Points

You will also get a Telstra smart modem included with your plan. If you leave before the end of 24 months, you will need to return the modem or pay a non-return fee of $ 200.

Sign up for $ 1 here

Are these Telstra offers worth it?

If you’re an avid gamer or own an Xbox, the Xbox Game Pass offer might be of interest to you.

However, since the phones themselves aren’t cheaper than usual, this deal is only really worth it if you’re already going to get an A52 or A32 and want some extra goodies out of it.

The $ 1 NBN deal is much better – you’ll save over $ 90 for the month on a Telstra broadband plan, and that’s great if you’re already looking to switch to Telstra.

Looking for other telephony offers? Compare everything from iPhone 13 plans to Google Pixel 6 plans. Or stick with your current phone and get a better SIM-only plan today.

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11 things new Xbox Series X, S owners should know: games, gear

Two next-gen Xbox consoles hang out in a black and green void.

Picture: Microsoft / Kotaku

Congratulations, you have a next-gen console. It’s hard to believe that more than a year after the launch of the Xbox Series X / S, it’s always so hard to find one. But you did. Or someone who really loves you and gave it to you for the holidays. How nice they are! Anyway, now that you have a new Xbox, you might be wondering what to do with it, or maybe you just want a few helpful tips to get you started and start playing great games like Infinite halo as soon as possible. Kotakuis here to help!

Make sure you have a free Xbox account

Although you can create an account on the console, using your phone or PC is faster, easier, and gives you a convenient way to save your password, allowing you to log in to your computer more efficiently. the future. Create the free Xbox account will allow you to access the Xbox store and record your purchases, so you can play all your games on other devices just by signing in with your Xbox account.

Download the Xbox app on your phone

Once you have an Xbox account, download the free Xbox app. This will make configuring the console much easier. Although you can set up an Xbox Series X / S console without a phone, using the app streamlines the entire process of signing in and configuring things like language, location, and Internet settings. Moreover, once everything is set up, the app can be used to message friends, send invitations, group chat, etc.

Check if your controller is up to date

I know, weird stuff that controllers can be updated, but take the time to check through the settings menu. From there go to “Devices and connections”, where you can update all the accessories connected to your console. The controllers can be updated wirelessly or via USB.

A very close-up view shows an Xbox Series X / S controller.

Picture: Microsoft

Configure automatic connection through your controller

If you trust everyone in your home or live on your own, this option is great and saves time! Go to the account settings section of your new Xbox and search for “Sign-in, security, and passkey.” From there you can link your currently active controller to your Xbox account. Now, every time you use this controller, your Xbox will automatically sign in with your account. Remember that only one account can be associated with a controller, and once you activate it, anyone will be able to access your account just by using that controller to turn on the console.

Calibrate your TV and Xbox

Your new Xbox is powerful and can produce great pictures, but the graphics will be even better if you make sure the TV and Xbox are calibrated correctly. Fortunately, Xbox Series X / S has super easy to use tools to polish and perfect your image, located in the video options of the general settings menu.

One of the tools here will let you know if your TV supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) colors, faster refresh rates like 120Hz, or Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology. If your TV supports some of these features, this same menu will allow you to quickly switch between these and others. Make sure you take a moment to get everything right. If you have a fancy TV that supports all the bells and whistles, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Once you experience a game running at 120Hz with HDR, you won’t want to go back.

Get the Ultimate Game Pass

While you can enjoy an Xbox without Microsoft’s Game Pass service, we strongly recommend that you give it a try. Game Pass is by far the best gaming deal right now and will provide you with a big list of great games to check out, many of which can be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes. In particular, all games published by Microsoft, such as Infinite halo and Forza Horizon 5, come for free with a Game Pass subscription. the Ultimate Game Pass The level also provides you with Xbox Live Gold, letting you play games like GTA Online and Battlefield 2042 online and gives you free games every month through the Games With Gold program. Ultimate also includes free PC games and cloud streaming. It is worth improving.

Oh, download the Game Pass app too

I know two apps for the Xbox look weird, but if you are interested in playing a lot of games through Game Pass, get the app. It’s easier to browse the Game Pass library through your phone, and you can start downloading and installing games through the app, which is handy if you’re at work or school and hearing about awesome new game which has just been added to the service. Start downloading it through the app and it will be waiting for you when you get home.

The Master Chief stands with his back to the camera while watching the surroundings of the Halo Ring.

Picture: Microsoft / 343 sectors

Start downloading great games

It’s time to take the plunge. A great way to start is to use our list of the best Game Pass games to see some of the greatest pleasures service has to offer. Some of the main recommendations include Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Control, Hollow Knight, and The outer worlds. But there are so many more. And if you’d rather be scared, we’ve got some thoughts on awesome horror games Game Pass too much.

Customize your dashboard and organize all those games

As you start downloading more games, your Xbox dashboard will start to get cluttered. A great way to combat this entropy is to create new dashboard sections. Just press the ‘two squares’ button on the controller (it’s called the ‘view’ button, by the way … weird) and you’ll find the ‘Personalize Home’ screen. Here you can change the colors, theme, and background of your dashboard and console. Most importantly, you can add and remove content sections from the main screen. For example, you can create a section called “Backlog” and paste all the games you want to play into it. Or you can organize by genre. Or whatever works for you. Even games that you have not yet installed can be assigned to these sections.

Consider buying a better controller and a better headset

I think the new Xbox controller is fantastic. But if you want something a little more chic, you can always switch to Elite Controller, an improved and more advanced controller hardware component. It features useful paddles on the back, as well as improved rubber poles and grips. Personally, I haven’t made the jump to an Elite controller – it’s very expensive – but many have praised it.

I can however personally recommend the excellent official Xbox headset. It’s easy to use, sounds great, and can sync with your Xbox and another device at the same time. This allows me to talk to people online through Discord on my phone, while listening to game audio from the Xbox. You can even use the button on the side of the headset to adjust the balance easily and quickly while playing.

Do it all before give it to someone

If you’re reading this before buying someone a new Xbox, or if you already have it and you’re about to pack it up, Stop! I highly recommend setting this up ahead of time, completing most of the suggestions above before giving the shiny new console to the recipient. That way, they can open it, plug it in, and start playing right away!

A new console is a great gift, but an even better gift is a new console filled with games already set up and ready to play.

Once you’ve connected your Xbox, installed some fun new games, updated your controller, and sorted out your TV settings, it’s time to stop reading this article and go play some video games. Well, unless you want to dig into the comments first, because I’m guessing a few readers might have their own additional tips and tricks. Either way, enjoy your new Xbox!

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Shacknews Best Xbox Series X Game of 2021 – Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was originally slated to launch alongside the release of the Xbox Series X, using the flagship franchise to push Microsoft’s new console. After repeatedly asking Xbox executives for more time, the team at 343 Industries finally convinced them to delay the game. Over a year into the console’s lifecycle, Halo Infinite has finally arrived. . The decision to delay the game for such a long time turned out to be the right one, as it is arguably the best Xbox Series X game of 2021.

Halo Infinite looks beautiful on the Xbox Series X. The world of Zeta Halo is vibrant and pretty, and the game delivers incredible performance using the latest generation of Xbox console technology. Additionally, the game is available at no additional cost to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Members can also play the game without wasting a single second waiting for downloads thanks to the implementation of Cloud Gaming on consoles.

Another brilliant aspect of Halo Infinite is its free multiplayer. Xbox Live was literally built on the back of Halo multiplayer, so it’s fair to say that there were some high expectations that had to be met with the latest entry. 343 Industries delivered by the shovel. Multiplayer feels like classic Halo, ditching some of the unnecessary elements of recent games and going back to the Halo 3 era. Combat is polished and the handful of maps available at launch feel like instant classics.

It’s fair to say that Halo Infinite had the most pressure on it than any other video game released this year. After all the memes, a turbulent development cycle and a full year delay, 343 Industries has done the impossible to deliver the best Halo game since taking over the series many years ago. The Xbox Series X has its killer app a year after its initial launch.

Watch the Shacknews Awards 2021 YouTube playlist or read our Year of the Games: 2021 article for all the awards in one place. We will be announcing our GOTY 2021 Shacknews on December 31st.

Donovan is a young journalist from Maryland who enjoys acting. Her earliest gaming memory is playing Pajama Sam on her mom’s desk on weekends. Pokémon Emerald, Halo 2, and the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 were among the most influential titles to awaken his love for video games. After interning for Shacknews throughout his university studies, Donovan graduated from Bowie State University in 2020 with a major in broadcast journalism and joined the team full-time. He’s a big Star Wars nerd and movie fanatic who will tell you about movies and games all day long. You can follow him on twitter @Donimals_

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The best controllers for gaming in your Tesla

The Tesla Arcade is probably one of the most unique additions to a car in recent memory. The addition of Tesla’s game console adds something to do when supercharging or could be a source of entertainment when Tesla vehicles are fully autonomous (although it could take a few years). It really revolutionized the experience of owning a vehicle for entertainment purposes.

However, some games require a controller and there are a lot of options on the market. However, each controller has its own pros and cons, and there are some products that are better in a pinch, and others that are better for a more enjoyable gaming experience. Whether you need a last second Christmas present or have just picked up your first EV and want a controller in case slower charging methods are only available on your first road trip , here’s the perfect list of what you can expect from each option:

The best deal: the EasySMX wired game controller


The EasySMX wired game controller is only $ 20 on Amazon and is even included in the e-commerce giant’s Prime program, so it can be at your doorstep in just a few days. It has a double vibration, a motor on each side and an ergonomic design that will provide playing comfort for your thumbs. (Sounds like a reach, but if you’re at a destination charger you’ll thank me later).

However, it has a lower than normal compatibility profile. So if you’re planning to use it for your Tesla, but you’re at a friend’s house who only has one controller, you won’t be able to run to your car and grab it. It will work on Windows, PS3, and Android, but not on Xbox One or Mac. It will also not work on newer and updated PlayStation models.

In for money. It won’t be the best option if you’re used to the high quality gaming pads on the market, but it will definitely get the job done.

Best Quality: Xbox Elite Series Controller


The Xbox Elite Series Controller is the best of the best. It starts at $ 179.99, which is a lot of money for a controller. However, this thing will likely last as long as your Tesla does. While Xbox gets a bad rap for the quality of its gaming controllers, this might be the best option for those who want longevity. However, it would probably be better to buy it if you are a regular player, as you might not get your money’s worth if you don’t play regularly enough.

It has an adaptable hand function which improves the precision and speed of the game. It has metal and rubber joysticks, which are interchangeable depending on your playing style. Yes, this is a purchase overkill for a Tesla only, but it’s also the best quality controller you can buy. You will need a Bluetooth controller adapter or USB-C cord for connectivity. You might be able to find one at a GameStop or BestBuy, but there’s a good chance you’re ordering directly from Microsoft.

It’s for the real players out there.

Most available: Xbox One wireless / wired controller


If you need something today, the Xbox One wireless or wired options are the best choice. You can find these controllers literally anywhere: Wal-Mart, Best Buy, you might even find one in an Ollie’s Bargain Store if you’re lucky enough. You can also find affordable used versions at game retailers. It is similar to the Elite controller, but with fewer options and lower quality. It’s a perfectly reasonable option for short-term gaming in your Tesla.

However, if you’re a more regular player, expect to buy around two a year. A common problem (which I have personally experienced for many years) is stick drift or catchy gamepads. Stick Drift is when your controller is not in use but is turned on and connected to a game, and your player is moving without you touching the joystick. After hours of use and pushing a joystick in one direction, say forward for a driving game, for example, those $ 60 controllers will start to catch this problem. This can be fixed temporarily, but it’s better to upgrade to a new one, at least in my opinion.

If you’ve forgotten your gaming nephew who owns a Model 3, a cool controller for Christmas, you can go to any major retailer and find one. We won’t tell them you forgot to buy them a gift.

The best value for money : PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox


If you want the Xbox One Wireless / Wired Controller, but can accept slightly inferior quality and awesome price, this is the choice for you. It feels, looks and reacts like a regular Xbox controller, and it’s available in many different colors. It just plugs directly into the USB port and you can start playing, it’s that easy!

For only $ 37.99, it’s available on Amazon and he is eligible for Prime; this is the best bang for your buck. It might be too late to hang it up to have it under the tree in time for Christmas, but it would be a great alternative for those who just aren’t convinced that the regular Xbox controller is better (it’s a good compromise).

I would love to hear from you! If you have any comments, concerns or questions, please email me at [email protected]. You can also reach me on Twitter @KlenderJoey, or if you have any topical tips, you can email us at [email protected].

The best controllers for gaming in your Tesla

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All I want for Christmas is Apple Arcade

Sorry for not having paraphrased Mariah in this festive season in the title there. Let me rephrase more precisely – everything I need for Christmas, it’s Apple Arcade.

While all eyes are often on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass (and not without reason) when the discussion turns to game services, Apple Arcade has had an enviable 12 months. The mobile game buffet continues to grow at a steady pace, adding more and more ambitious games and casual titles, as well as a handful of mobile classics.

At pocket prices for a monthly subscription, it’s totally upset the way I play games. And, coupled with ever more powerful iPhone and iPad hardware and a growing market for iOS game controllers to pair them with, after many years of testing, Apple is finally offering a legitimate alternative to rivals like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. . Yes, your first console should be a Switch, a PS5, or an Xbox Series X. But your second? With Apple Arcade, it should be the iPhone in your pocket.

Here’s a look back at Apple Arcade’s relatively short history, and how the past 12 months of great additions to its library have made its presence on my Christmas wishlist a dead certificate.

Disney melee mania

(Image credit: Apple)

A new challenger has appeared

It’s hard to call a company as big as Apple a “challenger” in any market it seeks to enter, but when it comes to games, that’s exactly what it is – du. less for the hardcore gamer. Aside from the doomed Pippin, he never puts himself in the same console space as Nintendo, Microsoft with Xbox or Sony with PlayStation, and so you can be forgiven for forgetting the high-performance gaming machine he has. put in your pocket in the form of the iPhone.

As a result, millions more people are playing games than without Cupertino’s smartphone, and the App Store is one of the biggest game libraries, if not the biggest. These are just games on a different scale – the genre you return to over and over again for five minutes at a time when there is nothing else to entertain you than your phone.

Apple Arcade then represented the company’s first major attempt in decades to position itself as a name that gamers of all faiths could come together under. Not just those who wanted to throw birds at pigs in castles, but also those who wanted to dive into full-scale adventures by some of the biggest names in game development. And these had to be exclusives – on mobile, at least – further enticing gamers to join the new $ 5-per-month service.

The initial response to the subscription launch in September 2019 was overwhelmingly positive. The library was well stocked with inventive and stylish games from top brands, performing well in all four major categories of Apple devices: phones, tablets, Macs, and an Apple TV set-top box.

But then there were the signs of a stutter. A Bloomberg report in June 2020, developer funding was withdrawn from titles in development, with the company focusing more on games that encouraged long-term engagement than on the oddities that had largely made up its initial roster. There was a feeling that the eccentricities that had made Apple Arcade so compelling, from the broken gadget simulator Carefully Assemble to the short but sweet fairy tale Pilgrims deckbuilder would be wasted in favor of more Candy Crush clones.

Fortunately, this was not the case. Apple Arcade has had its best year yet.

Arcade’s stellar year

Apple kept its commitment to regularly add new additions to its store and continued to reveal inventive and visually creative games throughout the year at a rate that made the monthly subscription fee seem like a drag. good deal.

Oceanhorn Chronos Dungeon kicked off in January, a clever multiplayer dungeon crawler with beautiful pixel art. But things got a lot more interesting at the end of January with NUTS: A Surveillance Story, which looked like Firewatch with a sinister squirrel and a unique filtered art style to complete its light photography-based puzzles.

Mars brought us Cozy Grove, somewhere between Stardew Valley and Don’t Starve, a survival craftsman who looks like a picture book, and has since proven its worth on PC and Nintendo Switch (where you’ll pay $ / £ 15 for the privilege to play it.

Apple Arcade

(Image credit: Apple Arcade)

My favorite of the year is Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker, which launched in March. It’s a gorgeous adventure title that ticks so many boxes – essentially a “build your own Zelda”, it has elements of Minecraft, Little Big Planet, and in-depth social sharing elements that let you post and play games. great games of other people. Both a simple introduction to game design and a full-fledged fun toy box, it’s as accessible as these DIY games. And it’s also great fun in multiplayer for short, crisp bursts.

The biggest service update of the year was the introduction (or should it be a reintroduction?) Of classic mobile titles in the Apple Arcade catalog in July. Dozens of paid apps like Monument Valley and Mini Metro have joined the service as Monument Valley + and Mini Metro +, along with classics like versions of chess, backgammon, and sudoku.

3D Fantasy Diorama

(Image credit: Mistwalker, Hironobu Sakaguchi)

A comeback of a whole different kind has come with the launch of Fantasian – perhaps the best looking game on the service. From Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, it was a full-scale JRPG to rival the classics of the genre, but with a little twist of its own – its digital characters ran around actual miniature dioramas handcrafted by the game development team.

Clap Hanz Golf was also a big robbery for Apple. An arcade golf game, it comes from the same studio that manufactures the Everybody’s Golf titles, usually reserved for PlayStation consoles. Clap Hanz Golf is, except for its name, Everybody’s Golf for iOS.

Another giant title was Monster Hunter Stories + for Apple Arcade. Usually £ / $ 17.99, this is an RPG from a steroid franchise that had previously launched on consoles. And while that diluted Apple’s original “Arcade games will be exclusives” mantra, it was hard to find fault with the free integration of a Capcom hit into the subscription. Likewise, the highly anticipated Baldo: The Guardian Owls debuted on Apple Arcade with releases for other platforms that followed each other very quickly – his Studio Ghibli-style art style was a delight, even when his Zelda-style adventures failed.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

(Image credit: Apple / Konami)

The long-dormant Castlevania franchise has also been resurrected with Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. It was a relief to see the long-running franchise rekindled, and Apple Arcade would have been the perfect outlet for a new 2D side-scrolling series. Too bad then that his final arrival is a pale imitation of the best Castlevania games of yesteryear.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for consoles remains forever delayed, but fans of minifigs and this galaxy far, far away may still find a solution thanks to Apple Arcade, which has added two new Lego Star Wars games in 2021. Lego Star Wars Battles launched first, mixing elements of real-time strategy and tower defense with PvP combat and familiar Star Wars characters. The most ambitious launch was Lego Star Wars Castaways, an MMO-lite that allowed players to carve out a Star Wars legacy in multiplayer quests in a brand new Star Wars location.

Lego Star Wars Battles

(Image credit: TT Games)

And those were just the highlights. In between all of the above, there were a host of other releases, each with an interesting concept, accessible for a quick test due to the try what you love nature of the subscription. It has been a fantastic year.

In a hurry

Now, with that Bloomberg report in mind, the fear will be that the 2021 releases represent the last titles to pass before Apple changes tactics with its Apple Arcade content approach, and that 2022 instead focuses on pricing. more superficial application games.

But even if that were the case, you now have a couple hundred games at your fingertips for just $ 4.99 / £ 4.99 per month – unlike other services Apple (so far at least) doesn’t. not rotate titles in and out of the Arcade Catalog. It is simply a growing library. And there are already classics there.

Third-party accessory makers also see Arcade’s long-term potential. The Backbone One Controller for iOS, awarded 5 stars in its TechRadar review, uses a mix of stellar hardware and a smart app to turn an iPhone into a legitimate portable gaming device to compete with the Switch, introducing a unified interface for all things to play. on an iPhone. A smart Apple would consider buying Backbone for its own branded Arcade controller accessories. In fact, it’s the Apple TV 4K that always seems to be the weak link – not powerful enough to do justice to the most demanding games, requiring a third-party gamepad, and without the storage capacity of an unlimited library. like this one feasts for multiple game downloads.

Disney melee mania

(Image credit: Apple / Mighty Bear Games)

Then to end the year we have Disney Melee Mania, a sort of multiplayer MOBA that will combine the addicting hero-driven gameplay from titles like League of Legends and Dota with Disney’s most recognizable characters in one all-powerful scrap. , ala Smash Bros.

Beyond that? Well, how about Proxi, a new game from SimCity creator Will Wright that appears to be part AI builder, part life simulation, and part human brain emulator. If that doesn’t sound like an ambitious premise, we don’t know what it is …

Add Arcade to your Christmas wishlist and make the most of this App Store gift card. Xbox Game Pass may steal all the headlines, but the best gaming deal is truly in your pocket with Apple Arcade.

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10 best licensed movie video games of the 2010s

Games based on movie properties have long since fallen into disuse. While they were nothing short of plentiful in the late 90s and early to mid-2000s, the rise of mobile games and ever-changing attention from gamers caused the popularity of adaptations to plummet. movie video games in the 2010s.

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This does not mean that the practice has been completely eliminated; toys with life titles like Disney infinity has seen many popular movie characters move through digital spaces and, although rare, some licensed movie games have managed to capture mainstream interest in recent years.


GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (2010)

A screenshot from the Xbox 360 2010 GoldenEye 007: Reloaded video game.

Local multiplayer had all but died out during the seventh generation of consoles, but Activision’s 2010 remake of the beloved N64 shooter, GoldenEye 007, based on the James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan, sought to bring competitive action back to the living room couch. Sadly, the surf was wrecked like a Call of Duty wannabe, and its Xbox 360 conversion, which debuted later that year, didn’t fare much better with reviews.

Yet it remains one of the most successful Bind games from the 2010s. Much more proficient than average Blood stone and vastly superior to universally panoramic 007 Legends, those looking for a modern James Bond game can’t get better than this.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

The cast of characters from the Toy Story 3 video game.

Toy story 3 doesn’t look like it would make a great video game adaptation; Pixar gaming experiences have a pretty haphazard reputation and something as abstract as the third Toy story the movie just isn’t a solid foundation for a video game.

Quite surprisingly, Toy story 3 for Xbox 360 was a well-crafted and wonderfully engrossing action-adventure title. It forgoes much of the drama of the film, instead telling an imaginative story while also mixing all manner of gameplay mechanics to form something worthwhile.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010)

Artwork from the video game Scott Pilgrim vs.  The World.

Beginning as a series of graphic novels, the Scott pilgrim The franchise was adapted for the big screen in 2010, with a video game linked to its debut in the same year. A memorable beat-em-up featuring incredible pixel art, it was taken off the All Platforms list in 2014 due to licensing issues and was only recently resurrected in early 2021.

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Fans of the Scott pilgrim the franchise is bound to love it, but an interest in the series is not a prerequisite for playing. It’s a major player in the indie pixel art renaissance of the 2010s, and gamers can finally embrace it for modern consoles.

Captain America: Super Soldier (2011)

A screenshot from the Marvel 2011 Captain America Super Soldier video game.

2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum revolutionized hand-to-hand combat mechanics in video games and made the dismemberment of a group of marauders both effortless and undeniably suave. Sadly, while Christopher Nolan’s trilogy was on everyone’s mind at the time, Rocksteady Studio’s efforts weren’t tied to the movies in any way.

Captain America: Super Soldier, however, was released just before the 2011 film and is part of an exciting time for the then-booming MCU. It rips off Akrham’s combat system by and large and couldn’t escape the idea of ​​being portrayed as a cheap copy, but those who enjoyed Batman’s releases on PS3 and PS4 will likely benefit as well.

Alien: Isolation (2014)

A screenshot of a xenomorph in the Alien Isolation video game.

Easily one of the best survival horror games of the 2010s, Alien: isolation was an atmospheric and terribly tense race that felt like a dream come true for fans of the franchise, especially after the disaster that took place Aliens: Colonial Marines, which debuted a year earlier.

Alien: isolation is not related to 2012 Prometheus, but it fits into the franchise universe as a pseudo-sequel to the 1979 original. Players take on the role of Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, and board the mysterious Savastapol space station in finding a solution to Ripley’s fate in the original film. Borrow items from Survive to, System shock, and all the rest, Extraterrestrial: Isolation is one of the best survival horror video games and has become an eighth generation classic.

LEGO Jurassic World (2015)

Artwork from the 2015 Lego Jurassic World video game.

Gaining popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Lego the franchise has become the Idem of the video game world; able to transform to fit the shape of almost anything. the Lego Games are nothing if they aren’t versatile, though upon closer inspection will reveal some striking similarities.

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In 2015, Lego moved to take advantage of the resurgence of jurassic park franchisee with LEGO Jurassic World. It was not one of the most notable Lego video game adventures, but those who adore platformer collect-a-thons can’t get better than this in the modern age.

Mad Max (2015)

A screenshot from the Mad Max 2015 video game.

While this is technically unrelated to the action epic of the mid-2010s, Mad Max: Fury Road, the release of Avalanche Studio Mad Max game in 2015 may not be a coincidence. It might lack the plot and depth of the film, but it certainly captured the rocky environments and visceral combat encounters.

2015 Mad Max is an open world title that mixes elements of vehicle combat with Arkham style melee combat to great effect. It might be a little too sprawling and barren, but it does a great job of depicting the tattered, shattered world seen in the film series it’s based on.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2016)

A screenshot of Ray, Finn and BB8 from LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens.

By 2016, the unchanging formula of Lego games had started to wear out a lot, but LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, an adaptation of the first film produced by Disney Star wars film, worked to reinvent the wheel by reimagining its cooperative mechanics and dubbing the series’ iconic humor.

The levels are varied and interesting, and the multitude of characters ensures that there is rarely a dull moment. the Lego games are still going strong in 2022, and that’s partly because of the success of this 2016 release.

Cars 3: Drive to Win (2017)

A screenshot from the Cars 3 video game.

While Cars was just one of Pixar’s many successes in the 2000s, it wasn’t destined to be successful as a franchise. Cars 2 was considered one of the studio’s worst releases, and Cars 3 didn’t fare much better.

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Oddly enough, the games they were based on were surprisingly competent. Cart racers with decidedly deep and multifaceted mechanics, they are right after Mario kart 8 in terms of playability. Cars 2 and Cars 3: Drive to win are essentially the same game, and either one could easily fill fans’ itching for an arcade racing title not released by Nintendo.

Friday the 13th: The Game (2017)

A promotional image for Friday the 13th The Game.

With the exception of the NES adaptation of the mid-1980s, the Friday 13 the franchise has never received a proper video game adaptation despite its incredible legacy. That changed in 2017 when Gun Media released Friday the 13th: the game.

While that clearly meant paying homage to one of the greatest slasher series of all time, the title launched in a horribly unoptimized state and received criticism from critics and gamers alike. Thankfully, over the past four years, the developers have worked to fix the game and cultivate something worthwhile despite the issues.

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Will the new Pokémon in Legends: Arceus be considered Generation 9?

Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer shines a light on the variety of the gaming world

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7 Xbox games can now be downloaded for free for a limited time

Xbox has created a classic Xbox 360 game that is free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers except the December Games With Gold line. In other words, it’s a bonus gift, but it requires jumping through some hoops while the game, Ikaruga, was made free through Xbox Live Gold Argentina, which means you’ll need to create an Argentina account, but it doesn’t cost anything. If it’s not too complicated, you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of similar offers out there right now.

Currently, through the Japanese Xbox Store, the following games are free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers: Zodiac children, by Blob 2, Stacking, and the mouth. In South Korea, Steredenn: binary stars is free. And in Taiwan, The king’s bird is free. Of course, as you read this some, if not all, of these offers may have expired. That said, keep in mind that you will need to be signed in to your Xbox Live Gold account to view the offer, otherwise the games will be listed at their normal price. Meanwhile, if you haven’t subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, you’re just out of luck.

Of course, each game above is playable on all three modern Xbox consoles – regardless of platform – via backward compatibility. That said, when you download these games, note that they are attached to your subscription. If your subscription expires, you will lose access to these and all other games downloaded for free through Xbox Live Gold until you re-subscribe. In other words, these are glorified rentals, but technically this is how any digital game property works.

For more Xbox coverage – including everything from the latest deals to the latest news, rumors and leaks – click here or watch the links just below:

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Rumor: Free Xbox Live Gold games revealed for January 2022

Xbox Live Gold users on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X will receive the following “free” games in January 2022. The January Titles With Gold selection contains two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games, like most games. month. Some Xbox enthusiasts expected the new year to bring free Xbox Series X | S titles, but it looks like they’ll have to wait until 2023 to acquire “free” games of the current generation.

Below, you can learn more about each game, find information on how long each will be available for free, and watch a trailer highlighting the lineup. the game lineup is up to $ 54 in savings, but that assumes you’re paying top dollar for each game.

The programming will be given in two phases, as is customary. Two of the four games will be released in early January, while the other two will be released on January 15. In the meantime, one of the four games will be free until February 15.

NeuroVoider: “Set in a cybernetic world and featuring a soundtrack by cyberpunk artist Dan Terminus, take on hordes of self-defense robots using endless combinations of nuclear weapons. Play co-op with up to four of your friends or go wild on your own in this twin-stick hack ‘n’ slash shooter RPG.

Radiant Silvergun: “Restored by Treasure, the legendary vertical shooter returns with the same shoot ’em up gameplay that made the original arcade version so famous. New additions, such as the “Ikaruga-style” shooting mode, help to enhance the fun in this fantastic shooter. “

Aground: “In order for humanity to survive and reach for the stars, you will have to craft and build. Whether it’s unlocking new tech, breeding dragons, or launching into space, the sky is literally not the limit. Recover what was lost and rebuild everything!

Summary of the news:

  • Free Xbox Live Gold games revealed for January 2022
  • Check out all news and articles for rumor updates.
Disclaimer: If you need to update / change this article, please visit our help center. For the latest updates Follow us on googIe News

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Xbox Live Gold announces free games for January 2022

Microsoft has worked hard to maintain its share of the console market. One of the ways they’ve made an impact is through Game Pass, the service that puts games for download on a subscription service. Before the advent of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft relied on freebies through Xbox live Gold. Starting at $ 10 per month, the service gives Xbox owners access to online gaming as well as some free games. At the start of each month, Xbox announces new titles that will be available with a Gold membership. Now Xbox has finally unveiled Xbox Live games with gold for January 2022.

What new games are coming to Xbox Live Gold in January?

While many people still prefer Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold still offers great value for the money. Being the cheapest subscription offered by Xbox, it’s easy to see why many would go for a Live Gold only subscription. This month, subscribers will have access to 4 games. Titles like Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, Radiant Silver Pistol, NeuroVoider, and Failed. While the Gold membership only includes a few new titles alongside some Xbox 360s, the value is still great.

With over $ 50 worth from games, Xbox Live Gold in January offers a good balance of free titles. While some may not always be amazing, the range and value is amazing. Seeing how you can keep the titles free, many prefer the service to other Xbox offerings. Despite this, Xbox Game pass hosts many newer games although they will all eventually leave the service one day. Still, while it doesn’t allow users to keep games, Xbox is at least giving notice when exactly certain video games are going to be removed from service.

So what do you think of the Xbox games with Gold for January 2022? Let us know in the comments section below!

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How to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold

Quick links

  • How to set up an Xbox Live account
  • How to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold

If you just bought a Xbox for the very first time ever, chances are you will want to know how to set up an Xbox Live account to get the most out of your powerful new Microsoft console. This page will tell you everything you need to know to make it easy for you to use these games on the Xbox Network, including what the names mean, what packages are available, and how much they cost in the US and the US. UK.

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We’ve done our best to make this article as easy to follow and understand as possible, and we’ve done our best to answer any questions we think someone new to the Xbox online ecosystem might have. After this visit to TheGamer, you should be able to associate your home console, phone, or personal computer in online matches with other users on Microsoft’s multiplayer network and focus on enjoying playing video games. Let’s get started.


How to set up an Xbox Live account

On the Xbox console

initial xbox series setup

To keep things simple, we’re going to assume that you’ve already set up your Xbox console hardware by following the instructions in the box. If not, please plug everything in and come back to us.

Once the console is on, you will be greeted by the initial setup prompts. Go through them as shown. This will involve set your language and location, verify that your display settings are correct, and connect the new device to the Internet.

Now that you are connected to the Internet, you will probably be prompted to update the Xbox system. Let the Xbox do its job and get ready for you. It may take a while depending on your internet speed, so take this opportunity to relax a bit.

When it is fully updated, it will finally be time to sign in to an Xbox account. If you’re already using other Microsoft services like Windows, Outlook, OneDrive, Office, or Skype, chances are you already have a Microsoft account. Use your email address and password to login to that and it will assign you a unique Xbox username. You can change this once for free, if you want to further customize your account. We can’t help you with this part, but we hope you are creative enough to come up with something.

If you don’t already have a Microsoft account, you can create one for free with any email address you have. It will ask you for some details (name, country, date of birth) and a password. Once you’ve filled in this information, you’ll also be asked for an Xbox username.

On Windows PC

how to create a microsoft account on pc

If you are on a computer running Windows, you probably already have a Microsoft account, but if you don’t, then You can register here on the Microsoft website. Click ‘Create an account‘and follow the steps, providing the details requested until your account is created.

Once you have a Microsoft account, use it to sign in to xbox.com or the Xbox app for Windows, and just like on consoles, you will be given a username (which can be changed once for free) that will be used every time you access the xbox network. You No need for Xbox Live Gold to play Microsoft games online with PC, but you’ll still need a free Xbox Live account (also sometimes called Xbox Live Silver) to play with friends who have a console on the Xbox network. Your username will be displayed to other people, so if you change it, be sure to choose it carefully!

You can also use a web browser to manage your Xbox Live account or any of your other Microsoft account subscriptions, by going to the “Manage my Microsoft account” button. You can find it by clicking on your avatar sitting at the top right of the screen, or by go to this link here, which will directly open the Services & Subscriptions area of ​​the website (if you are already logged into your account).

This is a useful page that you should probably keep as a favorite, as you can also use it to manage Office 365, EA Play for the Xbox console, and Xbox Game Pass. This is also the website to go to if you buy a digital game through the Xbox Network and are having issues.

How to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold

where to find the xbox live subscription menu

What is Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold is an additional subscription that you can choose to purchase, the main benefit of which is that it allows you to play games online with others. You won’t need it for something like Fortnite Battle Royale, but you will absolutely need it to play big AAA games such as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.

Active Xbox Live Gold subscribers also get access to new games every month with Games With Gold. and are eligible for exclusive Microsoft Store offers through Deals With Gold.

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is another subscription that gives users all the benefits of Xbox Game Pass, EA Play for console, and Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Game Pass and EA Play are services that look a bit like Netflix, offering users a rental library of over 100 games to play. You can download these titles or stream them over the Internet just like you would for TV shows, movies, or music.

How to sign up for Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass

Now that you’re signed in, it’s easy to sign up for Xbox Live Gold. Go to the Microsoft Store and under Games you’ll find Subscriptions. Xbox Live is listed there as one of the options, alongside Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate..

Choose the subscription plan you like, activate it and note the renewal date so you won’t be caught off guard when they bill you again. Congratulation! You now have Xbox Live Gold.

A single account on an Xbox system requires Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass for anyone on the console to enjoy its benefits, so you don’t need multiple subscriptions.

How much do Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass cost?

You can purchase several subscription plans that include access to Xbox Live Gold. The table below will explain each in more detail:

Plan name What you get Price
Xbox Live Gold for 1 month
  • Play online with Xbox Live
  • At least 4 Games With Gold per month
  • Discounts and offers with gold
$ 9.99 / £ 6.99 per month
Xbox Live Gold for 3 months
  • Play online with Xbox Live
  • At least 4 Games With Gold per month
  • Discounts and offers with gold
$ 24.99 / £ 17.99 per month
Xbox Game Pass for 1 month
  • Does not include online play with Xbox Live
  • Unlimited access to over 100 games on Xbox
  • Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games from day one
  • Discounts and offers with Xbox Game Pass
$ 9.99 / £ 7.99 per month
Xbox Game Pass for 3 months
  • Does not include online play with Xbox Live
  • Unlimited access to over 100 games on Xbox
  • Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games from day one
  • Discounts and offers with Xbox Game Pass
$ 29.99 / £ 23.99 every 3 months
PC game pass for 1 month
  • Play online with Xbox Live
  • Unlimited access to over 100 PC games
  • Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games from day one
  • EA Play for PC
  • Discounts and offers with Xbox Game Pass
$ 9.99 / £ 7.99 per month
PC game pass for 3 months
  • Play online with Xbox Live
  • Unlimited access to over 100 PC games
  • Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games from day one
  • EA Play for PC
  • Discounts and offers with Xbox Game Pass
$ 29.99 / £ 23.99 every 3 months
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 1 month
  • Play online with Xbox Live
  • Unlimited access to over 100 games on Xbox
  • Unlimited access to over 100 PC games
  • Xbox cloud games on mobile
  • Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games from day one
  • EA Play for console
  • EA Play for PC
  • Discounts and offers with Xbox Game Pass
  • Discounts and offers with gold
$ 14.99 / £ 10.99 per month
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 3 months
  • Play online with Xbox Live
  • Unlimited access to over 100 games on Xbox
  • Unlimited access to over 100 PC games
  • Xbox cloud games on mobile
  • Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games from day one
  • EA Play for console
  • EA Play for PC
  • Discounts and offers with Xbox Game Pass
  • Discounts and offers with gold
$ 44.99 / £ 32.99 every 3 months

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Off-road cars in forza with the trans flag in the background
“I quit the game immediately”: trans players respond to Forza Horizon 5 Deadnaming

Forza Horizon 5 speaks to you by name on your Microsoft account, but for some trans gamers this has unintended consequences.

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Xbox Live Gold free games for January 2022 revealed

The “free” games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X get for January 2022 have been revealed. Like most months, January’s Games With Gold line includes two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games. Some Xbox fans were hoping that the new year would see the distribution of Xbox Series X | S games, but it looks like subscribers You may have to wait until 2023 to start getting “free” games from the current generation.

As always, the programming will be divided into two stages. Two of the four games will be available in early January, while the other two games will be available on January 15. Meanwhile, one of the four games will be available until February 15.

Below, you can learn more about each game, find information on how long each will be available for free, and watch a trailer highlighting the lineup. According to Xbox, the game lineup is up to $ 54 in savings, but that assumes you’re paying top dollar for each game.

NeuroVoider: Set in a cybernetic world and featuring soundtrack by cyberpunk artist Dan Terminus, battle hordes of self-defense robots using endless combinations of nukes. Play co-op with up to four of your friends Or go wild on your own in this ‘n’ slash double-ended shooter RPG hack. “

  • Available from January 1 to 31

Failed: “In order for humanity to survive and reach for the stars, you will have to craft and build. Whether it’s unlocking new technology, raising dragons, or launching into space, the sky is literally not the limit. Collect this that was lost and rebuild everything! “

  • Available from January 16 to February 15

Radiant Silver Pistol: Restored by Treasure, the legendary vertical shooter returns with the same shoot ’em up gameplay that made the original arcade version so famous. New additions, such as the’ Ikaruga style ‘shooting mode help elevate the game. fun in this fantastic shooter. “

  • Available from January 1 to 15

Gene of Infinity Space Invaders: “The game that has defined video games for generations is back with a new twist. Play a total of 143 stages that evolve in both look and feel as you play. new stages, new bonuses and new features, all with breathtaking visual imaginations. “

  • Available from January 16 to 31

As always, once downloaded, you can keep the games and play as much or as little as you want, as long as you maintain an active Xbox Live Gold membership. If you subscribe, you will lose access to all games downloaded “for free” through it until you re-subscribe.

For more information on all things Xbox, including the latest Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S news, rumors, leaks, and speculation, click here.

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How to update new consoles before bidding to save installation time

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  • If you gift a new video game console during the holidays, update it first.
  • Initial setup on consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch can take an hour or more.
  • Christmas morning is also a peak time for game downloads, so updating in advance is a smart move.

Tons of people will be unboxing new video game systems this Christmas, but you can help the gamer in your household get ahead of the game for the fun by doing the initial setup before gifting them with their console.

System updates and digital games on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch can take hours to download, forcing impatient gamers to wait before they can play. Gaming traffic also peaks during the holidays, making downloads even longer on Christmas morning.

If you’re a parent, setting up a new console before gifting it also lets you properly set up accounts, passwords, payment methods, and parental controls. Even if you give the console to an adult, connecting the system to the internet for an hour or two to complete the first setup will make it easier to unbox and start playing immediately.

How to update a new console before giving it away

Insider offers separate guides to help you create an account for Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, and Xbox. Below you can find links to the official setup process for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox systems. Instructions will also appear on the screen after you turn on each console.

If you’re worried about opening the box before gifting a console, you might not have to unbox the system at all. Both PlayStation and Xbox consoles allow you to install system updates from a USB drive, so you can download the files to a USB drive in advance and gift the USB drive with the console. This way your gift can always open the console for the first time.

While any gamer will be happy to receive a PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series system for Christmas, you can do them even more service by updating the new machine in advance. It’s both thoughtful and time-saving!

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Vampyr is now free to download from the Epic Games Store

Vampyr is currently available for free download as part of the Epic Games Store “15 Days of Free Games” promotion.

The narrative action-RPG from developer Dontnod and publisher Focus Home Interactive is available for free for 24 hours, with the giveaway due to end at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET / 4 p.m. GMT on Friday, December 24.

“In Vampyr, you play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famous surgeon and blood transfusion specialist who was recently transformed into a vampire after returning to his hometown of London after the Great War,” reads an official description of the game.

“A man of logic and science, Reid’s beliefs are shattered when he awakens to a once-hidden world of secret societies, ungodly creatures and ancient orders set up to end his existence.

“All the while, London’s population is crumbling under the pressure of a terrible disease – and Dr Reid may be the city’s last hope to stop him.

One free title is offered every day until December 30 as part of the Epic Games Store “15 Days of Free Games” promotion.

Previously offered titles include Shenmue 3, Neon Abyss, Remnant: From the Ashes, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Loop Hero, Second Extinction, and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

In addition to its daily free games, the Epic Games Store has an ‘Epic Voucher’ promotion that offers players endless $ 10 / £ 10 discounts on qualifying game purchases.

All users with an Epic Games Store account automatically received a coupon of $ 10 / £ 10 (or the equivalent currency in other regions).

This entitles them to $ 10 / £ 10 off any full game that costs at least $ 14.99 / £ 13.99 once the sales discounts have already been applied.

The twist is that the voucher is applied to each game in a user’s shopping cart when they go to checkout.

This means that if you have three qualifying games in your cart you get $ 30 / £ 30 off, and if you have seven games in your cart you get $ 70 / £ 70 off.

Once the transaction is completed, users will receive another $ 10 / £ 10 voucher, which means they can repeat the process.

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Real-life Last of Us 2 arcade counterpart closes its doors

The Seattle-based arcade that featured in The Last of Us 2 is unfortunately closing its doors for good.

Right below you can see a tweet from a Seattle-based artist and writer lamenting the loss of Gameworks, a major arcade in the Pacific Northwest city. This arcade is actually the one featured in The Last of Us 2, during Ellie’s adventures in Seattle, where she ventures through the ruined city by boat during Chapter 4 of the Naughty Dog sequel.

See more

Replies to the artist / writer’s original tweet are filled with people also saddened by the loss of Gameworks in Seattle. It would appear that the arcade, which is actually part of a US-based chain, had a reputation among the Seattle gaming community as one of the best arcades to visit in the entire city. .

For those who don’t know, Ellie visits the ruins of Gameworks in The Last of Us 2 for an encounter with a Bloater. You can see a brief clip of the fight in this Youtube video, where you can clearly see the central aisle of the Great Arcade Hall stretching above Ellie’s fight with the Bloater among shipments of arcade machines.

The Last of Us 2 is mostly set around Seattle, where Naughty Dog has incorporated various other city landmarks into the game, just like Gameworks. For example, the gigantic Ferris wheel can be seen while exploring the city as Ellie, and the adventures of Ellie and Abby repeatedly bring them to the Seattle Aquarium. Hoping Gameworks is the last Seattle landmark seen in The Last of Us 2 to shut down.

The Last of Us 2 Tips | The Last of Us 2 Card | The Last of Us 2 codes and security combinations | Last of Us 2 workbench locations | The Last of Us Part 2 Training Manuals | The Last of Us 2 weapons and equipment | The Last of Us 2 Easter Eggs | How long is The Last of Us 2 | The Last of Us 2 new game more | End of The Last of Us 2 | The Last of Us 2 Trading Cards | The last of us 2 pieces

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Rumor: Here are your Xbox games with gold for January 2022

Microsoft has yet to officially announce them at time of writing, but a reliable leak billbil-kun (Thank you VGC) revealed what looks very likely to be the four official Xbox Games With Gold titles for January 2022.

These games are available as a free download for Xbox Live Gold members (including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers).

Here’s the full list of titles you can expect in January:

Xbox Series X / Xbox One

NeuroVoider (January 1 to 31)

NeuroVoider is a double-round shooter RPG set in a cyber-futuristic world about brains shooting around evil robots with nuclear rocket launchers. Face the horde of vigilant robots, boost your character with the smoldering remains of your victims and defeat the master NeuroVoider to end this eternal war. Play co-op with up to 4 friends, or go solo on a hack’n’slash rampage adventure, with a pinch of rogue-lite and a bit of permanent death.

Failed (January 16 – February 15):

Aground is a mining / crafting RPG, where there is a primary purpose, a story, and a reason to craft and build. As you progress you will meet new NPCs, unlock new tech and maybe some magic too. Will you be able to breed dragons? Launch into space? The sky is literally not the limit. Beneath its simple exterior, Aground hides a lot of depth and surprises that will make you wonder “what’s next?” “

Xbox 360 / Original Xbox

Radiant Silver Pistol (from January 1 to 15):

The Radiant Silvergun, restored by Treasure, is now available! The shoot ’em up gameplay that made it a legend remains unchanged, but an “Ikaruga-style” stealth fire mode gives everyone something new. Previously only available in Japan, Radiant Silvergun on Xbox LIVE Arcade also features leaderboards, local or Xbox LIVE co-op play, downloadable reruns, and enhanced visuals, making it the version to own.

Space Invaders infinity gene (January 16 – 31):

Space Invaders, the game that has defined video games for generations, is back with a new twist! The game starts out looking like the classic Space Invaders, but as you play it evolves. Unlock new stages, new bonuses and new features. The full game includes a total of 143 stages of normal mode and breathtaking challenge mode, where the stages change with each game.

What Xbox games with Gold are you looking forward to the most in January 2022? Let us know below.

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January Xbox Live games with Gold titles revealed early

Xbox Live Games with Gold titles for January 2022 appear to have been revealed ahead of Microsoft’s official announcement.

The games have apparently been confirmed once again by the Dealabs user billbil-kun, which has already disclosed the PlayStation Plus line five times, as well as December’s Xbox Live games with Gold titles and the Epic Games Store’s 15 Days of Free Games promotion.

They claim that January’s Xbox Live games with Gold titles will be RPG mining / making Aground, RPG double-ended shooter NeuroVoider, and Radiant Silvergun and Space Invaders Infinity Gene shoot’em ups.

Xbox – December 2021 Games with Gold

Xbox Live January 2022 Games with Gold

  • Beached (January 16 to February 16)
  • NeuroVoider (January 1 to January 31)
  • Radiant Silvergun (January 1 to January 15)
  • Space Invaders Infinity Gene (January 16 to January 31)

This month’s Games with Gold titles include The Escapists 2 (available through December 31), Tropico 5 Penultimate Edition (available through January 15), and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (available through December 31).

January 2022 PlayStation Plus games were revealed on Wednesday ahead of Sony’s official announcement.

According to billbil-kun, next month’s PlayStation Plus games will be Deep Rock Galactic (PS5 / PS4), Dirt 5 (PS5 / PS4) and Persona 5 Strikers (PS4).

“Why am I posting offers in advance? They wrote (via Google Transalate) in a Dealabs article explaining their decision to disclose gaming offerings. “To help you plan your purchases (if you have one), so you don’t jump on a fake promo, for example, or delay your purchases if you plan to make one today.” The goal is simply to save as much as possible.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed sales topped one million

Hot Wheels Unleashed (cranky nature and loot box addiction aside) is a very solid arcade racing game with plenty to do and unlock. The game has sold a million (well-deserved) copies and appears to be going even higher as the game has yet to complete its DLC cycle. After nearly three months away from the public, the game has sold over a million units, making it the best-selling Milestone SrI title to date.

Hot Wheels Unleashed released at the very end of September and was designed as an all-new arcade racing game meant to capture the original Hot Wheels feel, ditching the elements for a cleaner racing experience.

Gran Turismo 7 will offer 90 circuits and more than 400 cars

Milestone CEO Luisa Bixio said the following in a press release:

Since we announced Hot Wheels Unleashed in February, we’ve received thousands of sincere messages from fans. This milestone is the umpteenth demonstration of affection from our passionate community.

Each of the 70+ vehicles has different stats, boost capabilities, top speed (and in some cases, even physics), which add unique driving experiences to each vehicle you get behind the wheel. You can also spend parts and materials to upgrade cars as you see fit.

Hot Wheels Unleashed also has access to a Track Builder mode where you, the player, build a track in one of five different locations; your bedroom, a neon-lit garage, a college campus, a few floors of a skyscraper under construction, and a special space away from those places. Besides setting a starting line, the possibilities are downright endless, and playing the game’s campaign unlocks more trail elements that you can use (and abuse).

Hot Wheels Unleashed

The Milestone SRL team has no shortage of post-release content either; There have been several DLC car packs for the game, with licensing themed vehicles like DC Comics, Capcom’s Street Fighter, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to name a few. Track Builder also got several additional paid add-ons, as well as a full Batman-themed campaign expansion recently.

KOF XV Gets New Trailer Showcasing Climax Super Special Moves Ahead Of Beta Release

The biggest negative aspect of the game, however, is the amount of RNG when trying to get desired vehicles through the Blind Box system. Basically these are loot boxes, but in each of them you get a car. Looks like it takes agency a way of the player when it comes to unlocking content. Some vehicles are guaranteed by the game’s campaign, but that’s a small number compared to the number of Blind Boxes you open (excluding DLC ​​vehicles, of course).

Hot Wheels Unleashed is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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5 Xbox Series X games to play on Christmas Day

There is no doubt; There will be an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, wrapped up, under Christmas trees around the world this week (if Santa can put his mittens on it).

If you’re one of those lucky enough to get a new Xbox this Christmas, or if you already have one but just can’t bear to part with your beloved console this holiday season, then you’ll probably be wondering what better Xbox X / S Series games to play on the big day that the whole family can get on board with. Christmas is a great time to show off your majestic new toy and surely Grandma can’t be mad at you when she sees how smooth Gears 5 multiplayer is, can she? Before you know it, she’ll be roaming Mexico in Forza Horizon 5, forgetting how cold it is outside.

From movie experiences to the holidays, there are plenty of ways to use Series X this Christmas to wow and entertain everyone. We’ve compiled a foolproof list below.

Infinite halo

Infinite Halo Best Weapons

(Image credit: Microsoft)

We will solve this problem from the start. It’s Xbox’s biggest name, it revitalized the FPS for the 2000s, and, well, it’s just one of the most iconic franchises of all time. Halo shoots to perfection and the latest installment proves that, 20 years after the first game, it still has it. Halo Infinite will be the toast of the party, we guarantee that.

Master Chief returns with a new mission, succulent new locations, a new enemy (the banished) and new allies. Despite the new story, Halo fans will find themselves on familiar ground; shoot down aliens with an assortment of weapons. How else would you like to spend Christmas?

It’s worth noting that the campaign is currently in single player only, with split-screen couch co-op arriving at a later date. If there is a group of you, however, there are more options than just the campaign. The standalone multiplayer offers a great selection of detailed and spacious maps, accommodating up to 24 players – although you have to play online.

Even if you’re alone at Christmas, you can still party with the gang like it’s 2001.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Barn Finds

(Image credit: Microsoft)

There is no party like a Forza party.

From the opening scene, when your car falls from a plane with a parachute, you know you’re going to experience something big. There are few games as beautiful as Forza Horizon 5, which has gone from the British setting of the previous game to lush Mexico.

The cinematographic sets include the escape from an erupting volcano and many other near misses. And the scenery is so beautiful, you’ll want to stop driving to watch the sunset.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off him. Don’t let the Christmas spread get cold. Seriously, if you want to show off the power of Series X to your loved ones this Christmas, you can’t do better than Forza.

Like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 offers online multiplayer (but no split-screen co-op). You’ll need to complete the first section of the game to unlock it though, so do it before the party if you want to let your friends or family let go of the players online. Multiplayer offers many modes including Arcade, Tour, and Eliminator. You will not be bored.

Gears 5

Gears 5 Dolby Atmos

(Image credit: The Coalition)

Not the kind to play with the little ones, but you can’t go wrong with Gears at a party. In the last hours, maybe.

Set just months after Gears 4, Gears 5 focuses on Kait Diaz (voiced by the incredible Laura Bailey), as she further investigates the Myrah, the Horde, and her own history.

Gears 5 was originally released for Xbox One in 2019, but the optimization of the X Series makes it a mind blowing game. Multiplayer, too, running at 120 fps and 4K, on ​​Xbox Series X is a sight to behold. Whether it’s split-screen or co-op online, tearing apart the Locust Horde has never been more fun.

The great thing about Gears 5’s arcade multiplayer is that you receive a skull every time you die. So if you are this casual player at the Christmas party that keeps dying, at least you’ll get a morbid reminder of that.

Merry Christmas.

It takes two

It takes two

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Now it’s time for a more family-friendly cooperative.

This colorful platform game tells the story of a young girl trying to save her parents’ marriage. After accidentally turning his parents into dolls, the player takes control of the couple. They walk through their (now giant) house and discover old memories brought back to life as if by magic.

It’s a light Christmas treat. So if you just finished watching the Nativity with the kids and you don’t know where to go next, it takes two is a loud cry.

What makes it a great board game is that it is only playable in two-player couch co-op. have to work together. If you’re playing with a party, you can skip the checkers to try out everyone, or maybe it’s just two of you this Christmas. In this case, it’s perfect.

Twelve minutes

Twelve minutes

(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

We end with something a little different. Twelve Minutes isn’t exactly the cinematic multiplayer action of previous entries, but we’ve found it’s great to play together.

If your group enjoys playing Cluedo or watching Murder Mysteries then this is the game to play this Christmas.

Twelve Minutes, a top-to-bottom point-and-click, takes place in a small apartment. A crime has taken place and the player must solve it. Taking control of one of the characters, you must explore the apartment to find clues. One hitch though; there is a time loop. You have to play over and over for the same ten minutes over and over again.

It’s an original and ingenious concept, and with the voices of James McAvoy, Daisey Ridley and Willem Dafoe, it’s hard to go wrong.

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January 2022 PlayStation Plus free games appear online

Unsurprisingly, the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2022 were leaked early. Now is the eighth month of this year that the monthly giveaways for Sony’s online subscription service have appeared online ahead of their official reveal. But why break with tradition, eh?

The French point of sale Dealabs is again responsible for offering us free games in advance. I’d say take this with a pinch of salt until the games are officially confirmed… but at this point Dealabs has a 100% track record of getting the PlayStation Plus goodies.

Credit: Dealabs

January 2022 free PlayStation Plus games, they say, will be action RPGs Persona 5 forwards, racing game Dirt 5, and sci-fi shooter Deep Galactic Rock. Not a bad range!

Depending on the leak, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 versions of Galactic Deep Rock and Dirt 5, with the new generation versions benefiting from their own range of technical and graphic improvements. Persona 5 forwards, Meanwhile, is a PlayStation 4 giveaway. This is the second month in a row that subscribers haven’t received any content exclusive to PlayStation 5, suggesting that Sony has heard comments from fans that those who still use a PS4 felt a little left behind.

PlayStation will undoubtedly officially unveil the free PlayStation Plus games for January later this week. Just try to be surprised when this happens, right?

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Xbox Live has become too toxic, says co-creator

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that Xbox Live (or rather, the Xbox Network, I guess?) Unfortunately, when there is voice chat, it’s always possible for people to be generally rude, because apparently it’s a good way to spend your time if you don’t have any sense of empathy.

Well, obviously that’s not news for the Xbox team either. But earlier this week, console co-creator Seamus Blackley took to Twitter to express his contempt for the state of the service.

It comes after a Twitter user and streamer, Grenada Queen, posted a clip in which she is verbally harassed by other players in Infinite halo. Players make a number of misogynistic and derogatory comments, including asking him to leave and play “whatever you do girls”, “show your t * ts * on Twitch” and “take the f ** k off. my Halo, because you’re not supposed to be here ”. She wrote in the Tweet: “No woman should have to face this if she’s having a tough game against decent people. It was only a part. “

Quoting his original post, Blackley said: “This was not the future of @Xbox Live we imagined. As a community and with the help of @Microsoft, this needs to be highlighted and stopped. It will take teamwork between gamers, developers and console makers to change that and it’s time.

Many Twitter users responded positively to Blackley’s sentiment, but others pointed out that it was all way too late: “You let this go for too long. You don’t ban people for it, you rarely hang them, and it just keeps happening over and over again ”, wrote @fiaanaut. “There is a HUGE female fan base with disposable income who are willing to spend the money on your product. Make them feel welcome.

Adding to his Twitter feed, Blackley – who is no longer at Xbox, having left Microsoft in 2002 (so probably don’t tell him to change things) – continued, “I know this is nothing new. I know that you are angry because nothing has been done for a long time. You are right. It only motivates me more. It is possible to clean up these environments.

Of course, intending to do something and actually doing it are two very different things, and that’s not even Blackley’s fight anymore, with the responsibility lying at the feet of Xbox’s current leadership. Also, if the problem were so easy to solve, you would like to think it would have been solved in the last 20 years. That said, Sony has recently been working on technology to help reduce trolling in online games, so hopefully similar steps can be taken by Microsoft. Better late than never, right?

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Emulate classic consoles with portable retro handhelds


Ever wanted to go back to the games you played growing up and experience a bygone era of entertainment? One of the cheapest and easiest ways to do this is by using a portable handheld designed just for retro gaming.

Are portable emulators legal?

The act of emulating a system is perfectly legal, which means that building a portable device or writing software that emulates a console is legal.

However, downloading ROMs that you don’t own is definitely illegal. Just like downloading a movie or book that you don’t own, downloading a ROM is considered copyright infringement. Sharing ROMs with others who don’t own them is also a violation of copyright law, and one against which the recording and film industries have taken a firm stand since the early days of the Internet.

Anbernic RG351MP

Downloading a ROM for which you have a physical cartridge can be considered fair use, but this has not yet been fully tested in the courts. Ripping your own ROMs may also be fair dealing (just as ripping music from a CD you own is widely tolerated in most jurisdictions), but neither is there any. no more clear legal precedent for this.

And that’s a common theme when it comes to ROMs and emulation. Many of the rules are theoretical in that they have never really been tested. We spoke to an attorney about the legality of ROMs and learned first-hand that there are no easy answers.

Most portable emulation devices are designed with ROMs in mind, but not all are.

The best dedicated portable emulators

Since older consoles are relatively energy efficient compared to even modest modern smartphones, portable devices designed with emulation in mind are powerful enough, affordable, and efficient. As is the case with most portable electronic devices, newer devices have more powerful internal components that will allow you to emulate more hardware.

At the time of writing (December 2021), most systems up to and including the original PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and in some cases Sony PSP can be emulated depending on your handheld choice. Many of these systems use the same chips, with other things like software, form factor, and build quality determining price and suitability.

The Retroid Pocket 2+ from Retroid uses a classic form factor that’s not unlike Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance or even the Switch. This is an Android handheld that runs Retroid OS, with good support for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and even Dreamcast. It has a 3.5 inch 4: 3 touchscreen, built-in rumble and 4000mAh battery.

Retro pocket 2

A good alternative to the Retroid Pocket 2+ is the RG351MP from Anbernic. This all-metal design exudes build quality, with the ability to emulate most platforms up to the PlayStation (with some Nintendo 64 titles for good measure). It might not be the most powerful handheld, but it’s the quality of the components that matters here. You also get a solid Linux kernel and an easy-to-use operating system.

Anbernic RG351MP

If you prefer the original Game Boy form factor, Anbernic’s RG351V is worth a look. It’s about as good as the all-metal RG351MP above, but it comes in a vertical form factor with a single analog stick. On the back, you’ll find a cutout with two easily accessible shoulder buttons to make emulation of systems like the SNES and Game Boy Advance possible.

Anbernic RG351V

One of the smallest portable emulators on the market is the FunKey S, a small, foldable, Game Boy Pocket-style device that you can take anywhere. Small doesn’t mean weak, with the FunKey able to emulate the original PlayStation titles, in addition to retro classics like the NES, three generations of Game Boy and the Neo Geo Pocket.

If you prefer a clamshell design, take a look at the Powkiddy X18S. The X18S’s strengths lie in its unique design that protects the screen and its ability to emulate Sega’s Dreamcast quite effectively, but Powkiddy’s laptops generally don’t have the build quality seen with Anbernic’s or Retroid’s offerings. . It is also a little more expensive.

To note: When buying from marketplaces like Amazon, resellers tend to put their own “brand” in the description, which is confusing. Many happy customers on Reddit report that these are genuine items, although they are often slightly more expensive than buying direct from the manufacturer. Learn more about how to avoid Amazon scams.

Forget ROMs with the Evercade

If you’d rather not have to worry about the technical or legal aspects of using ROMs while enjoying retro gaming on the go, consider the Evercade Handheld. UK-based Evercade is currently making a new series of consoles that rely on physical cartridges, each containing a selection of older games.

Evercade handheld

It’s the perfect platform for the retro geek who appreciates a physical collection of games. The console is available for $ 79.99 (£ 59.99 / € 69.99) and has a 4.3-inch display, around five hours of battery life, and backup states that allow you to save your game at any time. Backups can be stored on the cartridge, so you can follow your progress on the Evercade home console: the Evercade VS.

Evercade handheld

The system has received support from publishers like Atari, Codemasters, Intellivision, Namco and Interplay. Cartridges cost $ 20 with some (like Atari Lynx Collection 1) that include more than 15 sets.

Emulation on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is more powerful than most of the dedicated portable emulators shown above, and there are two ways you can use it as a portable emulator. The first is to use a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System apps from the eShop.

This allows you to play a selection of games from those systems, with save state support so you can save your game anywhere (and reverse the time if you want). There is also online play support in compatible games, and you can use Nintendo’s official platform-specific controllers for a more authentic experience.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

You can also pay a little extra to unlock Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles using the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. New controllers are also available for each of these platforms, along with online functionality in some titles.

Nintendo Switch Online costs $ 19.99 per year, or you can pay $ 49.99 to include the expansion pack. Check out our guide to see what’s else in a Switch Online membership.

This is not the only way to get emulators on Nintendo’s handheld, however. You can also modify your Switch and install software from outside the eShop. This offers a lot more freedom since you can supply your own games, but it also voids your console’s warranty and potentially Nintendo bans your console.

Some Switch models are easier to modify than others, and installing new firmware to play the latest proprietary titles from the eShop or on cartridges will likely remove any mods you’ve installed. Learn more about Nintendo Switch modding so you can decide if the risk is worth it for you.

Also run emulators on smartphones

Android smartphones are capable of emulation, with many emulators available in the Google Play Store. You can also side-load Android apps, including emulators. You can use an Xbox or PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and get a better experience than relying on a touchscreen.

You can also install emulators on an iPhone by creating and compiling them yourself or by using a service like Builds.io. It works using corporate apps, which the service signs and lets you install using a web browser. The setup can be tricky if you compile apps yourself or want to use Builds.io, you will need to pay registration fees for your device.

Finally, if you are interested in emulation and have an Xbox Series console, you should know more about installing RetroArch on your Microsoft console using developer mode.

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Horace’s long lost cousin Horatio snowboarders on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Remember almost 40 years old (yes, 40 years old) in 1982, when Michael Jackson released Thriller, ET was lighting up our screens, and a certain Horace went skiing. Anyone who grew up with a ZX Spectrum probably remembers the classic that is Horace Goes Skiing, and now Eastasiasoft is here to prepare for the spiritual sequel, Horatio Goes Snowboarding.

Now available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Switch – consoles perhaps slightly more powerful than Spectrum – Horatio Goes Snowboarding has a very simple but equally addicting gameplay loop. With no complicated plot to go through, each race has the same key events: start with a little cash, cross the street a la Frogger, buy a snowboard, go up the mountain, then snowboard back down.

It is the Frogger mini-game followed by the descent that will take you the most time, and in this last the courses are generated randomly, with a certain number of obstacles littering your way. Simply swerve between these traps, while making sure you get through the slalom gates, to rack up the highest score and top the leaderboards. Also, try to avoid the yeti, will you ?!

Fail and Horatio will be slapped with very high hospital costs – running out of cash on a number of races and you will return to the menu screen with a game over, ready to start the loop again.

Other features of Horatio’s journey include:

  • Grab a snowboard and cross traffic to take a chopper into the mountains!
  • Slalom on randomly generated slopes with unpredictable obstacles.
  • Claim a cash bonus for reaching the finish line in one piece!
  • Avoid hospital fees to save your money and keep on boarding.
  • Share your best scores in the online leaderboards!

If you were a huge Horace fan back then, or just looking for an addicting new game to spend hours in, then Horatio Goes Snowboarding is for you. Find it on the Xbox Store for £ 5.79 if you’re playing on Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One, PlayStation Store for PS5 and PS4 gamers, or Nintendo eShop for Switch users. A PC version also arrived earlier this year.

Either way, be sure to check out our Full review of the game first!

Description of the game:

Rent a board, go to the chopper and hit the slopes for endless replayable snowboarding action! Paying homage to classic skiing and winter sports action from the past, Horation Goes Snowboarding is an arcade-inspired experience that’s straightforward and addicting, purely focused on thrilling gameplay with no storylines or complex mechanics to weigh it down. ! Start each run with a lot of cash and the urge to snowboard, then rent a board and head to the waiting helicopter while avoiding traffic along the way. Once you’ve hoisted yourself up to the top of a mountain, it’s time to begin your chaotic descent! The courses are randomly generated to keep things interesting every time you play, and the obstacles get harder and harder as you progress! Move your board left and right as you dive down the descent, racking up points going through slalom gates and increasing your score multiplier until you run out. But watch out for the yeti! If you wipe out on the trails, you’ll have to pay hospital bills, and running out of money means the game is over. It’s a never-ending cycle of snowy score attack fun, complemented by leaderboards to prove you’re the best surfer in the mountains!

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Skyrim: Best Mods (December 2021)

Skyrim has long been known for its modding scene, virtually since its release. With the release of Skyrim Special Edition, consoles were finally given the ability to download fan-made mods through Bethesda’s official modding platform, accessible in-game on PlayStation or Xbox consoles.

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The liberation of Skyrim Anniversary Edition threw a wrench into the cogs of the Skyrim modding community. One month after the release, Anniversary edition-Compatible mods are released more regularly. These mods were all released or updated in December 2021, and each is downloadable through Bethesda’s modding interface online or through the in-game menu.


Beyond Skyrim Bruma – Packages (PC / Xbox)

Beyond Skyrim Bruma Mod Guide Town Installation

Beyond Skyrim Bruma is one of the most awesome addons for Skyrim never done. As part of the larger Beyond Skyrim project, Beyond Skyrim Bruma adds most of northern Cyrodiil seamlessly into Skyrimthe card of.

It includes completely original voice recordings, countless quests, new dungeons (and even an Ayleid ruin) and more than you might think. It is so ambitious that it forces players to download it in multiple parts.

Skyrim @ 60 FPS (PS)

Skyrim third person camera mod

Skyrim @ 60 FPS pretty much does what one would expect. Skyrim has some issues for some players on PlayStation systems, and this mod aims to rectify some of those issues by making the game easier to run at high frame rates.

This mod unlocks the framerate to 60 FPS and makes some minor graphics tweaks to help the game move forward. There are similar mods for PC and Xbox, but this one is almost required if playing on a PlayStation console. This does not work with Anniversary edition, so make sure your copy of Skyrim has not been updated to the most recent version.

Big cities (PC / PS)

Skyrim Best Mods December 2021 Big Cities

The Great Cities is a mod that gives the capital of each great hold in Skyrim a major facelift. Dawnstar, Morthal, Falkreath, Winterhold, Dragon Bridge and Falkreath are modified by new vegetation, environment and even new buildings.

It’s a mod that enhances the sense of immersion a player gets when exploring urban areas of Skyrim. In the base game, these towns seem relatively unadorned and unmemorable – this mod makes them much more fleshed out.

Fishing Map Markers (PC)

skyrim Anniversary Edition peach

Fishing is a new feature introduced with Skyrim Anniversary Edition which adds a fishing mini-game that can only be found near certain bodies of water. While players can purchase fishing cards from vendors in any hold, the Fishing Map Markers mod makes it much easier to find the right spot to cast a line.

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This only works with the new games, which start with the ability to see every fishing spot in Skyrim. This mod makes it easy to find fishing supplies in the wild, although it is a bit difficult to “know” where each fishing spot is.

Molag Bal Armor (PC / Xbox)

Skyrim Best Mods December 2021 Molag Bal Armor

The Molag Bal Armor mod adds a new set of craftable armor inspired by Prince Daedra of Domination. The helmet is an effigy of Molag Bal himself with horns protruding from the back of the player’s skull.

The rest of the armor is a mix of dark black metal plates and spikes and white Daedric letters, fit for a Coldharbour champion. This mod is available for PC and Xbox players.

Coldstone Dungeon (PC)

Skyrim Best Mods December 2021 Coldstone Kee

The Coldstone Keep mod adds a massive castle west of Dawnstar on the cliffs above the Sea of ​​Ghosts. It features a number of rooms, including a bar, office, trophy room, treasure, and a full set of crafting stations.

As the Dragonborn’s own castle, it also includes a suite of defensive fortifications such as several towers, battlements, and elaborate accessories on the castle walls, although the player may not yet have a standing army. . Coldstone Keep automatically becomes the property of the player during installation.

Stronger Poisonous Apples – Rare Curiosities (PC / PS / Xbox)

Skyrim Best Mods December 2021 Poisoned Apples Strongest Rare Curiosities

Poisoned apples are an item seen throughout the Old scrolls series that started in Skyrim with the creation Rare Curios. They are created with a Chokeweed and a green or red apple, but many players have found that it takes a long time to kill his victim.

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The Stonger Poisoned Apples mod is a simple but necessary mod that makes Poisoned Apples a much more lethal way of silently taking down targets. It only works with Rare Curios mod or Anniversary edition installed but is compatible with all versions of the game, PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Ship Charlotte (Xbox)

Skyrim Best Mods December 2021 Ship Charlotte

The Dead Man’s Dread creation included with Anniversary edition adds a player to the house in the form of a moored pirate ship. He doesn’t move, however, and gets stuck in a pretty awkward location in a cave off the north coast of Skyrim.

The Ship Charlotte mod adds a much more functional ship-based player house that has the ability to move around and dock in pretty much the oceanfront town in Skyrim and Solstheim. Because it is relatively small, it can also reach Riften, Lakeview Manor, and other towns much further inland.

Swift’s Monster Overhaul – Complete Chaos (Xbox)

Skyrim Best Mods December 2021 Swift Monster Overhaul Complete Chaos

The Creation Club and Anniversary edition add a variety of new monsters to the game, including goblins and elytra. Swift’s Monster Overhaul adds dozens of new monsters to the game to further increase the variety of enemies the player can encounter Skyrim.

Monsters like golems, bats, imitators, werewolves, guars, crooks and rats (not skeevers) are among the many other additions included in this mod. The mod creator recommends placing this mod as high as possible in your load order to reduce conflicts with other mods.

Megalodon (Xbox)

Skyrim Best Mods December 2021 Megalodon

Skyrim doesn’t lack a lot, but one thing that has disappointed players is the lack of creatures in the oceans surrounding Skyrim. The Megalodon mod available on Xbox systems changes that by adding a deadly predator to the seas, adding a new layer of danger from swimming too far from shore.

The megalodon is specifically found in the Sea of ​​Phantoms north of the mainland of Skyrim. However, it’s nearly impossible to kill, so be prepared for a quick getaway if you see this dragon-sized monstrosity.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X | S

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The Witcher Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill agrees with the Witcher season 1’s biggest review

Henry Cavill knows there was some confusion in the storytelling of Season 1 of The Witcher and he believes that has been fixed this season.

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Bored on PS5, Xbox Series X or PC? Download this classic on a free trial until January | Games | Entertainment

It’s odd to call Overwatch a classic due to its enduring popularity and strength in eSports, but it’s been around for a while.

And even though it launched in 2016, there hasn’t been much effort to upgrade the original experience for PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC.

Unlike other games, Overwatch won’t get a next-gen upgrade in 2021, mostly due to plans for Overwatch 2’s release.

And a recent statement from CTO John Lafleur threw cold water on the idea of ​​something like this happening before the end of the year, with Lafleur telling fans:

“We would have to invest a significant amount of time in upgrading the original Overwatch to recognize and process the PS5 separately (this involves changing the SDK for the platform)

“Instead, we’re taking this time to focus on making Overwatch 2 the best it can be on next-gen consoles.”

It makes sense to do something like this, although, with the plan to allow Overwatch and Overwatch 2 players to play together, a next-gen upgrade has to come at some point.

But for anyone who hasn’t played the hit team shooter yet, this would be a great time to get started.

Blizzard has made the game free for a limited time, which means it won’t cost you anything beyond your normal multiplayer membership to try out all the latest content.

The Overwatch free trial is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox and is scheduled to end on January 2.

In our original Overwatch review in 2016, we highlighted the strength of the team shooter’s attention to detail, writing:

Overwatch excels in handling and gameplay, offering an incredibly diverse lineup of characters to use in battle, as well as crisp maps to explore and artwork to admire.

“And in all of this effort, the quality and time taken by Blizzard really shines.

“The Overwatch roster is one of the main reasons this game excels, while there are many characters to choose from, the overall quality of the design, artistry, and storyline means you can enjoy of the many options available.

“We suggest exploring them all, but even that would be a meaty undertaking, as the lineup greatly benefits from different quirky fighting styles.

“The 21 characters fall into four roughly defined areas, but luckily for fans, these attackers, defenders, tanks, and supports all offer different ways to play.”

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Halo Infinite is the best gift I received in 2021

Last year, I got lyrical about how happy I was to get an Xbox Series X. Specifically, I noted that opening a new console is what comes closest to that Christmas vibe as it is. than an adult.

I still stand by this statement. And over the past year or so, Xbox has been a beloved companion, a way to keep in touch with friends and get me through dark months. But… something was missing.

For a long time I wasn’t sure what it was, but now I understand – it was Infinite halo.

At this point, we probably all know the rough narrative for the X Series: it’s a great console that didn’t have enough bespoke games at launch. It’s hard to fully blame Microsoft (you know, COVID-19 and all), but it’s been weird.

Yes, there were some bright spots along the way (Forza Horizon and Flight simulator to name just two), but nothing sparked the same connotations with the Xbox brand that Halo Is it that.

Then the multiplayer demo dropped in mid-November and things were going great once again.

Me and the boys ready to ruin our lives.

At this point, I realized how weird it was that the game didn’t arrive at console launch. Can you imagine Nintendo dropping a new console without Zelda Where Mario Game? It is unthinkable.

Fortunately, those days are over. Halo is back, folks.

Was it a perfect launch? Not really. There have been a lot of negativity surroundings Halo Infinite online progression system, especially for people dedicated to the title. For better or worse, I’m a casual gamer. None of this really touched me.

I don’t dispute the pain this causes some people and it should be fixed, but what attracts me to the game is its arcade pace, the variety of weapons and – more than anything – how it’s funny.

Infinite halo has this en masse.

infinite halo xbox game pass
Me who shies away from my responsibilities to play Halo.

The fact that it’s also on Game Pass is a blessing. It’s been fantastic playing with friends who might not have shelled out $ 70 for a full game, but are more than happy to participate in a space battle when it’s included in their membership.

Infinite halo isn’t a perfect game, but I don’t think that’s the point. Its publisher, 343 Industries, said it would around for a decade. This means that we can expect a series of updates and an ever-evolving title – something already happening in real time.

But it goes beyond my main purpose. i am just happy Halo is back. And just in time for Christmas too. I missed you, mate.

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Xbox co-creator comments on the toxicity of Xbox Live

Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley has responded to a viral video of a female gamer being abused, saying that this type of toxic behavior “must be seen and stopped”.

In the original video posted by streamer Pomegranate queen, she receives abuse while playing a losing Halo Infinity match, much of which is intended for her only because she is female. It’s a video that clearly saddened one of the creators of Xbox’s online service, who took to Twitter to share his disappointment.

“It was not the future of Xbox Live that we imagined. As a community and with the help of Microsoft, this needs to be highlighted and stopped. It will take teamwork between gamers, developers and console makers to change that and it’s time. It is high time.

As anyone who grew up in the Xbox 360 era will attest, toxic behavior and abuse is nothing new to Xbox Live. Fortunately, this is also a fact that Blackley continues to recognize

“I know this is nothing new. I know you are angry because nothing has been done for a long time. You are right. It only motivates me more. It is possible to clean these environments. Let’s do it. “

Video games are loved by more people than ever before, with recent figures indicating that a little less than half of the players are women. It’s heartening to see a high-profile name encouraging Microsoft to do more to address such a long-standing problem, but it’s revealing that toxicity in online gaming has become commonplace among some gaming communities.

Of course, this isn’t an isolated issue on Xbox Live, with all manner of online gaming spaces plagued by harassment. Ultimately, video games are a place where people escape to leave the real world, hang out with friends, and be entertained. Since the pandemic and the global lockdowns, virtual worlds have become even more crucial for many people, providing refuge during difficult times. Let’s all do our part to make these spaces safer and more enjoyable. If you have witnessed abuse or harassment online, you can help by reporting toxic users and calling people into public chats.

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Xbox creator demands action as sexist recording on Xbox Live goes viral

Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley garnered a lot of attention on Twitter last night in response to an Xbox Live viral recording of Pomegranate Queen Twitch Streamers, who filmed herself receiving sexist comments in a Infinite halo multiplayer game.

The video (which you can see below, but be aware that it contains a lot of salty language), features two players telling Grenade Queen to quit the game – presumably because her skills aren’t as good as theirs – doing various sexist remarks in the process including a mention that “Master Chief has never been a woman”.

In response, Seamus Blackley said the following:

Blackley went on to point out that he is aware that cases like this are “nothing new” to Xbox Live, but the fact that “nothing has been done for a long time” motivates him even more, and he wishes. that Microsoft respond openly:

“We need Xbox and Microsoft first to talk about it openly and make it a problem. It limits the audience and affects their bottom line. It’s morally wrong. And it’s something they can demonstrate. of leadership by working in good faith. “

“A lot of people will be angry at what they think is always too little too late. But we have to call it out and not tire ourselves. There are solutions if we shine a light on it and work together.”

You can check out all of Seamus’ thoughts on this topic (there are many) on Twitter.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed hits one million-sales milestone

Toy maker Mattel and developer Milestone have announced that Hot Wheels Unleashed has sold over a million copies worldwide, both digitally and physically.

The toy-sized racing game launched in September earlier this year and has performed well both critically and commercially – we called him “a cute little arcade racer” in our game review. These strong sales mean that it has become Milestones best-selling title of all time, overtaking games from the MotoGP and RIDE franchises, among others.

“Since we announced Hot Wheels Unleashed in February, we’ve received thousands of sincere messages from fans,” said Luisa Bixio, CEO of Milestone. “This step is the umpteenth show of affection from our passionate community.”

“Hot Wheels is all about nurturing the spirit of challenger and Hot Wheels Unleashed brings this mission to life for players of all ages. We are proud of this exciting milestone and look forward to more fans discovering the game and the new content to come as 2022 approaches, ”said Andrew Chan, Head of Digital Games at Mattel.

Hot Wheels Unleashed has already received some big DLC, with a Batman expansion launching earlier this month. You can check out the game’s accolades trailer below.

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Co-creator says Xbox Live toxicity wasn’t ‘the future we envisioned’

A few days ago, streamer Halo Infinite Grenade Queen revealed some of the disgusting behaviors she has to deal with while playing Halo Infinite. Her team was losing, and rather than accepting the fact that the other team was just a bit better than them, the male members of the Granada Queen team decided to blame the lone player as the source of their failure. .

“Take the fk off of Halo,” said one dumb moron, while another replied “yeah, that’s not for you.” Another noted that “Master Chief is never female”, while one early misogynist demanded to see Granada Queen’s breasts.

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In short, there is at least one good point in this sea of ​​toxic masculinity. Why is not is there a female Master Chief? Halo should really take a page from Mass Effect and create male and female versions of Master Chief.


For many of you, and especially for too many women, this kind of toxicity is all too common. It is also too often ignored. However, the Granada Queen stream seems to have struck a chord with Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley, who responded to the video with a call to action on Twitter (with our thanks to VG247).

“This wasn’t the future of Xbox Live we envisioned,” Blackley responded. “As a community and with the help of Microsoft, this must be brought to light and stopped. It will take teamwork between gamers, developers and console makers to change this and it is time. It is time.”

Blackley went on to say he understands the anger here because “nothing has been done in a long time.” But rather than just acknowledging that anger and then shrugging his shoulders as has often happened in the past, Blackley actually told another Twitter user what needs to happen first to clean up Xbox Live.

“We need Xbox and Microsoft to talk about this openly and address it as an issue first. It limits viewership and impacts their bottom line. It’s morally wrong,” Blackley said. Explain. “And that’s something they can show leadership on by working in good faith.”

Blackley’s strategy here is probably the right one. Too often ideas that create toxic masculinity come from the top, so getting those responsible to take a more active role in addressing this toxicity is the best way forward.

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Harry Potter O-Face – via Twitter
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened gives female characters a face to use magic

NetEase called it a bug, but others called it a feature.

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Xbox co-creator says toxicity ‘wasn’t the future of Xbox Live we envisioned’

Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley has responded to a video saying online toxicity in video games needs to be stopped.

Blackley shared a video from the streamer pomegranate queenwho was playing an online match of Infinite Halo only to be abused for being a woman. Blackley responded by saying “this was not the future of Xbox Live that we envisioned. As a community and with the help of Microsoft, this needs to be brought to light and stopped. It will take teamwork between gamers, developers and console makers to change that and it’s time. It is high time.

You can see Blackley’s commentary and the clip in question below (content warning: foul language)

“I know this is nothing new. I know you’re angry because nothing has been done for a long time. You are right. It just motivates me more. It is possible to clean these environments. Let’s do it,” Blackley added.

Following Blackley’s post, Granada Queen shared a response from one of the male players who apologized for what they said during a match. This included statements such as “did you notice Master Chief was never female?” and “fucking leave”.

Blackley was one of the co-creators of the original Xbox console, and as he said IGN in 2018 it came with the console on a flight.

“If we really want to screw Sony, we just need to set a standard,” Blackley said. “No, it has to be a material standard. Well, no, it could be an actual device. We can make it a real console, and we will be better because we can use all the tools on PC which are much better than the tools used for PlayStation, and you can use all the methodologies, the architecture for PC, the GPUs are so much more advanced, based on real research and use case scenarios, and oh my god, we can kill them. So the moment I landed, I was like, ‘We have to do a console.’

In other news, Xbox chief Phil Spencer spoke about the future of the potential Metaverse and how it should be gamer first.

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Husband pranks his wife using outdoor holiday decoration [VIDEO]

My husband is obsessed with pranks. It’s almost like his mind is still in joke mode. He’s still planning the next prank. If he ever seems lost in thought, it is because he is quite simply ready for a future prank. It never ends. You have to be careful around him. He will get you.

When we first started dating he would always try to hide in places I didn’t expect and then he would jump and scare me to death. He did it so much, he got to the point where I always expected him to play pranks on every corner. I became numb.

I tried over and over again to try to scare him off, but it never worked. I realize now that I haven’t been patient enough. Waiting, no matter how long for just the right time, is the key to a good prank. After many attempts to prank him, resulting in a ton of epic failures, I finally got it right.

One day, I came home before he did. I immediately saw this as an opportunity to try, once again, to scare him, as he has so often managed to scare myself. So. I emptied a large plastic bin in which we kept winter clothes and climbed inside. I adapt perfectly.

The tub was in the hallway leading to our room. I knew when he got home he would come into the bedroom to put his wallet and keys on the dresser and at that point, as he got out of our room, I would jump out of the tub.

It seemed to me that I had to wait forever for it to arrive. But I also knew the wait would be worth it.

When I heard him pull into the aisle I pulled the cover off the top of the tub to make it look like it was closed and waited. He did exactly what I thought he would do. He walked past me to the bedroom, put his wallet and keys on the dresser, then walked back down the hall.

It was my chance. While he was right next to the tub, he pushed the top cover aside and straightened up. He jumped so high, yelled curses and fell to the ground screaming. IT WAS EPIC! We pretty much decided to call it a draw after that and focus on scaring others.

One of his best pranks was with a plastic snake. Whenever his friend tried to get closer to him to see better, he would pull him away. And, every time he moved it, his friend jumped and screamed.

When I saw this prank on Facebook, it reminded me of something my husband would do. But instead of me, probably his poor trusting mom.

This guy pranked his wife with a Christmas garden ornament and took a video. I think he’ll be in the doghouse for a long time and probably be on Santa’s Villain List.

WATCH: 15 Unconventional Christmas Albums From The Past 50 Years

DISCOVER THEM: 100 Years of Christmas Toys, Gifts & Fashions

WATCH: See what Christmas looked like the year you were born

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How to fix Warzone Error Code 47 on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to load into Warzone due to error code 47. But luckily there is a fix for both PS5 and Xbox Series X&S gamers.

There have been a number of issues with Warzone since the December 8 Pacific update.

From audio issues to graphics not loading, this has been a nightmare for gamers, especially those on consoles.

In addition to these issues, error code 47 is shaking the pot because it does not allow console players to play, but there is a fix for this.

How To Fix Warzone Error Code 47 On Console

Console gamers have constantly complained about the issues with Warzone on the next gen. These have spread beyond Caldera Realm as it prevents them even from being able to load the game.

One of the latest issues to come up is error code 47 or SPAN, which crashes the game completely and won’t let you continue.

However, there is a workaround, which is not the most convenient but allows you to play Battle Royale. Here are the steps for Play Station users:

  1. Deactivate Play Station.
  2. Launch PS in “safe mode” (press and hold the power button until a beep sound is heard)
  3. Select “Rebuild Database”
  4. Let the scan complete

Error code 47 or SPAN ruins Warzone for players.

After completing these steps, the Warzone game files should be repaired and ready to launch. but if that doesn’t work then try this other method.

  1. Go to System Storage.
  2. Select “Saved Data”, then choose Warzone.
  3. Once inside, delete all data saved for Warzone.
  4. Restart PS and launch the game.

Unfortunately, if that doesn’t fix the issue, or if you’re on Xbox, you’ll need to completely uninstall Warzone and download it again to fix this issue.

While this isn’t the stage people want to hear, it will allow you to go to Warzone and play the game.

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Social Gaming Platform Rec Room Raises $ 145 Million at $ 3.5 Billion Valuation

SEATTLE, 20 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – Rec Room, the leading social gaming platform for user-generated content, announced the closing of $ 145 million new financing, bringing the company’s total valuation to $ 3.5 billion. This follows a capital increase earlier this year, in which the company raised $ 100 million and became the first virtual reality company to achieve unicorn status with a valuation of $ 1.25 billion. This latest cycle was led by Coatue Management, with the participation of existing investors Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures and Madrona Venture Group.

Launched in 2016, Recording room has now enabled more than 37 million people around the world to connect and create. The free platform allows users to create and immerse themselves in highly customizable interactive rooms or digital hangouts. With more than 12 million rooms and more, Recording room created a space that fosters human connection where community members can interact, build, create and play games. Game room the monthly number of users has jumped by almost 450% since november 2020 mobile users having more than tenfold during the same period. Free to play, Recording room is available on mobile devices, game consoles, PC and VR headsets, including iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Oculus, and Steam.

“It’s amazing to watch Recording room go from a tiny collection of mini-games to a global platform with millions of community-built experiences. The platform has become a place where people can come together to make meaningful connections, build communities and share their creativity, ”said the Co-Founder and CEO of Rec Room. Nick fajt. “There is still so much more we want to do, and as we move towards 2022 we are excited to create more experiences, expand to new platforms, invest in the best trusted systems. and security and continue to expand our creative tools. “

This year has been a year of significant growth for Recording room. In August, Recording room launched on Android, making the immersive world available to the +2.5 billion Android users. In September, Recording room launched Rec Rally, a fully delivered multiplayer vehicle experience to its massive global community, allowing players to race with up to six friends. By leveraging Game room Intuitive suite of creative tools, the possibilities are endless as users can design immersive digital hangouts for their friends to meet and interact. Recording room welcomes users of all skill sets and interests, with relaxed spaces for new users, as well as opportunities for more experienced users to leverage their skills and earn money by selling their creations at the inside of Recording room. Recreational life in the metaverse is second nature to Game room user base, and has become a place for everything from small gatherings to games, virtual weddings and business meetings – it is truly customizable to each user’s needs.

“We love the world Recording room created for friends to build and play together, ”said Matt mazzeo by Coatue Management. “From phones to virtual reality, millions of gamers hang out in Recording room, and we’re excited to partner with the team as they make the digital world more fun and immersive. “

Free download and play, Recording room is available for download for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC via Steam, Oculus Quest, and more. To learn more about the platform and its upcoming initiatives, please visit recroom.com.

On Recording room
Recording room is a vast world filled with endless possibilities. Play dodge ball, attend a wedding, or just goof up. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can build it yourself! Users can party with friends around the world to chat, hang out, explore millions of player-created rooms, or create something new and amazing to share. Recording room is free and plays on everything from phones and consoles to VR headsets.

THE SOURCE Recording room

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Among us, the differences between Playstation and Xbox explained

The popular social deduction game Among us released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on December 14, and there’s more that makes them similar than makes them different. Although the game was originally released in June 2018, it only saw great popularity in 2020. Since then, Among us has been released on even more consoles, making it accessible to virtually anyone who wants to try the title for themselves.

What started out as a social deduction game similar to Mafia and City of Salem but in outer space has since become an Internet phenomenon. As well as popularizing the word “sus” – an abbreviated word for “suspect” which was also used in similar games – Among us has generated countless memes and is a popular game choice to watch on Twitch and YouTube. The social character of Among us makes it an easy game to come back to and play anytime, so its release on many platforms is a natural progression of its rise in popularity.


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Indeed, with its release on PlayStation and Xbox, Among us is now available on all major current generation consoles. In addition, cross-platform play is possible between all versions of the game. With PC, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to choose from, the games naturally all have to be similar. so that players do not have inherent advantages or disadvantages based solely on the system they are playing on. Among us Crossplay is part of its appeal: players can play the game with their friends even if they do not all have the same system as each other. But that does mean that each version of the game has more in common than different things, especially for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Among Us costs $ 5 on PlayStation and Xbox

Among us, update of Cosmcube

When Among us Released on June 15 for Android and iOS and on November 16 for PC in 2018, the game was free to play, with in-app purchases for cosmetic items like skins and hats. All later versions of the game were aimed at consoles and cost $ 4.99 to download. However, this game purchase does not include special cosmetics, which means anyone who wants Among us the costumes will have to pay them in addition to the price of the game. An alternative option exists however for the Xbox players, because Among us is part of the Xbox Game Pass service. Anyone who pays the monthly fee of $ 9.99 can download and play Among us.

Online subscriptions are required to play with us in multiplayer

To access online multiplayer while playing Among us on PlayStation 4 or 5, a PlayStation Plus service is required. It is the same for playing Among us on Xbox consoles: Although Microsoft removed the Xbox Live Gold online gaming requirement for free games earlier this year, Among us is not free on any home console. Xbox Live Gold is required to play online games like Among us, and even the Nintendo Switch is not exempt from the online service requirements with Nintendo Switch Online. Players who want to avoid paying for online subscriptions will need to look away from the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Among us and opt for the PC or mobile versions of the game instead.

Play among us with a controller (and without a keyboard)

Among Us PS4 PS5 Xbox Game Pass Release Date

Although it is possible to play Among us With a controller when playing on PC, access to a keyboard made chatting during meetings easier on PC and mobile than on Nintendo Switch. The same goes for the game’s release on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. For players who don’t like touch controls, adjusting the movements and tasks on the controllers and control buttons can make the game easier. But without a keyboard or voice chat, communicate in Among us can be more tedious on console compared to its 2018 versions.

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Getting used to the Quick Chat system will be helpful in Among us players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, although this has its limitations compared to just typing normally. Another option that console gamers may want to consider is using an external chat method, such as Discord, but it’s important to remember that in a living room with random players it’s also beneficial to keep them in the conversation. . For private games, however, external chat methods can help alleviate the communication limitations that Among us faces on consoles.

Cosmetic differences between us on Xbox and PlayStation

What are the best Head Art costumes among us?

The players in Among us can customize their character using hats that appear on or cover the crew member’s upper body, skins that cover the lower half of their body, animals that follow them around the map, and even unique visors. All versions of Among us are updated at the same time, so they all have access to the same cosmetics and Cosmicubes. Here, however, is where the biggest difference between the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game lies: the PlayStation version of Among us will receive exclusive cosmetic products based on the Ratchet & Clank series of video games.

These exclusive cosmetics have yet to be released, but have been revealed as a ‘Ratchet Skin’, designed to look like Ratchet’s suit, ‘Ratchet’s ears’ as a hat and a’ Clank pet. “. As the Ratchet & Clank the series is exclusive to PlayStation, it makes sense that these cosmetics are only available on the PlayStation version of Among us. It doesn’t hurt the gameplay either, as the costumes are completely optional, so players who don’t have access to the PlayStation editions of the game are in no way at a disadvantage.

The upcoming inclusion of these cosmetics may cause fans to wonder if other costumes exclusive to certain versions of Among us will be produced, but it seems unlikely that this will be the case. Currently it is possible to link Among us player accounts on all platforms except Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. By linking an account, players can transfer all of their in-app purchases as well as their level and Cosmicube progress through Among us systems. While account linking to the Nintendo Switch is not possible at this time, it is currently underway and will hopefully be available soon. However, account linking with PlayStation systems is not planned at all at the moment. Other system-exclusive cosmetics may not be ideal with the flexibility of account linking, so PlayStation editions of Among us may be the only ones to see such exclusive content.

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Fiancé 90 days before 90 days 4

90-day fiancé: Gino hits back at ex-girlfriend who leaks his creepy emails

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Eight video games that have kept us busy this year

During the Unbox pandemic, Forza Horizon and more have helped many people overcome stress

Mathur paul


Posted on 12.20.21, 03:37 AM

Unpacking (Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox)

The words “I’m moving” can be stressful for parents, children, and pets, but every move makes us re-evaluate the meaning of attachments. What do you leave behind and what’s left – that old picture frame, that table lamp, that basketball, that box of marbles, or those books. Moving in a certain way has to do with what’s holding you back. It also provides an opportunity to downsize, like Marie Kondo does in her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which is all about reducing your possessions to the most valuable items. Imagine playing around this concept through a video game, this is what happens on Unpacking where you try to build a story by going through someone’s stuff.

Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox, Windows)

Left to the vagaries of the pandemic, we all want to escape with an unforgettable vacation and Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 5 has arrived to deliver just that. It’s not only the best open world racing game you can buy, the Xbox / Microsoft Windows version makes you feel alive once the rubber meets the road in Mexico. The Escape Fantasy celebrates the freedom to drive, letting you speed up over 500 cars that respond to the slightest touch on the controller, with a soundtrack that can only be described as breathtaking. Every vroom, every cry, every brush of trees is felt through a booming soundtrack.

You need two (Windows, PlayStation, Xbox)

A digital therapy session for couples, the cooperative play follows May and her husband Cody who have become dolls as they enter through the pillow fort built for their daughter Rose. But it’s a fort that looks like a labyrinth and it seems to go on forever. They disagree, but they have to find a happy medium to be able to join their daughter. Playable in pairs, online or together in the same room, the title was declared Game of the Year at the coveted The Game Awards. Love is a perfect vehicle for intrigue in a year of uncertainties.

Fantastic (Apple Arcade)

Hironobu Sakaguchi is a man known for his groundbreaking video game titles like Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon and Terra Battle series. Everything he creates is always equal parts art and cutting edge technology, which makes him deserve the word “legendary”. The latest addition to the Japanese RPG Godfather is the Apple Arcade Exclusive Fantasian (Apple Arcade Game of the Year), developed by Mistwalker, the studio he set up after leaving Square. Fantasian’s backgrounds and settings are real-world 3D dioramas, and the attention to detail is something we’ve never seen before.

Deathloop (Windows, PlayStation)

On an island named Blackreef, the space-time rift caused the same day’s continuous reset. Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day? The assassin Colt Vahn is again opposed to Julianna Blake, at the head of a secret organization. Colt wants to come full circle by assassinating all eight Blackreef leaders in one day, but Julianna wants to stop him. Excellent shooter and wild storytelling make this a top ten entry.

Hitman III (Windows, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)

The latest game in the “World of Assassination” trilogy welcomes you as Agent 47 and once again infiltrates the hallowed halls to eliminate targets. The degree of freedom offered in navigating each assassination is excellent and there is meticulous planning involved. On each level, you are challenged to kill a specific target (sometimes more than one), in addition to collecting additional objectives, such as accessing a secret file. It is a game that James Bond will be proud of.

Return (PlayStation)

You play as Selene, who crashes on a hostile planet and as she crosses it slaughtering multi-tentacle monsters, she discovers old corpses of her own accord. Taking several hours for a single run, there are several innovations in the gameplay, like the click of the controller when the rain hits Selene’s helmet. The Challenge: Every time the player dies and starts over, the planet mysteriously rearranges the settings.

Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch)

There is an oppressive environment, and Samus is stalked by artificially intelligent killer robots on the mysterious planet ZDR. She speeds up through the game with unique moves that have been replicated often and at the end of it all, she is characterized as the most dangerous being in the galaxy.

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GRID Legends is shaping up to be a great arcade racer (with a few compromises)

If you’ve played any of the previous games in the series, forget about any physics or vehicle handling, GRID Legends is purely an arcade racing game. For some this may be a snap, but I had a great time playing some of the modes available in the demo version.

As previously announced, GRID Legends will feature the widest range of game modes, including a more in-depth career mode with over 250 events, an epic story mode called ‘Driven to Glory’ and, for the first time in the history of the franchise, Electric Boost Racing Mode.

Additionally, two fan-favorite modes are making a comeback – Drift and Elimination. I played the first one, and can’t say I’m particularly in love with it, but I liked most of the other modes. There is one race that I find hard to enjoy due to the weird controls, and that was the race involving trucks. These trucks are quite buoyant and very difficult to keep on track.

With races now limited to 22 players, a major boost from previous games, the GRID Legends multiplayer mode will be something of interest to participate in, especially as Codemasters have confirmed that the game will include cross-platform support in the game. launch, so gamers around the world will be able to connect with friends and rivals in seconds thanks to the hop-in feature.

Another cool in-game feature that will be part of GRID Legends at launch is the Race Creator, where players can stage multi-class clashes, pitting different types of vehicles against each other to create unique racing moments with each race. Each one can be different if it is customized accordingly by changing the weather conditions, the time of day or adding ramps and boost doors to make it unique.

One thing I haven’t been able to play is the new “Driven to Glory” story mode, which isn’t in the demo version for obvious reasons (we can’t get any spoils until the game is released). Suffice it to say, Codemasters promises a gritty motorsport narrative that introduces players to the GRID World Series intrigue behind the racetracks. The story contains plenty of cutscenes and should take players at least 8 hours to complete.

Visually, GRID Legends is a step up from previous titles in the series. Looks like Codemasters got a much bigger budget to upgrade their engine. New lighting and weather effects make a huge difference and make the arcade racing game a little more believable.


Overall, I think GRID Legends has the potential to be the best game in the GRID series. However, if you’re not into arcade racers, you’ll probably want to wait for Gran Turismo 7, which launches less than two weeks after GRID Legends.

Speaking of launch, Codemasters has already announced that GRID Legends is slated for release on February 25, 2022. The game will be available on Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, alongside PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam and Origin).

I know the game is for racing fans, but I still think choosing to launch the game on the same day as one of the most anticipated games of recent years, Elden Ring, was pretty bad.

Either way, if you’re planning on pre-ordering the game, you’ll receive the GRID Legends Seneca & Ravenwest Double Pack, which will be available on launch day. The pack unlocks four additional cars for career events, such as the Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Porsche 962C, Ginetta G55 GT4, and Koenigsegg Jesko.

In addition, the pack includes exclusive career events focused on Ravenwest and icons, liveries and banners exclusive to the Seneca and Ravenwest teams, so players can fade their vehicles and show them off online.

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The game ‘Among Us’ is now available on Xbox Live

“Among Us,” an action-party-mystery game, is increasing its availability in the cloud by joining the Xbox cloud game among a few other titles.

Among us, supports cross play and online multiplayer on mobile, PC and now consoles.

“Among Us” was added to Xbox Game Pass in recent weeks, but without cloud functionality. According to 9To5Google, the game is now included in cloud streaming as long as a user subscribes to the “Ultimate” subscription.

Anvil, Archvale, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lawn Mowing Simulator, Rubber Bants, Stardew Valley, and Warhammer 40,000 have also joined the service, both console and PC Game Pass.

It was a huge hit at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, becoming the most downloaded mobile game last year on Android and iOS app stores, beating games such as PUBG Mobile and Roblox.

Among Us, first launched on iOS and Android in 2018 and expanded to PC later in 2021.

According to data published by Apptopia, “Among Us” recorded 264 million downloads worldwide and 41 million in the United States.

“Among Us” was the world’s most downloaded mobile game in November 2020. The game, which is very popular among children in India, has seen an increase in popularity during lockdowns.

Summary of the news:

  • The game ‘Among Us’ is now available on Xbox Live
  • Check out all the news and articles of the latest gaming news and updates.
Disclaimer: If you need to update / change this article, please visit our help center. For the latest updates Follow us on googIe News

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Mega fun to play but a disappointing upgrade

Cricket 22 is a minor tweak to fan favorite Cricket 19. It’s fun to play, but is it worth buying Cricket 19?


Studio des Grandes Fourmis


  • Realistic and fun gameplay
  • Good performance
  • Accessible to all ages

The inconvenients

  • Graphics below normal
  • Dull career mode
  • Expensive


  • Platforms

    PC, PlayStation, Xbox

  • Internet connectivity


Do you remember Cricket 2007? Yes, the game of cricket that was (and still is) readily available on the Internet and can run on any PC? 14 years have passed and I still believe this is the benchmark for a game of cricket. It had the best graphics for its time, had an entertaining gaming experience, and was easy to master. 12 years later, it was Big Ants Studio’s Cricket 19 that kept the dream alive for fans of the sport. So when I got my hands on a copy of Cricket 22 my expectations were at an all time high.

You may have already sensed the disappointment in my tone. Because after two years of waiting, it’s normal to expect a game that makes the elder, well, old! But unfortunately I still find myself spending more time on Cricket 19 than new. On paper there is a lot that Big Ants Studio has done well and for cricket fans, that’s enough to borrow at least an hour of their life every day on PC or console.

But is it enough? Join me in my account of wearing the pads and leading the pitch, because this round matters.

Cricket Ground 22

In sports titles, having a self-centered career mode is normal – whether it’s FIFA, PES, NFL, or even the game of Formula 1, they all have a career mode revolving around you. Cricket 19 had one too and it was pretty fun. In Cricket 22, Big Ants Studio tried to achieve FIFA immersion levels in career mode. You start with an agent, train in the nets, play club cricket, take care of your physique, and progress to the bigger teams – from the IPL equivalent of a tournament in Australia to their national team.

Cricket 22

Considering the small scale of production, Cricket 22 career mode rarely engages and after spending 5-6 hours I couldn’t take it anymore. The cut scenes appear robotic and there is no sense of the action or life in career mode.

Outside of career mode, this is a great sports game to enjoy. You take over as teams in a Premier League level tournament or play in other countries. Ashes Cricket is back with fully licensed teams and players, as is the Women’s Cricket team. As an Indian I was once again disappointed to see the lack of licensed Indian players or teams in any of the game modes. It brings back the nostalgic era of D. Denenier of Cricket 07 dominating our PC screens; only this time, there is no relativity with the current composition of the players. Even the fake jerseys are disappointing; they look like cartoon characters from disney.

Cricket 22
Cricket 22

There is an option to download community created skins and teams, but for now all I could find were original names and slightly changed faces. I wish the huge collection of real world skins and jerseys uploaded to the Cricket 22 online store.

Cricket game 22

A sports title may lack licensed player models or a well-laid out career mode, but what matters most is its playing experience. Cricket 22 performs very well on that front; in fact, to an extent that made me abandon my routine F1 2021 and Forza Horizon 5 weekend sessions. Big Ants Studio has altered the gameplay dynamics enough to make it believable and real.

Cricket 22
Cricket 22

Therefore, if you have the idea of ​​getting the same silly six-hit hack gameplay from Cricket 07, you are wrong. Whether it’s a five-a-side or a 50-50, Cricket 22 guarantees you’ll play it like a real game of cricket. This means reading the bullet deliveries or patiently waiting for the stumps to drive the bowl across the field. You hurry up and your dashboard comes alive in the counters section.

The control mechanism adds to this experience. Cricket 22 allows you to have an assisted mode and a pro mode; the latter allows you to control the stroke and the jump of the pitcher as well as to position that of the batsman and to obtain the good timing. I found the assisted mode more enjoyable, as the learning curve is less here. You also have multiple camera views to play around with, but the default view moves away from the wickets.

Cricket 22
Cricket 22

However, it’s the AI ​​that can bother some players even in the simplest settings. AI players tend to frequently drop catches and throw bad throws on Easy Mode, while the Pro level makes a single run on the board a tall order. I had a hard time dealing with the spin bowlers, who for some reason managed to get the wickets easily. And fast bowlers get by with wide legs and legs for the most part. A recent update fixed some of the issues, but players can often find that the AI ​​is too capable.

Simulate mode returns for those times when you don’t want to play an entire round of 20 or more overs. Unfortunately, the simulation mode ends up putting more races on the board than you can do while playing realistically.

The rest of the functionality comes back from Cricket 19. You can always appeal to the referee about your decision, still get detailed views of close saves and fantastic reruns of your limits.

Cricket 22
Cricket 22

Unfortunately, the budget limitations are visible elsewhere. You can still toss with an oddly shaped “Big Ants” coin with no sense, head or tail, and it still levitates on the ground. There is no audible dialogue between the captains or the players during the cutscenes, and the cheers from the surrounding field or the player’s instructions seem repetitive. Most annoying is the commentary which seems to have nothing to do with what is happening on the ground, and can be described as disheartening.

For example, I once hit five limits on five balls leaving the last ball as a point, and the commentary praised the bowler for “bowling so well without giving a lot of lanes.” And then there is always favor for the AI ​​team; even if you made 3 points on a field error, the defensive players are commended for stopping the limit. There is certainly room for improvement here.

Finally, if you want to play against real cricket fans, an online mode is available. However, I was only able to play a few games, most of which saw the opponent lose in the middle. There is no split screen multiplayer, which in my opinion is a failure.

Cricket 22 Performance

For a sporting title, Cricket 22 works perfectly. I tested the game on a high end Lenovo Legion 7 (Ryzen 9 5900H, RTX 3080) as well as another entry level system with a GTX 1060 as well as a 10th Core i5 processor. In both cases, the game went well, but with adjustments accordingly. Console gamers can get up to 4K resolution on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. And so far, I haven’t noticed any shocking issues that spoil the gaming experience.

Cricket 22
Cricket 22

Having said that, the reason this game performs well may have something to do with poor graphics and inadequate animation. I’m surprised to see that Cricket 22 looks worse than Cricket 19! It shouldn’t be, right? Cricket 19 itself was not a good game and Cricket 22 only made it worse. It looks like Big Ants Studio simply improved color saturation across fields, players, and stadiums, without actually updating the textures themselves. The player models are comparable to what we saw with FIFA 18/19; there is none of that sweat or jersey animations that you see with soccer games. The grounds have a cartoonish look and the stadium section, along with everything else, looks like the EA Sports Cricket 07 era. The lighting system is nice as long as the sun is up but under the spotlight everything has it. sad look.

Cricket 22
Cricket 22

And then there are the animations. With titles like FIFA and PES, we have to expect realistic and smooth player movements. The characters in Cricket 22 still move like androids. I didn’t expect to see the player moon dance over the bowl before picking it up, or wait a moment near the ball before turning around and picking it up. The animations during the captures are also disappointing (somehow EA Sports cracked it best 14 years ago). There is nothing of that fluidity that you see with modern sports titles involving humans.


Cricket 22
Cricket 22

I’m just as happy and sad to see Cricket 22 – happy that Big Ants Studio is only for cricket fans around the world when the big guys have given up. But looking at the rest of the game, it’s hard to see that Cricket 22 isn’t much of an upgrade from the previous version, which, by the way, looks like a better option in 2021; especially since Big Ants asks ??3,999 for this one.

As a cricket fan, I was hoping Cricket 22 was the massive generational upgrade that a cricket title has been missing for years, especially when it comes to graphic advancements and presentation. Instead, Cricket 22 looks like a minor patch for Cricket 19. I understand the budget constraints of a small development studio, but the price of a new copy isn’t less than what you pay for something. from EA Sports.

That’s not to say Cricket 22 is bad. Being the only game of cricket on PC and consoles this year (and for the foreseeable future), this remains your only way to get the frills of cricket without stepping outside. The action of cricket is always a lot of fun (and realistic) and those who invest in the sport have a lot to explore here, or to simulate their future in this virtual world of cricket.

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How the famous Formula 1 game evolved

The iconic Formula 1 games have evolved steadily over the years, delighting all generations. Here is a closer look.

From arcade game consoles to E-Sports competitions, Formula 1 games have evolved dramatically over the years. Several of these games have managed to thrill enthusiasts and deserve a nostalgic look into the past. Here are some key points to note in this story.



Chronology of the evolution of the F1 game

  • The roots of the game go back to the 1970s.
  • The first version was reportedly published by Namco, the famous Japanese video game publisher, in 1976.
  • Namco went on to produce Pole position in 1982, which quickly grew into one of the world’s most iconic arcade games. Some of the main attractions include the CPU opposition function and the time trial qualifying lap mode, making it a very advanced proposition for the time. So it’s no surprise that IGN named it the most influential racing game of all time in 2015.
  • F1 has made the leap into other devices, with Monaco Super GP become a mega hit in 1989 on Sega Megadrive, while contributions were taken by legend Aryton Senna for the sequel in 1992. At the same time, grand prize was another game from 1992 that kicked off evolution in a significant way.
  • The biggest hit of all Formula 1 simulation games was the 1996 Grand Prize 2 which was made for the PC by Geoff Crammond. It was based on the 1994 German Grand Prix season, containing drivers and entire teams, as well as a championship feature and Grand Prix weekends.
  • The suites included the Grand Prize 3 and Grand Prize 4 in 2000 and 2002 respectively.
  • At the same time, Sony saw its PlayStation achieve huge success by releasing one of its best-selling games. Formula 1 in 1996. This had Murray Walker’s commentary with an unlockable Easter eggs, and a championship mode. Formula 1 97 also enjoyed major success with sequels in 1998 and 1999.
  • The license for F1 was shared between Sony and Electronic Arts (which continued to make annual editions of F1 games) during the period 2000-2003. EA also offered similar games like F1 Manager for PC which was another hot favorite.
  • Sony obtained the exclusive rights to the F1 game from 2003, limiting it to the PlayStation only. The following games received many additions, including career modes too. Online multiplayer gaming started with the PlayStation 3 and the F1 Championship Edition in 2007.
  • Codemasters later reclaimed the rights, venturing into space with F1 2009 on Nintendo Wii.
  • He has found success with F1 2010 which was the first to come out on Xbox 360 and PS3. The publisher has started making additions every year, offering new attributes like safety cars and more. There was a game named F1 racing stars which came out in 2012.
  • The first match was F1 2015 for 8e Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. F1 2017 was also a historic launch with the establishment of the official E-Sports series.
  • With F1 and Liberty Media striving to engage with the growing youth community, the Formula 1 Esports Series was a mega success and the top 20 riders were transported to Abu Dhabi in 2017 for the Grand Prix final. Brendon Leigh of the United Kingdom emerged as the champion after the online qualifiers and semi-finals were broadcast live.
  • 2018 saw greater Esports competition, with Leigh becoming champion again, representing Mercedes. 2019 saw Ferrari’s membership with the price fund increase even further. Italian David Tonizza also became the Ferrari champion that year.
  • 2020 saw a cohesive series unfold, under the production direction of Motorsport Games and Veloce Esports. Not the general practitioner events took place with several celebrities and real world pilots. This led to the introduction of the Virtual GP series.

What remains constant despite rapid development is the love that fans have for the sport!

For the latest automotive news and reviews, follow carandbike.com on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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Some Xbox Live Gold subscribers appear to be getting 5 months free of Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Live Gold subscribers have received messages congratulating them on being an “All-Star Gold Member” with 5 free months of Xbox Game Pass.

xbox game pass with lara croft, batman, diaz and master chef behind him

It looks like Microsoft and Xbox are getting into the Christmas giveaway mood, as some Xbox Live Gold members report receiving messages from Xbox congratulating them on being an “All-Star Gold member.” Coupled with this message, a code allows you to use 5 free months of Xbox Game Pass. This is a substantial giveaway, since it is almost six months of Xbox Game Pass.

One Reddit user claimed to have received such a message on his console detailing what would happen to his remaining Gold membership if he chose to use the 5 months free Xbox Game Pass. For those who receive the message from Microsoft, it looks like the remaining Gold time will roll over on a 1: 1 basis. For example, if someone has 18 months left on their Gold membership, they will have a total of 23 months of Game Pass Ultimate after redeeming the code.


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There has been speculation that this message could be a scam, so caution is advised when receiving the message. However, some users who also received the Xbox Live Gold message and used the attached code say it seems to be working fine. At first glance, the message appears to have been sent directly from Microsoft so that anyone concerned can rest. Keep in mind, however, that these codes are not transferable.

As to why this is only sent to a handful of selected people, and at random, it remains unclear. The company is known to do this sometimes throughout the year, but it never gives a reason to do so. One possible explanation is that Microsoft’s internal systems have spotted some gamers as longtime Xbox Live Gold users, and Microsoft trying to get them interested in an Xbox Game Pass membership. If so, it is indeed a tough deal to turn down, even just to try the service.

Xbox Game Pass is currently on the rise and continues to offer many games per month, as well as exclusive Xbox titles released on the day and date to the service. Recently, Forza Horizon 5 had the biggest Xbox launch of all time without a doubt thanks to Xbox Game Pass and Infinite halo just released 10 days ago to be a hit with critics and fans alike. The future looks even brighter for the service with exclusive day one releases of titles such as The Senua Saga: Hellblade 2 and Fable.

MORE: Xbox Free Games with Gold for 2021 started the year strong, so what happened?

Secretlab reveals The Witcher cross chair
Secretlab reveals The Witcher cross chair

Just in time for The Witcher Season 2 premiere, Secretlab is releasing a brand new chair that summons the spirit of Geralt of Rivia.

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Xbox Game Pass: Skip New Games For These Xbox Live Gold Downloads | Games | Entertainment

Xbox Game Pass received a flurry of exciting new downloads this week, but you should probably skip them over the weekend.

That’s because there are two more free games available for download this weekend that can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has launched its latest Free Play Days event, available to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers, XGP included.

This weekend, fans can download and play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – The Official Video Game at no additional cost.

Both games have been around for a while, but if you haven’t tried them yet, now is your perfect chance.

They can be found on your console by clicking on the Subscriptions tab in the Xbox Store and entering the Gold member area.

The download should only take a short time depending on your internet access and offers hours of free entertainment with no content limitation.

The only thing to note is that this new offer is limited in time, which means you have to go to the Xbox Store and claim them now.

Microsoft has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – The Official Video Game, will be available until December 20, with access ending around 8:00 GMT.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a highly rated and revised installment of the popular franchise that made some big changes to the original formula.

Expanding into a more open format, the game pulled harder on the RPG elements, offering something different for those getting used to the larger worlds available in Origin.

The Express Review was published in 2018 and left Joseph Carey impressed with the narrative progress, explaining:

“Alexios’ story is in many ways reminiscent of the glory days of the Ezio Trilogy which delivered a gripping tale and kept players engaged.

“Players see him go from a somewhat unconscious young man living on the island of Kephallonia to an untouchable warrior who would make even Achilles think twice before challenging him to battle.

“The main quest of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has several story arcs that have constantly kept us invested and waiting for the next twist.

“But while the game excels at telling a remarkable story, it’s the cast of likable and often humorous characters that keeps you coming back for more.”

“Alexios is definitely the highlight, but he’s joined by a number of other main characters who make the events always entertaining.

“The voice acting is for the most part nailed down, although a few character performances end up being boring due to excessive hype.”

So it might be worth leaving these more recent versions in the Xbox Game Pass library for a few more days so that you can try out two games that are currently not available as part of the subscription service.

And if you want to play more of either game, you can download both of them for a reduced price. Current deals on both games this weekend include the following:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

  • Standard Edition (SRP $ 59.99) at 75% off: $ 15.00
  • Ultimate Edition ($ 119.99 SRP) at 70% off: $ 36.00
  • The Fate of Atlantis DLC ($ 24.99 SRP) at 50% off: $ 12.50

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – The Official Video Game

  • Standard Edition ($ 39.99 SRP) at 50% off: $ 20.00

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December 17 weekend console download deals: Xbox Countdown Sale

The end of the year is here and the good news is that Shacknews isn’t launching overnight 2021 without releasing at least one of the big end-of-year sales. Xbox has launched its countdown sale that will take gamers into the New Year. The best of 2021 and everything that came before it is on sale. Additionally, Battlefield and Call of Duty are on sale, if those interest you.

That’s it for the weekend console download deals for 2021! See you next year!

Here is our selection of console offers for this weekend:


The following games are part of Xbox One Games with Gold / Deals with Gold. An Xbox Live Gold membership is required to qualify for these discounts.

The following offers are available to all Xbox One users. Xbox Live Gold members may receive additional discounts.


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Nintendo Switch

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Ozzie has been playing video games since buying his first NES controller at the age of 5. But he was pulled after spending years in QA circles for THQ and Activision, mostly spending time helping push the Guitar Hero series to its peak. Ozzie has become a huge fan of platformers, puzzle games, shooters, and RPGs to name a few genres, but he’s also a huge fan of anything that has a good, compelling story behind it. Because what are video games if you can’t enjoy a good story with a fresh Cherry Coke?

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Taito Milestones compiles 10 arcade-era classics from the studio

Your mileage may vary on the “classics”

Publisher Taito and retro enthusiasts from Hamster Corporation have come together to release a new compilation for Nintendo Switch: Taito milestones. This release will feature a selection of hits from Taito’s formative years, a time when the studio ruled the arcades by offering a catalog of fun and incredibly diverse coins.

Taito milestones will include 10 games in all, although it must be said that this is not a “Very Best Of” collection. While no one would deny it Ninja warriors and The story of the land of the fairies are both fun to play even today I’m not quite sure how critical it is that we get another reissue of games such as Front line, downhill skiing, and Wild western. I understand the collection represents genre-defining ‘milestones’, but I think people would much prefer to have a port of the excellent PS2 / Xbox volumes. Legends of Taito, which featured a host of really exciting hits.

All the same, Taito milestones will launch for Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 24, 2022. Western release is already confirmed, although a release date has not been set. A physical version will be available via strictly limited games.

Chris Moyse

Editor-in-Chief – Chris has been playing video games since the 1980s. Former Saturday Night Slam Master. Graduated from Galaxy High with honors.

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Far Cry 6 players can now download the classic Far Cry game for free

Far cry 6 PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X gamers, or at least some of them, can now download a classic Far Cry game for free, thanks to the Far cry 6 Season pass. Today, Ubisoft surprised more than one by releasing Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition through the aforementioned platforms. For those who do not have the Far cry 6 Season Pass, the game costs $ 15. However, for those who have the last season pass Far cry game, it’s free.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because Ubisoft did the exact same thing with Far Cry 3: Classic Edition. The game was re-released under the nickname “Classic Edition” for $ 15 or could be obtained for free through the Far cry 5 Season pass. As for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, it is a standalone extension of Far cry 3 which hit in 2013 with very solid reviews and commercial success, but not at the level of the game of which it was an expansion. Meanwhile, an animated series on Dragon blood double Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, is currently in preparation.

If you are not interested in playing Far cry 6 or its DLC, so just buy the game for $ 15, because Far cry 6 is $ 60 and his extension pass is an additional $ 40.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is THE Kick-Ass Cyber ​​Shooter, “one of the game’s official pitch reads.” Welcome to an 80s vision for the future. It’s 2007 and you are Sargent Rex Colt, a Cyber ​​Commando Mark IV . Your mission: get the girl back, kill the bad guys and save the world. Check out all the snaps of a VHS era vision of a nuclear future, where cyborgs, blood dragons, mutants and Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens, Navy Seals) collide. ”

For more coverage on all things Far cry – including all the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculations – click here or on some of the links just below:

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When will Madden 22 be on Xbox Game Pass?

Madden 22 has thrived with new Ultimate Team content since launch, but an arrival on Xbox Game Pass could attract a whole new generation of gamers.

Here’s everything we know so far about when Madden 22 hits Xbox Game Pass for gamers to download and have fun.

When will Madden 22 be on Xbox Game Pass?

Sadly, Madden 22 is not currently on Xbox Game Pass, but it is likely to arrive in the near future.

Watching Madden 21, this title didn’t arrive on Xbox Game Pass until about six months after its global launch.

Madden 21 was released on August 28, 2020, and landed on Xbox Game Pass on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

RETURN: You’ll have to wait a while for Madden 22 to reach Game Pass

While they can still stick to the early March window, there’s a chance Madden 22 will land a little earlier as it released on August 20, 2021.

If they stick with the gap between launch and the Game Pass used last year, we should see Madden 22 on Xbox Game Pass on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

If they want to come out with a March release, March 1, 2022 also falls on a Tuesday and appears to be the next most likely culprit for an Xbox Game Pass arrival date.

Play Madden 22 Trial Now with Xbox Game Pass

While Xbox Game Pass subscribers currently can’t download and keep Madden 22 indefinitely, they actually have a way to start playing right away.

Xbox Game Pass gets most EA titles through the service having EA Play included in their library, and as such, Xbox Game Pass subscribers get the same benefits that come with an EA Play subscription.

One of them is a full access 10-hour EA Play trial of most of their major titles, and that includes Madden 22.

BACK TO 21: You can always go back to last year’s Madden

The Madden 22 trial includes full access to the game, but with the caveat that after 10 hours of playing you will have to purchase it to continue playing.

If you happen to take advantage of the EA Play trial to experience Madden 22, be sure to completely close the game and restart your console when you are finished playing.

There have been issues since launch with the title’s 10-hour time limit decreasing when players return to the scoreboard, so make sure it’s closed if you don’t want to waste time.

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Symphony of Death is free on Xbox and ends quickly

Queen’s Quest 5: Symphony of Death, a game published by Artifex Mundi, launched today and is free on the Xbox store. It also appears to be an early completion.

Previous entries in the Queen’s Quest series were all paid games, but it looks like publisher Artifex Mundi is taking a different approach this time around and made Queen’s Quest 5 free. It appears to be the same as previous games (and pretty much every other Artifex Mundi title) in that it’s your standard point-and-click puzzle adventure. However, as this is free, microtransactions are available. These come in the form of clues which will give you a quick indicator if you get stuck in a level or allow you to skip a mini-game. Fortunately, they are not necessary to complete the game.

Looking at our early completion data, we can see that people are completing Queen’s Quest 5 in about three hours. We don’t have one available on TA yet, but Clarion 85’s forum post points to a Steam guide to collectibles and a full video walkthrough of the game.

If you are interested and want a free 1000G, you can download the game using the link below.

Queen's Quest 5: Symphony of Death (Xbox Version)

Queen’s Quest 5: Symphony of Death (Xbox Version)

When the kingdom is rocked by child abduction, the court’s alchemist and top detective decides to take matters into their own hands. Using elixirs and transfiguration magic, you must stop the dreadful sound of the Deadly Symphony.

Are you going to check this one out? Let us know in the comments!

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Xbox Series X is about to leave the PS5 in the dust

Microsoft has made huge strides in winning back gamers and welcoming newcomers to the hobby, a drastic about-face from the Xbox management team when the Xbox One launched in 2013.

The driving force behind the Xbox boom isn’t the new Xbox Series X console, or its little brother, the Xbox Series S. Instead, it’s the double-dip of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud. Gaming.

While Sony still has the most desirable exclusives, mainly because you can only play them on PS4 or PS5, although they are releasing later and later on PC as well, the Japanese game maker is nothing like it. Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The closest thing to Sony is PlayStation Now, but it’s nowhere near as comprehensive as Game Pass, which features better games, the ability to download games, and includes all Xbox exclusives from day one, on consoles and PC.

With Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can stream these games to your mobile devices. In fact, with just a gamepad, smartphone, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, you can play countless Xbox titles without even owning an Xbox.

Microsoft has made gaming with Xbox, no matter what your hardware, more accessible than ever. This also applies to console games, with programs like Xbox All Access making consoles more affordable and Smart Delivery ensuring that whatever game you buy, you’ll always be able to play the best version at no additional cost. If you own an Xbox One and you upgrade to an Xbox Series X, the Xbox One version will be converted to an Xbox Series X version if available.

More accessible, more affordable, and just as powerful, the Xbox platform leaves PlayStation in the dust, though the PlayStation 5 will almost certainly sell more units than the Xbox Series X. In many ways, for Microsoft at least, it is ‘is unrelated.

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Update these tech gifts before you put them under the tree. here’s how

A long setup can put a damper on the joy of a nice gift, both on the giving and receiving side. Running updates immediately after lighting up a new tech toy can be a real bummer, and uploading files instead of attending a holiday rally isn’t that fun, either.

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The 10 best Marvel games of all time

In honor of our Marvel’s Midnight Suns cover article this month, we wanted to re-edit this 2019 list of the top ten Marvel-themed video games. If you can’t wait to take on the role of one of Marvel’s legendary heroes, there are a number of great games out there. We have put together the ultimate list of Marvel games that every comic book fan should play.

10. X-Men 2: The Clone Wars

Genesis • 1995
The X-Men seemed to be the greatest superheroes of the ’90s. Young fans across the country dreamed of being one of Marvel’s merry mutants, and Headgames’ side-scrolling co-op action game has helped to eliminate this itch. Players control Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, and Wolverine as they travel the world in an effort to destroy the Phalanx virus and prevent everyone from becoming techno-organic slaves. Each hero has their own unique set of powers, which aided them in battle and affect how they moved through the environment, further encouraging replay.

9. Marvel Strike Force

iOS, Android • 2018
As a Special Tactical Reserve for Interdimensional Key Events (STRIKE) agent, you are tasked with assembling a squad of heroes to protect the planet from an alien threat. But who are we kidding – we don’t like Marvel’s turn-based mobile gaming for its plot. We love to amass an ever-growing list of some of our favorite heroes (and villains) in the universe. Strike Force’s turn-based combat offers just the right amount of strategy, and continuing that slow unlocking of new characters is incredibly addicting.

8. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, PC • 2009
Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes, and for good reason: he’s an irresistible scrapper who can get rid of any injury. Based on the 2009 film, Raven Software allowed fans to explore Logan’s past while tearing apart legions of hapless foes with Wolverine’s indestructible claws. Watching your body slowly rebuild after an attack is endlessly fascinating, and your lunge attack was incredibly stimulating. X-Men Origins is not only a great Marvel game, but it pulled off an incredibly rare trick – it’s a game that’s actually better than the movie.

7. X-Men

Arcade, PS3, Xbox 360 • 1992
In the 90s, arcades were littered with addicting side-scrolling beat’em ups from Konami. In fact, it seemed like arcades were required by law to own some version of this game. But we’re not complaining; we gladly toss a few coins into one of these machines every time we see it. Sure, some of the X-Men’s powers seem warped (Nightcrawler zipped around the screen like the Flash, for example), but we can’t resist the thrill of defeating an army of Sentinels before the epic overthrow with Magneto.

6. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, PC • 2013
Lego sets are like crisps – they are comfort food. After a long day, they don’t make you feel any pressure to play; you can just relax and smash objects and enemies into tiny Lego bricks. In the wake of the 2012 Avengers movie, Traveller’s Tales and TT Fusion’s exploration of the Marvel Universe was a sheer delight. Not only was the character roster absurdly massive, but each hero had their own set of powers, and the search for secrets across the board has proven to be incredibly satisfying.

5. Spider-Man 2

PS2, Xbox, GameCube • 2004
For a long time, Spider-man 2 was considered the best Marvel game, if not the best licensed game. Based on Sam Raimi’s film, Spider-Man struggles to balance his life as a civilian and superhero while battling enemies like The Rhino, Black Cat, and Dr. Octopus. Treyarch’s open world of Manhattan was a lot of fun to explore, and the combat was fast and smooth. However, the piece of resistance is Spider-Man’s swing mechanics, which feels so good that it has become the swing mechanic by which all other Spider-Man games have been judged.

4. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

PS2, Xbox, GameCube • 2005
Few games let you feel like an unstoppable rage machine like Radical Entertainment’s Ultimate Destruction. The Hulk runs along walls, turns cars into brass knuckles, repels missiles like flies, and generally annihilates anything stupid enough to get in his way. The boss fights with enemies like Devil Hulk, Mercy, and Abomination are truly epic. Bruce Banner just wants to go secretly away and search for a cure for his illness, but the world doesn’t want to leave him alone. We don’t want to leave him alone either, because this fight is so much fun.

3. Marvel: the ultimate alliance

PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP • 2006
Raven Software’s epic smash fest was Avengers: Endgame of its day. Building on the X-Men Legacy franchise, Ultimate Alliance takes Diablo’s core action / RPG loot festival and throws all of the main Marvel characters into the mix. Up to four friends can look behind each other as they engage in truly wild scenarios, like protecting a helicarrier from the dragon Fin Fang Foom, freeing the people of Atlantis from mind control, and participating in an absurd game show. on Murderworld. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has a lot to do.

2. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Vita • 2011
The Marvel vs Capcom series is the only place you can see Captain America tag team with Captain Commando or Mega Man take on Iron Man. While we also have a soft spot for Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, the re-release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has struck the perfect balance between combat and its massive roster of characters. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a good reminder that you don’t need a wacky story mode when the action is this good.

1. Spider-Man

PS4 • 2018
What else did you expect at the top of this list? Insomniac’s masterpiece was a real contender for Game of the Year when it was released, and Insomniac expertly took all the mechanics fans loved from previous Spider-Man games and built them to create something something special. Spider-Man’s fight and web swing is the best it’s ever been, and Insomniac tells a gripping story that brought out the heroism of Peter Parker as well as his alter ego. We could do without the simple moments of stealth, but these are easy to forget when the rest of the game is in full swing. The wait for a sequel is going to be excruciating, as we want to see what Insomniac does next with our favorite wall-crawler.

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