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Month: April 2021

Do you need Xbox Live to play Rocket League?

Rocket League is the competitive hybrid between football and driving. Since its release in 2015, it continues to be an ever-growing success for consumers and esports.

Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about whether you need to sign up for Xbox Live before you play.

Free to play

Rocket League is now available for free! “

In an update from September 23, 2020, Rocket League became free-to-play!

Although Rocket League was free on Xbox for a while, you still needed an Xbox Live subscription to play online, is that still the case?

Is Xbox Live required to play?

As of April 21, 2021, Rocket League, among other free online games, has become a free game without an Xbox Live subscription.

Therefore, you can get started at no additional cost, without having to sign up for the subscription service first.

Latest – Rocket League Esports

Bull fight

The roaring 1v1 tournament, the Battle of the Bulls, took place last weekend. Click on the link below to find out all the actions you missed!

Discover the cinematic cut here.

Events to come

There are plenty of exciting events taking place on the Rocket League esports scene this week! Follow the Rocket League Esports Twitter so you don’t miss any of the action!

Soon in the Rocket League

Rocket League Season 3 is off to a good start, adding new cars and more to the game!

We have the full Season 3 patch notes and breakdown available here.

F1 & Nascar

Fans are very excited for F1 and Nascar to join the Rocket League scene in May!

Yes you read that right, two of the biggest racing franchises in the world are coming together soon in Rocket League, you don’t want to miss that!

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Xbox Live Games With Gold May 2021 Free Games Revealed

April showers bring Mayflowers and four new free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. This month for Games with Gold, Xbox players can roll the dice with Armellofight swarms of heroes in Dungeons 3put on the balaclava LEGOBatmanthen relax on an island getaway with Tropic 4. Like every month, access to these games will be staggered throughout the month, two activating on May 1, then two activating on the 15th.

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2015 Armello is a self-proclaimed strategy board game set in a world of anthropomorphic animals. Players choose a champion, then attempt to become ruler of the kingdom via dice rolls and the luck of the draw.

Join Armello may 1st is the original LEGOBatman on Xbox 360. One of the many LEGO titles available, almost everyone knows the formula Traveler’s Tales repeats every year. However, if this is your first go-around, LEGOBatman will have players controlling Batman, Robin and a host of other characters on the streets of Gotham as they solve family puzzles.

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On May 15, subscribers can grab Dungeons 3. Developed by Realmforge Studios and published by Kalypso Media, the Dungeons series allows players to build dungeons while incorporating real-time strategy mechanics. It’s partly a callback to the classic Keeper of the Dungeon franchise and the first in the franchise to come to the living room via Xbox consoles.

The other free mid-May offering also has a strategic bent, as it’s an entry in a long-running series of city-building dictator simulations. Tropic 4 on Xbox 360 was released in 2011, and the PC series lives up to Tropic 6, but the gameplay doesn’t change too much from game to game. Think City Simbut with much more humor and turned towards a banana republic.

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May 2021 Xbox Live games with Gold titles announced

Microsoft announced the Xbox Live games for May 2021 with Gold titles.

On Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download Armello (normally $ 19.99 / £ 15.99) for free throughout May.

Dungeons 3 (normally $ 29.99 / £ 26.99) will then be available for free download from May 16 to June 15.

Opinion: To view this integration, please allow the use of functional cookies in Cookie preferences.

The Xbox 360 Lego Batman game (normally $ 19.99 / £ 14.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members from May 1 to 15.

And from May 16 until the end of the month, Tropico 4 (normally $ 9.99 / £ 9.19) will be available to download for free.

As part of the Games with Gold lineup for April, members can download Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and Hard Corps: Uprising for free until the end of this month, while the FIA ​​European Truck Racing Championship is available until the end of this month. ‘to May 15.

May 2021 Xbox Live games with Gold titles announced
Armello is one of the Xbox Live games of May with Gold titles

As of April 21, an Xbox Live Gold membership is no longer required to play free multiplayer games on Xbox consoles, or to access group search and group chat features.

Previously, Xbox Live Gold was required to play all Xbox games online, including over 50 free titles such as Warzone, Fortnite, and Rocket League, which are available at no additional cost on rival platforms.

In January, Microsoft canceled plans to increase the price of a six-month Xbox Live Gold subscription by 50% to $ 60.

“We screwed up today and you were right to let us know,” he said. “Connecting and playing with friends is a vital part of the game and we have failed to meet the expectations of the players who rely on it every day. As a result, we have decided not to change the Xbox Live Gold pricing.

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Microsoft news recap: Free games no longer require Xbox Live Gold, plans for 50-100 new data centers per year, and more

The Microsoft News Digest is a weekly feature highlighting top Microsoft news from the past week. Sit down, have a coffee and happy reading!

Microsoft plans to build 50-100 new data centers per year, to add 10 new countries in 2021

By the end of 2021, Microsoft aims to add 10 new countries to its data center portfolio. Additionally, the company aims to expand its network by 50 to 100 new data centers per year. To put that into context, Microsoft currently operates around 200 data centers.

Nintendo Shuts Down Xbox Cloud Gaming Over Switch Rumors

Rumors of Xbox Cloud Gaming coming to the Nintendo Switch have been shot down by Nintendo. Although Xbox Cloud Gaming can now work in a web browser (for those invited to the rollout), the service does not work on the Switch’s browser, and Nintendo has said it won’t allow streaming services to work. on his consoles.

Updates to the Microsoft News app on iOS with a new design and several cool features

iOS users of the Microsoft News app were greeted this week with a new update that brought a fresh design, bringing it more in line with the Bing app, while also receiving new features including the ability to to search by image or by speech from the search bar and a new function to hide specific sources of information. Reactions have also been added, allowing you to see what others think of the article.

Microsoft News app

Free games on Xbox no longer require Xbox Live Gold starting today

As of this week, free games on Xbox no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership, which means that as long as you have an Xbox One or Series console, free games are completely free. The party chat and party finder features also no longer require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Xbox Live Gold

This week in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams public preview adds over 800 emojis and a new in-meeting sharing experience

The Microsoft Teams public preview has received a new update that brings over 800 emojis, up from 85, along with the addition of a new category/skin tone picker and shortcode picker. Additionally, a new in-meeting sharing experience has arrived.

Updates to the Microsoft Teams app on Android and iOS with some nice extra features

The Android and iOS apps for Microsoft Teams received a few minor new features this week. From the ability to invite distribution lists and modern groups during the schedule creation process to the ability to join a meeting as a read-only attendee when the user limit is reached. Take a look at the full changelog for each app here.

Microsoft delays rollout of shared channels in Teams to November

Featured new shared channels have been delayed. Initially scheduled for this summer, it is now expected in November.

Microsoft Teams on desktop now allows users to merge calls

The Microsoft Teams desktop app now lets you merge multiple calls together. The new feature is rolling out and should be complete by the end of the month.

The Microsoft Teams desktop app will add an option to lock meetings in progress

A new feature that will allow organizers to lock meetings in progress is coming to the Microsoft Teams desktop app. This will prevent more participants from joining during a call once a lock has been activated, which could be useful for those at educational institutions where students might join late.

Microsoft Teams now lets meeting organizers set a time limit for breakout rooms

Meeting organizers can now set a time limit for breakout rooms. Once the allotted time has elapsed, the room will close and participants will be returned to the main room.

It’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with more news from Microsoft.

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No Xbox Live Membership Required for Online Multiplayer on Free Games Starting Today

In what has been one of the most controversial moves in recent memory, Xbox recently announced that an Xbox Live subscription was required for players to access free games online multiplayer.

This meant that free-to-play games such as Apex Legends, until today, required an Xbox Live membership, a subscription service that allowed players to access online multiplayer.

This move was met with massive fan resistance and quickly became extremely damaging to the Xbox brand. However, Xbox has now reversed its decision after massive community backlash.

A number of free games will no longer require an Xbox Live subscription for their online multiplayer modes. However, other games, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Rainbow Six: Siege, will still require an Xbox Live subscription.

Which free Xbox games are included?

There are over 50 free titles on the Xbox platform, and the games in this list will not require a Live subscription:

  • 3on3 FreeStyle
  • Aegis Wing
  • APB reloaded
  • Apex Legends
  • armored warfare
  • Battle Islands: Commanders
  • Unleashed Blessing
  • brawlhalla
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Repression
  • Repression 2
  • purple wedding ring
  • steer
  • Darwin Project
  • Intrepid
  • DC Universe Online
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighters
  • Dead or Alive 6: Basic Fighters
  • 2050 Challenge
  • Destiny 2
  • Doritos crash course
  • Dungeon Defenders II
  • enlisted
  • Eternal card game
  • Family game night
  • peach planet
  • fortnite
  • Galaxy Control: Arena
  • happy wars
  • The Path of Evil
  • falcon
  • Hyperscape
  • killer instinct
  • Korgan
  • Masters of servants
  • never winter
  • Outriders (demo)
  • Paladins
  • Path of exile
  • Star Fantasy Online 2
  • Ghost Dust
  • Pinball FX2
  • Poker Prominence
  • Royal Kingdom
  • Check-in room
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2
  • rocket league
  • Rogue company
  • Skyforge
  • SMIT
  • space lords
  • spell break
  • star trek online
  • Techwars Global Conflict
  • TERA
  • The Four Kings casino and slot machines
  • too human
  • treasure
  • Vigor
  • thunder of war
  • Warface
  • Warframe
  • tank world
  • World of Warships: Legends
  • yaris

While this U-turn was received quite positively by the fan base, many in the community are unsure why it was implemented in the first place.

Many believe that PlayStation’s online multiplayer subscription service – PlayStation Plus – was a direct response to the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

So when Xbox decided to force a subscription service on free games, many feared Sony would do the same. However, perseverance and community feedback has helped Xbox steer the ship in a positive direction.

With the green brand implementing many pro-consumer moves such as Xbox Game Pass, the move with free games stood out as a major stain on their reputation. However, fans can now rest easy knowing that their free games are free again.

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UPDATE Do you need Xbox Live to play Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the biggest free-to-play titles in the world, with a consistently high concurrent player base and continuous content updates and drops. But, is it really free to play without Xbox Live?

For the most part, all you need to do to get started in a Fortnite game is to play it on a platform with a stable internet connection.

However, what if you are on an Xbox? Don’t you usually need an Xbox Live subscription to play any game online?

Below, we’ve got everything you need to know to find out if you need an Xbox Live subscription to play Fortnite.

LATEST – Xbox Multiplayer Permissions Update

Epic Games made sure that you didn’t need Xbox Live to play Fortnite on an Xbox console before, but now Microsoft is making sure that you can play all the other free titles on the platform for real free. !

This is something that PlayStation has been doing for quite some time now, but it is a significant step forward for the industry, fully embracing free online multiplayer games regardless of the platform.

Original article below

Do you need Xbox Live?

This is the part where we bring you the good news.

You don’t need an active Xbox Live subscription to play Fortnite.

That’s right! Fortnite is free to play whether or not you want to pay for Xbox Live.

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This was not always the case, however. It wasn’t until recently that Microsoft managed to confirm that free titles on Xbox are truly free.

You need an account though

Although Fortnite is free to play on Xbox, you will still need an Xbox Live account.

Click to enlarge
GRIMBLE – There are a lot of fun skins to use in Fortnite

It doesn’t require a paid subscription, but you do need the Xbox account to add Fortnite to your library and download it to your console.

It also allows you, just like an Epic Games account, to keep all of your progress and purchases.

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Luckily, Xbox should prompt you to add / create a Microsoft account, so there’s a good chance you already have one ready to use!

Otherwise, you can always Create an account online here.

Fortnite is an exclusively online title and a stable internet connection is also required for the best gaming experience.

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UPDATE Do you need Xbox Live to play Warzone?

Call of Duty’s free-to-play battle royale game Warzone is a certified hit and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down as season three approaches. However, do you need Xbox Live Gold to play it?

LATEST – Free games now free to play

Great news everyone! Microsoft recently announced that Free-to-Play games on Xbox consoles will not require an Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate membership to play!

It’s something that PlayStation has been doing for a while now, but it’s a big step towards making free titles truly free for everyone. You can check out the ad below.

Original article below

Do you need Xbox Live?

At present, Yes.

An active Xbox Live subscription is currently required to play any online multiplayer title, free titles like Warzone included.

TEAM UP – Warzone offers playlists for up to four people, so why not participate with friends!

Recently, Xbox announced that it will increase the price of its Xbox Live service.

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However, following intense backlash, they retracted their statement and offered the following tweet:

It means that ultimately Free and Warzone games will be available whether or not you have an active subscription.

However, it’s not quite ready yet.

You need an Xbox account anyway

Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world and the console itself prompts users to create / add a Microsoft account to the console.

HE IS BACK! – Ghost is just one of the returning CoD characters you can play like in Warzone

Why do you need one?

Well, in order to “Buy” and download Warzone, you need to add it to your account library.

READ MORE: Do you need PS Plus to play Warzone?

Warzone is an online-only title, and you’ll still need an Xbox Live account even without an active subscription.

If you don’t have a Microsoft / Xbox account, you can Create an account here.

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Free Xbox games no longer require Xbox Live Gold

Over fifty games can now be played without Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft is happy to announce Today, Xbox gamers playing free games will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play online on Xbox devices.

There are over fifty free games that no longer require an Xbox Live Gold subscription and they are as follows:

  • 3on3 FreeStyle
  • Aegis Wing
  • APB reloaded
  • Apex Legends
  • Armored war
  • Battle Islands: Commanders
  • Blessed unleashed
  • Brawlhalla
  • Call of Duty: War Zone
  • Repression
  • Repression 2
  • Purple alliance
  • Cross out
  • Darwin Project
  • Intrepid
  • DC Universe Online
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighters
  • Dead or Alive 6: Basic Fighters
  • Challenge 2050
  • Destiny 2
  • Doritos crash course
  • Dungeon Defenders II
  • Enlisted
  • Eternal card game
  • Family game night
  • Fishing planet
  • Fortnite
  • Galactic Control: Arena
  • Good wars
  • Path of evil
  • Hawken
  • Hyper-Scape
  • Killer instinct
  • Korgan
  • Masters Minions
  • Never winter
  • Outriders (Demo)
  • Paladins
  • Path of exile
  • Fantastic Star Online 2
  • Phantom dust
  • FX2 pinball machine
  • Important poker
  • Royal Kingdom
  • Recording room
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2
  • Rocket league
  • Thug company
  • Skyforge
  • Lords of space
  • Spell breaking
  • Star Trek Online
  • Global Techwars Conflict
  • TERA
  • The Four Kings casino and slots
  • Too human
  • Trove
  • Vigor
  • Thunder of war
  • Face of war
  • Warframe
  • Tank world
  • World of Warships: Legends
  • Yaris

Currently, PlayStation and Switch do not already require PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online to play free games on their console.

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Xbox Live Gold is no longer required for free games on Xbox One, Series X | S

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central

Microsoft has just taken a giant step forward to make games on Xbox consoles more accessible. People no longer need Xbox Live Gold for free games on Xbox consoles, including Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. You also won’t need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for games. free on older hardware. like the Xbox One S and the original Xbox One.

In addition to dropping the requirement to have Xbox Live Gold to play free games, Microsoft has also removed the requirement to have Xbox Live Gold to search for groups and group chats.

This move has been known for some time, but we were waiting to know the exact moment it dropped. Microsoft first announced that Xbox Live Gold would not be required for free multiplayer games in January. The company then tested the feature on its Alpha, Alpha Insider, Beta, and Omega Rings for Xbox Insiders.

Most of the best Xbox games are free, including Call of Duty: Warzone, Rocket League, and Fortnite. Now gamers can jump on these titles and play online without having to pay a monthly Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Xbox Live Gold is not very expensive, but it does add up over time. If a player only plays free games, they can save hundreds of dollars over a few years. Plus, there seems to be a new streaming service every month, so having some extra cash could help pay for something like Xbox Games Pass or Disney Plus.

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Microsoft is removing the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free games today

Microsoft is removing the Xbox Live Gold subscription requirement to play free multiplayer games today. The software maker has tested this removal over the past few weeks, and now every Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X owner will be able to play free multiplayer games without Xbox Live Gold. Microsoft is also unlocking Xbox Group Chat and the Search for Groups (LFG) feature as part of this rollout.

Xbox Live Gold changes mean popular games like Destiny 2, Call of Duty: War Zone, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and many more will no longer require a subscription. Over 50 games will now be free. The changes certainly make the $ 299 Xbox Series S console much more attractive as a device for free multiplayer games.

Microsoft’s removal of the Xbox Live Gold requirement came after the company was forced to reverse a price hike on its Xbox Live Gold subscriptions earlier this year. Microsoft had tried to double the cost of an annual Xbox Live Gold subscription, a move that was not welcomed by Xbox fans. Microsoft quickly backed down and offered to do away with the paywall for free multiplayer games.

Now that Microsoft has also made Xbox Party Chat and LFG free, that leaves Xbox Live Gold in a weird place. Xbox Live Gold also offers free monthly subscriber games and discounts for the Microsoft Store, but most of its core features are now free to all modern Xbox owners. However, you will still need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for an Xbox 360.

Microsoft is abandoning the Xbox Live brand, now referring to the bundle of software and services as simply the Xbox Network. The company has also convinced its loyal Xbox Live Gold subscriber base to migrate to Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service with over 100 games that is Microsoft’s primary focus for its game plans.

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Updated Xbox app with achievements and leaderboard features

Microsoft recently rolled out a new update for the Xbox mobile app. The update includes new features and improvements based on user feedback. The April app update specifically targets achievement tracking and leaderboards.

In March, the Xbox app began testing in-app achievements after users requested the feature return. Now everyone will have access to achievements on the app. The first rollout of the achievement feature includes a detailed achievement screen as well as notifications when an achievement has been unlocked.

Leaderboards was originally scheduled to roll out in a few months, but some users can access the feature today. Players who have the feature on their app can now see how they stack up against their friends. Players can also see their achievements on the game detail pages to help track progress. The Achievements Update will be available to everyone by the end of the month with occasional updates.

The Xbox app contains several useful features for Xbox gamers. They make it easy to share gameplay clips and screenshots on social media, as well as use voice and text chat with friends and online games on console and PC. By allowing notifications, players will instantly receive new game invites, messages and more.

Microsoft is planning more updates for the mobile app in the future. The Xbox Insider Hub gives gamers a head start on testing new Xbox features, games, and apps and provides critical feedback before these products are released to the public.

The Xbox app is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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Xbox Game Pass vs Xbox Live Gold: what’s the difference?

Is the PS5 have an advantage over the Xbox Series X / S in terms of its lineup of current and upcoming exclusive game titles? May be. But where Xbox has a distinct advantage is its Game Pass subscription option, which allows Xbox owners to play over 100 games for one flat fee (billed monthly, quarterly, annually, or even as part of the game. the purchase price of the Xbox hardware). That’s a lot, but the only problem is that Microsoft has confusing messages regarding the Game Pass options available: There are three versions of the subscription, as well as a separate Xbox subscription called “Xbox Live Gold”. Gold, meanwhile, is included in some versions of Game Pass, but not in others.

Need help sorting out the differences? Read on.


Xbox Live Gold is the online subscription service that started in 2002 for the original Xbox, and it allowed gamers to play online multiplayer games with voice chat. Since then, it has offered more perks such as special discounts and four free games per month. An Xbox Live Gold membership costs $ 10 per month (with discounts available if you prepay for three, six, or 12 months).

Adding to the nomenclature confusion: the online network was previously called Xbox Live, but will soon change its name to “Xbox Network. “But it looks like Xbox Live Gold is getting nowhere.

For now, you need Xbox Live Gold to play all multiplayer online games. But recently it looks like Microsoft could change the rules to allow Xbox gamers to play free online games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

But here’s the important point to remember: Xbox Game Pass (see below) includes Xbox Live Gold and also grants access to dozens of games. Anyone interested in gold should check out the Game Pass first.

James Martin / CNET

Game Pass is Xbox’s “all you can eat” gaming membership, where a monthly membership gives you full access to dozens of games. It started in June 2017 with a limited catalog, which was a mix of titles released by Microsoft (aka first-party) and other (third-party) publishers. Over the years, it has grown to encompass over 100 titles. Microsoft also sweetened the deal by offering every game it released to be available on the service on the first day of its release. This includes games from its latest acquisition, ZeniMax Media, which includes popular series such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstein, Dishonored, and Prey. Riders Square Enix and Sony’s upcoming MLB: The Show 21 are two of the latest third-party games to hit Game Pass on release day as well.

There are three tiers for Xbox Game Pass: Console, PC, and Ultimate. The first includes Xbox games only, the second is for Windows PC gamers, and the third covers both platforms. Additionally, PC and Ultimate levels include access to EA Play, which includes access to EA games, rewards, and other member-only content. A subscription would normally cost $ 5 per month.

Game Pass Ultimate also gives access to Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly known as xCloud), which streams certain titles to Android devices using a Bluetooth controller or touch controls. (Microsoft is also working on a browser-based version that will offer compatibility with Windows PCs and Apple devices – see below for more.)

Xbox Game Pass levels

Game pass console PC game pass Ultimate Game Pass
Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series games




pc games




Xbox Live Gold




Discounts and benefits for members




EA Play




Cloud games on Android devices




Monthly cost

$ 9.99

$ 9.99

$ 14.99

Do I have to get Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass?

It depends on your gaming habits. The main selling point of Xbox Live Gold is not the free games, but the ability to play online. Are you someone who will play a few games online and only those games on a regular basis? Then you will need Xbox Live Gold.

On the other hand, if you want what is the equivalent of “Netflix for video games”, then Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an easy choice. There are over 100 games to choose from and you can play them from multiple devices. Tack on Xbox Live Gold, and you get massive value for $ 15 per month. In other words, you can play dozens of games per year for the price of just three new console games purchased at retail ($ 60 times three, or $ 180 per year).

What is Xbox All Access?

Xbox All Access is a monthly installment payment option for a new Xbox Series S or X. Customers can sign up for the plan to pay $ 35 per month for an Xbox Series X or $ 25 per month for an Xbox Series S. Both plans include 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. There is no upfront charge and 0% APR. Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Store, Target, and Walmart are all program participants, however, the trick is to sign up when the consoles are available. If you’re still looking for an Xbox Series X or S, you’ll have the latest restocking updates.

Can I really play Xbox games on phones and tablets?

Yes, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members currently have access to the beta version of Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service, which allows them to play cloud-based Xbox games on Android devices. Games are streamed to devices in real time via an app. And starting April 20, select Ultimate members will be invited to start testing a limited beta of Cloud Gaming on Windows 10 PCs, iPhones, and iPads, streamed through web browsers.

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Gamers Share Awesome Gameplay Clips As ‘Xbox App’ Trending

For some unclear reason, the Xbox app is all the rage on Twitter, but it has led users to share a variety of their favorite game clips with the app.


It’s not entirely clear why Xbox The app is all the rage on Twitter. Maybe it’s because it received a new update yesterday that brought some new features, or it could be something completely unrelated. Regardless, the app trend has led many Xbox gamers to share some of their favorite game clips taken with the app.

The app allows Xbox gamers to save recordings they capture on their Xbox while playing and share them on social media sites like Twitter. This is a feature that Xbox recently dubbed, as the company added a feature to do so directly from a player’s console with the Xbox Series X / S.

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The trend on Twitter has led to sharing clips of amazing games. Some clips highlight some extremely lucky gaming moments, like the one tweeted by user Oak Magician. Their clip shows them wiping out an entire team in the battle royale Apex Legends with an incredibly lucky grenade throw.

Others tweet some of their most incredible pieces. User Javier Garcia used the trend to share an amazing clip of their insane triple kill in a tactical multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege with great use of its Critical Lean mechanics.

Other users, like Double, take the opportunity to relive some of their fondest gaming memories. Double in particular shared a clip of them and a few friends getting killed in a funny way. Call of Duty: War Zone using only riot shields.

Some other users take the opportunity to highlight more frustrating clips. User Dreamsful uploaded a clip to highlight Call of Duty: War Zone‘s battles various insects by showing himself dying from an airstrike while inside a building.

Still, more and more clips are being shared for users to let others laugh at particularly poor plays or silly mistakes they’ve made, like user Droid who spent a little too much time taunting an opponent in Call of Duty: War Zone and was punished for it.

Trend is a great way to highlight cool gaming moments and allows gamers to share what they love about games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty with another. The thread is definitely worth checking out, and there are a variety of shared games. Hopefully, with the Xbox and PlayStation both doubling down to make the process of sharing gameplay easier in the next generation of consoles, it will be even easier in the future to find snippets of fun games from the gaming industry. games.

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momo suicide game sculpture
Momo Suicide game appearing in Fortnite and Peppa Pig YouTube videos [UPDATE]

Parents and kids alike check out YouTube videos featuring characters from Fortnite and Peppa Pig that are paired with images and videos of the monster Momo Suicide Game.

Read more

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Xbox app updated to provide support for Achievements and Leaderboards – TouchArcade

Some time ago, Microsoft released a big update to the Xbox App (free) on iOS and Android with a whole new look. This update was a big step back in terms of functionality with the removal of the store, achievements, redemption codes, and more. Since then, the company has slowly improved the app with the addition of older and newer features like remote reading. About a month ago a Xbox updating the app would test different success experiences in deploying the app to more users. Today the app has been updated to support achievements and leaderboards on the game details pages. This will roll out to all players during the month. He went to live in my Xbox app and ranking feature allows you to check your position for the current month and last month. You can also view achievements on people’s profiles.

While the store is unlikely to return, hopefully Microsoft will at least bring the download codes back. Doing this on the mobile website over the phone is not a great experience and it was one of the best parts of the old one. Xbox application. Consult the update Xbox app here on the App Store for iOS. You can download it from Google Play for Android here. If you are considering a setup for xCloud, read this for an Android setup and this for the most recent iOS xCloud update. Do you play remotely Xbox games on your phone or iPad?

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Outriders is one of the highest paid games on Xbox Live despite being on Game Pass

Outriders might be free on Xbox Game Pass, but that hasn’t stopped many people from paying top dollar.

Outriders group photo of three characters

Outriders, the latest title from People Can Fly, is currently listed among the five best paid games on the Microsoft Store although it is available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Microsoft list shows the ranking of the currently highest paid games on Xbox. As of this writing, Outriders is in fourth place. The game launched on multiple platforms on April 1, although it was available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on day one.

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However, as evidenced by its position as the fourth highest paid game right now, gamers clearly continue to shell out $ 59.99 to own Outriders. As it stands, People Can Fly’s latest looter shooter defeats both Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Outriders are currently seated behind three other games. Rockstar’s GTA 5 Premium Edition, which also just arrived on the Xbox service, is currently on sale and is the best at the time of writing. Boneloaf’s beat-’em-up Gang Beasts is in second place, while Hazelight Studios’ recent It Takes Two is in third place.

The success of Outriders continues on PC as well, where it has been on the Steam bestseller list for the second week in a row. This follows the release of Cyberpunk 2077 and Elder Scrolls Online from the charts.

Launching the game was quite difficult, with server issues affecting all platforms, and a recent patch introduced inventory wiping for some players, resulting in the loss of nearly 100 hours. People Can Fly has apologized and intends to replenish stocks of those affected. Despite the issues, it looks like players are still jumping into Enoch’s world and unleashing hell with their weapons and powers.


Outriders is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Google Stadia. While it supports cross-platform play, this has also encountered issues due to different platforms being on different game versions. Hopefully this will be fixed once the upcoming update is dropped.

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How to add Xbox Live and GitHub to Discord

Discord has become the primary medium of communication for millions of gamers around the world. And we don’t see that changing anytime soon until Discord radically changes its business model.

Add Xbox Live and GitHub to Discord

Now, one of the cool features the developers have added to Discord is the ability to connect social media accounts. This is an important addition as many users are members of other communities outside of Discord; therefore, it makes sense to allow them to keep some form of connection with them.

Discord supports multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more. But the ones that stood out to us the most are Xbox Live and GitHub, both owned by Microsoft.

If you’re wondering how to integrate Xbox Live and GitHub into Discord, this is exactly what we’re going to do to get you on the right track.

  1. Visit the Settings area
  2. Go to Connections
  3. Integrate Xbox Live
  4. Integrate GitHub
  5. Remove built-in connections

Let’s talk about it from a more detailed point of view.

1]Visit the Settings area

The first thing you’ll want to do is open Discord. If you haven’t logged in yet, please do so with your official credentials. Once done, click on the Gear icon at the bottom of the tool to open the Settings menu.

2]Go to Connections

After opening the Settings menu, you should now click on Connections below User settings. Once done, look to the right and you should see several social media icons to choose from. At the time of writing there are 10 services available.

3]Integrate Xbox Live

When it comes time to integrate Xbox Live, you’ll want to click on the Xbox Live icon, and then from there wait for a tab to open in your default web browser. You should now see a request asking you to allow Discord to access your Xbox Live information if you’re already signed in. Otherwise, you will be prompted to sign in first.

Click the Yes button at the bottom and immediately the two accounts will start talking to each other.

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4]Integrate GitHub

In terms of adding GitHub to Discord, the process is largely the same. Just click on the icon, then when the tab opens in your web browser, sign in to your account if you haven’t already. From there, click Yes, and it should do it.

5]Remove integrated connections

If you no longer want Xbox Live or GitHub to be connected to Discord, go back to User Settings> Connections. Make sure you click on the little X button attached to the one you want to remove, select Disconnect, and it should do it.

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Microsoft outage removes Xbox Live, Teams, Office 365, OneDrive, and Bing [Updated]

Updated April 2, 2021 at 9:15 a.m.ET: Microsoft has confirmed that the problems are resolved and that all services are “back to a healthy state”.

Updated April 1, 2021 at 6:35 p.m. ET: Microsoft “sees an improvement in the availability of services.” because it “redirected traffic to our resilient DNS capabilities.” The next status update is expected in approximately 60 minutes. We can confirm that Bing, OneDrive, and Skype are working again.

It appears that several Microsoft services are down this afternoon. Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Xbox Live, OneDrive, Azure, Skype, and even Bing are down right now. The cause of the outage is unclear, although Microsoft noticed that there is an issue affecting the Azure portal and Azure services.

According to the troubleshooting site Drop detector, reports of outages in Microsoft services started pouring in around 5 p.m. ET. Thousands of reports have been made for Xbox Live, Teams, and Office. We noticed the crash, oddly enough, when we tried to access Bing and encountered an error page.

Some reports suggest that this only affects users in the United States. It could also be related to a similar outage with Cloudflare, which manages the DNS.

This is the second major outage for Microsoft services in recent weeks. Azure suffered some downtime on March 15, removing Xbox, Teams, and Office 365 services at the end of the day.

We will continue to update this article as more information becomes available from Microsoft. For now, it looks like you might have a problem or two if you’re planning on taking Teams calls, jumping into one of the best Xbox games on your Xbox Series X, or just wanting to Bing something (though. that’s your thing).

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Xbox Spring Sale: Xbox Live Sends $ 10 To All Subscribers To Use On New Game Purchases – Check Your Email!

The Xbox Spring Sale also popped up recently, alongside Sony’s major PlayStation discount event, but Microsoft has plenty to spice it up with the Xbox Live $ 10 gift card that can be claimed for it. The freebie is only for subscribers and was delivered via email, where they could claim it and use it for sale or other purchases.

Xbox Live $ 10 Gift Card

(Photo: (Photo by Lukas Schulze / Getty Images))
COLOGNE, GERMANY – AUG 20: Visitors visit the XBOX booth during press day at Gamescom 2019 Games Fair on August 20, 2019 in Cologne, Germany. Gamescom 2019, the world’s largest video game show, will be open to the public August 21-24.

According to the popular Twitter Leaker Wario64 (@ Wario64) on Friday, April 2, Xbox Live subscribers should check their emails now, so they can claim the Xbox giveaway which is exclusive for subscription to services. This giveaway is to get people started and help buy games for the game company’s latest event for their fans.

Players have until the end of April 2021 for this redemption, and the company only allows authorized recipients to spend the $ 10 on any of the Xbox stores, products or merchandise for 90 days after the redemption. The Microsoft Xbox gift card would have the same terms than regularly used codes that have monetary value to the business.

Wario64 has advised Xbox Live subscribers to check their emails for this business, but it’s not clear whether everyone received their legitimate $ 10 from Microsoft, or if they were just selected users. Additionally, there is no information on how to request it from Microsoft, especially if a user hasn’t received one while subscribed to Xbox Live.

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Xbox Live Partners with Xbox Spring Sale

Microsoft hosts Xbox event at E3 show in Los Angeles

(Photo: (Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images))
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 09: Sarah Bond, Head of Xbox Partnerships, speaks during the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing at Microsoft Theater on June 09, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

In the recent endeavor of Microsoft Xbox, the company’s games division is combining and partnering with its Xbox and Xbox Live stores to host one of its biggest product events for this year. The event is primarily a gamer treat and kicked off in early spring 2021 to offer the massive packs and game packs at reasonable discounts.

Microsoft’s Xbox Spring Sale took a different route from Sony’s PlayStation, as the company added several other offerings to its stores, in addition to games, bundles, and expansion packs. According to Xbox, the spring sale may only be available until April 15, but it still has several items up for grabs, including peripherals like wired headsets and mice.

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Xbox Live DOWN: Latest Server Status When Xbox Series X Network Problems Occur | Games | Entertainment

UPDATE: With reports of connection issues with the Xbox Live network abandonment, Microsoft has provided this update on the services that have been affected, telling gamers this evening:

“You might not be able to sign in to your Xbox profile, you might be signed out when you’re signed in, or you might experience other related issues. Features that require signing in, like most games, apps, and social activities, will not be available. “

The good news is that Xbox consoles appear to be reconnecting to Microsoft services and this latest outage could be over before the end of the day.

ORIGINAL: Xbox Live servers are down tonight, with console owners reporting issues connecting to core services.

Thousands of reports have appeared on the Down Detector sites, which are used to track traffic outages.

An affected user confirms that the outage did not completely kick him out of his Xbox console, but left him without basic functionality.

This includes the inability to use Party Chat, while others report issues accessing their digital game library.

“Xbox is telling me to sign in to the account that owns the games. Holidays fail in the US,” wrote one Xbox Live user.

Other large Microsoft networks are also affected, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365.

The Xbox Support page will be the place to check for the latest information, as there is currently no word on the duration of current Xbox Live server issues.

Microsoft’s Xbox Network support team on Twitter is also expected to share more information on the current outage if it continues into the evening.

No ETA was provided when services returned to normal, and there is no word on what caused the issues.

Live outage maps suggest tonight’s Xbox server issues are located in the US, with issues reported in the UK as well.

It should be noted that Microsoft recently rebranded its Xbox Live services, now using the Xbox network to refer to its Xbox online service.


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Microsoft Azure, Xbox Live Server Down: Problems Point to DNS: Another April Fool?

(Photo: Jeenah Moon/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 13: Microsoft signage is seen on March 13, 2020 in New York City. Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates is leaving Microsoft’s board of directors to devote more time to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

(Photo: Screenshot from ZONEofTECH YouTube)

Microsoft is reportedly experiencing another server outage issue with its online services that has affected several of its suite of applications, including Azure blue, TeamsOneDrive, Skype and its Xbox Live subscription service on Thursday, April 1. People have speculated if the outage was part of an April Fool’s joke from Microsoft, but it’s a legitimate technical issue within the company.

Microsoft Server Failure: April Fool’s Day or Legit?

Bill Gates leaves Microsoft's board of directors

(Photo: Jeenah Moon/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 13: Microsoft signage is seen on March 13, 2020 in New York City. Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates is leaving Microsoft’s board of directors to devote more time to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Yes, April Fool’s Day isn’t over yet and different people (or companies) may be trying to catch up on the festivities and pranks, but that hasn’t been the case since the recent Microsoft outage that plagued users of various applications. Early last month, Microsoft experienced a similar server outage, but it was due to Azure servers shutting down.

In this case, Microsoft discovered that it was their Domain Name System (DNS) server that had the problem and the company’s Twitter status page (@MSFT365Status) recently updated it at 7:16 p.m. EST. Here, the company has fixed several issues, which it hopes will be the fix among its sequel that was affected by the outage.

Initially, Microsoft’s server state website has been affected by the outage and the company cannot provide proper update through its official outlet as the issue progresses and occurs. The good thing is that the company was able to locate the DNS-related problem and started restoring its services for users of their platforms.

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Which Microsoft applications were affected by server outage issues?


(Photo: Screenshot from ZONEofTECH YouTube)

Different users of Microsoft’s services received the rants and complaints through Twitter’s platform, identifying the different apps affected by the extended server status. According to a user called “GhostfromTexas” (@GhostfromTexas), it was a major Microsoft outage that affected services like Teams, Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, and all Office 365 apps.

Here, the Twitter user also identified the various games through the Xbox Live platform that were affected by the issues, which the Redmond giant takes full notice of and not the game’s servers and developers. Games such as “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege,” “rocket league,” “Minecraft,” “fortnite,” and “Call of Duty” were affected by the problem.

Microsoft Xbox Support state website revealed that people were having trouble accessing and logging in through their accounts, with some losing their current games due to Azure server outage issues. Currently, Xbox users cannot access their accounts and profile, as well as other services and games accessible online on the platform.

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Xbox Live Down For Today, April 1, Online Games And Storefront Are Affected

For those who are trying to play online today on the Xbox platform, you may have noticed some connection issues. Don’t worry, you are not alone here as several reports have confirmed that Xbox Live is down today for April 1.

Is Xbox Live down today?

Update: Services seem to be resuming!

Reports of a service outage first surfaced about 30 minutes ago at the time of writing, with many on Reddit (and ourselves included) verifying that Xbox live is down, at least for online games.

Xbox Live down? from XboxSeriesX

Xbox servers down? from Xbox one

Although we were able to successfully sign in to Xbox Live, accessing the storefront and trying to play matches online gave us an Xbox Live sign in error.

Xbox Live Down screen for April 1, 2021

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet recognized this problem, although their Xbox Live support page says “Limited” for games and gaming, detailing the server connection issues at the Outriders, which should now be back to normal for the game.

Interestingly enough, a number of websites run by Microsoft are also down, such as the HaloWaypoint and Azure services, which have been recognized as having issues.

Since Xbox also uses Azure servers, it is not excluded that the two are linked in some way (less cloud gaming). We’ll be sure to keep you updated once Xbox Live is back up and running, so stay tuned for any updates!

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