Outriders Xbox app preload and PS5 error CE-107880-4

Some people trying to preload the Outriders have encountered errors, both on Xbox and PS5. On Xbox, there appears to be an issue with the preload blocking on the Xbox app. As for the PlayStation 5, the error that keeps popping up is CE-107880-4, which also inhibits preloading. We will show you how to fix both problems in our Outriders Xbox app preload and PS5 error CE-107880-4 to guide.

Outriders Xbox app preload and PS5 error CE-107880-4

Xbox App Outriders Preload Stuck – How To Fix

To fix the bug where Outriders preloading on the Xbox app gets stuck, there is an easy method you can use. Basically what you need to do is use the Xbox app to start downloading any random game from the game pass. This should initiate the download of that game, but also “unseat” the Outriders preload. . Note that you need to use the Xbox app specifically for this to work. Also make sure that you have enough space on your console’s hard drive to host the Outriders; which can also inhibit the preload. This should solve your problem, so go ahead and watch a movie or something while the game is downloading.

How to fix Outriders PS5 preload error CE-107880-4

To fix Outriders CE-107880-4 preload error on PS5, you need to initiate the download from the PlayStation website, rather than through the console. It may also fix the issue where the pre-order bonus content refuses to start downloading. Essentially, navigate to your Recently Purchased page on the PlayStation Store website (on your phone or computer) and start the download from there, rather than on the PS5 itself. This fixed the problem for a number of people, so it’s safe to bet that it will work for you as well.

Outriders will release April 1 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, Stadia, and PlayStation 4 and 5. If you want to know when exactly you can start playing, check out our guide to the release date and time. Outriders. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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Xbox Live Gold subscribers protest April free games

Today Microsoft revealed the April Games With Gold line that Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S get. And like the March offer, the April offer left a substantial portion of the Xbox community unhappy. For April, Microsoft is offering subscribers four games, including two Xbox One and two Xbox 360. And that has been on offer for some time now. When the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were discontinued, many speculated that a next-gen game would be added to the mix, but that didn’t happen. In fact, not only did this not happen, but the quality of the offer definitely declined.

For the month of April, subscribers will be offered the following games: Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Truck racing championship, Dark abyss, and Hard Corps: Insurgency. For those who don’t know: the first two games are Xbox One games while the last two are Xbox 360 titles. Of the four, the most recent is a game from 2019, while the next most recent is from 2017 .

Again, this is not a very glamorous range of games, especially if you remove Vikings: Wolves of Midgard of the equation. And as a result, many Xbox gamers are protesting the lineup and the current state of the service.

Get rid of this

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It’s worse every month

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Undo that

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Close it

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Finally let the subscription expire

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Are we being punished?

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Xbox Live Gold free games announced for April 2021

Microsoft has announcement its line of free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in April 2021.

Get the full lineup below.

Xbox one

  • Available for the whole month – Vikings: Wolves of Midgard (normally $ 39.99) – Travel to the shores of Midgard, a mythology-based world with a fantasy twist. Join a notorious group of Viking warriors and engage in combat against the dreaded Jotan and the beasts of Ragnarok. Master powerful weapons including a sword and shield, two-handed hammers, axes and bows, and defeat the evil creatures of Fimbulwinter who threaten to end all life.
  • From April 16 to May 15 – Truck racing championship (normally $ 59.99) – Get behind the wheel behind giant 5 ton, 1000 horsepower semi-trucks in a whole new racing experience. With all the unique challenges of the European Truck Racing Championship, drive 45 different vehicles on 14 global circuits. Consider the weight of the truck when cornering, monitor tire wear and find the best tactics to win the race.

Xbox 360

  • From April 1 to April 15 – Dark abyss (normally $ 14.99) (play on Xbox One) – Step into the void, a sinister parallel world full of hostile aliens and deep mystery. Dark Void features powerful weapons, where a combination of ground combat and jetpack powered air combat brings thrilling dynamics. Experience the seamless transition between combat and flight in this epic adventure.
  • From April 16 to 30 – Hard Corps: Insurgency (normally $ 14.99) (play on Xbox One) – Play the retro run-and-gun action title, Hard Corps: Insurgency. Write your own legend in the grueling trenches of Arcade Mode or upgrade and build your Soldier in Rising Mode, where only the best of the best can survive and achieve the ultimate victory.

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Xbox Live Games with Gold for April puts us in the shoes of Vikings and truckers

April is fast approaching, which means that today Microsoft unveiled a new bundle of Xbox Live games with Gold titles. While April doesn’t seem like a kind of service month, there will always be some great games up for grabs. At the very least, we can expect a fairly large collection of genres on offer in April.

The first game offered is Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, a 2017 Xbox One action RPG that might be worth a download for fans of games like Diablo Where Path of exile. Players will face off against the “Beasts of Ragnarok” in this game, so this is definitely a game for fans of Norse Mythology. Players also have a choice of weapon style – as they should in any good action RPG – and will use these weapons to slice through hordes of enemies.

The second Xbox One game to be won next month will be Truck racing championship. As the name suggests, you’ll be driving semi-trucks on 14 different circuits, with 45 trucks to choose from. You can’t really get a pair of games whose genre is as far apart as Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and Truck racing championship are, so at least Microsoft is keeping things interesting in April.

Next, we have the two retro offerings from the Xbox 360 era: Dark abyss and Hard Corps: Insurgency. Dark abyss drew quite a bit of attention for himself back when he was new thanks to his flight mechanics, while Hard Corps: Insurgency took the run-and-gun gameplay from Contra and improved it for the then modern era.

As a reminder, all four of these games are playable on Xbox Series X | S thanks to backward compatibility, so those of you who have already managed to grab one of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles can also participate in Games with Gold action. Vikings: Wolves of Midgard will be available from April 1 to April 30, Truck racing championship will be available from April 16 to May 30, Dark abyss will be available from April 1 to 15, and finally, Hard Corps: Insurgency will be available from April 16 to 30.

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April 2021 Xbox Live games with Gold titles revealed

Microsoft unveiled the April 2021 Xbox Live games with Gold titles.

On Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download Vikings: Wolves of Midgard for free (normally $ 39.99 / £ 33.49) throughout April.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship (normally $ 59.99 / £ 39.99) will then be available for free download from April 16 through May 15.

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The Xbox 360 Dark Void game (normally $ 14.99 / £ 11.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members from April 1 to 15.

And from April 16 through the end of the month, Hard Corps: Uprising (normally $ 14.99 / £ 9.99) will be available to download for free.

As part of the Games with Gold lineup for March, members can download Warface: Breakout and Port Royale 3 for free until the end of this month, while Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse is available until April 15.

In January, Microsoft announced plans to increase the price of Xbox Live Gold before quickly reversing its decision following backlash from gamers.

April 2021 Xbox Live games with Gold titles revealed
The FIA ​​European Truck Racing Championship will be free from April 16 to May 15

“We messed up today and you were right to let us know,” Microsoft said. “Connecting and playing with friends is a vital part of the game and we have failed to meet the expectations of the players who rely on it every day. As a result, we have decided not to change the Xbox Live Gold pricing.

The platform owner has also confirmed that it will drop the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free online games like Warzone and Fortnite, which are available at no additional cost on rival platforms “in the coming months.”

That change came closer last week when Microsoft launched the latest beta test for Xbox Insiders, which removes the need for a Gold membership to play free games and to use the Looking 4 Groups and Party Chat features.

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Xbox Insider Beta Ring removes Xbox Live Gold requirement to play free games

Microsoft is preparing to drop the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free play on Xbox consoles, and Xbox insiders in the beta ring can now try that out starting today. These service changes were previously rolled out to the invitation-only Xbox Insider Alpha and Alpha-Skip Ahead Rings last week, and the remaining Xbox Insider Delta and Omega Rings are expected to receive them soon.

The Xbox Insider Beta Ring is currently open to Insiders with 3 months or more seniority, with a level 5 or above in the program. In other words, you can’t join the program today and enjoy free Xbox games without an Xbox Live Gold subscription because the beta ring is inaccessible to newcomers. However, existing Insiders can switch between Rings (if they meet the requirements) in the Xbox Insider app, which must be downloaded from the Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles.

As of this writing, Destiny 2 and Call Of Duty: Warzone currently do not support Microsoft’s Free-to-Play multiplayer testing. Developers will need to update these games so they can support this change in service, and the Xbox team is currently working with studios to achieve this.

Xbox gamers have been waiting for years for free games to become truly free, and it’s good that Microsoft has finally listened. As a company looking to make games more accessible to everyone, it would make sense for Microsoft to eventually drop the Xbox Live Gold requirement for all multiplayer games on Xbox consoles, although the company may not be in a rush to lose such an important source of income. .

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Xbox owners will no longer need Xbox Live Gold to play free games

Free games on Xbox Live will no longer require paid subscriptions to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold program, company says announcement thanks to a new update Thursday. The move, which was first announced in January, is being rolled out through the Xbox Alpha Insiders Update Preview program that Microsoft launched last night. The company has said that free multiplayer games, Looking 4 Groups, and Party Chat on Xbox will no longer require Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

General availability of the update is still a few months away, and it’s only available to a select group of Alpha Insiders. The company said it is still testing changes “before general availability.”

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This puts Microsoft on par with the competition, including Nintendo and Sony, both of which offer ways to access free multiplayer games without having to pay for their subscription service. Sony offers the PlayStation Network subscription service on the PlayStation console, while Nintendo offers a Switch Online program in the portable switching console. Microsoft also rebranded the Xbox Live service recently, renaming it as “Xbox Network”.

The Xbox maker has drawn a lot of criticism for restricting free games through its Xbox Live Gold program. He had imposed such restrictions since the program was introduced, when the Xbox 360 was the console sold in the mainstream market.

Users have also been expecting Microsoft to phase out the Xbox Live Gold program for some time now, following the announcement of the GamePass Ultimate service in 2019. The service combines aspects of the GamePass program and Xbox Live Gold, and reportedly has been the way most people will access games in the future. In fact, reviewers have stated that Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is specifically for users who will be using the GamePass Ultimate service.

Microsoft recently enhanced its offerings on GamePass, through the acquisition of Zenimax Media, the company that owns games such as The Elder Scrolls series, Doom, Wolfenstein, Dishonored and more. All of these games are available on GamePass now.

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Microsoft begins removing the Xbox Live paid requirement for free games

Xbox Live gamers will soon have another reason to celebrate.

Xbox owners will soon no longer need to pay for an Xbox Live Gold membership to enjoy otherwise free games on their consoles. wednesday update Xbox Alpha Insiders Update Preview Program (version 2104.210323-0000) notes that “Multiplayer in Free Games, Looking 4 Groups, and Party Chat on Xbox no longer requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription.” These features are tested with insiders “before general availability,” according to the update.

Microsoft first announced the move in January as the company was busy reversing a controversial planned Xbox Live Gold price increase. At the time, Microsoft said the free-to-play switch would come “as soon as possible in the coming months,” but the rollout to Insiders suggests it will reach all Xbox gamers imminently.

Microsoft’s move here puts the service in line with its main competitors on consoles. When Sony started charging for multiplayer play on PlayStation Network in 2014, it included a specific exclusion for “a selection of free multiplayer titles [that] will be available without a PS Plus subscription. Nintendo has included a similar exclusion for free titles like Fortnite when it started billing its Switch Online service in 2018.

But Microsoft has required a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription to access console multiplayer games since the Xbox 360 days. In fact, users needed an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access streaming media apps like Netflix and Hulu on Xbox consoles (in addition to the subscription fee for these services) until 2014.

Last July, Microsoft announced that the next Infinite halo would include a free multiplayer component in addition to the standard paid single-player campaign. But in August, the company stifle rumors whether it was getting rid of Xbox Live Gold or making the service free. “We have no plans to shut down Xbox Live Gold at this time,” the company said. “It’s an important part of playing on Xbox today and will continue to be so in the future. ”

Still, the basic $ 5 / month Xbox Live Gold online service has seemed less important to Microsoft in recent years, overshadowed by Xbox Game Pass and its huge selection of downloadable and streaming games. Since 2019, Microsoft has periodically offered users to convert up to three years of Xbox Live Gold membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which also includes all the features of Xbox Live Gold) for just $ 1. This suggests that Microsoft is looking forward to securing current Xbox Live subscribers with the more expensive $ 15 / month Game Pass Ultimate plan in the long term.

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Microsoft is making Xbox Party Chat free as part of its Xbox Live free play changes

Microsoft is announcing today that Xbox Party Chat will soon be free for Xbox owners. The software maker today started testing a new Xbox Dashboard update with testers that unlocks Xbox Party Chat, multiplayer in free games, and the Group Finder (LFG) feature.

Xbox Party Chat is a surprise addition to Microsoft’s announced plans to remove the paywall for free multiplayer games. The pullout came after Microsoft was forced to reverse a price hike on its Xbox Live Gold subscriptions earlier this year. Microsoft is also renaming its Xbox Live service to One Xbox Network, which is among the dashboard changes the company is currently testing.

Xbox testers can now access free multiplayer games like Fortnite, without the need for an Xbox Live Gold subscription. This brings Xbox in line with online services from Sony and Nintendo which also do not require a subscription for free games.

These changes will appear to all Xbox owners in the coming months, once Microsoft is ready to release this dashboard update to all users. This latest update to the dashboard also includes a new firmware update for the Xbox Wireless Headset which will improve mic monitoring levels and reduce the volume of status tones.

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Xbox test update removes Xbox Live Gold requirement for F2P games

Some Xbox testers no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership for free multiplayer games.

In January, Microsoft announced and then quickly reversed an Xbox Live price hike that would have resulted in increased subscription costs across the board. In explaining its decision, the company also stated unequivocally that “you will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play. [free-to-play] Xbox games. ”Today, Xbox testers can see this change in effect. Microsoft suggested in January that the general public can expect the update to be released “in the next few months.”

Microsoft confirmed via Xbox Wire For Xbox Insider Program Alpha Skip Ring testers, free-to-play multiplayer, Looking 4 Groups and Party Chat features no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership. These updates are currently tested “before general availability”. You’ll also find an array of Xbox Insider fixes and known issues in the Xbox Wire post.

Of course, we also just learned that Xbox Live is renamed Xbox Network, although we haven’t yet seen what that means for subscription prices. It seems unlikely that Microsoft will stick to the current pricing structure with so many changes underway, despite its earlier pullback in price increases.

If you’re an Xbox gamer who wants to stay up to date with the latest releases, visit our upcoming Xbox Series X games guide for more information on all things Xbox, including Infinite halo.

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