Lightstream Experiments With Twitch’s Xbox App Integration, Enables Streaming With Overlays

After the death of Mixer, Microsoft’s own streaming service, the Xbox gaming platform found itself without a viable integrated streaming service for console gamers. Lightstream, an extremely popular program used to edit and enhance a streaming experience with overlays and more, seeks to address this problem with its new solution. Using Lightstream’s new experimental integration with the Twitch app on Xbox, gamers can stream to Twitch directly from their Xbox, stream overlays and all.

If you’re interested, you can read more about the Experimental feature on the Lightstream website, but any interested streamer can try out this feature over the next week, albeit after taking a few steps. Streaming on Twitch using Lightstream isn’t as easy as streaming on Mixer, but it’s a great alternative and allows access to Twitch with stream overlays and other features that are normally a lot. more difficult to implement.

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This integration with Lightstream takes streaming on Twitch from an Xbox console to a whole new level.

To use Lightstream’s new integration with Twitch, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Lightstream website on any non-mobile browser (i.e. not on your phone).
  2. Use the Lightstream website to customize your feed however you want. Choose from various overlays, alerts, scenes, and more.
  3. Download the Twitch app on your Xbox console. Make sure to sign in with your Twitch account.
  4. Go to the Broadcasting section and define your settings. You will want to make sure Lightstream is defined as your broadcast destination.
  5. You can now start streaming from your Xbox console. Lightstream should automatically go live and configure your stream.
  6. You can also use remotes on Lightstream’s website to change scenes on the fly.

And that’s it ! Are you interested in trying this integration with Lightstream and Twitch? If you have already done it, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Common Xbox Live problems and how to fix them

If you’re having trouble with Xbox Live, we’ve got the answers you need. We cover all the common issues gamers have with connecting to Live, running games, accessing content, and more. Take a look and find the troubleshooting steps for your problem!

Note: Your interface may look slightly different depending on UI changes made by Xbox, if you are part of the Xbox Insider program, and other factors. But all the important features should still be there.

Further reading

First things first: check for server issues

Before getting into specific issues plaguing Xbox gamers, it’s always a good idea to first see if Xbox Live is down in your area. It happens occasionally, can happen anytime, and can only happen in certain places.

You can check by going to Xbox Live Status Page and clicking on the particular content or activity you’re trying to do, to see if Microsoft has recorded any recent issues with it. You can also check Down Detector, which tends to be a little faster to register an ongoing issue.

If it looks like the service is down, that indicates a problem with the servers that could be related to a number of factors, from maintenance to server downtime. There is not much to do except wait for the problem to be solved. Keep checking the status page, Xbox Support Twitter, and other sources to see when the solution is confirmed.

Note that games also have their own servers, which may experience similar issues. If you’re having trouble accessing a single game, visit the title’s website or support page and see if they report any issues (Xbox Support occasionally reports these issues as well).

Check your error codes

Sometimes Xbox Live gives you an error code when you try to do something, like play a game, watch a movie, or open an app. For example, error 0x80048051 indicates that Xbox Live is completely shut down or that you have a Microsoft account problem that you need to verify. You can check all error codes here: They often give you the right starting point for your troubleshooting, or even offer a quick solution.

Note that these codes are different from the error codes a specific game will give you, like Destiny 2‘s infamous Weasel or Chicken codes when servers have trouble. Xbox error codes are only for general system or connection issues.

Unable to connect to Xbox Live

Xbox Live

If your Xbox turns on normally and seems to be working fine but won’t let you sign into your account at all, that points to an account problem more than a problem with Live itself. Try logging in manually and make sure your username and password are correct. If you can, get on a computer and sign in to your Microsoft account to see if it’s working properly. If it looks like the problem is with your particular account, there are two things you can try.

Verify your account: Microsoft is suspending accounts for enough reports of misbehavior or service contract violations. You can log in and check if your account has been suspended by visiting this webpage.

Check your security settings: Sometimes issues related to not having the correct credentials or account password will block you from accessing your account. This can happen if your account has been hacked. You should get email notifications about any weird security changes, and you can go here to specifically check the security settings. Note that if you update or change the security settings, it will take 30 days to fully take effect, and during that time certain Xbox Live features, such as managing parental controls, will be blocked. This is also a good time to check your billing information and make sure all payment information is correct.

No Xbox Live online content is available

Xbox One X

If you can sign in to your account without problems but cannot access any Xbox Live content, especially online content, there are several solutions you can try to fix the problem.

First, try a full reboot. You can turn off your Xbox directly from the controller (assuming you’re not frozen trying to sign in), but we’d suggest a hard reset instead, as that tends to fix issues more reliably. Hold down the power button on the front of your console for at least 10 seconds, until it turns off. Now disconnect the Xbox power cable, wait another 10 seconds, then reconnect, then reboot. Your Xbox will take a minute to fully restart, and you can see if that fixes the problem.

You can also test your internet connection. Press the Xbox button on your controller while signed in to Xbox Live, then go to Profile and system on the right, choose Settings, and in the General section, visit Network Settings. Look for the option of Test network connection. Xbox Live will run this test and report whether it can connect successfully or not. If it reports a problem, your Internet connection has a problem. Xbox can provide more detailed information you can use to troubleshoot this issue, but it’s a good idea to check your cable connections, restart your router if necessary, and see if your local internet is having any issues.

Unable to connect to Xbox Live

In this case, Xbox Live is up and running, but you can’t sign in and you don’t get any useful error codes. There are two things to try to see if your connection needs fixing.

Check your IP settings: Visit Settings below Profile and system, and select Network Settings in the General section. Choose now Advanced settings from the list. Here, search IP settings: Select it and make sure the settings are set to Automatique. Restart your console and see if that helps.

Check your firewall settings: Your router or gateway may have firewall settings that prevent a good Xbox Live connection, especially if you recently replaced these devices. Look for built-in firewalls by visiting device settings and disable them to see if that makes a difference.

Constant lag between games

If all of your online games are lagging no matter what you try, that indicates a problem with your overall internet connection. You can test this quickly by going to Profile and system on your Xbox, choosing Settings, and choosing Network Settings in the first part. Select now Test network speed and statistics, Detailed network statistics, or a similar option available on your version of Xbox.

This will give you details about speed, packet loss, and latency. For most online games with other gamers, you want a connection of at least 2 Mbps, with latency under 200 milliseconds and preferably no or very little packet loss. If it seems like you don’t have enough bandwidth, try disconnecting other (less important) devices in your home from the internet and see if your performance improves.

My new download is way too slow

Stop playing games or streaming content, both on your Xbox and on other devices. You want to give your Xbox Live download as much bandwidth as possible to get the job done. Otherwise, there’s not much you can do but wait. Configure downloads to occur overnight if you are downloading a lot of data at the same time. If it looks like a download has frozen, test your internet connection to see if something is wrong.

I can’t capture the content I want

To capture what just happened, press the Xbox button and press the X button, which will automatically capture the last 30 seconds for you. If you want to capture a longer period of time, press the key See button (the double window icon next to the To start up button) and choose the time period you want to capture, up to two minutes.

To record what you will be do, press the Xbox button, choose Capture and share, and select Start recording. Open the guide again and tap X to stop recording whenever you want. You can usually record up to 10 minutes…if you have room to store the video file.

Everything works except group chat and other group features

This often indicates that your NAT setting is too restrictive. Changing your NAT type to “open” is the best way to solve this problem: you can see your NAT type in your Xbox’s network settings at any time. Changing it is a little more complicated, as it varies depending on the router you have. Typically, you will need to visit your router or internet connection settings and look for an option to enable UPnP, Where Universal plug-and-play. This should change your NAT type to open. Xbox has more information who may be able to help you in this process.

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$5 Xbox Live Credit is coming for some users

Xbox Live is offering select players $5 in credit to celebrate the Xbox Live Summer Sale which currently offers over 400 games at a cheaper price.

free money on xbox live

Xbox Live is a key part of how gamers interact with Xbox consoles. Whether players want to download new content or talk to friends, the online service allows players to use these features and is completely free with every console. Xbox Live is currently running a summer sale that offers discounts on over 400 games and if that wasn’t enough, some lucky Xbox users will also be able to redeem an extra $5 on their purchases.

There have been talks about Xbox Live Gold being free, just like the standard subscription version. For now, it looks like the ability to play with friends online will always cost gamers more, and the expansive Xbox Game Pass service remains completely separate. While many gamers hope these changes and services available on Xbox will be incorporated, the additional funding offer on the Live service may entice gamers to try out additional services.


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In terms of redeeming credit, players just need to verify their Xbox Live accounts through their Xbox or mobile device and they can find a message from Xbox. Opening the message will allow players to easily redeem the $5 and spend it on games or services. It seems that the The live service should remain an independent entity from other subscriptions available on Xbox and with that in mind, many will appreciate the extra funds that are on offer as they can spend the money trying out Xbox Gold or Xbox Game Pass promotional offers.

Lucky Xbox players get extra cash

Many gamers are hoping to access similar deals as the massive Xbox Summer Sale continues through August 24. However, some players will simply have to make do with the discounts on offer, as the extra credit only seems to be available to certain players following a random distribution method.

MORE: Xbox Strategy Isn’t Just About Console Sales, Says Phil Spencer

California man accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of Pokemon cards

California man accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of Pokemon cards

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Microsoft clears the air on Xbox Live Gold

For the past few weeks, Xbox fans have been worried about the future of the Xbox Gold Live service. Some of the changes made before the launch of the Xbox series X people fear that Xbox Gold Live will soon be gone. Others think Xbox Gold Live could soon become a free service. However, new statements from Xbox may have put that speculation to rest, at least for now.

Concern about the future of Xbox Live Gold began when the 12-month subscription option was removed from Microsoft”Buy Xbox Live Golda few weeks ago. At the time, it seemed like this might be a mistake. However, this option is still missing, with no real indication as to when or if it will be added to the page. Then came the rumors that the multiplayer portion of Infinite Halo would be free, which was later confirmed to be true. After that, Xbox updated the terms and services on its website and quite prominently removed all references to Xbox Liveleading many to wonder what exactly this means for Xbox’s online gaming services.

According to Xbox, however, not much is really changing (yet).

Chronicle of video games has contacted Xbox to comment on the confusing situation. Fortunately, Xbox’s response seems to indicate that Xbox Live Gold is here to stay, but the company is trying to rephrase or clarify some details, which is why all references to Xbox Live have disappeared from the site.

An Xbox representative said VGC“The ‘Xbox online service’ update in the Microsoft Services Agreement refers to the underlying Xbox service which includes features such as cross-saves and friend requests. This language update is intended for distinguish this underlying service and the paid Xbox Live Gold membership. There are no changes to the experience of the service or Xbox Live Gold.”

In other words, it looks like a lot of deleted information will only disappear temporarily. Once Xbox implements these new changes to the terms and language used on the site, everything should be back to normal. While it’s great to see Xbox clarify some confusing aspects of the Microsoft Services Agreement, it unfortunately had the side effect of confusing many consumers.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can rule out Xbox Gold Live becoming free at some point in the future. The edge recently reached out to Xbox for comment on the situation, as well as whether or not Xbox Gold might become a free service. In response, an Xbox representative told The Verge, “We have no plans to discontinue Xbox Live Gold at this time. It’s an important part of gaming on Xbox today and will continue to do so.” to be in the future.”

So basically Xbox has reassured people that the service isn’t going away anytime soon. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the service won’t change its business model in some way. Again, the fact that annual subscriptions are no longer available seems to indicate that Xbox is planning to phase out paid subscription plans for Xbox Live Gold. It looks like it could still be in the cards at some point for the service to become free, but Xbox remains vague. Just because nothing changes in the service itself doesn’t mean pricing won’t be affected one way or another.

Towards the end of last month, The edgeit is Tom Warren seemed convinced that Xbox may be considering consolidating a few of its services under one umbrella. As he pointed out, the subscription cost for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold is the same amount. If Microsoft plans to help customers cut costs when launching an expensive new console, that would be a great way to continue the services Xbox die-hards love in a way that’s easier on their wallets. Considering the hype Game Pass received during the Xbox Games Showcase last month, that would make some sense. After all, this event revealed that every new game shown during the showcase would either be made available through Xbox Game Pass or be free.

Others seem to believe there is something more sinister at work here. A fan theorized that the only reason the 12-month subscription option was removed was so that Microsoft could earn an additional $20 per year per customer.

At the moment, it seems the biggest news about Xbox Live Gold is that Microsoft is denying there is is any accurate news. There are still some weird details that don’t quite add up, but hopefully they’ll be cleared up as the Xbox Series X release date draws closer.

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Microsoft does not rename Xbox Live and does not “intend” to shut down Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft has no plans to rename Xbox Live or discontinue Xbox Live Gold. Rumors of an Xbox Live name change surfaced this week, after Microsoft announced changes to their service contract. The software giant began to refer to Xbox Live as the “Xbox online service,” leading some to speculate that Xbox Live was going to be phased out.

“The update to the ‘Xbox online service’ in the Microsoft services agreement refers to the underlying Xbox service which includes features such as cross-saves and friend requests,” a spokesperson said. from Microsoft in a statement to The edge. “This language update is intended to distinguish this underlying service from the Xbox Live Gold paid subscription. There are no changes to the service or Xbox Live Gold experience.

Recent rumors have also speculated that Xbox Live Gold will be phased out or maybe even become free. I asked Microsoft to comment on the rumors, and the company said, “We have no plans to shut down Xbox Live Gold at this time. It’s an important part of playing on Xbox today and will continue to be so in the future. “

While it’s clear that Xbox Live Gold isn’t going to go away, Microsoft’s statement doesn’t mean the service won’t be free at some point in the future. Microsoft still requires Xbox One owners, and potentially Xbox Series X owners, to purchase an Xbox Live Gold membership to play online multiplayer games. However, Windows 10 players of Xbox Live compatible games do not require the same subscription.

This division becomes particularly tricky for games like Infinite halo, which Microsoft has promised to have free multiplayer. If Microsoft continues Xbox Live Gold as a paid service on Xbox consoles, PC gamers will have completely free access to Infinite halo and Xbox gamers won’t.

Microsoft does not specifically comment on the free rumors surrounding Xbox Live, which started when the company removed the 12 month option for Xbox Live Gold from its online store last month. It is clear today that the company has no plans to specifically stop Xbox Live Gold or rename Xbox Live.

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Microsoft comments on Xbox Live Gold Free rumors

Microsoft releases a statement regarding recent rumors that Xbox Live Gold will be discontinued and online multiplayer will become free.

xbox live gold logo

The internet has been stirred by the possibility of Xbox dropping Xbox Live Gold and maybe even make multiplayer games on Xbox free. So far, Xbox hasn’t made any official comment on this, but the company has since decided that silence isn’t working. A Microsoft spokesperson recently stated that there were “no changes made to […] Xbox Live Gold.” Additionally, Microsoft has “no plans to discontinue Xbox Live Gold at this time.”

Microsoft made the official comments in a statement posted to The Verge, which asked about recent changes to the Microsoft Services Agreement. Namely, some interesting language on Xbox online services that some had interpreted as a rebranding. In fact, it was just a legal term for Xbox services, including cross-saves and friend requests, meant to differentiate those features from Xbox Live Gold membership itself.


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If Microsoft had said “no comment” or had something equally ambiguous to say, there would be more room for speculation. However, the fact that Microsoft said it had “no plans” is a pretty clear repudiation of the rumor. Microsoft did not fire any shots. If Xbox Live Gold is scheduled to be made free or discontinued, Microsoft will not provide any direct guidance.

golden logo games

That doesn’t mean it’s not true, of course. There is a rich history of corporate representatives saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. Until Microsoft makes an official announcement, it’s safe to say otherwise. In other words, Xbox fans are left in the same position as before. Microsoft released a statement. The rumors still hold, but nothing is certain until Microsoft confirms it.

The most substantial contributing evidence is that Microsoft is removing 12-month subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold from its storefronts. The deletion has never been fully explained. It makes sense, however, with the understanding that people would pay for a service that would no longer be supported. Microsoft would simply protect its legal interests, as well as its users.

The rumor also appears to have been confirmed by Venture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb. Grubb explicitly stated on Twitter that Xbox Live Gold “is going away” and that online multiplayer will be free. Grubb describes how access drives engagement and Xbox sees the cost of Xbox Live Gold as predictive. fortniteThe free play structure of is referenced as an example. Whereas Microsoft is already doing Infinite Halois free-to-play multiplayer, clearly the company understands that very well. Now, Xbox just has to follow, no matter what it says.

MORE: Halo Infinite’s Free Multiplayer May Disprove Xbox Live Rumor

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet combine what works best for the series

The newly announced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seem to be taking what works best from current games in the series to create something brand new.

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August’s first free Xbox Live Gold games are now available to download

Believe it or not, there was a time when the video game community knew little to no subscription fees. However, taking after the streaming service industry, various consoles have since built their own hierarchies of subscriptions, each level of which offers players a different set of benefits and privileges.

Xbox owners, for example, can join Xbox Live Gold and, through the Games with Gold promotion, become eligible to download various video games for free. The selection changes every month, and while some are more impressive than others, players are likely to find something that speaks to them from time to time.

As for August, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download titles such as Portal Knights, Substitute: Mech City Brawl, MX unleashed and Red Faction II. The former two were developed for the Xbox One, while the latter two were designed for the previous generation and later updated for the current generation.

And since yesterday Portal Knights and MX unleashed are now available for download and will remain free until August 15, when they will be replaced by Substitute: Mech City Brawl and Red Faction II. These games, in turn, will be available until the end of the month.

For those who don’t know, Portal Knights is an independently developed survival action RPG with a strong focus on exploration and item building. Set in a fantasy world, the game mechanics have been compared to Minecraft while its look and feel were obviously inspired by the The Legend of Zelda series.

Substitute: Mech City Brawl, meanwhile, is – as its name suggests – a brawler in which players can control robots with different abilities. The game’s promotional materials promise “epic battles” in the form of 1v1, 4-player free-for-all, and 2-4 player co-op.

Elsewhere, MX unleashed is a motorcycle racing game created by Rainbow Studios and THQ in 2004. It may not have the photo-realistic graphics of a contemporary title, but the gameplay is just as fun as only an older release can. ‘to be. Red Faction IImeanwhile, is even older, debuting in 2002. A first-person shooter that has since become a cult classic with such a loyal following that the developers decided to give it a current-gen facelift, definitely worth checking out.

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