Xbox Live WARNING: Fans can download new free Xbox One game demo | Games | Entertainment

Xbox gamers have a brand new demo to try out this week, courtesy of Microsoft.

After getting your hands on a bundle of Games with Gold titles, Xbox Live members can also enjoy a new trial.

And the good news is that it’s not just limited to those with an active subscription on Xbox One.

Bandai Namco has released a special demo of the upcoming Code Vein game on the Microsoft Store.

This is available to download now and contains a small slice of gameplay for the fans.

The action RPG’s full launch is set for September 27 and will be available on a number of different platforms.

And the good news is that the new Code Vein demo should offer more content before the big launch.

Bandai Namco has announced that it will expand the current demo with new content for fans to try.


The only downside is that some of these items may require an Xbox Live Gold account to access.

The multiplayer mode and the Town of Sacrifice scene will soon be added to the demo and will be added to what is already available to test.

This includes using the Character Creator to create your very own Revenant, as well as access to the first part of “The Depths”, a challenging dungeon that will test the skills of any Revenant.

Code Vein held a network test on Xbox One in May, and in a new blog postthe team revealed how they improved the game.

These improvements can be found in the Code Vein demo which is available for download today.

“Based on this feedback, the team was able to identify around 30 elements to adjust and improve,” says a message from the development team.

“We implemented these changes just in time for the new demo which is now available on Xbox One.

“Throughout the network test, the freedom of movement of the characters has been one of the main concerns of the players.

“To address this issue, the team carefully examined all possible in-game actions to identify transitions between various actions that could be smoothed – such as the transition to evade and the timing of accepting combos. Almost all these actions have been redesigned.

“Based on user feedback, attack weight against enemies has been improved by smoothing animations, adjusting SFX timing, death animations, etc. In particular, the team focused on the added more enemy reactions.

“In the retail version, attacks with small damage will also create small knockback reactions from enemies.

“Unlike the heavy attack flinches and knockdowns, the enemy attack will not be interrupted. Due to the enemy’s reactions at each point of impact, the “meat” of the attacks can be felt better.

Another Xbox Live Gold bonus set to arrive this week is the FIFA 20 demo on Xbox One.

The new trial is expected to include a number of top clubs and stadiums to play at.

The demo should be released on September 12, more than a few days to wait for fans of the football title.

However, it’s also worth noting that EA Sports has yet to announce its launch plans and means that release date remains a rumor.

But with FIFA’s full launch slated for later in September, the demo launch can’t be too far away.

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Xbox Live WARNING: Fans can download a new free Xbox One game SOON | Games | Entertainment

The countdown can begin for the launch of the next big Xbox One free games bonus in September.

Xbox Live fans just got their hands on the first Games with Gold titles this month, with more coming on the 16th.

However, some gamers might not be aware of another huge Xbox One free play bonus that is going live later this week.

Limited to those who own Xbox Live Gold, the new Monster Hunter Iceborne beta is set to launch tomorrow, September 2.

Although this may be a beta test for an upcoming expansion, anyone with an active subscription will be able to download and play.


The pre-load trial for Monster Hunter Iceborne is already available and can be found on the Microsoft Store, as confirmed in a new blog post.

This won’t give players early access to the release, but it does mean you can start playing as soon as it goes live.

For Xbox One players in the US, it will be straight away on September 2, with the beta starting at midnight.

For those in the UK, the special Iceborne beta will kick off at 8am BST and will come with a few bonuses.

An Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) is required to play multiplayer in both the beta and retail versions of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

And as Capcom confirmed on its official website: “Anyone with an Xbox One and Internet access to Xbox Live can participate.”

The Iceborne beta is set to run until September 5 in the UK and end at 8am.

For anyone who needs more information on what will be available during the test, you can read more below:

“In addition to the Great Jagras (Beginner), Banbaro (Intermediate), and Tigrex (Expert) quests, Xbox One players will be able to battle the game’s legendary flagship monster, Velkhana, for the first time.

“Beware of the icy breath of this ancient dragon which is very dangerous and provides chilling combat for even the fiercest hunters.

Hunters can also test out all 14 weapon types in one of four quests as well as the training area.

“Weapons include the new Iceborne features, as well as new Slinger tool options such as the Clutch Claw grappling hook mechanic.

“By completing each quest for the first time, Hunters can earn a total of four special Commendation Packs containing useful consumables that will be available in the full version of the Iceborne expansion when it launches on Xbox One on September 6.”

As confirmed by Microsoft before launch, Monster Hunter: World is available with Xbox Game Pass and the base game is required to play the Iceborne expansion on Xbox One.

New players will be able to experience some of the new gameplay options like the Slinger and weapon upgrades, but they won’t be able to experience any of the new Iceborne story content until they reach Hunter Rank 16 or higher.

And if monster hunting isn’t your thing, you can always download and play the new Games with Gold titles, which include Hitman – The Complete First Season and Earth Defense Force 2025.

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