Xbox Live warning: Fans can download new free Xbox One game NOW | Games | Entertainment

Xbox One gamers looking for something new to try this weekend have a new free title to put to the test.

This means Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download the new free game to their Xbox console right now and start checking it out.

And it’s not a special Free Play Days event that offers full games for a limited time, but a full-fledged release that’s been part of the Game Preview program for quite some time.

Vigor is the latest game to go F2P on Xbox One and can be downloaded and played alongside the current August 2019 Games with Gold lineup.

So fans still have plenty of time to add Forza 6, Gears of War 4, and Castlevania to their digital libraries.

The good news is that Vigor won’t cost anything extra to download and play, and is supported by the in-game microtransaction, as confirmed by a recent blog post.

Bohemia Interactive has been planning this free launch for some time, so it won’t surprise the current fanbase as much.


But there are probably quite a few players who have never played Vigor.

Vigor is described as a free-to-play shooter and loot where you can build shelter in post-war Norway while trying to survive the fallout of a nuclear war.

The F2P launch was scheduled to go live during Gamescom Expo, which means chances are many will have missed the big announcement.

Vigor is an Xbox One exclusive that has been part of the Early Access Preview program run by Microsoft since summer 2018.

And although the game is now fully launched on the Microsoft Store, it looks like there will be plenty of support in the future.

Set in Norway, players must head into the post-nuclear war world and survive against PvP and PvE elements to stop them.

If it looks a bit like DayZ without the zombies, that’s because it was made by the same team.

“Vigor has come an insane distance since entering Xbox Game Preview,” says a message from the Bohemia development team.

“Just over a year later, we can clearly see all the changes that have improved the game. Feedback from our players has helped shape the game and provided us with a ton of new ideas to improve it.

“The Duos feature wasn’t supposed to be in the game from the start, but we’ve heard from the community and listened. We want to focus more on the social aspects of Vigor based on feedback – even adding Random Duos and spectatorship was a natural step in that direction.

“We built the system in such a way that it allowed us to react quickly to feedback, and we were able to make changes to weapon settings within days of the 0.9 update.

“And there are less visible changes that are sometimes even more important – we’ve managed to get better performance both in-game (allowing smooth 4K rendering most of the time on the Xbox One X, for example) and on the servers.

“We’ll share more details about the optimizations in the future – just imagine servers going from just 16 fps on average a year ago, to a solid 60 fps almost all the time these days.

“There has been a steady increase in the number of players in the game since Update 0.9, which turned into Free Play Days, and we managed to fix a ton of stability issues thanks to your support.

“There were over 700,000 players in Vigor during the game’s preview, 140,000 in the last days of free play alone. It’s a big responsibility and an incentive for us to keep improving the game. . »

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Here’s a walkthrough of the Disney+ Xbox app – The Streamable

Today we got to experience the Disney+ Xbox app, after seeing a live demo of the Apple TV app, which has the elegance and beauty you expect from Disney. The app is simple, fast (though not as fast as the tvOS version) and has amazing images.

Disney announced last week that it will be available on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and Web at launch.

In addition to the Disney+ Xbox app, there’s a featured content carousel, with animated thumbnails for each of the Disney properties below. Tapping on a tile takes you to an exclusive experience designed for that content, like Pixar or Marvel.

Application tiles and individual sections

When you’re in an individual section, you can see featured shows and movies, as well as personalized recommendations based on your viewing history.

Show & Movie Page

When you select a show or movie, you will see more details about the movie, like Captain Marvel. As of now, it doesn’t appear to be auto-playing trailers. You can either add it to your watchlist or start/resume playback.

Just like buying a digital copy of a movie, you’ll be able to watch Extras around the movies.

From the app’s sidebar, you can quickly access every series or movie on the platform, as well as a watchlist that includes shows you haven’t quite seen yet.

User profiles and avatars

Each account will allow you to create up to 7 profiles for different members of your household. You can choose an avatar from some of your favorite Disney characters like Woody from Toy Story.


While browsing the app, you can add shows or movies to your Watchlist. Each profile will have a unique character Watchlistso you don’t need to mix movies with the rest of the family.

Films, series and original sections

You’ll also be able to select just movies and series – and even Disney+ Originals, so you can quickly find what you want to watch.

kids fashion

On profiles, you can set an account to be in “Kids Mode”, which will provide a unique experience just for kids. It will offer kid-oriented content for your family.

Simultaneous streams

We learned that Disney+ will offer four simultaneous streams and you can be connected to up to 10 devices at once.

Offline mode

Although not indicated in the demo, we also learned that you will be able to have unlimited downloads of Disney+ shows and movies on as many mobile devices and tablets as you want.

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Xbox app for PC gets new features for finding friends and games

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Microsoft updates the Xbox app on Windows 10

Microsoft just announced at gamescom 2019 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Along with the new games, the Redmond giant also announced several important features for its Xbox app on Windows PCs.

New Xbox app features for gamers on Windows 10

The new changes and features will allow gamers to easily manage downloads, find and filter games faster, and connect with friends across networks.

Here is the full list of features coming to the Xbox Game Pass experience for PC:

  • Find your friends on the networks: We know it’s important to stay connected to your friends while you play, so we’ve made some updates to make it easier to find and start playing with your friends with new account linking options. In addition to adding friends via their Xbox gamertags, you will now be able to search for friends on Facebook or Steam who are also on Xbox. You’ll also be able to link your YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit accounts to your gamer card so your friends can follow your gaming adventures wherever you are.
  • New ways to search and filter games: We also heard that you want to improve the way you can manage your games in the new Xbox app (beta). Coming soon, you’ll be able to take advantage of new sidebar filter options to make it even easier to find your favorite games and manage your downloadable content.
  • More control over download management: We are also making updates to the drive selector which not only shows the required disk space for each game, but also lets you select the drive you want your games to be installed on.
  • PC joins the mobile app: To make it easier for you to manage your Xbox Game Pass for PC library on the go, we’re excited to share the Xbox Game Pass mobile app now includes PC titles. With this update that we are currently testing in beta, you can also browse and discover games in the Xbox Game Pass for PC library and download them anytime and anywhere on your PC. To take advantage of these features, players can download the Xbox Game Pass mobile app (beta) available at iOS and android This feature is available in public beta on Android devices and closed beta on iOS devices, and we’ll have more to share soon.

It should be noted that some of these features are already available now, and more will come in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the new Xbox app features?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Xbox app for Windows 10 about to get new features

The Xbox app for Windows 10 is the spearhead as Microsoft tries to re-engage gamers on PC. As the primary client of Xbox Game Pass for PC, the Xbox app for Windows 10 also offers nifty voice chat features, a cross-platform friend list, and a PC game store that is vastly superior to the default Microsoft Store client.

As part of Microsoft’s Gamescom 2019 festivities, the company has announced a host of new features on the Xbox app both now and in the near future.

Since the launch of Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) alongside the new Xbox App (Beta) at E3 2019, we’ve listened carefully to your ideas on how to improve your PC gaming experience and are excited to share some updates, motivated by your reactions. Along with more great games, we’ve made a few updates to the Xbox Game Pass for PC experience to make it easier for you to discover and manage titles in your library, as well as connect with your community. players. Some of these features are available today and more will be available in the coming weeks.

So what’s up? It turns out that it is a lot.

  • Connect social accounts: Microsoft will allow Xbox app users to connect several additional accounts to the system, including YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Reddit, Facebook, and Steam. Friends who also sign in to their social platforms will be able to quickly and easily find other friends who also have Xbox Live gamertags.
  • New filtering options: Microsoft has noted that users want improvements in how you can search games in the app, which should make it easier to manage your favorite games and their DLC packages.
  • Download management: When you select a drive for game installations, the Xbox app now displays the required disk space.
  • Game Pass for PC on mobile: You will be able to enjoy your Xbox Game Pass for PC on mobile experience (Xbox Game Pass for PC for mobile?) Allowing you to find PC titles from the Xbox Game Pass app on Android and iOS.

In addition to the new features, Microsoft has announced a range of new titles heading for Xbox Game Pass for PC, including Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Blair Witch, Age of Empires Definitive Edition and, later, Stellaris as well.

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All you can play

Xbox Game Pass for PC

More games than you’ll ever need

Microsoft’s Netflix-style subscription service extends to PCs, offering a variety of titles for a monthly subscription. From blockbuster franchises to experimental independents, Xbox Game Pass has value for everyone.

We can earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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Microsoft announces new enhancements for Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox PC app

At gamescom 2019, Microsoft today announced several enhancements to the Xbox Game Pass app and the Xbox app for Windows PCs. These improvements will make it easy for players to find new games, manage their existing game collection, connect with other players and more. Check out the new features below.

  • Find your friends on the networks: Microsoft has made it easier to find and start games with friends with new account link options. Previously, you can add your friends through their Xbox gamertags. With this next update, you can find friends on Facebook or Steam who are also on Xbox. You can now link your YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit accounts to your player card. This will allow your Xbox friends to follow your gaming adventures.
  • New ways to find and filter games: In order to improve the management of the game collection in the new Xbox (Beta) application, Microsoft is announcing new filtering options in the sidebar. This will make it easier for you to find your favorite games and manage your DLC.
  • More control over download management: When you download games from the Xbox Store, Microsoft now displays the required disk space for each game. In addition to that, you can also select the drive where you want to install your games.
  • The PC joins the mobile application: The Xbox Game Pass mobile app now includes PC titles, so you can manage your Xbox Game Pass for PC library on the go. You can browse and discover games in the Xbox Game Pass for PC library and download them to your PC. To use this feature, you must download the Xbox Game Pass mobile app (beta version) available on iOS and Android.

Microsoft also today unveiled new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, you can read more from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft

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Xbox Live WARNING: Fans can download new free Xbox One game TODAY | Games | Entertainment

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber looking for something new to play this weekend on your Xbox One, Microsoft has you covered.

In addition to recently released Games with Gold titles, the tech giant is also offering a free weekend of console-exclusive game time.

So, alongside Gears 4 and Torchlight available for download, players can also try out Vigor.

The good news is that these new titles won’t cost anything extra to download and play, with Vigor just the latest Free Play Days title made available in August.

As mentioned above, Vigor is the latest free Xbox One game available through Xbox Live.


The Vigor Free Play Days event includes a timed trial of the full game which can be downloaded and played until Monday August 12 in the UK.

It ends a little earlier in the US, due to time difference, with Microsoft confirming 11:59 p.m. PDT in a new blog post.

This recent announcement also included news about the game becoming a free-to-play title on Xbox One later in 2019.

So unlike other Play Day games on Xbox One, Vigor cannot be found on Xbox Game Pass and is not available for purchase at a discount.

That’s because preview games are available to buy early, and are therefore already pretty cheap to buy, not to mention all the free-to-play change coming.

Xbox One fans will have to find an additional 9.5 GB of space to download Vigor on Xbox One, which shouldn’t be too difficult a task for gamers.

Here’s why it’s worth checking out Vigor ahead of its big change, with a new Microsoft blog confirming:

“With the recent release of the massive 0.9: Aid update, there’s never been a better time to jump into Vigor and start building your refuge in the midst of a fallen society.

“The latest update improved the overall shooting experience and movements and brought additions such as weapon skins, story challenges, daily challenges, achievements, gestures, the item shop Outlander, customizations, a spectator mode and a new lobby.

“Last but not least, you can become a savior by donating food to the less fortunate through the Charity Box where you can increase your Outlander savior rank on the leaderboard.

“If you enjoy the Free Weekend, you can choose to continue playing by purchasing the Founder’s Pack.

“This gives you immediate access to Vigor and exclusive items only available during the Xbox Game Preview. Remember this is one of the last chances to get these rewards as Vigor will go free this summer.

And if Vigor doesn’t sound like you, you won’t have to wait long for new free Xbox games to appear. Next week, Microsoft will see the latest August Games with Gold titles released by Microsoft on their digital store.

This will replace July’s remaining games with the latest lineup, including Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One. Forza will not replace Gears 4 but will be available to download from August 16 until the same time next month.

Other games going live next week are Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on Xbox 360 and Backward Compatibility.

A popular last-gen title, Lords of Shadow lets you play as Gabriel, who was raised by the Brotherhood of Light.

“Begin your quest through a destroyed world to defeat the three factions of the Lords of Shadow and end their unholy rule,” says the game’s official description.

“With your devastating battle cross, exact revenge on those who took your deceased loved one and attempt to restore balance to the world.”

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Xbox Live WARNING: Fans can download new free Xbox One games NOW | Games | Entertainment

Xbox One gamers have a fresh selection of free games to play this weekend, starting with the new Games with Gold titles.

But Gears 4 and Torchlight aren’t your only choices if you have an up-to-date Xbox Live Gold membership.

There’s also the latest Free Play Days promotion, which includes a timed trial and a recently launched demo from Konami.

The good news is that these new titles won’t cost anything extra to download and play, with some available for purchase at a discount.

The latest free Xbox One game available via Xbox Live is Dragon Ball FighterZ


FighterZ is a timed trial of the full game that can be downloaded and played for free until Monday August 5th.

Microsoft announced its inclusion via a new blog postas well as news about the discount available on the Xbox One store.

Dragon Ball fans can pick up FighterZ for 75% off this weekend, making it a great bundle for those who love what they play.

It’s also worth noting that unlike other Play Day games on Xbox One, FighterZ cannot be found on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox One fans will need to find an additional 7GB of space to download FighterZ on Xbox One, without any additional DLC packs.

The Microsoft Store description reveals, “DRAGON BALL FighterZ was born out of what makes the DRAGON BALL series so beloved and famous: endless spectacular battles with its all-powerful fighters.

“Partnering with Arc System Works, DRAGON BALL FighterZ maximizes high-end anime graphics and delivers combat gameplay that’s easy to learn but hard to master.”

Adding, “With a free switch battle mechanic that adds another element of strategy to the gameplay, Dragon Ball FighterZ possesses a level of complexity that delivers a unique combat experience, elevating it among its peers.

“By mastering everything from dynamic aerial combat abilities to adrenaline-inducing combos, players can stand out among the best in this action-packed thriller.

“However, epic combat isn’t the only thing Dragon Ball FighterZ offers, fans of the series can also enjoy famous scenes from the anime reproduced in 60fps and 1080p resolution, with higher resolution supported. on Xbox One X.”

And if Dragon Ball isn’t your thing, you can also download the new PES 2020 demo on Xbox One.

This is another free download, although online play requires an Xbox Live Gold membership.

The new PES demo is easy to find, being around 5 GB to download on consoles.

He comes with a number of different teams including Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal, Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Palmeiras, Flamengo, Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Vasco da Gama, Boca Juniors, River Plate and Colo-Colo are also present.

As for the game modes you can try out, limited versions of Exhibition, Co-op, Online Quick Match, and Online Co-op are available on Xbox One.

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