Xbox Live WARNING: Fans Can Download Another Free Xbox One Game NOW | Games | Entertainment

Xbox One fans who are Xbox Live Gold members can download a brand new free game today from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is once again launching its Free Play Days promotion which offers Xbox Live Gold members the chance to play an Xbox One game for free.

The latest free Xbox One game available through Xbox Live is Hunter: Call of the Wild.

The Xbox One title became available for free on Thursday, June 27, and will be available for Gold members for free until Monday, July 1 at 7:59 a.m. BST.

Xbox One Free Games News Has Been Announced in a blog post by Major Nelson, who described it as “an incredible hunting experience”.


The Xbox One game is also 40% off this weekend if you decide to buy it from the Microsoft Store after your Xbox Live free trial.

For a limited time only theHunter: Call of the Wild can be picked up for £14.39 instead of the usual £23.99.

Major Nelson’s blog post said, “During theHunter: Call of the Wild Free Weekend, you’ll step into the most atmospheric hunting experiences ever developed.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful open world full of life, from majestic stags and mighty black bears, to graceful mallards and silent hares.

“Explore the thriving Hirschfelden Game Reserve and the Layton Lake District, each spanning an impressive 25 square miles (64 square kilometers) of varied terrain, ranging from dense forests and wetlands to lush valleys and open fields. open farms.

“It’s up to you whether you decide to continue the narrative or just explore and hunt, and you can do it alone or have 8 friends or strangers join you. Who will win the biggest trophy?

“Answer the call and find out!”

Xbox One fans need to free up 41.41 GB of space to download theHunter: Call of the Wild.

The Avalanche Studios title features online multiplayer and co-op for two to eight players.

The Microsoft Store description for the title reads, “Experience the thrill of the hunt in a visually stunning and technically groundbreaking vast open world.

“Explore the atmospheric single-player campaign on your own or go on the ultimate hunting trip with friends.

“Call of the Wild offers unique multiplayer options for up to 8 players.

“Adjust your aim on the range, ride ATVs, team up with other hunters, and earn those bragging rights!”

• Stay tuned to for more Xbox One news and gaming updates

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Xbox Live down on Xbox One and PC

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Xbox Live is down. Microsoft’s online gaming service is having issues with its core services. This causes a variety of headaches for gamers trying to do almost anything with an Xbox One, Xbox 360, or the Xbox app on PC. The fans have taken to social media to complain on downtime, and Microsoft has confirmed the outage.

On the Xbox Live status page, Microsoft said people were having trouble connecting to Xbox Live. You may also encounter errors when creating or managing your account if you are logged in. This issue has a cascading effect where players cannot access online multiplayer games. You may also have problems starting single-player games that you own digitally.

Without Xbox Live, you will also face hurdles in connecting to video apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Based on the reaction on Twitter, the outage seems quite significant. But, as always, it won’t affect everyone equally. You may have no problem logging in and entering a game. Others, however, may not have the same luck.


The 2nd Annual GamesBeat Summit and Facebook Gaming and GamesBeat: Into the Metaverse 2

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How to convert your Xbox Live subscription to Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft recently announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a new subscription service that bundles Xbox Game Pass (for console and PC) and Xbox Live Gold for $14.99 per month, saving you $15 per month compared to the payment for these services separately.

If you want to try it, there is a promotion going on that gives you a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1. But before using it, you should know that it is possible to use the trial version to record a parcel money on Game Pass Ultimate for the next three years.

Microsoft is allowing Xbox gamers to order up to 36 months of Xbox Live Gold prepaid service. And for a limited time, activating the $1 trial will automatically convert future months of service to the more expensive Game Pass Ultimate, saving you hundreds of dollars. For some context on how much money you can save: it costs around $180 for three years of Xbox Live Gold. Add the $1 promotion and you get three years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for around $181. Whereas if you paid the full $14.99 per month for Game Pass Ultimate, those three years would cost you almost $540.

It should be noted that this is a one-time offer. if you’ve ever used the offer to get a month for $1 (unfortunately raises your hand), you’ve used your opportunity to convert Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate. However, if you haven’t used it yet, here’s how to get the most out of it.

How to convert your XBL service to Game Pass Ultimate

  • To participate in this free conversion, you must first purchase an Xbox Live Gold membership (assuming you don’t already have one). Microsoft is likely to end the sale of Xbox Live Gold at some point as it incentivizes gamers to purchase Game Pass Ultimate. But for now, you can still buy digital codes for Amazon’s service in Three, sixWhere year increments.
  • The next step is to activate the Xbox Live Gold codes on your account, either through the Microsoft website or directly through your Xbox One console. Microsoft States that the terms of this promotion are subject to changeso I would do it sooner rather than later because there is no indication when it will stop converting Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate.

Once you purchase the $1 Game Pass Ultimate trial, your prepaid months of Xbox Live Gold will automatically convert.

  • It is now safe to enjoy $1 Game Pass Ultimate trial. Once you’ve redeemed the offer, you’ll see something similar to the image above when you click on the “Services & Subscriptions” tab on Microsoft’s site.

In my case, I was unaware of the above strategy, so I paid more than I could have, but at least I now have a few months of Game Pass Ultimate. (I have commitment issues with subscription services that aren’t Spotify or Hulu, so I only redeemed three months worth of Xbox Live Gold.) Hope you can get even more value from this promotion.

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I tried the new Xbox app for PC, and yes it’s bad

With the launch of Xbox Game Pass for PC in beta, we decided to download the latest Xbox app to one of the many gaming laptops installed in our lab to see how efficiently the app translates the operating system. Xbox One on PC.

The verdict: it works, but it doesn’t look good.

How to download the Xbox app (beta)

Downloading the new Xbox app can be a pain if you’re not already a Windows Insider. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry; our quick guide on how to become a Windows Insider will make your life easier. After the setup is complete, which can take about an hour, you can go to Microsoft’s website to download the Xbox app.

Xbox Game Pass

The Game Pass tab layout in the app is filled with randomly spaced heels for games of multiple shapes and sizes, which makes the interface look sloppy rather than neat. Heels take up a lot of space, so they look like entries for blog posts, instead of, you know, games displayed for purchase or download.

When I looked through the All Games section of the Game Pass tab, I immediately noticed that the games weren’t listed in alphabetical order. There was also no way to change the order, which made it all feel like a randomly chosen nightmare.

The search function is not very intuitive either. Ideally, it would have an autofill feature, but it doesn’t, and it’s not good at handling incomplete words. I typed in “gear,” and the only search results were Everspace, Ark: Survival Evolved, ReCore, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. These were not at all close to my target: Gears of War. It wasn’t until typing “gears” that I got what I was looking for.

So you need to have at least one correctly spelled word to find what you’re looking for. I may sound picky, but this requirement makes the user experience a lot more frustrating, when it doesn’t have to be. However, you can browse by genre which is good.

All in all, you’ll eventually be able to find what you’re looking for, but you’ll feel like you have to dive into a third-party app to do so.


The entire tab for social media has no place, and its functionality is so sparse that it would have worked better as a sidebar. (Note: Find friends feature may auto populate, so why can’t Game Pass tab do the same?) Click on a friend’s profile, the app directed me to Google Chromium.

The app doesn’t offer Xbox avatars either, and while I understand that Avatars has its own app, it really should be consolidated into the Xbox one. The Xbox app also lacks a section for clubs or the Group Finder feature, which is arguably one of the most important updates Xbox Live has ever had.


The layout of the Store tab is more or less the same as the Game Pass tab. It even suffers from the same research and control flaws. However, he didn’t even bother to bring the option to search by genre.

Technically all games are on Game Pass anyway, so you can go through the Game Pass tab to search by genre. However, what happens when the games arrive on the Xbox app for PC but are not available on Game Pass?

On top of that, it was incredibly strange that there wasn’t a section for new releases. And since the app exclusively offers Xbox Game Pass titles (for now), there’s no section for free games or even demos.


Once you’ve downloaded a game, it will appear on the left side of the app, just below the Xbox logo, which is the only part of the app that looks neat. Games will also have shortcuts in your Windows search bar, so you don’t need to open the Xbox app to access your game.

If the Xbox app is open while you’re in a game, it will stop running in the background, so it won’t interrupt you. If you want to access your Friends List or other Xbox features while gaming, you can press Windows + G to bring up the Xbox Game Bar.


It’s like the Xbox app for Windows asks its console counterpart if it can copy her homework, and the Xbox One says, “Yeah, change it up a bit so it doesn’t seem obvious you’ve got it. copy.” It’s a classic meme, but it’s not what people want.

Of course, not many people are fans of the Xbox One operating system on the console, as it’s a bit iconic, but at least it looks organized and neat. The Xbox app for Windows is just plain sloppy.

We had a solid model on the Xbox One; there is no reason to change it. Hopefully, we’ll see some of the great features of the Xbox One translated into the Xbox app for PC when it leaves beta in the fall.

Credit: Microsoft

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New Xbox app and Game Pass tested: Big improvements but disappointing lack of mod support

It’s crazy to watch the new Xbox app (beta) side by side with the original, now renamed Xbox Console Companion. The new app has three tabs at the top: Game Pass, Social, and Store, allowing you to browse a library of free Game Pass games, send messages to your friends, and purchase games. In comparison, the Companion console is a nightmare of overloaded panes and features that are only useful if you own an Xbox console or are Great bought in this ecosystem. As an interface for buying and downloading PC games from Microsoft, it’s a much better experience. It is as if Marie Kondo was passing by and cleaning the house.

To try out the new app, I bought the Xbox Game Pass, downloaded a handful of games, and spent time playing them and using the new social features. After a few hours with the Xbox app, hopefully its current issues will be resolved while it is in beta. It’s a promising start.

Usually good: Game Pass interface and store

The Game Pass store is fun to look at, with large “maps” for each game that turn into auto-play videos when you hover over them. It’s a bit slow to load in all of these cards, despite my 100 megabit internet connection, and at first I thought the library was a lot smaller than it actually is because it took several seconds to load each additional piece of games while I scrolled through the “Entry“ All Games ”. The Game Pass library organization is not either. On the home page you get some new and popular games , and you can switch to a specific genre, but the “All Games” list is not in a useful or explainable order.

Other little touches are missing. The names of studios and game genres are not links, so you cannot browse the library extensively like you can on Steam. If I’m on Forza and want to see other racing games, I have to go back to the first page and scroll down to the racing section. Searching may bring up a game name or even genre, but doesn’t seem reliable when it comes to things like names or developer descriptions. “Playground Games” couldn’t spawn Forza, and searching for “Bioshock” couldn’t spawn Void Bastards, despite the reference appearing in its description on the front page. The Store also has essentially the same interface and drawbacks as Game Pass (but it’s still a lot nicer than the messy Microsoft Store app).

Not much order here other than “surprise me!”

Downloading a bunch of games brings up another interface issue. The icons for these games appear in a sidebar on the left, but in no discernible order. Install lots of games and a scroll bar appears. It would be nice if there was just a Library tab for all the games you have installed, but currently there isn’t. If you click the drop-down menu on your profile icon, you can display a “Games I own” library, but it does not display Game Pass games that you have installed.

Maybe Microsoft is thinking here that a library window is redundant, just because these games all appear in the Windows Start menu and are easily launched that way. That’s fair enough, but years of using Steam and other launchers has resulted in me using a library view by default for all of my currently installed games, and it’s weird that I haven’t collected them somewhere. go.

Confusing: Social features

Messaging and invitations are much simpler, but not yet completely reliable.

Compared to the old app, the new friends list and chat interface is so nice because it is so simple. There’s a tab for your friends list and a tab for chats, rather than a bunch of group and party options next to a list of screenshots your friend posted ago. a month. Text chats are still a bit slow, which was a big deal with the old Xbox app, but that’s okay here. One pretty cool feature is the ability to attach screenshots or clips that you took with your account. I found some Ninja Gaiden screenshots I took on an Xbox One X in November 2017 handy.

The bad news is that some features currently appear to be broken or inconsistent. I tried to initiate a voice chat with Steven, by clicking on his icon and hitting start voice chat… but nothing happened, what I could tell. Was I in an active discussion, waiting for her? How would I know? Then he tried to start one with me and a “Join voice” icon appeared in our chat window. But when I clicked on it, again, nothing happened. We couldn’t get it to work.

Likewise, there is some inconsistency with the “Invite to Play” option when you right-click on a friend’s icon. I couldn’t get it to work in Broforce, but Steven was able to invite me to Sea of ​​Thieves. But hey, I’ve played a lot of Steam games over the years where the “Invite to Game” feature mysteriously hasn’t worked. Network infrastructure is complicated.

Ultimately, I think most PC gamers will be using Discord or something else for voice chat, so that’s okay. But being able to play games together should be as painless as possible.

Hooray, Win32 games! *

* But not all of them are Win32, and there always seem to be UWP issues

After the launch of Game Pass on PC, I saw comments that this version of Metro Exodus had big issues, either not launching at all, not letting people save their graphics options, or crashing regularly. It was the first game I downloaded, and I had a crash exiting the game during the first boot videos. But a fix also came out on Thursday, and with this one installed, I didn’t have any major issues.

Here are the brief patch notes:

“Following the launch of Metro Exodus on Windows 32 Game Pass, some players have experienced issues with saving and loading the game. 4A and Microsoft have been working to resolve these issues and a fix is ​​now live that will update automatically. when you open your Game Pass app. “

Some reviewers still say they have issues, like not being able to connect through the Game Pass app or changing graphics settings for DirectX 11. I can confirm the latter: my resolution and other graphics options are stuck, but Metro continues to revert to DX12 after changing it to DX11. As far as I know, this is a UWP version of the game, despite the odd reference to “Windows 32 Game Pass” above.

There is no option to change Metro to windowed borderless, its folder reference file is missing, which is available with the Epic version, and its executable is almost 150MB larger than the Epic version. I have contacted Deep Silver regarding these issues and will update if I have any news.

With this new Xbox app and the changes to the Microsoft Store in the May 2019 Windows Update, Microsoft can now offer Win32 games, not just Universal Windows Platform games. This is good news for a number of reasons: developers don’t need to convert their games to UWP, support for full screen and not just borderless windows, easy compatibility with tools like Fraps and Afterburner.

So far, it’s hard for me to say how it’s going. Metro Exodus appears to be a UWP game, just like Operencia: The Stolen Sun, but this one makes sense as it’s been available on the Microsoft Store for several weeks. Other games I tested had a standard full screen mode available as an option. So Win32 Games: Yeah, right?

Except there’s some bad news too: Due to the way Game Pass games are protected, they’re not easily editable as far as I know. This was one of the main advantages of supporting Win32. And the fact remains that these are often inferior versions of games already available elsewhere on the PC.

No mod support is a big downside

Let’s start with the obvious: Games that support Steam Workshop cannot use these mods through Xbox Game Pass. I downloaded the great Slay the Spire, which I already own on Steam. There it asks me if I want to start the game with mods every time I run it. Go to the Steam Workshop and you’ll see completely new modder-designed map packs and even characters, which can be added to the game with just one click. This is not an option with Game Pass.

Of course, that’s not the case – as nice as that may be, it wouldn’t make sense to expect games delivered through Microsoft’s platform to use a Steam API. What stings the most is that these games aren’t manually editable either. I have read that Microsoft has stated on an E3 Inside Xbox feed that modding is (or will be) supported, but I cannot find the source and my own experience says otherwise.

I had to tinker with Windows security permissions just to get to the folder where Game Pass games are stored, and then the files in it were marked read-only and heavily protected, with no way to change that with a solution to simple workaround.

It’s entirely possible that there is or there is a workaround, as you can tinker with just about anything in Windows with the right tools. But as it is, I couldn’t even install a simple mod for Metro Exodus to bypass its boot videos because I couldn’t edit folders.

These games are basically rentals, and there are a lot of games on Game Pass now, and surely more to come, which are already better with mods on other platforms: Rise of Nations, Broforce, Imperator: Rome, Surviving Mars and MudRunner, just to name a few.

But that’s just the start for the new Xbox app and Microsoft Store that supports Win32. So while I’m skeptical that modding will ever work with Game Pass, I hope it will work well with most games purchased from the Microsoft Store in the future, at least.

And even with limited versions of some games, Game Pass is a steal. It gives you dozens of games for $ 5 a month during the beta period, and I can see many PC gamers using Game Pass for the majority of the games they play and then buying specific ones on Steam when they want one. support for mods. The new Xbox app can be a bit slow and not complete yet, but it’s probably the best PC gaming software Microsoft has made since… I don’t know when. Before the days of Games For Windows Live, that’s for sure.

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This is our first look at the new Xbox app on Windows 10.

Windows 10 users – or at least those of the very latest version of the operating system – can now install the beta of Microsoft’s revamped Xbox app.

You can grab the freshly revised app by going to the Microsoft Store, although as mentioned you need to run Windows 10 May 2019 Update or else you won’t be able to install it.

The app launched just before Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2019 conference kicked off, where the company also revealed that the Xbox Game Pass subscription service for PC is now available in beta and accessible through the Windows 10 Xbox app.

So, the general idea is that the new Xbox app is a global hub for your PC games – making it easy to buy them from the Microsoft Store – as well as install and manage your Xbox Game Pass titles, assuming you are a subscriber. .

There are a bunch of social features built on top of that, including text or voice chat with Xbox friends, and you can see what games your friends are playing. Also, the app gets a sleek new aesthetic, and it looks really tasty.

Chat with your Xbox friends from your PC (Image credit: Microsoft)

Chat with your Xbox friends from your PC (Image credit: Microsoft)

More in the pipeline

This is just a starting point, so it can be assumed that we can expect some additional features to be added.

During E3 2019, Microsoft also announced the price of Xbox Game Pass, with a subscription of $ 5 or £ 4 (around AU $ 8 per month). Again, the service is currently in beta, with a full release expected later this year.

Additionally, Microsoft revealed that the Halo: Master Chief Collection is included with Xbox Game Pass, and a number of other titles initially, including Metro Exodus (so it’s no longer an Epic exclusive, like planned), Hollow Knight and Borderlands: Handsome Collection.

You may have noticed that last month Microsoft was busy beefing up the Xbox Game Bar with various new social features, and it’s all part of the drive to highlight how important PC gamers are to the business.

E3 2019 is the biggest gaming event of the year. TechRadar reports live from LA, telling you everything about the biggest announcements of the week, from epic game trailers to shocking release date reveals. Follow our expert analysis of keynotes and what we’re seeing at the E3 show.

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Microsoft’s all-new Xbox app for Windows 10 online leaked

A week ago, Microsoft renamed the old Xbox app to the Xbox Console Companion App, to make way for a new Xbox app experience for Windows 10.

Now screenshots of the app have been leaked, courtesy of WalkCat and Vitor De Luca.

Like most of Microsoft’s cross-platform apps, the app is an Electron app, but features a fluid design with rounded corners.

It looks like the app lets you browse your collection of Xbox gaming apps, buy games, and have a social element.

The list of features includes:

  • See what’s new and browse the library of Xbox Game Pass games on PC. You can browse by genre, see recommended and featured games, search for a game, and subscribe to Game Pass.
  • Game details pages display gameplay trailers, screenshots, system requirements, ratings, and reviews; You will also see additional content and suggestions for similar games that other players are liking as well.
  • Manage your installed games with the sidebar. The newest games are at the top, or you can rearrange them as you see fit. You can see the download progress and launch an installed game with just one click.
  • Chat with your friends using voice or text on PC, Xbox One and mobile, either 1: 1 with another friend or in a group.
  • The new Xbox app and Xbox Game Bar work together seamlessly, so gamers can follow the conversation from the social tab as they play.

Major Nelson said the app will require the May 2019 update for Windows 10.

The app can be viewed but now downloaded from the Store here.


Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Kostenlos

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Microsoft’s $ 5 Xbox Game Pass for PC and new Xbox app – Techgage

We have long been talking about Xbox integration with Windows. It rolled out in part, mostly as a rebranding of existing Windows features. In another effort to bring Xbox games to PCs, a new monthly subscription service called Xbox Game Pass will be introduced, along with a companion app that will effectively replace the Microsoft Store for games.

Although disclosed a little before the E3 announcement this week, the webpages and details have already been made available as a beta program by Microsoft. The Xbox app is, for all intents and purposes, another game store that competes with Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, Epic, and even Discord.

Microsoft Xbox Windows 10 app

Microsoft has blurred the line between consoles and Windows PCs for some time, to the point of cross-compatibility with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and cross-play with Windows and Xbox One gamers playing together. This time around, Microsoft is also pushing gamers to stay on the PC platform by rolling out an additional subscription model.

Xbox Game Pass will allow gamers to play any of the games in the library for a flat fee each month. The price is surprisingly reasonable at $ 5 or £ 4 per month, with an introductory price of $ 1 for the first month. That price puts it in line with EA’s Origin Access, but with fewer games to choose from at the moment. A handful of games are displayed, but since the leak, games marked “coming soon”, such as Halo: the Masterchief collection, Gears 5 and Ori and the will of the wisps. have since been replaced by Rise of the Tomb Raider, Imperator Rome, and Exodus metro (which is supposed to be an Epic exclusive).

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass 1

There are of course other advantages with the subscription, as well as the usual disadvantages. As a subscription, once you stop paying, you can no longer play the games. However, by signing up you will get a 20% discount when purchasing games with the pass, as well as a 10% savings on any DLC, which means you can continue to play after you stop the subscription if you buy them directly.

The Xbox app will be a full store, allowing you to browse, see ratings and reviews, trailers, screenshots, and suggestions from other players. There is also a chat and friends system, linked to everyone else’s Xbox accounts, and allows people to chat and talk across multiple platforms. The app also integrates with the existing Xbox Game Bar that is part of Windows 10.

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This is Microsoft’s new Xbox app for Windows 10 PC gamers

Microsoft is creating a brand new Xbox app from scratch for Windows 10 PCs that allows you to download and install PC games that are part of Xbox Game Pass. The application is a Win32 program that has been completely rebuilt with the discovery of games and social networks in mind.

Code name Garrison, the application leaked in beta form ahead of a public announcement likely to take place at E3. The initial beta features Xbox Game Pass, the ability to download and install Game Pass games available on PC directly from the new Xbox app, and social features that let you chat with Xbox friends by text or voice. It looks like the app is electronic, which means its performance is rather slow and it consumes memory frequently.

VPN offers: lifetime license for $ 16, monthly plans for $ 1 and more

It looks like Microsoft is planning to replace the old Xbox UWP app with this new Win32 app. It is very pretty, with Fluent Design acrylic effects and borderless design. The app is listed in the Microsoft Store, but it’s not yet available. So, for now, we’ve incorporated screenshots to showcase it in all its glory.

Update: 10/6/19: The app in the Microsoft Store is now available for download

Are you interested in trying out the new Xbox app? Let us know in the comments.

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New Electron-powered Xbox app leaks hours before E3

On the eve of E3 2019, images of Microsoft’s new Xbox app began to surface on the internet.

Spotted for the first time by Microsoft, the detective The Walking Cat alias @ h0x0d on Twitter, features a more fluid design and looks set to support the company’s Xbox Game Pass push.

Other details of the app that have found light include its codename Garrison, its Win32 architecture implying that Microsoft will put aside its UWP version for its seemingly older design and its ability to download and install games. Pass directly to PCs from the application.

Perhaps the most surprising feature of the new Xbox app is its Electron nature, as reported by Windows Central. While users will get a new Xbox app with better game-related integration, from chat to download features, the app will apparently be pretty heavy software.

Windows Central’s Zac Bowden reports via twitter that the app meets Chrome’s memory consumption levels.

Granted, the app is in beta and can only be accessed with a Windows Store redemption code, so it’s time for the app to grow.

Chances are, Microsoft will showcase the app at this year’s E3, unveil an Insider program to help test and refine the app until its official rollout maybe later this year.

We will update accordingly …

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Xbox Windows 10 app renamed as Xbox console companion ahead of “new desktop experience”

Microsoft has updated its Xbox app for Windows 10 with a new icon and name for a “new desktop experience” which could be unveiled at the E3 gaming fair next week. While the app is currently no different from its name, the next update is expected to reinvent it as a dashboard for Xbox console settings and unspecified features. It could also play a role in the planned launch of Microsoft’s xCloud online gaming service and enable game streaming between a user’s devices. Similar changes don’t appear to have been made to the Xbox apps for iOS and Android, at least not yet.

Users running Windows 10 who update their Microsoft Store apps will see a message saying “Forgive our dust. This application is renamed to Xbox Console Companion in order to be an application dedicated to the features and settings of your Xbox console. A new desktop experience is coming soon and requires an updated version of Windows, so be sure to update to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update and stay tuned for the latest ”.

The app currently allows users to manage games installed on their Windows 10 PCs, browse games in the Microsoft Store, and manage their Xbox Live profiles. Users can also chat with friends and participate in communities, check and share in-game achievements, manage stills and video clips recorded using the console’s DVR function, and even stream games from a remote. Xbox One console to Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft will host a press conference on June 9 (1:30 a.m. IST June 10) at the E3 2019 gaming fair, where it could unveil the promised new desktop experience and shed light on the xCloud streaming service. The company previously announced that it will begin testing xCloud in 2019.

The company also recently overhauled the Windows 10 Game Bar, which now has several tools including PC resource monitors, customizable widgets, and game streaming and capture controls. It also now offers many of the same features as the Xbox app, including social media integration. The Game Bar has acquired cross-platform voice and text chat with friends that is synced across Xbox devices, as well as multiplayer team management. It also now offers Spotify music controls as part of Microsoft’s efforts to improve gaming on Windows 10. These features may be removed from the Xbox Console Companion app as it refocuses.

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iTunes Lives On, because the Windows app has confirmed that it will remain unchanged

Support for the Google Trips app will be phased out on August 5

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Xbox app for Windows 10 is now a “console companion”

Microsoft continues to build on its promise to improve services for gamers. Last year, it pledged to improve its Microsoft Store, and last month unveiled a powerful new version of the Xbox Game Bar. Now he takes stock of his Xbox branded services on PC. The official Xbox app for Windows, which previously included Xbox Live chat, activity feed, and more, will soon become a thinner, lighter “console”. For now, that just means a name change, although in a previous post Microsoft also announced a new “desktop experience”.

While Microsoft hasn’t been explicit on what exactly this will mean for the app, it seems likely that social features like messaging and group chat will be built into the Game Bar. more cloud-focused lately, so this move would certainly speed up its gaming services and give gamers more reasons to stick with Microsoft’s ecosystem – and maybe even possibly sign up for its. game streaming platform, Project xCloud.

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Xbox app on Windows 10 is redesigned and renamed

The not-so-popular Xbox app on Windows 10 is reportedly being redesigned and renamed. The new name of the app will be “Xbox Console Companion”. If you’ve used the Xbox app, you know these aren’t the most convenient or smooth gaming apps. The application is tedious and cluttered. Needless to say, the Xbox app on Windows was in desperate need of an overhaul.

The new Xbox console companion

As mentioned earlier, the Xbox app would no longer be called by the same name but rather “Xbox Console Companion”. However, the change is not limited to the name, as we are told, major aspects of the user interface and the general use of the application should also be improved.

The Xbox app brings together your friends, games, and achievements on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. The best multiplayer game just got better.

• Join clubs – or start your own – where you can go play and chat with friends and other players like you.

• Find games with like-minded players by checking group finder posts, or post one that matches your own goals and playstyle.

• Instantly access chat, share, parties, DVR play, and achievements on PC and Xbox One. • Keep track of your game clips and screenshots and download them directly to your Windows 10 PC.

• Stop chatting when you use a keyboard to send messages with friends on Xbox Live.

• Stream your favorite games and entertainment from Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC while using your Xbox One controller.

When you open the app after the update, you are greeted with the following message.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Windows, as the next app update would require the latest Windows 10 update. The updated app will be available through the Microsoft store when released.

We expect more details to be revealed at E3 2019 this month. The features that would be included in the new application are currently unknown. Leave me a comment below on what you think of the Console Companion.

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Xbox app is renamed Xbox Console Companion on Windows 10

Microsoft appears to be renaming its Xbox app on Windows 10 to “Xbox Console Companion,” a change we noticed this morning after installing the latest version of the app on an Insider PC. After installing the latest update, you may see a pop-up explaining that the app is configured to become “an app dedicated to your console features and settings”. The post goes on to mention an upcoming “new desktop experience” that is coming soon.

Image source: reddit.

This new Xbox desktop solution was already mentioned in a recent update that removed group messaging from the Xbox app, and Microsoft explained at the time that it would be streamlining its Xbox app to focus on settings. from the console. “After the transition, we will be removing group messaging from this app to focus on console settings and simplify our apps. But rest assured that a desktop solution for group messaging is coming soon, so be sure to update Windows to get the latest Xbox apps and experiences when they become available, ”a pop-up message read.

For now, however, the Xbox Companion app on Windows 10 works just like the existing Xbox app, and we haven’t noticed any missing features after using it. The feature of game streaming from an Xbox One console, which is still likely the real killer feature of the app, is still present in the Xbox Console Companion app as well.

Xbox app renamed to Xbox Console Companion on Windows 10 - onmsft.  Com - June 4, 2019

We’ll likely learn more about Microsoft’s new Xbox desktop experience at the company’s E3 press conference on Sunday. It just might have something to do with Project xCloud, Microsoft’s next game streaming service that will likely require a dedicated client on Windows PCs. Regardless, Microsoft may soon have three different Xbox-branded apps on Windows 10: the Xbox Console Companion UWP app, the new Xbox Game Bar, and a mysterious new desktop solution.

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