How to Access Xbox Live User Settings

How to Access Xbox Live User Settings

Every player is different, even if they’re on the same console, like an Xbox. As such, everyone will have different preferences when it comes to the settings they have configured for their Xbox Live accounts. Here’s everything you need to know about how to access xbox live user settings.

Microsoft has made sure to take this into account when defining its settings for the Xbox Live platform, allowing its users to tweak a host of different privacy and security features. In order to access these features, you will need to follow a few steps to set things up.

It should be noted that Microsoft has created different ways for its users to access its settings, allowing them to be changed from different areas.

The first way to change privacy and security settings can be done through

After visiting the site, sign in to your Microsoft account. Once you get it, select the Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety or Privacy section.

Inside you will be able to review and change the current settings. Click save before exiting to ensure your changes are applied.

If you’re trying to configure settings for your child, choose the Gamertag your child is using. Follow the same process as above, but then make sure to log in and out of their account for the changes to take effect.

Xbox Live on Console

The next way to change user settings is actually through your console. To get started, simply turn on your Xbox and sign in.

Press the Xbox button on one of your controllers to open the guide. Then go to Systems/Settings/Account.

In the Privacy and Online Safety section, highlight and click Xbox Live Privacy. This will give you two options: Default and Custom.

To change things for your child, follow the same steps until you reach the Systems/Settings/Account section. Once there, go to Family Settings/Manage Family Members.

Simply select the child whose settings you want to update and choose between default and custom settings.

Once you’ve chosen, you’re set. You can access this space at any time to change your settings.

Changing specific application settings

Now that we’ve done the Xbox user settings, it’s time to explain how to do the same for all the apps you download on it. To be exact, apps like Netflix and Internet Explorer will require users to allow access to your console’s data before installing it.

To manage which ones you want access to and how many they will have, open the guide on your console by clicking the Xbox button on your controller. Go to System/Settings/Account/Privacy & Online Safety/App Privacy. Here you will see permission boxes which can be checked and unchecked respectively.

The same can be done for your children by logging into an adult account and going to System/Settings/Account/Family Settings/Manage Family Members in the guide area of ​​your console. Select your child’s gamertag, then go to Privacy & online safety/App privacy to access, check, and uncheck app permissions.

That’s all you need to know about how to access xbox live user settings. For more helpful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search emagtrends.

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Rumor: Microsoft Plans to Bring Xbox App and Game Pass to Nintendo Switch

Earlier this month, it was discovered that Microsoft would be discussing its plans to make Xbox Live compatible with mobile platforms and the Nintendo Switch at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

Now in today’s update, Direct Powered Games – known for his strong track record when it comes to rumors – apparently has some big news to share. After contacting multiple sources, he can allegedly confirm that Microsoft and Nintendo are working together, with more details on that partnership expected to be revealed later in 2019.

The source of this rumor goes on to explain how one of the deals will see Microsoft release “more software” on the Switch. On top of that, it will release at least “one high-level Xbox One indie exclusive” on the hybrid platform. This game is believed to be the 2015 version, Ori and the blind forest.

Microsoft is also expected to release an Xbox app on the system, which would provide access to its Game Pass subscription service and support Project xCloud. Cloud functionality would allow the Switch to run more powerful games through streaming technology.

What do you think of this latest rumour? Tell us below.

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