View files on the big screen with the new Xbox app from Dropbox

Dropbox heads to your living room.

The cloud storage service launched a new app for Xbox One on Monday, which lets you access your photos, videos, and other files right on your TV. Dropbox said it was the first cloud storage provider to release a Universal Windows app for Microsoft’s game console.

The new Xbox One app offers all of the same features that are available through the Dropbox mobile app. You can manage and share files on multiple devices, comment on documents, etc. The user interface is optimized for the big screen in your living room, allowing you to manage all your files using a gamepad or media remote.

The app should also make it easy to show off photos and videos from your last vacation at your next family reunion. You can stream videos from your Dropbox account directly to your TV without having to download the files, which should save you time and space on your hard drive.

You can also automatically upload screenshots and photos from Kinect to Dropbox.

The free app is available for download from the Xbox Store.

Meanwhile, Dropbox updated its iOS app earlier this fall with new features, including the ability to sign PDFs from within the software. The feature means that users won’t need to download files to their iPhones or iPads before signing them. When signing from the app, the modified file is saved and ready to be returned.

Additionally, Dropbox users can now send and receive files in iMessage, thanks to iOS 10, and can add a Dropbox widget to the iOS 10 lock screen so they can quickly view, create, and download files from. this page.

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Find Facebook friends on Xbox Live with the Xbox Windows 10 app

There is a new version of the Xbox app for Windows 10 and brings new cool features. Nothing super impressive, but things that app users might find useful now or later in the future.

The appearance of the app has not changed at all from the previous version, so finding the differences can be confusing for some. But don’t worry, that’s one of the reasons we’ve put together this article to highlight the changes and whether or not you should care.

Find Facebook friends with the Windows 10 Xbox app

The most notable change is the ability for users to link the Xbox app to their Facebook account. This allows users to find friends on Facebook, who have also linked their account to the Xbox app.

To do this, launch the Xbox app for Windows 10 and take a look at the right side, there should be an option to link to Facebook from there. Now, if it doesn’t show up in the right section, the next best place to find the option is to visit the settings page.

Look in the left pane and choose the icon at the very bottom, then click General. The possibility of linking your Xbox Live Account with Facebook should be there.

At this time, the feature is not very useful as I personally have several people on Facebook who are part of the Xbox Live family, and none of them could be found using this feature. This is because they haven’t linked their accounts yet, which is not surprising since the Xbox app for Windows 10 is very recent and the Facebook functionality is also new.

Hey, you can go ahead and give it a try. Chances are, you’re luckier.

Another cool feature is the ability to do voiceovers in Game DVR. Many fans have asked for it, and we can say without a doubt that it works very well. Plus, if you’ve always wanted to buy Xbox One games from the app, now it’s possible.

Previously, if users clicked on the Store icon, they were taken to the Windows Store. People who have been using it for a long time should know how useless it is. That’s why we were happy to hear that the Xbox app now allows the user to access the Xbox Live Store.

From there, Xbox One owners can purchase video game content for their console. Users can view images from any game, or even watch community-created videos.

Microsoft has also allowed users to add Xbox digital codes through the app. Is your Xbox Live subscription coming to an end? Well, no need to turn on your Xbox One to update the account, just do it from the Xbox app.

Overall, the new features are great and show how seriously Microsoft is taking the Xbox app on Windows 10.

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