Download the best Black Friday deals

Black Friday is a paradox for gamers. There are deals on the games, but those deals involve going out, dealing with crowds of people, and other things that we are playing specifically for temporarily. to avoid. Fortunately, Sony and Microsoft both love your money and have online stores. But who has the best deal on which games?

PlayStation Network has the best deal overall

Due to the way Sony executes its discounts, the PlayStation Store is likely to be the best deal overall. If you don’t pay Gold in the first place on Xbox Live, the price cuts will be between 5-10% less than if you were Gold. That’s not a factor if you’re already a subscriber or, if you plan to download a ton of games at a time per month, Gold may be worth it, but Sony only offers the discounts up front.

Xbox Live offers deals on current games; Sony has the most obscure

That said, if you want deals on recent releases, Xbox One definitely has the edge. For example, Mafia III is a great deal on Xbox One at 20% to 30% off (although you can find it cheaper in a physical store this Friday) and is nowhere to be found on PSN. It is the same with Battlefield 1, NBA 2K17, and Fall of the Titans 2.

That said, you’ll find deals on more cult games like Sharpshooter III, Tropic 5, and a plethora of Japanese games on PSN, although you will also find plenty of AAA games like Star Wars: Battlefront Microsoft does not have a Black Friday deal. If you have both consoles and a wishlist, take a close look before committing your money.

There is a lot of overlap

However, with the gaming industry’s pricing policies being what they are, if you have one system, most games are available on both consoles. Offers range from most recent Hitman To The Witcher III, so if you are looking to familiarize yourself with some recent games, now is definitely the time, no matter what console you have. Having said that, the prices do not necessarily overlap. For example, the underestimated Mad Max is $ 10 on PlayStation Store and $ 12 on Xbox Live… and you have to be Gold to get that price.

Exclusives are the best deals

The best deals, however, are games exclusive to each console. Sony, for example, offers games like Leap and The show: MLB ’16 for some attractive prices under $ 20, while Xbox Live has deep cuts like Rare Replay available for cheap.

A lot, of course, depends on what console you own. But whether you like the PS4 or the Xbox One, there are certainly some deals to be found that won’t require a bend in the face.

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