Download the best Black Friday deals

Black Friday is a paradox for gamers. There are deals on the games, but those deals involve going out, dealing with crowds of people, and other things that we are playing specifically for temporarily. to avoid. Fortunately, Sony and Microsoft both love your money and have online stores. But who has the best deal on which games?

PlayStation Network has the best deal overall

Due to the way Sony executes its discounts, the PlayStation Store is likely to be the best deal overall. If you don’t pay Gold in the first place on Xbox Live, the price cuts will be between 5-10% less than if you were Gold. That’s not a factor if you’re already a subscriber or, if you plan to download a ton of games at a time per month, Gold may be worth it, but Sony only offers the discounts up front.

Xbox Live offers deals on current games; Sony has the most obscure

That said, if you want deals on recent releases, Xbox One definitely has the edge. For example, Mafia III is a great deal on Xbox One at 20% to 30% off (although you can find it cheaper in a physical store this Friday) and is nowhere to be found on PSN. It is the same with Battlefield 1, NBA 2K17, and Fall of the Titans 2.

That said, you’ll find deals on more cult games like Sharpshooter III, Tropic 5, and a plethora of Japanese games on PSN, although you will also find plenty of AAA games like Star Wars: Battlefront Microsoft does not have a Black Friday deal. If you have both consoles and a wishlist, take a close look before committing your money.

There is a lot of overlap

However, with the gaming industry’s pricing policies being what they are, if you have one system, most games are available on both consoles. Offers range from most recent Hitman To The Witcher III, so if you are looking to familiarize yourself with some recent games, now is definitely the time, no matter what console you have. Having said that, the prices do not necessarily overlap. For example, the underestimated Mad Max is $ 10 on PlayStation Store and $ 12 on Xbox Live… and you have to be Gold to get that price.

Exclusives are the best deals

The best deals, however, are games exclusive to each console. Sony, for example, offers games like Leap and The show: MLB ’16 for some attractive prices under $ 20, while Xbox Live has deep cuts like Rare Replay available for cheap.

A lot, of course, depends on what console you own. But whether you like the PS4 or the Xbox One, there are certainly some deals to be found that won’t require a bend in the face.

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Updated Windows 10 Xbox app with LFG, Clubs and more

Along with the big holiday update for the Xbox One, various Xbox apps on other platforms including Windows 10 PC and Mobile have also been updated with new features. Now rolling out, the update for Windows 10 gives users the ability to participate in group chats, view their clubs, and more.

Not only can you now participate in chats with other members of the clubs you belong to, but you can also find and join new clubs. Group Finder (LFG) on also lets you quickly set up LFG posts for upcoming events and join other groups from your PC or Windows Phone. Of course, there are also other minor tweaks to check out, such as the new Gamescore leaderboard improvements.

For much more, be sure to check out our article on everything you need to know about the new features in today’s vacation update.

Download the Xbox app for Windows 10

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Edit and share game clips with Game DVR in the Xbox app on Windows 10

The Gaming community is discovering new ways to share their gaming footage with others. that of Microsoft Xbox one allows you to capture a screenshot or record the last thirty seconds of the game as a video on Xbox app in Windows 10. We covered this method in our previous article on Using Hidden Game DVR Screen Recorder. Today we see how to edit and share game clips with Game DVR (Game Bar) in the Xbox app on Windows 10.

Edit and share game clips with Game DVR

Since its introduction, Xbox Game DVR feature on Xbox One has become an amazing tool for sharing gaming moments with friends or the world. The only downside to this feature was the limited recording time (5 minutes) of the gameplay. Nonetheless, this shortfall only made the gaming community more innovative as they had to squeeze the entire amazing gameplay moment into a 5 minute video.

This tutorial is divided into 3 sections. Each section serves as a prelude to the end result leading to sharing game clips with Game DVR in the Xbox app on Windows 10.

Edit game clips

To create a perfect game montage, it is essential to trim unwanted parts while editing the game clip. You can edit clips from your Xbox One or PC in your favorite video editor. You can also use the trim tool built into the Xbox app if you just need to trim the start or end of a clip that focuses on the best moment.

You can then share your edited clips on your favorite social networks, including Xbox Live through the Xbox app.

How to cut a game clip

Open the Xbox app and select Game Bar.

(Note: Editing in the Xbox app is limited to “Trim” at this time, but it’s useful if you just want to cut out some parts – front and back to focus on a moment.

As you continue, choose the clip you want to edit. You can choose from “On this PC” or clips you “shared” from Xbox One.

If you chose a clip from “Shared that you haven’t downloaded yet, select Download.” To make the clip shorter, select Trim.


Move the left bar to cut the length from the start and the right bar to cut the end of the recording.

When finished, press the “Save Copy” button to complete.


Now you need to add tags to the clip and rename it.

Add Tags and Rename Game Clip On Xbox One

Game clips are initially named with game title, date and time so you can find it quickly, but you can change defaults such as name before sharing your clip with the community.

To do this, first select the clip you want to rename. Then choose the “Rename” option.

When done, enter the name you prefer and hit the “Enter” key.

Finally, you can share game clips and screenshots on Xbox Live and elsewhere.

Share game clips and screenshots on Xbox Live

To do this, go to the Xbox app, select Game Bar, and choose the “On this PC” option.

When done, select the game clip or screenshot you want to share and press the “Share” button.

Slightly longer game clips (less than 30 minutes) and screenshots of popular PC games and any game available through the Windows Store can be shared with Xbox Live. They are not automatically downloaded from Windows 10.

When you share your content on Xbox Live, it checks the downloaded content for any violations of the Xbox Live code of conduct. Thus, there may be a slight delay before your clip or screenshot is visible to someone else.

To share your captures on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter or by email, you will find all the files in the ‘Captures’ folder. In the Xbox app, select Open folder under the clip you want to share, and it will open the file explorer where that video is saved. Then use the social media network website or app to share the clip or screenshot.

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Who will your game clips be visible to?

Game clips uploaded to your activity feed on Xbox Live are visible to people on Xbox Live, depending on the privacy and online safety settings that you have set for them.

Access your online privacy and security settings.

Select the Privacy tab. Then, next to “View your game clips (Xbox One only),” select who you want to share with (everyone or just your friends) or completely block others from seeing your game clips.

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