Microsoft is not looking to develop an Xbox app for Mac

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, said the company is not looking to develop an Xbox application for Mac OS X, despite the availability of official solutions in the majority of other application markets. Spencer says the Xbox team hasn’t seen demand for such an app, but is open to the idea, if interest is shown.

In response to a fan on Twitter, Spencer indicated that if interest is shown on the official Xbox comments site, the team will consider taking further action.

As GameSpot spotted, an application had already been submitted earlier in the year, garnering over 400 votes at the time. The request has since been relaunched and received over 700 votes at the time of writing.

If an app makes its appearance on OS X, the features offered will likely be more limited than its Windows 10 alternative, with basic ways to interact with Xbox-related services. Features like Xbox One game streaming are unlikely to come to the platform, having been heralded as a unique selling point for Windows 10.

Source: Phil Spencer (Twitter) via GameSpot

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