The Xbox One has been out for a long, long time now. Actually it has been several years and us loyal fans have been rewarded for sticking with Microsoft’s gaming console. We have been treated to so many great exclusive games (and the ability to change our gamertag), as well as the awesome video games that look and play so well on a console.

Here are some of the best video games to come out on Xbox One (including non-exclusive titles), in my opinion:

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is probably my favorite video game character of all time. Crystal Dynamic’s did such a great job rebooting the entire franchise and they do another solid outing again with last year’s Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The game is so beautifully rendered and looks amazing on the XB1. The resolution is top notch and the textures are dense. Just like the first Tomb Raider, graphics were a huge priority. That game, though, launched alongside the PS4 and PC, which was my gaming setup of choice. I can not wait until Rise of the Tomb Raider launches on the desktop platform, as I plan on maxing out the settings with a 1080p resolution since I just upgraded my computer. If you have a bit of money to spend and are interested in PC gaming (keep faithful to the Xbox name though!), give a read to this post on budget gaming desktops , featuring computers strictly under $1000. I do not recommend spending any more than that as a first gaming PC. I play on the desktop only for graphics, but the Xbox One is still my favorite gaming console.

Exploring and hunting were favorite activities in the game
Exploring and hunting were favorite activities in the game

Also, the gameplay is still very exciting, filled with lots of thrilling combat and clever puzzles. RoTR was easily my favorite game last year and is up there in best games of all time.

Sunset Overdrive

Another Xbox One exclusive makes the list. Sunset Overdrive was a game that launched a little bit earlier than most of the games on this list, but it still deserves the nod. In it, you play as a character in a theme park run over by people mutated from drinking energy drinks. It sounds insane because it is and the gameplay matches that description.

I especially loved the movement in this game. It seemed so fluid, doing flips, running around the park, and sliding everywhere I go. The combat was good and the explosions and environmental destruction were nailed.

The Witcher 3

If Rise of the Tomb Raider was the best game last year, The Witcher 3 was clearly the second. I know a lot of people pegged it as the Game of the Year for 2015, and while I did not necessarily do so as well, it was clearly one of the top two games to release.

The Witcher 3 is absolutely gorgeous in textures, environment, and character model detail. The amount of work that it took to make this game look how it looks must have been a lot. CD Priojekt RED stapled their name into the top developer teams that I respect, just because of their work for TW3. They put the effort and did not ask for extra money giving out DLC. I highly applaud them for doing that and also making an excellent RPG that will be remembered for years.

See this video below on the graphics compared alongside each major platform:

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 is simply an amazing game coming from an amazing game franchise. This installment is the biggest of them all, going back into Los Santos and telling the story of not one, but three protagonists.

The best part of the game is the story-telling. With three protagonists, it may be hard to figure out a story that blends together while making the gameplay fit right as you are able to control these three at the same time. Rockstar Games does it well, though, and the game plays seamlessly.

Batman: Arkham Knight

The horned knight plays one more time in Arkham Knight. Let me tell you, if you have not played this game yet, you will seriously be shocked at the story and you will want more of the Batman series.

But honestly, I loved the entire Batman Arkham video game series. Warner Bros Interactive was a key to making an actually good superhero game and I will always love that about them. The combat, exploration, and story were great pieces that made a legendary franchise.

I love the idea of cross-platform play. Having the ability to play not only with PC users, but with our PS4 neighbors is such a great achievement. I am in love with Microsoft and their gaming consoles and would never switch to the other side, but being able to play with Playstation users does so much for the industry and for our experience as well.

Wider fan base

The more networks we share and are able to play cross-platform on, the more people there will be to play with right? Too often I come across a game that came out years ago, now with empty servers because people are not buying those games and playing them anymore. That can change with integration to the ever-active PC community, a gaming community that still plays a ton of older games like CS: Source. They can help keep some of our older console games alive.

Shared gaming experiences

We are no longer limited to just playing with people that own Xbox Ones. With cross-platform play, we would be able to share more experiences with more of our friends. I always felt that console choice was a limiting factor in experiences, but if we can play together regardless of our choices for hardware like the PC platform can, that would be amazing.

Closer integration to each network

As each network decides to open up to allowing users on other networks to play together, we may see closer integration between the two. Now, I don’t know exactly what this will entail, but it does look interesting if we open our minds and imagine some of the possibilities. Maybe deals that combine the two networks, having shared sales (like a 2k Games sale or a Paradox Interactive developer sale), and other community events that can integrate the communities with one another.

The options are limitless and I honestly believe our gaming world is better if we can play together with other consoles or the PC.

Oftentimes I get slow internet connection when downloading xbox games from the Live platform. This gets irritating and I know many fans have been irritated by this. So I found a few simple fixes to ensure you are getting what your internet connection is capable of. No more having 50 Mb/s download speed on your internet and then the Xbox One only downloading at 1 Mb/s. That takes too long and you certainly paid your internet service provider enough money.

Fix 1: Make sure your ethernet cable is plugged in

There are a few fixes, but the first needs to be that you are using an ethernet cable to connect your XB1 to Microsoft’s servers. Wireless connection for gaming is just bad and will lead to lots of latency and lag in games. Not to mention much slower download speeds compared to using a cord.

Fix 2: Disconnect and restart your router

If your download speeds from your Xbox One or 360 is really slow but you have fast internet connection, it may be that your router assigned a faulty connection or IP to your console. Disconnecting and restarting it will reassign a new connection to the console and reset any problems you may have had speeds too slow xbox live

Fix 3: Restart your console

Sometimes it really is your console that is messing up. You may have some software bug slowing down the connection or again the console may be running on a poor connection. Restarting the system gives you a clean console to connect to the internet with.

Fix 4: Completely disconnect your Xbox One from your internet connection

If nothing else, this is the final solution. I have always fixed the problem by doing this. Simply completely forget your network on your Xbox One console. Restart the system, as well as restart the modem and router. After giving them rest, now boot both devices and reconnect your console to your internet.

Just how I am not hating on Playstation from my previous one, again with this I am not hating or bashing on the PS platform in any way. I love Sony, even as a Microsoft fan. My friends and cousin has a Playstation 4 and I am not fanboy enough to not touch those systems. I play on them frequently, actually.

Because I have game time with both systems, and pretty extensive time to add, I feel I am qualified to at least comment on which controller I think is best.

Microsoft has always had the better controller when looking at the competition. Even back in the Xbox 360 days, our controller was more durable and more handier than the PS3’s. That keeps going in this generation’s controlling devices. Pitting the Playstation 4’s Dualshock controller against the Xbox One’s device is too easy of a battle.


This is a relatively big one for this case. The durability in Xbox controllers is so good and noticeable. I mean, within the first month or so of using the Dualshock 4, I noticed the thumb sticks start falling apart. Whether that is just bad design or bad case of materials, it still happened. I have been using my XB1 controller for a good two or three years and have yet to notice anything drop off.


The comfort level of using the XB1 is so good. Don’t get me wrong, the DS4 is still a great controller to play with since it is pretty light, the plastic feels good, and the ergonomic layout fits right with my hands. I just feel the One’s controller is more of that.

xbox one controller triggerIt is heavier, so it truly feels like an elite device. And just like a gaming mouse for a desktop, it also feels like an extension of my hands. The analog sticks are awesome and the buttons are very clicky.


Do not ignore the triggers. They are quite literally the best part of the entire controller. Just holding one of the triggers to either fire some bullets or accelerate in a racing game like GRID 2 feels so satisfying. Microsoft really nailed this aspect of the device and I am so glad they did because it is the most used component in the entire piece.

While looking for a video on last month’s Games with Gold, I came across a video that I completely agreed with just by looking at the title: Xbox One Games with Gold is Kicking the Crap Out of PS Plus for PS4.

That is one hell of a title, but it is true. Games with Gold has been nothing but solid to gamers on the Xbox platforms. Even though PS Plus does contribute to three systems (the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita) compared to Microsoft’s two (Xbox One, Xbox 360), I feel we are getting way more enjoyable content than the folks at the Playstation platform get.

This is not a post bragging on GwG or taking a dump on PS Plus. Rather, I kind of feel sorry for Plus subscribers. They are paying what we pay for Gold, but their free games are significantly lacking. My cousin owns a Playstation 4 and I come over sometimes to play. We never play PS Plus games anymore because the quality in those games have tanked so much. We used to always play the classic, actually fun games like Rocket League, Outlast, or Resogun. Those were legitimate games. But it seems Sony is trying so hard to push in another 2 or 3 top-down shooter or platforming game that it gets so saturated.

Meanwhile, at Xbox, we are getting games like Grid 2 and Defense Grid 2, both games that, though old and have existed for years, still sold many copies. The games at PS Plus would not even break even on their net earnings if they were sold as actual games. Here is to hoping that Sony gets their stuff together and we can again have friendly competitions on what the best gaming subscription service is.

I know it is relatively late in the month to be reannouncing this month’s GwG for Xbox Live, but I figured it is better to remind you all later than at the start when you all already know what the games are. This late in the month is typically when many people forget to claim their free games, and so I am going to play the useful guy and help you all.

Defense Grid 2

DG2 is one of the better strategy games that have released. I personally loved the first game on the desktop platform, but Hidden Path Entertainment added a lot more features and content into their second iteration.

Grid 2

This one is a racing game that I enjoyed playing this month, especially since the production quality in it is actually good for a free game. The racing mechanics are tight and I appreciate the graphical quality.


Peggle was the least fun out of the games this month, but I still suggest getting it. Maybe you end up playing something silly once in a while, or you have time to play with kids that may be interested. Who knows. It is a free game, though, so claim it.

Costume Quest 2

This one is another kid-friendly game, but I enjoyed it more than Peggle. It is different from many games you play, but still pretty addicting and holds entertainment value.

Changing your gamertag because it sounds silly, is inappropriate, or is just weird because you made it a couple of years ago back in the Xbox 360 days, are all good reasons to edit your name. We at Xbox nation are so blessed to be given the opportunity to change our online names. Other platforms like Playstation Network or Steam yet to have a proper way to edit your username (though Steam has taken steps in allowing you to change what your name appears as, but not what you sign in with).

The steps are easy:

Step 1

Go to Login with your Microsoft profile. You should already have an account if you are able to log in to your Xbox console.

Step 2

Once logged in, go to your profile and click settings. On the left side, there should be a choice to change your gamertag. Click that option and you will be gone to another page.

Step 3

Change your gamertag! Be sure you actually like this new gamertag because this gamertag change is the only free one you get. Any additional gamertag changes to your Xbox account will cost you $10, but you can spend that however many times you wish.

Also, for obvious reasons you cannot choose a gamertag that someone already has.

Hope that helps some of you that have been asking!

Hopefully you have already stumbled upon the site information page to learn a little more on what this site is or what it will start posting about. If not, please read that as I wrote the little blurb to make it easy to know what to expect from here.

Basically, this is a fanpage site for all things Xbox. I am not a fanboy, per se, but I have loved Xbox ever since the very first one came out. I do respect Sony and all they have done with Playstation, but I think my main domain definitely has to be Microsoft’s killer console.

Now, let me be clear on one thing for this site: I am not a professional graphics artist, web designer, or blogger. I just made this quick WordPress site (and I am not ashamed to say I used WP either; it makes my life a hell of a lot easier) to try my hand at blogging. I love sharing my ideas and thoughts, so I thought it was the perfect combination to do something like this.just a regular blogger

I hope you can all bear with the currently average look of the style. Again, I am not a good web designer. I have tried my best but I guess this is it. I mean, it doesn’t look too bad for a beginner. Oh well, enough about that. Now it’s time to crap on my logo. To reiterate, that was done by me and I am not a graphics artist. I don’t like drawing but something definitely had to be put up there lol.

Lastly, I am not a pro blogger. This is not something I plan on making a living out of. XBLA literally is just me posting what I am thinking in terms of gaming, which obviously happens on my Xbox One. I will give myself some flexibility on this site and not give it too much priority in my life. That flexibility means I will post however many times I want. That can be either once a day, once a week, once or twice a month, once a year, once a decade? Who knows. All I know is I would probably not be too consistent on it. But I will keep updating. I mean, I pay to host this blog so I need to at least do the courtesy of updating. Plus, I figure some readers will stick around; I need to do you guys the favor for coming here.

I don’t see this as a chore to complete. XBLA will always be a hobby. I like talking about the things in my life, so I will always have passion for writing on here. If you are a reader, thank you. If you are a reader that also potentially wants to write pieces on here (not expecting any to be honest), send me an email: xbla(at)xboxlivearcade(dot)com.

Thanks all for visiting.

Edit: I have also decided not to use tags or categories. This is because the site is so focused on one platform that I do not necessarily see a need to split into even more specific categories for posts. Instead, this entire site is one big category. I am only writing on the Xbox platform, nothing more broad or specific.